The Green Aura

Updated on April 25, 2016
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Cynthianne has a B.S. in Psychology and is licensed in Astrology. She is autistic, as are three of her children.

The Green Aura

Green Aura

Green is a cool color and one associated with calm energy. Green is said to balance other colors and bring out the best in them. One might look at a flower and see the color of the flower, but take away the green stem, the green leaves, and the flower is just not the same. The same can be said of the person with a green aura. They thrive around people and interact well with most aura colors. Take away the people with different aura colors and the green aura may fade a bit, unless their mind is heavily focused on a new project. Green is also seen as the color of money. One might notice that successful people often have a lot of green in their aura, or have green as their predominant color


If you are very intelligent and seem to have a natural talent for power and ingenuity, you have a green aura. You may find that you are not that interested in details, only about the finished project. Greens innovate, create, and delegate. They do not like all the steps in between. You may be very drawn to money; feeling like that obtaining money is more than a goal, but what you must do for your own peace. This goal of money tends to turn a person into a workaholic, maybe spending more hours than healthy to make another buck. Greens are quick on their feet, quick to find solutions or come up with new ideas. Creativity is very evident for you. A green is not to be overlooked; they will work until they see what they consider success. Nothing can hold them back. The person with a green aura may also be strong-willed and will stop at nothing to fulfill their desires. They know what they want and they go for it. Besides being stubborn and hard-working, the energy of the person with a green aura is very engaging and exciting for many people. They are the go-getters of the world.

Loves To Be Around People

Green and Other Auras

The person with the green aura thrives around other people. They love the energy others give out . The Violet and Tan auras help to balance the high energy of the green.


The person with a green aura is head-strong and stubborn. A relationship with them requires a strong will and patience. The person with the green aura has set standards for themselves and expects their mate to have the same high standards. If you find that you prefer only the finest of clothes and cars, for example, you may have a green aura. This does not mean that the person with a green aura is difficult to handle, or an unpleasant person, not at all, they have high energy and expectations and their mate has to have the same ideals.

The person with the green aura can be self critical and demanding. Finding a balance with a quieter aura can help calm those worries of the green aura, for they always want to please. A person with a red or orange aura would bring out the worst or more arrogant aspects of the green aura and the personality of the green may be seen as a challenge to conquer to the orange. A person with a green aura may find they are suited to be with another person with a green aura, but there would be little emotional involvement with such a union. The violet or nurturing tan will balance well with the green and bring out the best in all their colors of auras.


Greens are very conscious about their health and do all they can to remain healthy. As long as things are going well for the green, the health is stable, but too much stress and disappointment can cause some concerns. When the person with the green aura is not feeling appreciated or feels that they are not succeeding in a manner that they envisioned, they may begin to suffer upset stomach, headaches and backaches. There may be a higher incident of ulcers with the person with the green aura because of the stress they put upon themselves. Sometimes a person with a green aura can worry so much about their health that they become hypochondriacs, always looking for things to worry about with their health. It is the desire to stay healthy that causes this over concern. Once they have proven to themselves that they are strong and healthy, this problem usually resolves.


Like everything else with the green aura, they will find their own spiritual path. Their love for knowledge will lead them to research many religions and deciding for themselves which is best. They may find difficulty adhering to one religion though because of having their own ideas of what is truth.


Because of their high energy and love of attention, careers for a person with a green aura include spiritual leader, fashion designer, news journalist and CEO of large corporations. They may also be entertainment or advertising agents, or have their own talk show, for example. The person with the green aura love to delegate so will be suited for almost any situation where they are in charge of many people. It is important to the health of the person with the green aura to choose a career that will give them ample down time each day to recharge their batteries. Being that they are prone to be workaholics, finding down time is not high priority.

Won't Stop Until They Reach the Top

Do You Have a Green Aura?

If you fit 95% or more of the criteria for the green aura, than you can consider your aura green. You are outgoing, concerned about health, energetic, creative and intelligent. Your ideas may not be understood by most because you seem to be ahead of your time. Keep track of your ideas that come so quickly at times, and other times at a snail’s pace because you will want to realize them all. Because you have the drive and energy, you will succeed.

Green Aura

Do you fit 95% of the aspects of the green aura?

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    • profile image

      Mellie mel 11 months ago

      This is me to a Capital T

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 13 months ago from Long Island, NY

      I found this interesting. I fit with some of the explanations of a green aura, but not all. I do like to do whatever is needed to maintain a healthy life, that matches green. But you said green aura people also worry a lot. I tend to accept things without much worry, so I guess not everything fits a perfect mold. Or maybe I'm a combination of a few auras.

      One thing I took from this is the understanding of how I get along with various people based on their aura colors. That seems to make sense and I'm going to pay more attention to that from now on. Like I said, this was interesting.

    • Hazel Abee profile image

      Hazel Abee 2 years ago from Malaysia

      Thank you for this ... I always end up with greens as my choices .. my first attraction would be green and I have to talk myself out of green and go for others ...

      My personality is almost exactly as what you have written ... Now I know who I am and what to do next ..

      Allow the Green in my life ...