Deja Vu and Dreams Really Coming True

Updated on April 17, 2016
Image by giturownbag,
Image by giturownbag,

Dreams can and DO come true. But it is a bit more complex than you may think, and many who have not experienced dreams like this can find it confusing. How is it possible for dreams to come true? Iv'e never had a premonition, do they really exist?

Well, the answer is, yes. Having my own psychic dream experience was full of revalations, which I will now share with you and how it changed my ideas about dreaming forever.

Image by Lana_1984, photobucket.
Image by Lana_1984, photobucket.

My Dream Come True...Well, Not Exactly...

It happened a couple years back, when I was working through school at a local restaurant. Dreaming about losing my job was never my ideal prediction, I would have much preffered winning the lottery. Nonetheless, this is what happened.

The Dream:

I dreamt I was at work, standing in a distinct location of the restaurant. This strange feeling swept over me, and I was hit with an intuitive understanding that I was going to be fired.

A coworker of mine approached me and we engaged in conversation about my job status. I then asked her why I was fired. She replied, explaining that the boss's wife was jealous of me and did not want me working there. I woke up, this dream vivid in my mind. It was so realistic and detailed, it lingered in my mind days afterwards.

(This may be a good time to note that my boss's wife did bar tend at the restaurant in real life, so that being the reason I was fired is not a far fetched theory.) I was scheduled to work again a couple days after this dream. I went in that day not vaguely prepared for what would happen next.


In Reality:

For whatever reason it was, I went to the distinctive location in the restaurant that I went to in my dream. All of the sudden I felt like a piece of a puzzle that was put in its place. Every detail, every sensation, every inch of my surroundings, perfectly mimicked my dream. This brought on the most intense and overwhelming rush of Deja Vu that I have yet to experience in my life. I must have looked like I was seeing a ghost or maybe even losing my mind, because at that point in time everything for me froze as my feeble brain scrambled to make sense of it. This was it, I was to be fired!

Remembering how I had spoken to my coworker in my dream, I approached her, as she just so happened to be scheduled to work with me that night. I was so shocked by my recent revelation that I needed to reach out to someone. Who better than the coworker from my dream, maybe she could give me some more answers. I told her with grave seriousness that I was going to get fired that night. She looked puzzled, but started rattling off jobs that she could help me find "if" I were to be fired.

Sure enough, what was inevitable had played out. I left that night for the last time, jobless. Having absolutely no doubt that this dream was a precise prediction of the future, I also have no doubt that the boss's wife being jealous of me was the reason it happened. But the most important thing to be learned from this story is how Deja Vu and dream premonitions are interlinked.

That "Been There, Done That" Feeling

So many people have different opinions about what Deja Vu is. Most of us experience it from time to time. For those unfamiliar with this sensation, it is the feeling that you have been somewhere before or done something before, but you cannot recall where or when. And no, it is not the same thing as waking up every morning and brushing your teeth, then remembering that. It is much more intensified.

Deja Vu is the feeling described earlier, like matching the piece of a "puzzle" to its rightful position, in the sense that every sight, sound, smell, taste, touch,thought, feeling, and sensation of existence is completely identical to the lost memory, even if just for a second. It can be quite eerie to mirror a past event so perfectly and not be able to recall it.

Some people reason this away as a glitch of the mind: subconscious memories that were trapped and are now resurfacing. And that may very well be true, in a sense. If we knew where these memories were originating from, we could discover exactly what Deja Vu is. This is exactly what I have found out.

Image by Slaveofocean, photobucket
Image by Slaveofocean, photobucket

Deja Vu is A Lost Prediction

As stated, one theory about Deja Vu is that it is simply a manifestation of the subconscious mind. That being said, take into consideration that while sleeping and dreaming, the subconscious mind runs rampant. This is what dreams are made of.

Sometimes we remember our dreams, and sometimes in great detail, like the dream I had about being fired. That was a special kind of dream, a premonition. For whatever reason, it came true.

When I had Deja Vu about the dream later, that was simply my mind remembering the dream. I was aware of the dream because I remembered it when I woke up. But we do not remember all of our dreams. Since dreams can be predictions and come true, wouldn't it be reasonable to suggest that we can have these "predictions", or dreams, and then wake up the next morning without recalling them?

This leads me to my theory:

Deja Vu is the subconscious mind recalling a dream that our conscious minds did not recall. It seems highly possible that Deja Vu could be a prediction from a dream that you don't remember having, or a lost prediction.

Life Is But A Dream

I never in a million years would have been able to come up with this theory that links dreams and Deja Vu, if not for experiencing it firsthand. The fact that it happened to me is the only real evidence I have to prove this, and too bad it is not tangible. But it makes alot of sense if you think about it enough. And what's amazing is that it proves dreams can be predictions!

Imagine the thousands of things you could be predicting every night, and just forgetting about, since we can't remember all of our dreams!

Next time you have Deja Vu, embrace the fact that you have psychic powers, because you predicted something in a dream. We all have amazing abilities, sometimes we just forget them (In this case, literally). We can't remember every dream, but practicing dream recall is a great way to harness our powers of prediction.

The power of the mind is astonishing, and I hope to provide more insights into it. I have a premonition that I will.


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    • profile image

      Lonely 25 hours ago

      I’ve had this dream of a instagram live video of someone dying and them being remembered but all I could hear was clapping and I see this comment that username astonishing that says *tupacgf* and it hit me that it was a vigil I just found out which lead me to this search because the dream was so detailed I knew what the comment was about to say before it popped up and it scared me a little my dreams seem to reacquire until I see it in reality...

    • profile image

      4 days ago

      I am so thankful to have come across this page and see that I am not the only one. Dreams r pretty normal n we've all had them before but about a yr ago I realized that some of my dreams were physically coming to life. 2016 I started to dream a lot, but at that time I was dealing with something so I didnt pay it much mind. 2017 came along and ppl started dying. I'd hear or see a vid/pic of someone who died n immediately get a flashback to a dream and then the whole incident and more starts coming bk to me. I'd see up to their last hour(s), what they wore, where they're at, and how it came about, not only from the person dying's view but the ppl around them as well. It used to get so overwhelming all I wanted to do is cryy for them, not being able to help them had me feeling sick. I tried to talk about it but I quickly learned that this isn't a topic for everyone, only those who could relate would understand. It's 2018 and I'm still having these "dejavu moments", and all I can do is pray A LOT for these ppl I dream about, whether I know them or not. The death dreams r what caught my attention but there is way more to it than what ive wrote. I'm just honestly really glad to know that this is normal and I'm not the only one going through it.. for the past yr i've kept this to myself cuz I dint want to seem crazy or shame my family in any way. I didn't even want to research it but deep down knew something is up and tonight I came across this. Thankful, cuz this was really a tough time for me, n just knowing someone could relate brings me so much comfort. I thought of it more of a curse than a blessing and as much as I wanted to open up about them, I just didn't want to seem crazy. But thank God I seen this, just knowing I'm not alone helps. God be with us all.

    • Cassy T profile image

      Cassy 6 days ago from Born in Georgia but home is Alabama

      What would you call deja vu that lasted for days and weeks at a time?

    • profile image

      13 days ago

      These have happened to me waht feels like 1000 times. I dreamt several times about my new job before having it, the woman that got hit by the self driving uber car, and many other scenarios. This has happened since i was 12 or so. I’m 19 now and this feeling of deja vu, which i know it isn’t, has only increased and is now at an all time high. I could only convince two people I have talked about it to: my ex and my mom haha. It used to freak me out, but now i accept it as normal. My theory is that time isn’t linear, and these dreams are almost burnt images my brain has processed at other times, and my dreams are almost like my brain is reviewing what has happened (both in the past and future). This isn’t the best explanation i could muster, but im only reading this comment once. If you want to talk about this occurring, email me at (i dont want to use my email with my real name)

    • profile image

      Kevin 13 days ago

      I had a premonition from over a year ago roughly where I would wake up in a new home in a office bed and would see my friend but something bad happened but I can't remember what. Right now I just thought about it and how my life has changed so much as my parents divorced and now I'm here and I can just feel that something horrible is going to happen tomorrow as I've had over 10 of these now.

    • profile image

      Barbie from Philly 2 weeks ago

      I wonder why do we have these dreams but can't do anything about them. I dreamed of Hurricane Katrina months before it happened.

    • profile image

      Abbie 2 weeks ago

      Well last year I had a dream that a teacher said over the speaker that we will be having our lunch inside for the first few minutes of lunch just so we can eat inside. When I woke up it felt so real I couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not. I got more confused a week after the dream and told my friend. By that time I couldn’t remember if the dream was real or not if this makes any sense? He told me that no one ever said anything like that and we are always eating our food outside like normal. It got even weirder when a few days later my exact dream actually came to life! The same teacher, the same place, the same people the same words though it happened irl. Me and my friend that I told where both so confused and astonished this had happened and to this day I am still confused as to what happened?

    • profile image

      Steven Saunders 3 weeks ago

      I'm actually havin weirder and weirder stuff happening and tomorrow I know what's gunner happen I'm looking at a car to tell them what's wrong but I know theirs sumit more sinister that's going to happen do I go or change what is coming

    • profile image

      Zackary Wallace 3 weeks ago

      I can definitely believe this because it happens to me all the time at least twice a week I seen my aunt roll her car in a dream and she died a week later from rolling her car

    • profile image

      elijah doisey 4 weeks ago

      hi im 12 and his has happened to me about 5 times 1 year ago i had a dream of me and my friends painting a clubhouse that we where making and 1 year later it actually happened and im happy to know im not the only one

    • profile image

      Gary 4 weeks ago

      This is a great theory and I think I will definitely pay more attention to my dreams now

    • profile image

      Henry 4 weeks ago

      I woke from a dream one morning and as I got out of bed I said to my husband that I dreamed I ran into his affair partner and he was clean shaved. My husband said he would have no idea what the affair partner would look like without a beard. It was a day when one of us had an appointment with a medical doctor and had left home walking to be on tine. About a half block away we ran into the affair partner and he was clean shaved. We spoke and chatted a moment and as we walked away I looked at my husband and all the color had drained from his face. As we walked on he simply said. “You are clairvoyant.” I am 65 and he is 70 and we have been together for 45 years. I simply said it was harder for me to “come out” as clairvoyant, even to him, than it was for me to “come pout” as gay 48 years ago.

    • profile image

      Noah Neff 4 weeks ago

      I figured out the way to be able to harness this, usually you have this when you are smart and very good in acedemics. About a year ago my physics teacher talked a bout consciousness and I thought about one word; it was remember. Every night before I sleep and during dreaming I think remember. When it's very major in my life I remember every detail but it's always the bad things in life, then those things happen and I avoid them by fixing my mistakes, I've been doing this for a year now and I found something one day in my dream. I saw everyone sleeping in my grade and they had their names over their heads. Along with the numbers I saw levels it said and my best friend was level 1, and it showed some other people love 2 and 3 max, but the weird thing was, I saw three question marks above my head like this: Lv:???. I realized why I am dreaming these things but cannot say these reasons due to the oath I made with IT. Please think about why and how and try to figure out too for yourself, then before you make the oath, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW. This is the last day of my life. My real name is Noah Neff and search for me in the news because I have foreseen I will be shot and killed in bank of the head by men with suitcases on May 23, 2018. No one will find them because they too have a level with ???. Please read this and share before it is destroyed, and watch out for they are right behind you

    • profile image

      RNDM 4 weeks ago

      I only have reoccurring and Deja Vu dreams.

    • profile image

      Art 5 weeks ago

      It's crazy my dreams stated when I was 15, well the dreams that came true. My first dream was , I had lost a bracelet I looked for it for about a week. One night while i was sleeping i dreamed I saw myself get it out of bed walked to my dresser open it and picked up a pair socks and saw the bracelet. When I woke I remembered the dream and just like my dream i found it under the pair of socks. Little things like that. To even when my car won't start that night when I was sleeping saw the problem . With my boyfriend I started to get a strange feeling after he ask me to marry him. I prayed for weeks for God to show me what was going on. I had 3 dreams of him cheating on me with his ex. After telling i have had 3 dreams of him with Apri, he said it is true. I've seen atomic bomb, I've seen war in my dreams. So it's kinda scary! A lot of my dreams I hope never comes true! I have a dream journal I write all my dreams down and I always remember my dreams. It like a movie in my head.

    • profile image

      Knowledge 5 weeks ago

      I have experienced deja vu a lot im my life and have scared people who have been around me as well as myself the moment I realize that what I saw in my dreams is about to happen.

    • profile image

      Skylar 6 weeks ago

      I have also been experiencing this in the past few months. I’ve had dreams that end up actually happening the next day, week, or month. I don’t know for sure but I believe that I encountered this about 15 times. Your description of what happened to you matches what happens to me perfectly. So thank you for letting me know that I’m not going insane

    • profile image

      Anthony 6 weeks ago


      I'm a fifty year old man generally consider myself sane if there is such a thing.

      During my adult life I keep having flashbacks to dreams I had as a child.

      Various dreams but mostly around places such as work or houses or relationships with women or friends.

      In the dreams I was sometimes observing ((flying if you like) and sometimes viewing the dream from the perspective of being me including the feeling of emotions?

      As an adult I have then come across these dreams as memories when I have actually lived them out. So all the places and the people where I have worked were within my childhood dreams as have been the women I have had long term relationships with and the houses where I have lived as an adult?

      Without prompt I regularly get these flashbacks to the dreams throughout the day regardless of where I am or what I'm doing?

      Some have been good experiences and some not so good.

      Its hard to explain and I don't want to sound like a nut, just curious if others experience similar?

    • profile image

      Lily 6 weeks ago

      I once had a dream that a girl in my class went up to the front of the classroom, was talking about refrigerators, and then broke down crying. A few months later, the same girl made a speech on why refrigerators had improved the quality of life, and in the middle of it, she broke down crying. I've had a whole bunch of dreams like this where the event happens in real life, and I don't understand WHY it happens... does anyone know what these dreams mean? Is there a specific type of person that this happens to? I had a dream that my cousin was going to miscarry her baby. She is still pregnant and I don't want to tell anyone about it, in fear of this worrying some. What should I do?

    • profile image

      Projit 6 weeks ago

      Yesterday night i had a dream that i was standing among all my friends who were wearing their house dress and i was getting punished by sir that i was not wearing my games uniform and that i was wearing my normal school dress .when i woke up and i was getting ready for school.i had to wear my games uniform today as today was physical training day .but when i was going to dress i found that i was going to wear my normal school uniform instead of my house dress .i was astonished ! How can my dream be so true.?except that i was not in school and because of that dream i was cautious that day of what i was doing because i very often hve this type of dreams

    • profile image

      Unknown 7 weeks ago

      I had a dream during primary school that i would encounter a math test in a corner with a quote poster and in a completely different room that i don't know of anywhere in my primary school. 2 Years later, i still remembered that dream and somehow i was sitting in that room, with that poster next to me and in the same corner.

    • profile image

      ilai 2 months ago

      i have been having deja vu from dreams very often, and i have no idea how to explain it, i once dreamt of a gas station with a churro poster, then 5 days later i go to a random gas station, and i see the churro poster, the place is exactly like my dream, and i even found a hole in the ground with the same amount of water in the same place as in the dream.

    • profile image

      Morgan 2 months ago

      had a dream a few months, I didn't think much of it until something in the dream happened while I was wake. I woke up from the dream feeling like it was going to happen. I don't mind everything that has happened in dream, the only thing that scares me is the ending... I notice the things when they happen, I realize at I had saw or did the same thing before, but I didn't realize till later. Everything, I feel is leading up to the ending of this dream, and I've been trying to go through life as carefully as in, but being only 17 and so young, with this happening is really hard and scary. I had told parents about this dream and they told me I was making it up d had nothing to worry about. What should I do, if I know I getting closer and closer, to the end of this dream, as the days go on and no one believes me until its to late?

    • profile image

      Blair 2018 2 months ago

      I dont know what it was weather it is what you have explained in your theory but... For the last 3/4 months or so i have being geting what i thought was "dajavo" but for the past two week i have had more vivid experiences like I have lived this day beofre. at first i dont realise it, i feel comfortable and then i realise somthing isnt right. For instance I was at my sisters hen do and she had all her co workers and friends and her boyfriend family whom all i had never met and never spoken to before that night. I was sat there speaking to my sisters someone (whom I had never met) talking about my job and her family memeber then i realised I had had this conversation before I thought she may have been too drunk and didn't realise it then my sister confirmed to me that i indeed didnt know and had never spoken to anyone that she had invited! This worried me but yet through out that night everything was very fimilary. Then just 3 days ago I was in work and I went out for lunch with a co worker who drove (as he didn't like my driving the last time) I got into his car for the first time and it was all so familiar even down to the smalist detail of having a rubix cube in his car I already knew his car this jernory, the conversations, the music on the radio as specific as channing taton leaving his wife beening announced. It was like blasts of dajavo hiting me all through out the entire day. It was very serial. Is this the same as yourself or?

    • profile image

      Abigail Anderson 2 months ago

      I keep Have inn dreams about shootings and bomb threats, but they’re always different each time. Last light, I dreamt about my school going under lockdown as a man invaded our school, the night before it was some girls that had us at gun point etc. and these have been happening for some time. What I’m scared about is that they actually happen at my real school. I know this might seem weird but when I dream about my home or school, it’s never the actual place I perceive in real life as my home or school, I’ve never dreamt about my apartment or my school, but then suddenly I get these really vivid dreams about my real school? I have no Idea what’s happening.

    • profile image

      2 months ago

      I had a reacurring dream and it was me cuddling with my new cat, who was so scared. A few days later she let me pet her. Can you help me what's going on?

    • profile image

      Catherine Brian 2 months ago

      I had a dream when I was 12 that my dads employee had gotten fired. The next day after only 2 hours of waking up my dad comes up the stairs to tell me and my brothers something. I got goosebumps when I heard this thinking my dream had just come true. He told us that his employee (that we were very close with and had known since we were all born) just got fired 2 weeks ago and was figuring out when to tell us.

    • Fayleen profile image

      Fayleen 2 months ago

      Benny a it's a re occurring dream. I have them as well. It sounds like in your waking life you were feeling threatened by people or something else and the dreaming is like a reflection. Don't worry about war it's not the way the images in the media are very different to the reality to what really happens. Maybe try relaxation and think about nice things before bedtime.

    • profile image

      unknown 2 months ago

      i dream about images of scenes in my life but i forget them after then when it really happens i start to remember it

    • profile image

      Brenny A 3 months ago

      I used to dream we were in a war and no matter how much I tried to get away, there was a bomb. I was also on a train with tons of other people. The train stopped and the doors opened. All the people jumped out. Standing next to us are Korens or Japanise looking men, sorry I can't really tell their ethnic or International origin, holding guns and motioning us to unboard and walk across an open field. I used to dream this every night for 3 years then they just stopped. I took it that in my life time we will be in a war.

    • profile image

      Emely L 3 months ago

      I'm twelve-years-old. It is weird. I've had these visions since the third grade. I used to dream about it the nights before, but now I dream about them a couple of days or weeks before it happens. It started randomly and now I don't even know when its going to happen. I used to cry when this would happen. The first time this had happened was when my class had a substitute and we didn't know it because the teacher hadn't told us that she was going to be there. I saw the substitute teacher and I knew exactly what she looked like, how she sounded, and what page she was going to tell us to turn to.

    • profile image

      3 months ago

      I have had many dreams also, some with public figures that come true people I know nothing about for example aaron h. I seen him in my dream i dont want to get into detail but lets just say i seen his last moments.. Then maybe a few weeks after that i dreamt i seen his wife/girlfriend at a restaurant and we talked she was surprised with the info I told her. Also rob k. And some of the recent events that happend in his relationship, honestly that boy just needs major encouragement. Also a boy who went missing in my area I was traumatised when i awoke i had to go search for myself although i couldn't find nothing a week later he was found under the same bridge i walked over...the most amazing dream I had though was when i was planning on moving out i dreamt of this beautiful, dark and lonley house i was walking down the hallway admiring the tile design.. A few days later as soon as i opened the doors to a home i was checking out. Boom i was shocked! Same tile from my dream, same hallway same french doors. And guess what I still live here.

    • profile image

      3 months ago

      I’ve had so many of these dreams I’m used to it by now I was just curious i decided to look it up. It actually happened to me today and yesterday. Today was on a test and now I’m worried if I’ll get a bad score

    • profile image

      Dallas 3 months ago

      I have had numerous dreams that had came true it kinda freaks me out cause I had this one dream about my sister in law being stalked and then so on and so fourth well this dream is coming true and I really hope the next part of the dream doesn't come true.

    • Fayleen profile image

      Fayleen 4 months ago

      I have had two predictive dreams in my life. The first was when I was about 13 years old. I dreamt a war had started and I seen two figures dressed all in black on moterbikes at a crossroads near my bus stop. The next morning when I went for the bus two policemen on moter bikes at the exact point on the crossroads.

      The second was after my daughter was born and I would go to a mother and baby group. The night before a group I had a dream that a girl I went to school with called catriona was at the group. The next day when I went to the group there was a mum there who I hadn't met before. I asked her "what's your baby's name?" And she replied "catriona"

    • profile image

      Richelle 4 months ago

      I had alot of dreams that actually happened. From running away from a man with vague face, walking a huge hallway and people greet me ,my bestfriend getting pregnant, lending white dress to my classmate, my grandma died, and my fiance wearing a big smile and saying he got his licence and saying lets do something....

      That mam i was running away at was my first bf which i had a bad experienced, after breaking up with him i never had that dream again. My bestfriend aborted her baby due to personal issues, the classmate i lend a white dress is now getting married, my grandma died after 2 months having the dream, the hallway was at a hotel where my fiance's dental clinic is.

    • profile image

      Christine 4 months ago

      I've experience this my whole life.. more now than before since 9/12 /17. Dream then years later not knowing the full extent of dream it comes in to play. Half the time I don't read into it or listen to it forget it. Like bits an pieces of a puzzle. At times it's freaky and harmless now it's getting to be spooky because it's been happening way to often.

    • profile image

      Brent 4 months ago

      I have many dreams from 05 to 10 years ago which actually happened. Hence, i want to conclude that EVERYTHING is PREDESTINED regardless of our decision, free will and choices, because if not, then how come my dreams happened EXACTLY as it is...

    • profile image

      Brent 4 months ago

      I have many dreams from 05 to 10 years ago which actually happened. Hence, i want to conclude that EVERTHING is PREDESTINED regardless of our decision, free will and choices, because if not, then how come my dreams happened EXACTLY as it is...

    • profile image

      jacob 4 months ago

      I had a string of dreams that were strange because I met someone new and they have kind have been avoiding me and that weekend I dreamt that they told me not to have anything to do with them and now ,back at school I don't see this person at all. or the next dream where one of my fish dies because they were perfectly healthy and then in my dream I dreamed it started going on its side and things like that and when I awoke t0 feed my fish which I had for about three months and as the day went on i seen that the goldfish I dreamed about was having trouble swimming like it should and remembered the dream from the night before and knew this had to be my dream but in real life and since this has not been the only time this has happened i knew it was just to coincidental to be a random incident. but the other dreams have not yet in some way happened in real life but things just seem different after having those dreams

    • profile image

      Is it normal? 4 months ago

      I have been expriencing this kind of situetion for the past years and i dont like it.. every time this happends i always freaks out and feel anxious for a couple of seconds ;-;

    • profile image

      Payton 4 months ago

      there are a lot of times that i get visions. half the time they are about someone dying. every vision i have ever had has come true. and my latest vision i am hoping will not come true because it was a vision of my friend being drowned by somebody.

    • profile image

      Sam 4 months ago

      I keep having these short premonitions of random things while im sleeping, when i wake they dont really register for me, but then a day or so later i will be doing the thing that i dreamt of and i'll realise and be like holy shit, and this basically has been happening to me for the past 5 years. Has anyone experienced this?

    • profile image

      Michaela 5 months ago

      Once I had a dream about my phone which I lost 1 or 2 years ago and the following day I found the phone!! ( was stolen and I met person who stole it) never will forget the feeling when I realised what just happened scared me so much

    • profile image

      No one special, just there 5 months ago

      I can remember my dreams but when I do they come true... but all I have are nightmares and I always see the news come on and I have flashbacks to that dream and I know what happened before they can say. I remember once me and my family were gonna go on a vacation to Disney world but a week before I had a nightmare of Disney land but the exact opposite! People were dying, I dreamed that I was thrown under a table as vividly remember fifty people being shot... a week later and we are leaving but the radio blared and says that in Orlando a bar was shot of with fifty people in it! I've had these dreams since I was little but I can't tell my family or they will think me mad or I'm lying or worse.. if they do believe me then they will go get me "fixed" just like how they solve everything, I believe this person but I just wish they could help me a bit more

    • profile image

      94553070 5 months ago

      a lot of the dreams is see are something that will happen i don't know the date but i have started to just to roll with it

    • profile image

      Unknown 5 months ago

      I used to like this guy but he thought I was stalking him and blocked me off every social media, a couple weeks later I had a dream he unblocked me and told me it was his fault his parents were divorced. I woke up and I saw someone requested to follow me on all my social media again... it was him. Nothing about the it's my fault thing happened yet I'm just nervous it will.

    • profile image

      Ralph G 5 months ago

      I had 1 dream that I was with friends. Chilling late at night in the car, I felt tired and fatigued. We were at a view above the city and one of my friends were moving and I wasn’t going to see them again. Months later I was at the same place, the same lighting, the same car, situation except it was another friend that nobody expected to move. Everything was so vivid.

      Then a few weeks back I ha another dream but this one with family. At a restaurant with a very odd vibe and I remember sitting down at the table and conversating with my grandma right as I sit down. It was a gloomy vibe. just today we went out to eat I didn’t expect much but to eat and come back home. We got there, went inside. I’ve never been there before but as we walked through the restaurant I got a slight familiar gloomy vibe. As I sat down across my grandma it happened in slow mo in my brain. It all just hit me that I truely been in that exact situation, my grandma talking to me at that place I dreamed of and never even been to

    • profile image

      .... 6 months ago

      Two nights ago i had a dream that i was in a car crash and that the car flipped over onto the curb, then the next morning there was a car crash on my road and the car had flipped over onto the curb. dreams like this have happened before. Is there a way to know whether my dreams are going to become real? Do you think one of these dreams could save someones life?

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 months ago

      For last one month, what I am seeing in my dreams is just happening in my real life the next day.i can't figure out this thing .the thing is so worst or great ,if I does not want to do .so, also my body doing that work.i can't handle my body at that time .

    • profile image

      Taylor 6 months ago

      Ever since I was little I would have dreams, sometimes I would remember these dreams. Other times I wouldn’t .. but these dreams would actually happen in real life. They’re not huge events in my life, some are just little silly things. But the weird thing is, I get the strange feeling and it’s like “oh I know I’ve dreamt of this .” For instance my roommate went and picked me up after her dr . appointment, we were in the drive thru to get some food, then I experienced this reoccurring feeling that I dreamt this.. it’s like a sensation, and things kind of go slow mo when I feel like I’ve dreamt it .

    • profile image

      Seethefuture 6 months ago

      When I dream I am never in my dreams i dream about people I have never seen before in my life and and weeks or months later the dreams come true some are really bad things that happen to people but by the time I realise I dreamt this whole thing to the point I can actually recall the names from my dream for the bad dreams it's to late I have talked to some of the people I have dreamt about to see if there name's matched or it was just a coincidence and every time it's correct it's the freakiest thing to happen and when u talk to the people U had the dream about and u actually know there name's and things they have done that day they think your a freak or stalker which is not the case I have a beautiful family of my own and a great exciting government job that I love so now even when the dream!a play out in front of my I just watch and go yep exactly as I saw n my dreams

    • profile image

      Autumn 6 months ago

      Many of my dreams come true. My friend think that it's weird because I can be sitting and talking to them then randomly say "Deja vu" They usually know that I had that moment in a dream.

    • profile image

      Missy 6 months ago

      I have dreams like this that come true. And everytime it plays out just like the dream, like you it's like puzzle piece fitting into place. I always want to change it, but I can't like I have to see if it's the same ending. Like what would have happened if you quit your job and walked out.

      Why can't I change it? Why must it always play out? Is there danger in changing it?

    • profile image

      Dakota 6 months ago

      I once had a dream and it came true!It was so awful,I awoke screaming.It happened tuesday.

    • profile image

      Walter 7 months ago

      I have been googling “dreams that come true”. All the articles I have read are people explaining dreams as they relate to the subconsciousness and broad theme dreams that come true. My dreams are very specific. Since my Brother passed, I have had several dreams that have come true. I had a dream “I was walking down a walk way, on the second floor of a building and entered an office door. To the left was knights armor, on the right a couch and in the middle was a reception widow and on the wall was a person in a suit shanking hands with a politician”. When I went to the attorneys office that I have never been in before to administer my brothers estate, all the above became reality. My second dream was I was sitting in a car and looking at a shack on a hill and a tall skinny kid was sweeping the door way of the house and dirt hill with a broom and appeared to have female mannerisms”. During a trip to Jamaica my guide stopped at his sisters house, a shack on a dirt hill, and her son, a tall boy was sweeping the door way and hill and all the above became a reality. The guide said his sisters son was touched. I have other specify dreams that have come true. I dreamt my cousins step son was in a bad truck accident. A few months later it was reported on face book he was in a bad truck accident and I said you mean a second accident and they said no not a second accident this was his only accident. The probability of the above occurring by chance is zero percent. Therefore, the future was projected to me in dreams. Any insight into this phenomena?

    • profile image

      Mike 7 months ago

      Please let me know ! if any you guys have dreams that comes true everyday.. For the past two years every real life dream that I dream about has been coming true.. No b/s

    • profile image

      Nils 7 months ago

      I find it interesting that "Katharina" posted 7 weeks ago that she is experiencing the dreams and actual events coming closer together. I have it the other way around as I have been having dreams of events and locations that have yet to cross my path for many years now, and each time they drift a little bit further apart. Meaning the dream and the actual event gets less accurate, and I get the feeling of having more say on what actually is going to happen (though I’m not so sure if this is the case).

      I can recognize the events coming to pass, everything fells and tastes the same, air-pressure and temperatures (which are weird to have in a dream in the first place) are perfectly right, then I remember what is to come and as I do the events starts to drift, a little more each time.

      It almost feels like a clock counting down or spiral getting further from some core point.

      My first dream (years ago) repeated itself many times before it actually happened; I used to wonder why I kept dreaming of such an specific event when I passed by the location of the dream on my way to school, then one day it happened 100% as in the dreams.

      My last one was more like an echo of what was "supposed" to take place, as it started to unfold the events flashed past in my mind faster than they could take place in real life, and it is almost as if that kept it from happening.....hard to explain if you did not have this sensation yourself.

      Thing is I’m really not sure if this drift between the dreams and reality is good or bad; as the purpose (if any) of these "true dreams" seams to escape me. Love the feeling that comes with these events though, like a small tingling sensation, much as if seeing your love appearing on the other side of a room.

    • profile image

      arvizo 7 months ago

      Ever since I was little, I have been having dreams of events that I can't fully recall until I am actually in them. It started with a field trip I knew I was going on soon, and I had dreamt that I was on the light rail with my class. There was a woman reading a book and she looked at me and asked if I had read the book yet. I looked down at the cover and immediately woke up from it. I did not remember what had happened in the dream when I woke up. When the trip came around, I was hit with that feeling of a "puzzle piece" being put in place when I sat down. The woman was there, the book, and the same question. These things happen to me frequently but I can never tell when they will happen. Awhile back I had seen a pink streak floating in the air in a room and a year later, I was admitted to a hospital. A nurse walked in and then the puzzle was set. Her hair was pink and in the exact shape of that streak. I'm writing this because I have these dreams so often and they occur exactly how they were in my dream and my most recent one is troubling. I had a dream that I got a message from a friend. He said he wasn't going to make it and then sent a picture of himself with his shirt soaked in something. My phone rang (in the dream) and I picked it up and he said that he was being selfish but he couldn't do it anymore. The line went dead and I woke up. I normally never remember a dream so vividly, but I can't forget the strain in his voice. I don't mean to sound negative, but I got the feeling that he had killed himself and was saying goodbye to me. To some it can be considered selfish so maybe that's what he meant? I am very stressed right now and I can't just keep checking in with him every second. I told him casually that he could always come to me with his issues. I always have been there for him but sometimes a reminder can't hurt. Am I being too paranoid?

    • profile image

      alex 7 months ago

      hi im 14 and since i was small as i could remember i have had a sort of deja vu dream i can catch a short glimpse of an image after a while i forget this every happened but when the moment comes and it happens everything starts to come back and all the ones before that what could it be?

    • profile image

      patsy 7 months ago

      I know that I have psychic abilities. One morning I woke up with the numbers 1217 in my head, I knew that I dreamt those numbers, so I typedrop numbers into my phone. I figured that I could play the pick 4 in the fl lottery. I played for 7 consecutive days. Note, this happen on thursday morning. Numbers came out on tuesday. Won $400 . I wanted someone to believe in me, so I told my coworker. I showed her the date that i typed the numbers on my phone and the date the numbers came out. She said that I was intuitive.

    • profile image

      Nicole 7 months ago

      Since I was young, I've had about 10 very specific dreams (repetitive dreams) that came true after 6 months or one year. I find it very strange and I wish I knew the explanation. Now, every repetitive dream I have makes me wonder if it will come true or not... I also find it strange that I am not the only one, this may mean something

    • profile image

      Malisa E. 8 months ago

      I think dreams n Deja vu are 2 different things. But i have had several dreams that were premonitions. I knew when my sister was going to die because i had a dream of family n friends n a dark room sitting and crying, but she wasn't there. I begged her to stay home for a few days. But she died n a crash and my dream was exactly how it was. I also saw my grandma in a coffin just b4 she died. To me deja vu is a case of repition.

    • profile image

      6th grader 101 8 months ago

      Me too. But, I have been "Reliving" different days of my life. That I suddenly remember. Yesterday I had a school dance that I attend. I remember that I was on one of the sides, talking to this girl. Then, lights flickering behind her. It didn't make sense at all. when I came home, I was eating french fries with salad. Also, talking to my father. That happen to me before. I felt like I lost my mind!

    • profile image

      FortuneTeller420 8 months ago

      I've had this experience with asking this girl out, I did this standing in the same exact spot as in my dream the previous night at school which is a location which I've never seen her even pass by before. I began feeling as though I could tell the future day after day for a week and a half when I stopped making these predictions.

    • profile image

      Thomas Laskowski 8 months ago

      Update on my situation.

      These are not deja vus.

      Please watch some Elon Musk youtube videos on simulation theory. It's quite real, at least for me.

      Then there is a really good TV series that I already watched. Person Of Interest.

      There were many movies about this. It's not science fiction.

      The Matrix, Inception, Now You See Me 2...

      If you google my name, you will not find the real me. All those companies, social media accounts and more are not real. Gantech? Very not funny...

    • profile image

      Rebecca 9 months ago

      I do not know "dreams" are/were, sometimes it's just something that pops in my head while standing and someone. I don't write them down, as suggested 1, cause I don't remember them, til they happen. 2. if it's tied to close personal "relationships" they are usually just thought of as dreams and not usually bad (sometimes neither good or bad).

      However, the most puzzling piece for me, is that bad things I "dream" about those I never met (sometimes been in presences for several hours on one or more occasions. You don't want to write them down "if" you do remember or any length of time cause a. if you don't write it down, or say it out loud 'it won't happen" but sadly that's not the case. One that happened to me on more than several occasions but didn't remember til it happened the last one (though never actually met/shook hands with person) was one of if not the most painful) had "dream" about a month before and later had a "thought" that I immediately wished I didn't have (not about this person specifically though the dream itself was).

      The other strange piece is ever since it happened I feel "reborn" and have had things in my life go in a more positive direction

    • profile image

      Katharina 9 months ago

      I have Dejan Vu many many times. I do not recall dreaming these situations until they happen, and 95% of the time the dream was dreamed years or months before I am in that exact situation. What is odd and disturbing is my dreams and the Data Vu experiences are getting closer together. The feelings are getting stronger also. These Dejan Vu experiences at a job that I never thought I would be at or a place that did not exist when I had the dreams. I just wonder why my dreams and the true experiences are getting closer together?

    • profile image

      Dank memes 9 months ago

      I dreamt I was sitting outside with my friends talking about school and in that moment a car crashed into a small tree. But then I went to go play with my friends I realized that I was stating down with my friends talking about school just like my dream so I felt really odd. So then I said lets play tag and at that every moment my neighbor crashed into a large tree the only thing different about my dr am is the tree and it really freaked me out


    • profile image

      No one special 9 months ago

      As a child I always had a few odd dreams here and there where I can feel every heartbeat, feel everything, smell everything, to me it felt like a curiosity, it felt real. Not long after, months and weeks will pass when that exact thing happens, my body weakens and my brain races as I tell myself I've been here. Crazy as it sounds I've lived through it, think of me whatever you like but I know what I felt when it happened. I just wanna know how is it possible to foresee a certain event in the future and why does 1 person get to know and not the rest. Is this a worldwide thing ppl get and forget or do certain people get it, how is it possible that a dream can show you something that's going to happen.

    • profile image

      Terry Ballard 9 months ago

      I always have prophetic dreams, I don't believe we can know the future. I believe, it's time thats different. I've been having them since I was young.

    • profile image

      Karma 9 months ago

      I have dreams about the future but every time it happen it only appeared for like 3-5 secs then disappeared i don't know when it happens or whats happens next tho, like i flash about me falling and scratch my leg on the school ground while joging and it happens later the day

    • profile image

      Anonymous 9 months ago

      It hadn't happened tip me at all, until A couple years ago i had a very strange dream, and at the end of it someone said "All Of Your Dreams Will Come True".

      Enter since then, I've been having ALOT! of déjà vu with my dreams.

      But time passed by AMD I'm not getting it anymore, strange

    • profile image

      Jason 9 months ago

      I see movie clips in my mind and somehow I'll end up seeing that movie clip somewhere somehow. It's always a movie that I've seen before. Sometime I'll relive a moment in my life that already happened in my mind down to every detail. The other day I stopped what I was doing and looked at my wife and said we are moving in two years and my dad (who lives with us ) wasn't in the picture.

    • profile image

      Mason 9 months ago

      I have experienced this as well many times actually it comes in streaks there will be weeks were 2-3 days I get an incredible feeling that I've seen this all before some times I can remember full conversations from dreams months before suddenly and be able to talk to the person I'm with and have very similar conversations. For example I had dreamed of me and a group of friends sitting on a trampoline late in the night in a friends backyard I had never done this before and the dream seamed scarily vivid a couple days later sure enough on thing lead to another and one of my friends mentioned going to sit on the trapoline to chill and all 7 of my friends ended up on the trampoline in the same backyard were we participated in the same activitys we had in my dream. Just one of my several experiences with this and one of the most shocking.

    • profile image

      Zoey 10 months ago

      I get the deja vu and it some times happens days or months or even years later after i dream it and when it does i remember the dream its happened off an on as i grow up and then after i get deja vu a couple days later i forget it all but remember i felt deja vu and when u try to think what it was i start to feel dizzy and get a mini head ache

    • profile image

      Marie 10 months ago

      I have experienced this throughout my life... I am wondering if there is a way to make this a more frequent occurrence

    • profile image

      Rachel 10 months ago

      i just wanted to comment to help confirm your theory. my dreams are sometimes visions of the future, and i dont recall them, more specifically i hardly ever recall my dreams. ive come to realize that i only ever forget my dreams that are visions- which is honestly very annoying as the only way i remember the vision is when it happens. i get intense feelings of dejavu, and pretty much every time dejavu strikes it is in that moment that i am able to recall the dream i had of that moment, and sometimes i even remember when i had the dream. for the most part ive only ever received visions of my husband and i, and he gets visions of us too. last year he told me of a dream he had where we had a daughter, shelooked to be 3 and i looked to be around 23 or 24. funny thing is, we cant have children. but a few months ago i discovered i am pregnant with a girl, and it is just the right time that when i am 24 she will be 3. he remembers his visions usually, but hes also more spiritually intact and knowing. i am not, i didnt beleive things like this until he showed me the truth and reality of the world we live in. your dejavu theory is correct. it is constantly happening to me. now i just need to figure out how to control it better and how to remember it before it happens.

    • profile image

      chelsea1987 10 months ago

      I also get a sensation and my mind goes right back to that dream. I cant remember the dream as We all have many. its only untill im at that specific point and thinking the exact thing that I dreampt it all comes flooding back. Even the momory of waking after it. The dream comes into my head. Its almost like its planned out. I know that something may happen soon. Because these dreams come back to me so vividly and it is a bit mind blowing when it happens. I almost say whoa to myself I have been here in my dream. The same thought, the same place. Distinct things like the weather, the air. The feelings and things that I thought wouldnt happen, do. Its crazy. It cant be coinsidence. But the mind is such a powerfull thing and isnt fully understood. I am starting to believe that we all have a path and sometimes our minds tune into it. Dreams arent fully understood. They make sense of the reality of things and work things out for you. Nut maybe there is a deeper and spiritual side to them as well.

    • profile image

      Ranika 10 months ago

      I had a dream it came through. I dreamt about a plane crash and it happened the next day.

    • profile image 11 months ago

      Term 1 physics exam. I dreamt of a physics problem and to my surprise found it on the test paper.

      Term 2. I dream of physics problem just before the exam. I say to myself. I'm checking this problem. It might come up. To lazy to check but sure enough it was on test paper. Nothing for term3

    • profile image

      Jonathan L. 11 months ago

      Your "puzzle piece" analogy is exactly as I would describe my moments. I've had these intense deja vu moments since I was a young teen. You're one of the only people I have seen describe it in the way I see it.. it isn't just a "similar" or "vaguely familiar" moment. It is literally, THE same moment as dreamt. You simply watch it unfold before you; saying, hearing, doing, feeling the same things for a brief moment.

      I agree with most of your conjecture. However, my experiences can't quite be explained by any sort of shorter term prediction theory. I have my dreams years before they occur at times, sometimes from across the globe.

      One instance of this was this: as a kid I dreamt that I was taller, a different physique, in a foreign place that I'd never seen, with faces unfamiliar to me, yet in my dream I was very close friends with them. I could feel the connection, like brothers. I woke up confused and dismissed it. Then, after highschool when I joined the military, got to my unit, deployed, came back, and went to the desert for more training, the moment struck. My point is that there was so much time, so many decisions leading to that insignificant moment in time, so many years between the dream and the realization of it. It couldn't have been any sort of mental prediction. It feels like literally seeing through my future self's eyes when I dream that way. So crazy.

      So glad to have found an account of the same type of experience!


    • profile image

      Peter orr 11 months ago

      I read your article and I have many experience of my dreams coming true. But what I want to know is. What dose it mean?

    • profile image

      Sam 12 months ago

      Thank you so much for this article!!!

      Atleast now I can breathe easy knowing I am not crazy. There were many instances of Deja Vu were my dreams turned out to be true. For me i only vaguely remember the dream but when the deja vu happens i can recall everything and its like reliving the moment again. Every minute details are same including the people in it. If you have more articles on this please let me know. Thanks a lot!!!

    • profile image

      Talkingbird 12 months ago

      I had three dreams before my brother died all in the week he died. The first one was of a church funeral. It was so real I told my grandma I thought she was going to die. The second one was of a baby blue coffin and my family standing around it crying. This was the color my aunt picked out for him because my immediate family couldn't do it. The last was a big house and my brother was standing there at the door. He was about 8 in this dream but he was 15 when he hung himself. I am 2 years younger than him. Anyways In the last dream I walked up to this house an asked my brother at 8 years old where is vincy? Vincy was our nickname for him. He started laughing and saying your never going to see him again while I was running through the house saying "Vincy where are you?" The morning after this dream at around 4 a.m. I woke up to my dad screaming and ran out to see my brother hanging from the tree in front. This was when I was 13 and it has always stuck with me. I used to also have dreams that I was a different person and had a different life and than I would meet someone with the same life story as my dream. I've always had where I was awake since I was at least 5. Where I knew I was dreaming and couldn't wake myself up. I've never had dreams of falling only going up and I can't stop myself from going up until I leave the atmosphere and die than I wake up. I've always wondered what all of this meant and its really comforting to know there are a lot of other people who have had some similar situations.

    • profile image

      Tammy 12 months ago

      I have dreams that come true and the ones I do remember mostly have to do with some kind of mass distraction... like suenomies , and people dieing ... for example I had a dreams about 911 over and over two years before it happened ... one that really stocked in my head is dreams of me mom getting cancer and dieing ... she did end up getting cancer ... and had a good fight for two years and did die ... and not long after I had a dream of her sitting alone in a room on the floor ... the room looked like a very small basement with no door and she was crying and telling me she was not ok... that dream haunts me ...

    • profile image

      Star 12 months ago

      I am awake and writing because I just woke up from another deja vu type dream. In my case though, the dream started out with my husband having a yard sale after I went to bed. I heard noise so I get up, and we start arguing about it. Then my ten year old son, grabs my arm, and had his fingernails scrape down my arm, enough to break skin, but as I tell him to stop, he proceeds to put my leg is some UFC kind of hold, and I thought he was going to break it. I plea with him to stop because he's breaking my leg. Then while he still thinks I'm joking, it starts to put me in a rear naked choke, but his arm was over my nose and I couldn't breath. I'm crying saying I can't breath...then I wake up.....I start telling my husband about my dream, and my son came in and showed me his iPad and his fingernails scratched down my arm, removing the hair and leaving the top layer of skins exposed. As my husband gets up, I'm still screaming and crying, he puts his arms around me, holding my arms as we are

      Too dark and it was causing me not to breathe. I keep saying I can't breath as his arms got higher up on my body, so much so that they were eventually around my face causing me not to breathe..... I was freaking out big time ONLY TO ACTUALLY WAKE UP!!!!! Yes, it was a deja vu dream dream. After this happened in my dream and I am actually awake,,,,IM SHAKING, SCARED, CONFUSED, CANT BREATHE!!! I wake up my husband and start telling him about my dream, but he's half asleep so no response. That's why I'm on here talking right now, I'm scared of going back to sleeep even though my eyes are very heavy. Anyways, these types of dreams have been going on for about three weeks now. Scared, terrified, restlesss.... it always involves my son, and we are being hunted down, and trying to run and they catch myself and my child, and try torturing us, or breaking his cochlear implants he wears, which give him the ability to hear, These dreams are so vivid, the linger in my head for weeks. Can anyone tell me why I keep having these types of dreams where deva vu makes me think I'm awakes.....but I'm not, only to dream the dream in deja vu form. What does these dreams mean!

    • profile image

      awsomeness 12 months ago

      One time when I dreamed something i was talking with my friend and he paused for a sec and I asked him whats wrong he said "hav'nt we been here before"

    • profile image

      jenn geary 12 months ago

      so i have had these dreams for a long time that they do come true eventually. i have had them since i was beaten unconscious. i also dream of my grand mother who has passed long ago. i use to see her in january when she passed but for the past 2 yrs i have not. i dont know what happened. my husband now has learned to live with my dreams but at times they get violent and i self inflict myelf. there is one i have had from when i was 16 yrs old and no matter how deep i get into the dream i cannot see behind me. can you explain some of this...thank you

    • profile image

      Mesa 13 months ago

      I have this happen all the time. and i would like to figure out which dreams are the real predictions and which ones are just regular dreams that dont mean anything.

      Sometimes my dreams take days to be fulfilled other times it takes so long that i wont remember it anymore till im living it and it hits me like a ton of bricks and it takes my breath away.

      Why is it always bad news. :(

    • profile image

      Anika 14 months ago

      I had a dream that came true once, it was a couple of months ago and the only person I've told is my dad. I'm not going to explain every thing that happened in my dream but everything that did happen came true! And not just coincidental things, like big things. I then had this theory that my dad told me and I wanted to share it. Basically time is 4d, ( btw I'm not saying this is correct it's a theory ) and time

      Is spiral shaped, and sometimes the two bits of the spiral collide into either the future or the past, usually the future. And you can't see this happen because it's so quick but your self conscience picks up a single that this has already happened or will happen depending on your dream. Please reply back

    • profile image

      Sam 14 months ago

      Good Day,

      I had 3 dreams the first true came true and I fear that the third one is about to come true too.

      In 2009, I had a dram that a close friend and colleague died in a car accident, (in my dream) two other people died with her, but I could not see who they were, I also saw (in my dream) parts of a memorial service, her picture they used to display at the memorial service and also reporters at her house after we all heard about her death.

      I told her the following day about my dream and she casually laughed it off, my entire family knew about the dream I had (my mom, grandfather and aunt). a month or so later my dream came true she died in a car accident with two other colleagues.

      In 2010 I then had a dream, that my close friend (who died in the dream above) came to me and we went shopping, for clothing for a funeral for me, she wouldn't let me buy or take shoes, in my dream she insisted that the shoes that I wanted was not for me they were infact only for her, while we were paying for the clothing a man joined us (whom I couldn't see) and they kissed. I woke up and called my mom immediately who then said I shouldn't worry about the dream. a month later my friend's Fiance died in a car accident. (the man I couldn't see in my dreams).

      A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I visited my friend who passed on in the first dream' mom, while we were outside here house, I saw my friend standing there, she looked so beautiful and in my dream I couldn't believe that it was her, I went to her and hugged because I was so happy to see her again, she replied to me and said that I was going to be angry at her, I couldn't understand what she meant, I followed her into the house (in my dream) where she said I should just give it a minute or so because the person wasn't ready, so I asked her whats going on because she is starting to freak me out, as I turned around I saw my cousin (who is like a sister to me) and all she said was I am not in pain I don't hurt anymore. when I asked them what was going on they told me close my eyes, and as I did that (in my dream) I saw my cousin die in a car accident, her funeral and how heart broken my aunt was.

      I have no idea whether the last dream is going to come true, but I pray to God that it doesn't as I feel that I am cursed with these dreams, as I experience loosing loved ones twice, and it breaks my heart twice. can someone out here please help me or give me advice.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      I have a lot of dreams that come true 14 months ago

      This is helpful thank you

    • profile image

      anonymous 14 months ago

      I have Deja vu at least once a week. I'm less than 14 years old, is that normal?

    • profile image

      David 14 months ago

      If time is not linear... Them you could in your dream remember a past experience that when you awake is now your future...

      I have had so many dreams through my life that come true..and in the dream and reality are in such detail that it cannot be coincidence...

      I could write a book.... When I tell people most think I'm half crazy.... But there is something to this that is so incredible that unless you have experienced it you cannot possibly understand.

      My only explanation.. Is we re-live these days over and over... But the memory only exists in our sub concious..which when we dream those memories come forth.... And later we re-live that again... De ja vue.

    • profile image

      Courtney 15 months ago

      I have these a couple times a year and most of them are big life events.My last one was about a baby passing that was close to my heart. I thought I was crazy when I was younger so I would wake up from certain dreams and tell my mother. She would then tell me sorry and that I'm not crazy when they would happen. It really is crazy the power of the mind.

    • profile image

      Rayra 15 months ago

      I can't help it but this happens to me like at least once a month and it's terrifying even if it's just at school and it's me talking to someone in the same place and time as the dream. I've always told my friends that I was having deja vu and I've tried to change what happens. But I can't because I don't know when and it's already happening when I realize it it's inevitable and it happens to me a lot so I'm terrified every thing just happens so fast and I notice it and feel like Ima faint

    • profile image

      kat b 15 months ago

      What if you dream of apocalypse or catastrophic causes constantly?

    • profile image

      Tara 15 months ago

      I had a dream that I was at a party and the power went out because of a storm and when I woke up from the dream my power was out due to the wind.

    • profile image

      da awesome 15 months ago

      One time I dreamed that my friend's dad died. the next day at school everybody was crying and it turned out that friend's dad had died.


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