Fairy Protection: How to Protect Yourself From Malevolent Faeries

Updated on May 26, 2018
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Kitty has been independently researching and studying the fae for over 15 years. She enjoys sharing what she's learned with her readers.


Fairy Protection Is Necessary

If you are a friend of the fay like me, you have seen the beauty and wonder that they promote in nature. You have seen the good that the fairies do for Mother Earth; however, every once in a while you may also run into a fairy that is not so nice to human beings. The reasons for their distrust or hostility towards us are many-fold, but the main thing is to learn how to protect yourself from potentially mean fairies.

When learning the principles of magick, many of us learn how to protect ourselves during ritual and meditation. The concepts of fairy protection are almost identical to these protective methods. But in this article, I will outline all methods of fairy protection that I am aware of and have used. Learn how to protect yourself from malevolent fairies now, before you run into one.


Fairy Protection: Ways to Protect Your Home & Yourself

Fairy protection dates back thousands of years and consists of many different methods and tools. First of all, I wanted to say that if you are working with fairies in your magickal practice or are trying to attract them to your home or garden, these methods of protection should not scare the benevolent fairies away. These methods of fairy protection should only keep the malevolent fairies from your home, as long as your intention behind these techniques is pure.

It has been said for centuries in Ireland that the fairies fear iron, and so if you are to hang an iron horseshoe above your front door the mean fairies are said to never enter. This belief could be due to the idea that fairies were actually a small neolithic people who lived in Ireland and were driven out of their homes by the Celts, specifically in the Iron Age (hence the fear of iron - iron weapons).

Bells were also said to have frightened off the malevolent and mischievous fairies in Medieval Ireland and elsewhere in Europe. Specifically the big, deep-sounding Church bells that would ring to draw the people to Church. They believed that the bells also scared off any malevolent wee folk. So this theory can be applied to your home by hanging deep resonating chimes on your front or back porch or by using deep sounding bells during magickal ritual.

If going out walking at night, at dawn or at dusk, or if you go out walking on one of the eight holy days, you might be inclined to protect yourself from getting caught up in one of the fairies raides (rides). Old Irish folklore says that one is to turn their coat inside out to keep from being "pixie-led" away from the safe path.

You can also leave a pail of fresh milk, butter, or cream outside of your front door on the eight holy days to appease the fay and keep them from wreaking havoc on your garden or home. Leaving fairy offerings and libations dates back hundreds of years, and if you have any Celtic ancestors, you probably have ancestors who partook in this tradition.

Fairy Protection: Circle of Light Protection

Another very effective yet simple technique of fairy protection consists of using one's mind and energy only. If you are used to using visualization in your meditations, rituals, and/or spells, this method of fairy protection should be already familiar to you. It's what I like to call the "Circle of Light." You can do this visualization exercise any time of the day, any day of the week and as often as you'd like. For me particularly, I do it every night as I'm lying in bed and before I go to sleep to continue to build the circle's strength around my home.

Just relax your entire body. Let all thoughts and chatter of your mind fade away until all you picture is a blank screen. Then see your home and property on the screen, see its colors and details. Focus on the image of your home and property, then look into the window at yourself and/or your family members. Focus on this image for as long as you can, then gradually begin to picture a circle of white light engulfing your entire home, starting from the ground and going up and over your home, forming a dome of light. See this light as being entirely transparent, but totally impenetrable by negative forces. You can even picture a stick being thrown at the dome of light and watch it bounce off. If you're really good at visualization, you can picture a malevolent fairy trying to cross the circle of light's boundary and watch them get pushed away.

Repeat this visualization technique every night for at least a week, and then repeat whenever you feel it is necessary. Like I said, I repeat it almost every night before I go to sleep to continue to build the fairy protection strength.

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    • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Fields 

      5 years ago from Summerland

      Glad you enjoyed it!

    • vertualit profile image

      Abdus Salam 

      5 years ago from Bangladesh

      lovely hub. I like this. thanks for sharing...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a bit of lore my Wiccan mentor Mary Berry ( a wise woman that was also quite contrary ) once imparted to me.

      Most Fairies ( the Y spelling is generally used in Fairy Tales not actual lore of the ancients, but Americans like Disney movies, so either way, LOL ) or First Borns are more of three varieties.

      There are Fairies , Furies , and Fawns. These three groups are also sometimes referred to as Dryads, Djinni, and Drow ( in that order respectively. They each have their own unique First Born magic respectively.

      Fairies appear humanlike, have command of the elementals by emapthy, have command of the elements by gesturing, and have the ability to speak using their voice ( males hum more than speak, while females sing or siren their words ). Dryads are known to hypnotize by using their voice and commanding the elemental powers. Fairies have no wings. Fairies are very common in the Western world, especially the European contients.

      Furies appear much like what we think of a fairy. They have wings and rarely touch the earth, they have command of the four winds by using the movement of their wings, and they communicate with a kind of telepathy. They exist in a semi astral state, and maybe immune to being touched. Their thoughts, energies, and communication is conducted through what appears to be fairy dust, but is actually a manifestation of their astral coil or cord. Djinni, Genies, and such are very common in the Eastern world.

      Fawns ( not to be confused with Fauns like the Pan creatures of Greek myths ) are not whatever they appear to you as, their primary gift is dimensional shapeshifting. Fawns will make noises, laugh, scream, spit, almost anything but speak. They have the ability to manipulate time and confuse mortals, they have the ability to see short distances ( perhaps a day or less ) into the future, and they have the ability to create very realistic illusions. Drow is their name in the legends of Elves, they are the Elves of the Underworld.

      You are right KTD, First Borns only bother with humans when we are the cause of disruption to their environment, usually. But First Borns are terribly attracted to one thing more than anything else, when they sense magic or energies. They sense, use, and play with magical energy, they way humans do with thoughts when daydreaming. Being First Borns of the Earth, they are constantly F**king with the material reality, and it is their job to do so.

      If you are truly under attack by any of the major three Fairies, pray that it is only one of them. Group attacks are almost unheard of, but remember one thing. They are not mortals, not elementals, so they do not see you as a threat....they see you as more of a toy.

      As long as you keep letting them unbalance your sense, staying in a chaotic or paranoid mindstate, and playing their game...they will have the advantage. Best thing to do is calm your mind, visualize like you explained in your Hub very well, until your body and heart feel at ease. Most First Borns will get bored with your dumb ole humanness as quickly as you quit attracting them with energy to F**k with.

      If being attacked , remember they are immune almost everything.

      They tend to like messing with members of the gender they appear to be the opposite of, sometimes appealing to their vanity is a way out.

      And I will not elaborate, but from personal experience, I advise strongly against allowing them to even talk about sexual or erotic suggestions with you. This is their most potent way of manipulating the human consciousness.

      That is assuming any of this is reality, and not just fairy tale nonsense.

      Also the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is always a simple but effective ritual to stop whatever is going on. LBRP seems to work for almost anything. Wouldn't you agree KTD?

      Fairies wear boots. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

    • Demetre Winfield profile image

      Demetre A Winfield 

      6 years ago from chicago

      thank you so much for this. i told many people on my coven page about this hub. very useful and interesting.

    • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Fields 

      6 years ago from Summerland

      Thanks, OldWitchcraft. I think a lot of fairy problems might come while on the astral plane...sometimes they even act as poltergeists in a home or building if the person or people have invaded or destroyed their space.

    • OldWitchcraft profile image


      6 years ago from The Atmosphere

      Very creative!

      I don't know if I've ever been under fairy attack before, but then, maybe that's something you wouldn't necessarily know. I'm always losing pencils and rubber bands and I don't think the cat's carrying them off...

      Great job as usual!


    • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Fields 

      6 years ago from Summerland

      Seafarer Mama - Yes, do try it! I love that visualization...I use it all of the time and it seems to be very effective.

    • Seafarer Mama profile image

      Karen A Szklany 

      6 years ago from New England

      Thanks for sharing this hub, Kitty. Will try the visualization tonight.

    • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Fields 

      6 years ago from Summerland

      Thanks, Lil Miss Reader!

      flashmakeit - You're absolutely right. Visualization is a great way to connect with your creativity. :)

    • flashmakeit profile image


      6 years ago from usa

      I think I will try the visualization exercise not only would it be good protection against malevolent fairies it is also a good way to stimulate your imagination. Useful hub and vote up!

    • Lil Miss Reader profile image


      6 years ago from Somerset New Jersey

      Loved this! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    • kittythedreamer profile imageAUTHOR

      Kitty Fields 

      6 years ago from Summerland

      phoenix - That's awesome! I love that visualization exercise...I use it all of the time..and you're right, it is very easy to use and effective. As far as for strolling in the woods, you can use the same visualization technique just visualize it around your entire body (instead of your property) before leaving your house.

    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 

      6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Brilliant hub, as usual. I tried the visualization you described. I fell into it so easily and deeply I actually had to shake my head and blink a few times before I could see 'real things' again. I can feel a slight difference already. Will definitely be doing this one again.

      Can you recommend anything for strolling in the woods. Now that I've learned about fairies (thank you) I don't want to do anything to upset them.


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