Kitty the Dreamer's Dream Dictionary Series: D is for Door Dream Interpretation

Updated on August 9, 2016
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Kitty has been a lucid dreamer her entire life. These dreams and experiences drive her desire to help others understand their dreams.

Door Dreams

One very common dream that people experience is a door dream. What do I mean by this exactly? The average door dream consists of the dreamer coming upon a random door in a dream and either walking through it or debating whether to walk through it. What is the true meaning of these door dreams? Can a door dream be interpreted? Well, just as every other dream can be filled with symbology, so too can your door dream. And remember, symbolism is meant to be interpreted!

Walk Through the Door

You awaken in this dream and there is a door in front of walk closer and closer to it. You don't know why your vision and mind is so affixed to this door...this door in the middle of your dreamworld. It is purely silent in this moment within your mind, and yet this door is seemingly calling out to you. It wants you to open walk through its old wooden frame. To peek at what's on the other side...but do you want to know? Do you have the guts to push open that heavy wooden door and cross over? Your door dream is calling you to enter...or possibly to exit?


What's on the Other Side of your Dream Door?

Door dreams can be interpreted various ways, but there are two more common interpretations that probably apply to your door dream. Think about what a door represents, what a door's purpose is in reality. You walk through a door, right? And whenever you walk through a door, you are entering another room and leaving one behind you. This is a door inside of a building or home...but when you enter a building, you are leaving the outside behind you and moving inside. Or possibly it is the opposite, you are leaving your home or office and walking outside into nature's loving grasp.

What exactly is happening in your door dream? Do you dream that you are walking through the door and experiencing a new world within that dream? What does that new world consist of? Many times this is a sign as to what possibilities or opportunities lie in your near future, if you are only to walk through the door or more simply put to "take the chance." Every decision we make in life has a consequence, be it positive or negative. And we could look at these decisions as doors to a different experience in life. Maybe you have a huge decision to make in the near future and aren't sure as to which way to go with it? This door in your dream is telling you to open the door, beckoning you to stop procrastinating on the decision and make it already! You may be surprised what's on the other side of your dream door, waiting to find you.

You may be asking, but what if my door dream is simply me staring and approaching a door but never really opening it? This could represent the fact that you need to take risks in life...maybe your life is stagnant and boring because you never take risks or try new things. Try saying "yes" to something new today...even if it is just changing your stale daily routine a little bit. Life is about experiencing and learning, so how will you experience anything new or learn anything new if you never walk through the door of change?

Some people have door dreams wherein which a single door is present in the middle of nothing...nothing surrounds it and it seems to have no purpose. My take on this door dream's meaning? There is one way to solve whatever problem you are having, so open the door and move on from there.

Door dreams can be interpreted different ways, just like any other dream. But to me, door dreams are a little more cut and dry than many other symbols found in our dreams. Entrance and Exit—these are the two main concepts portrayed in a door dream. The question is, should we be entering a new realm through this door or simply exiting our old one?

If I have left out a key concept from your door dream, please let me know and I will add that interpretation to this piece.

This will conclude the Dream Dictionary Series for the letter D.

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    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 10 months ago from the Ether

      MaryemT - Sounds like there's an opportunity you're being shown but perhaps it's not the right time.

    • profile image

      MaryemT 10 months ago

      The ditch is at the front of door. The door opened into it.

    • profile image

      MaryemT 10 months ago

      Hi Nicole. Thanks for reply. It's in front. Like I sawas this door. I approach it to see and expecting a room and it's nothing there. Like immediately there's a Ditch below in front of it. In the dream I am at someone's house not mine and I am exploring it. I don't remember though whose house we are staying at.

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 10 months ago from the Ether

      Maryem T - Is the ditch behind the door or in front? As in, do you go through the door and the ditch is on the other side?

    • profile image

      MaryemT 10 months ago

      Hi there. I really enjoyed the article and detailed descriptions. I had an altogether different dream. I saw that the door is already open. But when i approach it, its opening in a ditch, like theres a ditch in front of it. And i think to myself that this is so dangerous. And i close it firmly walking away from it.

      if you could perhaps throw some light on it ?

    • Bretsuki profile image

      William Elliott 6 years ago from California USA

      Hello kittythedreamer, I really enjoyed this hub. As I was reading I got to thinking maybe a door is a path through obstacles in life? A physical door is just a means of passing through the obstacle of a wall. So in a dream possibly a closeddoor is a symbol of an obstacle which can be cleared simply by finding a key or opening the door. An open door in a dream can symbolize that you know the obstacle you face is easy to overcome, the door is open for you so go through.

      Just musing on your theme. :)