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The Meaning of Cars in Dreams

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Have you ever had a dream that featured a car? Find out what cars symbolize in your dreams.

Have you ever had a dream that featured a car? Find out what cars symbolize in your dreams.

What Does a Car in a Dream Mean?

Cars are one of the most common dream symbols in developed countries. In most places, cars and other motor vehicles are a part of our daily lives. We rely on transportation to get us where we need or want to go. Our dependency on cars shapes our personal symbolism of them.

The following article explores the meaning of cars and other motor vehicles within specific contexts.

The Meaning of Cars in Dreams

In dreams, cars often represent you and reveal how you are getting through life. Depending upon the context of the dream, a car can symbolize our physical body, mind, ego (Freud's definition), consciousness, personality, and/or our life in general or the direction our life is taking. A car can also represent our social persona (Carl Jung) or how we are perceived by others, also known as our social image or our social status. The context of a car dream shows us how much power and control we have (or believe we have) over our lives as well as how successful we are at moving from one stage of life to another.

When Analyzing a Car Dream, Ask These Questions:

  • Where are you in the car? If you are sitting, which seat are you in? Sitting in the driver's seat shows you have or attempt to have control in life. If someone else is in the driver's seat, it is possible this person or what they symbolize to you is controlling your life. Sitting in the passenger seat may mean you have a passive approach to life. Sitting in the backseat may mean you are taking a "backseat" in your life or specific situations. It is important to keep in mind that other people often do not symbolize themselves but rather an aspect within you that you identify with them (for example, your angry aunt may symbolize your anger or your negative approach to something).
  • How's the ride? How the car is riding often shows us what kind of obstacles and hardships we are experiencing. A bumpy ride, seeing rocks in the road or other obstacles and dangers, including a traffic sign indicating danger, shows us what environment we are currently navigating through and how easy or hard we feel the journey has been.
  • How's the car? If the car is missing a tire or other important part, you might ask what is missing in your life that you need right now. Do you have a flat tire? If so, you may feel as though your life is going nowhere and you are stuck or stranded in your current situation. Was the car overheating? Dreaming of a car overheating could mean you are overheating and expending too much energy. You may need to slow down and may be at risk of burning out. You are taking on too much and may need a break to re-evaluate.
  • Are there other cars around you? The other cars could symbolize others but more likely represent other aspects of who you are that are either unknown to you or repressed/ignored. If you know these people in real life, they could represent traits, behaviors, or feelings you associate with them that you also possess or want to possess. Being in traffic could symbolize being crowded or overwhelmed.
  • What color is the car? Colors can symbolize different things to different people but many colors have a general meaning to all. For more information, view the Dream Dictionary of Colors.
  • How do you feel in the dream? Driving fast and experiencing a sensation of elation means something quite different than driving fast and experiencing feelings of fear and panic.
An armored car in your dream may represent worries over security.

An armored car in your dream may represent worries over security.

Armored Cars in Dreams

If you see an armored car in a dream, you may want to ask yourself where in your life you are insecure or where you feel the need to overprotect yourself. Since this is associated with a car, the insecurity may pertain to what you have done in your life so far or the direction you are currently taking. Where the car is going or what the car contains may give you a clue about the core insecurity influencing your current path.

If the insecurity does not apply, it is possible the dream means that you feel you need to be more careful with your money.

Bumper cars can have both positive and negative meanings in dreams.

Bumper cars can have both positive and negative meanings in dreams.

Bumper Cars in Dreams

Bumper cars can have two very different meanings, so it is important to consider the context of the dream and the dreamer's feelings associated with bumper cars.

  • Bumper cars could represent fortitude, flexibility, and the ability to quickly recover from hardships and setbacks.
  • Bumper cars could also mean that you feel your life is going nowhere or that you have been traveling aimlessly, without purpose. There also could be a sense of feeling trapped within a game involving competition and butting heads with others.
A cable car in a dream could represent a higher purpose—or passivity.

A cable car in a dream could represent a higher purpose—or passivity.

Cable Cars, Trains, Subways, and Buses in Dreams

Since cable cars, trains, subways, and buses all ride on a set path, seeing them in dreams could mean you do not believe you have control over your path in life. This could be both positive and negative.

  • On one hand, the dream could represent a belief in a bigger picture, a grand design, fate, and a higher purpose for yourself and your life. This symbol shows that you feel that your decisions are less important than surrendering to something larger than yourself. Riding on the cable car (or train, subway, bus, etc.) could mean you're "on track" and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
  • On the other hand, this dream could also show that you are being passive in your life's decisions. You may be just following the masses, not listening to your inner voice, and being over-influenced by others. Perhaps you have made compromises in order to avoid conflict or maintain the status quo.

Since they run on a schedule and have a specific set path, missing your ride can indicate you feel you have missed an opportunity or fear you will. Perhaps you fell behind and are in need of catching up in order to achieve your goals.

When you dream of a car accident or crash, it may point towards fear or conflict.

When you dream of a car accident or crash, it may point towards fear or conflict.

Car Accidents or Being Hit by a Car in a Dream

Dreaming of a car accident may symbolize your emotional state and can indicate being overrun with anxiety, fear, or "driving" yourself too hard. This dream may be telling you to slow down before you hit disaster. It is important to rethink or re-plan your course of action and set yourself on a better path to avoid burnout.

A dream that you are in a car crash with another car may symbolize that your beliefs, way of life, or goals are conflicting with another's or you are having an inner tug-of-war. It may also represent an experience you have had that was shocking to you and left an impression that changed how you think or feel about the world, where you are headed, or how you approach life.

A dream that you have been rear-ended could mean that something from your past is still impacting you now in some way. You need to learn from the past and acknowledge something that is holding you back in order to move forward.

Dreaming about a car dealership may indicate that you're trying to decide on your purpose and direction.

Dreaming about a car dealership may indicate that you're trying to decide on your purpose and direction.

Car Dealerships in Dreams

A dream that you are in a car dealership may refer to some decision that you need to make about where you want to go in life; you may be trying to figure out your purpose, set goals, and decide on a direction in life.

Explore your personal experiences in car dealerships. Have you struggled to find what you need or want? Do you feel pressured or manipulated into buying a car you do not want or cannot afford? How do your answers to these questions translate to other areas in your life right now?

A Dream of a Car Fire

Dreaming of a car fire may represent two different sentiments, depending upon context and the feelings the fire evokes in the dreamer.

  • The car fire could represent intense anger associated with one's life path and choices that have led to the current position. This is often also associated with anger and defiance towards authority and resentment towards others with power and control.
  • Fire can also be cleansing and renewing. Perhaps you have realized you were on a dangerous path and need to make a drastic change. Perhaps you have been reckless, have hit rock bottom, or need to give something up and start over again. This is a symbol often dreamed of by substance abusers and may relate to the phoenix within mythology.

Carjacked in a Dream

To dream that you have been carjacked may show you that things are not going as planned. Have you lost direction in life? Are you being pulled in the wrong direction? Do you feel circumstances in life have forced you on a different course? Are you allowing something or someone outside of yourself to control your life?

Car Parts in Dreams

  • Car battery: This symbol tends to relate to your stamina and energy. A dead battery suggests you are overworked and fatigued. You need to slow down and "recharge your batteries" or you run the risk of burning out.
  • Car radiator: This symbol may be showing you that you need to cool off. You are getting too worked up over something.
  • Carburetor: If you have knowledge of cars and what a carburetor actually does, this symbol could represent emotional, spiritual, and physical balance. Considering most cars do not have a carburetor, this may also symbolize a part of your life that is outdated, no longer needed, and in need of a change.
  • Gas tank: Dreaming of a gas tank shows that you need to take an inventory of your energy. It is important to take care of yourself in order to have the continued strength to persevere through your individual journey. Dreaming of an empty gas tank means you are running out of gas in real life and need to relax, recharge, and regain your strength. Dreaming of a full gas tank shows you that you are prepared for the long journey ahead.
  • Handles: If a dream is focused on car handles, it may be showing a few things. Based on context, you may be contemplating a major shift in direction or making a major change in life. A handle also may represent a feeling that one cannot escape one's need to continue on this current path. It may indicate a need for a break from goals and a need to replenish energy and spirit before continuing.
  • Horn: Dreaming of a car horn or beeping a car horn shows that you need attention from others or that you need to pay more attention to something highlighted in the dream. Horns are typically used to avoid dangers on the road by alerting others to your presence. This may relate to a situation in your current life. Perhaps you need to put others on notice and express yourself more and feel heard.
  • Steering wheel: Dreams that focus on the steering wheel show how much control you feel you have in your life and the direction it is taking. Driving a car with a steering wheel that is not working means you feel a loss of control.
  • Tires: Tires are like feet: they take us where we need to go. If our tires are working well, it shows us we believe we have all that we need to continue on our journey. Missing tires shows us we feel unprepared for what is ahead and simply do not have what it takes to get there. A flat tire may show us that we are wearing out or have lost some of our ability to continue on due to emotional trauma or the psychological effect all the bumps in the road have had on us.
  • Trunk: Dreaming of a trunk of a car represents your emotional baggage. What is in the trunk? The trunk may refer to what is always in the back of our minds and could also refer to what in our past is influencing us now. The trunk may symbolize what unconscious influences we have that are impacting our journey.
  • Window: To be focused on the car window could mean you are reflecting on your life and current choices. Being unable to roll up the windows of your car shows that you not only may feel you cannot fully protect yourself from the elements but are also hesitating or showing some reservation about the direction that you are taking in life or the path that you have chosen.
  • Windshield wipers: This symbol shows you how clear your vision is of your future and how conscious you are of your current emotional/mental health. Wipers that are not working properly may show that you are not seeing yourself or a situation clearly. Something is hidden from your view either because it is unconscious or you have ignored or repressed it. Driving in the rain or a storm with wipers that are working well shows that you are able to weather the storm and able to see through challenges and keep your focus on your ultimate goals.
If you dream about a carriage rather than a car, consider whether you might be clinging to nostalgia.

If you dream about a carriage rather than a car, consider whether you might be clinging to nostalgia.

A Carriage in a Dream

Seeing an old-fashioned carriage in your dream could mean that your beliefs and ideas are a bit outdated themselves. Perhaps your traditional ways have moved into being a bit stuck in the past. It may mean that parts of your life that you cling to are becoming obsolete and no longer of use to you. This symbol suggests a clinging to nostalgia and a possible reluctance to change and evolve.

The carriage may also relate to fairy tales, depending upon the context. Does your life resemble a fairy tale? Have you been stuck on unrealistic ideals that you have held on to, sabotaging realistic goals for yourself? Seeing a carriage in a dream demands further exploration of what works for you now in order to achieve your dreams.

A Carwash in a Dream

Dreaming that you are at a carwash suggests that you need to clean up your self-image and that you are ready to make a fresh start.

A Golf Cart in a Dream

A golf cart in your dream may show that you are too cavalier or careless in the pursuit of your personal goals and that you have no sense of urgency in things. This may also mean your goals and efforts have been superficial and that your pursuits have been childish or materialistic.

Go-karts are generally positive symbols in dreams.

Go-karts are generally positive symbols in dreams.

A Go-Kart in a Dream

A go-kart in a dream could represent your ability to navigate through life's course with all of its difficult twists and turns. The dream may also be a pun on your "drive" and aspirations.

Haunted Cars in Dreams

A haunted car in your dream represents unfinished goals. Perhaps obstacles and influences on the way have changed your life's path so much that your former goals and pursuits are now haunting you as you progress on a different path. This could relate to jobs, relationships, or other areas of life.

Industrial Vehicles

Industrial cars and trucks in dreams symbolize physical labor and the amount of work you are doing or need to do on your current path. This could reflect your current daily activities and occupation or it could symbolize other types of work of a more mental/psychological nature.

Parked cars represent going nowhere, which could be viewed both positively and negatively.

Parked cars represent going nowhere, which could be viewed both positively and negatively.

Parked Cars in Dreams

Seeing a parked car in a dream may mean you are stuck and life has stalled: you are going nowhere fast. This could have negative and positive meanings. If you need a break, a detour from your current path (perhaps a break from work?), then this is a positive symbol.

If you have goals and dreams that you are attempting to accomplish, then this symbol may mean your focus needs to be channeled differently. Have you been waiting for things to come to you or land in your lap? A parked car is rather passive and may relate to you being too passive in your life. Perhaps you have been "spinning your wheels" and need a fresh start with a new approach.

If you can't remember where you parked your car, you may be feeling lost in life and not only uncertain where to go but even where to start. You are undecided about what you want to do with your life.

If you dream about a police car, consider whether you're struggling against self-imposed rules.

If you dream about a police car, consider whether you're struggling against self-imposed rules.

Police Cars in Dreams

A police car in your dream could mean that help is on the way or that you are open to and seeking help. You may be experiencing inner turmoil and may need intervention.

A police car may also represent rules and restrictions you are imposing on yourself and your life.

Race cars in dreams may mean that you're driven but beware of the dangers of taking life on too fast.

Race cars in dreams may mean that you're driven but beware of the dangers of taking life on too fast.

Race Cars in Dreams

Race cars in dreams typically symbolize a fast-paced and "racy" approach to life. Depending upon the context of the dream, this could also be a warning that your current pace is dangerous and there is potential to spin out of control.

Race cars can indicate a competitive, headstrong, and driven nature. If there are two race cars racing each other, it could also show two competing ideas or goals that are currently on your mind.

Standard or Stickshift Transmissions in a Dream

Dreaming of a car that isn't automatic but instead has a standard transmission may show you feel the need to control many small details of your life. This feeling may be associated with your current burdens or insecurities that cause you to want to over-control things.

Having a dream that focuses on automatic transmission may mean you feel everything falls into place and is working as planned. If the automatic transmission in your dream is faulty, it may show that your plan is not working, you feel setbacks are out of your control, and you're having difficulty overcoming them.

A Stolen Car in a Dream

Having your car stolen in a dream often reflects a feeling of being robbed of who you are, your identity, and the power you have to get to where you need to go in life. This not only reflects a sense of loss but also a sense of feeling stripped of your power which leaves you feeling stranded without the ability to get to where you need to go. This may relate to big areas in life such as occupation, significant relationships, or some other situation that has been significant and self-defining for you.

Toy Cars

Seeing or interacting with a toy car in a dream could symbolize a desire to gain more control over your life. There is an element of play and planning for the real thing in this type of dream. Depending upon the feelings associated with the dream, this could be a symbol of preparation or it also could be a symbol of immaturity and skirting adult-life responsibilities.

This content is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for formal and individualized diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed medical professional. Do not stop or alter your current course of treatment. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

Questions & Answers

Question: I had a dream that my mom got hit by a car. What does that mean?

Answer: Dreaming your mother gets hit by a car or is otherwise hurt or killed is actually a dream theme I hear often. Dreams like this usually relate to fears related to our relationship with the other person or something the person could represent. A mother could represent your mother or she could represent certain values or traits you associate with her as well as the caretaker within you. Seeing someone else get hit by a car could relate to the difficulty all experience with growing up, maturing and adjusting to the changing roles our parents take in our lives. At some stages, detaching from our parents can feel like the psychological severing or death of the relationship. The first thin I would wonder about your dream is if it is symbolizing for you your fears that your current life's path and personal goals are causing you to lose your connection with your mother, change your relationship with her in some way or go against her wishes. I view dreams as allowing us to work out an issue. After this dream, I would want to pay attention to any subsequent dreams over the next few weeks to monitor my adjustment. As with all stages in life, this is something to work out, overcome and resolve. The dream could relate to something specific recently (within the last few weeks) that changed your life, resulting in a shift with your mother/child relationship.

Question: I had a dream where I was sleeping. I woke up and saw a car driving towards my house and killed me. What does this dream about my death by car mean?

Answer: If I had this dream, the first thing I would ask myself is, "Am I going down a destructive path?" I would wonder who was driving the car. I normally associate cars and driving with the direction my life is going and where my journey is taking me. My house would represent myself and all that is important to me. I would not be concerned that I am killed in my dream because I normally associate death in dreams with an end of something with a more abstract meaning. I would explore what has entered my life- a lifestyle, a behavior, a relationship I have entered, etc. that is harmful to me. I would also want to explore the possibility that my dream is reflecting a fear of change and difficulty letting go of old aspects of who I am in order to welcome in something new. I would regard this dream as a "wake up call" since I am even sleeping and then waking up in the dream. The dream would serve the purpose of alerting me to something I need to change or modify in my life.

Question: I just had a dream of my beloved old car. I had parked while on a trip. When I returned the only thing left was the body. No wheels, engine or interior was there. I'm recently diagnosed with a rare cancer that is usually terminal. Does my dream about my old car mean that I am going to die soon?

Answer: I would not regard this dream as reflecting whether or not you would die soon. Instead, I would regard this dream as reflecting your fears and progress towards accepting and understanding this new information about your health. If I had this dream, the car would symbolize my body and my life. Parking the car on a trip would symbolize a detour I am taking. Returning to the car to see it is missing wheels the engine and interior, would reflect a fear I am losing parts of self. I would associate the wheels with the ability to go where I want or need to go on my life's journey. I would associate the engine with my sense of power and energy to move forward. I would associate my comfort, inner strength and a general "inside of me" concept with the interior. The dream would reflect how I am facing the loss of control I have over my health and physical body. I would regard the dream as functioning to allow me to grapple with very large concepts while I also accept what is not in my control and begin to identify how I can have a positive influence over my health.

© 2011 Sue B.


DommaLeigh on May 10, 2013:

Nice hub, I am always interested in dreams. My dreams show me what will happen if I don't follow the warnings and change what is needed. Since I was a teen I have had dreams that have warned me of trouble ahead. We dream every night but the only ones I remember are ones that my subconscious is sending me warnings. Our conscious mind may not let us see what's a head because it is working on dealing with day to day life, though it picks up all the signs and signals but when I sleep my subconscious formulates all the information into a dream. From what I read, it seems like you have a good handle on dream interpretation.

Melody Collins from United States on May 09, 2013:

Thanks for the hub. I used to dream that I was going to die in a car accident. This lead to a fear of driving. This is the first time I have stopped to think about what it meant. I really feel your interpretation is right on the mark!

Sue B. (author) on March 24, 2013:

Cees H

Thank you for sharing your dream! My first impression of your dream about trying to find a parking spot with a new boyfriend is that you could feel frustrated with the lack of control you have in the relationship. Also, I wonder if finding a parking spot relates to "settling down" in some ways. Do you feel like he is in the driver's seat when it comes to determining how serious the relationship and when/where you will move to a new level? This dream may prompt you to take a look at how much control you have over where the relationship is headed. Are you struggling with sharing control and developing a balanced relationship or do you find you are giving up your control and not using your own personal power to influence your relationship in a positive way?

Also, going to a strip mall would relate to searching for something you feel you need. What is missing from your life or your relationship? Not being able to park would also relate to having obstacles that are preventing you from getting something you need emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, or socially.

Cees H on March 18, 2013:

I'm so glad I found this article! I am currently deeply in love with my boyfriend although only 6 months new and my dream really confused me. We are driving in a small strip mall, he is the driver, I'm in the passenger seat and we keep passing good parking spots. He looks apologetic for missing them but with every circle back around and the constant dips in the road, I get more and more frustrated. I'm so frustrated that I startled myself awake. My first thought was why didn't he just back up! (hehe)

Sue B. (author) on February 18, 2013:


Thank you for sharing your dream. The car can often symbolize our path in life and what direction we are currently going into. The transforming car can relate to a radical change. In this dream, it seems you like at first saw change as harmful and had a negative view or fears. Once you understood the change a bit more, you were relieved which may be your reaction to change in general. Comparing the two cars, it sounds like you are becoming prepared for an adventure in your life.

ditto903 on February 15, 2013:

happy new year Sue

i had a dream about my car, i drive a golf 4 . in my dream i was approaching my car from behind and as i moved towards the bonnet/hood i noticed there was a huge dent by the side of the hood. i was shocked, wondering what could happened to my car. in a moment i noticed that the other side also had the same dent and eventually i realized that they were not dents, my car was transforming or transformed in to a jeep cherokee, finally i was relieved. what could this dream mean?

Sue B. (author) on February 10, 2013:


This dream sounds like it could relate to your life's path and something you are losing or harming within yourself long the way. You may want to explore further what this man could symbolize for you. It could be a relationship that has been sacrificed but he could also resemble an aspect of self.

Hitting him would relate to a conflict. Is there a conflict of ideas regarding your personal goals, personal ideas, personal direction, etc.? The dead bodies would be many aspects of self or life that you are somehow losing. Are you on a crash course in your life in some way? Is your direction killing you? What decisions are you making that are harming you physically, mentally, spiritually? emotionally?

Sue B. (author) on February 10, 2013:


The car tends to relate to the direction your life is taking and your current path. Being swept away by a flood would relate to being swept away by emotion. Part of the emotion could be anxiety. Are you forcing your current life's path despite feelings? Are you abandoning your life's path out of fear and avoidance of current emotions?

Dr3amer on February 02, 2013:

I'm interested in finding out about what my dreams mean.

I had a dream where I was in a car on the highway and there was nothing else and all of a sudden I could see a man up ahead he was I the middle partition on the grass he seemed to be dazed and he fell over the barrier into the road and the car was heading straight for him the car was going very fast but it all happened so slowly and he hit I hit him and killed him then there were loads of cars on the road with dead bodies falling out (I DON'T dream in colour and this dream was so vivid such colour such detail I could tell what the man was wearing his hair style just wonted some input on what it could mean.

Oh by the way my dreams never scare me but the wake me up

elnavann from South Africa on February 01, 2013:

Car (own car) being swept away by a flood? Feeling of anxiety and "towing" it back, then letting go to save your own life

Sue B. (author) on December 19, 2012:


This dream sounds like it is a metaphor for your life right now. The car going at highspeed is you moving too fast. Crashing in the back of the truck could relate to a conflict. Not looking would relate to avoiding or escaping issues in your life. Since the person's head was injured, I would wonder if you feel you have not been thinking or using your head as you move through life.

I also am assuming you submitted the dream since it was so vivid and detailed that you worried it would become true!

Sue B. (author) on December 16, 2012:


This dream sounds like it relates to issues that may be holding you back from getting to where you need to go in life. Sitting in the parked car sounds like a place in which you have stalled and are working things out so you can go again.

The girlfriend who cheated on you would be a negative influence such as fear, suspecting negative things/to get hurt. These issues would be on the back of your mind and influencing you. You switch cars. I am not sure if this is good or bad. In some ways, it allows you to start over fresh. In another way, it may show you are avoiding dealing with something that needs your attention.

The celebrity could relate to a part of self in some ways but also your idea of relationships. Since she grabs the wheel, I wonder if your attraction and sexuality is, at times, driving you and heavily influencing where you are going and why. this dream may be a way for your unconscious to prompt you to pay more attention, take a more active role in your life, and evaluate your priorities.

Sue B. (author) on December 16, 2012:


Thank you for sharing your dream. I see that you also submitted a question as to why your dream was ignored. Due to a high volume of comments to multiple dream hubs, it may take me 2 weeks to get to all. I do answer in the order they receive. If you ever want an immediate interpretation, I highly recommend They get back to you within 24 hours.

Your dream sounds rather interesting and seems like it is reflecting your life's path. Since you broke up with your ex right before this dream, part of the dream could be related to how much your life's direction is changing based on the end of this significant relationship.

The car crashes sound like they are conflict and you are seeing ahead of time that either it will take you longer to reach your goals continuing on the same path or it could potentially be dangerous. Not seeing police would relate to not feeling helped by others and realizing you may need to rely on yourself right now.

What strikes me about the dream is that you are passive. you are not driving for most parts and you are forcing a clueless friend to go where you need to instead of actively driving yourself. I would see this friend as representing an aspect of self for you and may also demonstrate how you interact with others. Is anyone ever to blame for these things? This dream gives me the impression that you do need to change directions but also take a more active role in determining where your life is headed.

ABCabc123 on December 05, 2012:

I dreamed that I saw a car going at high speed down the road and it crashed into the back of a truck. As I approached the crash the car wash crashed halfway into the back of the truck and another person said to me " I would not look." I saw the person cringe their face as I looked and saw the driver had his head what appeared to be the windshield through it and not their. the rest of the body looked ok and lifeless hunched forward over the wheel. I think I was shocked or surprised by the magnitude of the accident, because a second ago this person was alive speeding down the road. I noticed also the person (victim)was wearing a brown plaid shirt and jeans.

mnav on December 05, 2012:

Hi Sue,

Last night, I had a dream being in a passenger side and my husband was driving in a bright indoor parking lot. I noticed a silver Mercedes Benz that looked like it was being driven by a drunk driver. It was not fast but the driving was not straight. I kept nagging my husband about it but he said its okay. Next thing you know, it hit us and all the glasses on the Mercedes Benz broke to pieces. Our van was not affected at all. My husband got off to talk to the driver of the Benz and when he came back, he said they had resolve it yet his face looks so distance and lost.

Please help.. Thanks

Sue B. (author) on December 02, 2012:


This dream about being given a car could relate to getting the tools you need to take on a new direction in your life. SInce you are talking about renting a storage unit, it may be that you are not ready or not choosing to right now, embark on a new life's journey. I think it would be important to explore if this car is legitimate for you (is the car dealer trustworthy or shady in the dream?) or if it is representing something flashy and desirable for some but not a fit right now for YOU.

Ken Taub from Long Island, NY on December 01, 2012:

How refreshingly original! Ken

Tophearthbender on November 29, 2012:

I could use some help interpreting my dream :)

I was sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car. My "girlfriend" (I don't have a girlfriend in real life) was sitting in the backseat where she admitted to cheating on me. The person she cheated with was also sitting in the backseat.

So I got out of the car and locked them both inside of it. Eventually I ended up in another car. I was in the driver's seat again, only this time I was cruising down a pathway in a parking lot very slowly.

Then all of a sudden, I hear a woman calling my name, and so I turn around and it's a woman I've never met before. She's a celebrity, and I'm very attracted to her. And she begins to flirt with me, telling me that I should learn to pick up my phone. However, she's dressed in very skimpy clothing, and I tell her that she doesn't need to dress like that to attract me.

I then tell her that I was physically attracted to her the most when she wore a science lab coat in one of the movies that she played in (I love intelligence). In response to this she walks up to my car window, puts her hands on my car possessively, and says that she's not looking for a long term relationship (implying that she was looking for a short term relationship though).

What does this dream mean? Does it have something to do with my life dragging along, or something like that? Any help would be much appreciated.

whalia on November 29, 2012:

I remember feeling like my dream was really long but only remember this part of it: I was in a car (not sure if I recognized it). I was in the passenger seat. Either my good friend (who is younger than me by a few years) or my ex-boyfriend (since a week ago) who I live with was driving. It may have been that my dream even switched the drivers at some point... Either way we seemed to be traveling happily together no matter the driver. If not happily, discussing normal things. We were headed somewhere, not sure where. We started to notice there were cars crashed in a huge line of cars. The cars looked charred like they had been on fire or there had been a huge explosion before we got there. We drove further and there seemed to be cars waiting in traffic as well as several cars crashed. There were no police. I told the driver (who at this point I think was my friend and not my ex) that she should turn around. I said it sort of condescendingly as well. I was saying, "This accident must have just happened because I don't see any police here. We will be waiting in traffic forever, just turn around what are you doing?" I wasn't really panic stricken. I was perplexed by the burnt cars. They almost seemed to surprise me but not scare me. None of the other cars were moving. I also just looked and the driver slowed down. I didn't say anything til I was sure the road was blocked. I did manage to get her to turn around who seemed clueless. She would have kept driving and waiting in the traffic. I just remember her turning the car around and I was back to a normal feeling. I think it was more about getting to where we were going without having to wait. I also think I was surprised that no police had arrived yet either. It seemed the cars were not still burning yet there were still cars that looked like they were trying to get through traffic despite the cars crashed. Can you help decipher what this might mean?

Sue B. (author) on November 28, 2012:


Thank you for sharing your dream. Hitting the black sports car may relate to a collision of ideas or demands. Are you bumping heads with someone or having inner conflict?

The rest of the dream sounds like it relates to feelings of overwhelm and not feeling like you are in control. Going backwards could relate to feeling like you are regressing or falling further behind from your life goals. It could also relate to a retreat into the past. This dream may be helping you see what obstacles you need to resolve and what issues you need to face in order to continue to move forward and take a more active approach to your life.

MJ2012 on November 26, 2012:

I dreamed a car dealer gave me a brand new fully loaded black jaguar. I had to give my current address to claim the car and I was talking about renting a storage unit to store the car until I could drive it. Thoughts?

fhever on November 25, 2012:

im confused at d same time dream was i hit a black sport car but d car that i hit continued driving instead. I could not control my wheel but was driving so-so..until my steering wheel pulled out (very weird! ..can u imagine w/o a steering wheel?)...until i reach the hand break and my sister face showed up beside me (passenger seat) and still d car was moving backwards a bit faster going to a familiar place...there was still images but i cannot remember anymore...hope u can help interpret my dream...

Sue B. (author) on October 16, 2012:


My first impression on your dream is that the windmill symbolized the winds of change. Since driving straight into a body of water was not life-threatening, I think this could relate to an important inner journey. It sounds like you need to be in the water. I would associate the ocean with the unconscious or possibly the collective unconscious. A river would relate more to the flow of emotions and my regulation/expression of emotion.

I could see how the dream sounds strange but if it were mine, it would relate to me starting to look inward or would highlight the need to. A dream like this would proceed a time of greater personal insights and personal development.

CEM5397 on October 15, 2012:

Within the last week I've had a dream twice where I was driving and drove straight into a body of water. The first dream I passed a huge windmill (in silhoutte only) before driving into what appeared to be the ocean. The second dream I was driving through a town and the road just ended in a river. There were several other cars that also drove into the river. Neither time seemed life-threatening. There was no sense of falling or spinning or bridges in either dream. Any ideas? Thanks.

Sue B. (author) on October 10, 2012:


This is a mother's worst nightmare. I would see this dream a few different ways. Your son's father could represent himself, the nature of your relationship or an aspect of self for you. Backing up in the car may be a retreat to the past. You could be doing this, he could be doing this or perhaps when you two interact, you pick up on old issues and regress back into arguments. Nighttime would relate to not being fully aware of something or able to see something- or it could also show it is negative. Since your son is about to be backed over, I would associate this with how much moving backwards instead of forward is or could harm your son.

MommaWolfe on September 25, 2012:


I dreamt something a little different. I dreamt my 11 mo old son was backed over by his father who I am no longer with.

Key points in this are

- I was outside of the truck running towards the baby trying to stop it

- it was a red truck

- it was nighttime

- I felt panicked

- the father didn't seem to realize he was about to back over his son.

Any insight in this would be helpful, thank you.

Sue B. (author) on September 21, 2012:


I could see this dream in two ways-

1. It would reflect your feelings about your relationship with your boyfriend

2. your boyfriend could represent an aspect of self that you would associate with him, such as your Animus, the unconscious masculine aspect of self.

A car accident would relate to heading in the wrong direction, going down the wrong path, or having a clash of ideas or having disagreements. This could either be an internal conflict or reflect conflict within the relationship.

The hunting may relate to a dynamic that lends itself to a rather unbalanced relationship (man with gun versus elk is not a fair fight) or may relate to aggression/anger associated with your boyfriend or it even could relate to your own hunt to find a rather instinctual and repressed aspect of self.

Being hurt, needing a nurse and eventually healing could relate to the idea that something (you or the relationship) needs time to heal in order to move forward again.

Sue B. (author) on September 21, 2012:


Your first dream about the driving test could relate to the tests you feel you are taking in life. I would see the Traffic Policeman as an authority figure within you. I would see as positive that you have this happy and supportive authority figure that is more forgiving and happy tahn how you see Police in Qatar. This sounds like you have a positive approach towards making mistakes, trying something again, and make decisions.

The airplane may relate to your life's direction as well although could relate to other matters such as goals you aspire to or even something more spiritual. The pilot I would view as an aspect of self again. Is there a part of you that is not fully listening? This issue with the right wing may relate to an issue you need to work through in order to move forward and achieve your goals.

becca on September 16, 2012:

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend was in a car accident in Colorado where he is elk hunting. I find out after calling him and a nurse put him on the phone.. so I go borrow his dad's car to go out there. I get there and staying with him, he eventually got better.

mrboo_16 on September 14, 2012:

I dreamed last night that I driving a car to take driving license test. Beside me is the Traffic Policeman. Here in Qatar, the Police is very strict and not talking unless he will tell you that you failed and go out from the car. But in my dream, this Policemen is happy and smiling and telling me to just go straight and happy on what i am doing. But on the end of the road, there is one big truck having accident. By the way this end of the road is T-road that I can go left and right if the police will tell me to do so. So I stop when I saw that accident but if is too quick that the truck was removed so the police told me to go again in a happy mood. Then my dream change again, I am inspecting an airplane which about to take off together with its pilot. I criticized the right wing that there is some problem in the turbine. But the pilot told me never mind and it is okay, maybe it sucked bird on its previous flight because i pointed out there is some stain of blood. By the way, in my dream I also included in that small plane flight. What is the meaning of that, they are very clear in my mind until I writing this to you. Thank you and more power....

Sue B. (author) on September 14, 2012:

hi MT317

I think your dreams may be demonstrating a feeling that you are behind schedule in regards to an important lesson you need to learn and entering a new phase in your life.

Driving in general can relate to our path in life. The car first spins and slides into water. This may show that emotions you are repressing or ignoring are having a negative impact on your path now. Being at a store could show you where you are putting your energy. You get left behind because you are carrying heavy bags. Are you attempting to hold to too much and this is weighing you down? This sounds like it is your emotional baggage? How can you lighten your load?

You again slide off the bridge which is a symbol for transition. You do not seem to be in control of your path right now. Perhaps overcontrolling as lead to a lack of control ironically? Perhaps you need to embrace the water, understand the water, accept the water (emotion, unconscious) before moving on.

These dreams sound frustrating but I think they reveal for you that there is an emotional lesson lingering in your subconscious that is necessary to work through prior to continuing on your way towards your personal goals.

Sue B. (author) on September 05, 2012:


I also have a hub about recurring dreams which may be helpful. Dreams recur when what they represent is not being addressed. We are either remaining unaware of the issue or are not making changes to address the issue in our waking lives.

This dream could reflect feelings that his life is somehow stuck. Since he is stuck in reverse, I would wonder if his past is in some way influencing this. It could be his past or his reaction to his past that is creating a problem that is not allowing him to move forward towards his goals. Since he is in the drivers seat, he is in control so he may need to make changes-- think differently or approach things differently in order to resolve his dream.

MT317 on September 04, 2012:


Recently I've had twice a similar dream. On the first dream I'm on the highway (where I go to work) there are no cars around. The car start spinning, slides out of the road and lands in water (maybe a lake). Last night I dreamt I was paying for something at a store. My best friend and someone else walked ahead of me and left me behind. I couldn't keep up because I was carrying heavy bags. When I made it to the parking lot I saw my husband leaving. My best friend also got in her car and left. I'm screaming "hey wait for me, don't leave me behind!". I get in my car and immediately my car start spinning and slides off a bridge. In this dream the fall is longer and slower. I'm trying to decide if I should open the door and jump - then I start thinking "but what if I forget how to swim? No, everything will be fine. Maybe it will be better if I stay inside the car - but what if the door won't open?" as the moment got close to make a decision before the car hit the water - I woke up. What could this mean? Thank you.

Sue B. (author) on August 31, 2012:


I would associate your dream of going backwards and downhill as a metaphor for your current position in life. Do you feel like you are going down hill and are in some ways going backwards? If this were my dream, I would consider a different approach. Since the brake is not working, perhaps just trying to stop bad things is not working for you in your waking life. Perhaps you need to propel yourself forward and utilize more constructive and positive approaches. Sometimes if we focus on increasing positive things there is less room for negative things. This is a different perspective then simply trying to stop bad things.

hlongley on August 30, 2012:


My dad keeps having a recurring dream that he is in his car in the drivers seat and it is stuck in reverse and he cannot do anything to stop it. What could this mean?

Sue B. (author) on August 29, 2012:


I agree with you. Sounds like a rather direct dream about loss of control and going backwards and down hill. How can you regain your footing? The first thing that strikes me is that you are in your ex's truck. Perhaps you need to make your life's journey yours instead of either focused on the past (joys or pains) or focused on reactions to your ex. Are you living your life as your ex-husband's ex-wife or are you living your life as your own?

Sue B. (author) on August 29, 2012:


My first impression of your dream about you boyfriend is that it may reflect your current paths within your relationship. You are in the passenger seat, does this mean he has more control over the direction of your relationship right now? You are in a parking lot. Does this mean you were in a place where things weren't moving and then you had to make a decision? Has there been something that pushed you and you guys pushed back? Were you at odds in some way? Since the other truck follows you, I wonder if it is something that is haunting you or following you within this relationship that you need to confront at some point in order to strengthen the relationship and continue.

This could also be about your path. Were you at odds in your life? Were you making a decision and were conflicted due to your boyfriends influence? Has an opportunity to change direction been haunting you ever since?

Liwymi on August 27, 2012:

I've had a few dreams where my car is rolling backward down a hill, but even though I pull up the handbrake as hard as I can, it won't stop slowly rolling.

Teri on August 24, 2012:

I had a dream last night that I was in my ex-husband's truck and it was going backwards very fast in San Francisco down hills, I live in California but not S. F. and the brakes wouldn't work and all of a sudden my dog I rehomed a few months ago was in the back seat and I pet him and said hi to him, called my ex whom I despise and told him I was going to crash and couldn't stop the truck. I am guessing I feel out of control and that I am going backwards. What do you think?

Vany on August 23, 2012:

Hi the article made me understand some meanings to my weird car dream but my dream was that my bf was driving his red pick uo and I was on the passenger side. We were like at a walmart parking lot and we came face to face with another truck. So the two trucks touched(not making any dents just like pushing another) together. Once my bf and I were made aside we speeded off and so the truck started to follow us. We managed to actually get away and didn't get caught by the other driver.

Sue B. (author) on August 20, 2012:


This dream sounds like it is reflecting your feeling of not having any control over the direction your life is taking. SInce this dream repeats for you, it sounds like you are not addressing an important issue in your waking life. Do you know what you could be avoiding? What part of your life are you least comfortable talking about? It may be time to take on a new approach. If you find you are at a loss, it may be helpful to seek counseling. Therapists can often help you identify what you are refusing to confront.

Lucia on August 20, 2012:

I keep having the same dream, I've had it repeatedly for 3 or 4 years now, I'm in a car and I'm in the back seat but no one is driving and it's just me in it. There are never any other cars around and sometimes I'm on a city road and sometimes I'm on a narrow road surrounded by trees. The thing is no matter how hard I try to reach the wheel from the back seat because it just gets further away from me, what does this mean? Eventually I panic and wake up in fear of crashing

Sue B. (author) on August 17, 2012:


Your recurring dreams of cars sound very stressful for you. It is positive the dream keeps changing. I would see these dreams as chapters in a book- what story are they telling you?

You have symbol that point to emotional turmoil- tornado. In general, it sounds like you have concerns about where you are going in life. Since you couldn't see where you are going, it sounds like your path right now is not clear to you.

There is a fire breaking up the road. Although this is scary, I actually see this as a positive symbol of renewal and change. Your car falls off the road but it sounds like you need a new path anyway. It is scary to be in transition, making a change before you know where you are changing to, but it sounds like this change can be positive for you although it brings up unpleasant emotions such as fear, anxiety, panic. You were in the passenger seat which is a very passive position in to be in. It would be positive for this passive approach to end and allow yourself to play a more active role in exploring and discovering what path you need to take next.

Sue B. (author) on August 15, 2012:


Scary dream! My first thought was this dream was relating to what you want to eliminate in your life. I don't know how you are approaching it is successful either. What is foreign to you that you perceive as so threatening and bad? You are walking to your car with your dad (I would see your dad as the part of self and the traits you have that you associate with him or authority figures). The car sounds like it is your journey towards you life's path. This sounds like an in-between that may be disrupting or postponing you getting to where you need to go. It sounds important to resolve. Stabbing people could relate to how you may be cutting of unpleasant emotions or unpleasant memories instead of confronting them, processing them, and honoring them in your own right. By harming them, you are harming yourself.

stillme on August 13, 2012:

As soon as I go to sleep at night I have been falling into the same dream path it seems if this makes any sense. It involves a car. At first I was driving it. One night I was driving it on a winding road next to a lake and someone next to me turned on the windshield wipers and also kept pushing the windshield fluid button. The wipers didn't want to work and the car kept speeding up and I couldn't see the winding road eventually. I woke up in a panic. I had some more dreams involving cars again with me driving, although I can't remember~ but I woke up in a panic. Then last night I wasn't driving, but in the passenger seat on a highway. The person driving veered off to the edge of the road and the road started to break away and there was a fire under it. The fire started to come up over the edge of the road and I was scared the car was going to catch on fire from underneath. There were tornado warnings on the radio in my dream so we were trying to get out of town, we somehow got away from the fire and up over a hill and I woke up. All these dreams happen right when I fall asleep which is really weird. Anyway, it makes me not want to fall asleep because I wake up in such a panic.

Sue B. (author) on August 13, 2012:

Sergio Deleon-

You may want to click on my profile and read the article about recurring dreams. Dreams recur when we are not addressing what we need to address and are not listening to the message the dream is giving us.

Not being able to stop the car may relate to feeling out of control. What parts of your life are out of control? Do you need to ground yourself more and make better decisions before things get out of hand? Are you taking risks that could result in legal issues? If not, the cop car may be symbolizing trouble in general or your inner authority attempting to stop you.

Sue B. (author) on August 13, 2012:


This dream may relate to your life's path but it may also relate to your relationship's path (or potential path). Are you getting a bad gut feeling about this guy? It may be reflected in this dream. A red mustang could relate to risk-taking, passion, danger, a fast relationship. Seeing his ex in the car may reflect your fears that his ex is either still in his life or is influencing him now. Is his behavior in reaction to her? Is your behavior in reaction to her?

Sergio Deleon on August 07, 2012:

Hi I Have A Question I Have Tgis Dream So Often And Sometimes Repeatedlly That Im Driving And The Breaks Start To Fail I Continue To Drive But A Cop Car Always Appears And I End Up Hitting Him From Behind Do To The Failing Breaks And I Become Scared And Anxiouse And i Alwayd Try To Drive Away And Escape What Could This Represent I Have This Dream Soo Often And Always the Same Concept Thanks

specialKayy on August 06, 2012:

In my recent dream, i wasn't even in the car. it wasn't my car. This guy Im just starting to see drives a white truck in real life, in my dream he came driving up from behind in a bright red mustang and when he got closer and slowed down, his ex was in the passenger seat with him. Im so confused as to what it means!!

Sue B. (author) on August 01, 2012:


Your dream makes me wonder what is going on in your life right now! Cars tend to relate to our life's path and how much control we have over it. Trying to stop a car sounds like you are either trying to interfere with someone else's path or, more likely, try not to move forward on your own path. This clearly can backfire and does in your dream. You fall flat on your face. Have you done so in your waking life in anyway? What have you avoided and stopped yourself from pursuing that this could relate to? Then having 2 other cards go over you could relate to either missed opportunities or your sense that others are progressing where you should be.

Sue B. (author) on August 01, 2012:

ke ke

It is certainly hard to understand a friend's dream. This dream is for your friend and may have significant meaning personal only to them. My first guess would be that you and your husband are representing aspects of self for your friend. Dreaming of a husband and wife that are not united in some way, may show she is having trouble expressing these two sides of self on her current path.

What do your friend think? It is possible your friend also believes your husband is rolling out of your life in some way-- if you have been discussing issues and your friend is aware this is likely. My first guess though, is that this is reflecting an issue your friend is grappling with within her unconscious. What does your husband represent to her? How are traits she associates with him not being expressed in her current direction? How can she achieve more balance?

Cheryle on July 31, 2012:

Dreamt that I was trying to stop a car, the car kept going, I ended up falling to the ground face up and the car and 2 other cars went over me, I did not get injured or killed.

Ke ke on July 28, 2012:

My friend dreamed my husband rolled out my car while i was driving. Im trying to find out what does it mean.

Sue B. (author) on July 24, 2012:

tammi, that dream sounds full of meaning. Do you feel vulnerable in your current direction in life? Do you feel like you've been robbed? What or who is taking something valuable from you? When I have these type of dreams I try to sit with the idea that it is possible I am the man and I am stealing from myself in some way. What am I stealing? Am I stealing an opportunity? Something I value (choosing work over family for example)? energy?

tammi on July 23, 2012:

My handbag was stolen by a man opening my passenger door while i was driving x

Sue B. (author) on July 16, 2012:

Rachel- this dream is interesting. Although short, I think it could have a lot of meaning. If I dreamt of an old woman I would wonder if that woman represents me- either an aspect of me (wise self?) or my future self. The money doesn't sound quite right. A box full of loose money gives a rather negative feel. Are you selling yourself out in some way? Are you robbing yourself from your future?

The car is very important, as you read from the hub, the car can typically relate to your direction in life and how much control you have over it. To tell your car then may relate to valuing money and material items over a long-term goal. Are you being shortsighted at all and too focused on instant gratification? I could see how this could relate to harming your future success.

rachel on July 14, 2012:

i dreamt that i was selling a car to an old woman and she paid me from a box full of loose paper money

Sue B. (author) on July 09, 2012:

hi Teri,

I think your dream about parking a car may relate to a need to stop overcontrolling your life and letting go in some way. In this dream, when you let go and allow the car to drive itself (which is strange but dreams can be that way!) it parallel parks somewhere else. This is harder to do than what you were attempting yet it happened on its own. It sounds like you may need to go with the flow in order to ultimately achieve your goals.

Parking a car in general also relates to a break to me. Perhaps you need a temporary break from being so driven and allow yourself to surrender to something.

Teri on July 08, 2012:

Hi there, I've dreamed about parking a car in the car park of 2 lanes and I felt it's wasn't parked properly but still I left it as is but when I got out the car still tried to park it correctly by itself then it drove forward, engine stalled and ended up parralel parked properly next to the kerb...

mzindependent from Texas on June 27, 2012:

Thanks for sharing this insightful hub! Voted Interesting

Sue B. (author) on June 25, 2012:

Dee- this dream sounds like it relates to your marriage. Since the car is your direction, it sounds like you are feeling exposed, vulnerable, without things you need, and without the ability to steer or change direction. Do you feel stuck? This father voice may be something you internalized and sounds like the aspect of you who is putting you down- contributing to your decision to not recognize your ability to direct your life. What will empower you to fix your own life and become a more active participant?

Dee on June 25, 2012:

My dream consisted of coming out of my house to drive my truck but couldn't because my drivers side door and steering wheel were missing.. Then a voice who talked like my father said," what? u want me to fix this too? First its your bad marriage and now its your truck?" I woke up right away, because it was soo upseting..made me very angry.. I have a dream book that can interpret dreams, but there are none that will interpret a missing steering wheel and a car door.. can u help me with this dream?

Sue B. (author) on June 21, 2012:


Thank you for writing. If a car was stripped down and missing important parts, it may relate to feeling as though you have been stripped down, you do not have what you need to get to where you need to go, you are lacking energy, are feeling depleted or even robbed of your energy. If I had a dream like that, i would try to take some time for self-reflection and see where I need my focus and nurture myself and my life's direction a bit more.

jdl on June 20, 2012:

The article is great , but you didn't cover stripped down cars like the interior , doors , glass pieces missing from the car...

fhina on June 14, 2012:

some are my bestfriends, some are i just know their names n nvr communicate...

thanks, i will still go have some self correction.. lol

Sue B. (author) on June 13, 2012:


I often consider friends in dream an extension of self. What do you have in common with these friends? What traits do they have? Perhaps you are either seeing them headed in the wrong direction or something that you have in common (a trait, etc.)may not be working for you well or if not expressed, may lead to disaster.

Just because it was your friends doesn't mean it's not relating to you.

fhina on June 13, 2012:

how if i was dreaming my friends got into a car accident? not me. i was dreamy many times abt different friends get into a car crash :(

Sue B. (author) on June 06, 2012:

sheri1960- it sounds like you may be where you need to be- even if this place is unknown and scary. Although you fear you will die, you will not die in the dream, something may die/change, yet this will make room for a new beginning. What is important and sacred to you will continue on. Taking the plunge is taking a chance, exploring your subconscious further and getting truly in touch with your emotions.

Sheri1960 on June 06, 2012:

Well, three weeks since that dream (described above) and may not be as I thought. Right now feel I am heading directly for that wide expanse of water and cannot see any embankment 'catching me' before I plunge into the depths and certain (figurative) death...!

Sue B. (author) on June 06, 2012:

Imani- watching someone else get hit by a car on purpose may relate to anger associated with your direction or clash of ideas. Do you feel someone is having a negative impact on your decisions about your life's direction or bringing negativity and overcontrolling your path? Sometimes who we observe in dreams actually relate to us. Are you or someone in your life so focused on getting even with someone else that it is steering you off course?

Imani on June 06, 2012:

What if in the dream, you watch someone else get hit me a car, and the driver does it on purpose?

Sue B. (author) on May 27, 2012:


Since cars often represent our direction and path in life, your dream sounds like it shows you how lost or unsure you may feel about your path. You may have thought you were sure your life was going one way- getting married to our ex-fiance- and then you headed in a different direction. Since the car is parked and not moving, perhaps it relates to a feeling that you are going nowhere.

The white car may relate to the relationship within (male/female) that you would like to see expressed externally as well in marriage one day.

The tow truck sounds like it relates to your need to reach out for help and get assistance from someone to get you back on track.

Leona on May 20, 2012:

Hi, I love this article. It explained a lot of things except for in my dream, I was looking for my car with my ex fiancé, now we r just bf and gf... and it wasn't where I parked it then I walked around and I found my gray cadillac against this wire fence and it seemed to look like it was being electructed. The scene looked like there had been an accident and there was also a white truck a few feet away from it. I could not see damage to either car other than I knew they were being electrocuted. Then suddenly this blond hair medium size lady who I don't know who she is showed up and she seemed to own the truck, she was with another guy... We were trying to find a tow trucks phone number and we finally dd on this old sign. and then my dream ended there... What does other additional details mean?

Sheri1960 on May 10, 2012:

Excellent article - thank you, found it helpful. I had a dream last night that I was being forced to drive faster by the car behind me and as we took a wide turn too fast, my car went over the edge into a steep fall, heading for a massive strength of water and certain death. As I was falling my immediate thoughts went to my pregnant daughter and I felt such immense sadness and worry for her that I wouldn't be there for her and the effect it would have on her. Then the next minute the car and I landed safely onto the embankment and I was okay and alive. I'm currently between freelance roles and worried about so many things and yet this dream made me feel better. Read your article and things just seemed to fall into place (as if I was being told things were going to work out and I was going to be okay) although not altogether sure why!

Sue B. (author) on May 08, 2012:

hi miles,

Thank you for reading my article. It sounds like you may be dreaming of feeling out of control over the direction of your life. To dream you cannot control the car can mean you feel you do not have control over your life or the direction you are headed. If you can't move forward, perhaps something is holding you back and you feel you are going backwards. I tend to also associate going backwards with having our unresolved past influencing the direction of our lives too much.

miles on May 04, 2012:

im dreaming i was driving a car but instead of forward i drive it backward and i can't control it to move backward..i don't know wat is the meaning of this.can u help me?

tan on April 14, 2012:

Oh wow this has been so helpful and amazing .. I am constantly dreaming of my car being stolen. That explanation makes so much sense wow....

Felina on February 11, 2012:

This was right on. Omg lol