What Do Dreams About Being Pregnant Mean?

Updated on June 26, 2020
Sue B. profile image

Sue has been an online writer for over eight years. She is a mother, social worker, writer, and dream interpreter.

Read on to learn what dreams about being pregnant mean.
Read on to learn what dreams about being pregnant mean. | Source

Dreams about being pregnant, pregnancy, or having a baby can be exciting for some—and alarming for others. Pregnancy dreams can relate to a lot more than being, or wanting to be, physically pregnant.

Pregnancy is a common metaphor and symbol related to our emotional, spiritual, psychological, and interpersonal states. Many dreams of being pregnant have nothing to do with becoming a parent, having a child, or our fertility or reproductive system.

Dreams During Pregnancy

If you are currently pregnant now, you may have noticed a change in your dreams. Women report recalling more dreams during pregnancy than any other time in their lives. Why is that? Pregnant women experience hormonal changes, a need to sleep more often, more disrupted sleep, and more reasons to process the changes in their life. All of these factors act as the perfect recipe for increased dreaming and increased dream recall.

During the first and second trimesters in particular, women tend to report more dreams related to fertility (gardens, fruits, flowers, eggs) and amniotic fluid or water (swimming, fish, water).

During the second trimester, dreams tend to reflect changes occurring both within the mother's body and the fetus's development.

Dreaming of little creatures on this time may reflect the unborn baby and could even indicate stages of development. Many mothers report dreaming of animals of increasing complexity such as starting with fish and moving on to more complex mammals.

During the third trimester, dreams are more specific about the baby and may reflect the mother's thoughts about her journey toward motherhood or her fears and anxieties about labor, delivery, and child-rearing.

After viewing the above video, you can see how a dream may reflect the mother's perspectives of motherhood. It may be a means of acknowledging the changes that have occurred for her, worries about what this new little person will think of her, and that she may, at times, feel crazy.


Dreaming of Birth or Labor

Dreams of being in labor could be a metaphor for the hard work and labor you are putting into something. Actually giving birth in a dream could relate to giving birth to a new idea or having your dreams/goals come to fruition. Depending upon the context of your dream, your dream could also reflect a personal growth that relates to the development of your inner child or similar aspect of self.

If you are pregnant, or thinking about eventually being pregnant, dreams of birth or labor may reflect your fears and anxieties.

Dreaming of Giving Birth to Twins

Giving birth to twins specifically could either be an emphasis on the symbol of the child or, more likely, represent an inner conflict. Twins often represent two opposing sides. If you find twins in your dream, you may want to explore what they each represent. Good versus bad? To have a child or not have a child? To move forward on a project or not?

What has been in conflict in your waking life? This is likely the source of your dream.

If the dreamer is aware of zodiac signs, dreaming of giving birth to twins may also reference the meaning of the sign of Gemini. Since twins are the symbol of Gemini and relate to the overall meaning and traits of this sign, the zodiac may provide additional insight into the dream.

Dreaming of Giving Birth to Triplets

Giving birth to triplets could relate to a different meaning than twins. The number three is a significant number within many religions and cultures. If you are dreaming of triplets, you may want to explore what trilogies resonate most for you. Father, Son, Holy Spirit? Mother, Father, Child? Past, Present, Future?

Most dreams with a trilogy relate to the dreamer's past, present, future and the dreamer's current struggles to negotiate current decisions and goals with influences from these areas. Are we applying all the knowledge we learned from the past? Are we reacting to our past instead of what is before us now? The baby triplets in particular can relate to the potential we have to grow in different ways and in different directions based on what we allow to influence us. The triplets may teach us to learn from the past yet keep it in perspective and stay in the moment yet allow ourselves to plan for the future.

Dreaming of Giving Birth to Something Else Besides a Baby

If pregnant, dreaming of giving birth to something else besides a baby would relate to anxieties and fears associated with the health of the baby or who the baby is since you have not met this new person yet.

When the literal meaning does not apply, this type of dream could relate to your fears associated with the possible results of your new growth, development, idea, or project. This may also relate to hesitancy in self-expression and fear of judgment. If the dreamer has a dream of giving birth to something hideous, then the dream could be reflecting fears that others will be judgmental or not accept this change or expression of the dreamer's inner self.

Dreaming of Taking a Pregnancy Test

Although taking a pregnancy test in a dream can certainly reflect the dreamers fears or hopes of becoming pregnant, it can also relate to how the dreamer is monitoring and testing progress towards growth, development, and completion of an important project.

If this dream is baffling you, I would suggest reviewing where in your life you are or want to grow as a person. An important project can relate to something within your psyche, your career, your family, your social life, and could even relate to something more emotional and spiritual for you.

Dreaming of Being Pregnant With a Dying Baby

If the dreamer is pregnant or wants to be pregnant, the dream could relate to the dreamer's fears, worries, and anxieties.

The dying baby could symbolize a dying dream or a sense that the dreamer is unable to bring something to fruition.

The dying baby could also symbolize something neglected within the dreamer or the dreamer's life. This dream could show the dreamer his/her inner child is being neglected or fragile and vulnerable dream is at risk without immediate attention.

Dreaming the Baby Dies During Birth

If the dreamer is pregnant or wants to be pregnant, the dream could relate to the dreamer's fears, worries, and anxieties.

More symbolically, a dying baby could relate to something in the dreamer's life that was full of potential and promise that ended prematurely and unexpectedly. Perhaps a promising relationship has ended, a potential job offer lost, or an offer on a dream home rejected.

Dreaming a Pregnant Mother Dies

If the dreamer is pregnant or wants to be pregnant, the dream could relate to the dreamer's fears, worries, and anxieties.

Symbolically, the dream could mean the dreamer is making great sacrifices and neglecting their own needs to fulfill a goal or accomplishment.

The death of the mother could also represent the end of something old to give way to something new. Death of self in dreams can often have a positive mean in which the dreamer's old self is ending to give way to a new sense of self.

photo copyrighted by Sue B.
photo copyrighted by Sue B.

Dreaming Someone Else Is Pregnant

Dreaming someone else is pregnant could mean the dreamer believes the person is or will be pregnant. It can also relate to the dreamer feeling closer to this person and the pregnancy could relate to a growth within the relationship and the close connection the dreamer has with the person. The other person could also symbolize an aspect of self for the dreamer. If this particular aspect of self is pregnant, it could relate to a new potential for growth and development in this area. For example, if a dreamer has a very outgoing friend who is pregnant in his/her dream, the dream could be showing the dreamer that their more social and outgoing aspect of self has potential for further growth and development. Perhaps more than ever the dreamer has room or a need to be more outgoing and expressive.

Dreaming a Man Is Pregnant

Many cultures have beliefs about what it means for a man to be pregnant in a dream. For some it is good luck, for others it is bad luck. In more Pro-Male cultures, the dream is only viewed as positive if the baby is male. In cultures where masculinity and machismo is celebrated, a male pregnancy—especially if the baby is female—is an insult to the man's masculinity.

Dreaming a man is pregnant or a man dreaming he is pregnant can relate to many of the meanings listed prior. The pregnancy could relate to the man wanting a child or it would be more symbolic of a personal growth and development related to the individual's psyche, spirituality, or an important project that is or is planned to be pursued.

The culture of any dreamer should be taken into consideration especially in the case of dreaming of a male pregnancy. If the dreamer is of a culture that restricts male emotional expression, the pregnancy may relate to the man's connection to his emotional self and his inner child. As in all dreams, the overall feeling the dreamer has in the dream is significant. Certainly feeling angry or upset when the dream appears as though it would be a happy and positive dream is significant to the dreamer's personal meaning of the dream.

Dreams of specific body parts also have significant meaning.  Dreaming of a baby's feet, for example, could relate to taking baby steps, taking a new path in life, or incorporating what the baby are symbolizing into your life's path.
Dreams of specific body parts also have significant meaning. Dreaming of a baby's feet, for example, could relate to taking baby steps, taking a new path in life, or incorporating what the baby are symbolizing into your life's path. | Source

Pregnancy Dreams Interpreted

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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  • LadyFiddler profile image

    Joanna Chandler 

    6 years ago from On Planet Earth

    Hi Sue B. hmmm i don't know what's going wrong with me but seems like i almost went off my rockers recently feeling for a baby boy. Was a serious psychological something, i think it had to do with change cycle......

    Maybe God will send him soon lol then the dream can become reality

  • Sue B. profile imageAUTHOR

    Sue B. 

    6 years ago

    LadyFiddler- thank you for sharing your dream. I wonder if you dream reflects:

    1. A desire for a son or general readiness for a baby.

    2. Something in your life you are nurturing and putting energy into.

    3. Your connection to an aspect of self such as your inner child or Animus, the unconscious masculine aspect of self.

    4. Your potential for growth and development in some area of self/life such as mind, body, spirit, career, relationships, etc.

    I hope my thought are helpful. Thank you again for commenting!

  • LadyFiddler profile image

    Joanna Chandler 

    6 years ago from On Planet Earth

    I dreamt i was nursing a baby boy about two years ago. I am yet waiting on him LOL . I have no kids but that little boy was so cute and chubby i was sad when the dream was over. I still see him clear as day as though the dream was only yesterday :).


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