The Magenta Aura: Unique and Different

Updated on January 23, 2014
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.


Walk to a Different Beat

The person with the magenta aura is vibrant in their own way. They walk to a different beat, feel differently about things than the average person, even experience things in their own way. It is not that they are seeking attention; in fact, many people with magenta auras actually prefer to not be the center of attention. They are just different in comparison to most individuals. Do you find yourself getting bored easily, or that you have color preferences that go against the standard color wheel? You are not alone, you are magenta.


To be considered a magenta aura, you must fit a certain criteria.

  • Considered a loner
  • Prefer alternative lifestyles
  • Change hair color often with preference to bright colors
  • Work hard to not be normal
  • Prefer large crowds where you can mix in, not be the center of attention
  • Or the opposite, prefer to be the center of attention, but then get stressed by it.
  • Consider yourself free spirited
  • Look for reactions from people
  • Try to get a reaction from people
  • Very creative
  • Fun loving
  • Need constant stimulation

These are the most common attributes to a person with a magenta aura. In order to fit this aura color, you must match at least 95% of these qualities.

The magenta personality is a very interesting one because of the desire from the person to be different from the rest. If you have a magenta aura, you may find yourself walking down an alley, just to look at the way the light glints off the puddles in the dark, for example. You may be very creative but few understand your art. Do not let this get you down for the magentas of the world make life interesting. You may find that you are more of a hands-on learner. Not one to be found with a stack of books, though this can happen, but one to dive in and learn through trial and error.

A person with a magenta aura is not worried about what others think, only what they can accomplish. You may have high energy and not always know how to direct it; or even where the energy came from, it is just there. You may bounce from project to project, perhaps not finishing any of them, until you find your passion. Once you have found your passion, you cannot be stopped.

Magentas love to please people. The person with this aura is kind and compassionate, but often judged as “odd” “eccentric” or even “scary”. Because of the propensity to dress differently, or have the bright colored hair, some people judge the person as dangerous and may feel the need to keep away from them, but the big heart of the magenta person, the one who has direction and has not lost their way, they would be quick to help the judging person out, no matter how they were treated.

Different Colors


The person with the magenta aura needs someone who understands them and shares the same high energy level. The flexibility of actions of the magenta may be exhausting for a yellow, for example. A magenta and magenta aura combine may be very exciting because they both understand each other.

The bright aura of the magenta can be very intense and intimidating for some and the calmer energy of other auras may be too boring for you, Magenta personality. Green auras are good for magenta because of the shared energy level and a mental tan will share energy levels while reining in some of the impulsivity of the magenta. Violet is also very good for the person with the magenta personality because they are very much like the magenta. Violets share a good deal of energy and creativity like the magenta aura personality. Do not be afraid to be yourself for this will cause confusion and frustration as you try to cope with the world around you.

Fun Loving


The health of one with the magenta aura is plagued with exhaustion and even depression. Because of the tendency to go non-stop until there is no choice but to sleep, you may find yourself with issues with high blood pressure. You may also find that you have problems with addiction. The person with the magenta aura can avoid addiction problems that are often seen with this aura, if you are able to find a good hobby or career to keep your hands and mind busy. When the spiritual and mental energy is in balance though; you will find that you are in excellent health.


Good careers for the person in the aura category are architecture, fashion design and artist. You thrive best when not set to the typical nine to five schedule or demands. Working in an office may not be suitable because of your high energy level. You need to be creative, to be free to display and use your individuality. When focused, what you create may be seen as a masterpiece, a work of art. The fact that you are not understood will not affect your work because you are not that concerned with how they see you.


As a magenta aura personality, you may find that you are drawn to study religions that are not the norm for your culture. You may feel a spiritual connection to the universe that you cannot explain or find in any particular religion. Because of this ability to feel so deeply, settling into an organized religion may be very difficult or impossible for you to do. Do not let this get you down, go your own way and be your spiritual self. As is normal with your aura, you pave the way for many to follow as they wish. You may find yourself more drawn to earth or nature based religions such as Wicca, for example.

Spiritual Place

Do You Have a Magenta Aura?

If you match 95% or more of the criteria, you may have a magenta aura.

Is Your Aura Magenta?

If you match 95% of the criteria, you have a magenta aura.

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    • Cynthianne profile image

      Cynthianne Neighbors 12 months ago

      Some people have stronger auras, more "solid" than others. It could have also been your mood at the time you photo was taken. I have seen this with my own experience with Kirlian photo method. The person could have their photo taken, have yellow over their face, but then come back two hours later and you can see their face. That is probably why the photographer suggested you meditate, to clear energies a bit. Unfortunately for you, in a sense, it brought out auras more. But, that can also indicate that you have psychic/medium abilities. People such as myself, that are psychic, tend to have more "solid" auras because we pick up on those around us and our energies are different. If you have not done so already, you might consider the possibility that you have psychic abilities.

      Thank you for your comments!

    • profile image

      Mizbejabbers 12 months ago

      So glad I found this because auras have interested me for years. I had mine Kirlian photographed about 15 years ago, and I remember only blue and magenta. There may have been some gold or yellow covering my face, but I do remember that my face was completely obscured. I'll have to go back and look at the photo. I found your article while trying to research what those colors meant.

      I was very disappointed because the face of the friend who was with me was very prominent in hers, and the people around me were taken aback by the appearance of mine. In fact the photographer had me meditate for 15 minutes to try to bring my face in and it still wouldn't show. Would you know why? Thanks for your informative article.