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The Legend of the Wild Man

Who is the Wild Man? Read on to find out various interpretations of this illusive being.


The Mantis Man of the Musconetcong River

Along the Musconetcong River in New Jersey there have been several sightings of a creature resembling a giant praying mantis.


The Wild, Hairy Men of Legends

For centuries, mythical beasts have captured our imaginations and scared us witless.


The Beast of Billiwhack and Other Imaginary Monsters

A humanoid creature with a ram’s head terrorized people in southern California. He is one of several strange animals that have appeared mysteriously throughout history.


9 Famous Cryptids and Legendary Creatures Debunked

Cryptid sightings around the world have convinced people that our planet is inhabited by strange creatures that rarely emerge from the shadows. But what if we’ve got it wrong? Could there be more mundane explanations for these sightings and experiences?


Supernatural Explanations for the Mothman Phenomenon

Could sightings of the legendary Mothman be explained by other supernatural phenomenon? Some theorists believe that Mothman may be linked to other paranormal or otherworldly entities and phenomena.


What Is Mothman Really? Possible Mundane Explanations

Is Mothman really a paranormal creature who terrorizes residents of West Virginia and its surrounding areas? Or is there a more logical and mundane explanation for sightings of this cryptid?


Mothman Sightings and Encounters in Ohio

Mothman is most often associated with Point Pleasant, West Virginia. However, many Ohioans have also encountered the cryptid creature in their own backyard throughout the years, ever since the famed Silver Bridge collapse in the 1960s.


The Ningen: Monster of the Antarctic

Stories of a mysterious creature lurking beneath the waters of the Antarctic have been circulating for over a decade. The Internet has nicknamed this creature the Ningen.


The Case Against the Loch Ness Monster

The great debate may continue, but the evidence (or lack of it) is in. So what's the case against the existence of the Loch Ness Monster? And why does it matter that we move on?


Encounters With Grassman: The Eastern Bigfoot of Ohio

Could Cuyahoga Valley National Park be home to a Bigfoot-like creature known as Grassman? Reports by local residents point to yes!


Bessie, the Lake Erie Monster: Does Nessie Have a North American Cousin?

Could Lake Erie be harboring its own aquatic cryptid? Sightings of Bessie the Lake Erie Monster have been reported by sailors and fishermen in the Great Lakes for hundreds of years.


Wartime Mystery: The Rock Apes of Vietnam

Many soldiers returning from the Vietnam War told stories of mysterious encounters with creatures they called Rock Apes.


Three Native American Links to Bigfoot

The link between Native Americans and Sasquatch has always been compelling. Here are three ways that these two cultures are actually linked.


The Mystery of the Dover Demon

The Dover Demon was spotted three times in Dover, Massachusetts over the span of 25 hours and then never seen again.


600 + Cool Werewolf Names for Males and Females

Werewolves are folkloric or mythological creatures that take excitement, intrigue, and mystery to a whole new level. The popularity of these fascinating creatures has started a trend of werewolf names for boys and girls.


Video of Ropen Emerges, but Does It Prove Anything?

Years ago, somebody posted two YouTube videos that they claimed were proof of a legendary cryptid known as a ropen. Were the videos compelling enough? What did the main proponent have to say about it?


Kidnapped by Sasquatch: The Story of Albert Ostman

Albert Ostman was a Canadian man who claimed he was kidnapped and held hostage by a Sasquatch family.


The Grunch: A Chupacabra on the Louisiana Bayou

The Grunch is Louisiana's answer to the ever-popular Chupacabra legend. Learn more about this cryptid, including its origins, what it looks like, and where it has been sighted.


The Lusca: Sea Monster of the Blue Holes

The mysterious blue holes have given rise to legends of a half-octopus, half-shark creature known as the Lusca.


The Loveland Frog: Monster, Alien, or Escaped Pet?

The legend of the Loveland Frog has persisted in Loveland, Ohio, for decades, and perhaps even longer.


African Cryptids: 9 Mysterious Monsters of Africa

Whereas biology is the study of living organisms, cryptozoology is the study of living organisms whose existence is yet to be proved or disproved. These organisms are called cryptids. This article focuses on nine cryptids thought to live in Africa.


11 Mysterious Monsters of South America

Cryptozoology is the study of living organisms whose existence is yet to be proved or disproved. These organisms are called cryptids.


Three Cat Cryptids: White Death, Wampus Beast, and Cactus Cat

There are several cryptids that are said to appear cat-like. Here is a small sampling of those.


Indiana Monster Hunt: The Mill Race Monster

The Mill Race Monster launched what some consider to be the largest monster hunt in US history after it was first sighted in 1974.


Asian Cryptids: 8 Mysterious Monsters of Asia

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a cryptid is an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti. Every part of the world has a variety of rumored cryptids. In this article, we take a look at some legendary creatures of Asia.


Sasquatch Sound Waves

Many species employ ultra low-frequency sounds to communicate and even hunt in the animal kingdom. Could even Sasquatch be capable of this trait?


10 Mysterious Monsters of North America

Everyone has heard of creatures like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot. Here are ten mysterious monsters you may not have heard about.


Tom Slick: Millionaire Yeti Hunter

Tom Slick was a man with a fascinating life that happened to also include his search for the Yeti.


The Goatman: Maryland's Axe-Wielding Monster

The Goatman is a legend based in Maryland about an axe-wielding man-goat hybrid.


The Thetis Lake Monster: Canada's Gill-Man

The Thetis Lake Monster is a reptilian humanoid that was first sighted in 1972.


The Aswang: A Filipino Folk Monster

The Aswang is a legendary monster deeply ingrained in Filipino folklore.


The Honey Island Swamp Monster: Bayou Bigfoot

The Honey Island Swamp Monster is purported to be a Bigfoot-type creature that was first reported in 1974.


The Rougarou: Louisiana's Cajun Werewolf

The Rougarou is a widely known local myth about a werewolf that lurks in the Louisiana bayous.


The Ozark Howler: Actual Cryptid or Elaborate Hoax?

The Ozark Howler is a cryptid with varying descriptions that most witnesses can't seem to agree upon and a suspicious possible origin as a hoax that many people appear to be unaware of.


Urban Legends: The Navajo Skinwalker

This piece delves into the mysterious Navajo Skinwalker and its relatives around the world.


Giant Short-Faced Bear Sightings: Is Arctodus Simus Still Alive?

Alleged Short-faced Bear sightings have led some to believe this massive, prehistoric bear is still alive. Is Arctodus Simus really extinct?


Am Fear Liath Mòr: A Scottish Terror

Sightings of a giant grey man pursuing mountaineers have baffled and terrified the Cairngorms since the 19th century. Does Scotland have its own Yeti?


Mokele Mbembe: Is a Dinosaur Living in the Congo?

Learn more about Mokele Mbembe and the theory that a prehistoric sauropod dinosaur may have survived extinction in the Congo.


Ropen: A Living Dinosaur or a Figment of Faith?

Some people believe in living fossils. One example of evidence that these people give has to do with the mysterious Ropen of New Guinea. Is this flying beast the real thing, or is it local lore propelled by true believers?


Ogopogo: Canada's Loch Ness Monster

Lake Okanagan has the fun and sun. Oh, it also has a mysterious creature lurking in its deep—if you believe the accounts. Either way, Ogopogo has been embraced by the locals.


Is Bigfoot a Forest Spirit?

Could Bigfoot be some type of forest spirit that has walked the Earth since the dawn of time? Find out why this idea isn’t as strange as it seems.


6 Legendary Creatures of Australian Myth and Folklore

Almost every country has legends and stories about its fantastic and mysterious creatures. Australia is no different, and our folklore has its own unique creatures.


What to Do If You See Bigfoot

Just found Bigfoot? Good for you! Now what? Find out what to do next, which evidence to collect, who to tell and when to shut up.


Kalanoro of Madagascar: Mythical Beast and Internet Star

Some claim to have seen them in the wilds of Madagascar. Others believe they're just a figment of one's imagination. Either way, the Internet has become the Kalanoro's new domain.


Megamouth Shark: Proof That Sea Monsters Could Really Exist?

Find out how the huge and elusive Megamouth Shark gives hope to the idea that monster sharks like Megalodon may lurk in the ocean.


Megalodon vs. Great White Shark: Australia's Super Predator Found?

Discover why some think a Megalodon shark is the super predator that ate a 9-foot great white shark off the coast of Australia.


Why Bigfoot Is Not Real: Bigfoot Debunked!

Find out why Bigfoot is not real and doesn't exist no matter what you saw on TV. The Sasquatch myth debunked.


Does the Megalodon Shark Live in the Mariana Trench?

Learn whether it's possible the Megalodon Shark could live in the Mariana Trench and how it may have survived extinction.