The Violet Aura

Updated on April 25, 2016
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.

Color Spectrum

The color violet or purple is on the end of the color spectrum, the last color seen in the rainbow. Violet is a calming color and is a good color choice for a meditation room because it opens the mind by calming the spirit.

Violet, Calming Color


A person with a violet aura has a sense of urgency about them, a feeling that they need to learn everything they can …right now. They have difficulty procrastinating when they find the direction that they want to go. Sometimes finding that direction, the plan of action; can be difficult because they may not know what mission it is they are to fulfill. There may have been a sense of need to fulfill, to change the world, since a very young age. As a very young child, the person with a violet aura may have been concerned with the rain forest, or saving the tigers in Africa, for example. Their parents or friends may have told them that they were silly or making too elaborate goals.

If you have a violet aura, you may remember, or still experience, people telling you that your ideas are lofty, strange, far-fetched and unreasonable. The violet wants to save the world, without being the center of attention. The violet is a visionary, a person with extraordinary insight to their inner self and the needs of others; though may be seen as snobbish or aloof, maybe even weird. The person with a violet aura is generally an introvert, preferring to work alone, at their own pace; without the noise of other people. Although they may want to change the world, they want to do it alone and without a lot of attention.


The person with a violet aura is well suited in spiritual fields, such as a spiritual leader or healer for the individual or small group of people. Perhaps a writer of spiritual books or a blog on such subjects will be attractive to you. As a person with a violet aura, you may be drawn to holistic healing of all kinds and perhaps counseling. Best suited for self-employment, the career choice would involve self-paced hours as a writer, or an artist, maybe a researcher. Any job where the violet aura can be left to themselves; to concentrate on their jobs, as they wish, is best suited for the person with the violet aura. Because of their desire to fulfill their mission, albeit unknown, they have a strong drive to succeed. Anything the violet aura takes on; will be completed. Procrastination is not something they are good at.

Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Teacher


Violet auras take on the emotions of others, for they are very empathic, so after a day of being around people, they are exhausted. At the end of the day, a person with a violet aura wants to retreat into their world and not socialize. This makes it difficult to maintain, or even attract, a life partner. A person with an Indigo aura can bring out the violet aura; compliment their personality in every way. The person with the indigo aura understands the violet aura’s drive to fulfill a mission, save the world, whatever they are focused on. Nurturing tan will calm the violet aura’s nerves, help them relax and unwind, while still being social. Red, yellow and magenta auras are too intense for the quiet violet. They may overwhelm and depress the gentle soul of the person with a violet aura. A person with a green aura may become bored with the quiet nature of a violet aura and wonder off for more excitement elsewhere.

Although it may seem that having a violet aura means you are unable to find love because you are a bit of an introvert; do not worry. People are drawn to you, you will not need to go out to social events to find your life partner. People are drawn to you and the right one will see you from across the room.


The person with a violet aura is a natural healer. They tend to be very empathic, understanding others feelings, sometimes too intensely. They can pick up when something is wrong, even before it is spoken. This can cause health problems for the gentle violet. Ulcers and depression may plague the gentle soul. Food and chemical allergies may also be a problem as can be sensitive skin. Headaches and chronic fatigue can also be bothersome for the person with the violet aura. The good news though, if the violet can find their passion, their mission that they are to fulfill, they will enjoy very good health and wellness of spirit. Spirituality is vital to your health. Yoga, meditation and other methods of relaxation and concentration on your inner self will aid in optimum health.

Do You Have a Violet Aura?

Do you feel that you have a mission to fulfill? Do you have a sense that you were put on earth to accomplish something great, but you may not know it yet? You may have a violet aura. Once a person with a violet aura finds their goal, they won’t stop until they have finished, or completed the project. Great things can happen because of this drive and desire. It may be something that changes the world or a piece of art that draws people in and makes them think. The person with the violet aura may be a great healer, whether by choice or seemingly by chance. Do people comment that you can calm them down just by walking in the room? A person with a violet aura can do that. Violet is a calming color, the color well suited for meditation. If people like to be around you, even though you are more of an introvert, you very well may have a violet aura.

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Questions & Answers

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      • Cynthianne profile image

        Cynthianne Neighbors 2 months ago

        You are welcome! I am glad it helped. :-)

      • profile image

        Laura G. 2 months ago

        I was driving to an appointment today and along my route, a deep, bright violet splash appeared in front of my left eye; I seem to just be beginning to pick up auras and see colors and so, I wanted to investigate.

        I didn't know what to make of the experience, what to name it so I just typed in "symbolism, violet" and you have just described me to a "T."

        So, I think that I may have just found out that I have a violet aura.

        Thank you.

      • Cynthianne profile image

        Cynthianne Neighbors 4 months ago

        They have the potential to last forever if the different personalities traits compliment each other. Most Yellow are too intense for the Violet, but if either one are combined with another color, a secondary color, it can work.

      • profile image

        CuriousOne 5 months ago

        Hello, it's confusing a sentence in this article: "Red, yellow and magenta auras are too intense for the quiet violet." meanwhile in The Yellow Aura article is this sentence: "Violet and Yellow are a strong combination, one that has the potential to last forever."

        Are yellow and violets good together on not?

      • profile image

        StellarLover 22 months ago

        Interesting article, thanks. I would add that true violet is more rare, but similar vibrations, particularly purple and lavender type hues are a bit more common than the true violet (though none of these are common in large/predominant and consistent amounts in a general sense).

        And there is a definite range with these. Those more towards the purple, tend to be more Jupitarian like, and those more toward the lavender hues, tend to be more Neptunian like, and violet is the highest expression of the most positive Piscean Archetype, which is a balance of the two. The main difference between Jupiter/purple and Neptune/lavender, mauve, etc, is that Jupiter is a bit more polarized to the Yang/masculine and Neptune a bit more polarized to the Yin/feminine, and violet is a bit more balanced/integrated, though not perfectly so (that would be represented by White Light, which is even much more rare in predominant amounts and consistently so.).

        Hence, Jupiter/purple will tend to come off a bit stronger and be a bit more directive or active, and Neptune/lavender etc, will be more "go with the flow", more gentle, and/or more passive. In a archetypal sense, Jupiter is a bit faster vibratory/more expanded, though violet is a bit more than purple.

      • Cynthianne profile image

        Cynthianne Neighbors 2 years ago

        I am glad I could help!

      • profile image

        Donovan 2 years ago

        Thank you very much, this helped shed light on EVERYTHING about me.

      • Cynthianne profile image

        Cynthianne Neighbors 4 years ago

        Hello. :-) Make a list of what you like to do, then a list of what you do not like to do. By doing this, you can focus on the types of jobs that you are more interested in. There are some places online that you can take tests to see what the best job for you are. I do not have any websites in particular for that, but I have done searches for "job placement test" and other phrases meaning that. Practice and forcing yourself to stick with a plan will help. Good luck in all you do.

      • profile image

        Hello 4 years ago

        you are very right, in-fact i am still unemployed and making different type of efforts for that, i am little distracted of my goal. Can you help me hoe to overcome this problem and focus more?