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Deja Vu and Dreams Really Coming True

Updated on April 17, 2016
Image by giturownbag,
Image by giturownbag,

Dreams can and DO come true. But it is a bit more complex than you may think, and many who have not experienced dreams like this can find it confusing. How is it possible for dreams to come true? Iv'e never had a premonition, do they really exist?

Well, the answer is, yes. Having my own psychic dream experience was full of revalations, which I will now share with you and how it changed my ideas about dreaming forever.

Image by Lana_1984, photobucket.
Image by Lana_1984, photobucket.

My Dream Come True...Well, Not Exactly...

It happened a couple years back, when I was working through school at a local restaurant. Dreaming about losing my job was never my ideal prediction, I would have much preffered winning the lottery. Nonetheless, this is what happened.

The Dream:

I dreamt I was at work, standing in a distinct location of the restaurant. This strange feeling swept over me, and I was hit with an intuitive understanding that I was going to be fired.

A coworker of mine approached me and we engaged in conversation about my job status. I then asked her why I was fired. She replied, explaining that the boss's wife was jealous of me and did not want me working there. I woke up, this dream vivid in my mind. It was so realistic and detailed, it lingered in my mind days afterwards.

(This may be a good time to note that my boss's wife did bar tend at the restaurant in real life, so that being the reason I was fired is not a far fetched theory.) I was scheduled to work again a couple days after this dream. I went in that day not vaguely prepared for what would happen next.


In Reality:

For whatever reason it was, I went to the distinctive location in the restaurant that I went to in my dream. All of the sudden I felt like a piece of a puzzle that was put in its place. Every detail, every sensation, every inch of my surroundings, perfectly mimicked my dream. This brought on the most intense and overwhelming rush of Deja Vu that I have yet to experience in my life. I must have looked like I was seeing a ghost or maybe even losing my mind, because at that point in time everything for me froze as my feeble brain scrambled to make sense of it. This was it, I was to be fired!

Remembering how I had spoken to my coworker in my dream, I approached her, as she just so happened to be scheduled to work with me that night. I was so shocked by my recent revelation that I needed to reach out to someone. Who better than the coworker from my dream, maybe she could give me some more answers. I told her with grave seriousness that I was going to get fired that night. She looked puzzled, but started rattling off jobs that she could help me find "if" I were to be fired.

Sure enough, what was inevitable had played out. I left that night for the last time, jobless. Having absolutely no doubt that this dream was a precise prediction of the future, I also have no doubt that the boss's wife being jealous of me was the reason it happened. But the most important thing to be learned from this story is how Deja Vu and dream premonitions are interlinked.

That "Been There, Done That" Feeling

So many people have different opinions about what Deja Vu is. Most of us experience it from time to time. For those unfamiliar with this sensation, it is the feeling that you have been somewhere before or done something before, but you cannot recall where or when. And no, it is not the same thing as waking up every morning and brushing your teeth, then remembering that. It is much more intensified.

Deja Vu is the feeling described earlier, like matching the piece of a "puzzle" to its rightful position, in the sense that every sight, sound, smell, taste, touch,thought, feeling, and sensation of existence is completely identical to the lost memory, even if just for a second. It can be quite eerie to mirror a past event so perfectly and not be able to recall it.

Some people reason this away as a glitch of the mind: subconscious memories that were trapped and are now resurfacing. And that may very well be true, in a sense. If we knew where these memories were originating from, we could discover exactly what Deja Vu is. This is exactly what I have found out.

Image by Slaveofocean, photobucket
Image by Slaveofocean, photobucket

Deja Vu is A Lost Prediction

As stated, one theory about Deja Vu is that it is simply a manifestation of the subconscious mind. That being said, take into consideration that while sleeping and dreaming, the subconscious mind runs rampant. This is what dreams are made of.

Sometimes we remember our dreams, and sometimes in great detail, like the dream I had about being fired. That was a special kind of dream, a premonition. For whatever reason, it came true.

When I had Deja Vu about the dream later, that was simply my mind remembering the dream. I was aware of the dream because I remembered it when I woke up. But we do not remember all of our dreams. Since dreams can be predictions and come true, wouldn't it be reasonable to suggest that we can have these "predictions", or dreams, and then wake up the next morning without recalling them?

This leads me to my theory:

Deja Vu is the subconscious mind recalling a dream that our conscious minds did not recall. It seems highly possible that Deja Vu could be a prediction from a dream that you don't remember having, or a lost prediction.

Life Is But A Dream

I never in a million years would have been able to come up with this theory that links dreams and Deja Vu, if not for experiencing it firsthand. The fact that it happened to me is the only real evidence I have to prove this, and too bad it is not tangible. But it makes alot of sense if you think about it enough. And what's amazing is that it proves dreams can be predictions!

Imagine the thousands of things you could be predicting every night, and just forgetting about, since we can't remember all of our dreams!

Next time you have Deja Vu, embrace the fact that you have psychic powers, because you predicted something in a dream. We all have amazing abilities, sometimes we just forget them (In this case, literally). We can't remember every dream, but practicing dream recall is a great way to harness our powers of prediction.

The power of the mind is astonishing, and I hope to provide more insights into it. I have a premonition that I will.


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    • De Greek profile image

      De Greek 7 years ago from UK


      What if the subconscious manages to put together facts and information the conscious refuses to acknowledge and then presents its conclusions in the form of a dream? :-)

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 7 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ De Greek:

      Oh, i'm very sure it does. The subconscious mind provides very powerful insights. But this is not to say that every single dream we have is a premonition. Some dreams are just nonsense.....

      Still, even those nonsense dreams can tell us something. Objects and actions in our dreams are symbolic representations of our deepest thoughts and feelings. Interpreting these symbols allows us to better understand ourselves and what truly drives us.

      I will be writing a hub to better explain dream symbolism, so look out for it! :)

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I had a very strange, extremely realistic, dream a few weeks ago. I wouldn't mind it coming true.

    • profile image

      Art of legend 6 years ago

      it is a very strange.

    • Ivorwen profile image

      Ivorwen 6 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      Do you have any idea what exactly the last picture in this hub is suppose to be about?

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South


      I recognize the symbols dispersed about the human body as the Chakras- that's my interpretation of it, at least. As for the rest, who knows...some odd dream symbols? Besides that, he appears to be swimming...through water, or fire, or from one astral plane to the next,who knows..but yeah, that's what I'm making of it.

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 6 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      Interesting! I do problem solving as I sleep. Rarely remember dreams these days, the ones I do are very illustrated and vivid.

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      Dreams are GREAT for problem solving... our subconscious minds decipher stored information while we sleep, so things that were too intimidating or stressful to deal with throughout the day are handled in a less threatening environment, where we have more control over the outcome of scenarios..aka dreams. Thanks for the comment! Stop by anytime. =)

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Very enlightening hub - excellent topic and well written. The photos are beautiful and rated you up and awesome (because you are) :-)

    • profile image

      camolevi 6 years ago

      I believe in premonition dreams with every fiber of my being i have experienced the phenomenon myself i had a premonition dream 6 months ago that my father in law died he came to me in the dream to tell me it will be ok and to take care of his son two months later he died of colon cancer he didn't even know he had We were at a loss for words when we went to say goodbye to him before hand and on the way home i had a very bad feeling of deja vu, like i had came home from the hospital the day he died, before It was the strangest thing i have ever encountered for a few seconds in the car time stopped and i doubled over having a panic attack (i was very close to his dad) and the dream came rushing back in a flood of flashes and feelings i could not stop the emotions and i was totally heart broken when we got home there was a message that he had died while we were on our way home from the hospital i am at the moment getting goose bumps because it was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me

    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 6 years ago from Galveston, TX

      Good hub. I agree with you, every "sensation" often the thoughts in your head, the sight, smell, location, and you can be doing one thing while worrying about another, perfectly matching your dream!!!

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      Vocalcoach- Thank you so much, that's so nice of you to say and to vote me up! Glad you enjoyed the hub.

      Camolevi- Yes, it can be a very eerie feeling when deja vu occurs, especially surrounding such dramatic events. Our instincts are so powerful, and often misunderstood, but too many times go overlooked or undervalued in importance. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience!

      Angel115707- Yes, thanks for talking on that point! It's one of the key aspects that makes Deja Vu so different from simply remembering something, and it is hard to explained to those who have yet to experience it on that intensity level. But yes, its quite the strange feeling. Thanks for stopping by!

    • tom hellert profile image

      tom hellert 6 years ago from home


      I believe the human body is capable of receiving electricsignals and input like a higher form of radiowaves that we can only process subconsciously- for most folks- while others have or developed their ability to receive these signals AND be able to interpret those signals. It is latent in all people of the world just better developed in select people. great hub again


    • profile image

      John McAdam 6 years ago

      The first picture is from the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Excellent book by Rick Strassman. Go pick it up if you want to have a scientific basis for "other dimensions..other beings"

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      Yes, I've heard of that/the book. It's on my long list of books that I need to read. =)

    • profile image

      John McAdam 6 years ago

      :D Well get too it, grrrrl!

    • profile image

      jillbilly 6 years ago

      on 4 different occasions or shall i say dreams. i dreamed of someone i know personally and they would die. well all 4 dreams came true about a week or two after i had them. strange.

      i also had a very close friend that died from a freak accident. i was very upset. this person was also a close friend to my brother. well a few weeks after he passed away he came to me in a dream (that was very real) and told me that it was his time, and that he is ok, he is were he is suppose to be and put his hand on my shoulder. i was awoken from this dream with the presence and a hand on my shoulder. no one was there and my door was shut. needless to say i freaked out for a second, but my heart was calm and have been a peace with this persons death every since.

      deja vu happens alot.

      i also have these strong feeling that i get. example driving down the road and i stop for no reason, or go a different way and a major accident happens.

      just trying to figure it all out.

    • profile image

      Callum 6 years ago

      I'm deeply interested in Deja Vu. On random occasions I experience a second glimpse of what is to happen next, although not greatly interesting, I pulled out my bag, opened a six-pack of diet coke and passed it to my mate Charlie. this occurred over a minuscule period of time but I knew it would occur. This happens to me a lot randomly and I am wondering, is it possible to harness this sense of Deja Vu, thus training your Psyche to almost predict deja vu and experience it minutes of hours before it occurs? If its possible to, if what you go on to explain is true, then could we place time lines of our dreams, determine when it can happen, remember vastly detailed dreams such as exactly what time it is or what the temperature is? I would greatly appreciate talking further into this and establishing a theory to explain the Dream/Deja Vu concordance!


    • Man from Modesto profile image

      Man from Modesto 6 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

      I have been having one to several dreams every night for more than 15 years. De ja vu precedes moment we have already seen - in a dream, or via some other subconscious vehicle. After recalling dreams each morning for a little more than two years, de ja vu ceased to happen.

      Instead, a "spontaneous full dream recall" occurs. The preamble, like an infinitely thin barrier or veil, still occurs. This is part of the de ja vu experience. A sense like hitting that barrier arrives. But, in place of the weak sense of "I've seen this before," you see again the scene from a dream.

      Man from Modesto

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ Man from Modesto:

      Sounds as if you are experiencing full-blown clairvoyant visions through dreams and I'm impressed at your ability to have held onto that skill for such a length of time. I find that making a point to recall our dreams upon waking increases the rate at which dream recall occurs as well as perception of detail. I've gotten better and better at that aspect...any suggestions for advancing towards the "spontaneous dream recall" which you are experiencing, or do you find these to be random occurrences?

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ Callum:

      Great question! Man from Modesto has presented us with a connection to dreaming and psychic visions...albeit they are random occurrences, perhaps there is a way to achieve such a level of intense Deja Vu?...I am curious myself as to whether or not the practice of dream prediction can be honed to such a level. I don't see why not, anything is possible...the subconscious mind is still greatly misunderstood. Modern science cannot substantiate many of these findings, and stranger things have happened.


      There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that dreams are the subconscious's way of warning us or relaying important messages to our brains that would otherwise go overlooked. These predictions are nothing to fear, they are our instincts and the process by which messages are intercepted by our brains. I look at it as radio waves...ever get a song that pops into your head, turn on the radio and there it is playing? In a sense we are "tuning in" to that information, just like a radio produces waves...same principle with dreams...just a less-threatening level that our brains can handle.

    • rafken profile image

      rafken 6 years ago from The worlds my oyster

      I think you may have already read my hubs, Dreams, the real work of the brain and Heaven or Hell, who decides? If you have then you will understand why, I think, dreams do not have time to think of the future, they are too busy with the past.

      However, dreams are like VooDoo or Astrology. If you believe they may come true, your subcontious,will make them come true.

      Dream well and thanks for following.

    • profile image

      Dreamer 6 years ago

      I have experienced many times Deja vu, my first one was when I was quite young, the younger I was the more I got them, now I get them less but still have an experience from time to time.

      There is one occasion that I will never forget, I grew up in Spain and now leave in the Uk. Three months before I came to the Uk I would have never imagined that I would find myself here, I dreamt that I was standing looking at a building kids playing around me speaking a language I didn't recognize, I never recalled this deja vu until three months later I find myself in the Uk looking at the same building which was my secondary school with the same kids playing around wearing the same unifors I saw saying the same things I was hearing in the dream, I only remembered when I was there in the same position. Then I knew that I had been there before.

      It was an amazing experience.

    • profile image

      sandieganliz 6 years ago

      Welcome to the club! I have too much deja vu!! At times it feels like a curse, until one really sees the glory in it :)

    • profile image

      ArjanJ 6 years ago

      Hi Im 13 years old I have been having this for a long time now I am not sure why but I have, I am deciding to write about my dreams every time I now wake up and do you think there is any connection with space and time , as I can have shorter and longer visions in my sleep that I will remember then later maybe 2 months will see.I often have deja Vu when standing still or day dreaming or sleeping do you know what causes this and Thank you for this Article :)

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ Rafken:

      I do see that many dreams are an accumulation of garbled memories from our past. This is how the brain solves problems that occur in our daily lives. We work out how to deal with these issues in our sleep and it better equips us to handle similar events in the future.

      I see the logic behind you stating that what we want to be true often does manifest itself. This is called projection- when we subconsciously influence our views or outcome of certain events because we already believe it to be fact. I still have to disagree with you about dreams only being about the past, however. Some minds have room to dream of the future after working out the past. The dream I had was no projection- at one point I stood in the exact location, saw the same objects and had the same feeling I had in my dream, it was identical. That's when I realized the dream was going to come true.

      One truly cannot put this feeling into words. I hope one day you too will have the opportunity to experience this amazing phenomenon, let's hope the outcome is more positive than mine! =P Thanks for the comments and thanks for reading!

      @ Dreamer:

      That's an awesome story, thanks for sharing. Just goes to show the amazing powers of the mind!


      Yes, it does seem like a curse sometimes doesn't it? Even though it can feel that way at times, look at the benefits it has- the more we start to trust our instincts, we can recognize deja vu as a warning or a hint towards something and avoid possible dangers or reap the benefits of rewarding opportunities. Keep dreaming and thanks for stopping by!

      @ ArjanJ:

      That's a very wise decision to write down your dreams. You are probably having deja vu frequently because you have developed your dream recall skills by paying attention to your dreams and writing them down. As to the cause, I really cannot say. I just know from mine and others experience that the more you pay attention and develop this skill, the more frequently deja vu can occur.

      I am glad you enjoyed reading this, thank you for your kind comments. =)

    • LisaMarie724 profile image

      Lisa Stover 6 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

      I have had many dreams that come true although I can't explain why. My Mother also shares in this. I also seem to experience the deja vu feeling a lot so you could be very right in your assumption. Good Hub!

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ LisaMarie724:

      Yes, I'm really thinking there is a connection there. Seems to be a lot of cases of it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • Joshua Kell profile image

      Levi Joshua Kell 6 years ago from Arizona

      My dreams and visions come to pass all of the time; the sad thing is. . .is that it is usually the bad dreams that come true. When I was in prison, I had a dream that my Dad had a heart attack; as soon as I was allowed to use the phone I called my parents house and told my mom of my dream, and she proceeded to tell me that that my Father was in the hospital having suffered a heart attack. This has happened to me a number of times, but I shall spare you the details. Its the dreams that haven't come to pass yet that are really scary to me - they are usually very apocalyptic. Thanks for the great article.

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ Joshua Kell:

      Thanks so much for commenting. I've had too many apocalyptic dreams to count. Let's hope they don't come true either!

    • b4u2 profile image

      wtf u cannoT D0 a damThing here!!!??? 6 years ago from 22 f u!

      I had these dreams & premonishions as far as i remember having memory,so there for always.I could fill a book with these sorts of experiences..I am trying to write a short novel on something simular to this, & im sure this will be mentioned in the book.I really hate it when i ask a Q about these things & trolls say the dreams are a resault of something we lie about & have such a judgemental attiudes. They are so closed and slamed shut minded, that they can't see how stupid they truly are.I have examples but for times sake i won't go in to it here.Well i can tell u this,they put their clothes in a tree cause it use to be one.Now it's called a drawer or table, is some of what i am saying.If they don't believe in these kinds of things there are other catagorys where they go.Millions of em.They got to be such an asswipe.I shared an experience of a dream "wake" state in here & someone mention that the acid i was taking would wear off soon is why i am saying this.No where private to go and these is what u got to deal with. I really enjoy these articals and love reading them.Thanks for doing this and it's now clicked into my favorites. Sincelery,b4u2~

    • profile image

      Jala 6 years ago

      I have had vivid dreams often for as long as I can remember. Not much is known about dreams, because they are not material things and are difficult to study. I have had both premonition type and clairvoyant type dreams (but not limited to those two types). My premonitions manifest in the form of a deja vu, but they are usually insignificant things like me standing in a particular spot or me watching something on TV. They may not seem much, but I am certain that we can peer into the future.

      And then I'll have clairvoyant dreams, they are usually highly symbolic, but I can still get a general understanding as there will be people I know (or don't know yet) in a dream. Usually they are something like, someone broke up, or cheated on someone, I would find out the next day that this was true. And even stuff like someone having a vacation home, or someone being sad about something. I do not know this stuff before hand, it just appears to me in my dreams and I confirm it by asking the particular person about it. I really didn't hear about it before hand. They are usually people I don't talk very much too, yet personal things about them appear to me in my dreams.

      I can't say I've ever had a powerful premonition or prophecy... Though it may have happened but I am not aware of it. I have a strong sense about when people will break up, it appears to me in my dreams too. But the point is, there is a lot we don't know about this stuff. People shouldn't be so quick to knock down these experiences. I think they should be taken more seriously to find out more, instead of just speculating.

    • profile image

      B4u2 6 years ago

      Jala,it's prconoction-that's what you are calling deja vu and clairvoyant as well as other labels.It's just a part of who we are and perhaps what we chose to do in this life.As in other's can see spirits we feel them and dream vividly as we do.Everything we dream is of importants, it all means something,we just have to put them together is all.I learn more & more as I have these exsperiences.It's out side exsperiences as well.I get out side sourses that inter act with what I get inside if u understand what im saying.It's more then just the one thing here.I just wanted to let ya know im with you on this.

    • b4u2 profile image

      wtf u cannoT D0 a damThing here!!!??? 6 years ago from 22 f u!

      I see we can't fix things without doing another post.Anyways,I meant they are precognitive dreams,prophetic.I would like to mention that if u gey into bad dream you can clap ur hands or call on Mother Mary,she'll get u out of them.I know it sounds strange & i didn't believe it either until I did it myself.It works!

    • profile image

      david 6 years ago

      i believe that we have premonition dreams, doesn't always work the exact way your dream showed it to you but, the main parts of the visions do come example for me is one time i had a dream of meeting a girl on a bus in an unknown place, the next day i remembered this dream clearly, then later on in time i forgot all about it and the girl,,then some time after i moved house, and the next day after moving house, i saw her, the girl from my dream, it felt so weird, it felt like everything froze when i saw her it was crazy, as soon as i saw her i remembered her and the dream, now i know i dont meet her in real life on a bus, but it is a new place and the exact same girl from my dream, who i had never seen in my life, till the dream and when i moved and it turned out she was my new neighbour, and me and her became good friends, i never told her about the dream, didn't want her feeling uncomfortable about me in anyway lol also i have times when im doing something small thats nothing important like be shopping or something and ill be standing there and see things which trigger memories from dreams ive had about this time place and everything im doing at that time, and i stand thinking wait ive seen this happening and im trying to remember what happens next, but i can never remember and then its gone,i believe remembering things from ur dreams when it happens and trying to remember what happens next somehow alters what happens next and thats why u never see what happens next if i make sense, but i do believe every now and then our minds shows us views of our future, but i have no clue how and why we see these glimpses. now other dreams can be totally messed up and most of the time you cant understand nothing, but like one person already commented there is always a meaning to dreams,,they could be anything to future, present or past, emotions, anything, they could be a mixture, could be a dreaming telling you ur present feeling and emotions and how they could interupt in ur future or change ur future in a certain way.

    • profile image

      Voyance par mail  6 years ago

      I'm very interesting by your hubs for reflexions on my website, thank you very much.

    • Fluffy77 profile image

      Fluffy77 6 years ago from Enterprise, OR

      I so relate with your topic here, I have always had many dreams some recurring too. I have had the deje vu effect from these dreams more times than I can count really. Great hub, voted up and useful, very informative too. You should read my hubs on dreams, based on my real dreams I made into stories. This is great therapy by the way too.

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ b4u2: I relate with your anger towards the trolls* who discount our experiences...too bad they exist on the physical plane as well, not just in cyber space. Think the tides would turn if they experienced it themselves? You never know until it happens to you. ;) Good luck on that novel, sounds like a great idea!

      @ Jala: Thanks for reading, hope you got a little more clarity out of your experiences by reading this article. It is true that no one really knows much on this subject, from a scientific standpoint at least. (Even though I'm certain millions have experienced these things firsthand and I see a fraction of that evidence in these comments!) It gets written off and skeptics don't give it the credit it deserves. At least I and others know from their experiences that there is truth in this phenomenon...developing dream recall helps so much since remembering the experience is half the battle. Good luck to you on your journey through the realm of dreams. :)

      @ Voyance par mail: Great! Glad you could get something out of it.

      @ Fluffy77: Like I said, so many of us relate to this topic, I wouldn't be surprised if millions shared similar experiences! Truth be told, we all possess this innate ability and it just needs development. And of course, excellent therapy. ;) I would love to read your hub on dreams, will be sure to stop by and check it out!

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 6 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ David: Thanks for sharing your story! I've gotten such positive and confirming feedback that it almost makes me wish I could survey a large group of people and try to prove this thing somehow to the scientific community! Wouldn't that be something... anyhow, yes... deja vu, whether it be from a dream or a vision, is a startling, unexplainable feeling. There is so much more to be learned about this- both dreams and precognitive experiences are so powerful and I believe they tell us so much about the human brain and how we function. Every dream is meaningful, keep dreaming. :)

    • profile image

      Ryan81 5 years ago

      Every time my dreams come true afther it happens I can hardly breath and chest starts to hurt why is this

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South


      Sounds like an anxiety attack to me. Are the things that come true unpleasant? That would make sense.

    • profile image

      ryan 5 years ago

      No they are not but it only last for maybe a couple min.

    • profile image

      ryan 5 years ago

      What does this mean when this happens my dreams coming true it happen not a lot but it done happen maybe 10 times and the dreams sometime take a couple of years couple of months they do come true exactly like it happened in my dream then I have the anxiety attack

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South

      Ryan: Hmmm. It is definitely an anxiety attack associated with the deja vu. I looked into this and see that you aren't the only one who's had this issue:

      I would say that even though the dream that came true was not a bad one, the shock of living out a dream in real life can be a pretty startling experience and deja vu itself can be very frightening. The mind may have trouble coping with something that feels so extraordinary and this is why you are having the anxiety (chest pain, trouble breathing).

      Now, as far as why our dreams come true, that's a whole different subject. No one really has the answer to that, only opinions of what it means to them. Personally, I look at it as the spirit's way of guiding us. Our intuition warns us and wants to guide us, but many times we cannot understand what it is trying to say. It is very obvious to me that we all hold the power to glimpse into the future, those with dreams that come true are proof of this.

      I hope that this helps you somewhat. Don't worry about the anxiety, it is your body's reaction to a startling situation and is quite normal. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Bendo13 profile image

      Ben Guinter 5 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      I agree with the dream/deja vu connection. I wrote about it a while back because it kept happening to me. Our minds are beautiful and mysterious things!

    • TruthAwake profile image

      TruthAwake 5 years ago from The Dirty South

      @ Bendo13: Yep, that's very true!

    • profile image

      JD 5 years ago

      I had a dream two months ago that I came into my place of work and it looked different and the people were different. I went up to the lady at the front desk and said, "you are at my desk, that is my job". She said, "not anymore". Two days later when I went to work, 5 managers from our corporate offices came in and told us they were closing our plant and we were all going to be let go. (our closing date is November 30th). I had actually told someone at work about the dream the day before they gave us the news. I said, "why can't I have useful dreams like of winning lottery numbers".

      Last night I had a dream that they were giving away company jackets (with logos on them) and some other things they have around here. Someone came up and asked if I wanted a jacket and I said I'd rather have something else. This morning at work, someone came up and said that there were extra company jackets that they were going to have a drawing for if we all wanted to get involved in it. I'm telling you....this dreaming stuff that comes true is getting really weird.

    • profile image

      Fernando 5 years ago

      Wow I thought I was crazy but I decided to look up deja vu dreams that come true and looks like im not the only one haha yesterday I was at work and got the deja vu feeling that I more than often get and I realized that I had a dream about it and I knew exactly what the patient was going to say what I was thinking how I felt at the time cool stuff I would like to get the hang of it though I thought I was becoming psychic or something like that

    • profile image

      joshyboy 5 years ago

      now that i've seen your picture i see why you lost your job truthawake lol it freaks me out when i have deja vu. i dont wanna sound crazy but it happens pretty often. i would really like a pin point explanation on how and why this happens

    • profile image

      Lewis 5 years ago

      I have had many dreams when I was very young, and at the time I did not understand what theses instances in my life was about...... Until I grew up and actually experienced the dreams for real, might sound odd I know and it's still continuing I'll be doing something innocent and then bang I recall the dream and what I do as well as what happens next......This is where it gets really interesting. With this foresight I have told friends of events that will happen next. Even better knowing what actions I did in the dreams I have actually done the opposite just to see what happens. (Nothing) I will stress that it's simple little things, like being in a place, usually lasts no longer than about 3-4 seconds. Sometimes I go months without one, sometimes I have had a few clumped together in the same week. I have a theory and it is Einsteins, basically we live our lives in a loop hence the recollections. this has many effects We can never change our fate....Which is sad I think. We could of lived the same life a million times over hence the memories passing through or partially retained, a bit like a computer that has had it's hard drive deleted but with some memories still retained. My next step believe it or not is to try and communicate to myself (in the past as a kid). Or is that the other way around?? Interesting paradox!

    • profile image

      Vicky 5 years ago

      I completely agree with original article, and this is why: Ok, this may be long so bear with me. A little background...

      I dream EVERY night. Let me rephrase...I KNOW I dream every night. Most mornings I remember my dreams vividly. Sometimes, I only remember enough to know that I have dreamt. In my 26 years on this earth, I have never once woken up and not remembered (to some degree) at least 1 dream I had that night. This, apparently, is considered quite strange, but it's a normal thing for me.

      I experience de ja vu quite often. A handle of times a year, i guess. Some times with gaps, sometimes clumped together. My de ja vu experiences are also very vivid. They are not the type of experiences where a room merely 'seems' familiar. For me, the room, the people, where they stand, what is said, what I or others are doing...EVERYTHING is EXACTLY the same.

      Most of my de ja vu experiences, i cannot attribute to anything. i get the sense of de ja vu, and thats it. Tho i can recall at least 5 de ja vu experiences where I KNOW i have dreamt them. Some of them I only recall the dream after/during the de ja vu. Yet 1 of the experiences was linked to a dream I fully remembered and carried with me. It wasn't just a memory of the dream whilst or after the de ja vu experience.

      Its a very strange phenomenon, and I cannot claim to know de ja vu across the board. I can only know what I have experienced and what seems fit for my experiences. But based on my experiences, de ja vu can DEFINITELY be linked to dreams. I have experienced it quite a few times. Its the only explanation I think fits well with what de ja vu could be.

      I cannot tho, predict things. Some of the de ja vu experiences linked to dreams have a time span of years between the two. And as i remember so many dreams upon first wake (I cannot remember them ALL forever, as every night for 26 years would lead to a lot of dream memories! I tend to remember dreams for the morning, then forget forever (almost), only remembering the most vivid and interesting).

    • profile image

      Vicky 5 years ago

      Just another small thing, a food for thought so to speak. this doesn't have to be taken too seriously. its something I experience, struggle to explain, but can lead to at the very least, an interesting thought/imagination exercise.

      I cannot philosophically distinguish between dreams and reality. When I recall a memory from a dream, it appears to me in the exact same way as a memory of reality. (Hmmm, how to explain)... Sometimes I'll have a memory, and I'm not sure if its from a dream or from real life. I have to use my best judgement. Sometimes I'll recall a dream, only to find out through confirmation from someone else that it actually happened.

      The only 'evidence' I have that a dream is a dream, is that i tend to dream when i go to sleep. This is NOT a good philosophical argument. It may be good enough for most people, but philosophically its weak. I have dreamt I have woken up, only to actually wake up again. Im sure many others have experienced this.

      This is my thought game, then. If I can wake up in a dream, but still be dreaming, how do I KNOW i am not dreaming now? Add that to the fact that I confuse dreams with reality and reality with dreams, and have no philosophical distinction between the two, How can I ever be sure I am awake at all?

      And to mess heads a bit more, where/how could de ja vu come into play with this?

      Have fun :)

    • profile image

      Vicky 5 years ago

      I apologise if my comments already cover what others have been saying. Not a technological person, and have no idea what a hub is lol. (tho as you can tell, i know how to talk/type lol) Just found this page doing de ja vu research online. Thanx guys for all the great info.

    • profile image

      Taje' Ware 5 years ago

      hi so i'v e been having horriable dreams lately adout zombies and i know what your thinking just quit watching zombie movies but that just the thing i don't the last one i had where the worse because they where the most vivid no white smoke or anything a it was weird because Tracy morgan was in it and he was pulling a heist with my mom and her friends. and to turn out Tracy is an FBI agent and everyone get a crap load of years. but then that where stuff gets weird i get my own place and all m stuff is getting took away but the irs and im talking to them downstairs and out of the elevator comes Digimon or poke'mon or something like them come down and are acting like im their father so i tell the oldest to take everyone up stairs so the do and i continue talking to the IRS man and he asked me if he could see those things again so we hop in the elevator he start to try and kill me, it turns out he was a cyborg and had a weapon like wolverine's claws some how i kill him and the elevator door opes up and i have a gun and im at a police station(yeah oh shit)I stuff the gun in my pocket and find the police chief and give him the gun it turns out its his. at this point in my dream im walking outside and and everythings vanishes and turns into a giant plains it was so beautiful to see but over the hills zombies flocking and they smell me i run every way i could but they are everywhere and a voice in my head starts to name off types of people and its flashing there faces in front of me one of them was a friend of mine and when i saw it he said temptress. this is where it really weird im run over a hill and come out on the ocean and there is seaweed on shore along with whales so im thinking those whales have enough meat to keep them busy for a while. so i start to run to the beach to lure them there but the closer i get to the seaweed the more i get scared because all the seaweed i walking around talking to each other they are as tall as a semi truck and they asked me if i had a some type of leaf and that where my ream ends. so if anyone could tell me what all that meant would be great because most of my dreams come true and i don't want to be chased by zombies it my number one fear i've been having zombie dreams for years now and im tired of it i need to know what it all means. the heist thing with Tracy Morgan was cool though.

    • profile image

      NattyIce 5 years ago

      All my life since Elementary school I can recall premonitions in dreams and later them actually occurring. I'm 17 now and recently had another occur. They are never any pivotal life changing premonitions or occurrences, but are ridiculously spot on when they happen. The most recent occurred while in my room with my boyfriend and his friend. They were both on a coach in my room while I looked at them while I sit on my bed, the conversation they were having and the way they were moving automatically made me freeze and the feeling of Deja Vu came over me. It is exactly as you describe it, it's that puzzle piece setting in. I suddenly recalled it all happening in a vivid dream I must have had months, maybe longer, before. They of course looked at me being crazy but it was very real. Every human has some kind of subconscious psychic abilities I believe, its just a connection with you, others, the world, everything. Some have it stronger and some have it almost hardly.

      When I was little the premonitions were like memories you didn't actually have. I was at lunch once around the 2nd or 3rd grade and suddenly, Deja Vu, there was a bee flying close to where I was sitting, a girl caught it with her bare hands without being stung and just walked away and released it, it was weird when I was little, I semi knew the basis of Deja Vu even being so young, but didn't truly understand it til then, everything is exactly how it happens in my dream, not even the slightest bit of difference until further or before the specific moment. It was like one specific scene from a movie, but all the rest were different. I just wish there was a way to expand your abilities, if things like this happen, isn't it an ability?

      Very insightful hub post, thank you for sharing your story.

    • profile image

      reddx 5 years ago

      Glad to know I'm not alone. I've had these since childhood, both good and bad. They happen so often I usually just smile to myself when it happens primarily for the very subtle ones which don't affect anything. The worst I've had was from visiting my aunt after 3 months in school. The dream was that she was pregnant and that the baby would die. I had no idea she was pregnant and nobody mentioned it, plus it didn't help that she always wore traditional clothing that covered her completely so you couldn't tell at all even if she was 9 months pregnant. Next day after having the dream, I woke up and she wasn't around but my other aunt was. I wanted to ask her if my other aunt was pregnant but it would have been a very odd question out of the blue so I ignored it. Hours later, all my other aunts left for a couple of hours then came back later. My pregnant aunt's younger sister didn't go with them but when she saw them she asked excitedly how the baby was. At that point it hit me that my aunt was pregnant and I dreaded what was about to come next. My other aunt said that she lost the baby and it just tore me up inside, felt completely powerless.

      The other really bad one was in December 24, 2004. It was a really weird dream that I couldn't really make sense of and it was really unnerving. I woke up from it with the thought that the world is going to end but that didn't make any sense. I used to be religious years before that, but at that point I wasn't but I immediately thought it was in relation to the Bible so I decided to ignore it but I was uneasy the whole time about impending doom. Two days later, Dec. 26th, 2004 I turned on the tv to CNN and the deja vu immediately hit me. The dream was about the tsunami on that day which killed over 230,000 people and that's why I couldn't make sense of all that mess which I interpreted as the world ending. I was just lost at that point, sadness, frustration, anger etc.

      I don't know how to explain them but I just think we are connected to something much greater than us and we can occasionally slip into seeing the bigger picture. I like @Lewis response about Einstein's Loops. Actually I prefer a more modern approach using a conclusion from String Theory's concept of Time and Dimensions... "Everything that can ever happen has happened" and we are merely going through the motions to unfold the events. So maybe in deja vu dreams we are able to 'jump' to a 'future' point since we are not tied down by the physical body and after experiencing that future event in a dream state, we come back and re-experience it much later when our body 'catches' up. Just a thought...

    • profile image

      reddx 5 years ago

      @Vicky To answer your question about how do you know if you have actually woken up. I'm not sure how you experience the waking up in your dreams, but from my experience it's kind of strange. I'm 28 now but the only time I had the false wake up and didn't realize it was a couple of times when I was a kid and the dream was about waking up and going to the bathroom to my dismay in the morning. As an adult, the only ones I experience I always immediately know since I can't move my body. My spirit or something levitates out of my physical body and I'm aware that I'm out of the physical body, but I get scared of going away from my physical body. I usually lay down again and do everything possible to move my physical body which eventually happens and I wake up for real. Doesn't happen too often.

      The more common form of false wakeup that I experience is usually really unpleasant. More often that not, I wake up to darkness in my room and there's a shadow, smoke like figure or multiple figures that have pinned me down. I try to fight them with everything I've got but I can't, they are usually too strong for me. I try to really wake up for real at that point, try screaming nothing works. At times I can't even scream and the experience is horrible, pure terror. There's usually only one thing that frees me and I'm able to wake up for real, screaming to Jesus and asking him to save me. It's ridiculous, I know... and I'm not even religious, maybe in the past but now I don't want anything to do with religion of any kind. It's funny because I wake up shaken and all but immediately reject having committed to become a Christian in my dream (false-awake) state until the next occurrence. The technical term for it is Sleep Paralysis and lots of other people experience roughly the same thing from my research plus they all come out of it in different ways. If I could come out of it without the Jesus thing, I'd do it but for now I'll stick to what works for me.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      i saw a dream yesterday that i am in troublle . Every where is strange area and people are living in fearful attitude what's its ? Tell me

    • profile image

      Nebojsa 5 years ago

      well, i'm rather skeptic about all psychic "superpowers", but, yeah, this happens me so often... i use to dream completely random things, with jumping from one "scene" to another... and, at least for me, scariest thing is that, usually after some time (sometimes after few months, sometimes weeks)i expirience that "scene", and remember the dream. I was trying to write down my dreams, to prove that i'm wrong. and it confirms opposite. i'm not dreaming nothing really important, but, it's like that you roll to random spot of movie, see something, and after that watch whole movie and recognize that spot you choose random. to be honest, this sometimes scares me. any comments, advices, or something?

    • profile image

      Claire 5 years ago

      Nebojsa: I have the same thing! For years I will all of a sudden have a moment in time that I have dreamed whether it be a month or 5 years ago.

    • profile image

      Nebojsa 5 years ago

      Claire: It's good to know that I'm not only with that phenomena. I tried to find something about it, but Internet is full of classic thins... And it gives you the feeling that your whole life is just already written, and that you can't do anything with your free will (at least I feel that way at more than a few moments)

    • profile image

      Silvia 5 years ago

      I have deja Vu all the time, only It's kinda different, example I see something in my dream and I never saw it before only in that dream and then in reality I watch TV or drive past something and I'm so shocked because I've seen that in my dream I've NEVER seen it before in reality only in my dream! It's so weird. But I have these dreams like once a month or sometimes more. :)

    • profile image

      MJ 5 years ago

      I have deams that come true all the time. I also experience Daja Vu often. I dream things such as being pregnant myself, and someone close to me finds out they are pregnant. Or I dream about seeing someone I have not seen in a while, and the next few days after my dream, I run into this person. I had a minor wreck last May, which I dreamed, and a few weeks later it happened. Which I felt shaken for two weeks like something was going to happen before it did actually happen.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      My best explanation is that our brains are quantum machines and as such work outside of howwe perceive time. If you think of time as just a dimension, like left right or forwards backwards you will realise that you in the future is just the same as you now, so why should your thoughts in the future not be accessible now.

    • profile image

      luvinhimalwayz 5 years ago

      I remember one time when I was younger and lived with my parents I had this dream about a new kid moving to the street I lived on.I had never seen him before in my life. I remember seeing him alone sitting out front of his new house that his parents got.He was sitting on the curb just stareing at me. So being a nice person and being his age I went and talked to him. after I woke up after that feeling kind of weird since i have never met him. Later on that day I was outside hanging out waiting to see if any of my friends were going to come out I saw this boy that looked exactally the same as the boy in my dream sitting where i saw him in my dream alone. So I figured I would go up and talk to him since we were both by ourselves and had nothing to do. It was so weird that I dreamt of him the night before without even meeting him before it was really weird of that happening to me eversince then ive believed in deja vu happening. I still remember the dream to this day and the kid that i dreamt about is one of my best friends its so weird and kind of cool because before i even met him i kind of met him in my mind.

    • profile image

      Danny Gregory 5 years ago

      I have had a few of these on many occasions, the best detailed one was about 6 years or so ago and it was about a dream, I went into my local blockbuster with my mother I was 15 or so and was looking for a game on my Xbox, as I was browsing the same man from my dream, a man I had never met in my life before recommended exactly the same game from my dream, having never played or heard of this game either it was very weird, the world around me began to grow and my heart felt like it was in my mouth I got a headache and froze totally confused, being polite I refrained from screaming in the mans face in terror but thanked him and ran off to my mum, after explaining this mind f**k to her she laughed and told me it was just de javu and told me her and my nanna get it all the time, so maybe it's hereditary I'm not sure but aft that one a few more happened over the years but as that was my first one I remember it vividly.

    • profile image

      Danny Gregory 5 years ago

      Ok, now this is odd, as I finished posting I went browsing on the internet and had de javu literally just after now that's f**ked up

    • profile image

      jasmine 5 years ago

      A dream of mine once came true is it meant to be or is it just like what ever who cares???

    • profile image

      jasmine 5 years ago

      i kinda want to share my dream if you dont mind. okay so there's a guy i have a crush on (so mature right?) well i had a dream that he had what is called an instagram account (pretty much like facebook) and there was another girl who i didn't really know who had one to. i forgot most of it but this is what i remember. okay so when i woke up (this is real life now) i when on instagram searched his name clicked on the first thing that came up and to my surprise HE HAD AN ACCOUNT! okay now i know this is pretty stupid but this was a really scary moment for me so dont tell me that my dream was retarded. i thought that my mind was playing with me like everyone eles said so i looked it up again (and so did my other friends) and sure enough it was real. okay so the other girl in my dream plays a part too. she also did have a instagram account it turns out (my friend found her and i realize that she looked exactly like the girl in my dream) well she emo which i didn't know and her and my crush actually had something going on ( which pisses me off) but now they're over (YESS!!!) so im starting to think my dream predict the future kinda becuz its a little to detail to be just a coinsidense oh ya ME AND MY CRUSH HAVE BEEN TALKING EVER SINCE AND ITS BE GREAT!!!!! i hope someone can answer my question above.

    • profile image

      jenny 5 years ago

      2days ago i experienced dejavu that i remember vaguely to be a dream. But has anyone every had a dream when u are living a day yoi have already done and try to change things in the dream that appears to have happened before. very weird!!!!

    • profile image

      jenny 5 years ago

      P.s it wasn't that i was psyhcic but i was telling everyone in my dream this is going to happen anf that is going to happen (like my car having a big dint,accidents happening)it s like i had just lived that day in my dream before and could remember every event of that day well but everyone around me couldn't recall the events i had described or foresought. i was trying to live the "groundhog like" day in my dream by changing things (moving my car to park it in a quieter area, avoiding things,trying to change the day. when i tried to analyse my dream i thought it might be to do with changes in my life only to remember it was my 6th wedding anniversary to the date! (have been seperated from husband 4yrs after a bad marriage) can u analyse any further?

    • profile image

      Ben 4 years ago

      When I was younger I had a lot of deja vu so I started to keep a dream journal. Sometimes my dreams were nonsense but there was still truth to them in some form sometimes. I stopped having déjà vu though out high school but I have been having it often again now at least once every three days lasting about an hour. I looked back at my old journals and there were two now from the ages of 6 and 8 that have come true. Is that just a coincidence or is life just set in stone. Some believe that when you are a young child some of your dreams will predict the future. Thus a famous quote "the past will repeat itself" brings a whole new meaning to the world of dreams.

    • profile image

      Jackie 4 years ago

      I usually keep a dream journal ,because I sleep a lot and dream a lot. My experience is a little different, My dreams come true when I wake up. Not every dream but I'm talking to the extreme even to the detail of what happens on an episode of a tv show or even the news. There must be an explaination.

    • profile image

      Nicholas 4 years ago

      The past two years I've tried putting dis beliefs into my thoughts about déjà vu. I didn't want to believe it. As awesome as it is it just creeped me out. I believe this happens to me so much is because of the drugs I do. The past few years I began highschool and ever since I began using, I began experiencing slight moments of dejavu. I'd notice myself in situations again. And I would Remember a lot of things in the dream that happened. Lastnight I took a roll, and I experienced the most intense and vivid déjà vu of my life. I have been experiencing it a lot this summer, and lastnight it was insane. I remember a few nights ago pulling Into a parking lot meeting a buddy. As I drive in my cousin said specific words I remember him saying in the dream. I still hadn't yet noticed yet. As we pull in, my buddy had his window down. He recently got his windows tinted, so I told him to roll up his window to see if I can see him. As he rolls the window down, i told him how I couldn't see anything. He then responds telling me he was flipping me off behind the tint without me noticing at all. I remember my buddy doing this exact same thing in my dream at same spot with the same words as what happened in person. I then proceed to realize it and I catch myself in the moment and i was amazed. I then lead to have three different occurrences of straight déjà vu today. The following day, before I posted this. I was watching the bears game and I saw the play in my dream days before. And the bears did the exact same thing tonight. I've also found myself in the passed that evrrytime this happens something weird happens in my life. Such as trouble etc. but recently they've been every interesting and it's so mind boggling. How does it happen

    • profile image

      Nicholas 4 years ago

      Also, one night I had a dream my buddy jumps off a cliff to kill himself. I wake up instantly and snap out of it. I gO back to bed. After wakin up on this Saturday morning I had to attend a Saturday detentiOn at my school. Our schooool is located by the fire station. So as Im sittin looking out the window I hear the ambulances and cops driving by the school. And i thought instantly of my friend. I had experienced déjà vu before and I had a feeling something was wrong. I then get home at noon and am mowing my lawn. I get a call from my sister saying there were ambulances at his house that morning. He tried killing himself. Luckily he's better now. This was at least 6 months ago

    • profile image

      Lisalisa7 4 years ago

      I just happened to find this amazing site & I love this. Finally outside of my sister understanding it's so nice to know so many others experience these amazing events. Although through out my life on many occasions my dreams & my thoughts have come to pass ( thoughts being thinking of people or events & they appear or happen) in very recent times, very powerful dreams have shown me the ending of my marriage. Which came to be . It was a series of 3 dreams. 1st my " x " was going to buy a truck, I dreamed it was red. Sure enough it was red....that was unsettling for me but I couldn't pin why. Our marriage was wonderful & open & honest. Shortly after that I began to have strange feelings when I was alone, images or feelings came over me, telling me this life I had was going to be ripped away. I fought those off. Next dream , I found a hidden cell phone, w/ pictures of him & a woman . I woke so sick I confronted him, begged him to tell me if this dream had meaning. He said no( of course) next dream, a week later, our house was abandon & over grown & I stood outside & cried is this really how it will end. So, within that following week...I found text on his phone, he confessed, & we both left the home....inwas forced to return to sort through things & I stood outside of it.....over grown & abandon. I couldn't believe the power of those dreams. I returned to spend a few nights ( self torture) & had a dream I was looking at the side of the house in moonlight & in the light there was writing on the house saying this had to come to be ( the writing is on the wall) so with that I struggle so much. I have had many many other dreams that have come to be. Including the tsunami just a year or so ago as well as people that appear or other things. Its tough to dream these events & feel so helpless to them as they unfold. I wonder who or how these images and messages are sent. Even if it's events that we are unfolding because we are meant's so painful. Now I wonder!! Now why can't I dream of a wonderful future filled w/ love or healing or better days to come?!?! Not to be so I guess. I also dream often about the end of the world or at least some event so universal it brings on catastrophe . But I don't feel fear in those dreams . I'm those dreams I am in awe of the end happening in our time & we see it happen. I feel power & peace in those dreams. My dreams now are no longer clear & just seem a mix of painful emotions from what I am now going through. But I do hope one day again I will experience dreams that take me places & show me events....good ones only please!!!

    • profile image

      John 4 years ago

      I have some dreams that haven't come true yet. One of them is how I die... I get shot in the back of the head. Juniper berries are said to help you see the fucher. I'm scard to try it my dreams are so clear.

    • profile image

      Jesse Wikeepa Douglas 4 years ago

      I have 'de ja vu' episodes where I remember exactly, that few seconds of reality was part of a dream days months or even years prior. And I can remember clearly and can say with certainty "that happened in my dream" with precision to detail of my surroundings, and my doings either years ago, months or just days ago.

      THIS HAPPENS A LOT, and I also came up with a theory the same as yours though worded differently.

      I'm a month shy of eighteen and have been experiencing this for a while though recently remembered the dream mid experience so I was already aware of what was to happen next and I played it out in my head right before it happened, this included conversing with someone and involved people I thought to have been random to be in my dream, like I know them but puzzled as to why in my very realistic dream I'm in a scenario with them, this is because I dreamt this about 8 months ago before I made a closer friendship and associated with these new friends and at the recall of my dream I thought it was completely random, and that's when I realised whilst thinking back at several dreams that seemed to be very realistic in the sense that it mimicked reality but 'wack' in the sense of who it included or who your associating and communicating with, are premonitions and seem confusing only because it was dreamt up to years before becoming associates with this person you 'know' but are not in any way socially connected enough to find it ordinary to have been involved with them in our dreams. In saying all this I believe if we 'train' ourselves to remember the 'random included personnel though very realistic dreams upon becoming closer or creating a bond with these people we would then be able to subconsciously judge situations and scenarios ready to pick up on the familiar situation your 'heading into' before the dreamt scenario actually occurs thus knowing the future with certainty and being able to precisely play out in your mind the events that are within seconds of happening - well that was in my case but what if we Are able to train our sub conscious to recall that dream with precision to detail hours before it happens or that strong feeling even days before. I'm sure we can strengthen our subconscious to coincide with our conscious by following 'gut feelings' in experimentation of prediction because my 'thoughts' (sub conscious ) is often a prediction of what's about to happen next

    • profile image

      LostStranger 4 years ago

      I have always know my Deja Vu's were dreams I did not recall until the exact moment of reliving them. I assumed all people's feeling of deja vu was the exact same thing.

    • profile image

      haynjasmine 4 years ago

      i have dreams/deja vu's almost everyday. and i would not like to see them through...but some of them do (its scary;end of the world type of stuff; weather disasters and stuff like that). i try to wake up before i see the tragic end and try to put other happy thoughts in my mind but it helps for just a moment and it somehow flows back into the previous dream that i avoid.

    • profile image

      Margaret 4 years ago

      I have been experiencing this deja vu for a couple years now. I had no idea that this happened to other people and I always felt like I'm insane! I will have a dream with people I know, or places I know and then months or weeks later I will have the worst deja vu. It scares me! It's never anything bad, it's just really freaky and I look crazy whenever I try to tell someone about it.

    • profile image

      dreamintheshell 4 years ago

      As you said, why come up with the theorie that deja vu is actualy the action of comparing two identical memory: one from a dream(blur) and one from the present...well you have to experience it.

      I dont think it's a gift of premonition...time is simply a loaf of bread and we are just going throw it. over and over again.

    • profile image

      Katie 4 years ago

      These kinds of dreams are so weird. When my dreams come true I get the creepiest feeling, everything sort of fades away- it's kind of scary and definitely eerie! I always dream random details like a few weeks back, I dreamed I was walking on the street across from my school looking at a bright red truck. I remember this dream bc I remember thinking why would I ever go on that side of the street? Then two days ago, my friend didn't want to stop his car to give me lunch and told me to just cross the street to get it from him, and when I did, the red truck was there and I was so freaked out! Not the first time this has happened, but I just don't understand how it's possible.

    • profile image

      Natalie 4 years ago

      This is not deja vu but actually deja reve, which is the same feeling as deja vu but one that you get from having dreamt the event before.

    • profile image

      Adam G 4 years ago

      I have had these dreams before. Not of full events but of different details that would happen. My mind is able to keep track of details so when I have a deja vu moment, It would be triggered by using a pencil or something. There have been times though that I would dream of the answers to a test but don't remember until after the test. There have been also dreams of apocalypse and I have always been skeptical of: this being true now as planes haven't started falling from the sky and technology shutting down. These dreams don't feel as if you are really there but when Dejavu happens, the realization is astonishing and breathtaking. To know about something you are going to do in the future is insane but I feel it can be acquired. Maybe I can find some way to be able to learn more than just minor details, then maybe these dreams could become our sixth or seventh sense.

    • profile image

      elena 4 years ago

      Since I was 15 I've been having dreams that have been coming true. It never bothered me and I accepted them to be coincidences, until recently. Lately I've been experiencing sever deja vu, realizing that the smallest little action or conversation had previously been dreamt about when I look back on my dream journal. I've also been very intuitive lately, and I can read a person their thoughts, intentions and troubles so easily that it's beginning to scare me. What makes me feel worse is that I have a psychology degree and I understand that deja vu is explained as a trick of the mind, and you haven't been in that exact situation before but if that's true then why is my dream journal so accurate, down to every last detail! I'm able to tell people what they're going to say next.....I feel very confused and stupid

    • profile image

      Stephen E. 3 years ago

      Wow this is great! i am doing a report on Deja Vu dreams for my school. since i have had these dreams my self i was always perplexed on the topic and how they worked.

    • profile image

      Adrian 3 years ago

      I found this page after a search of Deja Vu and dreams and I can 100% that Deja Vu is a replay in the waking world of what we play in the dream world and if you train yourself to remember your dreams it can be a daily experience.

      My first serious experience with Deja Vu and dreams coming true was when my partner was killed in 2009 by a hit and run driver. I had dreamed the death several nights before but it wasn't exactly like how it happened and it was not until a few days after when I was down where it had happened did that overwhelming sense of Deja Vu hit. At the time, I just put it down to being in shock.

      Over the course of my grieving though, my beliefs have changed I find myself questioning a lot more about who we are and why we are here. I believe now everything is connected and that there is more to them than just something that happens when we sleep.

      Anyway, to shorten the story up, over the last year I have had an intense increase of dream activity that comes true or has some element that happens the next day. I also have been training myself to recognize and trigger lucid dreams, plus dream recall.

      Here is an example of what's been happening:

      1) I dream a family member is a hairdresser and the next day my best friends new truck she just bought has an old graphic of hairdressing scissors on the back window.

      2) I dream that someone took my tools at work to paint some blue helmets (not sure what the blue helmets meant) and the next day a tiler had used my shop vac in a bathroom where he was installing blue tiles.

      3) I dream I am painting a huge garage that has a Porsche in it that belongs to one of my regular customers and the next day she texts me to come paint their garage.

      4) I dream I am in my lawyers office and the next day she emails me to come see her. I haven't heard from her in a year and contact was not expected.

      Some of these may not seem like a big deal and often the dream is not exact as to what happens but before I began training myself to remember dreams, some would have triggered Deja Vu, and some wouldn't.

    • profile image

      Pluperfect 3 years ago

      a little over a year ago an image appeared in my mind randomly. I didn't experience deja vu, the picture just popped into my thoughts. It was very vivid. The image was me sitting cross legged with my one year old son sitting on my knee. We were visiting my best friends grave. The angle of the pictures was a "from behind" shot, just showing our backs.

      My son turned one on May 16th of this year, and my friend killed himself 5 days later. Ive always been able to recall my dreams very well. Reading this makes me think i have much more to explore in my dreamlife. I really like how you said deja vu could be lost predictions. Your words have been helpful.


    • profile image

      Bri 3 years ago

      "Deja Vu is the subconscious mind recalling a dream that our conscious minds did not recall." Thank you so much, I've been searching for an eloquent way to describe what I've been experiencing, and you absolutely nailed it!

    • profile image

      trailrunner18706 3 years ago

      Here's an idea or question used to get Deja Vu as a kid more then now. with that being said i talked to my family about this and my mother and my oldest Daughter seem to have the same, I noticed i cannot use it for personal gain Ie lotto numbers, job advancements, things of that nature just for mostly generalized run of the mill every day things which is fine.

      Here's my delemia since i recently took om a job part time which requires overnight sleeping at times its an old building belived to have spirits. Yes i said spirits i say that because i had a dream about them that was so vivid it woke me up at 2 am not in a bad way just a nucense type thing i sat up wide awake got up sat at the desk went outside had a smoke came back in and said out loud "ok you had ur fun with the newbie time for sleep " went back to sleep and and slept like a baby

      my question is wile im aware of Deja Vue could they accually affect my dreams?

    • profile image

      Esperanza 3 years ago

      Well the truth is that about 6 or 7 years old i dreamed that some people that i knew already fought but about a month after it happened was this a de ja vu?thx

    • profile image

      mohammad reza 3 years ago

      when we are younger we all have dreams of becoming a famous personal.

    • profile image

      John 3 years ago

      I have had several dream premonitions. They are usually of something insignificant. Each time the dream and reality are exactly the same unless I knowingly attempt to do the opposite of what happens in the dream. My favorite one is also the most recent. One night I had a dream that I was putting a little boy in a white car behind a duplx. When I woke up I told my wife about it remarking that it was the cutest boy I had ever seen. Five years later I was taking my five year old to the store...and behind the duplex (that we had just moved into) the exact scenario from my dream happened. Also of note, I didn't have the white car at the time of the dream either.

    • profile image

      Molly Jordan 3 years ago

      I've been having premonition dreams ever since I was little. It has been something that I've always done, to the point where when I realize I've already dreamed of doing something as I'm doing it, I don't get that weird feeling anymore. Now I just acknowledge that I had the dream, and keep moving on. I almost miss the feeling of deja vu...

    • profile image

      Hallee Ward 3 years ago

      I've been having dreams were I die in a car crash. Its never my fault always someone else's in the dreams. Bit last night I dreamed that id tell my friends they were perfect for eachother at school, and then I stomped outside And died because someone hit me with their car, and I looked back at those two and saw them dating while I was in the arms of the grandpa id never met but he was the only family that ever died so yeah... he held me as I watched the world slowly die...

      But it was very real and I'm afraid it'll happen as soon as the snow melts. Cars and semi trucks frighten me. Is that weird? And can I avoid it? Or should I just become at peace with it?

    • profile image

      Maroun 3 years ago

      I have finally found somebody who experienced the same thing i experience so much. I can assure you that what you are describing happens to me a lot in fact it is starting to freak me out, this is why i searched the Internet and found this blog. The fact is a lot of times i dream about events happening to me and with great details, i wake up in the morning and i still remember it and i say to myself what a dream, this is my mind dreaming about random stuff and bullshit that could never happen to me and go about my day and forget about the dream, then suddenly one day it will manifest and unfold before my eyes. every time it happen i experience a deja vu sensation and then directly remember when i dreamed about the event in my life in my sleep, and i can tell you the dreams are anything but linear in time. sometimes i experience a deja vu and remember that i have dreamed this event several days ago in my sleep, and sometimes i remember that it was several years ago that i dreamed the event! and i can assure you with great details it is real, i can remember my dreams and deja vu is when you experience an event you dreamed about it before and whether you still remember it or not you experience the sensation of deja vu. i don't know why i have this super refined ability to dream about what will happen to me and still remember it and then confirm it later when i experience a deja vu, but i can assure you it is so real and it happens to me nearly every night! it all started when i started doing transcendental meditation and yoga several several years!

    • profile image

      Dragonfire 3 years ago

      This is something that I've had for years. I would wake up somewhat remembering the dream but I wouldn't think it would be something that would actually happen. This dream could repeat a couple times in the span of a year or two, then the event would actually happen. Sometimes, the event dreamed would occur much sooner than a year or two but it usually happens in that timeframe. At first, it was really strange but after while, in my dreams, I knew I was having a premonition; as if time caught up to when I recognized that I was having this happen to me. I remember reading an article on deja vu and how it just might be a glitch in the brain. In one of my dreams, I was having a deja vu telling myself that it's just a glitch in the brain.... and that I knew I would say exactly this. This dream repeated maybe 2 or 3 times before it actually happened. When the moment passed, I was sure it couldn't be that since I knew I lived this moment more than twice. I don't know what to make of this but it seems that many, many people have had this experience. Maybe one day, all of this will be explained.

    • profile image

      doublelle 3 years ago

      HI truthawake. do you have an email address? i have a story i want to share with you but do not want to post it publicly =)

    • profile image

      blooop 3 years ago

      i had such a crazy dream

    • profile image

      jensenslover 3 years ago

      i just wanted to put 2 of my stories out there, and for the record this is 100% true, I promise im not lying. ikd what it is but im just putting out what happened

      NE way i don't know where, maybe it was a dream, maybe a vision but just a couple of weeks ago i saw me on the back of the bus w/ my friends and one of them (lets call her M) is holding her lunch bag thingy and she is calling it her boyfriend then her friend (lets call her L) leans onto her lap and say "YOU ARE DERAILING" and everyone on the back of the bus laughs because M is stuttering trying to figure out a good comeback but she can't.


      Maybe a couple of day l8ter (idk) but the exact thing happened- M was holding her lunch box and she called it her boyfriend then L leans onto her lap and say "YOU ARE DERAILING" and everyone on the back of the bus laughs because M started to stutter BUT then i start screaming "THIS HAPPENED, AHHHHHHH!!!!!" and everyone was staring at me and i was like "guys don't you remember this????" then i was like "ohhhh" but then i got confused and i was like "what????" and i kept on repeating that i saw it happened and everyone was like "r u sick or something" i was like "but... but... but..." lol.

      my second story was i dreamt that I was stuck at the end of English with my teacher because she wanted something and i was trying to send it to her, and i was standing on the opposite side of the desk and was leaning on it then i said something to her in my dream that i couldn't remember but i remember my face because i looked surprised/confused/happy and she smiled at me and said "your having deja vu, your not going crazy" then i woke up. then like 2 days later the exact thing happened and i told her that i saw what had happened and she smiled at me with the same position (as my dream) and said "your having deja vu, your not going crazy" i was like see you l8ter ms.******** and i walked out.

      but ne if n e one else has a story i really want to know what it was


      all of my deja vu dreams/visions/incidents are in 3rd person (is that what you call it?) (its where i see the thing happen as if i were another person watching what will happen in the future) I have more stories too but these were 2 recent ones (within the last 3 months)

    • profile image

      lucidreality 3 years ago

      Thank you for this page, because I finally understood what happened to me.

      A few weeks ago, I had this dream where I was dreaming LITERALLY a whole day of events. Imagine that, living in a dream for 24 hours. There's no way I could predict a whole day in my future, right? well, that's exactly what happened. Every detail, every face, every action, every emotion, every car on the street, every song that played on the radio. The gas stations we stopped at. I can share at least one moment that left an incredible impression on my face: in my dream, my friends and I went to eat food at a place called Liberty Burger. As soon as I was about to order, I reached for my wallet and forgot about the drink in my left arm, which I spilled all over the floor. I smoothly tried to clean it up, but an employee went in for the rescue. The same exact people were in the restaurant, sitting in the exact same places. Another thing that happened, was that for some reason, I decided to drive around the whole city with my radio on blast, singing everything and moving with no care in the world. In the real world, I did the same thing, went about the same streets, the same cars were there at every intersection. EVERYTHING WAS THE SAME. The colors, everything. . . I even dream that it rained, which it did in the early Sunday morning. Another thing that happened, was that along the dream journey, there were certain "instances" certain crossroads so to speak, where if I made a particular action, I would've been able to change the course of my journey. I faced a lot of my fears in my dream, and then I did the exact same thing in real life. No one sane enough could ever believe me . . . but I believe this was sort of a moment of enlightenment. I want to explain it by the intense rush of euphoria that I felt the whole day. I didn't smoke or drink a whole lot. One blunt, one beer. Most people usually come down from the peak of those effects in an hour or two. Not me. I peaked the whole night, and then the whole day. The euphoria felt almost as intense as magic mushrooms, without the reality distortion effects.

      For now, I'm going to write down every single dream I ever have from now on. as detailed as possible. If dreams can predict your future, I feel that they can help us make the best choices of our lives. That's one thing I took from my whole experience: There are many things that are out of our control, but there are instances where we have the power to reroute our lives as we CHOOSE.

    • profile image

      Miguel hijo de Dios (The Observer) 3 years ago

      I really liked your article! i'm not used to have deja vu anymore, but i had a lot of them almost everyday! so in my personal way of thinking i realized that deja vu are not just about dreams! and it doesn't have to be about an event that haven't pass yet (premonition) sometimes i had like memories or other types of possible realities (like a parallel reality something that could happen in a different way that i just did) i guess i'm saying that is like a mix of desires, memories and some of visualizations of different events located in different times of my life (some of the past and some of the future) is like in our unconsciousness there is no the typical forward time/space line. there're just probabilities

    • profile image

      Miguel hijo de Dios (The Observer) 3 years ago

      The real deal would be to control the essence of remember and being conscious about your deja vu. perhaps we do it every time without being aware of it. And if we control it there will be still some paradoxes like "if you are having a deja vu and you decided to do something different? does it end??" and "if i have a continuous deja vu everyday does it means that i'm foreseeing the whole day or just the moment just before it happen??"

    • Natalie Tomany profile image

      Natalie Tomany 3 years ago from USA

      My déjà vu is always experienced as remembering a dream but the strange part is that I can remember my actual thoughts about the dream at the time I had it as a witness. For example, I would have déjà vu that my husband walks in the room and says something to me. I remember the dream but I also remember thinking at the time of the dream, who is that guy? So obviously I had the dream prior to meeting him. This happens every time I have déjà vu. I remember my thoughts about it. As if I saw it as a movie and wondered about it, as you would a movie scene or characters, then when it happens in real life, it's like an a-ha! Moment of "oh that's who that was". Anyone else experience this??

    • profile image

      Alyssa Crawshaw 2 years ago

      Hello my name's Alyssa and I think I see the future. Like once I was in my class room a year ago when I experienced deja vu. Because it all seemed so familiar. Is deja vu or can I see the future. People have disbelieve me like my mum and dad. They asked if win the lottery . And my brother Ralf Crawshaw said they aren't real.

      Please I need answers

      Yours, , AlyssaCrawshaw

    • profile image

      Vedika 2 years ago

      ***Please help me *****

      In my entire 17 yes of existence only once did my dream turn to reality. I had a dream that I am craving for cake and my mom had got one for me. The very same day I got the exact same craving and well that time too my mom brought me the same exact cake. This might not be something really important but I still remember it as a deja vu.

      So yesterday I had a dream of me staying over at my grandma's place and there was no one at home. I decided to go for a walk where some boys who were supposedly my neighnours saw me and they had some rivalry with my grandma or so I perceived in the dream. After which I went back home and when suddenly those boys came there and started raping me. I cried and then I went and closed all doors and windows from inside when those boys came again and cursed when they realized I had closed the door from inside.

      When I woke up I was panicking so much. I don't know what to do. Will this come true? I don't want it to. I'm scared. I'm very scared. Please help guys!

    • profile image

      Julian 2 years ago

      A few nights ago I had a dream of me at school. I went to my locker where my girlfriend and I have met up everyday for the past year. But this time she wasn't. I was overwhelmed with anger and started looking for her. I remember having my phone out, and everything seemed pointless.

      Now the reason I bring this up is because yesterday that dream had come true. I was angry with myself because I had missed her when she waited at the locker for 10 minutes. My phone was taken from a teacher. When this all happened I knew I had experienced it in my dream. I can't explain the feeling as well as you did, but the puzzle piece scenario works.

      What troubles me is that it happens quite frequently with my dreams. And at times it scares me. My nightmares no longer feel like nightmares. Last night I had one where I was walking with my girl friend and another person. It was dark out and there was these rectangle holes in the ground filled with mud and water. I looked back for one second to say something, and the next thing I know, I walked into one. Fear overwhelmed me as I sank into it. I could feel the slimy liquid pour into my lungs and I gasped for air. I woke up at 2:57 am gasping for air right after the dream.

      I fear this dream for it was way too vivid and realistic. Should I fear this dream knowing that my dreams do not lie to me? I'm too used to my dreams reoccurring in this way. It was the feeling I got from the dream that scares me more than the dream its self. If it helps, I had eight seizures in a row last year due to an over dose. I was in a coma for 12 days after this event, where later I experienced more deja vu "dreams" about a month or two afterwards.

    • profile image

      Andrew 2 years ago

      I had dream deja vu about 18 years ago. It's only ever happened once but I know it happened, and as the author said, "that's the only proof I have".

      Here's how it went. I dreamt that I was standing outside a suburban house in an unfamiliar place, talking to a guy with a beard that I didn't know, whilst wearing my leather motorcycle jacket. My older brother was doing something in the driveway but I wasn't sure what it was. When I woke up, I found it strange how vivid the dream had felt. I didn't think too much more about it and went on with life.

      Two weeks later, I flew to a colder part of the country to attend my brothers' wedding. I didn't need warm clothes where I lived so the only warm thing I could take was some jeans and my motorcycle jacket. I hadn't seen my brother in about 6 years and he'd moved from where I had last visited. It was going to be a double wedding with his friend also getting married. On the morning of the wedding, we drove from my brothers place to the house of his friend to get ready. Whilst people were fussing about inside, I was outside talking to the son of the woman my brothers' friend was marrying. I'd never met him before this morning and we had only been speaking for about 15 minutes before BAM! MASSIVE DEJA VU EXPERIENCE! "Holy crap!! I've been here before and I KNOW WHEN! Two weeks ago."

      In a split second, I recalled the details of my dream:

      1. Wasn't familiar with the location - "CHECK"

      2. Talking to a guy with a beard - "CHECK"

      3. Leather Jacket - "Holy crap! CHECK"

      4. Brother doing something in the driveway? ......... I turned to see where my brother was. OMFG!! There he is, right there in the driveway, washing this cadillac for the wedding. I'd never seen that car before that weekend and it was the missing piece of that dream I had two weeks prior. I was and to this day, still am baffled about that experience. I had dreamt the future. I've never done it since but I know in my heart that it's possible because I've done it once. I only wish I had realised the significance of that event back when it happened. Who knows where I'd be today. Nevermind, here we are and all is not lost. I'm now on a mission to detoxify my body, introduce meditation into my routine and to form a deeper connection with my mind, it's thoughts and it's dreams through lucid dreaming techniques. I'm going to see if I can activate that ability again. Then yes, I will be playing lotto :-)

    • profile image

      flavio 2 years ago

      ever since I was a kid I remember having some dreams that I cant remember of but then, days later or even years after, I remember 'being' at the moment of the dream living AND going thru that dream I had days/years ago, I always try to change the outcome but whatever I do, it always happens, the final result of that dream always come and I don't remmber the dream till I am experiencing it, it still happens but not as frequent as when I was younger(im 28), kind of weird and I didn't told many people about it, just a few close friends.

      weird but true, funny coz when I'm going thru what I dreamd of, I always tell to the person next to me and they don't believe me, not that I care either.

    • profile image

      leo81895 2 years ago

      Yes hello truthawake, i do not know if you're still active on hubpages but i read this and was wondering if you'd emai me so that maybe you could give me some further understanding of what im going through, i believe with how well placed this article is you did your research and was wondering if you'd help a fellow writer.. My email is

    • profile image

      PedroNYC 2 years ago

      I know this web page is old but I want to share my experience with déjà vu,

    • profile image

      PedroNYC 2 years ago

      I was having a heated argument with a friend when he lost his temper and shoved me down the stair. As I was lying on my back and looking up to him on the upper side of the stair, I had this strange feeling that this happened before. Even though I KNEW that this never happened before, I couldn't ignore the feeling. The first thing that came to my mind was that I dreamt of this but totally forgot about it until I was shoved down the stair. Another thought was that my déjà vu was an echo from the same last looped life. Whatever it was, it definitely wasn't the last.

    • profile image

      Jose 2 years ago

      I can really relate.

      When in middle school I dreamed about seeing a girl I had never seen before at school.

      Days later the same scenario played out in real life as in my dream sure enough I saw the same girl from my dream and just as in my dream she was starring at me. Never had i seen this girl in my life prior to my dream and yet she was so vivid in my dream as were the sensations, so intense. On the school bus yet another scene of my dream played out; I looked out the window of the school bus and there she was and I swear I feel our eyes met. Only on that one day did I see that girl from my dream in real life scenario by scenario just as in my dream.

      Do not have an explanation for this experience but the experience was very intense in my dream and in real life it left me appalled.

      Just recently I had another experience with déjà vu yet at the moment the sensation of being there before was the strongest I could not consciously remember the why of experience the déjà vu sensation

      Now as I remember the scene of my most recent experience with déjà vu the memory plays back in my mind mirrored.


    • profile image

      Roob 2 years ago

      Every once and a while, I'll have these deja vu moments of pictures my eyes will fall on and I'll know I had seen that one little moment before. I still remember in fourth grade we went on a field trip and I stepped out of the bus and saw these beautiful dewy grass and had a major deju vu. I knew I had seen that one moment, that one vision, of dewy grass before. I thought I saw it in a dream and I turned to my friend and told her. Now I can't remember if that whole thing was a dream or not. It also happened in math the other day. I was spacing out and all of a sudden I see this vision of the calculator on the desk and the background blurred and I have the weird dream deja vu. It can happen in the car too. I drive the same roads all the time but I just get that feeling of the one image I've seen before. It's never like yours though, where there's a whole dream with talking. It's always just this one image that gives me this dream deja vu feeling. Sorry this was so long! Just wanted to know if you or anyone else has experienced this vision feeling and maybe what you thought about it.

    • profile image

      Sunny 2 years ago

      This is%100 accurate. There is no debate for me anymore about What Deja Vu is. I remember most of my dreams and as I got older I would have Deja Vu and remember the dream it was from. So interesting.

    • profile image

      Amber 2 years ago

      I have had many occasions of déjà vu and am glad to finally find that others experience this as I do. Often when I have an extremely realistic dream, it will come true within a time frame of 1-3 weeks. I have never had a dream come true of an important event such as getting fired. I hope to one day become better at remembering my dreams so I can be more aware of a déjà vi moment

    • profile image

      John 2 years ago

      I had this really vivid dream last night. There was girl, she was really pretty and for some reason we were making out. But it turns out she played me and stole my phone. I woke up crying wanting to be with her. I don't know why though. I cannot forget about it and I've been searching everything about dreams since I got home.

    • profile image

      Courtland 2 years ago

      I have a lot of dreams every day and the next day they come true. Even if I think of something or say something or even touch something they come true every day as well. Do you think I am a psychic?

    • profile image

      Audra 2 years ago

      I have had a good few preminition dreams that I have had in my life. Now no not all dreams that I have had have come true. These were different though. Stonger, and easier to remember. I could draw you a map of the house in one. Tell you where every piece of furniture went. That one I dreamed of being with someone (at the time I didn't know), but met him 2 weeks later. Next I had a dream about the dicontent towards co-workers before everything at work fell apart between all of us. In that dream my mother showed up at my work in a robe (to show me she would be fired at her job 1st), and then my mom lost her job. Then 200 went missing, and everyone at work started blaming everyone. Everything fell apart just like my dream stated. These are my two most recent. Ever since I started listening to them though, they seem to show more prevalent.

    • profile image

      ConfusedDreamer 2 years ago

      I experience the same thing. Once I had a dream about me eating then suddenly remembering something that made me stop eating all together. I was also in the middle of telling a joke but was not able to finish. Waking up, I couldn't figure out what I remembered in my dream that bothered me so much to make me stop everything I was doing. A few months later, the dream came true, same place, same food, same person. Just when I was about to tell the joke, I looked at my plate and remembered the dream. It made my skin crawl to realize that the dream came true and the missing part of it was the me remembering the dream itself. Ever since, I was a child I was afraid of nightmares because a lot of my dreams came true.

    • profile image

      anon 2 years ago

      I had the same as ConfusedDreamer where the deja vu filled in details of a dream. In the dream I stopped what I was doing for no apparent reason. Then in real life I stopped what I was doing because I remembered that I had already dreamed about what I was doing.

    • profile image

      roer.killz@facebook 2 years ago

      I have deja vu everyday,is anyone else a libra

    • profile image

      2 years ago

      I first discovered the link between my dreams and deja vu when I was a teenager.

      It was a silly experience, but I'll always remember it as my first of many.

      I was in my bedroom, listening to my girlfriend speak, when all of a sudden she said something that gave me the all too familiar, puzzling feeling of familiarity.

      The moment I got that feeling, I remembered a past dream, involving a faceless person (girlfriend) with me in my room. I immediately thought about what came next, my cat getting up from my desk and jumping onto the bed.

      As I was thinking it, I looked towards my desk, and my cat got up and jumped onto the bed exactly as I remembered!

      From then on, every experience of deja vu seemed to be from a past dream.

      I like to think that we are doomed (or blessed) to relive our memories over and over again throughout eternity.

      One could fall asleep tonight and wake up in the third grade, only to forget what had happened moments after waking up.

      While reliving those memories, you faintly remember what you have already done, an endless number of times.


    • profile image

      roer killz 2 years ago

      Its really cool that we all can dream of our future, I wonder how it would be if everyone with deja vu we're to hang out,would it mean we were all in eachothers dream at the same time,that would be badass!!!

    • profile image

      A Name 20 months ago

      Ok... So,

      Whenever I'm doing something, occasionaly I recall it in a dream and think /this is when I stop breathing/

      Because whenever I dream, they usually consist of a time in the future where I stop breathing. I experience the place and time, but no the stop breathing part. When I think I'm about to stop breathing, I make sure to take deep breaths

    • profile image

      tony 18 months ago

      Over the course of my life ( from infant up until last night)I have had "deja vu dreams".when I dream I only remember bits and pieces at a by frame but only one frame per night.As I dream I can smell,taste,feel,and sense everything as tho I am awake...the freakish breakdown of this is that every time I dream a frame it's not in any order or configuration but a Mish mosh of information but I do always remember the age I was at the time of the morning 5 years ago I opened my eyes and the events that took place afterwards almost drove me insane(every second I was awake..every thought..every movement..every person/thing I interacted with and witnessed as a frame by frame was now playing itself out like a movie..somehow my body had been taken over and I was just a horrified passenger along for the ride...I scared my friends by interrupting conversations to finish their sentances,ask questions,answer questions before they could ask them/answer..I could hear their thoughts and feel what they felt " and " i scared one of my friends by telling him he was going to die if he was to leave right was horrible to me...inside I thought it was the end of the world or I was going to be ubducted or It was possession...everything felt as tho it had been rehearsed to the point of memorization..thoughts had echos of of what my thoughts horror was that after three weeks,5 days,7 hours,22 mins,and 41.09 stopped...I felt violated...I felt so relieved to be set free from this... I have smaller visions to this day..the way I felt in dream state where dreams have become true:i also remember the dreams that haven't yet come true..there will be marshal assassination of a world war will reign..people are placed in living quarters by the boxes will litter the streets..trigger deaths.clint Eastwood, Betty white,the queen of England, Don cherry,Cosby, mick mars,Cher, fonda,james earl jones..islamification will fail anti Muslim genocide brought on by the pope and his crusaders...Korea...

    • profile image

      NIS 18 months ago

      I usually dont remember dreams except like once every two months but i had a dream that it snowed (and it never snows in my city) and the next morning i woke up and looked outside my window and saw that it did snow (it was a tiny bit) but i was pretty shocked lol

    • profile image

      pg 18 months ago

      i had two dreams. The first one was, in my dream i was sitting in my sit in the class and there was this girl at the door who passed my notebook to me from the door. the next day when i woke up, the same girl came to the door , i was sittting in my sit and she passed my notebook at me from the door. Nothing changed, exact same as the dream. and in another dream, a little boy (didnt see his face)fell from the stairs and he was bleeding on the ground and my friend carried him to the school clinic. and next day when i was in school, a little boy fell down from stairs and was crying(no blood) and my friend, the same one from dream carried him in his arms and took the boy to the clinic

    • profile image

      Sash 15 months ago

      I too had the same dream of being fired. I saw i was sitting in my cubicle, my seniors arranged a meeting and started entering conference area one by one, then they called me in the conference room, and told me " you are fired". i was so bummed in dream. I argued why ...what was the reason and bla bla stuff.

      Then suddenly i woke up. I don't remember the time as it was 3 years ago. Now, I am little scarred to go office that day, but i went to office. I was so nervous,and there it happened my seniors called up a meeting in the same conference area , entering in same sequence as i saw in dream and guess what , now there is a twist instead of me they called my junior who is sitting next to me and he got fired.

      This all started from here. I always have dreams that come true but with a little twist. But yes they come true in a period of one or two week.

      I am not scared of my dreams but a little curious. What's the reason for all this. Is there a scientific reason or seriously this is Deja Vu.

    • profile image

      Amanda Rinaudo 14 months ago

      i dream at least two times a night, sometimes i have up to maybe six. i use to sleep JUST so i could dream because i learned how to control what happens in a way. but the ones i cant control are the ones that i wake up from maybe fear or sadness. ive woken up in tears because of a dream and how it feels like another reality. but why do i dream so much? even if i fall asleep in class, or for just a few minutes..i dream! and they have come true before as well as i have experienced deja vu but not often. i usually remember all my dreams and the ones that i remember most i write down in my dream book. please try to answer these questions with your knowledge of why do i dream so much and why do i remember more in my subconscious mind than in my conscious mind?

    • profile image

      Nicole 14 months ago

      i'm having 2,3 or even 4 moments like this everyday, it is killing me, my head seems like it is going to explode, all time i'm feeling sleepy. i'm living this life from when i was a 9-year-old kid, it was Easter eve. from then everyone was thinking i am crazy, because my reactions were the worst when a moment like this happen. i have many other abilities, that you can't even imagine. but it is truly killing me, i'm thinking only about my death ceremony and how will people react. i can't even control my emotions, and i think i need help

    • profile image

      John D 13 months ago

      The description of it feeling like a puzzle peice falling into place is the best I've heard cause it really does feel like you just ended up right back into the dreamstate where you've one experienced the memory your now experiencing in reality. I've had a dream where I was talking to my counselor now When I had the dream I didn't remember it when I woke up figureing it was a small weird nonsensical dream that just spurted out plus in thr dream state It was vague and kinda muffled if you get what I mean. Wasn't much to attach myself to or my mind just wasn't fully into it rather. But then reality comes along and I goto my counselor not thinking of the dream at all. I walk into her office and sat down once that happend it started and I felt right in place but heavily confused about the state surrounding me But knew how familiar it really was recalling the dream, meanwhile she starts walking to her desk talking (just like in the dream/ or rather premonition. I consider more loony if you get my jist theese premonitions cone true though) and as she said down ready to start her next line I said it. I've already said In my head what she was going to say before it left her mouth. This showed me colors of life and sleep and dreams I've never thought possible. But now I'm a fond believer of premonitions feeling so undeniably sure that theres some thread of similarity between the two. Life and dreams. Truly amazeing.

    • profile image

      random dreamer 13 months ago

      my friend can rely relate to your article. She had a dream when 3 boys in our class wer trying to impress her,our other friend and I. The next day,we saw our other friend flirt with one of the boys. I cant blame her after reading your atricle.

      What I woud want to know is why would my dreams have different,unrelated scenes.

      loved your article :)

    • profile image

      Maeve Kelly 13 months ago

      This is really weird to me. So over the past couple of years I've being have this sense of deja vu and I thought nothing of it. For example I get this feeling during the opening night of my performances, before I audition for it. Or I can mimic people's conversations, knowing every word that their about to say as they say it, not a second before. But lately I've been remembering my dreams (I usually only remember them after it happens in real time) but they aren't the same. Its just faces and places and my last one a couple nights ago had two numbers 50 and 52. I now realize what it means and I'm worried I'm going insane. Because I don't really believe in the whole premonition thing. How can I tell the difference between the dream that is going to be "deja vu" and the one where it is just my subconscious talking to me?

    • profile image

      Krisann 13 months ago

      I still have a hard time believing that I have any "psychic powers" but this article has perfectly described situations that happen to me about 4 times a year. They are usually very unimportant scenarios, unlike losing your job, but I dream them in detail and then about a week or so later, they happen exactly like the dream. It feels kind of good knowing that I'm not the only one, but also scary at the same time.

    • profile image

      Shanon 13 months ago

      I am so thankful for your article! I too, experienced Deja Vu and recalled it as being something I had dreamed. It caused me to delve into this subject and I have come to think that in the subconscious (dream) realm, time exists as One. Past, Present and Future are accessible. A great book on the topic is called, An Experiment with Time by JW Dunne.

    • profile image

      Shimmer 13 months ago

      I dream of places I have never been, and people I have never seen. I usually keep a pad of paper and pen by my side when i go to bed so i can write down my dreams or draw pictures of them. I had one dream 3 times in a row and it eventually came true. I dont know what it means to dream of things and people I have never seen though... sometimes i think they are someone elses memories. I know that sounds weird.

    • profile image

      Biz 12 months ago

      I have had a similar experience, though not nearly as exact and mind-blowing as yours. It was just another typical dream; weird, makes zero-sense, kind of freaks you out. But I remember very specifically that I went into this little restaurant, like a taco shack or something. There were little, two-people circular tables, and I sat alone at one right next to the ordering counter. I didn't think anything of it, of course. Just another odd, freaky dream.

      Months later (I don't remember the exact amount of time, so let's just say 6 months or so), I went to a museum, and they had an exhibit of an old street. There were fake store fronts, and one little slice of a fake Mexican restaurant.

      The minute I saw it I about had a heart attack. It was the same restaurant from my dream. The little glass counter, the menu, the colors. And a little circular table, in the exact place where I had sat, right next to the counter. The only table in the exhibit, too, I might add.

      Like I said, its not quite as drastic as yours, but reading yours recalled that to my mind. It was definintely creepy.

    • profile image

      Stephtaveras 12 months ago

      Hello, I have various dreams that I can't remember when I wake up or during the day. But in the next couple of days, I'm doing something and I remember doing the same exact thing. I remember people saying the same exact things and doing the same movements. This usually happens for about a minute and I've realizing that it was apart of my dream that I couldn't remember. Is there anyway I can channel that ability?

    • profile image

      Sher 12 months ago

      Hello, I have 3 experiences on Deja vu. I dreamt 2 of them and one them is something I can't recall. I've become curious of what it because in the past few days, I've been researching more about the spiritual world.

      I experienced my 3rd time on experiencing Deja vu today when we were practising for a class jingle and when I had a feeling that I saw the same scene before, a similar image flashed in my mind and I could clearly see it, also I had a feeling of getting shocked, my body straightened when I saw the image in my mind. What does this mean?

    • profile image

      Aric B. 11 months ago

      I have been freaking out the last couple of years because i have had about 11 dreams all of which so far have happened down to every detail some of which WERE MAJOR events, I had a dream in early 2000 of being at the world trade center (had never been there nor did i know where i was, furthest i have every made it into the USA was Detroit, I live in Windsor Ont). ANYWAY, i dreamed i was in a conference of some kind i look up and i SEE A PLANE ABOUT TO SMASH INTO THE BUILDING! i could feel the weight of metal crushing my bones and tearing my flesh, then the feeling and smell of burning fuel. It was so vivid and real that i woke up screaming i immediately woke my mother up and told her all this. Only to be told it was only a dream, AS YOU KNOW the world trade center was mostly destroyed on September 11 2001 not even a full year later as i watched it on the news all i could feel was guilt as i should have done SOMETHING, I could have reported this to the authorities or something but would they have believed me?, i was only 12 at the time. This is where it gets truly scary recently maybe a over the last few weeks i have been having a similar dream. this may not happen but its freaking me out that i'm having this same dream over and over. I'm outside cutting the grass of all things, i look up in the sky only to see EXTREMELY BRIGHT MASSIVE NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS, iam now(in the dream) filled with both shock and awe at the same time as well as a feeling of loss and regret that the governments of the world would so brashly kill us all to fill their pocket books, with all the things going on with China, Russia, North Korea, USA. i've been having trouble sleeping because almost everytime i do i'm having this same dream. Im not sure if i should start heading for the arctic or just ignore this. But i have a feeling that this is inevitable again i have had a few dreams similar to this and all of them have happened. I normally dont believe in premonition but recently i believe i may be getting warnings from the future or something to start heading for the hills so to speak.

    • profile image

      Tammy 11 months ago

      I have dreamed one time about my boyfriend cheated I was gonna get put in hospital for something I was their for two weeks before I was put in hospital I had that dream I even seen the girl in it when I got out of the hospital he did it he cheated the girl I never seen before expect in my dreams he did it was her wow I left him yrs later I got with another guy after a year I started having dreams of him with someone visiting some girl she had lot of puppy's it was true then I had another dream him and I were look down crying I kept waking up during it I told him he laughs at me well three months later his brother died what does this mean

    • profile image

      Double S 10 months ago

      im 17 years old and this occurs everyday, somedays are more clear than others but for the majority of the part an events that occur in my life I've seen it before. as time goes on they get stronger. I recently found out my grandma use to experience the same thing, when i talk to her about it she told me to not be scared of it but to embrace it which I've learned to do. to embrace i didn't pay much mind to it i personally thought it was going to go away or stop happening, they didn't it just got stronger and started happening to me everyday. I've just started my research on Deja Vu and premonitions and i would like for anyone to comment other blogs or stories that i can read about. also if anyone knows of any books i can read or documentaries i can watch, please comment them a well. i am confused and would like got further my knowledge.

    • profile image

      Adrienne 10 months ago

      Throughout my whole life this has happened to me: I will be somewhere or see something in real life and instantly recognize it from a dream that I either just remember at that moment, or I have remembered since I had the dream (usually years before). I've also experienced Deja Vu, a lot, and recognize it during it. I can't predict what is about to happen but I realize i'm having deja vu and that it isn't over yet and whatever is about to happen had happened in my "dream" or from something in the past. Has anyone ever experienced any of this? I have such a hard time explaining it and I don't talk about it often because it doesn't make much sense. If anyone

    • profile image

      E'claire Toneirre 10 months ago

      Ive experienced it many times. One that i remember vividly is when i first met my friends boyfriend in a dream. I dreamt me and my friend going to the mall and some guy unexpectantly coming towards us and saying hello. I got his name and all three of us walked around the mall and met another character. They were all dressed exactly as i dreamt they did. In my dream and the real world I looked around the mall and saw the same people pass dressed exactly alike and looking exactly alike. The same woman pushing a stroller as her young daughter in pink skipped past me and the couple walking around. Plus many more.

    • profile image

      jo 10 months ago

      I am buying a watch in my dream in a shop...The watch I chose has a name BAMFORD....and I really dont know whether a name BAMFORD really exists. Today I came to know that it was a name of a Rolex Watch.


    • profile image

      Gray 9 months ago

      I am an accomplished, highly educated and happily married 35 year old, living in NY. I have sufferred from night terrors since I was born, and still do to this day. In fact, my loving and devoted parents put up with four and half years of middle of the night wailing/screaming...not a single night's rest for four and a half years after my birth. Bless them. As I got older I learned how to deal with the "dreams" and channeled them into art, taking up piano, violin and songwriting (I am now a world-touring, professional musician and producer). While my ability to deal with these "dreams" seemed to get better as I got older, the "dreams" steadily became stronger and more powerful in the emotional messages and experiences I was receiving at night. Eventually by the time I was 22, a major stone was overturned for me. I finally was given a sliver more of understanding of what I was experiencing at night for all of those years when I dreamt the horrific and specific details of my close friend's death, the night before it actually happened. I was so overwhelmed with fear and sadness when I woke on that morning from my dream. Thankfully, because of the close relationship I had at that time, and still have with my parents, I shared the chilling details with them. Had I not done this, who knows where my sanity would have gone. Because I could receive proper support and validation from my parents, I could rest assured that I was not "crazy", nor would anyone else think I was.

      There is so much more I could share about this specific occurrence, as my experiences only got more intense from that point forward, but there was one particularly astounding occurrence a couple of years later that involved a link between one of my prophetic dreams and deja vu.

      One morning after experiencing a very dark dream about a close friend's cousin, with whom I was friendly, I decided to call him and disclose my dream. I explained to him that in my dream I had seen him very hurt, physically, bleeding badly and in need of serious medical attention (I left out the part that he sufferred fatal wounds). I assured him it was probably nothing, but simply explained that it always made me feel better to share my dreams with any person I knew or knew of, and hoped I hadn't upset him by my actions. After hanging up the phone, I felt better immediately and was able to go about my day with a smile. By the end of the day I had already forgotten about our phone conversation and the previous night's dream I experienced. At about 4 o'clock in the morning I received a frantic phone call from him. He explained that just earlier that night he was working at his job, bartending, and was the only male working in the bar. He continued by explaining that a verbal disagreement escalated into physical fight between two male customers. His initial reaction was to jump over the bar, get between the two brawlers and put an end to the fight. Just as he placed his hand on the bar to vault over, he was overwhelmed by the sense of deja vu. It stopped him dead in his tracks. The next thing he realized was being snapped out of his deja vu by the sound of a glass bottle being smashed by one of the brawlers and stabbed into the other. There was blood everywhere. He said to me simply, "I would've been stabbed had I not had that deja vu." His experience floored me and also brought me some personal balance to losing my close friend previously and not having the knowledge or foresight to warn him.

      I wish I could say that my friendship with my friend's cousin grew stronger after that experience, but it did the opposite. His experience frightened him and he moved to the other side of the country (California) almost immediately after.

      Through deep interest and research, driven by my most recent dreams, I have become aware of many people online who share with me in this uncanny and strange awareness of being connnected to something much greater than themselves in the dream state...I don't have answers, and everyday only more questions, but somehow I feel some relief from sharing this with an interested and experienced community of my peers.

    • profile image

      Sami 9 months ago

      I have had this a few times now, but mine are quite short, for example: the other day My suitcase rolled over a clear, plastic water bottle at the air port, I looked down and saw it, the my mum said"Leave it, it is not ours". a couple months ago I experienced this in a dream, but I did not remember colours or peoples faces or if it was my suitcase, so I dismissed it as a strange dream, but then it happened and I stood then stunned as it happened and I remembered the dream. This is the forth time this has happened and they are spaced from 2 months to 9 months. I felt like I was going crazy until I read this! I felt like I could not share this with anyone because I thought that they might lock me up in a mental institute or declare me as crazy! I should probably stop watching sci-fi movies. Thanks for writing this great article

    • profile image

      DonaJohnson0264 9 months ago

      I dreamed about this article. The contents and even pictures. I have noticed of late that i am indeed dreaming of scenarios i will be in or things i will see in my dreams. If there is anyone out there experiencing the same thing please messege me!

    • profile image

      Steve 9 months ago

      Great article, had the same experience in that I dreamt i was in the hospital the week before it happened.

    • profile image

      anime 9 months ago

      I had a dream way back when I still haven't had my current job. I had this dream where someone was giving me something on the counter but I do not know who . then i think it has been a year passed and exact same thing happened. I remember I stopped what I was doing and told the guy "So it was you in my dreams" and he just laughed at me. Honestly I have been having these dreams that came true way passed before but I did not acknowledge it. I thought it was weird of me but yea.

    • profile image

      angela 8 months ago

      ive had dreams that years later came true. ive had dream about my grandmother passing away and then few years later she passed away 3 years in fact and my relatives fought because there is rivary in my family so after she passed away i started having dreams of similar of my father passing away and in my dream i screamed and told my cousins to stop fighting over my fathers death and that he was my father . Then few months later my father got sick went to the hospital and never came home... some of my relatives started fighting and also started fighting online and i just couldnt take it so i started screaming at them to stop.. ever since those i always feel like when i have a dream i should tell someone. ive had others too one about me and family being at a store and someone came in and stole something from the registers and a few days later the store was robbed... and other little things since i was little...i also get vibes when i know somethings not right or someones not themselves...

    • profile image

      Will 8 months ago

      I just had this happen. Dead on like this article said. This isn't the first time this has happened either, I have begun to write them down and keep track. Mine was so irrelevant it makes me wonder why my brain keeps doing this. The way it works is over and over about 10-12 times a year, some times for frequent and sometimes spread out, I dream. But I always forget the dream, every time. Until the moment comes to pass and slam, my brain instantly remembers having the dream, ever detail, ever move I make every word out of my mouth. And it seems like it's out of my control, but ever single thing that happens and EVER single thing I do, is precisely exactly as I saw. The moment only last about 10-30 seconds, but in that time this massive wave of recalling comes over me. And I can picture everything perfectly in my brain, and then literally as I'm

      Picturing it in my brain, the next seconds perfectly Morris and come true to every last detail. I dreamt about what happened months ago, and then it came true. I don't understand why though. They are never significant moments. For instance, tonight, I was literally sitting on my clinch with a plate of pasta watching supernatural on Netflix on my phone. And then boom, I knew exactly what would happen in the episode, what the actors would say and what would happened in their surrounding, I then look up at my dog on the floor and then back at the screen. All while this happens, I know it's going to happen. I don't understand it at all. I'm not worried, I'm just extremely curious and I want to find out more about what's going on.

    • profile image

      Dag416 7 months ago

      I have these dreams off and on every now and them, it always when least expected because you can't consider every spindle dream. It's difficult because no one I know, knows. I seem to be an alien because of it.

      To be honest I hate having this skill but it does make me feel special. I see it as having an controllable skillset. Makes me question my marriages future then again those can be self conscious dreams opposed to being future dreams.

    • profile image

      Jaime lauriano 7 months ago

      I had a dream where I remember sudden parts but I can't put them together it is hard.Like when I go out to eat I remember the same scene

    • profile image

      Diane 6 months ago

      I am sun-Cancer. I have had so many dreams through -out my life that I cannot even begin to count as being Deja Vu. I just about 50 yrs. old. I have had glimpses and full blown dreams of events. Although it has not happened for awhile (probably because now I take melatonin for sleep), it has happened so many times that it quite frightened me. Anything from recognizing a face, dreaming about the exact scenario or so on. I know they Cancer is supposed to be the most psychic sign,but I question it.

    • profile image

      Heather Sipe 5 months ago

      I saw this and had to comment!!! I was 16 and had a dream that at the time didn't make any sense but days later I was at the last minute invited to a party and I had taken some acid...well I was coming down the next day and word for word movement for movement it happened!!! The dream acted it's self out! I am now 32 and still will never forget that day! Another time I was at work and had a vision of my coworker falling and seconds later...I fell! I don't understand how things happen like this! When I was very little I had gotten a small game for Christmas I still remember it had dolphins in it...but I remember laying it beside my bed and I would be really crazy if that game turned on by itself and I was sooo scared and freaked out when seconds later it turned on! Many people would call bulls**t about these stories but I have had things happen like this my whole life! Not to mention my brother was in prison and I had no idea where he was or anything at the time and I had a dream about him being dead from being stabbed!! When I told my sister about the dream she told me that he was having problems at the prison and was in the hole!! I swear I have no idea why I have these dreams...but they have come to help me throughout the years! I had a dream that my boyfriend and I was at a party and I walked in on him having sex with another woman and to my surprise (well I guess not surprise) but I had later proven that he had cheated on me! I'm not the only one that has these moments either. My sisters have had weird things happen too but nothing like my experiences! I know we humans all have visions! I wonder since my family is so close if that's the reason we can have a warning about each other in a dream...maybe the strong love keeps us connected almost like how we feel God telling us when we do wrong! I do know one definite thing though...I will NOT seek answers from the dead and through people who contact the dead. The Bible warns us not to do so and that just goes to prove that some people who do mess with dark spirits can know things we don't! It is true that they can tell you things that you don't know but there is a hard price to pay when you start to dabble in that type of magic. I believe we all have the abilities to know things that we can't explain...even God tells us in the Bible that many people had visions! I have changed many things in my life like giving up drugs a long time ago and I did find out while I was living that way that life isn't just what we can see! There are lots of things in life that we can't see and I consider myself very lucky that I was able to turn my life back to God! For the ones who think that spirits and things that are involved with them are nothing but fairy tales they have a lot to learn!

    • profile image

      Timmy 5 months ago

      I had quite a few moments where i experienced deja vues, only for a short moment. I don't remember if i saw the moment in a dream or just a similarity of the past.

    • profile image

      Thomas Laskowski 5 months ago

      Mine are way worse than that. I recently rapidly withdrew from almost all my psychotropic medication that I was taking for anxiety, depression and other things. I was on many different medications for 12 years after being fired and I just kept falling into deeper and deeper depression instead of getting better.

      Your dream theory doesn't explain what I am experiencing.

      The last 8 or more (new) movies that I've watched, I could swear that I have seen them already. But when I look at the release date, they just came out few days ago!

      Same goes for TV series/shows.

      There is no possible way that I have predicted every new movie and show that will come out.

      The only thing that I have "not seen already" is live TV.

      There are several other repetitive things going on.

      I feel almost like being in that Groundhog Day movie.

      I know that this sounds crazy and maybe it's all in my head.

    • profile image

      Amanda Lindstrom 5 months ago

      It's very interesting to see someone rioting about this on here, just as I would explain it. The exact same thing happened to me, except my dream was a series of events(4 I think). It felt like deja vu in the dream and six months later happened as the exact deja vu in my dream in order.

    • profile image

      Katie 5 months ago

      Well since this happens to me about once a week, (can be longer) my prediction skills must be top notch! But on a more serious note, it has been happening more often (used to be about once every 4-5 months) and when it does it scares the heck out of me!

    • profile image

      Sam 5 months ago

      I see the future in my dreams but not like what anyone else has posted. The closest person that I can related to is the one who made the article.

      I have changed the future a few times now. For me it is more than Deja vu. I have had them many times thought my life, to many to count.

    • profile image

      Tim Josefsson 5 months ago

      This happens to me all the time, i dream about me talking to friends about specific stuff.

    • profile image

      1111 5 months ago

      Has anyone noticed a correlation between dream timing/when they occur and their zodiac sun and rising sign?

    • profile image 5 months ago

      I always have this happen to has been happeing for a couple years now an 1month ago i wrote down in a note book what my dream was about and then exactly one month later it happend my three friends from selena's were arrested for robbing several stores and my older friend is now serving ten years. I also had a dream that this person died one week ago i had that dream what do i do?

    • profile image

      da awesome 4 months ago

      One time I dreamed that my friend's dad died. the next day at school everybody was crying and it turned out that friend's dad had died.

    • profile image

      Tara 4 months ago

      I had a dream that I was at a party and the power went out because of a storm and when I woke up from the dream my power was out due to the wind.

    • profile image

      kat b 4 months ago

      What if you dream of apocalypse or catastrophic causes constantly?

    • profile image

      Rayra 4 months ago

      I can't help it but this happens to me like at least once a month and it's terrifying even if it's just at school and it's me talking to someone in the same place and time as the dream. I've always told my friends that I was having deja vu and I've tried to change what happens. But I can't because I don't know when and it's already happening when I realize it it's inevitable and it happens to me a lot so I'm terrified every thing just happens so fast and I notice it and feel like Ima faint

    • profile image

      Courtney 3 months ago

      I have these a couple times a year and most of them are big life events.My last one was about a baby passing that was close to my heart. I thought I was crazy when I was younger so I would wake up from certain dreams and tell my mother. She would then tell me sorry and that I'm not crazy when they would happen. It really is crazy the power of the mind.

    • profile image

      David 3 months ago

      If time is not linear... Them you could in your dream remember a past experience that when you awake is now your future...

      I have had so many dreams through my life that come true..and in the dream and reality are in such detail that it cannot be coincidence...

      I could write a book.... When I tell people most think I'm half crazy.... But there is something to this that is so incredible that unless you have experienced it you cannot possibly understand.

      My only explanation.. Is we re-live these days over and over... But the memory only exists in our sub concious..which when we dream those memories come forth.... And later we re-live that again... De ja vue.

    • profile image

      anonymous 3 months ago

      I have Deja vu at least once a week. I'm less than 14 years old, is that normal?

    • profile image

      I have a lot of dreams that come true 3 months ago

      This is helpful thank you

    • profile image

      Sam 3 months ago

      Good Day,

      I had 3 dreams the first true came true and I fear that the third one is about to come true too.

      In 2009, I had a dram that a close friend and colleague died in a car accident, (in my dream) two other people died with her, but I could not see who they were, I also saw (in my dream) parts of a memorial service, her picture they used to display at the memorial service and also reporters at her house after we all heard about her death.

      I told her the following day about my dream and she casually laughed it off, my entire family knew about the dream I had (my mom, grandfather and aunt). a month or so later my dream came true she died in a car accident with two other colleagues.

      In 2010 I then had a dream, that my close friend (who died in the dream above) came to me and we went shopping, for clothing for a funeral for me, she wouldn't let me buy or take shoes, in my dream she insisted that the shoes that I wanted was not for me they were infact only for her, while we were paying for the clothing a man joined us (whom I couldn't see) and they kissed. I woke up and called my mom immediately who then said I shouldn't worry about the dream. a month later my friend's Fiance died in a car accident. (the man I couldn't see in my dreams).

      A few weeks ago, I had a dream that I visited my friend who passed on in the first dream' mom, while we were outside here house, I saw my friend standing there, she looked so beautiful and in my dream I couldn't believe that it was her, I went to her and hugged because I was so happy to see her again, she replied to me and said that I was going to be angry at her, I couldn't understand what she meant, I followed her into the house (in my dream) where she said I should just give it a minute or so because the person wasn't ready, so I asked her whats going on because she is starting to freak me out, as I turned around I saw my cousin (who is like a sister to me) and all she said was I am not in pain I don't hurt anymore. when I asked them what was going on they told me close my eyes, and as I did that (in my dream) I saw my cousin die in a car accident, her funeral and how heart broken my aunt was.

      I have no idea whether the last dream is going to come true, but I pray to God that it doesn't as I feel that I am cursed with these dreams, as I experience loosing loved ones twice, and it breaks my heart twice. can someone out here please help me or give me advice.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Anika 3 months ago

      I had a dream that came true once, it was a couple of months ago and the only person I've told is my dad. I'm not going to explain every thing that happened in my dream but everything that did happen came true! And not just coincidental things, like big things. I then had this theory that my dad told me and I wanted to share it. Basically time is 4d, ( btw I'm not saying this is correct it's a theory ) and time

      Is spiral shaped, and sometimes the two bits of the spiral collide into either the future or the past, usually the future. And you can't see this happen because it's so quick but your self conscience picks up a single that this has already happened or will happen depending on your dream. Please reply back

    • profile image

      Mesa 2 months ago

      I have this happen all the time. and i would like to figure out which dreams are the real predictions and which ones are just regular dreams that dont mean anything.

      Sometimes my dreams take days to be fulfilled other times it takes so long that i wont remember it anymore till im living it and it hits me like a ton of bricks and it takes my breath away.

      Why is it always bad news. :(

    • profile image

      jenn geary 7 weeks ago

      so i have had these dreams for a long time that they do come true eventually. i have had them since i was beaten unconscious. i also dream of my grand mother who has passed long ago. i use to see her in january when she passed but for the past 2 yrs i have not. i dont know what happened. my husband now has learned to live with my dreams but at times they get violent and i self inflict myelf. there is one i have had from when i was 16 yrs old and no matter how deep i get into the dream i cannot see behind me. can you explain some of this...thank you

    • profile image

      awsomeness 6 weeks ago

      One time when I dreamed something i was talking with my friend and he paused for a sec and I asked him whats wrong he said "hav'nt we been here before"

    • profile image

      Star 6 weeks ago

      I am awake and writing because I just woke up from another deja vu type dream. In my case though, the dream started out with my husband having a yard sale after I went to bed. I heard noise so I get up, and we start arguing about it. Then my ten year old son, grabs my arm, and had his fingernails scrape down my arm, enough to break skin, but as I tell him to stop, he proceeds to put my leg is some UFC kind of hold, and I thought he was going to break it. I plea with him to stop because he's breaking my leg. Then while he still thinks I'm joking, it starts to put me in a rear naked choke, but his arm was over my nose and I couldn't breath. I'm crying saying I can't breath...then I wake up.....I start telling my husband about my dream, and my son came in and showed me his iPad and his fingernails scratched down my arm, removing the hair and leaving the top layer of skins exposed. As my husband gets up, I'm still screaming and crying, he puts his arms around me, holding my arms as we are

      Too dark and it was causing me not to breathe. I keep saying I can't breath as his arms got higher up on my body, so much so that they were eventually around my face causing me not to breathe..... I was freaking out big time ONLY TO ACTUALLY WAKE UP!!!!! Yes, it was a deja vu dream dream. After this happened in my dream and I am actually awake,,,,IM SHAKING, SCARED, CONFUSED, CANT BREATHE!!! I wake up my husband and start telling him about my dream, but he's half asleep so no response. That's why I'm on here talking right now, I'm scared of going back to sleeep even though my eyes are very heavy. Anyways, these types of dreams have been going on for about three weeks now. Scared, terrified, restlesss.... it always involves my son, and we are being hunted down, and trying to run and they catch myself and my child, and try torturing us, or breaking his cochlear implants he wears, which give him the ability to hear, These dreams are so vivid, the linger in my head for weeks. Can anyone tell me why I keep having these types of dreams where deva vu makes me think I'm awakes.....but I'm not, only to dream the dream in deja vu form. What does these dreams mean!

    • profile image

      Tammy 4 weeks ago

      I have dreams that come true and the ones I do remember mostly have to do with some kind of mass distraction... like suenomies , and people dieing ... for example I had a dreams about 911 over and over two years before it happened ... one that really stocked in my head is dreams of me mom getting cancer and dieing ... she did end up getting cancer ... and had a good fight for two years and did die ... and not long after I had a dream of her sitting alone in a room on the floor ... the room looked like a very small basement with no door and she was crying and telling me she was not ok... that dream haunts me ...

    • profile image

      Talkingbird 4 weeks ago

      I had three dreams before my brother died all in the week he died. The first one was of a church funeral. It was so real I told my grandma I thought she was going to die. The second one was of a baby blue coffin and my family standing around it crying. This was the color my aunt picked out for him because my immediate family couldn't do it. The last was a big house and my brother was standing there at the door. He was about 8 in this dream but he was 15 when he hung himself. I am 2 years younger than him. Anyways In the last dream I walked up to this house an asked my brother at 8 years old where is vincy? Vincy was our nickname for him. He started laughing and saying your never going to see him again while I was running through the house saying "Vincy where are you?" The morning after this dream at around 4 a.m. I woke up to my dad screaming and ran out to see my brother hanging from the tree in front. This was when I was 13 and it has always stuck with me. I used to also have dreams that I was a different person and had a different life and than I would meet someone with the same life story as my dream. I've always had where I was awake since I was at least 5. Where I knew I was dreaming and couldn't wake myself up. I've never had dreams of falling only going up and I can't stop myself from going up until I leave the atmosphere and die than I wake up. I've always wondered what all of this meant and its really comforting to know there are a lot of other people who have had some similar situations.

    • profile image

      Sam 3 weeks ago

      Thank you so much for this article!!!

      Atleast now I can breathe easy knowing I am not crazy. There were many instances of Deja Vu were my dreams turned out to be true. For me i only vaguely remember the dream but when the deja vu happens i can recall everything and its like reliving the moment again. Every minute details are same including the people in it. If you have more articles on this please let me know. Thanks a lot!!!

    • profile image

      Peter orr 3 weeks ago

      I read your article and I have many experience of my dreams coming true. But what I want to know is. What dose it mean?

    • profile image

      Jonathan L. 2 weeks ago

      Your "puzzle piece" analogy is exactly as I would describe my moments. I've had these intense deja vu moments since I was a young teen. You're one of the only people I have seen describe it in the way I see it.. it isn't just a "similar" or "vaguely familiar" moment. It is literally, THE same moment as dreamt. You simply watch it unfold before you; saying, hearing, doing, feeling the same things for a brief moment.

      I agree with most of your conjecture. However, my experiences can't quite be explained by any sort of shorter term prediction theory. I have my dreams years before they occur at times, sometimes from across the globe.

      One instance of this was this: as a kid I dreamt that I was taller, a different physique, in a foreign place that I'd never seen, with faces unfamiliar to me, yet in my dream I was very close friends with them. I could feel the connection, like brothers. I woke up confused and dismissed it. Then, after highschool when I joined the military, got to my unit, deployed, came back, and went to the desert for more training, the moment struck. My point is that there was so much time, so many decisions leading to that insignificant moment in time, so many years between the dream and the realization of it. It couldn't have been any sort of mental prediction. It feels like literally seeing through my future self's eyes when I dream that way. So crazy.

      So glad to have found an account of the same type of experience!


    • profile image 12 days ago

      Term 1 physics exam. I dreamt of a physics problem and to my surprise found it on the test paper.

      Term 2. I dream of physics problem just before the exam. I say to myself. I'm checking this problem. It might come up. To lazy to check but sure enough it was on test paper. Nothing for term3

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