Megalodon Sightings: Is the Megalodon Shark Still Alive?

Do Megalodon sightings prove the prehistoric shark is still alive today?
Do Megalodon sightings prove the prehistoric shark is still alive today?

The Megalodon Shark

Alleged Megalodon shark sightings over the years have led to the legend of a massive, prehistoric shark that still patrols the oceans of our world. Carcharodon Megalodon was once a real shark — the most formidable predator the world have ever seen — but modern science claims it went extinct long ago. The idea that it might still be alive today is both terrifying and fascinating.

Even though most marine biologists and shark researchers tell us it's impossible, it's nevertheless interesting to wonder if and how a huge predatory shark could still exist somewhere in the vastness of the sea. At a maximum length of up to 60 feet, the Megalodon was the largest shark that ever lived, a wrecking machine of teeth and muscle that preyed on adult whales. It's hard to imagine there could still be a viable population of such creatures out there somewhere, living undetected.

Still, there are occasional reports of massive sharks thirty feet long or more from around the world. Are these real-life accounts of modern Megalodon sightings? If not, what are these witnesses seeing? Is it possible mainstream science has it wrong, and is it still out there?

In this article, we'll take a look at some compelling evidence and stories that suggest Megalodon is still with us. In the end, it's up to you to decide: Is there enough proof to support the idea that the Megalodon shark is still alive?

If you are mostly interested in learning more about the real prehistoric Megalodon shark, check out:

A Very Real Prehistoric Predator

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Megalodon shark in recent years. This has in turn led to a great deal of confusion about Megalodon encounters in modern times, as well as the real creature that swam in our oceans for millions of years. Unfortunately, some people have interpreted this misinformation to mean Megalodon is entirely made up. That is far from the case.

Rest assured Megalodon really did exist. One reason we know this is because of an abundant supply of fossil teeth it left behind. These teeth are much larger than those of any living shark, including the great white, and from them researchers have been able to determine the size, weight and even some of the habits of the real Megalodon shark.

So, when we talk about Megalodon we are looking at it from two different points of view: Paleontology and Cryptozoology. I think it is important to distinguish the difference.

  • The shark of paleontology can be studied by looking at the fossil record and living sharks in order to puzzle out what the real Megalodon may have been like. From a paleontology perspective, this shark is officially extinct, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.
  • The idea of a living Megalodon is a stance taken by cryptozoologists, and it is not supported by mainstream science. Why would anybody think this is possible? That is the question examined in this article, and later we will get into how and why people think Meg could still be around.

I encourage readers to consider Megalodon from both points of view.But let's get down to the real point of this article. Could this prehistoric predator still be out there even today?

How Could Megalodon Be Alive Today?

We know of the real Megalodon shark only from fossil records and preserved teeth. Because shark skeletons consist mostly of cartilage, these are the only parts that fossilize. No living or dead specimen has ever been recovered in modern times. Also, there are no "official" sightings on record.

So what makes us think it could still be around? More importantly, has anything like this ever happened before?

In fact, there is precedence for bizarre marine creatures turning up when the odds are stacked against them. Some of them, like the Megalodon shark, were once thought extinct, or believed to only be myths.

  • Megamouth Shark: The incredible Megamouth Shark is another huge sea creature that can grow up to nearly 20 feet in length, but it was not discovered until 1976. This beast eluded researchers for so long because it lives in deep water, and comes closer to the surface only at night. This, some researchers speculate, could be the same behavior that makes Megalodon so tough to spot.
  • Coelacanth: The Coelacanth is an even stranger case. This bizarre fish was thought to have gone extinct 65 million years ago, until they were discovered in 1938, live and well, off the coast of South Africa. The Coelacanth is a prehistoric fish, referred to as the Living Fossil. While they're not giants like Megalodon, the Megamouth, or the Giant Squid, they do still reach over six feet in length.
  • Giant Squid: Giant Squid is a huge creature, reaching up to 30 feet in length, dwelling in the deepest parts of the ocean. Though science eventually knew of its existence from bodies washed ashore and scars left on the bodies of whales, no live adult specimen was ever caught on film until 2004. Now we know much more about these creatures, and that there is an even larger monster squid out there.
  • Colossal Squid: The Colossal Squid is an enormous real-life sea monster, with the largest specimens weighing over half a ton. Even though it was discovered in 1925, we still know very little about this beast. Colossal and Giant squid sightings by ancient sailors are probably what led to legends of the Kraken sea monster.

A Lazarus Taxon is a species that appears to have gone extinct, but then is found alive again.

Usually, as is the case with the Coelacanth, there is a small remnant population somewhere that had gone unnoticed, at least by modern science. Often, locals know about the animals, but because a biologist hasn't confirmed it the species remains officially extinct.

If such an ancient and strange species like the Coelacanth could endure without detection for so long, why can't the Megalodon be alive out there somewhere after all these years?

How Big Was the Megalodon Shark? Here's Megalodon vs the Whale Shark (blue) and Great White Shark (green).    (Image: Matt Martyniuk [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
How Big Was the Megalodon Shark? Here's Megalodon vs the Whale Shark (blue) and Great White Shark (green). (Image: Matt Martyniuk [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons) | Source

Historic Megalodon Sightings and Evidence

There are a handful of well-documented pieces of evidence and testimony that suggest Megalodon is still alive. Here are a few of the more well-known stories:

  • Huge Teeth Found by HMS Challenger: In 1875, two Megalodon teeth were dredged up during a deep-sea expedition by the HMS Challenger, dated only 10,000 - 15,000 years old. If the methods used were accurate, this would mean it went extinct much more recently than previously believed, and make it a contemporary of modern humans. Ten thousand years is only a blink of an eye in the world of paleontology. It does not take a great imagination to think the Megalodon shark may have survived the past 10,000 years undetected in the depths of the oceans.
  • Fishermen Terrified by Giant Shark: In 1918 an Australian naturalist named David Stead recorded events when local fisherman refused to go back out to sea after an unbelievably massive shark had demolished their gear and taken their catch. These were experienced men of the sea, familiar with whales and large sharks, but whatever they had seen had frightened them so much that they refused to work. According to Stead, they described it as between 35 and 90 meters long and pure white in color. These proportions seem unbelievable. Could a shark really grow to that size? Were these men exaggerating? Or, were they just confused?
  • Massive Shark Threatens 55-Foot Fishing Boat: In the 1960s, the captain of a 55-foot fishing ship reported that a white shark at least as long as the boat passed by while they sat at anchor. The crew refused to officially discuss the sighting, but the Captain gave his account. An experienced sailor, the Captain would have been able to recognize a whale if that is what it had been, but he claimed it was indeed a giant shark. Are stories such as this one based on real encounters, or are they just products of the imaginations of sailors who have been at sea too long?


Recent Sightings and Anecdotal Evidence

Unfortunately, when it comes to more recent sightings, the casual researcher has to weed through a whole bunch of nonsense to get to any stories with credibility. YouTube is awash with clips of supposed Megalodon encounters — all fake, of course.

Megalodon has firmly planted itself in the realm of cryptozoology, and few marine biologists and shark researchers take the creature seriously in the modern day. Occasionally a stray report will wash up of a larger-than-normal shark spotted somewhere. But, given that Great Whites can theoretically grow in excess of 20 feet, it’s certainly possible that these are misidentified animals. Most marine biologists would be thrilled enough to discover a 20-foot Great White!

But there are at least a few interesting tidbits for consideration:

  • Megalodon Monsterquest Episode: Back in 2009, the History Channel show Monsterquest visited the Sea of Cortez where massive sharks have been reported for years. These beasts are allegedly three times larger than the biggest Great White sharks in the area, and known for decimating the local marine mammal populations. The Monsterquest team failed to find Megalodon, but many still believe that if this giant shark is still around, this would be a prime location for finding it.
  • The Monster of Bird Island: In 2012, on an episode of the show Shark Wranglers called Monster of Bird Island, shark researchers interviewed a group of South African fisherman who claimed there was a huge shark in the area as big as their boat. The boat appeared to be thirty or forty feet long. Was this a Megalodon shark these fisherman had witnessed? Later in the episode, one of the researchers told a tale of a 30-foot shark he had seen when he was younger.

The Discovery Channel and Megalodon Lives

This concept of a living Megalodon has spawned some interesting movies and novels, not to mention caught the attention of shark enthusiasts, both amateur and professional. Even the Discovery Channel featured a special on the Megalodon for Shark Week 2012, complete with a massive recreation of the monster.

The next year they went on to offer an even more artificial rendition of the creature, leading to the Shark Week 2013 fiasco. The docudrama called Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives ignited a world-wide interest, largely because so many people believed the footage and actors in the film were real.

For Shark Week 2014, the Discovery Channel tried again with a rehashed version of Megalodon Lives. However, the public had caught on by this point, and the same people who were blown away a year earlier were now bent on finding facts.

That's good. Megalodon is a creature worth exploring, and whether or not it still survives today it is one of the most fascinating real-world monsters that ever lived.

What was Megalodon Really Like?

Though we think of the Megalodon as a giant Great White Shark, many researchers believe it may not have resembled one at all. Indeed, some say they were not even closely related.

Did it act like a Great White? Most researchers say it was probably similar, but of course there is no way to be sure. So when someone spots a giant Great White Shark, what are the odds it could really be a relic Megalodon?

From this perspective, there could be countless undocumented Megalodon sightings throughout history.

So what was Megalodon shark really like? Could the dramatization in the video below be accurate?

Megalodon Shark Attack

Giant Teeth and Massive Jaws

Like the Great White, Megalodon had serrated teeth. While we think of modern sharks as formidable predators we surely wouldn't want to cross paths with, the Megalodon would have been in a whole new class of terror. Even after countless centuries, some fossilized Megalodon teeth are still sharp to the touch. We can only imagine what they were capable doing to a large prey item like a whale, let alone a human.

The largest Megalodon teeth can be seven inches long — the size of a grown-man's hand. It was the largest and most highly evolved in a lineage of megatoothed sharks.

Though they look like larger versions of Great White Shark teeth, paleontologists point to slight differences in the Megalodon teeth and its ancestors as proof that the Megalodon shark is not closely related to the Great White. This would put it in the genus Carcharocles rather than the Great White's Carcharodon. This is a matter still up for debate.

With jaws like this the Megalodon Shark would have made short work of anything in the ocean, including whales and giant sea turtles.
With jaws like this the Megalodon Shark would have made short work of anything in the ocean, including whales and giant sea turtles. | Source

A Powerful Bite Force

Regardless of its heritage, this shark had a set of chompers never seen in the animal kingdom before or since. Researchers have calculated that this massive shark may have had a bite force of 18 tons! A T-Rex had a bite force of only one-third that. The strongest biter in our world today is the saltwater crocodile, and they only come in around 3700 pounds.

It's clear that the teeth and jaws were made for destruction. Interestingly, some researchers say it may have bitten off the fins of its prey before finishing it off. That makes the Megalodon tooth arsenal not only powerful, but capable of a certain amount of precision as well.

Behavior and Hunting Technique

Much like the modern Great White, Megalodon was probably an ambush predator that took its prey by surprise, either from below or by approaching at great speeds. This would have meant it was a very active shark, not some lumbering giant like the Whale Shark. It was a coastal shark, hunting offshore. Again, like our modern Great White.

Megalodon would have been found in just about every ocean of the world, preying on whales, dolphins and other marine mammals, and even giant sea turtles. In short, it would have eaten just about anything it wanted. If it were really around, it would not be hard to spot.

If still alive today, it’s easy to see that all of the above can no longer be true. A massive, 60-foot shark hunting whales close to shore would surely be well-known, not to mention widely feared. So if Meg is still around, it must have changed its behaviors drastically.

Check out the video of Great White sharks hunting below and imagine the Megalodon preying on massive whales in the same manner! It must have been amazing!


Scientists think that the Megalodon young lived in shark nurseries like Great Whites do. These are areas, usually close to shore, where young sharks can grow and feed in relative safety. Megalodon young may have started out eating fish or other small prey items, and then moved on to larger prey as they got bigger.

So where are the baby Megalodon sharks? They may be living at great depths like their parents, or it could be possible that they they are so rare and so similar to the Great White that when they are spotted they are simply assumed to be adult Great White sharks.

Megalodon was three times the size of the largest Great White Sharks!
Megalodon was three times the size of the largest Great White Sharks! | Source

The Livyatan Whale: A Formidable Rival?

It's pretty clear that the Megalodon Shark was the most powerful beast in the ancient Miocene ocean, but could there have been another creature just as fearsome that gave Meg a run for its money?

The recently discovered Livyatan whale was as big as Megalodon, with teeth over a foot long. It competed with Megalodon for food, but what happened when these two prehistoric heavyweights met face to face?

Why Did Megalodon Go Extinct?

If this shark was such a ferocious predator, why did it die out? Unfortunately, even the strongest creatures are no match for Mother Nature. While Meg inhabited every ocean of the world, the planet was a much warmer place back then.

As the environment entered a cooling period, sea levels began to fall and currents shifted, causing not only a cooling of the ocean itself, but also a shift in the food supply. Theoretically, the Megalodon shark either couldn’t adapt to the colder climate, the food issues, or both. There is also evidence that the situation may have been complicated by the evolution of other large, predatory marine creatures which may have infringed on Megalodon’s niche.

Does Megalodon Live in the Mariana Trench?

For Meg to still be still alive, it would have had to adapt to colder temperatures, a different breeding pattern, and greatly different food sources. Some speculate that Megalodon populations may have survived in the Mariana Trench and other deep parts of the ocean.

Certainly we know that whales and giant squids venture very deep, so it is conceivable that Megalodon would have the food it requires. In fact, recent research on Great White sharks shows they may dive fairly deep in search of food. If Meg followed similar habits, perhaps it could have made the adaptations to deep-ocean life much easier than some experts suggest.

Unfortunately, the larger an animal is, and the more specific its niche in the environment, the harder a time it has in adapting to environmental changes. It's unlikely that the vast majority of these sharks would have been able to adapt to a major shortage in their food supply. An animal that evolved to feed on large marine mammals would have a tough time switching to oceanic fish, for example.

However, what is conceivable is that a small population which had already made some adaptations to a different food sources and lifestyle (such as diving to great depths and feeding on squid) could have survived the die-off and maintained a small, remnant population over the centuries.

The Verdict

All of these Megalodon sightings and stories are compelling, but are they really enough to suggest that this massive shark is still alive? Is it still out there somewhere, stalking the oceans of the world? Is there any reason to worry about going in the water at the beach?

If it makes you feel any better, mainstream science is unmoved by the evidence supporting the possibility of Megalodon’s existence today. Still, the idea of this monster shark out there patrolling the ocean deep is fascinating to imagine. There is still so much of the ocean left unexplored, the possibilities are almost endless.

The Megalodon Poll

Do you believe it's possible that the Megalodon shark could still exist?

  • Yes. The idea is scientifically plausible.
  • Anything is possible, but it seems unlikely.
  • Probably not, but I'm suddenly less excited about my trip to the beach this summer.
  • No way! The Megalodon is as dead as disco!
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cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 years ago from Earth Author

Mason: There is a ton a information about Megalodon on the internet, but be careful to separate paleontology from cryptozoology. Megalodon may or may not still exist today, but it was definitely once a real shark.

Chris 4 years ago

I have been studying mythical and thought to be extinct creatures since my first shark movie when i was 7 yet i can't find any real pictures of megladon while they are surfaced can u find post some pictures of the shark so i can try to justifie their exsistence.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Chris: Unfortunately, if there are any real pictures of a live Megalodon out there the picture taker is keeping it to himself. Everything I've come across on the web is obviously faked or at least highly suspicious.

gabbie 4 years ago

I so think its possible that the megaladon is still alive because there r at least to left roaming around in Africa waters so my answer is.. yes!!!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 years ago from Earth Author

Gabbie: It's definitely possible, and the sharky waters around South Africa are as good a place as any. Thanks for commenting!

Sam 4 years ago

How can you tell if pictures/videos were faked or not?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 years ago from Earth Author

Sam: The ones I have seen just appeared to be scaled-up versions of great white sharks, or obvious digital creations. There might be some good ones out there that are tough to tell.

Rachel 4 years ago

There is no way the megalodon is extinct. I have watched so many videos and researched them enough that they are still out there. Me and my cousin Xavier have researched sharks for a while. We know sharks just by the fin, size, shape, or any of the features. We know that the megalodon is still out there. If you say it's not then you are CRAZY!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 years ago from Earth Author

Rachel: Your enthusiasm is exactly what is needed to track down such an elusive creature!

Kevin Mc lean 4 years ago

There's a tooth that's been dredged up by trawler in Vic Hislop's shark museum (Proserpine Austrlalia)that's too big to belong a great white and the tooth looks unfossilised. I've seen fossilised megalodon teeth it looks like an unfossilised one to my relatively untrained eye. The tooth's also bigger than those in a frozen 20 ft great white that they have there.

Ripley's used to report great whites reaching 36 ft recorded in the 1870's and 1930s at Port Fairy Australia and Brunswick, Canada. Modern scientists tend to the think they may have had the species confused with a basking shark - but these were caught by fishermen who surely look at things like teeth and probably the whole town gathered around to have a look. An easier thing to confuse with a great white might have been a megalodon.

Bottom line. There's some evidence to suggest they could be our there.

Curtis 4 years ago

megalodon lived thousands of years ago. As animals evolve, they tend to have gotten smaller. If we don't explore every inch of ever ocean, we can't say this massive shark doesn't exist. Megalodon could have gotten smaller, but that's doubtful. Unless one wants to show itself, its existence will remain a mystery. Like the monster of Lock Ness lake

cruncher 4 years ago

I believe Megalodon still exsists. It's too much of a coincidence that they have had sightings of the monster shark off the coast of California. Who knows how many types we have. Those sightings could have been some descendants of Megalodon.

Ayub 4 years ago

We haven't explored 95% of our ocean and we have on discovered 1.4 million animals out of 8.7 million. while we were exploring 5 % of the ocean we came across a giant squid on video we were fascinated how colossal it was. Then we found the colossal squid and many other giant things. That's just 5%

PhinFan 4 years ago

The idea of such a creature existing is fascinating on its own, a shark as big as an aircraft carrier (just a thought) roaming the waters- Im all up for discovering such a thing but you don't exactly want to stir up the hornets nest :P

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Joshua. Unfortunately there is no way to be sure absolutely sure megalodon is still out there, unless of course someone catches one (!) or happens upon a washed up carcass or other indisputable evidence.

Cryptozoology means literally the study of unseen animals. In other words, animals we believe may be out there because people say they've encountered them, but science does not officially recognize them as real.

Meg is interesting because researchers know it was a real shark once, but modern science believe it went extinct a long time ago. What puts it in the realm of cryptozoology is when people say they've seen it around today.

If you want to study Meg I'd advise starting from a paleontology perspective. Study the real shark from the real fossil record. If you're interested in the cryptozoology side of it you can then move on to the theories on how, why and if it could still exist today. IMO, the study of cryptozoology is most significant when it has a basis in real science.

Good luck! Feel free to post any other questions.

Jake 3 years ago

Think about this, if Megalodons had adapted to be able to live in deep water, what if (like in Steve Alten's book Meg) they exist deep in the Mariana Trench

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Jake: That is definitely one theory that makes sense. Since we know some whales dive very deep, and we know great white sharks do eat squid as part of their diets, it is conceivable that between the whales and giant squid Megalodon would have enough food to survive. Plus, who knows what else is down there!

jacob walker 3 years ago

yes it is possible for the Meglodon to still exist on our earth. but it's impossible to go that deep to find this preostoric creture

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

There have been a few people to reach the very bottom of the Mariana Trench, but I agree that extensive exploration is difficult. If Megalodon is down there it will be hard to find, no matter how big it is!

Tristan 3 years ago

I'm studying Megalodon and have a lot of proof that it exists. Is it possible for something honed for millions of years to change so drastically? I think it would be a tight squeeze to survive.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Tristan. There have certainly been many cases of animals making wide evolutionary adjustments to survive in different environments. The animals that migrated across the Bering Land Bridge at different times in history are good examples. But you're right that it would be tough, especially for a creature like Megalodon at the top of the food chain, and that's why many species die out when faced with environmental upheaval. But, like modern Great Whites, perhaps some Megalodon populations were more skilled at hunting certain prey items or surviving at greater depths. Maybe that small population is the one that has survived to this day. It's a long shot, but that's what makes it interesting. :-)

writinglover profile image

writinglover 3 years ago from Lost...In Poetry

If the Megalodon is still alive, bring on the really bad and cheesy Sci Fi movies! LOL! I get a good laugh out of the bad editing they do on shark movies. Seriously, I've always liked reading about these creatures. Just knowing that they existed (and possibly still do) ignites my curiosity. They are really fascinating. Thanks for the hub and thumbs up for amazing work!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks writinglover! I think there are already a few cheesy sci-fi flicks about Megalodon, though I haven't seen them. :-)

Any Other Voice profile image

Any Other Voice 3 years ago from USA

This was such an interesting hub, especially since I love reading about the ocean. (: It's wonderful knowing there are still mysteries out there for you to encounter.

Except, er, the video was fake. Right?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks Any Other Voice. Yes, the video was made for a TV show, but I thought it was interesting as it possibly showed a realistic interpretation of Megalodon.

Harold 3 years ago

They will stalk us until the times right then when we least except they'll make their presence knOwn

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Yikes Harold! There won't be a safe beach anywhere in the world if that happens!

Alfie 3 years ago

Personally I believe the megaladon is still alive as we can't say it isn't as we have only explored a very small percentage of the oceans in the world and I find it hard to believe that people would stop doing there job such as the fishermen in 1918 if they hadn't actually seen something genuinely terrifying that they had never seen before.

Tyler 3 years ago

I’ve known about this shark for almost all my life. I learned so much about it, like what it ate (whales, fish, and stuff like that) and how long they were on this planet (what I learned about 1.5 million years.) it occurred to me many of times if it still alive today, but I never found out. My friend and I talked about this fact for a few months, then I had a school project to do on something that no longer alive. My friend and I were working together for the project, and we chose this shark (this is where I found out all this information.) He came over my house that day to do some research on it, and there the argument started all over again... I thought it was dead, and he thought it was alive. A few years later, I find this for some reason. I wasn’t still quite convinced that they’re alive still, but I guess anything's possible. If someone got video proof of this shark still being alive, I would love to see it, and if it’s fake, I’m going to rage (I can tell if something’s fake or not.) If you know a video of this shark, please give me the link, and I’ll determine if it’s fake or not.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Tyler, I sure wish I had indisputable video proof of the Megalodon, as do many folks, but unfortunately all we have are stories and accounts from fishermen. You're right to be skeptical until it can be proven, but on the other hand its interesting to consider the possibility. Thanks for commenting!

eleanor 3 years ago

i think the megalodon shark still exisst and cryptid a megalodon shark will not just come out of the sea and just start eating people.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

I hope you're right on both accounts! :-)

Corey22 3 years ago

I believe that the megalodon exist but who discovered it?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Corey. Nobody has officially discovered a modern Megalodon, though you could count the dating of the 19th century Challenger teeth as a discovery that it *could* be alive today. Megalodon teeth have been around for a long time, but the first person to recognize that they belong to a really big shark was likely Nicolas Steno, a 17th-century Danish scientist.

allan king 3 years ago

It's definitely possible. There is a species of shark in deep waters of Japan so deep that its blind with eyes that look like fluorescent emeralds.So deep only a remote camera could be used.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks for your comment allan. I agree it is possible. There is much of the ocean left to explore, and megalodon could surely still be alive in the depths.

gemfire545 3 years ago

I think that Megalodon is still. Think that he is alive I been reading about sharks when I was 4 and I know a lot of sharks.

Merkosis 3 years ago

Hi, I think Megalodon still exists, though there are many places it could be. It could be in the Mariana Trench or somewhere in one of the great oceans. My dream is to get out of high school and track down this enormous shark. Once I find it, I will show everyone in the world that it exists!!! Wish me luck!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

That's awesome Merkosis! When you finally find that big ol Megalodon shark make sure you take lots of pictures and videos so guys like me can stop wondering! Good luck!

Megaladon searcher 3 years ago

I think the megladon is still alive

Peter 3 years ago

Great page, I first learned of Megalodon from dinosaur books as they don't just teach you about dinosaurs, they discuss other prehistoric creatures too. Now Megalodon surely stood out, in that book it was estimated at 17metres... Regardless it's not disputed as the largest shark ever known and far eclipses the modern great white but whether it didn't die out as people think it has? Well as with everyone here I can't see why it's not possible to still be around, there's certainly enough food for it and I don't think the immense size of a blue whale would save it from nature's greatest predator! So I discount the theory that it was outcompeted by orcas as ridiculous or by whales growing too large, I do find the whole great white size thing as strange. As a child I read they're 12metres (Someone here said Ripley claimed great whites were around that size), a few years later it was reduced to 9m and nowadays it's 6? Why such a discrepancy? I don't doubt sharks and other sea creatures were larger before commercial fishing took root, certainly more abundant but as to why we've not seen Meg? Well even the great white isn't seen that often, I ordered the book Meg when I was a kid, they were out of stock though, pity.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks for your comment, Peter! Many researchers think there were once bigger great whites because, before man started to mess around with their environment, there were more old great whites. That's the only reason they were bigger. Also, as for earlier record sizes of great white sharks, there is some speculation that there may have been confusion with basking sharks of other large species. Regardless, Megalodon was bigger than them all!

ciaran G 3 years ago

I think megalodon could still exist, though if people really want to search for this beast why don't they explore the mariana trench more? I'm sure we have the technolgy these days to do so

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Hi ciaran! You bring up a good point, and thanks for commenting. The problem is the Mariana Trench is still very difficult to explore. It's a massive area, and only a few humans have ever been down that deep. Even sending a rover without a person in it is a daunting task. When we do explore down there, we're basically limited to cameras that stay in one place and hope something interesting swims past them. Using light down that deep tends to scare things away as well. So, it's not such an easy task, even with all of our technology, to explore the Mariana Trench. Though I suspect as we speak there are smart folks working on ways to make it easier. But the problem there is, those smart folks aren't looking for Megalodon. :-)

ciaran G 3 years ago

Thanks for clearing some of that up for me :) and thanks for this blog as it has interested me even more in these prehistoric creatures and other dinosaurs that I want to learn more about :)

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

You're very welcome, ciaran, and thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it!

Awesomeness 3 years ago

I am pretty sure megalodon is still lurking in the deep waters of the ocean.

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Love your confidence, Awesomeness! I hope you're right about Megalodon!

nick 3 years ago

I actually think its very possible for the meg to exist. I mean think about the meg was supposed to have died out millions of yrs ago but teeth are being found that date ten thousand yrs. An if one is likely to be spotted it would more than likely be ghost white from lack of sun. I been interested in sharks since I was five I'm 23 now an can tell the type of shark from the fin to the teeth. And the meg has interested me for a long time. And I dream about the day it is rediscovered an hope that its in my lifetime. An also it is plausible that it does feed on giant squid or the sperm whale. In which case my vote is the meg is def still out there

nick 3 years ago

Also to support my idea if one is found it would more than likely be in the marina trench cause the thermal vents down there is def the water warm at that depth. Of course a shark that size would need extraordinary amount of food since it needs to consume 7% of its body weight.

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

All great points, Nick! I'm a bit older than you, but I'm hoping to see Megalodon re-discovered in my lifetime too!

nick 3 years ago

Thank you for replying. Also just a thought perhaps it is alive and its right there in front of us like maybe perhaps a overgrown great white I mean its possible an if it didn't shrink over time then maybe it does surface during the night when the sun is less painful to its eyes. Again these are just ideas that I gotten over the yrs. Can you please share your thoughts on this an how you may think its not extinct? An thank you for your time :-)

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

You're welcome, Nick! I think your "overgrown great white" theory has some merit. Obviously a marine biologist would know the difference between a great white and something else, but many sightings of huge sharks come from small-time fisherman. These guys know the difference between a great white and a whale shark, for example, but they may not be able to tell the difference between a great white and a Megalodon. Especially since Meg is likely so rare. So, when we have guys in little fishing villages reporting great whites measuring 30 or 40 feet, we have to wonder if maybe they are seeing something else. They could be exaggerating, or they could have seen a Meg. (I have an article on one of the guys from the show Shark Wranglers and his 30-foot "great white" sighting if you're interesting.)

Re: extinction. I don't think even the most optimistic cryptozoologists believe Megalodon exists in the numbers it once did. But all it takes is one small population to have found a way to avoid extinction and it sure could still exist today. We've seen small populations of great whites behave differently (target different prey, etc) based on their geographic location, so it doesn't seem that odd that a small population of Megalodon that perhaps focused on different prey or had adapted to deeper water may still be around today.

It's a long shot, but given the size of the ocean and how much there is left to explore it is certainly within the realm of possibility!

hailey 3 years ago

i am doing a school project on megalodons and i don't know what to do an dit is due next monday i have to present it on monday also! please help!

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Don't panic, Hailey! There is plenty of info on Megalodon out there. If I were you I'd stress the paleontological facts, and add only a little bit of the cryptozoology angle. You might find it useful to make on outline to help focus your ideas. You can do it! Good luck!

Kris 3 years ago

This site has sparked my attention, I'm fascinated with the ocean and I've always wanted to study it. I'm currently a sophomore on college and only have a few years left. I'm going to be majoring in marine biology so I plan on researching the megalodon theories. Its evidential that there was a massive shark to this size at one point in time, we all can pretty much attest to this. But the fact to this is no one really knows if the possibilities of a massive shark in size is still lurking in the depths of the ocean. Right now it's just theoretically impossible to prove, the ocean is massive in size and there is just to much to explore. Now granted one day technology will disprove the term "impossible", and one day we might be able to explore it. But as for the Mariana Trench, not everyone has seen the bottom of that abyss and its quite hard to its very dark down there and like one of the comments said was light affects creatures of the deep since they're not used to "light" per-say. My point of view is that anything is plossible, I do believe that there is a very good chance that the megalodon could very well be living today. But if you think about it, how would such a coastal water creature adapt to the drastic change in temperature that quick? We are talking about one of the deepest parts of the ocean. A few possible explanations that I have come up with is: they weren't able to and eventually died out due to the evolution changes taking process all over the world. Another theory of mine is they adapted over millions of years and just had to evolve an stay alive. Whether that evolutionary change was to grow smaller in size to survive or their internals along with the body in general had to change to suit the depths of the abyss. That process didn't happen overnight were talking about millions and millions of years of evolution, and it's plossible that if there were megs still living today, the warm coastal waters wouldn't be a suitable place to live for such a huge shark. Due to the fact it's programmed to survive in the colder depths of the ocean. So lets take into account for a moment, a meg was ever discovered by accident, how would the human population react? If we keep our minds set that all "sharks" are monstrosities and need to die. Would you think that meg would survive very long? My opinion no, I know how humanity can be sometimes. Now that I'm sitting here typing this to you as much as I'd love to know if this prehistoric shark still exists, I wouldn't really want to know or if I did I probably wouldn't leak it. Due to the factor we are killing sharks into extinction today. But honestly I think anything is possible. And I love the site keep up the good work.

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks for your kind comment, Kris, and I really appreciate you sharing your insights and perspective. Good luck with your studies!

Dylan 3 years ago

Megalodon is defiantly real I've done years of research on the marania trench and there are Goliath creatures down there like the giant and collosal squids and sperm whales go to 3 kilometres deep they could all be potential meals for megalodon. Cryptid can you tell me a website where there is a real megalodon photo.

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Dylan. Unfortunately I don't know of any *real* Megalodon photos out there. If there were, it would be the evidence of a lifetime. I do not think your enthusiasm is misplaced though, and like you there are many who feel its just a matter of time before real evidence of a living Megalodon turns up.

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EJ Lambert 3 years ago from Chicago, IL

I think I have the theory that nobody wants to talk about. Everybody is thinking though, so I'll bite the bullet. The Megaladon is the reason so many things have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. They want us to believe it's a mystery or just a coincidence of location, but giant sharks makes way more sense to me. What better way for ships and fallen planes to go missing without a trace than into the belly of a Jaws On Steroids?

CllrWardyUK 3 years ago

This is the most interesting page I have read in a long time! Imagine if Megalodon did exist today, it would make sailing more fun that's for sure! I believe it could still exist, remaining hidden from modern man!

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

@ EJ: That is definitely an interesting theory, and this is the first time I've heard it put forward. If Megalodon turns out to be running wild in the Bermuda triangle, we'll remember EJ said it first!

Thanks for the kind remarks CllrWardyUK, and glad you enjoyed the article!

itsacoverup 3 years ago

yes megalodon exists! I study lots of different stuff like this and I hav spent over 5 years on the megalodon case if anyone gets any good solid evidence please post

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

I love your enthusiasm, itsacoverup, and I hope to see that Megalodon evidence too!

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Elias Zanetti 3 years ago from Athens, Greece

A fascinating hub, cryptid. I think that just the idea that such creatures were alive and roaming the planet (in a not so distant past, at least in geologic timeline) is amazing. Evidence that megs are not extinct will be hard to come in light still it is a case that captures the imagination of people and scientists alike. Excellent presentation and lots of interestinf info!

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thank you for the kind comments, Elias. I agree it will be tough to prove Megalodon exists unless there is huge shift it its habitat or behavior. But hopefully there will always be someone out there looking!

Amelia Williams 3 years ago

About three years ago I started to show interest in marine-biology. I'm ten now and a lot of people like my family, tell me that the Megalodon is extinct. I don't believe them because the Megalodon could still be alive. But of course, this question still can't be solved unless scientists make better submarine technology. The reason I don't believe them is because we still don't have the technology to go all the way to the the bottom of the ocean, so we don't know what kind of new animals we could find down there. Maybe the Megaladon has adapted itself to live deep, deep, deep under the ocean to protect itself. From what I know we haven't even discovered half of our world, but if we could I bet we would find a whole lot of other species that we thought were extinct. I find the animals that live in water so very interesting and hope to some day, go deep-sea- diving and learn more about them myself.

Rey 3 years ago

I must say, as a 13 year old, I have a brilliant imagination and I have my own thoughts on the world and even on our society. Anyhow, I believe the Megalodon is still lurking the depths of this seemingly endless ocean. Even if we do discover this colossal (and terrifying) monster, it won't be for another century at the very least to say. At the rate that we are at to finding the Megalodon, we will have already have fully on discovered Aliens first (depending of the government decides to hide the information). All in all, it is more than possible that the Megalodon lives.

richard ditullio 3 years ago

I love the idea of this creature still being alive and since i was in 5th grade I have been fascinated by it. I read a book called meg by the author Steve Alten when i was in 6rth grade and it has some of the best theories and or facts that could lead anyone to believe how a meg could be alive today great read go check it out. IM SO HAPPY TO FIND THAT I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE SO INCISED BY THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS SHARK SURVIVING TO TODAY. BTW great article and very well done sir.

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks Richard. Glad this article provided some food for thought about the Megalodon shark.

dorian 3 years ago

I think it's possible they still exist. Also, another possible theory to where they might have survived to Marianas Trench, it was put into another of Steve Alton's books, a later book in the Meg series called Hell's Aquarium. It was suggested that there was an ancient continental shelf area with holes from which the megs had come out of that held them and many other prehistoric animals even larger than it. I'm not suggesting the other larger creatures would exist there, but if such a place existed that hydrothermal vents in it, it would provide an alternate possiblity than Marianas Trench.

Discshark 3 years ago

In 2009 a whale was found on the beaches of hawii the was examined by marine biologists. It was bitten in half, and the biologists reported that it seemed to have been in one bite. Some say it was just an extremely large great white that bit the whale repeatedly, but I'm not convinced.

Marty 3 years ago

I've seen a documentary about the Megalodon, it is called MEgalodon: Monster Shark, to my opinion, to was really convincing, and i am an extremly sceptical person, and after watching this documentary, i'd admit that the creature probably survived and even DO still live deeper than 6000 meters below the surface, and don't really want to describe the documentary in full détails or give a short summary because it is 4 am right now, but i've seen it on Descovery channel during Shark week, and my passion and curiosity for dinosaurs and sharks brought me here, and your article is pretty similar to what they've said during the ''duc'', they've tried to hunt a megalodon down, lets just say that they've got close and personal with this pre-historic killer (anyway sorry for spelling mistakes and grammar error, English ain't my mother tongue)

Dakota 3 years ago

Well, There could be some evidence of this shark. On the public cameras underwater you can see some footage of a Large shark fin swimming past it, and it's estimated to be bigger than the biggest great whites. Discovery channel Recently did a documentary on it called: Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives. There was also footage of a boat that was torn apart and a whales body on a beach which got its tail torn off by one single bite. Also, They showed that most of these appearances were where whale populations were up with the migration patterns. Not only that, But there was also an Old Nazi photo that it showed with the shark fin with the body estimated to be bigger than the Nazi-U-boat. It's to bad this still isn't enough proof of even just a few of them being alive still.

Eric 3 years ago

I definitely believe its possible that Megalodon is still living due to the fact that many recent discoveries of prehistoric sea creatures have been found to be alive in deeper waters around the world. Animals such as Coelocanth fish, the Rat fish or Chimera, the pygmy wright whale. I hope they find get further evidence the conclusively proves the shark still travels the Oceans of the world.

Emma 3 years ago

Hello i think that megalodon has to be alive but truly the video I just saw is fake this shark lives a lot farther and when it showed fin it had white tip - plus megalodon would kill that dude even the bars would be gone he would of jumbled caught meat and half the boat and at the end of video the shark came out and when the tip showed no white tip it was not megalondon at all - but if you watch shark week on discovery channel from episode 1 to the last one of megalond :still out there u will see real pics and vids of the MEGALODON^

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Emma. The videos in this article are dramatizations, as is the footage you've seen on the Discovery Channel. The Megalodon "documentary" they aired during Shark Week 2013 is fake (but fun).

Bentley 3 years ago

I have heard about megalodon for years, but never think much about it. On Monday night discovery had change my mind about what people's thinks they know about this shark. Not saying I'm a believer, but it give u another way to look at things. As of today we know more about space then in our own ocean. Sciencetis rule out the fact that megalodon still exist today, but why can't they? We barely know about our ocean. So what make them expert about it?

Observingnature 3 years ago

From my point of view, Megalodon is larger than any shark known to have existed at any time. What else do we know of large sea beings? The larger they are, the deeper the depths they can withstand. If something this massive is to be in our waters, they'd most likely stay in rather deep waters. What would they prey on? Animals that are also in their depths or have slight variation of them. I've never studied sharks but I do know that most water animals will do one of two things when they are dying. Either float and be beached or bury themselves. If something is already a deep water habitant, I would think they'd bury themselves (this does not mean that elements or other beings would not unbury them at one point or another).

Lyndsey 3 years ago

is megalodon alive.

Lukas 3 years ago

Is Megaiodon real

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

@observing nature: Interesting points

I had a great comment from a user called alexdjq, which unfortunately I had to deny because they included a link. As a matter of course, I never allow comments from people who drop links. However, despite a condescending tone, this comment was about the best I've gotten refuting the evidence of Megalodon.

If alexdjq reads this, I'd appreciate if you could repost your thoughts without dropping a link, and perhaps with a little less attitude. I am open to all opinions on this matter, including those which refute the existence of Megalodon. I respect your thoughts, and I appreciate the same.

Better yet, since you joined HubPages, why not post a Hub about why Megalodon can't exist?

Joseph 3 years ago

God created Megalodon and has keeped Megalodon alive since the he created the world. He put Megalodon in the sea. The Megalodon proves evolution wrong. If Megalodon evolved it would not be alive today.

Bentley 3 years ago

As a shark expert we are still learning about these animal. We can't rule out any possibility that they aren't out there. We know to little about the dept of our ocean. For years we though that giant squid doesn't exist. Until recently we was wrong. Giant squid can grow up to 40ft or more, why haven't it been spotted all these year? As food resore megalodon feed on sprem whale. Sprem whale can dive very deep, as we can see the battle scar they have on theirs body with the giant squid. Discovery is a very well respective channel for new discovery. Why would they put it out as a hoax and ruin their reputation?

Rachel H. 3 years ago

I have recently been introduced to shark week on the animal planet and I love it. I think researching these beautiful creatures and learning everything about as many species of shark, even the ones that aren't around (as far as we know), would be something so educating, fun, and amazing that I would love to actually experience it first hand. This maybe the first step for me in life to my life dream job! Or something to do to possibly change the world thank you for all the wonderful facts and help my obsession grow! :)

ariana 3 years ago

If this is real im never ever EVER swimming EVER again in the ocean. Im like so scared but I want to know more about it. My question really is how could it still live if it could not reproduce? Every shark dies eventually and how could it reproduce if it is bigger than all the sharks in the world and it would just eat it. It can't servive by just eating it would eventually die of old age.

andrew 3 years ago

there was the case when a giant shark attack to fishing vessel and none of the bodies on board were ever found

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

@ Bentley: I don't think Discovery meant it as a hoax, but I do think they underestimated how upset people would be. And it was a fake documentary. :-)

@Rachel: I don't know how old you are, but if you think you might want to become a Marine Biologist and study sharks GO FOR IT!

@ariana: Good question about reproduction, as ancient Megalodon likely took advantage of "nurseries" for their young. Obviously a Megalodon nursery has never been found.

Will 3 years ago

my question would be, what about the recent docimentary was fake? the boat that was sunk? or how about the sonar images that were seen? or any of the pictures that were shown, like the image from Brazil or the underwater image shot from a Govt camera?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Some of the anecdotal points are somewhat based on real events. There really are alleged sightings of unusually large sharks in the Sea of Cortez (stories from fishermen, mostly). There really was/is a legendary huge shark called the "Submarine" (though it was generally assumed to be a huge Great White, not a Megalodon). The footage such as the boat sinking, sonar images or the beached whale with the bitten tail was either total Hollywood, or taken out of context.

I think it's cool how everyone sooo wants to believe this Discovery show was real. It's great that so many people are open minded. Believe me, I would love to see proof the Megalodon shark is still alive, but this isn't it. :-)

Bentley 3 years ago

Cryptid quick question. Megalodon was believe to all die out 1.5 millions years ago right? But recent deep sea diving discover megalodon tooths only carbin dated to a few hundred years ago. Scienctis want us to believe in what they believe, but when they are wrong(on alots of things). No one step out to admit their theroy. Unknown animal is discover everyday, and that is a fact. We know that the Pygmy whale though to die out when megalodon did. But on 2012 one wash off on the beach, where could they been all these year? How come no one ever report of seeing one? That show how much scienctis think they know about marine life. If most of those photos and videos out there aren't fake what are we seeing? Can great white get up to 60ft? Or is that megalodon we are seeing?

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cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Bentley: The thing to remember about marine biologists and shark researchers is that they deal in facts. They need science to support their positions, and there is no "belief" about it. Since there is no scientific evidence that Megalodon is still alive, you won't see many scientists come out and suggest it is possible. However, I'd imagine there isn't a shark researcher in the world who wouldn't love to see proof Megalodon is still around.

Great whites do not grow to 60 foot, but there is speculation that they could grow to 30 feet. As with any claim, there can always be exaggeration. Even if they aren't megalodon sightings, accounts of big sharks are impressive.

Re: the pygmy right whale, this animal is really more comparable to the giant squid than Megalodon. Science knew it existed since the 19th century, they are just very rare.

Bentley 3 years ago

Around the world many different culture report of seeing a very big shark. This is a world wide event, why is that? Because we believe that megalodon follow the migration of sprem whales. As animals we evolve as evolution that place. We see that with many animals today. Instead of disproving megalodon doesn't exist, why don't we spent more time and effort into finding these unknown creature like we did with the giant squid?My believe within the near feature we WILL find a giant shark could be megalodon or a whole new breed of shark we never study before. My research in paronomal and cryptozoology has lead me to see things that scienctis cannot explain.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Bentley. I'm glad you're so intrigued by Megalodon sightings around the world. Good luck with your research, and I hope you can prove this beasty is still alive, somewhere out there.

Bentley 3 years ago

Cryptid thanks for your observation and comments. We do hope to find out the truth of what people's are seeing. You have a awesome site and I respect that you are very open about it.

Observingnature 3 years ago

I just have to say that I'm absolutely thrilled to see so many show interest. I believe Discovery did it's job, it brought the believers to the surface on this subject and hopefully grants will be approves for further deep ocean discoveries!

Cryptid, thank you for this article good sir. May I ask a question, would you ever consider writing a fictional novel on Meg?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

@Observing nature: I agree Discovery has certainly brought Megalodon to the public eye. They have aroused a whole lot of curiosity if nothing else!

As for me writing a novel on Megalodon, there is already a guy named Steve Alten doing a pretty good job with the topic. Thanks for the vote of confidence though. :-)

chantal 3 years ago

It is very possible that they still exist today, has any one ever wondered why a great white shark stays close to shore when travelling far distances may be it knows something we don't as to what's out there and don't say its for feeding grounds as it loves whales as well as seals and as we no the great white, wont take risks it likes to conserve it's energy.

Just something to think about as seals behave different when predators are about the signs could be there.

chantal 3 years ago

And forgot to mention a great white can survive in cold waters for long period of time as long as it came back again, maybe they sense bigger sharks are out their somewhere.

Anonymous 3 years ago

Megalodon could be migrating into different oceans using the currents and we could be looking at the wrong places at the wrong time. Also, Meg could be the cause of some of the whale populations to be decreasing.

searching2 3 years ago

Have just found Hubpages and enjoyed reading the opinions. My belief is that Meg still lives. Back in the 1970s, I spoke with a professional fisherman who worked out of Port Fairy in Southern Australia. He was a friend of my father.

He told me about a monster shark they regularly saw called ‘Big Ben” that patrolled the waters near Julia Percy Island which is renowned for its large seal colony. The fisherman said it was 32 feet long. They knew that because ‘Big Ben’ was longer than their 30-foot fishing boats. He also said it would not take baits like normal sharks and they thought of shooting it with their .303 rifles “but those magnificent jaws would just sink to the bottom”.

There have been good eyewitness sightings of giant sharks all over the world, so if this monster exists, it would not be found only in deep ocean trenches. The Port Stephens sighting in 1918 as described by Stead is certainly impressive.

I would be interested to know if the negative of the German submarine photo has been subject to expert photographic analysis. If the negative does pass a rigorous examination, then it would form some very hard evidence as to the existence of a modern Megalodon. If crocodiles can survive unchanged for millions of years, why not other large water based predators?

Jay 3 years ago

I'm going to ask the question no one here asked. If Meg was alive and feeding off whales im sure scientist and researchers would be noticing their numbers drop.

Jay 3 years ago

Lovin da site by the way but I have interesting questions.

Why don't we just follow the movement or migration of large animals ( whales of course to b 1 of um ) especially in the area the Mariana trench and sea of Cortez and see if Meg is picking off targets. What else can Meg eat besides the squid a whale.

What type of whale or large animal was Meg feeding on 10 thousand years ago ( if the tooth dating was accurate ).

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Jay. Thanks for the kind words. The answers to your questions aren't easy. Obviously if a whale carcass were found with a 7-inch tooth lodged in it that would end things right there. But the speculation is if Megalodon does still exist it is in very small numbers, which have likely been stable for thousands of years, and it's behavior may not be the same as its ancestors.

If Megalodon still feeds on whales we're not likely to see the whale population drop unless Megalodon's numbers increase, because Meg has been part of the equation for millennia.

Theoretically, following Megalodon's food sources ought to lead us right to it. Except we have no idea what its food sources may be. We know that before it allegedly went extinct it preyed on large whale, sea turtles, pinnipeds and marine mammals. But if a decreased food supply resulted in its near extinction, any remnant population may have survived simply because they DID NOT eat those things. For example, perhaps they fed on squid at great depths, and this is why they avoided extinction.

Hope some of this made sense, and remember it's all theoretical. If you look at it from a "what if" perspective and ponder the possibilities it's much more enjoyable than trying to prove definitively that Megalodon is still out there.

NB 3 years ago

I believe that if Megalodon was still around, then the reason we don't see them is because they have adapted to deep sea life. And if they no longer feed on sources they did in the past or on some species we haven't discovered yet, then we have no way to track them.

A great example would be the Greenland shark that rarely comes above 1200 m. The Greenland shark is a large apex predator that could grow past 24 feet and live with a potential life span of 200 years. It achieves this by eating slow moving creatures and carcasses it stumbles upon. It also rarely goes past .76 mph. With a top recorded speed of 1.6 mph

If Megalodon has adapted to a slow pace deep sea life of eating other slow creatures then a large population would not be needed to sustain a long lived population. It would also make since that a small sustained population was kept if the Megalodon had adapted to giving live birth. Only having one or two pups after long periods of development would keep the population from growing to extreme hights.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Very interesting thoughts, NB. Thanks for sharing.

cactusman3000 3 years ago

The MEGALODON could be feeding on shrimp, plankton, krill, sharks, fish, squid, turtles, people (if the people are stupid enough to get near one), and whales.

chantal 3 years ago

If 95% of the ocean has been unexplored, then meg could be feeding on species that we don't even no exists, which will be better for meg so humans will never find one or they would become extinct, sadly that's how humans are with animals.


NB 3 years ago

I apologize for spelling errors in my previous post

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

No worries NB. :-)

AJ 3 years ago

If the Megalodon were to exist today, I don't think we'd have to fear it as much as everyone else tends to believe. Think about the size of a human, and now the size of a Megalodon. It is highly unlikely that we would be regarded as food, in fact I doubt we would be regarded as much of anything. I know there are many shark attacks due to "mistaken identity" so there is an exploratory bite, which in this case, would likely kill you instantly, BUT I think a person could splash around in the surf all day long right in front of one of these beasts without even getting it's attention. I believe it would stick to hunting large great whites, whales and other large marine animals. I'm sure if they were still around, there would be quite a number of pictures and videos of people swimming with them, much like there are of every other shark that was once thought to be a "terrifying man-eater".

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 years ago from Earth Author

Interesting points, AJ. Still not sure I'd be brave enough to swim around one, whether it thought I was food or not! :-)

AvineshP profile image

AvineshP 2 years ago from Chandigarh

I am pretty much aware about both Megalodon sharks and white sharks. It's quite scary to see the jaw size of Megalodon shark. Yes, I also believe that whosoever has sighted Meg sharks, must have assumed it to be White Sharks (because of their sheer resemblance).

electronician profile image

electronician 2 years ago from Birmingham, England

It would be pretty amazing if something like this was still alive, but I'm sure there are plenty of incredible creatures in the deep oceans that we know nothing about.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I agree, electronician. Even if Megalodon isn't out there anymore, there are surely other interesting critters to be found.

hailey 2 years ago

Wow! This is some pretty cool stuff. I like it, I think the magalodon is still alive by what you have been talking about. I for one link this web site! ;)

shark lover1210 2 years ago

Cool web site I want to be a marine biologist some day so this helped me out so much! The for marketing this website! :) :) :)

WriterJanis profile image

WriterJanis 2 years ago from California

That thing is huge! It is interesting to consider that some may still be out there.

Harry 2 years ago

Hello I know the megaladon is still out there your article has helped my research on the creature and helped me grasp that it is still out there


Harry 2 years ago

I saw the documentary on discovery channel= the monster shark lives and I believe that a lot of the information was fake for example the boat attack ect. But if the meg is still alive it would be truly amazing yet very frightning so it's basically :D :() lol thanks

pmarinov profile image

pmarinov 2 years ago from Detroit MI


Imperial_Sky 2 years ago

Has anyone thought about the huge hunting grounds of a typical Great White shark compared to something that is 3 times that size? This could explain why barely anything has been found.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@ Harry: You're right about the fake footage. But it's still interesting to ponder. :-)

@ pmarinov: Counting the seconds!

@ Imperial Sky: It is indeed odd that Megalodon would not be more visible if it is a shark with a similar hunting style as modern Great Whites. For some people this could be evidence enough that the megalodon shark is extinct; for others it means considering how they may have evolved to hunt in an unseen way, perhaps at great depths.

Dognip5 2 years ago

The Megalodon species that we know of no longer exists. However I strongly believe that it has evolved into something different. This process took place a good bit before the main species went extinct.

The cause of this was evolutionary shift was scarcity of its main food source at and around the coastal regions.

The Megalodon is warm-blooded, and was already very adaptive when it came to what it could eat. It could literally eat anything it wanted to.

Most likely what happened was that this branch species of Megalodon found it easier to hunt a large squid population than to hunt a shrinking whale population. So it would stay in the deep ocean most, if not all of its time.

The Sperm whale ancestor Livyatan used to compete with Megalodon and hunted Baleen Whales. So we have two Mega Predators in the past at the same time with the same diet. Livyatan evolved to hunt massive squids in the deep thus eventually becoming modern Sperm Whales. Megalodon evolved into something that hunts in a similar manner.

It is the most logical evolutionary process that the Megalodon could take to keep its DNA in the gene pool and this is my theory.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Interesting thoughts, Dognip5. Thanks for your comment!

awesome101 age 10 2 years ago

I believe it exist ,because dinos probably died of a volcano and if magma hits water it cools down to a rock substance. therefore most sea creatures exist like crocs locness etc.

PINGERS 2 years ago

Hey Cryptid.

Great work so far with Meaglodon.Can you tell me if the picture of a Diver in New Zealand in a cave is fake or real it looks real to me plus it looked like its been taken down.Looked like a Small Megalodon.But its way to big to be a Great white.The photo was taken in 2011 i believe

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks PINGERS! I believe I know what picture you are talking about and it sure looks fake to me. While I suppose its possible that a real picture of a megalodon shark could slip through the cracks, with the way everyone is connected through the internet these days I think its hard to imagine evidence of a real megalodon encounter would slip through the cracks. That doesn't mean we should give up hope though!

Noah 2 years ago

It is verypossible. Ive been researching and im wondering, if there are some still alive, where could they hide?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

That's the real question, Noah. Many people have theories, but nobody knows for sure. Of course there are also those who would say there is no way Megalodon would escape detection in modern times.

Noah 2 years ago

Thank you cryptid. This page was very helpful for my research report. :)

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

You're welcome, Noah. Good luck on your report!

Bob 2 years ago

I researched something. Albino humpback whales are completely white, live around the world, and adults are 39-50 feet long.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Bob: Are you suggestion Megalodon sightings are really due to albino Humpback Whales? That's certainly possible.

rance....south africa 2 years ago

although ive read a lot about the program on the net if you wish to view it Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives' is the name of the documentary in which marine biololigist colin drake was called in by officials to investigate this shark.... a lot of locals in cape town know and have seen a 30ft plus great white that goes by the name of submarine and one can only speculate if it was this shark or actually megalodon which caused the sinking of the fishing vessel

Ellie Shay profile image

Ellie Shay 2 years ago

This was a very interesting hub, I really enjoyed it! The mystery of Megalodon always fascinated me. Thanks for putting all this info together so well. Voted interesting!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@ rance: That Discovery Channel documentary first aired during Shark Week last summer, and it turns out it was pretty much fabricated. Discovery took a lot of heat over it. Still interesting, but unfortunately fake.

@Ellie: Thanks for the kind words and glad you enjoyed the article!

Meisjunk profile image

Meisjunk 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

Lots of information! I love sharks as a whole, and the megalodon is one I'd love to see someday (from a far, far, far away safe distance!) I definitely believe it's still alive. If we can discover things daily that we've never seen before, in a world that has been recording and discovering and searching and tromping into areas we're usually not allowed for thousands of years, then I definitely think the megalodon is still out there!

Paul Fisher profile image

Paul Fisher 2 years ago from United Kingdom

Fascinating. The ocean is a tricky place to monitor, why not, I reckon it's out there now bossing its environment.

Anthony Moreau profile image

Anthony Moreau 2 years ago from Scottsdale, Arizona

Scary to think such an enormous beast could still be lurking our oceans today but just as much could be said about the loch ness monster and Bigfoot...

Noah 2 years ago

Agreed Anthony.

bubbles 2 years ago

That last video up there is so freaking scary, and life threating. But at the same time it looked photo shopped

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I admit I'd rather fact a giant shark on the surface than go 35,000 feet to the bottom of the ocean in a tin can on a string. The idea of being down there with no escape if something goes wrong freaks me out. A few people have done it though.

MtlBaller 2 years ago

Great article! Its interesting to think about what animals are actually down there. Its been confirmed that squids of 40-50 meters can plausibly live in deep waters so it's a possibility that megaldons do still exit. Would be awesome to see one one day!

2 years ago

I don't know much about sharks, but if they are still living today they would probably be smaller, but not as small as normal sharks.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

That's certainly a possibility, C. With a changing planet that led at least to the degradation of the Megalodon population we can't assume the species remained the same. Getting smaller in size is one possibility.

NC 2 years ago

I don't see it being still around but I am not eliminating the possibility. We talk about space being so alien to us but our own ocean is just as alien to us as space

erniemink 2 years ago

Actually saying maximum lengths are 600 feet is incorrect. A TRUE megaladon will be up to 100 feet.

Scally 2 years ago

Wants and desires must give way to common sense. If this massive predator still existed, the evidence would be somewhat abundant. The Giant Squid, although undiscovered, left a trail of evidence to it's existence fairly easy to cypher, i.e. beak marks and strikes on hauls of ships, sucker marks on Sperm Whales, carcasses washing ashore, etc. We want so badly to believe in something mysterious that we can convince ourselves of anything. I believe Jeremy Wade solved the puzzle of the Loch Ness and Bigfoot is only real in beef jerky commercials. Dragons and unicorns would be neat, but are just not reality. The recourse may be that dragons and unicorns are fictitious and "Meg" really existed. Allow me to introduce you to a group of people who beg to differ. There is a national forest in Iceland, I believe, that is protected by law because it is the possible habitat of elves, although none are forthcoming. Megalodon is gone unfortunately, and like Elvis, has left the building. What about the Coelacanth? It was UP TO 6 ft long not 60ft. and I don't think it eats whales, or has changed to giant squid and so forth. A school of surfboards may go unnoticed a little more easily than a small group of Battleships. This is all common sense stuff. Why is it that on all the ghost shows, the only thing that is missing is ghosts? Why is it that on all the monster quest, bigfoot, U.F.O and alien shows, the only one not accounted for is the star? Here again, on our Megalodon shows, no Megalodon. Wait!!! On this one ghost show I saw this chair move. Yeah well, I saw this show where this Peterbilt turned into a giant robot. Look, I'm not trying to belittle anybody here, but come on guys. If it weren't for the money and fame they are getting, the people on these bigfoot and ghost shows would look like complete idiots. Meggy is gone, so is T- Rex and Harry and E.T. and Smaug and all the others. There is real marine research going on that could be beneficial to humans, such as, sharks could possibly hold the key to unlocking the cure for cancer. If we can figure out why sharks appear to be immune to this disease we may figure out how to cure it. Focusing on something like this seems to be more of a "time better spent" kind of a thing, you know... maybe, I don't know.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@erniemink: Nowhere in this article did I suggest the Megalodon could be 600 feet long. :-) That's like two football fields! Yikes! Even 100 feet is now thought to be an error by early researchers, and lengths around 60 foot are probably more accurate.

@Scally: You do make some great points, and I'd never suggest searching for a living Megalodon shark is on-par with legitimate Marine Biology. However, for me there is also some value in pondering the "what ifs" of science. To me it makes the world a bigger, brighter place, and it doesn't hurt anyone. Of all the negative vices and habits and interests a person can get themselves tangled up with, surely searching for Bigfoot or thinking about the existence of Megalodon is quite far down on the list.

Paleosam 2 years ago

I've been interested in Megalodon since I was 5yrs. old. Sharks are my favorite animals even though I've only seen them in Aquariums. While I agree that there are sea creatures in the Mariana Trench (I probably didn't spell that right) I am a huge proponent of the Great White being a smaller version of the Megalodon. There are other creatures that started out huge only to shrink, like the crocodile. While I am open to the fact that the Meg could live in the deep, deep ocean like the giant squid, I see tremendous amounts of similarities between the Meg and the Great White. Most all animals learn to adapt to it's surroundings over time. Until it can be proven without a shadow of a doubt that the Great White is NOT the smaller version of the Meg, I will continue to believe they are one and the same.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Could be, Paleosam, but I think most paleontologists are more inclined to say Megalodon was the last of of a now-extinct line of Megatooth sharks.

searching2 2 years ago

Scally’s post deserves further comment. No doubt ‘Scally’ is an abbreviation of ‘Scallywag’. Check it out in the Dictionary and you’ll see what I mean. He/she is just stirring the pot looking for a reaction. And here it is!

The post was full of personal opinions and speculation. The writer has obviously never done the hard yards with decades of research on the phenomena mentioned and evaluated the many thousands of eyewitness reports. Scally must learn to use an open mind and not assume all the cases, including the multiple witness ones, are just imagined… The estimated 10,000 people, including the Governor of Arizona, who watched a mile wide craft fly low and silently towards Phoenix in March 1997 were all hallucinating? Yeah… right.

Back on topic with Megalodon, unfortunately there is nowhere near as much documented evidence as with the other topics Scally mentioned. There have been some very interesting sightings of huge sharks over the years. Can we dismiss them all with the wave of a skeptical arm? I’m not 100% convinced. The oceans on this planet are so incredibly vast and deep it is not beyond belief that a 60 foot shark that may be related to Meg is lurking somewhere in the watery depths.

One thing Scally wrote that did make sense is that the oceans, just like the tropical rain forests, may well hold undiscovered compounds that will help the human race treat cancer and other diseases. And it would be remiss of me not to quote the last line in Scally’s post. ‘….maybe, I don’t know’. For me, that sums things up quite nicely.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@searching2. I respect Scally's opinion, though I may not agree. Healthy debate on such things can only be a positive thing. Thanks for adding your thoughts!

DarkCarnage 2 years ago

well i love good old meg a lot and i think the best way to find anything out is to do as they did on discoery specail, or taht works for anyhting that eats, follow the food sources. aka humpback whales. also there gaint squids, pigmi whales(both thought to of been extinct)

searching2 2 years ago

As the Hub Author has encouraged healthy debate, I thought I’d toss this into the ring. At least it is about a huge shark! In the controversial post above, Scally said “I believe Jeremy Wade has solved the puzzle of Loch Ness.“

Hold your water horses… Nessie is really a Greenland shark? What a ground breaking revelation! I couldn’t comment earlier as I had not seen this particular program. However, as luck would have it, flicking the channels a few days ago revealed the new River Monsters show was just about to start. So I watched it all.

The show’s producers and writers tried hard to be convincing. They needed to justify their hypothesis in any way possible to get another episode in the can for this usually excellent TV series. In the end, the idea just didn’t wash at all. To put a story theme together, they ignored many important parts of this centuries old mystery.

The Greenland shark theory simply doesn’t match the over 3000 eyewitness sightings in Loch Ness. Like all sharks, it has a dorsal fin. Smaller than say a Great White, but nevertheless a dorsal fin. To my knowledge, no one has seen such a fin in the loch. Also, a shark doesn’t fit the relatively common ‘upturned boat’ description and the producers conveniently ignored all the sightings with reports of long necks.

Not to mention out of the water sightings such as that by Loch Ness Gamekeeper Torquil McLeod in 1960. I have personally spoken with his wife who was there when it happened. She told me one morning, Torquil flung open the door of their cottage by the loch. “Don’t tell me you’ve seen Nessie” she said to her white faced husband. He had! Torquil had watched Nessie with his binoculars partially out of the water on rocks across the water.

The River Monsters show also begs the question of how come Jeremy can hook a Greenland shark 2000’ down off Norway and can’t manage to catch one in the relatively shallow 700’ depth of Loch Ness. I think the reason might be they don’t exist there!

Perhaps in the future Jeremy and his crew will have another crack at this centuries old enigma and start claiming that Nessie is in fact a real, live Megalodon. It would be just as ridiculous!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@searching2: I found that River Monsters episode a little bizarre as well. I didn't quite follow the logic of a Greenland Shark accounting for Loch Ness Monster sightings. There are many things that might explain witness accounts of strange things in Loch Ness, but this doesn't seem like one of them.

I generally like Jeremy Wade and his show, but that one was strange.

Maxx102 2 years ago

After watching the Discovery Channel's - Megalodon: The Monster Shark, I began talking to co-workers about the episode and the possibility of Megalodon still being around. One person told me that he thought I was being a little weird and said that if there was any giant shark like Megalodon, we would have seen evidence of it by now other than fossilized teeth. He said would be too big and too easy to be seen.

I pointed out to him that Megalodon is theorized to be at their largest - 60 feet in length...but I said how about a 100 foot Megalodon. He said's too big. I then pointed out to him that 60 feet or 100 feet in a giant ocean is nothing and I said that they have yet to find Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. The size of that aircraft (a Boeing 777-200ER) is 209 feet from nose to tail and has a 199 foot wingspan...or 2 - 100 foot Megalodon' maybe Megalodon is still around....

Dee 2 years ago

There is a picture of a supposed megalodon next to a german u -boat never know it could still be alive

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Maxx: I've found it's best to be careful who I share my cryptozoology ideas with. Like politics and religion, it's all too easy to get fired up over a simple discussion!

@Dee: I don't think that picture is genuine, unfortunately. But that doesn't mean Megalodon can't be out there.

Pingers 2 years ago

Hi Cryptid dunno if you have seen a Video of a guy in Australia.Tagging a great white 6months later that Shark what was found on the beach washed up.It was 3meters long and the tagg was still inside of whatever ate it and the temp was 70 degress and went over 1000 feet deep down a trench .would have to be something a lot bigger to attack another Great White.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Pingers: I've gotten a few questions on that Smithsonian Channel Super Predator program over the last couple of days. Unfortunately a couple included links to websites so I couldn't post them, but its an interesting situation.

Before pointing to Megalodon, which I know is what a lot of people would like to do here, I think its important to consider other possibilities. Though, I admit, the culprits appear few.

First thought is a pod of killer whales. Killer whales are smart and there are some cases where they have been witnessed attacking great white sharks. But I don't know that they dive that deep (580 meters / 1900 ft).

Another guess I read was that a giant squid may have attacked the great white shark. While there is some evidence great whites may prey on giant squid, I've not read about it the other way around. I would think that would have to be one huge squid.

Do sperm whales attack great white sharks? I have no idea, but they do dive that deep.

I think it's interesting that whatever did this attacked the shark closer to the surface and apparently dragged it deeper before consuming it. I'd like to say this means whatever did this lives in deeper water and only came up briefly to grab prey, but afterwards the tag shows the creature spent a lot of time near the surface. I'd think that would rule out both Megalodon and giant squid, but who knows?

Firas Al-Moghrabi profile image

Firas Al-Moghrabi 2 years ago from North Africa.

Even if they find Megaladon the Government would try to hide it from us...Like they did with the Bloop.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Maybe so, Firas!

Jacob Mulh 2 years ago

ive been wanting to know this for a while. do you think that the documentary about megalodon on the discovery channel is faked or not? and what is your opinion on what current evidence that could lead to megalodon existing?

2 years ago

Any chance that Megalondon is a great white it wouldn't be as big now and there do look Simaliar.Or Could it be a juvenile megalondon just like teens going thru puberty everything gets bigger with age.

Pingers 2 years ago

Thx for the reply.Whatever it is it still out there would love to see it washed up then be out on the water with it lol.

Red 2 years ago

Hi! I have been watching shark week since I can rememeber and I believe Megaladon is still alive and I would love too see proof of it, but I also think about this. if Megaladon is alive and someone gets proof he exist. what would humans do? we kill sharks now and they are nowhere near as big as Meg would be, I believe he is alive but I want it to stay hidden from the world because we don't know the outcome will be. Btw good job I really enjoyed reading this! :)

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@ Jacob: Unfortunately, the Discovery Channel documentary wasn't real. But it was interesting and fun and got a whole lot of people interested in Megalodon and sharks in general.

Re: Current evidence, I think eyewitness accounts from fishermen are some of the best pieces of anecdotal evidence we have today. Some fisherman from small villages may see giant sharks every day, but because they are so far off the grid nobody ever hears about it. Someone needs to get out there and catalog all these encounters, but that would have to be someone with a lot of time and money.

@P: Shark researchers would know the difference between a Great White and a juvenile of another species. However, the average person, and even the average fisherman, may not, and that's where things get interesting.

@Pingers: You're welcome, but I'd rather see Megalodon out there swimming around rather than washed up on shore. :-)

@Red: Thanks for the kind words! Unfortunately our species has made some poor decisions when it comes to wildlife conservation in the past. Hopefully if Megalodon is discovered we will make the right choices.

Matt 2 years ago

Ps: A megadolon washed up on a Long Island beach...A 26 foot 5,000 pound Basking shark washed up between Gilgo and Cedar beaches on Long Island's south shore (New York, USA) What killed the shark is as of right now undetermined as the animal shows no obvious signs of injury. (As reported by News 12 Long Island and CNN)...Protect our Oceans!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Matt: Scientists aren't dumb, they're just careful. Unfortunately, if a marine biologists says they believe Megalodon is still alive they risk destroying their career. For that reason alone cryptids like Megalodon aren't taken seriously.

Check2mate 2 years ago

Hello, it has been very interesting reading all of these comments. I have always found sharks fascinating and when I was much younger, I wrote a paper about whether the Megalodon possibly exists. I remember emailing some scientists to try to get their opinion about this subject. Only one person responded and said something along the lines of "god help us if a Megalodon does exist". I think it is an exciting and terrifying idea all in one since the Megalodon was/is an extremely dangerous predator who also was described as territorial. Given this part, I could see why the fisherman were scared to go back out into the water if they did in fact see a Megalodon. I am looking forward to the ongoing research being done to determine whether the Megalodon does exist but if it does, I hope that the person/s who documents this shark lives to tell about it.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I hope so too, Check2mate!

SB 2 years ago

A really fascinating read!

D.J. Robinson 2 years ago

Scientists today can't even agree to what genus the Megalodon should belong. Shark bodies are comprised mostly of cartilage, leaving really only vertibrae, teeth, and jaw bones to fosilize. Because of this, there is not evidence at all to support the notion that "we think megalodon was PROBABLY a coastal hunter" or "it MIGHT have been an ambush predator like the Great Whites of today. There is much evidence to support the fact that modern Science knows something to be true, until they find out they are wrong. The earth WAS flat, until it wasn't. Man could NOT fly, until he could. Rogue waves were the stuff of legends told by sea weary fisherman, until chaos theory proved them true and they were caught on camera or seen by someone more reputable than the people who spend their lives on the ocean. The universe revolved around the Earth, a fact that people were burned at the stake to protect, until it was proven absolutely false. The fact is that the ocean is so vast that we can't know for sure what is in it. We have indeed spent way more resources on space exploration than oceanic discoveries, and we don't know that much about space still either. We were absolutely certain that the Megalodon went extinct 1.5 to 2 million years ago, but we have carbon dating evidence to suggest that the animal was in existence as early as 10,000 years ago. This paper is written as though we know facts, but what we know has little more evidence to go on than the thoughts presented in cryptozoology. We know that the largest teeth discovered are 7", that they are slightly different than white teeth, but that doesn't support a hunting style. Marks in fosilized whale bones don't prove hunting patterns; since whales are commonly found in coastal and deep waters. These sharks COULD have been coastal predators, or they COULD have been ambush predators. I don't put a lot of stock in what science KNOWS, as it is routinely proven wrong. There is plenty we don't know about the ocean, Megalodon could be alive and unseen. Facts that start with the phrase "we believe" are not facts at all.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I can't disagree with anything you say there, Mr. Williams, but I am a bit confused about why you seem so offended by my little web page. I'm the first to admit that anything is possible in the huge, unknown ocean. If that weren't true I wouldn't have written a page supporting the idea that Megalodon could still be out there.

I do appreciate your well-thought-out comment, though.

Mike 2 years ago

All of this based off of a couple of teeth? Maybe I'm missing something, but science sure seems to want to believe in stuff like this. Not saying megalodon wasn't real, but they have an awful lot of details here for only dredging up a couple of giant shark teeth.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Mike: Yup! In a nutshell. This is often the case in paleontology. In the case for an extant Megalodon the alleged eyewitness accounts are really the more intriguing pieces of "evidence".

But you are correct than many of the details we know about Megalodon are educated guesses by paleontologists and marine biologists. That's really not any different than what scientists say about dinosaurs, for example.

Michaelvin 2 years ago

OK I just joined. I already commented as the name Michael. You did a great job at this and i'm grateful for people like you in this world. And think of this, if everyone on these comments worked together we could support a small team to look for a week or so (just a random thought.) And do you think governments/people would try to kill it off for sport, parts, etc. if they found it existed.

Bearce 2 years ago

Hello there. I just gotta say that it's amazing to learn the fact that a giant prehistoric shark like Megalodon is still roaming our oceans today. I believe that Megalodon is still alive today. I do. I mean, there's evidence of giant sharks that can reach prehistoric proportions around the world. There's a documentary on National Geographic that reveals Megalodon attacking a boat off the coast of South Africa in April 2013. There's even a photograph of a whale that had its tail bitten off by something immense. I tell you what, I know there's only one underwater predator that is capable of biting the tail off of a whale like this.

I believe that this was Megalodon and... this thing is a monster.

ciaran g 2 years ago

Wow its been 15 months since i last looked at this/commented great to see people that are as interested in megladon as myself :) still waiting on the day they explore the Marianna trench and find something big preferably megladon, have u seen the pics on youtube the beached whale wit its tail severed and the giant fin close to German u boats in cape town, fingers crossed for more sightings soon, and again great article in the predator we are all interested in

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Micaelvin, Bearce and ciaran: That's for your comments and glad you enjoyed this post!

Just remember to have a skeptical mind about any evidence you see out there. Some of the pictures you all mentioned were part of the Discovery Channels' phony Megalodon documentary that came out last summer. They're interesting, but they aren't real.

Pingers 2 years ago

Loving this atm great feedback.Im reckon Meg is still alive but different countrys Government are keeping close to there chest.I think a lot of pepole would panic or there making sure pepole are not hunting for it.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I suppose that may be true, Pingers. People panic enough when a Great White Shark is spotted near a beach. Imagine what they'd do if Megalodon was around!

LucidDreams profile image

LucidDreams 2 years ago from St Petersburg, Florida

Love this, just watched the program examining the facts recently. Great hub!

Ryder the kid 2 years ago

Hey um criptid if megladon is still alive then why did I vote of 50 people said it didn't exist but no disrespect I believe it's alive.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks Lucid Dreams!

@Ryder the Kid: I'm not sure what you're referring to, but glad to hear you believe Megalodon is out there!

David 2 years ago

Hey how big is a meg

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@abc123: Like your enthusiasm!

@David: Realistic adult Megalodon size estimates vary from 50-70 feet. Early researchers thought Megalodon was much bigger, perhaps 100 ft or more, but it now appears that was an error.

Hannah 2 years ago

Who knows what is out there. We have only explored a small percentage of our ocean and for all anyone knows Megs could still exist down in the depths of the sea. A lot of people think that Megs are extinct but who knows? People didn't think the Giant Squid was real.

hannah 2 years ago

I believe they are still out there. We didn't find the megamouth until not that long ago, and only because it dives down 500ft during the day and only surfaces at night. With a shark such as the megladon who could potentially dive up to 8,000ft, honestly, it is more likely than not that there is a population of them out there somewhere! The main argument that people have been raising to discredit the idea of them existing is the lack of sufficient food source, but who is to say there isn't another creature such as the colossal squid out there that the shark is using as a food source? That squid has only just recently been discovered too! The ocean is like out of space in terms of uncharted and undocumented territory.... who knows what we could find. I think the megladon shark is out there for sure, I just hope I'm still around when it is finally discovered with undeniable evidence.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Hannah and hannah (same Hannah?): It's good to keep an open mind! Thanks for adding your perspective!

Ashley 2 years ago

I believe Megalodon is very much alive. I partially believe this, because who knows what earthquakes unearth in the ocean. Large quakes could open up so much that we are unaware of. I also agree with Hannah we have only explored a small portion of our oceans. If they were able to adapt, they could be a lot smarter than we think.

Chris 2 years ago

Its a well know fact that sharks are the perfect killing machine. Evolved and adapted for hunting anywhere in the world. All sharks can move 3 times their length with on flick of their tail. I would imagine that during the climate changes a Meg could move to depths close to the earths crust that would be warmer and more susceptible for it to survive. To touch on the evolutionary side, if Megs do still exist in the deepest parts of our oceans, I would imagine that as time progressed, they more than likely would adapt their eyesight to the depths at which they live. Since sharks has amazing eyesight I think it would be painful for a Meg to travel to the surface for any amount of time as the sunlight would be overwhelmingly bright. Like Steve Alton references in his books, Sharks are very sensitive to all forms of information gathering. I am just glad that he took the time to do his research and wrote and amazing novel. Thanks for all the theories, I enjoyed reading them all

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Very interesting thoughts, Chris! Thanks for sharing!

Jake 2 years ago

I have done a lot of research and I say that it is real living in deep waters

mythsearcher108 2 years ago

If Megalodon was real modern day that would explain a story I saw about a tagged 3 meter great white shark from Australia called shark alpha where the shark was swimming level with a temperature of I think around 46 F

the shark suddenly took a plunge straight down and the temperature raised to 76 F like it had been swallowed by something afterwords they found the tag washed up on the beach. A Megalodon could have easily swallowed a three meter shark.

daniel 2 years ago

I think that they exist however you can't blame scientists for saying no way... The pure size of these animals would make you think that they would go wherever and whenever they want. Yes great whites do venture to the depths but most of their lives are spent in shallow coastal waters. I honestly wish we just took an infrared camera to the deep see and started taking video of massive creatures. We have the technology so come on people let's stop waging wars and start learning more about The planet we are destroying. I would probably be the first and only person that would want to be in the water with these magnificent sharks if we found one

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I agree with much of what you say, Daniel. Though I don't think I'd get in the water with a live Megalodon! You are braver than I.

Codey 2 years ago

I think that megalodon is real I am happy to here and read about the legendary shark from 10.0000 years ago I have to agree it is cool to have a doña sour in are world let hope no body kills it

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Codey. Megalodon wasn't a dinosaur. It was a shark that lived long after dinosaurs went extinct. But I too hope nobody kills it.

Pingers 2 years ago

Hi again Dunno if people read one of your other links What are the Biggest Great whites sharks ever recorded.A guy called Vic Hislop who used to kill great whites in Australia who lives in brisbane which i never know great whites actually lived there due to warm water.Said that there is bigger Great whites out there that people know which could be a Megalodon or Massive massive great whites.Also there was a book out in the 1970s

a book called Jack Pollards "fishing Australia and New Zealan"published in the early 1970s it mentioned that around the turn of the last century 1900s - in or around Port Stephens there was a shark estimated to be around 80 feet long that was swallowing crabpots from a commercial fisherman - one after another. Also divers found shark teeth aound 6 inches long around Broughton Island buried lightly in the sand -

Pingers 2 years ago

So that in mind there say Megalodon was gone around 10,000 years ago.But that say just under a 100 years a shark that big was still alive. So i can smell a cover up so people keep on swimming in the ocean.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Interesting stuff, Pingers. Maybe there's a cover up, but I think more likely there is just little interesting in a living Megalodon from mainstream researchers. There are always people out there who see things and know things that modern scientists say can't be true. We will see who is right in the end.

Tbeau 2 years ago

Hey,, I hope this doesn't appear twice as I was not signed in, however, have been an avid Shark angler since my childhood and have always respected these majestic creatures, now as an adult I can release all our catches , and those that are kept small (black-tips) are consumed. However this is my question as I have enjoyed your articles and comments very much,,, but recently watched a documentary on the isolation of the Neanderthal Genome, this led scientists to the realization that while Neanderthals did go extinct it wasn't quiet they way they had initially thought. After conducting tests they were able to compare the modern human Dna to that of Neanderthals and locate the genome within our own sequence, therefore concluding that modern man interbred with Neanderthals and that led to the extinction of what we know as Neanderthals today. Has any Meg teeth yielded any Dna or have they been able to like Neanderthals isolate the Meg genome and then compare it to modern Great white or Tigers or even just modern sharks? Thanks for any answers you might have,, and I apologize in advance for the poorly worded description of the Science used in mapping the Genome or if I explained correctly. Ha your answers have been great even when I am sure you could have taken the bait!! And kudos especially on handling the younger generations thoughts and questions ,, always great to know they are interested in preservation of these magnificent creatures!!!

mr mick 2 years ago

Before I started playing Hungry Shark Evolution , I wanted to be a storm chaser. Then, I decided to find more about Megalodon. There were rumors about Discovery Channel's shark week meg documentary being fake, and I believed it. Now I want to become a marine biologist.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Tbeau: I'm hardly an expert on such things either, but I suspect one major issue would be the passage of time. Neanderthal last existed 20-30,000 years ago, with some estimates even more recent. Compare that to Megalodon, who last officially existed well over a million years ago. I'd think it would be much tougher to find viable DNA for testing. Given the debate concerning the lineage of Megalodon (Carcharodon vs Carcharoclese) I'd think there'd be some researchers chomping at the bit to settle things via DNA analysis, if it were possible.

@mr mick: Good luck becoming a marine biologist! That's a part I often wish I'd chosen myself.

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Dennis Wesley 2 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

Excellent article. I definitely think its possible for the Megladon to still be around. We know so little about what lives in the oceans. The Giant Squid was thought to be extinct as well.

Xitlally 2 years ago

If Megladon and the Giant Squid were face to face. Would they kill each other. And if so, who would win?

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Hi Xitlally. My money is on Megalodon. Even though the Giant Squid is a formidable beast, it is prey for modern predatory whales, and possibly even Great White Sharks. An adult Megalodon would make short work of a Giant Squid.

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mcbel 2 years ago from New Hampshire

cryptid, excellent hub! Unbelievable how long this discussion has carried on for! Also, squids are soft. It would latch on to the Megalodon's face--much like it would a whale--and become the easiest meal the shark had in years.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks mcbel. The interest in this subject has been a happy surprise! Glad to see so many people thinking about the possibility of a living Megalodon. I've learned a lot from pondering the thoughts and questions people have presented on this post over the past few years, so I hope it continues!

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daborn7 2 years ago from California

The oceans are so deep, and there is so much weve yet to explore of them. I totally think that the big shark could exist down there somewhere. Its creepy to think about it, because they are so much bigger than us. Lol. Terrific and informative hub. Thanks! Voted up :)

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks daborn7! I appreciate the kinds words.

Jay 2 years ago

Why other then ratings would they fake that? Just for giggles why don't they put lights and camaras on every inch of the ocean just to end all of debate on the mother of all sharks?

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

That's a lot of lights and cameras!

David 2 years ago

Never believe an article that says 'it's up to you to decide'. No. This is why we do science. You don't get to make it up as you go along just on a hunch.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

So, David, I guess you voted against the likelihood of a living Megalodon in the poll? :-)

Look, I see what you're saying about science, but that doesn't always help us in cryptozoology. To me, if you want to consider the possibility of a living Megalodon, you need to look at the available evidence, stories, alleged sightings and theories and decide for yourself if it is compelling enough to warrant further consideration. Isn't that what scientists do?

If we just rely on hard science, and never ponder the "what ifs" that aren't supported by mainstream science, a whole lot of interesting ideas will never be explored. And there have been plenty of scientific discoveries throughout history that started off as a hunch.

Steven 2 years ago

Hey, just stumbled upon this article here while watching shark week. I was a shark fan before shark week was even a thing and I do believe it is scientifically plausible for the megalodon to still exist to this day. Any how, if you go on to discoveries web site, click on their show lists, navigate to Friday, there is a show called "Megalodon: New Evidence

jay 2 years ago

I think it is more than just possible that megalodon still exists. Think about how few and far between whale shark sightings are and they average ariund 50'. I think the only reason we see them so much is that they have to come so close to the surface to feed. Megalodon wouldn't have to really come up from the deeper depths to feed. Squid, sprem whales and who knows what else live in extreme depths of the ocean plenty enough to feed the ocean's largest prefect predators.

ninnea 2 years ago

To many extinct species have been found alive recently to rule out megalodon, and there are still places in the ocean no man had been, it is the largest uncharted area left.

Not to mention tsunami changing those charts for areas once charted

It was a tsunami that forced the goblin shark into view. . And God is it ugly

jacob 2 years ago

Look people we have only discovered 5% of our oceans so there is a lot more things we don't know in our oceans

colton 2 years ago

I think it is possible that megalodon is still around, you have scientists that said the giant squid was extinct and other animals, so anything is possible.

Nickk 2 years ago

I believe that Meg still exists today. I just don't want the gov't to hide it. If we do find it I believe it will be around 60 feet like people have estimated.

Bentley 2 years ago

After megalodon the new evidence was air last night. I realize most of the evidence was so fake. The video of a sperm whale got attack was so digital. After last year show, there still a little hope that megalodon is still out there. But after all those research I did. Come to the reality that every cast member on that show are actor. There's no scientist on that expedition. Megladon is long extinct!!!! Discovery channel just air those show to get viewers. Human curiosity can get the best of us, and base on that they have got the best of us. I would like to share my finding with truth believer. Thanks

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MiloNowherepoems 2 years ago from Maryland

Such incredible writing! The sharks are so misunderstood thanks to the media and television in general. I really sense your passion in this amazing piece!

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Milo: Thanks for the kind words!

@Bentley: I agree with everything you said, but just because the shows are dramatized doesn't mean Megalodon still can't be out there. People theorized Megalodon still existed long before the shows ever came around!

Bentley 2 years ago

Everyone want to believe a little mystery in theirs life. Some believe in UFO some believe in big foot. In this case it's megalodon. There are thousands of report of big foot and ufo, but scientists still disprove theirs existing. Megalodon researcher have little evidence to go by there not even a body ever discover. All the photos and videos that were on the show are animated. Megalodon is a real creature, but the question is can it still out there and how?

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puffsofglitter 2 years ago from Miami, FL

I loved reading this! Ever since I was a little kid I have been fascinated with sharks even more so with the infamous Megalodon. I particularly enjoyed the part about the fishermen's account, the part about the crew refusing to talk about what they had seen sent a shiver down my spine!

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks puffsofglitter! I appreciate your kind remarks!

Treis 2 years ago

Who do I talk to to make sure that a tooth that I found is from a megalodon.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Treis: You can likely figure it out on your own just by doing some research online. There are plenty of sites that outline the characteristics of Megalodon teeth. If you have no success on your own, see if you can contact the nearest university with a marine biology and/or paleontology department. Good luck!

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SusannaDuffy 2 years ago from Melbourne Australia

As a child I would spend many an afternoon searching for fossil shark teeth along the beach. (Melbourne, Australia) Found a few too! But, alas, never the tooth of a megalodon. I'll have to wait until a living specimen is found to see just how very big they were!

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

@Susanna: Only problem his, I don't think a living Megalodon would part with his teeth without a fight! :-)

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Skulduggery Jones 2 years ago from Basingstoke

I've always been fascinated by mythology since childhood and this is a very interesting hub. And although it's never been proved, might it be possible that some froze and fell into a coma and our pollution that's heating up the world and as the megs defrosted their bodies got used to colder temperatures so it would be able to survive in today's climate and live off deep see creatures.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

I don't know, S. Jones, that sounds like a tough theory. A million + years is a long time for an animal to be in a coma. And I don't believe there are any cases of any species of shark surviving in any type of torpor or hibernation for even short periods of time.

An interesting idea, though! I suppose we have t consider all possibilities when it comes to Megalodon.

Skulduggery Jones profile image

Skulduggery Jones 2 years ago from Basingstoke

Agreed that it's unlikely but it still is possible.

big333 2 years ago

I know that the ocean is huge.Vast. But with all this technology these days I find it very hard to believe that we aren't capable of exploring the Mariana trench. One problem obviously is lighting. This though, I believe could be solved by fitting thermal cameras to a drone to create a 360 degree panoramic view of the zone with ought using conventional lights. Granted that navigation would be slow since we would be limited to only seeing the thermal imagery of any fish/Meg's that swim by, but this could probably be solved my fitting sonar to the Rover and basically mapping the trench, using this digital map to navigate while focussing solely on the thermal imagery for searching for the sharks/fish/crustaceans or whatever s lurking down there. I think deep sea exploration is possible, although challenging but with the right mentality, anything is possible, just like sending a rover to Mars.

Great Info on the Meg btw

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks big333! I think the main issue with exploration of the Marina Trench has to do with money. We probably *could* explore every inch of it, but it would be extremely time consuming and expensive. Like space exploration, without the funds to back them up deep-sea expeditions don't get very far.

Leilani Allmon 2 years ago

Wow. Just wow. Props to you. Loved the article. Well done. Cryptozoology isn't really my thing, but this was an interesting piece of work. And I think what makes it work is that it is kind of believable. What with giant squids and whatnot, I guess it could happen.

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cryptid 2 years ago from Earth Author

Thanks Leilani! Glad you found it interesting.

Joshua 2 years ago

No. Megalodon exist 2 million years ago in deep waters, jurassic fight club shows that megalodon hunts sperm whales in deep waters as it is an active deep sea killers so I think megalodon still exist as they live in deep waters, megalodon rarely go to surface because since is habitat is destroyed 2 million years ago it never comes to surface ever again

Joshua 2 years ago

Also if u watch discovery, the discovery crews search for megalodon for more than 16 days, and finally after they put a fake whale and make some blood( from prey that feed sharks), it attracted a large predator that is extremely fast, this predator cause all other sharks include modern great whites to leave immediately, discovery also have proof that megalodon kill a humpback whale into half while it's tail is missing, after that they managed to hit their target which landed on the massive predator shark, then the discovery crew use their signal to find out where it wents. then they found out something shocking, this predator travel for 65000 deep then they lost the signal. In our modern world, no shark has travel that deep. Also this predator is still continuing traveling deep. I know that some will say it is a sperm whale or a giant squid but no the crew found out that predator has taken a whale which disappear once the predator appear also the cage where u look at great white sharks was destroyed by that beast

ralph 2 years ago

its dead. one would have wash up on shore by now.

those fishermen just saw large great whites. not surprising as there was a tone more great whites back then. we hunted them to near extinction. only very recently have their number began returning.

*Megalodn fan* 24 months ago

I think That the Megalodon still exists today. I would love to see a Megalodon in real life, Yea it might be dangerous but you have to admit that it still would be freaking awesome. I Love Megalodns.

bobbeyboi 24 months ago

In all seriousness meg most likely has been gone for a while now, even 10,000 years is plenty time for a species extinction. Not only is carbon dating full of potential inaccuracies, but megs likely behavior couldn't be changed in that fast of time. The trench theory fails simply because there wouldn't be enough food for such a huge creature in those depths. I think we all just need to accept that megalodon is gone, depressing a thought as it may be.

texasratller 24 months ago

The 10,000 year old megladon tooth was to my knowlegde disproven. It used an older way of carbon dating (modern at the time though), today's testing is believed to be more accurate and dates much further back. Which why scientists say its a million or so years old and not 10,000 years old.

Not saying megladon can't exist, its just not likely. The universe is strange, the oceans are massive, things do live there just like in space.

Who is to say that the megladon wasn't reintroduced into the world? Nature/life can and does find away. Humans don't know as much as they think, the planet is much older than most will ever realize.

Josh 24 months ago

Megalodon is still exist somewhere out there

Josh 24 months ago

Megalodon live in deep sea now, for million of years, it evolved to be a deep sea killer, megalodon could no longer go to shallow waters the water are too shallow for megalodon. if megalodon comes to shallow water, it will be trapped.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 24 months ago from Earth Author

Thanks for the comments everyone. As always, some interesting theories for and against the survival of the Megalodon shark.

Josh 24 months ago

Megalodon is the second biggest of the world, trex can't be the king but blue whale is the first megalodon is second and the third is spinosaurus

shark bait 23 months ago

Maybe the meteor hit land instead of the water. it is possible that a

megalodon is still lurking in the water somewhere

cryptid profile image

cryptid 23 months ago from Earth Author

Shark bait: Megalodon didn't go extinct because of the presumed meteor impact that killed off the dinosaurs. It went extinct because of changing environmental conditions. Megalodon came and went long after the dinosaurs were gone.

Cathy 23 months ago

Well if they were used to warmer water couldn't they just live near the volcanic areas near the bottom of the sea?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 23 months ago from Earth Author

Cathy: The creatures that live near geothermal vents are generally small and highly adapted to their environment. Megalodon would need to swim a long ways to hunt, and would not be able to stay in one spot where the water is warm.

Tom 23 months ago

I think the Megalodon is real,but it may not be.I can't wait until, someone proves its alive or proves its dead. I REALLY want to know!

khipheyakhe 22 months ago

Megalodon is an intelligent animal able to hide from silly nosy humans who are looking for it to hunt it down to sell its massive smiling skull to hoarders who will hang it in public places to attract tourists and profit. Let the animal stay in hiding. don't look for it. The Loch Nes must be out-of bounds. That is the best thing you could do for Meg. Stay away from Sasquatch too.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 22 months ago from Earth Author

Good points, khi. I think there is a fine line to be walked between discovery for the sake of science, and protecting these creatures from exploitation in the event they are actually found.

yaasir 21 months ago

I really like it...I think the meg and the great white are from the same species...with climate changed it become smaller in size like the crocodile and snake.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 21 months ago from Earth Author

Hi yaasir. Megalodon and the Great White aren't the same creature, evolved to be smaller. In fact, surprisingly some researchers aren't even convinced they are that closely related!

yaasir 21 months ago

thanks for the you think the footage from brazil is real?

cryptid profile image

cryptid 21 months ago from Earth Author

If you are talking about the coast guard video, the footage itself is possibly real, but the giant shark is certainly added to whatever original video they had. That's my guess on how they did it.

searching2 21 months ago

No... unfortunately not a Meg, but a prehistoric frilled shark has been netted by a trawler off the coast at Lakes Entrance in southern Australia.

With a head and fins reminiscent of an eel, over 300 needle-like teeth in 25 rows and a long tail that resembles a shark, this 80-million-year-old fish is a 'living fossil'. The shark was caught at 700m although they typically live at a depth of 1000m.

So rare was the catch that the CSIRO, Australia's top scientific body, confirmed the fish was indeed was one of the freaky dinosaurs from the abyss. It's just one of the many seldom-seen but sinister-looking creatures that inhabit our deepest oceans.

The question asks itself... what else can be living in the deep ocean but should be not be out there?

I have daily newspaper articles from the 1980s that state there have been over 40 reported sightings of plesiosaurs by fishermen in the last 12 years in the ocean off southern Australia. Some if these creatures are said to be over 25 meters long. Australia wide, there have been over 300 sightings of this animal which science believes went extinct 70 million years ago.

Grant's World profile image

Grant's World 20 months ago from Canada

With the massive size of the oceans I think it quite possible for the Megaladon to still be alive among other creatures we either don't know about yet or thought were long extinct.

Tweeting, sharing, pinning and Google+ ing :)

Kristen Howe profile image

Kristen Howe 20 months ago from Northeast Ohio

This is a great hub. Well-written. You've asked great questions and provided us with well-researched animals. This is very interesting to know about the megalodon sharks. I never heard of them.

LaShondaYDunlap profile image

LaShondaYDunlap 20 months ago from USA

Wow very informative and interesting!!!

Skye Travaille profile image

Skye Travaille 20 months ago from United States

This is a really interesting and thorough hub! Nice work :)

Chuck Dawson profile image

Chuck Dawson 20 months ago from Missoula, Montana

I love the Megalodon!

tony 19 months ago

ive seen first hand an animal in past 10 years in Australia believed to be extinct. on time I ever saw this animal was in a book containing fossels and yet a large flood had un earthed a larg amount of these and it was amazing to say the least.

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cryptid 19 months ago from Earth Author

Good advice, SYDELL! :-)

rebel101 18 months ago

this is rebel101 and most people think that this megalodon shark still alive but maybe it is and maybe it's not. Some people might be scared to go into the water because of the sharks

damarco 18 months ago


ronaldo7 18 months ago

hello this is great reasearch me/ friends have theory that meg is coming out of antartica and other icy places because of global warming

bob 16 months ago

hi the megladon is amazing.

FoulOwl 15 months ago

Cool artical. My associates and I are going diving tomorrow for megladon.... fossils that is. I've accumulated quit a collection over the years. Teeth ranging in size from 1 inch to 4 and a half inches. I once saw a tooth in excess of 7 inches brought up, but unfortunately it wasn't I who found it. We routinely find shark teeth fossils of other varieties much smaller and differently shaped clearly not Megalodon. These can be found in such great quantities that we leave them behind for others to find. also found are fossilized giant sloth teeth possible Mastodon bones giant prehistoric tortoise bones and alligator armor plates. The tortoise bones being the most frequently found fossils. as much as I would like to believe that Megalodon still exists, I think these fossilized teeth rs.close as anyone is going to get to one today. Iwill however concede that it is theoretically possible that either Megalodon or a closely related ancestor could still exist in the oceans today.

Frank 15 months ago

The 10,000 year old tooth was tested using Manganese dioxide testing which has since been considered flawed. When they tried radio carbon dating techniques,‭ ‬the tooth was found to have too low a nitrogen level to allow for testing.

OzinTx 15 months ago

I believe that it still exists. I was scuba diving in the Cayman Trench back in the late 1990's and stopped descending with the dive group at around 140 feet down the trench to look at the amazing fish and coral life. I don't like diving in large groups and this one had around 6 people in it. They kept descending at an angle and were moving away at a fairly good pace. Soon I had the wall to myself and was just absorbing the enormity of the trench and the plunge below me into black deep water. Suddenly I noticed motion in the distance, just far enough away from me that all I could discern was the shape at first...and this thing was HUGE. I have seen great whites before, very large makos hammerheads almost larger then my 21' boat and this thing was easily twice as long as the biggest shark I have ever seen. It was making slow, sweeping passes out in the distance (I had my back to the trench wall) and didn't seem to be interested in me but it was definitely hunting. And definitely a giant shark. It did not have the characteristic white belly like great whites and was a darkish gray almost all over. I decided it was time to end my dive and not try to catch up with the group! I had never heard of megalodon at that point and had no idea what type of shark I had seen, but years later I saw depictions on shark week and am absolutely convinced that is what was in the water with me that day.

Nicole 15 months ago

It is quite possible that the megaladon may exist do to the fact that the earth is mostly have water everywhere and we haven't fully explored every part of the oceans that surround us.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 14 months ago from Earth Author

That shark looks massive in the picture, but I don't know why they are calling a 4m Tiger Shark a monster. It's cool nonetheless, though I'd much rather the shark was in the ocean instead of on the deck of a boat.

pingers 14 months ago

Yeah totally agree with.There has been some sharks attack in that area lately.I do reckon 5-10 years will have a pic of a Megalodon.Plus there have found Volcanos under the sea off NSW coast in the last year.

Wu Baolu 13 months ago

Today's society it is too often to say something is impossible and yet as science digs deeper into the realms of the various studies some of the impossibles have become a reality.

Anyone who follows the tenant that something is impossible just has not thought of the realities that exist. Therefore when it comes to the possibility that Carcharodon Megalodon could not possibly exist today may one day discover that this apex predator still roams our oceans. How much of our oceans have man explored? Is it five percent or more? Considering the world is covered by almost 70% water anything could be alive. Man is only limited by our imagination and the willingness to oppose convention thoughts and ideas.

There are stories throughout the world where dinosaurs still live. In central Africa there is the Mokele-Mbembe. There are stories of sea creatures living in our larges lakes: Champie, Nessie, and others. As marine biologists, oceanographers, cryptid zoologists and other fields continue to explore

jim 12 months ago

It will be a very long time before we know what all lives in the ocean. It is so vast and so deep in spots that even if you explored every inch, you couldn't say for sure megaladon doesn't exist. Same with Bigfoot on land. Unless you have eyes on every area at the exact same time, you can't say for sure. I can go walk 20 miles through the woods or dive for hours in the ocean and not see one. But that doesn't mean that it can't live there. It just means it wasn't there when I was. Some animals/mammals travel vast distances. And as for not finding white megaladon teeth. If they are living in deep water, then that's why they aren't being found because people can't look where they are. There's been thousands of Bigfoot sightings around the world, but no bones have been found. That doesn't mean they aren't real or that people aren't seeing an unknown species. There is more evidence they do exist than don't. Hairs from unknown species, calls identified as large unknown primates. They can't all be hoaxes. Some people just don't believe what they haven't seen. There is just no definite way to say Megaladon is living or extinct. Its all speculation and personal opinion.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 12 months ago from Earth Author

I agree, Jim. I understand why mainstream scientists must base their opinions on available evidence, but if it wasn't for people looking beyond what modern science considers "truth" we'd miss out on some amazing discoveries. Maybe the megalodon shark will be one of them someday!

Paul 11 months ago

I doubt any adult whale would survive a Megladon attack long enough to make visible scars

cryptid profile image

cryptid 11 months ago from Earth Author

@Paul: Even in our world today animals barely escape an attack and have visible scars. For example, live sea lions often show scars from great white shark encounters. I admit it seems unlikely that Megalodon would have had any trouble tearing through whatever was in front of it, but surely there had to be cases where lucky whales barely escaped with their lives.

Daryle Bumann 7 months ago

Its true, some animals do die off due to different circumstances, but really good predators adapt and change habits. We haven't even searched more than 10% of the worlds oceans and discovered loads species. It is viable that megladon sharks exist. We need to open our minds to the ideas that they may still be out there but the vsame goes the opposite way

The Dude 5 months ago

It seems very unlikely that this creature is still alive, if it is, we would probably find a lot more dead whales with giant shark bite marks on them. And if we already have found all of those other large creatures in the abyss, wouldn't it be easier to find an even larger megalodon?

Kwan Ming 5 months ago

I recently watched a documentary on discovery channel last January entitled Cripnid in which a whole host of creatures previously un-known to science where mentioned, most turned up to be ridiculously laughable hoaxes, others where less easy to be dispelled.

If megladon still exists I certainly wouldn't right off that possibility as animals in nature that where previously thought to be extinct have simply evolved or adapted to new environments, Also recently there have been cases of great-white sharks or whales that have turned up washed ashore dead that have big bites taken out of them by some mystery predictor, can this all be coincidence?, or is it finally living proof that such a creature still exists and if it does should science give it at least a chance it's not dead but instead rare or reclusive to find.

However I don't believe that all of the video accounts of meg are real but if someone has some-way of providing proof that megladon is still alive then maybe modern science should stand up and take notice and provide protection for such a rare creature to be left alone.

Izzy_21 5 months ago

I believe in lots of compelling evidence from cryptozoology, and I personally believe that meg is real. Why is just due to the fact we've only discovered less than 5% of the world's oceans, so we can't say if it's dead or not.

Lee 4 months ago

Cryptid. Love the post. Been up all night reading way too late. Lol. I have been fascinated with sharks and Dinos since I was a child. I would like to believe Meg could still exist , and refuse to count out the possibility ! So, a couple of of questions; have they ever found a fossilized Meg jaw, with teeth intact, or have they only found loose teeth? Just wondering if they have found any scientific fossil evidence confirming these 7in teeth do belong to a 60ft predator with a 20 foot diameter jaw, not to a prehistoric 25-30 foot shark with very, very large teeth? And I am aware of the 1 in of teeth for every 10 ft of shark formula they use on modern sharks. Just wondering if they have any fossil record of the actual jaw bone size. Also, very interested in the Marianas Trench Theory since iT IS the deepest recorded depth on Earth! Have you heard of Technology that would allow for heat vision camera that could show size and shape of objects without emitting light and frightening away marine life? Something like night vision goggle Tech. If that Tech exist, could they not drop hundreds of heat vision cameras to the bottom of the trench, and retrieve them in six months , and see what kind of sea life lives down there via heat vision cam? Also , very interested in the super Predator documentary. Do you know if it would be possible since it was in shallow water for satellites such as Google Earth to go back to global images at that point in time and zoom in on that point in the ocean? Not sure if satellites have the ability to zoom in that close on previous images. Just had to ask :-) thanks, Lee

Jacob 4 months ago

I think they still live in a smaller form. We have only discovered about 35% of the ocean I believe it's absolutely possible for a shark of that size to live.

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 months ago from Earth Author

@Lee: Megalodon fossil evidence consists of teeth and a few vertebrae. However, some researchers have done reconstructions of megalodon jaws using the teeth.

I'm not aware of any efforts to explore the Marian Trench with technology such as you described. However, I do know that deep-ocean exploration often does consider ways to view wildlife without disturbing it. Some large, deep-water sharks have been documented this way. But remember that expeditions that explore and study the Mariana Trench are not concerned about Megalodon sharks, so it isn't likely that their efforts would focus on finding a massive predator. Also, retrieving anything from the depths of the Trench would be a costly and dangerous endeavor. The cameras or monitors would have to have some kind of buoyancy system that allowed them to come back to the surface on their own.

I don't know about the satellite thing re: the Super Predator. It would be pure luck to capture an image of something like from a satellite, and the action would have had to occur relatively close to the surface.

Keep exploring good ideas though! That's how progress is made in science and crytozoology.

rhea 4 months ago

Hey crptid I have no idea of the size of the megalodon but I can assure you that it still exists .According to Sir Albert Einstein no energy can be destroyed or can be created .So we can apply the same theory to the great Megalodon .Even if it must have not been able to evolve or must have gone extinct ,it created something alike . Something same .

Secondly I could also be that he is alive .I loved the article keep going with it

cryptid profile image

cryptid 4 months ago from Earth Author

Thanks rhea. I agree there is a very small possibility that animals such as Megalodon could still exist today. However, I suggest you read a little more on the First Law of Thermodynamics. I don't think it really applies to Megalodon. Ecosystems must balance themselves but that can be done in an infinite number of ways, and the absence of a super-predator doesn't necessarily mean another super-predator took its place.

sabira 4 months ago

Hello ! According to the first law of thermodynamics it is said that energy cannot be created nor destroyed . So for example if megalodon has turned extinct it could be that, many like him are created but smaller in size . Its impossible for such a huge being be alive who eats double the size ! I liked your work cryptid

Luvinsharks 3 months ago

After just watching Shark Week 2016 I'm disappointed that there were no shows on Megalodon. All in all it was an interesting week of shows like always but there weren't any shows that just made me go wow!! Normally they do have a few shows that do. I remember seeing one of the underwater cameras where you could see in the distance something passes by that they thought to be around 60 feet in length and if you watch it in slow motion it looks like the body of a shark. That is enough proof to me that there is a very good chance Megalodon is still alive. Last year there was a guy who discovered numerous different shark species never seen before. Although they were small sharks they were still sharks that were undiscovered until then. That show was on Shark Week 2015. I like to be optimistic and think it still exists. The ocean is too big and so undiscovered to scientifically say it has gone extinct. I don't understand how scientists can say something is extinct just because they haven't seen one. Explore the entire ocean then say it. But on a separate note if we don't stop the senseless killing of sharks for a stupid shark fin soup our ecosystem will suffer greatly and we won't have sharks to explore. Hopefully Shark Week 2017 will be one to remember!!!! Only 365 days away!!!!

cryptid profile image

cryptid 3 months ago from Earth Author

I was kind of glad Discovery let the Megalodon thing lie this year. On the other hand, I would have loved to see a real documentary about Megalodon. Shark Week seems to have reverted to factual, informative programming and that's a good thing, in my opinion. I think sharks are already fascinating enough without fabricating weird pseudo-documentaries.

Luvinsharks 3 months ago

I don't want to see fictional anything when it comes to sharks or Megalodon. I just like when they get new footage of never before seen behavior that makes you say wow that's cool. Most footage I saw was of behaviors already known. I do love learning of white sharks migrations and see how far tagged white sharks travel. My favorite thing this year was seeing how all sharks react to the pheromones of dead sharks and how when they smell it they disperse immediately. It could be used as a new shark repellent or the scent that the American crocodile puts off and how they used it when they were studying bull sharks and they made shark repellent with it and it made bull sharks totally leave the area almost immediately!! I hope they start making those shark repellents for divers and surfers or anyone who is in shark waters. It could easily save their lives. As always I learned a bunch from shark week. It's still the best week of the year!!

Mason 2 months ago

I think the megalodon is real I have been studying it for a while now and have looked at loads of sightings and the odds are of megalodon being alive still are pretty high.

Frank Juarez 2 months ago

I just watched Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives and I was so convinced with this and I want you to tell me if this is real or not cause I can't keep this question out of my head

cryptid profile image

cryptid 2 months ago from Earth Author

@Frank: The show contained fabricated and fictional material. There is no widely accepted proof that Megalodon exists today. However, Megalodon did once really exist long ago and some people think it is still out there based on what you've read in this article.

Prateek Chellani 8 weeks ago

This is a one of the best articles I've read debating the existence of the Megalodon.

I've been reading and researching about megalodon sharks for almost 4 years now, and I really can't accept that they are extinct. Sure, no evidence of its presence has been found, but Absence of Proof is Proof of Absence.

A theory that seems rather appealing to me, is that the megalodon still exists in greater depths. As you mentioned in your article, the reason for extinction probably could be newer, smaller predators evolving to occupy the niche of the Meg. If that is the case, it is possible that few Megs started diving to deeper depths away from competition. (Few individuals within a certain species evolving to learn new techniques isn't a new phenomenon, best documented example is that of some Killer Whales propelling themselves on to shores to hunt for seals) It is quite possible that a some individuals moved into the depths, and have established a large population now. They probably never needed to come towards the surface anymore, since not a lot of other predators can survive in the depths due to the high pressure. The meg probably evolved to be able to tolerate such pressures. Further, one of the large cetaceans that lives in the depths is the sperm whale. Multiple sperm whale carcasses have been found on shore, killed due to attacks. Many of them have beaks marks suggesting attacks from squids, but there are few which end up on the beach fin-less. It is debatable if these could be due to an orca/ great white or a meg. There is no documented report stating the cause of the loss of the fin, and no report even claiming to have examined bite marks left behind.

As you mentioned in your article, the only proof of existance of the giant squid we had was the washing up of bodies on shore. There could be a reason why Megalodon bodies haven't washed up yet - cannibalism, a scavenger at the bottom of the ocean, etc. Similarly, if the body was consumed before it reached the surface, any teeth that were left behind may have sunk to the depths of the ocean. Alternatively, we have no idea about how often megs reproduced or how many young ones they gave birth to. It is quite possible that population that migrated to the bottom of the ocean hasn't grown for millions of years, and that is probably why we still can't find any evidence for their existence.

This is just a theory to think about, and it seems quite possible to me that this legend is far from extinct. I'd like to know your views on the theory @cryptid

cryptid profile image

cryptid 8 weeks ago from Earth Author

Hi Prateek. Thanks for your thoughtful comment! It's an interesting theory with some compelling ideas, but also a few holes. I actually wrote an article about it a few years back called Does the Megalodon Shark Live in the Mariana Trench? You can find it on this site.

In my mind, the main issues comes down to whether there is enough food at those depths to sustain a population of Megalodon. Meg is believed to have been a coastal hunter, like the great white, so it would have needed to completely change its hunting strategy to evolve to live at such depths. On the other hand, great whites have been shown to dive fairly deep, and even prey on creatures like giant squid. If only a small population of megalodon had already it evolved to hunt and live at great depths, when the rest went extinct this small population may have survived.

Of course the real problem is we have zero proof of this, but it is interesting food for thought.

Prateek Chellani 7 weeks ago

The real problem is that we actually have zero proof for any existence of the megalodon. But that doesn't really stop us from speculating again :D This might just turn out to a case similar to the coelacanth, where even though there is proof, none of it has been documented, since there was no incentive for locals to report the incident. Maybe if we start putting out monitory rewards for people providing clear images/ or any other proof....

Also, I did read your article, and while it is evident that the Marina Trench is a possibility, I feel it may not be the only possibility.

While there isn't a lot of food options down there, I feel that an occasional Sperm Whale or a couple of squids may help a meg survive. It has been observed that great whites can survive for more than 2 months on whale carcasses. While the meg is larger, I feel it may also be more efficient at hunting down it's pray, so may need to spend lesser energy.

Also, we don't actually have any idea of the reproducing pattern of the meg. It may be that reproduction produces only 1-2 young or so, just enough to sustain the population, without causing an increase or decrease.

Jee 6 weeks ago

Megalodon is over and extinct. Don't waste ur time in crazy fantacies.

Sam 6 weeks ago

Its good to see how thoughts develop into theories . If u believe in something so much it will come to life. who knows anything about MEG color size and characters... its evolved and any big shark undiscovered can be megadolon . It needs to be big and cool

FrizzyPhillips 6 weeks ago

Ive been into Megalodon for some time now and in my opinion still think its lurking in the waters. Thanks for this article on Megalodon. it really helped me understand more about the shark. There has been numerous sightings of Megalodon captured on footage that I have been trying to figure out if the shark in the video is Megalodon. So far im still finding new things to do with the shark itself. There have been sharks in Britain for a while now and im starting to think what could be in the depths of our oceans.

DCDOOMSDAY 3 weeks ago

I have a theory about the submarine shark. My theory is that the submarine shark is a baby megalodon and is still growing . Also , the reason I think that is because the megalodon's prey went to colder areas in the world and adapted to the cold climate and the megalodon didn't have any food to eat and that caused it to die. So we humans were being stupid and releasing chemicals into the stratosphere and damaging it and in doing so that made our climate warmer and that gives the megalodon a chance to repopulate and that might of happened that is why people report seeing a so-called submarine shark. If my theory is right then we just released really , really , really , really DANGEROUS.

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