Recurrent Lucid Dreams: Going Back to the Same Place

Have I Been Here Before?

If you are an experienced or advanced lucid dreamer, you will have had dreams that seem to take you back to the same places . . . sort of like a dream deja vu.

When I first started recording my dreams in a dream journal about four years ago, my dreams would take me many different places . . . from quiet intriguing libraries to busy malls, common airports to little mountain-side towns, from quaint little farms to luxurious flying airplanes. After years of recording these dreams and the settings of each dream (at least the ones I can remember), I reviewed every one of my recorded dreams and found that many of my dream settings started to seem very similar . . . like my dreams were almost taking me back to the same places . . . places where my mind was longing to go.

It seems odd to think that our minds could so vividly remember a made-up world, a dreamworld. It is almost like my mind has a map to my dreamworld and even though I may not choose to go to these certain places, I somehow remember having been there before. It is a feeling that is very much like deja vu in reality but much much stronger. When you realize that you have been to that same place before in your dreams, it is almost like the place truly exists and you become very comfortable and can even explore the dreamscape a little.

I have decided to share some of my most favorite and sacred dreamscapes in this hub...maybe you have been to a similar spot in your dreams? Maybe reading about my dreamscapes will aid your dream memory and remind you of some familiar dreamworld of your own.

For Beginning Lucid Dreamers

Record every dream you remember, whether you are lucid or not. Eventually you will notice a pattern in your dreams' settings and scenery. After you have established that these dreamworld patterns exist in your mind, you will notice that you will become more aware of your dream surroundings and more lucid within your dreams.

Dream Deja Vu Examples

The Floating Bar

One recurring dreamscape that I visit quite frequently is what I call the Floating Bar. I call it that because it seems to be floating in air, but it could also be floating in water, depending on the dream. To enter this floating bar, I have to climb up a rope ladder on the left side. I even have a favorite bartender who always serves me when I visit. The bar's atmosphere has sort of a sailing/tropical feel. The stools and bar are made of wood. This is the kind of bar you would go to during a relaxing vacation to drink mai tais or daquiris and to listen to the crashing waves below.

The Floating Bar has appeared whenever I have a dream that I am on a large cruise ship. Usually, if the bar is in a dream I know that it will usually be a more calm and subdued experience. In essence, the floating bar mean serenity and fun.

My Retro Home

I have had at least three dreams in which I come back to a familiar house, a retro house that seems new but is decorated with all 1940s and '50s furniture and appliances. This house is situated in a very green yard, with an old abandoned brick building across the street and a large oak tree to the right of the house. There are also forests of green maples and pines behind this house. I feel like this is a house that could possibly be my dream home, a home would like to live in one day. This house makes me feel warm and comfortable and it also makes me feel safe and secure, like nothing scary or terrifying could happen to me within this house. I had a dream set in this house in which I was the most lucid I have ever been in a dream.

In one of my dreams I was purchasing my retro home, I remember walking around the house and through the kitchen and looking through a glass door to the backyard. The forests were not present at this point. Instead there was a dilapidated neighborhood some fifty yards away from my beautiful dreamhome. I decided to ignore it and buy the house, anyway. It was as if that scary neighborhood was not even a threat as long as I was safe in my dream home's walls. The energy of this dream home seems to embrace me and tell me, "welcome home" whenever I visit.

Do you have a dream home in your dreams? Tell me about it!

Revisiting the Past in Dreams

Do you travel back to your childhood homes in your dreams? What do you think each of these homes symbolize to you? Do you think there are lessons to be learned from these dreams? If so, you should be recording all of these dreams and your reactions in a journal.

Another common setting for many dreamers is high school or college. One particularly common setting for me is high school. I am usually running through the hallways trying to remember where my locker is. Or I'm at my locker and can't remember the combination. Do you dream of your old high school or college? Perhaps you are searching for some piece of knowledge within your familiar dreams that you haven't quite put together.

Sometimes these familiar dream places are pieces to a puzzle. Perhaps they are simply a totally different realm that we are visiting. Perhaps they are on another plane and we are visiting the astral plane within these dreams.

Dreams are illustrations . . . from the book your soul is writing about you.

— Marsha Norman

The Astral Plane

As a child I was always able to fly in my dreams. Flying in dreams is usually an indication that you are a natural lucid dreamer, which also means that you will have a very easy time revisiting places in your dreams. I believe that these places exist, not in this dimension but on another that is known as the "astral plane."

When you are lucid dreaming, it is almost as if you are taking a plane to the astral plane. If you get really good at lucid dreaming, you can travel back to the same familiar places in your dreams with the purpose of exploring or perhaps accomplishing a task. You might also notice on the astral plane that while places may be familiar, they are constantly changing. And if you fly from one familiar place in a dream too far, you might notice that where that place ends another totally different place begins.

Are we visiting another realm on the astral plane or could this other dimension be our own heaven or hell inside of our own minds? What do you think?

© 2011 Author Nicole Canfield

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Strangedreamer 6 weeks ago

Hi kitty, i have the same dream since i was a kid ome thing i notice about my dream is i never or seen the place before but i know the landmarks (eg. Floating bar which has 3 man with strange looking outfits near the stairs) sometimes these dreams go to the extreme like if i got hit by something while im there i can still feel the pain when i wake up. Or if its time to wake up someone or somebody will remind you to wake up. One of tje strangest or unreal entity i saw in that place was an indian guy ( from india) with blue skin and four arms talking to me. I never cared about my dreams i just figured to take a peak if somebody or someone has the same thing i experience. My question is have you ever felt you wat to sleep eventhough you have a full 8 hour sleep. Once you fallen asleep youll be drag on the same place as if you need to do something important. If so, can anybody help me find the answer. Tell you more about my dream. Please repky thanks!

Adamarie 3 months ago

I have a reoccurring dream. I find myself somewhere I don't recognize , usually some other country. I will approach someone who looks nice and tell them that I have a mental disorder kind of a sleepwalking amnesia combo. For periods of time I forget who I am and I travel to far away places but do not remember how I got there. I ask the person if they would contact my husband so that he will come get me. In my dream I feel that this is a very common happening for me and my husband knows to expect these phone calls. Last night my dream to me to Australia where I meta nice hairdresser at a mall that made a bed for me in the floor of a tiny office to sleep while I waited for my husband to come. Do you have any ideal what this could mean? I just keep dreaming this over and over.

Crazy Diwhynter 9 months ago

Yaknow, I've noticed that most of my dreams are extremely ominous and menacing...It's not cool, dude. Anyway, I've recently had a dream in this weird place - it was this big outside dining room, it seemed like it would be the eating area for some highschool or college - and I feel like I've dreamed about that place many times. I can't remember any other times I've dreamed about it though. So I guess it is pretty much deja vu. It seems I do this a lot too, because in almost every other dream I have a deja vu kinda moment. I don't have dreams very frequently though; maybe once or twice a week. That's okay though considering almost all of my dreams are tiny nightmares.

Robert Levine profile image

Robert Levine 9 months ago from Brookline, Massachusetts

Kitty, I was very interested by this hub. I also have recurring places/landscapes in my dreams--in fact, I hope someday to write a series of poems based on them. I dream about both imaginary & real places, but many of the real places get changed in my dreams, e.g. my hometown has streets that don't really exist, etc. I also frequently dream about both high school & college.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 18 months ago from the Ether Author

Emily - Yes, I have very similar experiences with places in my dreams (as evidenced by my writing of this article LOL). Thanks for sharing yours with me!

Emily Massau profile image

Emily Massau 18 months ago from Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Kitty, this article was great. I have been struggling for a while with my very vivid dreams. none of them are ever really scary, but they are all familiar. I mostly always feel like i've been there before, but in an alternate reality. For Example, i'll be on my grandpa's farm in Alabama, and it's in the same area, and the layout is the same, the street is the same, and even the crops growing at the next house over are the same. However, the house will look different or it will be on a hill with a paved drive instead of a gravel one. I've also been to my hometown and driven down streets I remember as a child, like one next to my old Montessori school, but in my dream it wasn't paved, it was grassy with a beautiful tree arch, and i'm on a horse instead of driving.

Something else that baffles me is I will remember a dream like I remember a real life event. or I will pass a place on Earth that jolts a memory of a place i've been before, Once upon a dream. It's nice to hear of people having similar experiences.

goldensoul 2 years ago

Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Every single thing you wrote in this article helped me incredibly!! I have always been able to fly in my dreams, for as long as I can remember. And it's not even limited to this planet, I've traveled all types of places. Yet somehow, after all these years ( I am 23 and can remember every single dream I've had since I was 4) I JUST now came to the realization that all of my dreams originate from the same place. I always thought it was different because I would set out to different locations, but reading this verified my thinking. It seems as though there is a map laid out, a very peculiar one. I'm not even sure it is of this dimension or time era. I'm still looking for some answers but this article helped me SO much.

Keeley 2 years ago

I seem to have dreams where I just feel like i'v been to that place before, wether it was a previous dream or somewhere I had been in real life, an example is the strange huge school with an amazing library in it, that doesn't exist in real life. My dreams tend to be really strange ( like the dream with the fantoms on the old rusted cruise ship), or they seem strange after I'v woken up, but make sense when i'm asleep. I do often have dreams where i'm not prepared for something or late for school ( the most recent involving a grocery store with my school connected). i found your post interesting, and has persuaded me to look in to dream journaling.

- Keeley

Dylan 2 years ago

Kitty, thank you for posts like these! I've lucid dreamed one time REALLY intensely (or maybe not since I only remember the one time), but I always have really vivid dreams almost every night. I have several series of recurring dreams; some at large music festivals, some at a large shopping mall, hotels, one at a restaurant that is all blue, but I want to ask about one in particular I just had (inducing me to the google search that lead me here). I pretty commonly have dreams where I go to a condo/apartment complex that is on the edge of town (perhaps Austin, not sure). I always have different roommates, though people I know, and I always wake up feeling like I was dreaming about a place I've lived for a year before. Even writing this now I am searching the depths of my mind wondering if I forget a place I've lived before. I'm only 23 and can count the places I've inhabited for any length of time on one hand. It always feels like I've been there and I always feel like I know the area. This time I remember thinking, "you don't live here anymore," and, lo and behold, my dream ended with strangers entering the apartment. I've had other dreams there too where I am alone. It's 3 bedroom, it's got a modestly sized great space kitchen/living room with a big window wall that overlooks what seems to be a desert with eroded flat-top red rock, like you might see in Arizona. I've been to Arizona but I don't fancy it or wig to live there. And my feeling is not like your dream house scenario, it's more like I'm certain I've lived there and I keep revisiting but I wake up and it's a false memory.

Whatever you have to say about it I would love to hear. I love dreams, thank you again for this.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Tina - Are you going into nursing by chance? I am in my last semester of nursing. Just curious. I'm not sure what your dream definitely seems like something is blocking you or making you feel blocked maybe subconsciously.

Tina 3 years ago

Hi kitty thanks for responding me back. I am not sure if it's the job because I went back to school actually to continue my career goal sort of that field but nothing is happening maybe that career may not be really for me but at the same I like to work in health care field. I've been with my hubby since 96 we have 2 boys got married 2009. We are ok I know it's naturally sometime couples do fight then work it out. So I'm trying to figure out what is the connection of the dream. No third party just struggling with financial issues.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Sounds like you feel trapped in some situation in your life...job? relationship? Something of that sort. You feel like the way is shut.

Tina 3 years ago

Hi kitty, What does it mean when you dream that place twice looks like an old school with lots of stairs and bars. Every time I go upstairs it's locked, some doors are open but I feel like I'm trapped in that place I don't know how I can get out. Thanks

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

It's a place that you're visiting on the astral plane.

Michie 3 years ago

I keep having different dreams in the same place. It's the library in my town but its also not... I don't really know how to discribe it but I've been there so many times in different dreams that I could write a discribtion of the place that would easily be over 5 pages.

Carrie 3 years ago

Thanks Kitty!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

carrie - I don't know. Perhaps you are remembering that spot from a past life. Or maybe your spirit guides are leading you there for some reason.

carrie 3 years ago


I have been having a dream regarding a place that I am always trying to find. I usually end up finding this place. It is down a bunch of winding roads. I park, get out of the car, and hike to this spot. There is a beautiful lake with all kinds of wildlife in it. Sometimes mythical creatures.

Last night in real life, I was on a motorcycle ride in the parks. I started to get real uncomfortable with the helmet on. So I asked my driver to pull of so I could stretch and remove the helmet for a while.

We get off the bike and there was a trail to my mystical lake. IN REAL LIFE! What does it mean? What have I been looking for all of this time?

Phuong 3 years ago

I have dreamed abt this wooden mansion twice,it's an old mansion,placed in a quiet hill near a small street,first time i saw it,i met some people living in it and they let me visit their mansion,it's really large but very old,then a woman told me that do not go near the bathroom,it's haunted by a young girl,then i woke up.Next time i visited that mansion with my parent,i noticed that this mansion even has a store and a small bar in it,this time i feel more comfortable as a guest,the people in that mansion invited us to revisit.then i went to the bedroom and found a little girl was playing on my bed ,she is really cute but someone told

me that she had some diseases that're very difficult to cure,i felt sad for her and hug her,then her dad came to my room and took her away.i'm bored and go outside,there were many people outside,looked like they were preparing for a party in the mansion,i tried to talk to a group of girl at my age but they seemed to dislike me,they kept talking that i am a close relative with people in that mansion and asked me if i came from "down there",i dont understand what down there means so i just leave them and went to the living room,my dad was watching film,so i leave again and went to the small store,my mum and grandma were there,i wanted to buy some snacks but they're covered with dust and out of date i continue discovering this mansion and went to the kitchen then i woke up,my dream was so vivi,i dont know why,pls tell me what're my dreams about that mansion means?

crh76 3 years ago

Don't know if i'm double posting here, for some reason I don't see my comment. But at any rate thank you so much for your insight. I have a lot to look into. Will keep you updated!

crh76 3 years ago

Thank you so much for the info...I have a lot to look into. Will keep you updated!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

crh76 - You are a natural lucid dreamer. The flying and moving from one place to the next in a dream is a clear indicator of that. As for the dream in which you are experiencing more than one and in which you feel "paralyzed", wake up feeling sick - well, that is what's called "sleep paralysis" and I've had that on more than one occasion. It is your body's reaction to your soul coming back into it. Let me explain further. Most lucid dreamers are also what's called "astral projectors". This means that your soul/consciousness leaves your body at night and travels to what's called the astral plane (another dimension of reality). This is something that shamans and medicine men had the ability of doing and still do. Some of us just have this natural ability to do it, and most of us don't even realize that we're doing it until someone tells us! My advice is to really start doing some reading and research on lucid dreaming, and learn how to master it. You'll feel much better about your dreaming state and be able to control the more frightening dreams. You DO NOT have a dreaming fact, I believe and feel that lucid dreaming is a gift. At least we get to experience some amazing things while asleep while others are simply wasting precious time! LOL. Hope this helps. Ask me any questions regarding.

crh76 3 years ago

Very interesting read...I stumbled across this page while trying to figure out if I have some kind of a sleeping/dreaming disorder. I really don't know much about lucid dreaming but will be looking into it further. I too have recurring places I go to in my dreams: a motel, a riverwalk, an aviary, and a neighborhood. The kicker was the night that I realised that all of the places were connected in my dream, that I could literally go from one place to the next like walking down the street (although in my dream the preferred method of travel is skyline apperently)!

I did have a question, wondering if you've ever heard of anything like this. For years I have been having dreams, usually just before waking (at least it seems that way), and the best way to describe it is imagine that you are in a dark room with 10 radios all on different talk stations. It seems to go on forever and I am very much aware and disoriented in these dreams. I cannot move or look around in these dreams, its just chaotic noise, different conversations occurring at the same time. I am defintely conscious enough in the dreams to think to myself " oh no not again" and to realize that the dream is not normal. I usually feel sick when I wake up, like I just got off a rollercoaster. I tried looking up info on multiple dreams at once but all of the info I've found is about people having two or three normal dreams at the same time, what I am experiancing is very different. Any insight would be great. Thanks

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

dan - Yes, that's exactly what it feels like! I have that feeling every time I re-visit a dream-place. Blessings to you!

dan 3 years ago

When I dream, once or twice I have returned to a very familiar place, and I am utterly relieved to be there. I feel like oh god thank god I am back here and meeting with beings I know well. It's all a bit vague though now, but at the time it's a relief to be back there.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Estler - It sounds to me like perhaps you have been doing some astral traveling....meaning your soul leaves your body at night and travels around town! You may have seen this man while you were out and about, which explains why you saw him in reality, because he is a real person. I would not approach him if I were you, but if you have the same dream again...try to remember to ask him in the dream why he is there and if he has a message for you. Hopefully this helps.

Estler 3 years ago

Hi Kitty. I am very confused and surely need your help. I am seeing a particular dream since last few days. In the dream I see an unknown man calling me to a particular place, the message he conveys is that if you want to find the answers you will find it here. It is a known place in my city. As i am getting this dream since last 5 days, I decided to goto that place. I waited for around 40 minutes but i did not find anything. Then suddenly i was awestruck to see the same person in reality who use to come in my dream. I have not seen his face in my dream but the peculiar dress along with the scarf made me notice him. I am sure that this is the same man who is coming in my dreams. After that i followed the person and then he went inside a house. Now i am very much confused and afraid. I dont know what to do. How to approach the man as i dont know him. Or is he doing any kind of balck magic. Please help.

Bryan 3 years ago

Hello, Kitty. I'm a naturally early riser, but at the same time I enjoy sleeping late, so on weekends I normally spend a few hours doing something that I simply call dozing. It's one of my most active dreaming times, but it's strange. I dream, but I can still feel everything outside of it, like the bed I'm laying on. Sometimes I see them vividly, and sometimes I need to fight to keep my vision from going black or out of focus. I'm neveer quite asleep, but

eman 3 years ago

what does it mean to remember the place you are dreaming about while you are dreaming? while i am dreaming i visit the place and my thoughts say, "you have been here before, you have dreamed this before" All while i am dreaming. it is so weird!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Candace - I've had the same types of dreams. Except in one string of dreams I died and came back many many times. It was pretty wild.

Candace Elliott profile image

Candace Elliott 3 years ago from Millbrook, Alabama

I had a very wired dream this morning it was like I had some sort of accident and came back as someone else but all I could remember was my life I even said in my dream " it's so crazy cause I feel like Candace it just seem like i was sleeping for a few years" but I got to this place and I'm starting to unveil what happened to me found some jeans and I had 3 keys in them and I think I had a car accident but I wasn't the only one there. I'm telling you it was very odd it was like as if I was reincarnated or something.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Joe - Check out my hub below on hedge crossing (astral travel) and there are some more links below to books and such on astral travel that might help you both in your journey:

My video on astral travel:

Joe 3 years ago

Thank you kitty, and yes please explain more on astral travel. As for me my dreams seem to come and go. At times i can remember them and others i cant. When i do dream it is very real to the point i wake up wondering if the event took place. If you could help both us to get more in-tune with meaning of this and why it happens. Thanks.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Joe - Actually, it sounds as if your girlfriend is not just lucid dreaming but engaging in some astral travel. It sounds like she probably does this more often than she knew. If you're unsure as to what astral travel is, let me know and I'll provide you with some more information and resources. Basically, her soul is leaving her body at night and traveling to a different dimension/plane of existence. I am also an astral traveler, and those are clear signs my friend. As for you having the night sweats, it could be related to her but it could also indicate that you are coming into your own dreaming abilities as well. Are you lucid in your dreams too?

Joe 3 years ago

Hi Kittty, this is a comment for my girlfriend. we have been discussing the idea back and forth on what lucid dreams actually mean, whether its the idea of life after death or if it is just a representation of what will happen. She has extremely lucid dreams that happen on a consistent basis, maybe you can help interpret the meaning. She has a constant dream of being back home in Minnesota. She is flying above it with the skyline in sight, not in a helicopter but being at the same height as the buildings, then she dips under the buildings in an instant. Then she is floating alone in pitch black water with nothing visible in sight. No fear no anxiety, just serenity, tranquility and peace. She is just floating under water in darkness but everything is perfect almost as if everything in her life has been figured out. Is this a form of feeling comfortable back home or an idea of life after death, a transfer of energy to what is comfortable in her life? If you can help interpret this somewhat i would really appreciate it.

p.s. is it possible at all for her to transfer any energy to me while she is asleep? Because as of late i have had dreams that cause me to sweat in the middle of the night or when i wake up??

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

Fedork - Yes, I have also seen the beach and ocean place that you describe in my dreams, believe it or not. More than once too. And I too have saved people from drowning. And I also have dreams in which my spirit guide shows up in the form of my ex...perhaps this girl/woman is your spirit guide? Blessings, friend. Thanks for sharing!

FedorK profile image

FedorK 3 years ago

Dream of the same place.

Near water (ocean). There is this city. I know a map view of it. If you were looking at the map view it would be at the top middle part of it. There is this long road that has water on both sides. One side (on the right) has a beach. There are people on a beach and tall buildings. It's like a vacationing place or something. There is a road for vehicles in the middle and sidewalk with view stop spots (on the left side) of the ocean. Often the water is overflowing. I've seen the waves pull in people. I've tried saving people there before (people I don't know nor seen ) remember saving a child. When the weather is bad I try to get there as fast as possible to get people out of there. If the weather gets really bad it's like I know it is the end of the world and that road breaks and falls into the water and water is pulling everything into it. Covers the whole city. Airplanes crash. Thundering and lightning everywhere and all is grey. I try to save as many people as possible. It happened a few times but then next time I have a dream and I go to cross that road (it's road that separatesa two towns) all is fine but always overflowing water. The longer I stay on it and look at the ocean I see the clouds the darker and gets more windy so I leave or else the storm will start. If I leave it then all is fine. I've seen the waves bring people back from the ocean a few times and people were totally fine. It is the people that were pulled in ones.

Before this road there are huge mountains. Green. Has an old halfway broken castle at the top on one of the mountains. I've been there a few times. I had to kinda hide each time I went there. Do not know why. Ive seen a flash light before in a forest as if someone is looking after it. I think that's who I'm trying to hide from. I've been there with friends too. Do not know what friends exactly (never seen they're faces) when I get to that castle I see great view of mountains, city, ocean and that road. The back side of this castle (broken side) is just a huge drop and when I look down all I see is fog and its like there is no ending to it.

There are only two ways to get to this castle. It's a bit confusing. One of my friends know what path leads to it (do not know what friend it is) been with friends there before on bicycles and car. I went there alone as well. Found a way but took me a while to get there. Going back was always hard. Run thro people's back yards and they all have dogs (big and small) some chained some aren't. Some have guns. Never got bitten nor shot but was close to be tho. Always had to run thro them. Always at night. Try to run before being seen. Ones I finally get out of that neighborhood I have to run thro this big maze. Ones I pass the maze I'm in the forest and that's where I'm safe.

This was one side of this map that is separated by that road (road that is overflowing with water) Ones I pass the road on the other side is more of a city life. Highways as soon as I pass that road. Has a bridge with 3 paths one is under construction (middle). Isn't finished but if I go there it's a dead end. Leads to the top and that path ends. There is a train at the end of it. Blocking it. I can climb down to where the other side of that train is. Very bottom. There are more trains and train rails.

Path on the right (freeway exit) leads to 3 roads. 1st left exit lead back to the other side (1st side of the town with the mountains and such). Right leads to just a forest with a neighborhood next to a little lake. It has a restaurant at the top I go to eat at times (has a bar too) with friends or I meet someone there. The middle exit and the left exit of the 1st highway (highway after the road with overflowing water) lead to a city. Buildings and always busy and confusing to get around. Always get lost. I visit a girl there. Do not know really who she is. I thought it was my ex but at times I don't think so. I pick her up from there (she goes to college there or something or has an apartment there) I went there on a vocation with her and with friends too. We go for a ride and always forget how to get back but we know if we get to the middle of the city then we will know how to get home from there. At times we are in a car and sometimes bicycle. People drive crazy there. Seen a few crashes or cars that were involved in an accident with people and cops next to them. There are a lot of cops too everywhere but I don't see them. Do feel them or know where they are (where they hide) so I try to be careful. I always must hide from them. Main street of the city that's located in the middle called 1st street and its next to like a mall/shopping center or something that has restaurants a lot near it and if you look at it in the map view it is rectangle shape.

All of my dreams that I remember take a place at this location.

I feel like I've seen this place in real life before but don't know where or when. It's located somewhere on the coast. I've seen it from the top view. I'm trying to look at google maps and see if I can find something similar to the map I see all the time

phrozen 3 years ago

i have the same dreams you do except the house one is really scary...i go to japan a lot (never been) and i can fly but im younger and i have to actually deal with gravity but its dense... i sometimes get afraid to sleep but i can also astral project and see me when i sleep. im confused about all these things...

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 3 years ago from the Ether Author

teez - It sounds to me that the mansion represents your childhood or innocence, and the breaking down of the mansion is the loss of innocence or naivete. Are you going through a transition at this time? Are you out of high school or in school still?

teez 3 years ago

i dream about a white mansion with pink on the top corners of this mansion i see all my school friends, we all chill and have fun BUT before night comes someone comes and breaks the mansion and me and all my buddies stand from a distance and watch it being broken to add more sadness i hear sad music playing in the back ground but in the morning the mansion is some how still there but at noon its being broken down again......nice and annoying dream at the same time

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

candice - I actually have this same issue...and always thought it was my ex appearing in my dreams and then I realized that it's one of my spirit guides using the form of my ex so as to grab my attention! Try talking to him in the dream next time, ask him if he's a spirit guide of yours.

candice 4 years ago

hi kitty my dreams bothering me ... i always dreaming of my childhood crush even though i'm in a happy relationship and him as well ... swear i'm not thinking of him ... even we had "something" 2 yrs ago .. but in my dreams , there is always a connection between us... like he is protecting me from others, he will get married but its like he don't want to go with it because of me just those weird things... he always appearing , as if we are for each other ... how this dreams stop ... cause it really sucks!!!

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Sounds like one particular place that you're visiting on the astral plane.

Katy 4 years ago

I know you might not read this since it's been a few months since the last post, but I just wanted to tell you my dream and maybe understand it a little better. Before I start the dream though, I want to say that when I was younger, like 8, 9, or even 10 (I'm 13 now) I had dreams in this big mansion house that (sometimes) was made of ice. I played in this mansion with a young girl, my age at the time. Her name was Christina. I knew no one In person with a name like this. And since then either. I had this dream several times, sometimes with my sister in it too. A main room in the mansion would be the very top where this bathroom and room was. It was always off limits or haunted or scary. Anyway, I would never go into it.

So, my dream I had last night has haunted me throughout all of today and even caused me to search about it, ending up here. At first, I was in this coffin Party room thing. A big party for a bunch Of people. It had strobe lights and the lighting was mostly red. It was in the same mansion as before, I'm pretty sure. I went through these big doors and I went all the way up very very familiar stairs that I had a dream of when the mansion was made of ice. I walked up it and at the top was my grandma, my sister and me. My grandma guided us past the ruins of the once very beautiful mansion that I had many dreams of. Everything was mossy and crumbled. Things were thrown all over the place and it was just a scary feel. I knew ghost were there and my grandma protected me from all of them. Until the very end were there was this room with only three walls. No door into it, it was wide opened. We walked in and there were huge curtains at the parallel wall faceint us. The curtains were closed and had roses and red on it. The looked familiar and although I couldn't see the outside from the curtains, I knew it was night. On a wall to the left of the curtains was a bed. The bed covering had roses On it and it was blood red. The wall to the right of the curtains held a mirror that I used tO be afraid of in my past dreams. It was big and had a gold, rusty frame. It used to be beautiful but it was all dirty and old. The carpet was blood red and so were the walls. We stood in front of the mirror. We saw none of our reflections except the background blood red bed behind us. My grandma called into it, saying, 'Christina, come out.' Christina, mistaking her name for my sister Krysten's, put only krysten's reflection in the mirror. My grandma said, 'No, I said Christina.' my sister's reflection vanished and a girl very small to the bigger me now stood in the reflection. I didn't see her details other than that she was short and wearing a really old Easter looking dress like the girl's in the shining. (I have never seen the shining, though, only the girls!) the mirror shattered and behind the mirror was a bathroom that I recognized as a bathroom in the old mansion dreams, too. It was very spooky, though. I would never dare go in it. The bathroom was mucky and old and moldy. It has things thrown around and looked very out of date by the style of it. There, on the floor In the bathroom, was me from when I was one or two. I had a blood red dress on (go figure) and I was sitting down with a dipper on. Me as a child moved over the floor by itself to the room where we were in. My grandma bent down and picked up an old newspaper from many, many years ago. It was talking about the death of Robbie, a guy in my town that died of a motercycle accident. It had other bad things about death and depressing stuff. Like everything else, it was mucky and old. Then, in the bathroom behind the mirror ( it had no light in it btw, just light from the red room kind of lighting it up) Christina as a ghost popped up looking kind of grungy she said in a demon voice, 'Christina isn't here.'

Then, I woke up.

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KrisNick09 4 years ago from Kentucky

Soooo... I had a dream a few months ago, and I don't really have a question I just want to share.

It started off I was in highschool again, and I had a sub in art class. He told us to form a circle with our desks and passed out little pink flowers to everyone. He told us to open the flower ( I know weird!) and read out loud what we found written there. I remember quite clearly thinking that isn't a good idea, so I just watched everyone and held the flower in my hand. Next thing I know, a dark monster thing is in the middle of our desks and I don't quite remember what he looked like, only that he had huge eyes. He wanted out from the middle of us but he couldn't seem to jump over our desks. Everyone was screaming and running, and I just leaned forward and spit in its eye and it vanished. Then it was later that night and we were all sleeping. I woke up in my dream and heard voices. A gorgeous man (black hair, blue eyes)came walking out of another room and almost left again when he saw me watching him. He stopped, came over and stood leaning over me. He knelt down beside me and I knew he wasn't right. He wasn't human? I asked him what was he and he tilted his head at me. The voices from the other room called something and he paused, then got up and left. Then a group of us were driving in a jeep, running from the humans that weren't human. Then I was at my dad's house. This is where the dream changed.

I walk into my father's house, alone. I walk in and my father is on the couch talking to someone. My stepmom is in the kitchen cooking. And my dead granny is in the hallway watching. I knew she was staying in my room but nobody else knew she was there. She didn't have an oxygen tank and she was standing upright without a walker (both things she always had as far as I remember). I walked up to her and she leaned down and gave me a hug, it was the best hug I have ever had! It was all encompassing. I remember thinking in my dream that someone must be putting a blanket over my body right now, the hug was that warm, that real. Then she turned me towards my stepmom in the kitchen and gave me a push. I knew she was pushing me to my stepmom and not just the kitchen. As I walked towards her, I looked back and my granny was trying to get my fathers attention but he just kept talking.

Then it jumps back to a group of us in a jeep, running from the nonhuman humans. Somewhere along the way in this dream we learn that they are occupying peoples bodies. But I realize as long as I still have that pink flower I'm safe.

My granny is the only dead person I know, so this kinda freaked me out a bit. Well, I called my dad up right then and I don't remember what I said but I was accused of being a bit hysterical lol. A few weeks later my stepmom left him and I don't know what to make of that. When my dad mentioned that dream I played it off like I thought my subconscious was trying to find a way to tell me something I should have already figured out, but I'm not sure that's what I believe.

Especially in light of the fact that I had a dream a few months prior about my dog Ladybug being covered in maggots. I know I was hysterical when I called that time. They found her in the road, she had been hit by a car. She was still alive though, she's fine now :)

I know I'm a lucid dreamer, at least some of the time. But I only seem to be able to control things when I really don't like how they are playing out. Besides that though I am usually aware I'm dreaming, just can't seem to focus enough to instill a change.

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Bill - I've been a dreamer my entire life and yes, if you begin to keep a dream journal your dream recall/memory will improve dramatically! When I was really into dreamwork and writing in a dream journal every day, I was able to remember up to 4 dreams a night at one point. Now life is too busy for me to focus on my dreams so much, but I can tell you that last night I met a faerie named Didi in my dreams...and saved a family of fairies from a cave. And then today I came across a video about how the Native Americans in this area believed in "little people" that lived in caves. Pretty weird, right? Anyway, if you want to get into dreamwork, I recommend reading Robert Moss' book "Conscious Dreaming". Good luck!

Bill 4 years ago

Always Had low self esteem. I don't really feel like no one pays attention to me. I have 3 kids 4 and under, so I get plenty of attention, positive reinforcement and loving gazes and hugs.

Bill 4 years ago

Not gay, but the identity crisis thing seems plausible. I have been demoted at work, but I thought that's what the no voice dream was about. I think it's the frequency of remembering dreams that is most troubling to me. With the second dream, I felt aware that I was dreaming but couldn't control it. With the infrequency of My remembering dreams, would a journal help remembering or a waste of time. I go by both names. One with friends and fam and one every where else. Thanks for your time.

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Hi Bill or Brent (not sure of your first name) - It sounds like you're going through something with your self-identity. Can I ask if it's possible that you're going through either coming out of the closet or potentially changing spiritual paths? It could be one of these or maybe neither, but something is telling me that you're having a bit of an identity crisis. Are you feeling of low self-esteem and like no one is paying attention to you? Let me know and good luck, love.

Bill 4 years ago

Hi Kitty,

I usually don't remember my dreams, but the past two nights my dreams have been very strange. The first is easily explainable. I lost my voice and my work situation hasn't been great. The second is the one that concerns me.

I was in the room of a girlfriend, or it felt that way strongly, only it was not her room. There was a bed and next to the bed was a partition and on the other side was a fold out couch that was out. There were blankets as if someone was sleeping there. The room felt like a studio apartment only there was a corridor that I could see there was a home there. I was going through the dresser, but couldn't find anything I was 'looking' for. When I left, I was lost and was near my high school. I didn't get the feeling that I was in school. I was completely lost and couldn't find my way. People I knew (my brother, my best friend) drove by without recognizing me. The anxiety of being lost where I was completely familiar with was overwhelming.

Going months even years between remembering dreams is normal for me, but remembering two dreams in successive nights is almost as unnerving as the second dream. What is going on? Thanks. Brent

keith 4 years ago

very often have same dream with 'a map', small trails, mountains, big house with secret corridors to rooms, and a forest.

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Suzuki - What an intriguing story! It sounds to me like you are sensitive to spirits. That is a type of being psychic. And Yes, I would say try to do a blessing/cleansing of your house with some white sage or cedar bundles. When I was having my sleep paralysis dreams, I went into each room of my house and made circles with the smoke coming off of the white sage bundle in each corner of the room. And I said simply "I cleanse this house in the name of the God and the Goddess, by the powers of earth, air, fire, and water." I made this passage up, so whatever works for you and what you believe in is what you can use. This shadow man that feeds you apples...I don't think he is a light spirit at all...I believe he is a dark spirit. This doesn't necessarily mean that he's evil, but if he offers you his apples again, politely turn them down. See how he reacts. What does the apple mean to you? Are apples comforting or do they mean something else to you? I'm just trying to draw a correlation between this man and why he feels he needs to feed you apples. Thanks for sharing and blessings to you, sweetie.

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Suzuki Miharu 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

Hi kitty and to you too carissa..

I have had "sleep paralysis" since I was in highschool until now.. but this past few months I suffered from it almost evryday and its really scary when you know you are awake,. you can either see or hear some people around you but you cant move and as what kitty said, its really scary since u can feel some presence near you..

I just want to share with you my experience about the so called nightmares or shall we say spiritual attack.. when I was young, I dont play with dolls or any stuffed toys I didn't know the whole reason not until my mom told me when I was in my freshman in highschool. My mom told me that 1 Evening in summer I just burst in crying and mom said that I looked so scared.. She went to the room and asked me what happened. To her surprise I told her to burn all the dolls and toys immedietly since Im scared coz they're talking to me, asking me to be their friend. my mom oviously didn't believe me but she took all my toys in the stockroom.. they thought that as a kid I 'm probably having nightmares and stuff like that, I thought so myself too not until when I was in junior high. I don't live with my parents at that time since they worked abroad. My cousin usually stay with me but there's this 3 days that she'll be out of the country for business.. the first night being alone in our apartment seems to be so freaky.. I was asleep when I heard someone called my name I don't consider this as a dream since I know I'm wide awake when I heard my name being called.. As I stretched to see if who's calling me, I saw this tall man in black suit, I didn't see his face though.. I wad about to scream but he just vanished.. until now I still had this feeling when that man is near.. Im not saying that I'm a psychic or whatever you call that.. But I can feel it whenever he's around and from that moment on I'm having this dream about him almost every night.. In my dreams he's always giving me apples and something to eat I could see his face so clearly but I always forget every detail of his face when I wake up..

I didn't know what to do about this.. is this some kind of a haunting? if so maybe I should try what you said about a blessing.. what can you suggest about this please help me..

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Hi, Carissa!

It depends on the type of night terror and who is having them. I have had very horrifying "night terrors" as an adult that science actually calls "sleep paralysis". It could very well be a mental or biological thing where the brain wants to wake up but doesn't tell the body that you're fully awake open your eyes and see your room but you cannot move your body and may hallucinate at this point too. So you feel as if you're in a nightmare as you are seeing horrifying things, but you can't move! It's quite scary...I had one of those about 3 months ago. I read that if you don't lay on your back, you're less likely to have sleep paralysis...I always try to sleep on my sides and haven't had it happen since. But to be noted, I also feel as though these could be personal spiritual attacks...they seem to happen when I'm becoming highly involved with the supernatural or spiritual world. I usually bless/cleanse my home and the feelings and nightmares go away. I hope this helps. If the night terrors are happening with a child, try praying or blessing the child's room...possibly praying with the child before he/she goes to sleep at night. Even if you're not religious, the child may respond in a positive light. Thanks and blessings.

Carissa 4 years ago

Can you tell me anything about "Night Terrors" ? from your own expierience, assuming you've had any and if so what is your personal meaning behind why they occur?

Thanks :)

Carissa 4 years ago

Hi Kitty!

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Suzuki - Great job! I'm so proud of you for not being scared of the man with goat horns. That took some bravery inside of you for sure. I wasn't sure about the teeth in your dreams, though I know that teeth dreams are quite common...but in a situation and surroundings as in your dream, I know there must be a deeper meaning. So I took a look on the internet to see what sort of connection teeth may have to Shamans or even Buddhists. And I found this little line -

"Teeth are very symbolic, and are considered receivers and transmitters of energy linked by connecting paths throughout the astral body." This particular quote I pulled from this website about elephants and their connection to the Buddhists -

Run a search on google on "shamans and teeth" or "teeth symbolism" and you just might find out what the meaning is for your dream. :) Good luck and blessings to you!

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Suzuki Miharu 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

Hi Kitty,

I'm back again.. just last night I had this dream about the man with goat horns. It's not the same place in the mountain though but I swear it's somewhere familiar.. Well in my dream I wasn't scared of that man anymore and I even tried to approach him head on... But to my surprise the man grabbed me as if he's going to kill me.. but he didn't he just whispered something and as far as I can remember he said "They need your teeth go and hide amd never return to the temple" I asked him who are "They" but he just vanished like a bubble.. then I remembered after talking to the man with goat horns someone ran after me if I'm not mistaken it'sa monk and told me to never tell anyone about my teeth or else someone will die & he said before he left that "don't let even one tooth fall down" then he left.. without any clarifications I woke up..

please tell me what does my teeth have to do with this dream and what is the message that they're trying to tell me? and why won't the man with goat horns let me go back to the temple where I first met him? please help me undrstand this dream.. :)

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Neely - That's awesome. Thanks so much for sharing your familiar dreams with me. I believe that some of these places actually exist...whether on this plane or another though, I am not sure. Good luck and blessings!

Suzuki - The place that you're describing sounds like a very beautiful and serene place. Absolutely majestic. It is possible (in my opinion) that you possibly lived as a Buddhist monk or possibly lived in a land where there were many Buddhist monks (Tibet for example). It's also possible that this place is simply a place that you've created on the spiritual plane...a place that you can visit in order to calm yourself or possibly learn a lesson. The man with the goat horns...did he do something in particular to frighten you or were you simply frightened by his appearance? What I would suggest is to try some meditation and try to go back to that place in the dream where you meet the man with the goat horns. Many people who teach about dreams state that these people in your dreams have a message to give you, though sometimes they might look really scary...that doesn't mean that they're there to hurt you, but usually to help you. If you meet him again in your dreams, don't run from him. Ask him what he wants or how you can help him out. You might be surprised what you learn. Blessings to you sweetie.

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Suzuki Miharu 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

Hi kitty..

i just wanna share my dream with you. couple of months ago I dreamed about a wonderful place on the mountain.. there was a huge, beautiful buddhist temple.. at the bottom part of the temple there was this huge door which leads you outside (back of the temple) there you can see a very very huge black reclining buddha at the bottom of the stairs.. & if you look on the right side, there was this small stream. in my dream i was with my friend (boy) which i haven't seen for years now.

Last night, it really feels that it was the continuation of my dream in that temple. In my dreams, i've been brought into that temple.. everything seems familiar. when i look around i saw that huge door at the bottom of the hall, it really looks so familiar so i rushed to open the door, to my surprise, everything looked the same, the huge black reclining buddha and the stream at the right. then in my dream, i remembered being there with my friend and i even mentioned my friend's name..

after remembering everything, i then told a monk that i've been there before and i'm 100% sure of it.. the monk just smiled at me its as if he knows what's going on.. then later that day i was given a beautiful dress and told me that i am destined to stay there.. i couldn't believe it so i run in to an empty room. when i entered the room, there was this man, he looked at me with a very jealous eyes, when he came closer to me, it was so clear, the man has a goat's horn. i was so terrified that i rushed tru the huge door and went straight down the stairs passing through the buddha & going through the stream.. I fell in the water then i woke up.

i find it so weird since im not a buddhist. i tried to search google this morning thinking that maybe that place really exist. Actually i have had a lot of repeated dreams but this one seems to be so real. the fear and excitement that i felt seems to be so real..

Thank you for spending some time reading my dream story.. ^^

Neely O'Hara 4 years ago

Hi Kitty,

I'm so happy to have found this post. I have also noticed that I visit the same places in my dreams repeatedly. Like you said, it feels like I know these places. I had a dream last night which has stuck with me in which someone asked me for directions to a place from a previous dream. I have both vivid and hazy recollections of this place, if this makes any sense to you. However, I was unable to provide the directions, but I had a strong recollection in my dream of the place.

Thanks again for your posts. I've always been very intrigued at the concept of locations within dreams and have been curious if these places exist in some level of consciousness.

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

maricar - Thanks for sharing your dreams with me. In this instance, I don't necessarily think that those dreams mean anything in particular. Sometimes dreams don't have what we would call "meanings"...they are just simply your mind or soul exploring other realities. I've found that many of the familiar places that I visit in my dreams are simply places of comfort or adventure that my mind has built in order for me to explore or learn something within that realm. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!

maricar 4 years ago

hi kity,

i just wanted to know the meaning of this dream.. that i always going back to the place that ive worked day im just having a stroll with some friends or relative then the next thing i saw was the place is different and that place was where i worked, then i wanted to stopped by the shop to surprise and say hi to the old friends back there.. but never happened as something came out like that... then sometimes im running with my partner looking for my favorite food store to buy food.but never get there because we cannot find the place.. and then there was a time i am together with my old friends back there, giggling about.. oh! ur back! etc.

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kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

Hi, Chi! So nice that you shared your story with me. Don't apologize if you are looking for advice or answers...that's a good thing! My suggestion is that you do some soul-searching and maybe try some meditational practices to try to delve into what those darker dreams could possibly be about. Don't ever close your mind to the possibility that you are indeed dreaming of something that will happen in the future, or possibly even in a past life. Yes, I know reincarnation seems like a whacky idea...but you'd be surprised how MUCH it explains. As for you getting killed in the dreams, I've had a couple of dreams very similar...but I would always end up on the other Heaven or some otherworld. I believe I've been there before and so I am having memories of that other realm. Dreams are what you make of them. Sometimes I believe they are glimpses into other realities...sometimes they are just symbols and representations of what's going on inside of you. Try some meditating and maybe pick up a book by Robert Moss. Good luck and blessings, sweetie!

Chi 4 years ago

Hello Kitty ^^, i'v always had weird or dark dreams and i'v never understood what they meant. When i think the dream really means something i look it up ,but i can't find the answer's i'm looking for, SO i just so happened to stumble upon this. There are a few things I have questions about if you don't mind.

For starters when I was younger I used to have darker dreams..such as being killed,or watching myself being killed.I would also have repeated dreams of seeing my dog that had ran away,run away from me. I'v also had dreams where i had for seen what was going to happen? For example when I was going into fifth grade I had a dream I was in a class room playing on the floor with a friend with toy blocks. After awhile I forgot about the dream,but then i did move to a new school for a little bit and I ended up in that same class room playing with the same blocks and person.After sitting there I kept thinking that this place seemed familiar,my mom just told me I was having deja vu. I tend to do this sometimes and then think that i'v been in this spot or area before with the same people.

Now, when I was smaller for these dark dreams I would throw some sort of fit before I was able to sleep,which was I would itch, my legs, arms anything uncontrollably,then I would have some sort of a nightmare,but I never really woke up with startled from up I just woke up. Yes I do love horror and things like such, and after awhile I just thought it meant nothing,that they were just bad dreams but mostly all of my dreams are dark.

One of those dreams consists of me repeatedly seeing myself (older) in a hospital bed,with I think my mother by my side and I had a gas mask over my mouth. My best friend was there and someone else was as well.

Now here is a dream I had recently woken up from..this morning and It's the second or third time I'm having this dream. Basically the dream starts out with something completely different then just jumps to me coming from school,with a friend or alone,or just somewhere where I just got out of school. This dream consists of me going back to this, it's big or at least it seems that way,but it's dark and white. There's no one there ,but me and I explore the place each time I go back,it's the same ,but there seems to be different parts of the house . When i first got to the house I was with a friend then I was alone,iand i came out through the back side for some reason. I had walked up the normal path I would take when I leave school then I t was a forest suddenly,Then I would go home and lay in my bed, for some reason I won't explore inside the house.I would stare at my bedroom door,which was black, or just dark. I live in an apartment and the door looks the same as my apartment.Now this time I take the same path but i'm wrapped in a blanket and I come out from the front of the house, and the things is ,is that I went around the back to check and see if that hole was there,and it's the same place I came out from the back,from my other dream. I explored the from area and then got scared so I went inside and laid on my bed again,staring at my door till I woke up.

I'm sorry for having asked all this at once,but I have many dreams and I always think they mean something,but I don't know who to ask.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether Author

isobella - That's awesome. You're definitely a vivid dreamer. I do sometimes believe that dreams are another level of consciousness...maybe a different realm of existence that we might indeed enter after dying. It's too difficult for me to believe that dreams are just something made up inside of our heads. I've had some VERY spiritual dreams that just seemed TOO spiritual and real to be something that my mind simply randomly made up. Hopefully that helps a little. :)

isobella 4 years ago

hello kitty, i've never taught my self to lucid dream but i have very vivid dreams each night that i remember to every last detail when i wake up, i can still tell you dreams that i had months ago now, they aren't mundane dreams either they are very peculiar, and although this doesn't happen every night, sometimes i go to a dream and it's in a place where i've been before, like the deja vu thing you mentioned, and i feel very comfortable in these dreams despite what's happening as there is one place i go to quite regularly, that i have never seen in my life, and there is someone who watches over me there, but every dream i have has a very strong link to fantasy/magic/supernatural, whatever you would like to call it, i was just wondering what you would make of this? do you believe that dreams are another state of consciousness much similar to what we will enter when we die?

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

nikki - Your dreams sound a lot like ones that I've had. You sound like you're definitely a natural lucid dreamer. You know some people want that ability and have to practice and study in order to get it? You're a natural like me, you should be proud of that. And just because you're a Christian doesn't mean you can't look into your dreaming abilities. :) Give the book a read, you might really learn something.

nikki 5 years ago

Thanks, I definitely will. I was always raised Christian but lately these places are so real and sometimes I'm not always me. So it really makes me wonder!

nikki 5 years ago

Oops, sorry. Its like I'm in a dark scary alley, I can see lights and maybe a festival but I'm in this alley and these scary people keep popping up and I need to find this girl who's been tortured somewhere. The only way I know where to look is by cursive writing that appears in front of my eyes, like reading a poem, it was eleaquently written. I have lots of I guess what you'd call lucid dreaming, I must look into it. There's this mostly glass home that must be mine, I go there a lot and when I'm there, somehow I know its home. And I'm on rooftops lately.

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

nikki - There are some books you can read and exercises that you can do to not allow your dreams to effect your mood on a daily basis. I really recommend Robert Moss's Conscious Dreaming, it's one of my favorites on lucid dreaming and recurring dreams. The dream you are talking about seems like a flashback of another life perhaps? If you believe in reincarnation as I do, that's how I would interpret it. Or maybe it is simply tapping into a side of yourself that you've yet to tap into in reality. The journal, well, that could be your mind telling you to write down your dreams...keep them in a dream journal. Let me know how it goes and good luck!

nikki 5 years ago

My dreams have always been lifelike but now I wake up exhausted and I wake in a good or bad mood according to the dream. I have reoccurring dreams about several places and themes. What really throws me off is going to places I've never even seen pics of or anything. Last night I was on a cliff o oceanside, it was 5am and a lot of people and I were there for sunrise. I was crying and writing in a little journal (I don't in real life) then its scary and its like I'm in a

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

jaredbangerter - Yes, please do! Oh, and I'd love to hear about some of your lucid dreaming experiences. Great to meet another lucid dreamer!

jaredbangerter profile image

jaredbangerter 5 years ago from New York City

This is interesting. I never actually tried this before, which is odd, considering I've been actively practicing lucid dreaming the last seven years. Well, it's a great idea and you present a very good technique. I'll give it a shot next time I become lucid and we'll see how it goes. :]

SarahTerese profile image

SarahTerese 5 years ago

i just looked up empath. It looks like I am one for sure. It was much stronger a few years ago though. I will definatly look for that book, it may have answers to some of my questions.

Oh wow, so you also have dreams from different times.

I do know a little about reincarnation. And i have thought about if it is that a fair bit. But i am not too sure.

Because when i think back on some of my dreams, I realise that i have had a lot of dreams from all different times and places.

I am going to start a journal now. And try it out.

I always used to fly in dreams when i was younger. It was my way of escaping anything that was bad.

These days, I need to realise that I am dreaming before I can fly.

I had a dream last night of a place that i always go to in dreams.

It's a train station, with LOTS of glass walls and LOTS of escalators. When i was younger, and still these days, i have dreams of escalators and stairs that are very very steep. It feels like I'm going to fall to my death.

I am also a Computer Gamer.

I play competitively, and i play about 38 hrs every 2 weeks. I read an article about Gamers being able to Control dreams better than that average person. The article was sort of like this:

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

Sarah - It sounds to me that you are a gifted person. Have you ever heard the term "empath"? It sounds like you are an empath and also an avid lucid dreamer. There are many websites dedicated to the topic of being an empath...just google the term and I'm sure you'll find a whole mess of information!

As far as your dreams of other people in different times in the past, I have had a couple recurring dreams like these. In one dream I am a young girl in the Wild West, forced into a life of prostitution. Needless to say, it wasn't the best of dreams. In another dream, I am a Queen-like warrior, riding on horseback, with my red hair waving in the wind behind me, riding down green hills of what I presume to be Ireland. My point is that I believe my dreams in particular could be visions or memories of my past lives...have you ever read or learned about reincarnation? Your dreams could possibly be memories of your past lives...or they could be memories from other people...possibly people who have passed that are drawn to you.

My advice is to read books on Lucid Dreaming (I recommend Robert Moss's Conscious Dreaming) and possibly on being empathetic, too. You should educate yourself on each topic...this way you are not so unsure as to what these things could mean. Start keeping a dream journal, and write down your dreams every morning, as soon as you wake up. This will help you find patterns in your dreams and be able to analyze them a bit better.

Learn how to meditate...this will help calm your soul and help you accept what you are.

What is a dream guide? A dream guide is a spirit, sort of like a guardian angel, that is with you at all times but especially in your dreams. The dream guide guides you through different phases of dreaming, all the while trying to show you different meanings to your dreams, as well as keeping you safe. Do you fly a lot in your dreams? I actually just flew in one of my dreams last night.

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SarahTerese 5 years ago

Its very nice to meet you too :)

I never read books or learnt from anyone. It just started happening out of nowhere. Every night WITHOUT fail.

I'm not sure if i am scared so to say.. More like, interested, confused, and really just want to connect with it more.

I haven't so much dreamt things that have happened, but i have had a feeling of something bad happening in the nighttime.. eg: Sometimes when i go outside at night time i have a really mysterious feeling come over me, as if i know something bad is going to happen that night. And sometimes it does.

and another day, i had a very random thought of a man i knew dying. In a car, it was sunset.. and i think it was raining.. It was the most sudden thought i had ever had before. And i could feel that it meant something.

About a month later, i found out that he had committed suicide.

I had told him the first time i met him about how i felt i had a connection of some sort with people, being able to feel there emotions. and he was a very, understanding man, as if he understood what i was telling him. So it really struck me when i heard the news of his death.

I'm not sure if you personally believe in being able to feel someone elses feelings. But i did when i was about 16.

My dreams are not just of me.

I dream of being other people.

One dream i had was based along time ago, it was late 1800's early 1900s. It was of 2 brothers. They where on horse back, going through some mangrove trees, it was black and white for me. I can still remember the clothing they where wearing.. its like a Memory that has happened to me.. They came across a shack, i think it was there fathers. They where going to stay there the night.. Then came 2 men, they started to beat up the older brother, and took hold of the younger one.. I then woke up.

i also had another of a Women who had her child taken from her, She then went on a killing spree. I then turned into her, and i was stabbing so many people in the neck, and then the chest. I could feel the knife go into there neck, the bones crushing.. everything.. it was the most scary thing to wake up from, it was so real. and it feels like a memory to me.. I just don't understand why i would get such graphical dreams.

I'm not sure if they are signs, like if that actually happened and the brothers wanted to give me a message, i don't know. It sounds silly, but i don't understand why else i would even get these dreams, there is no way in hell that it was something from my Subconscious.

I don't have a journal, i have been thinking about making one for a while now though.

What is a dream guide exactly?

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

Hi, Sarah. It's lovely to meet you. It seems to me like you are a natural lucid dreamer. Did you ever read books on the topic or learn from a friend, perhaps? If you had these types of dreams as a child, I would definitely think that you are a natural lucid dreamer. You sound like you're dreaming like I used to when I was in my early twenties. I wasn't ever scared of the dreams though, and I would have them during the night and even during my day-time naps. The most vivid dreams for me tend to be as I'm just falling asleep or when I'm about to wake up...does that happen with you that you've noticed? Do you write down your dreams in a journal in order to analyze them later? Have you met with your dream guide yet? All lucid dreamers have a dream guide...whether you've noticed them or not! You should never shy away from this means that you are a very open-minded person and you should embrace this! You may also have a bit of psychic you ever dream of things before they happen even if the dream is a bit distorted from the real thing?

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SarahTerese 5 years ago

Hey Kitty, Ive been dreaming strongly every night for 2 years now. I'm not sure when it started to happen, but all i know is, i wake up and remember everything that happened.

It feels like i haven't even slept. Just as if, Ive been awake all night.. Running, doing things, seeing people.

My dreams have been about all different things and places. and i can say, ALL of the places my mind has made up, I revisit whenever i dream.

I have a highway road, a shopping center, my local town, and places around it. Even places i visit on a daily basis are changed and placed in the wrong area.

I Can remember reoccurring dreams form when i was younger, till now. I don't know if its an amazing thing, or something i should wish i didn't have.

I wake up a lot and be confused with real life and dreaming, its that strong.. Almost like I go to another world.

The strange thing is, 90% of the time i dream.. its night. and dark, eerie even.

what do you think about this? any kind of answer would be appreciated..



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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

Hi, Hue! It is very nice to meet you! It sounds to me like you are definitely a natural lucid dreamer, as am I. I actually have written many hubs on the topic, and if you would like to have a basic understanding of what lucid dreaming is and how to expand upon it, you can read this one:

You ask how is it possible to write your dreams down immediately upon waking if your partner is asleep next to you. Well, I don't write them down as soon as I sit up in bed. Usually I wake up, go pee, brush my teeth, get my coffee and then write down my dreams out in the living room or kitchen. This means that I usually lose little tidbits of the dream that I would have otherwise remembered, had I written it down in bed. But, if you have dream memory like I do, you will remember much of your dreams even if it is fifteen minutes after waking up. The more you write down your dreams, the more dreams and parts of dreams you will recall...and usually this also leads to you becoming lucid (or awake) in your dreams.

The haunted house in your dreams...this is fascinating to me as I have had a similar haunted house pop up in my dreams quite a few times, too! I wouldn't say that I've gotten to know it as well as you have with yours, though. That is truly awesome when you are so familiar with a place in your dreams that you can guide others around it! I would love to hear more about your dreams and the places that you visit in your dreams! I could go on for hours about my familiar dreamworlds, but I fear it would get too boring. But, please...tell me more about your dreams. Do you fly in your dreams a lot? Do you wake out of a dream to find that you've just woken up into a different dream? Have you ever died in a dream? I ask these questions because these are all things I've experienced and many other lucid dreamers have experienced as well.

It was wonderful to hear from you and your dream stories. Do tell more!

Thanks! - Kitty

Hue 5 years ago


Glad I stumbled upon your site here. I dream a lot and vividly. But how does one record or write down dreams right away when you have a partner asleep next to you? But recently when i awake i consciously try to remember as much as i can and it does seem to stay with me.

Over the last while, i have begun to notice that I remember things from previous dreams while dreaming. For example, when giving directions to someone, I referred to a set of roads that I knew about from a different time (a different dream) that I realized that the other person wouldn't have known abot because he didn't experience those raods like i had previously. That may sound confusing but basically other previous dreams will 'sneak' into a current dream.

Another aspect of dreams that you wrote about is recurring dreams, like being in your child hood house. Been there, done that lots. Also,a haunted house became so familiar that I eventually could give guided tours in it to others. But then you mention this is lucid dreaming? I have never understood that term, but if lucid dreaming is having recurring dreams and knowing the place or activity so well that you can make yourself comfortable in them when they occur, then I have been lucid dreaming for years. Yet, it is not as though i can really control the action that takes place since i am not conscious that i am in a dream per se, just that I am in a very familiar setting and "know my way around" in it. I thought lucid dreaming was when you can literraly control what you do because you fully realize that you're dreaming. Guess i am but comforted to know that remembering snippets of other dreams when dreaming and knowing my way around familiar places in dreams is actually lucid dreaming. Do I have it correct now?

Thanks so much - I may come back here if you are interested in hearing others' actual dream content.

Thank you,


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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

that's wonderful! i can't wait to read some of your dream hubs. thanks for the awesome support, fluffy.

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Fluffy77 5 years ago from Enterprise, OR

I have and still do much of these things with my own dream work, I have done this work for years now. Since I have always had just so many of them, now I write them as stories here. This is great therapy. Voted up and useful, informative hub. Thank you.

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

Hi, Maria. Oh my goodness, it seems like you are having a lot of dreamtime lately. So let's talk about the bridge first...what does a bridge do in reality? It usually spans a body of water, making a pathway for those to cross from one place to another. Maybe you are at a point in your life where you are in the middle of two main phases? An example might be that you were single before and now you are making the steps to become more settled (possibly married?) Of course this is just an example because the bridge in your dream could symbolize any number of things in your life...maybe the pathway to a new career or new art form? Can you tell me what was on the other side of the bridge? I mean, you left the beach and ended up coming back to the beach because it was warm and familiar to you, but did you ever think to look ahead at the land waiting on the other side? Maybe you are too comfortable at this point in your life to even make a chance...or cross a bridge to a new phase in your life.

As far as you stealing the Virgin Mary's tears...again, think about what the Virgin Mary's tears represent to you and your life. Maybe you see the Virgin Mary's tears as a representation of a mother's love and sadness for her son? Or maybe for her people in general? Maybe the Virgin Mary (holy mother) in some weird way represents your mother...maybe you stole her tears because you do not want your mother to weep or worry for you any longer? I could be far off, so you must think about what these things represent to you...what sort of meaning pops into your mind when you think of the three main objects in your dream? The Beach, the bridge, and the Virgin Mary's tears.

Maybe if you ever get back to this same bridge within your dreams, do your best and cross the bridge entirely...just to see what's waiting on the other side!

As far as meeting people you do not know in your dreams, this happens to me all of the time! Usually if I am lucid within my dream I can even try to strike up a conversation with one of these strange individuals. Sometimes they have something very important and spiritual to say. You should try to talk to some of them in your dreams...maybe they could offer you some advice on whatever is troubling you. Hopefully this helps a little bit...just remember, it's about what these things symbolize to you. :)

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Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

Kitty I had another dream that I need to tell you a complicated's like this, I was in a beach and in this beach there's this very narrow bridge (the width is just enough to accommodate one foot) that I had no Idea where it ends but it goes through the farther part of the sea, what I had noticed about that sea was, it was too shallow that I go further and further but disappointed that I just went back to the shore, and surprisingly while going to the shore the sea became a road where every one is crossing. Then I reached this place a small building, and one person who seemed to work there told me I stole Virgin Mary's tears, but deep in my heart I know I did not do it and I have never stolen anything in my whole,that I Just said Mama Mary knows the truth, if you don't believe me she will... that's it, been dreaming always in a strange place and with people I am not familiar, and by the way in that shallow sea I saw my closest cousin too, in reality he is very close to me but we just greeted each other and we go on crossing.. thanks, actually this dream happened a day after that dream I mentioned above... thanks again I really appreciate it.

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

It is a very strange feeling...yet familiar at the same time. It happens to me a lot, actually so I know exactly what you're talking about. I am sorry for your loss, but it looks like they do still think about you! :)

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Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

I was always happy in my dreams, excited well imagine the feeling when you finally going to live in your dream house, the feeling is strange, it's like I can't believe we owned those house... maybe your right both parents often appeared in dreams when I am not feeling well or having some problems. I am an only child too, I guess they are still really worrying about me

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kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether Author

Maria, no worries. We can talk on here.

There are many possible interpretations to this dream. My initial thought is that it is possible that you are actually meeting your mother in your is possible that she is coming to you through your dreams to let you know that she is alright and to ensure that you are doing well. the big house may be a representation of how you feel about her...that she played a BIG part in your life and that you felt she deserved more than the simple life in which she lived while she was alive. it is all about how you feel while you're in the dream. are you happy? do you feel better when she is around you in your dreams? or are you sad? well, however you interpret it...just remember that your mother loves you and probably would not come out of her way to enter your dreams if she wasn't still thinking about you.

hope you feel better soon!

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Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines

Hi Kitty, can't find a way to just email so I decided to comment here... not sure if something similar to this but you know, I always dream about my parents (both died already) especially my mother... I dreamed of her before and we are in a big house, and it gave me the feeling that we own the house and I felt overwhelmed because my house was never big and always simple... then I dreamed of her again in a different date or years, we are in a different house another beautiful big house with cabinets and sofa...... and just yesterday during my afternoon nap, I was talking to her again in our big house different from the too, and we were talking about exchanging bedrooms because she wanted the one with the couch... I always dream of her lately, I guess I dreamd of her again, making a basket full of mini cakes.... that one for now... wondering if they are worrying about me coz I'm quite sickly lately

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