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An Evergreen List of Cryptids

Ricky Rodson is an experienced cryptozoologist with several published books on the subjects of zoology, cryptozoology, and mythical beasts.


What Is a Cryptid?

According to Merriam-Webster, cryptids are animals or creatures that have been claimed to exist but never proven to exist through scientific means. This means the term 'cryptid' can officially include anything from the Loch Ness Monster to that ghost that lives in the abandoned house around the corner. Because of this broad definition, most cryptozoologists and cryptozoology enthusiasts prefer to limit the term to preternatural creatures. Biologists are only able to formally identify new species after using scientific methodology. Cryptids are essentially creatures that have been mentioned in folklore, but have yet to be captured for proper examination.

Where Do Cryptids Come From?

There is no set method for cryptids to come into existence. Almost all cryptids believed to exist have their own origin story, each unique in its own way. Most of these stories are in some way based on local legends, leading to the creature's origins somehow relating to the culture of the local population. So depending on where the creature is located, it could be the result of a curse or just an unfortunate act of nature. In truth, at this point, it does not matter where cryptids come from. Until we are able to locate these creatures, their origins will remain a mystery.

Types of Cryptids

As mentioned above, all cryptids have their own characteristics and attributes. This uniqueness makes it hard for cryptozoologists to break them down into specific, easy-to-follow, individual categories. For example, two creatures that act and appear alike could have distinctly different backstories. This would place them in different categories, despite their similarities. Because of this, cryptids are generally defined as merely being members of one of four types. These types are Aerial, Terrestrial, Aquatic, and Supernatural.

Terrestrial cryptids are creatures that move around on land.

Terrestrial cryptids are creatures that move around on land.

Terrestrial Cryptids

Terrestrial cryptids are by far the most popular of all cryptid types known to be reported. This isn't because more of the others don't exist, but because humans spend most of their lives on land, giving us more opportunities to see them. And despite our best efforts, all sorts of these mysterious creatures are known to survive without ever being caught. Our list of terrestrial cryptids contains all sorts of strange lifeforms, from vicious ape-like beasts lurking in the woods to malformed cats with a taste for blood.

List of Terrestrial Cryptids


Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch...

Large Ape-like Creature



Reptile-Like Blood-Sucking Creature

Puerto Rico and South America

Mongolian Death Worm

Giant Man Eating Worm

Gobi Desert

Skunk Ape

Skunk Colored Ape Creature

Southern United States


Giant Snake

Mount Tsurugi, Japan


Canine-Like Animal

North Africa


Dog/Human Hybrids



Elephant/Snake Hybrid

Richtersveld, South Africa


Cannibalistic Corpse

North America


Wolf Beast


Aquatic cryptids are creatures that creep around waterways.

Aquatic cryptids are creatures that creep around waterways.

Aquatic Cryptids

Despite 71% of the planet being covered in water, Aquatic cryptids only account for about 15% of the mysterious creatures believed to be living on Earth. Most cryptozoologists believe this is not because they do not exist, but merely because they have yet to be seen. With the ocean being such a vast and hard to explore place, these reclusive lifeforms always have time to escape and a place to hide. Our list of cryptids that live in the water contains everything from large prehistoric monsters to creepy frog-man hybrids that lurk in swamps.

List of Aquatic Cryptids


Loch Ness Monster

Prehistoric Lake Monster

Loch Ness, Scotland


Human/Fish Hybrids



Bird/Alligator Hybrid



Giant Sea Turtle with Island on his back.


Devil's Lake Monster

Octopus-Like Beast

Oregon, USA


Giant Squid


Bermuda Beast

Colossal Tentacle Beast

Bermuda Triangle


Elephant/Whale with White Fur

South Africa

Loveland Frogman

Frog/Man Hybrid

Ohio, USA

Aerial cryptids are creatures that are capable of flying.

Aerial cryptids are creatures that are capable of flying.

Aerial Cryptids

Aerial cryptids are unknown lifeforms with the ability to fly. Like most flying creatures, they do possess the ability to land but only do so when necessary. There are fewer reported sightings of this type of cryptid than any of the other primary types. Most people believe this to be the result of them going extinct due to the lack of habitat caused by the increased human population. Despite this, our list of cryptids that can fly contains all sorts of creatures ranging from humanoid hybrids to gigantic dragon-like monsters.

List of Aerial Cryptids


Jersey Devil

Winged Bipedal Horse Creature

New Jersey, USA


Human-Moth Hybrid

West Virginia, USA


Winged Lion with Human Head


Nasa Gargoyle

Winged Grey Humanoid

Texas, USA


Dragon-Like Monster

Frederick Counties, Maryland


Extremely Large Bird

North America

Supernatural Cryptids are creatures said to do capable of performing magic acts.

Supernatural Cryptids are creatures said to do capable of performing magic acts.

Supernatural Cryptids

Out of the four types of cryptids included on this page, supernatural cryptids are the most complicated. In fact, many cryptozoologists do not consider this type of cryptids to be cryptids at all, but merely paranormal creatures like ghosts. Despite this, we decided to include them on our list of cryptids to give our readers the full picture and to allow them to make their own determination. Our list contains all different types of magic using creatures, from evil native spirits to mischievous fairies that have never been seen.

List of Supernatural Cryptids



Shapeshifting Creature

United States


Spiritual Creatures

Middle East

Cross Fairy


Georgia, USA

Jenny Greenteeth

Green Skinned Humanoid


Indrid Cold


United States

Can Cryptids Actually Exist?

Hundreds of years ago, it was easy to believe in all sorts of stories—the world seemed so big and so much of it still unexplored. But with today's technology, it can be hard to imagine any of these reclusive lifeforms could remain undetected. But the truth is, there is still so much we do not know about these mysterious creatures or what they are capable of. The giant squid was still considered to be a cryptid until 2004, when technology advanced to the point where we were able to capture a photo of one. As advanced as our technology may seem, we may still not have the instruments required to capture definite proof of their existence. In future years, a lot of these lifeforms may be proven to be nothing more than myths. But until that day comes, we choose to believe.

Do You Know of Any Cryptids We Missed?

Legends of cryptids come from cultures from all around the world. And as mentioned above, this page is intended to be an evergreen source for cryptid information. So if you know of any lesser-known cryptids that aren't included on our list please let me know in the comments. I would like to be able to add information as it becomes available.

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