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Dreaming of Money

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What does it mean to dream about money?

What does it mean to dream about money?

Money as a Symbol

In dreams, money typically symbolizes power, wealth, prosperity, self-worth, success, or self-confidence. Money could symbolize material gain and be a very concrete symbol or may also symbolize more abstract ideas such as richness in spirituality, love, life pursuits, and wisdom. Since money can often have different meanings for different people (i.e., material wealth versus matters of the heart), the meaning of money in dreams can be hard to interpret.

Money not only symbolizes material wealth but relates to the overall energy and well-being of a person's health, psyche, heart, intellect, and spirit. While a person may be "rich" in one area, they may also be depleted and insecure in another.

Receiving Money in a Dream

Receiving money in a dream is often a very positive symbol for the dreamer. Obviously, this is a dream of gaining something but, depending on the context of the dream, what the dreamer may gain can range from actual fortune or wealth to spiritual energy and love and support.

Dreams of receiving money typically leave the dreamer feeling content and satisfied with their life and current decisions. These dreams leave an impression of overall wealth, power, and richness of life.

Although many hope dreams of receiving money indicate a prediction of the future, these dreams are more likely to indicate the wishes of the dreamer or the dreamer's own expectation of receiving money.

What does it mean if you lose money in a dream?

What does it mean if you lose money in a dream?

Losing Money in a Dream

Losing money in a dream is often anxiety-provoking for the dreamer. These dreams leave the dreamer with feelings of depletion and general loss. Money in these dreams could have a material meaning, although it is likely the money symbolizes the dreamer's lack of energy or a general sense of loss and emptiness.

These dreams are typical for a person who has "run out of steam" recently. Perhaps this type of dream is an indication that the dreamer needs to take a step back, rest, and recharge his/her batteries.

Losing money demonstrates a lack of balance in one's life. Energy in relationships (business, romantic, or casual) is based on give-and-take. When relationships are unbalanced, the dynamic of giving without getting can infuse a dream's symbols and manifest as a loss of money.

Losing money in a dream often creates fear for the future, but this dream is likely reflecting a current fear and not predicting a future event. As a dreamer, you are attuned to your own life—perhaps you have realized you have left yourself open to losing money? Have you been careless with your belongings? Perhaps it is time to concentrate on protecting what you have.

Did you dream about losing money or gaining money?

Did you dream about losing money or gaining money?

Stealing Money in a Dream

Stealing money in a dream has mixed meanings, mostly because the values of dreamers vary so much. Do you believe stealing is always wrong? Are you law-abiding or do you find yourself at odds with authority? The answers to these questions may help you determine if your dream is reflecting a feeling of doing something wrong, guilt, or shame, or represents doing what you think you need to do despite rules, laws, or authority.

Stealing money could have positive meanings. It could mean you are taking and getting what you need, even if in an unconventional way. This could relate to material goods, a cut-throat business attitude, or relationships.

Stealing could also have negative meanings. The dreamer may find themselves feeling greedy, selfish, or discovering their actions have been self-serving and in disregard of others. The context of the dream is important. Is the dreamer experiencing a gain at someone else's expense? This may reflect what is occurring in real life in respect to a relationship, a job, etc.

Stealing money in dreams could symbolize the dreamer feels they cannot get what he/she needs or wants through conventional means. This dream may indicate a lack of options and a survivalist way of thinking.

Saving Money in a Dream

In a dream, saving money (as with all dream symbols) could have negative or positive interpretations. Usually, saving money indicates to the dreamer that they are secure, have been responsible, have more than they need, have plentiful resources, and/or have a wealth of happiness.

On the other hand, saving money can turn into hoarding. The extreme version of any positive attribute is trouble. Hoarding money or extreme saving does not allow the dreamer to enjoy what they have or share with others. If hoarding is indicated in the dream, the dreamer may need to let go, begin to share with others, let others in, and "spend" what they have in order to gain what they truly need.

In everyday life, we need to spend money to obtain what we need—food, clothing, shelter, etc. If we do not use our money for what we need, it becomes meaningless. Likewise, if we are not using our personal "wealth" when it comes to matters of the heart, we will find we do not have what we need. This dream may indicate an unhealthy sense of taking without giving and feelings of insecurity that are preventing the dreamer from trusting others and developing healthy and balanced relationships.

Spending Money in a Dream

Spending money in a dream is often a positive symbol, although what the dreamer is actually purchasing heavily influences the overall meaning of the dream. Spending money often means the dreamer is obtaining goals and seizing opportunities.

Purchasing necessary items is one thing, but what if the dreamer is purchasing frivolous items? If the dreamer feels as though they are wasting money in the dream, this may mean the dreamer is wasting their energy on something. Reprioritizing their life may be important at this time.

The act of spending money is also very important to the interpretation of the dream. Shopping and feeling as though you can buy whatever you want versus shopping and feeling as though you do not have enough to buy or can't find what you need may mean you are feeling insecure, depleted, and/or unsuccessful. It is possible the dreamer may need to re-evaluate goals. If a goal is currently unattainable, what small step towards the goal could the dreamer take now? We often set our goals too far and too high without addressing the smaller steps necessary to achieve them.

Watching Others Exchange Money in a Dream

Watching others exchange money is a rather passive dream. This dream may mean the dreamer is experiencing feelings of envy and jealousy. The dreamer may also find themselves feeling left out, neglected, or not getting attention from those around them.

On a positive note, this dream may demonstrate a level of learning currently going on for the dreamer. Perhaps the dreamer is watching how others exchange money, love, etc. in order to learn how to apply what they have learned to their own lives.

Borrowing Money in a Dream

Borrowing money in a dream usually means the dreamer has overextended themselves either concretely or metaphorically. The dreamer may need to analyze how they spread themselves too thin and how to regain their footing in the world. The need to recharge and re-evaluate presses heavily on the dreamer when this scenario is dreamed. Borrowing money in a dream may show the dreamer that a lesson is to be learned–while the dreamer is able to achieve their goals, there is a realistic need to continue to access current resources and not overspend. Attempting to make gains too large and too quick does not result in overall success.

The idiom "slow and steady wins the race" applies to the dreamer of this dream.

The ways in which money appears in your dream can mean different things.

The ways in which money appears in your dream can mean different things.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Sue B. (author) on November 30, 2014:

Ellana317- thank you for sharing your dream!

I would associate this baby with either a desire for a baby or as a symbol of potential for growth and development somewhere in your life or within self. The dream would reflect your feelings and fears about this new development. The check would relate to a message that you can do this, all will be provided for you- somehow.

This sounds like an exciting dream preparing you for a transition in some way, reflecting some fears of the new and known and showing you that you can do it.

Ellana from ATL, Georgia on November 21, 2014:

This is interesting. Last night I dreamed that I was "adopting" a baby or being "given" a baby and I was EXTREMELY happy and the baby was happy as well. At any rate during this process of my getting the baby in preparation to take her home with me, someone gave my mother a $4,500 check for me and said that it was for the expenses of the baby. The check was in my mother's name but it was for me. In that moment I felt peace, relief, and joy. Thoughts???

Sue B. (author) on June 18, 2014:

Dee aka nonna- thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

I hope you found more answers in the hub Dreaming of the Deceased.

Your sister may represent a part of you, your thoughts of her and your mourning progress. I would also regard this dream as a positive one. It may be helpful to ask yourself-

What am I searching for and what have I found?

Is there something still of value I am now recovering from something I have lost?

What has surprised me in my waking life, psychologically or spiritually that could relate to rediscovering an unexpected treasure I could not see but may have been there the hole in the last place I left it?

Dee aka Nonna on June 18, 2014:

I am so happy I found this hub. Just last night I had a dream about my sister, who has been deceased for abt 2-years) and me finding a wallet like thing (it was a cross between a wallet and appointment book) and later discovering there is money in the wallet. Sounds positive, hope it is. If you can give more insight I will be appreciative. Will check out your other dream hubs.

Sue B. (author) on September 05, 2012:


different currency could mean you are receiving information and energy from different sources and taking on different perspectives. Anything foreign would relate to something that was once outside of your awareness and is becoming more familiar to you.

shqipe on August 31, 2012:

I dremed that someona has given to me money but (dollars and suwiss franks(

Sue B. (author) on May 08, 2012:


thank you for the compliment! You can find more dream articles I have written here:

Boriana Shikova on May 08, 2012:

I have dreamt of various situations in which I'm making money, saving money, spending mone and borrowing money. Your detailed interpretation of this dream symbol was very informative and helping in understanding my own dreams.

If you write more about other dream symbols I would love to read it.

Best wishes,


Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on November 15, 2011:

I'll need to watch out for money in my dreams. Voting this Up and Useful.

JT Walters from Florida on September 22, 2011:

HI Sue B.,

Great HUb. I dn't think I hae ever dreamed of money but if i do I will know what it means.

All My Best,


Berga from SKIEN on May 23, 2011:

thanx for detailed explanation.I can't remember i've dreamed so clearly, but will come back and check up :) who knows..maybe to night is a night ? i wish you rich dreaming!