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How to See Auras

Updated on July 19, 2016

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Sensing Auras

If you are unable to see auras before practicing the tips outlined in this hub, do not fret -- try instead to sense the aura. You probably already do this all the time without even knowing it. Have you ever walked into your parent's bedroom after they had a fight? They may have put on a smile and acted like everything was okay for your benefit, but you could sense the tension in the room. Maybe the air was thick or your father was emitting a weird "vibe". Speaking of vibes, how many times have you left a party or declined an invitation because the vibe wasn't right? We have all probably used this term without even realizing the weight behind our words.

When you pick up on a bad vibe, you really are sensing the vibrational energy of the human environment, or aura. If you spend your time around a group of really depressed individuals, you will eventually start feeling down in the dumps yourself. Likewise, if you hang out with upbeat, positive, outgoing friends, your own attitude will change to match theirs. Atmospheres are contagious. If you were able to see aura colors, you'd notice that the depressed group would be surrounded by rings of brown, whereas the happier group would radiate with shades of yellow.

Seeing Auras

  1. Turn off the lights and lie in bed or another area where you feel most relaxed. You don't want the room to be pitch-black, but you do want as little light as possible. In most cases, streetlights filtering in through the blinds or a nightlight shining in through a crack in the door should be sufficient.
  2. Hold your hands straight out in front of you. Don't stare hard, just gaze gently. An aura is not always a bright light, usually it is more of a haze.
  3. To understand the way you should be gazing, keep holding both hands in your line of sight, then focus your gaze on the bedroom wall in front of you. Your hands will be out of focus but still visible.
  4. Extend your two pointer fingers and very slowly move your hands towards each other so your fingertips are almost touching (think Michelangelo's famous painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.) The aura will appear as lines of blue and red light between the two barely touching fingertips. Then, try it again with all ten fingertips barely touching.
  5. Now slowly draw your hands apart, and you'll see slight streams of energy connecting each finger. Encourage your mind to visualize the energy increasing as you move your fingertips together and apart, back and forth. Bringing the fingers tantailizingly close together (but not quite touching) seems to increase and energize the auric flow.

Practice this technique whenever you can and you may discover, over time, that you are beginning to notice the same effects around people's heads. Although auras surround the entire body, they are brightest and most visible around the head. If you are fortunate to begin seeing full body auras, there are certain things you must know about the different colors. Aura colors are constantly changing depending on mood and location, but the band of color closest to the body is known as a Life Color, and is usually fixed. Here is a rough guideline of what the different aura colors indicate.

Auric Colors


Red is the color of stress or anger. There is a reason why the phrase, "seeing red" is use when one is experiencing an extreme state of emotion. When tempers flare, even the calmest aura color will suffer from a flash of red, and if someonehas a red overlay, or hue, around them at all times, this can mean their interactions are often colored by anger or intensity. Red is a physical color typically found in businessmen, politicians and other highly ambitious people who have the focus and determination to accomplish any goals they set. A concentration of red light in an individual who does not otherwise exhibit that color usually indicates an ailment, usually around the throat or ears. Pink, on the other hand, is associated with sensitive, caring feelings, and is usually seen around women during pregnancy.


Orange is a healing and cleansing color, created when the vitality of red mixes with the optimism of yellow. Also a physical color, orange is associated with recovery from illness or trauma and can indicate both physical or mental vitality. Orange around the head means the person is tolerant and open-minded. Orange is also frequently seen in auras when the individual is coming upon a time of change, be it a new home or a new relationship. Orange appears when the past breaks open to forge new paths. Balls of orange light around the head mean that the person's mind is set on changing their life but may not be quite ready to do so; small flecks of orange and the changes have just recently begun. Pastel orange indicates new aspirations of a spiritual kind. This color is usually found in people who are seeking but have not yet found their new destiny. Because orange is the color of change, this color is often found in counsellors, social workers, and any other occupation that seeks to help people change for the better.


Yellow is the color of energy and expression, optimism and cheerfullness. If the color yellow appears in pin-like streaks, however, it could mean that the person is experiencing a split in their personality, and struggling to merge their energetic, youthful demeanor with the grown-up demands of society. Their mind is torn between too many options, which tends to cause stress among people with this color in their aura.


Green is the color of nature, of rebirth and renewal. Many doctors and healers have this color in their aura. Greens are straightforward and loyal, and truly want the best for everyone. Bright green means that person likes to help, whereas a sickly lemon color can indicate deceit or, more likely, envy. Rich emerald green indicates strength of character. In fact, any healthy shade of green is a positive sign; only dark black greens are negative, indiciating an untrustworthy personality. Green is linked with blood pressure and the heart--as long as the torso emits a bright green light, the person is healthy.


Blue is an emotional color found in highly sensitive, spiritual individuals. Blues bring peace and calm to those around them, and exhibit a love of freedom and desire to reach new spiritual heights. Mediums who are able to hear spirit voices usually have bright blues in their aura, along with writers. An aura filled with bright blue means the person is very healthy and at peace. Visualizing ocean blue has a calming effect on the nerves and can even stabilize fever.


Also emotional colors, violets and indigos are spiritually advanced individuals and activists. These people are also highly sensitive, usually able to see auras themselves. The darker the shade, the deeper the person's spiritual quest. These individuals recognize the importance of bodily purity and communication with the unconscious. Tapping into these colors within yourself may help you to expand your horizons. When violet mixes with white to create lavender, the person is incredibly advanced and has reached the pinnacle of understanding.



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    • Paul 8 years ago

      Interesting Article! Explains a lot!

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I know I can sense well but I would like to learn how to see a person's aura...hmmm, will try this out. :)

    • Lifebydesign profile image

      Lifebydesign 8 years ago from Australia

      GReat hub, and nice to see the colours! I could never be sure i had the right shade of 'indigo' when I tried it :-)

    • Anon 8 years ago

      Fucking stupid pseudo science. This is bullshit. There are no such things as auras.

    • Erica 8 years ago

      There always has to be that one! I cant wait to try this out. I am totally excited! Thanks so much!

    • Tony 8 years ago

      yeah im sure you can "see" auras. Silly waste of time.

    • ariel 8 years ago

      im an indigo hellz yea

    • chermarie profile image

      chermarie 8 years ago from Wisconsin

      Good informative hub. I have seen auras since I was a child. I always assumed everyone saw what I was seeing. There was a time in our history when seeing auras and halos was 'normal'. Look at some of the old world paintings. They are everywhere! You know the saying, 'seeing is believing'. I've also heard 'if you don't believe, you will never see'.

    • Auma 8 years ago

      great article, ive been seeing auras a little bit before the article but its helping out a lot and ive tried it on my teacher but it just came out a clearish kinda color but its a little easier to see aura on items than people for me

    • krando1 profile image

      krando1 8 years ago from Berkeley, CA

      This is a great article. I've been able to feel peoples' auras since forever, and being able to feel or see auras is extremely important if you want to understand the true natures of the people you meet each day. My ability to feel peoples' auras has saved me many times by allowing me to know immediately what peoples' intentions are. At the same time, this ability has allowed me to pick out people in a new group and know that they will be life-time friends. I think that people who don't believe in the existence of auras, or who believe in them but don't care, simply don't have the cognitive ability to critically examine their inner selves (meaning they don't know themselves at all) and these folks have no ability to read and appreciate the complexity of being human.

    • Brenda 8 years ago

      Thanks for the info. Needed to figure this out as my 6 year old tells me she is seeing "colors" around peoples heads!!!! I think I have a bit more research to do?!

    • Sydney 8 years ago

      I have known how to do this since i was 11.

    • chucho 8 years ago

      bullshit I am not spiritual and Im not an buddist And it does exist I bet you have a dark aura I can see them perfectly

    • zero 8 years ago

      Its a bit freaky but lovely now I realize iVE SEEN AURAS MY WHOLE LIFE AND DIDN'T know it was an aura Ive been a day practicing and I see them really clear

    • Kay 8 years ago

      i knew how to do that seince i was 4

    • Tristan 8 years ago

      this is damn cool, its taken me a lil while to realize what i could see, every time i kind of just stared at people and let my gaze unfocus, never actualy new it was an aura lol. well, i am practicing more now, and its awesome to see them, even though i'm still at the "coloured haze" bit.

      as for those people coming here and commenting about how auras dont exist, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!, everyone can believe what they want, and its obvious that you guys are just materialistic lowlives.

      take care everyone, and hope your aura seeing goes well.

    • ritzz 8 years ago

      You should not see your aura, but experience it!

      Those who do not belive, they will belive that when they are in extremely perilous situations or when there are no alternatives to a somehow confusing turning point.

      It has been proved and in the future as science evolves, we will get more information on aura and how the aura symphonises with a body and other parameters of a living and non-living thing!

      There are even people doing their Phd on this subject!!!!

      For those out there, shouting that this is bullshit, continue to say that, and one day at a moment of time, when you'll realise the power of your aura and how you can manipulate it, you'll be STUNNED!!

      As for this hubpage, it's nicely marketing oriented, hope you get some sales from it, affiliate!?!

    • keith 7 years ago

      Hey im 51 and have just started seeing auras. i have told my friends they all think im nuts i can see colours but..... ive seen someone walk away from his aura like leaving his shadow . please please tell me im freaked out about this . Why can i see them and what does it all mean . Im really fxxxxd up about this ive only been seeing them for 3 months why? its now 23/01 /2009 . If you respond to this mail i will give you my email i would love to sort this it too spooky for me.... Keith i don't know what url is ,is that my e mail address .... i don't know what to belive i know i see and i also can read peoples minds it scares me as ive always thought these were my thoughts but now i know there not . That freaks me out even more than seeing auras


    • Jonas 7 years ago

      Sorry, but if you're seeing auras, it's simply because the human mind will see anything that it really wants to.

      There is no such thing as a "vibrational energy" that radiates from people's heads. This entire concept is based on pseudoscience and cannot be proven or explained, simply because none of it is true.

      A cute and clever idea, but blatantly false.

    • mokono 7 years ago

      Keep going. See how far you can push yourself. There is far more than you can imagine if you can break your limits.

    • claire 7 years ago

      Why are people looking up "how to see auras" if they don't believe....get a life!!! I think this is very interesting and i have enjoyed reading it. Its more helpful than some of the other sites, which had a lot of text and relegious content. This was easy to follow and to the point. Thanks

    • ferdo 7 years ago

      Hi people, I am interested in this kind of stuff. I've been doing tarot readings for 2 years now and I'm now interesed in seeing auras. I can definetely feel it around people but can't really see it. I tend to absorb the mood of the people around me which is not very good sometimes. Apparently kids up to 5 or 6 years old can see auras "by default".

      About the people that come here to disturb and say that it's all bullshit then you should leave people here alone you pricks. Just because it cannot be proven with stupid science doesn't mean that it's bullshit. Science can't prove everything and it's pretty crap as it contradicts itself all the time. I believe that if we are less arrogant and try to unite science and this kind of stuff one day they'll meet somehow but it's not gonna happen overnight cos we are only human.

      Thanks for the info

    • Mike 7 years ago

      I'm with Claire on this one...If you don't believe and you have nothing nice to say then take it somewhere else. Other than that, this is really cool. Very nice hub.

    • Danielle 7 years ago

      i would love to learn how to see auras from the people who can already see them do you have advice for me on how to do this or tips? thanks so much

      p.s-for the people who dont believe in auras your entitled to your own opinion and since you believe they don't exist they wont for you, but what a gift if you can, having an open mind is such an amazing gift and choice.

      check out

    • Evelyn Lim profile image

      Evelyn Lim 7 years ago from Singapore

      This is an informative and comprehensive hub!! Certainly a good guide to getting to see auras. Rated up!

    • Syd 7 years ago

      I have had glimpses of auras, but not clearly.I'm 11 years and I am very interested in the supernatural, hypnosis, spell casting, and auras. I would love to see auras clearly and without difficulty. I looked in the mirror and kind of saw my aura, it was a red-orange colour... what does that mean????

    • yama 7 years ago

      I'm 16 and have been seeing auras for around a year, but I don't see colors, I see their aura as more off a wavering field similar to the heat waves above a road on a hot day. Does any one else expieriance this? I think it might be because of my training in psionics, belief in metaphisics, and encounters with psichic vampirism*


    • haye 7 years ago

      this is bull

    • durza 7 years ago

      I started viewing auras a wee while ago, And I had a whitish color around my hands. now I see either green or indigo or blue.

    • bolu 7 years ago

      im just twelve nd i see them perfectly... lol

    • Kris 7 years ago

      What does it mean if i see a bright glowing light all around my hands?

    • ??? 7 years ago

      Open minds are important

    • durza 7 years ago

      many people of my age are here; I'm 11

    • Farra 7 years ago

      I'm 17 and I've seen auras since I was little. That's actually how I met my boyfriend, because he had this really strong vibe. So for those out there who don't believe, DON"T LOOK UP HOW TO SEE AURAS! And for the fakers who say they can, but really can't, please don't because a lot of people choose what to believe by looking at the comments.

    • Sophia 7 years ago

      I just had a discussion with a friend of mine about the Indigo children of which i have also discovered from the authors Lee Carroll and Jan tober that i fit the exact description of the characteristics of the indigo child. My friend then let me know that she has been able to see colors around people and mainly the yellows or greens. Since we have worked together for about 4 years now, we know everyone in the company.. so she shot off who was what while we were sitting there. She also explained that some were a dark green or a dark yellow... when she mentioned that.. it stood out that these certain people actually had character flaws in the work area and most likely outside too.. but they were more difficult to work with. I turned to her to ask what was mine, and she let me know that i was one of a kind. She could only describe me as a type of rainbow color... I offered some comfort in her difficulty to explain that... its possible that she cant see indigo right now.. only the yellow and green at this time. She said that may be true but she can see that there are some certain kids in the school she also works at that have the same "rainbow" effect as i do. This leads me to offer that there are more internet articles listed under rainbow, crystal and Indigo generation or children. Regardless... I do know that i am different than the "normal" people... Learning auras.. and seeing them would be helpful to everyone.. and once everyone can see this... the NO ONE can hide ANYTHING.. because everyone can SEE.

    • Sophia 7 years ago

      I just had a discussion with a friend of mine about the Indigo children of which i have also discovered from the authors Lee Carroll and Jan tober that i fit the exact description of the characteristics of the indigo child. My friend then let me know that she has been able to see colors around people and mainly the yellows or greens. Since we have worked together for about 4 years now, we know everyone in the company.. so she shot off who was what while we were sitting there. She also explained that some were a dark green or a dark yellow... when she mentioned that.. it stood out that these certain people actually had character flaws in the work area and most likely outside too.. but they were more difficult to work with. I turned to her to ask what was mine, and she let me know that i was one of a kind. She could only describe me as a type of rainbow color... I offered some comfort in her difficulty to explain that... its possible that she cant see indigo right now.. only the yellow and green at this time. She said that may be true but she can see that there are some certain kids in the school she also works at that have the same "rainbow" effect as i do. This leads me to offer that there are more internet articles listed under rainbow, crystal and Indigo generation or children. Regardless... I do know that i am different than the "normal" people... Learning auras.. and seeing them would be helpful to everyone.. and once everyone can see this... the NO ONE can hide ANYTHING.. because everyone can SEE.

    • krista 7 years ago

      I will try this! for many years Ive wished to see aruas but I've never seem to found the right way to do it :( I don't even know if what im seeing is an arua or just nothing! Hopefully this will help me :)

    • erin 7 years ago

      ive been trying for only three days and had been getting a white-ish glow outlineing my hand then today i think i finaly got it..... i'm just not sure, it looks like flickering clear-ish light-green flames around my hand.

      can anyone reasure me, i just want to be sure its not just a trick on my eyes or something.

      thanks :)

    • Foom 7 years ago

      Here is a thought... lets get a bunch of people who think they can see a person's aura. Put those people in a room, have each draw what they see, without telling each other. If the results match they you should be able to determine which of them are speaking truthfully and wish are nutjobs. My guess? 100% nutjobs.

    • this is for "Foom"  7 years ago

      why do people like you come here to make fun of other people and what they belive in? i don't go in to a church an start bad mouthing god, so why do you go online and surch "how to see auras" and write insulting comments? i know why its because you have no life what so ever.

    • adan 7 years ago

      im not lyin wen i say dis but i can see auras

    • amy 7 years ago

      I got interested in auras not too long ago, and I'm completely interested already. And for the close minded jerks that say that people are insane if they see auras, or this is bullshit, you need to get a life. Don't slam what people believe. I don't see auras really clearly, but faintly, and it's amazing. It sounds weird at first, but the more you look into it, the more cool it is. I'm 15, and I say you're NOT crazy if you see auras, and I'm glad there's people that are open-minded enough to look into this stuff. I feel more secure that some people believe the same thing i do. Thank u soooo much for writing this hub. :-)

    • kidvisions profile image

      kidvisions 7 years ago from Tunisia

      Thanks a lot, this one is very intresting.

      I'm going to try it and let you know.

    • kidvisions profile image

      kidvisions 7 years ago from Tunisia

      I tried it out, but it didn't work out.

    • Learner 7 years ago

      I've been trying hard to see auras for about a week now. i have always been able to sense people feeling my whole life (good and bad) and they tend to rub off on me. when i try to see auras all i see is a white "haze" and very thin. i have not tried this page yet but im looking forward to it. any tip or sugestions?

    • Next in Line 7 years ago

      This sounds really cool. I feel that I have been able to "sense" people's emotions sometimes even thoughts all of my life. It is really cool to me that this is a possibility. And for those who are calling this all fakes, here's a new one: who cares? Would you try something that COULD be really cool, even if there is no garauntee, if it took out five minutes of your life? Of course you would. I'd rather find out about this now, then be "disabled" by not being able too it if I know people who can do this, and therefore be able to manipulate me, while I call it all make-believe.

    • Mark 7 years ago

      I've been trying to see or sense auras for some time now, but without any success whatsoever. I have tried just about everything and tried to maintain a positive attitude towards it but it isn't going anywhere. I have a significant stigmatism in my right eye, could this be affecting my ability to see auras? Please help, I really want to at least see an aura once before I die! Thanks in advance.

    • wouldntuliketoknow 7 years ago

      @ uh-oh, that usually means its about to fall off, you might want to see your doctor

      @ adan, you start your with saying your not lying? hate to tell you, but in MY experience that usually meant someon was lying to me when they started with that.

      @Foom, nutjob is as nutjob does.

      but seriously folks, since i was about 17 (im 32 now, do the math) i've had the "6th" sense, though im still training on viewing and reading auras, as well working to acheieve level 2 and master level usui reiki.

    • आगे बढो (go ahead) 7 years ago

      i just want to give you a good website's link which has full info on aura and astral body

      hope you will enjoy it. by the way this is clean site there is no virus or spam.


    • kelstar 7 years ago

      ok am a bit weirded out tonight. i went to a crystal party earlier. the woman hosting it told me my aura was pure white she seemed quite taken aback by me and said i have a special gift. so just tried the reading auras as instructed on this page and lo and behold i can see it!!!!!! white and hazy alright but its definitly there. i have never really given much thought to this kind of thing i am confused and slightly freaked out about it!! so just wondering if anyone has any advice for me?? kelxxx

    • kelstar 7 years ago

      ok am a bit weirded out tonight. i went to a crystal party earlier. the woman hosting it told me my aura was pure white she seemed quite taken aback by me and said i have a special gift. so just tried the reading auras as instructed on this page and lo and behold i can see it!!!!!! white and hazy alright but its definitly there. i have never really given much thought to this kind of thing i am confused and slightly freaked out about it!! so just wondering if anyone has any advice for me?? kelxxx

    • vanessa 7 years ago

      This is not bullshit! im a teenager(not giving my age out but I'm very young) and I can see them and sense the. I sense them most of the time. I wouldent lie about this. My whole family can. Except my father. You people that don't believe in this are ignorent people that don't believe in anything that's real. so keep believing what you want to ,cause these are real and I can see them. Thanks,I'm going to try this out:)

    • October 7 years ago

      I definetly gave this a shot, not sure if what I saw was my aura though, if I really saw anything. I didn't see the red and blue line when putting my index fingers together, and I did see a little bit of green here and there but mostly white lines off of my fingers when they were all barely touhing. I thought maybe it was only doing that because I was doing it against a white wall. I'll have to try this out some more in my free time.

    • idm001 7 years ago

      this hub is really helpful! hope i can see the colors soon! to all of you who can see the auras, congratulations! use your gift wisely!! and to all the people saying this is fake and giving out bad comments, all i can say is this:1. you're just bitter because you can't see auras.

      2. you're 100% sure that you don't have enough IQ and won't be able to understand it. (oh, for Jonas, chucho, Anon, Tony, Foom, uh-oh, haye, this means you are dumb, stupid or any other word synonymous to dumb and stupid)

      3. if you can't see auras, it's your fault. why? because you don't have an open mind (again for the people I mentioned above, this doesn't mean you have to crack your skull open. the brain is different from the mind.)

      you don't have to thank me for the explanation. you needed it. have a nice life!!

    • sylvia  7 years ago

      hey its me sylvia and i will definetly try yhis ouy im so exited but it kinda scary 4 me cause im11 and ive gone trough alat not about auras but way more and those of you who belive in it go get the book evermore it pretty much about that its very cool and yhats how i found out about auras this girl can read minds and thre auras 2!!!

      ps those of you who don't belive in yhis then why you even cheking out these sights huu you guts are ammuteres ! **** you****** ugh

    • A Believer- One of Many 7 years ago

      I was on Yahoo Answers yesterday and came across a question from a girl who wanted to know why she could see colors around people. Intrigued, I read further into it. Several people deduced that she could see "auras", and not knowing what they were, I automatically looked them up on Google. After learning about them, I found out that you could actually train yourself to see them. After just a day of effort, I've managed to see faint white outlines around people when I focus. Occasionally I even see faint tints of color! I'm continuing to practice, and I'm sure that I'll be able to see full-color auras soon. Good luck to everybody who's trying to accomplish the same thing! I'm fourteen years old, for the record, and according to most sources that's less than ten years above the age at which the inherent ability to see auras fades.

    • Nicole 7 years ago

      Thank you helping me understand.I have only seen auras acouple of times,but i can always feel them.Some time it is so intense that i feel sick from a croud full of mad people to a crown of celebration.I am still learning to try to handle it. Again thank you

    • kyle 7 years ago

      i appriciate you places this online, all of this first started, for me, with the pineal gland.

      knowing, that you have three eyes, is really something we cant deny, yet its hidden.

      L-tryptophan has been banned for along time now, it helps stimulate the third eye, and decalcifying the pineal.

      praciting seeing auras, and chakra meditation are going to be my thing for the rest of this year.

      i realise i create my own reality through my own thoughts, ideas, concepts, and how i respond to life and living itself.

      those who read this, try and realise this also.

      how many times have you senced a phone ring, then it rings?

      how many of you have had your ipod or mp3 or anything on shuffle, and start singing or humming the next song before it plays.

      the latter happens to me more frequently almost, then not.

      seeing auras is a great skill to inquire.

      reading the feelings, and emotions of those around you, and are talking to. and communicating on such a higher level with them. this really is, what should be taught in school. from preschool to highschool.

      thanks again, both for writing this, and allowing me to post this here.

    • shana 7 years ago

      as soon as i tried what this page said i was seeing auras all over the place

    • Ben 7 years ago

      Mmmmm im definitely going to try and learn this....not sure if i should be worried about not being able to stop seeing the aura though... i want to know that i can stop it if i feel i want to...

    • erica 7 years ago

      PLEASE HELP!!!

      I do not understand what I am seeing. Little skinny streeks of light about an inch or two long. They float around me sometimes. Most of the time they are rainbow colored. But once they were white. They float around me for about a minute then eventually fade away. What are they?

    • erica 7 years ago

      PLEASE HELP!!!

      I do not understand what I am seeing. Little skinny streeks of light about an inch or two long. They float around me sometimes. Most of the time they are rainbow colored. But once they were white. They float around me for about a minute then eventually fade away. What are they?

    • Franco 7 years ago

      Ive always believed but wasn't able to see auras until i tried, it was really easy. When i describe to my friends how to do it i compare it to that feeling or focus your eyes get when you catch yourself daydreaming and looking at something in a blank stare...know what i mean?? eh...

    • Bridgiee 7 years ago

      None of this is bull..

      Its scientific..its all energy, try it..

      You'll realize it NOT bull..

      Have you ever realized that babies or younger children cry when they first see certain strangers, its not because they look scary, its because the babies can see the auras, and they see that the strangers is different from their parents..Look it up before you act like you know everything

    • marleen 7 years ago

      thank you so much for this page, hope you will keep adding

      info. Me also had difficulty visualizing the indigo colour

      but here i found the answer.

      Do you have any info about the 8th upto 12th chakra ?

      Hope you don't get discourrages with the negative mails you

      receive, don't bother, darksiders are everywere,

      actually; it is the best compliment you can get, because

      a bright light always attracts a lot of darkness, just

      the law of nature.

    • mvrysr 7 years ago

      I have had a few friends go to this psychic and they seemed pleased with what they where told. This interested me so i googled and found sites about auras. I have been practicing them for a week and i can usually see bright white lights around hands heads or feet and occasionally I see colors if i concentrate right! I just keep getting the feeling im concentrating to hard. i cant focus right pn pne spot cause my mind keeps telling me to look away and it messes me up! Am i concentrating to hard?

    • Nigel 7 years ago

      Its proven that we have an aura , we can picture it . So all who says its not true i feel bad for you guys .

    • Vicky 7 years ago

      I used to be able to see auras when i was little but i was told it was just my imagination so now i can't see them.

      i would love to learn to see them again...!


    • Sooke 7 years ago

      look ive had glimpses of aura's once...and ppl who don't beliueve don't tell that to little kids...if you tell them there is no such thing as magic then your a freakin retard. now leave this alone!

    • Elie Dj-Alpha Sakr 7 years ago

      Pseudoscience? Can't be proven cause it doesn't exist?

      You can't really see God (some can), does that mean he's not really there? I'm not jumping into another subject, but come on! As others said, some are doing PHD on this subject. I can see other people's Aura if I concentrate enough, doesn't mean I'm imagining stuff. Don't speak out of ignorance.

    • keith  7 years ago

      cant tell. i could sort of see it! so excited. well i think i have blue or green.

    • Jennifer 7 years ago

      Wow! Wonderful info!

      Yeah, I`m a teen, and everyone says I`m 'physic' (I`m not. :P ) just because I know what they`re feeling even if they look completely happy. I can see my teachers auras (or else I`m insane. I`m probably insane :) )

      But, it`s so cool! If you TRY to look at the colors, then they disappear. You can only see them with your pereffial vision. I do it by looking at their eyebrows with a gentle gaze, and then using my pereffial vision to see the colors. It`s AMAZING! (Bt for MY way, try to have them up against like... a white board.)

    • ally 7 years ago

      Holy shit! that's awesum!

    • ally 7 years ago

      took me a while but its soooo damn cool!

    • ally 7 years ago

      u should try communicating and seeing ghosts. Some of them know a lot about this stuff and can really help u out. Trust my advice people.

    • ally 7 years ago

      look up PYROKINESIS :D

    • ally 7 years ago

      is eveyone here psychic?

    • ally 7 years ago

      everyone has an aura now, its a bit overwhelming but i'll get used to it. Does anyone here have visions or telekinesis?

    • angel 7 years ago

      damn it takes concentration. i have the attention span of a rabbit.

    • angel 7 years ago

      o.migawd this is like totally fukkin awesome!

    • angel 7 years ago

      seeing auras takes a hell of a lot of concentration but it is so worth it becuz if its something u really want to see and if u really believe in it,u will be able to see the aura and it is so freakin awesome. for those who thinks seeing auras is bull shit,get a fukkin life. if u think seeing auras is bull shit then u probably failed seeing auras and ur probably just so fukkin pissed becuz most other people can see them and not u. so if u think seeing auras is bull shit shut the fukk up and get a fukkin life. u are allowed to hav3 ur opinion and im allowed to get mad at it.

    • angel 7 years ago

      grrrreat hub btw. it was a little confusing to me at first becuz i didn't read all the instructions..and i was wondering why there was blue haze. now i know :D later people. p.s. seeing auras is fucking awesum :P

    • Vicky 7 years ago

      Auras are cool but some people don't understand what you're seeing i wish they new

      My friend is trying to make me teach her.What do i do. :D

    • Sakura  7 years ago

      AURA! i can sennce them. but the weird thing is, i sit next to someone in class. When he's sad, i start to feel sad for no reason at all. When he's angry , i get angry too.

    • Tahlia 7 years ago

      Listen, I'm only 12 but I've been interested in auras and stuff sincev a young age, the only problem is I haven't told my parents, I haven't even tried the technic above. What should I do?!

    • Izzz-ay 7 years ago

      Wow, that is SO cool! I don't know still what I think about auras- I've read lotsa books on them and I tried the technique above and I saw a tiny white glow, but I still don't know. Tahlia- I'm twelve too and I know what you mean. My rents would probably think I'm weird (well, more than they already do) if they knew what stuff I was into. I'm not very good at giving advice, though.

    • LOL GHEY 7 years ago

      I agree with Anon, auras are bull. Just a bunch of bisexual tweenage drama queens that think they're special because they're color blind. Know how many people there are that believe in auras? Around about the same amount that think they have superpowers. It's people like yourselves that are ruining the world with your fruity little pride parades and self help books.

    • Izzz-ay 7 years ago

      OK, WHAT is your frickin PROBLEM? If you think this is so bull, why are you looking it up? I mean, do you just come here to degrade other people's ideas, or what? Please, tell me, because I don't really understand.

    • ally 7 years ago

      oh wow. why do u come here just to say auras arent real? why look it up? do u have nothin else to do in life than to put other people down? seriously, get a life

    • Fuck This 7 years ago


    • Boetq Istrali 7 years ago

      why are people automatically dissing aura seers? I understand that a lot of this stuff is weird, but like anything else in the world, you should approach this with an open mind. I cannot see auras, but I have a friend that claims she can. I also come from a very religious background, and some of the people I know in church would say that seeing an aura has to do with witchcraft. Well to them I say that they are hypocrites. In the Bible there are many examples pf people who receive "special powers". These gifts are not just some lame super power/ i just did a lot of drugs mumbo jumbo. These gifts are given to help the individuals grow as human beings. The gifts are also given in order to help other people. The one thing that I do not understand is why people find it so impossible for someone to have a gift such as aura seeing, when there are so many other examples of gifts that, while they maybe easier to observe, are used on a daily level. These gifts include musical talent, natural athletic ability, insight, and wisdom. Aura reading seems to be like those talents; some people are born stronger in one aspect of life, but nobody gets anywhere with these talents if they DON'T PRACTICE!

    • Gattlin 7 years ago

      ... Well.. mine is a mix of black and red... what dose it mean?

    • Sami 7 years ago

      Oh, my God, this is so cool! My cat just died recently and I kinda saw this orangish-yellow haze around her before she left, and it faded. I thought it was just plain creepy but I looked it up on Google and it brought up this site and I read it and tried the thing above (^^) and lo and behold, I can see these things! I'm gonna keep trying to hone this popular talent. Thank you, writer/s of this article! -^_^-

    • david 7 years ago

      im trying to see auras but i think they're after images cause they move where my eyes moves somebody help me please i really want to see auras please! its very important to me

    • david 7 years ago

      i can see a whitish/cleariish glow but i don't know if that is the aura i think it is but i need a little help

    • Steff 7 years ago

      Hmm. My friend and her mum can see them, so can another of my friends. Shes trying to teach me how. I don't know if I see them, I see a whiteish colour usually, about half a cm wide. I'm going to try more. Everytime my friend looks at my aura she says it's yellow. Hmm, what got me into this was ever since I was little I've possibly sensed things, like ghosts. I'm not 100% sure. I also see shadows, and light. And occasionally theres a blue light near me (It's not part of me - It's something else). I sometimes try to see things like this but I've been put off because once I sensed something 'evil' or something with me at night for a few months. But I think it's gone now. And me and my friends are getting into this sort of thing. I sometimes have been able to sense peoples auras. I'd just guess a colour, and my aura seeing friend would tell me I was right. I also feel things, like brushing against me, etc. It's all very confusing. But I want to learn more. My friend tells me I may be a medium. I doubt it. More likely sensitive. But I think I can't 'see' very good yet because I'm used to blocking it. Sometimes I don't want to see, because some things are scary. Does anyone know any more about this stuff? Also back to the blue light... anyone know anything about coloured light, differing in size, yet always the same colour, following people? (By the way I'm 16 turning 17)

    • david 7 years ago

      ok now i can see the first whitish haze or the "etheric body" now but everytime i see a color it doesn't move with my hand.

      WATS GOIN ON? can someone help

    • runatyr 7 years ago

      the haze around people can be etheric body and more. It depends on your skill. Etheric body is about 1-2 inches wide, but if you can see more than that- that's an aura. Ofcourse etheric body is a part of an aura it is just more dense and easy to see. Its a lot about practice, more practice- more results. I fused aura practice into my everyday life and i try to notice as mush things as posible in other people and myself. Its hard work but its interesting. The other part is your level of relaxation, concentration, and preferably a little meditation. Believe me it helps. If you can see just a haze, don't worry and don't stop- it means your level is not high enough yet.

    • runatyr 7 years ago

      for those who can see and sence strange things. Not everything you see like aura or haze is human related. Some things are just parts of good or bad energy that does not know that they exist. Or it can be something much stronger. I don't know. The point is that people who are interested in stuff like auras, flyers, shadows, spirits should be more careful. These "things" can sence you just like you sence them and are atracted to you. If someone has these problems, unless they know how to deal with them,i would recommend to stop practicing.

    • fede 7 years ago

      i wondering i see an outline on people when in concentrate but it has no color its just clear im wondering if i have some abiltiys

    • Ash 7 years ago

      I have a suggestion for those of you who are having trouble seeing auras.. practice by having the person (or object) that you are looking at sit in front of a white background (like a plain-white wall). This way, you should be able to see the colors of the aura more clearly and you will doubt yourself less.

      And no matter what you do, NEVER give up!! :)

    • Dragomir 7 years ago

      But what if an aura is white, cause I have a psycic friend and told me that I have a white aura and he also said that my white aura is rare

    • Harley 7 years ago

      Uh, I've been trying to spot auras for lie a month but I'm just seeing tiny things that look like sparks. Ami doing something wrong?

    • Random 7 years ago

      I've been seeing Auras for a few years now, problem is I only see a haze around people, some hazes are bigger than others, but I cannot see any color... How can I develop this further to see colors? Any comments would be helpful, thanks.

    • Awesome 7 years ago

      I was told i have a green aura and at times a black aura... i don't think that's good

    • rtudrturu 7 years ago

      same here random

    • Random 7 years ago

      So after doing some research I found this website:

      The eye exercise they have has actually helped me see this "haze" much easier, and it's starting to become more defined. It definitely pinpoints how to focus your eyes just right to see more... Still can't see colors, to my regret.

    • Briana 7 years ago

      its so weird, i don't know what they mean but sometimes when i focus on certain people colors kind of pop in my head or its weird cant really explain it, and i guess at their meaning and ask that person if their mood matches the color and they always say yes, is that reading auras? or is that just coincidental?

    • Anonymous 7 years ago

      it works for me, whether it is true or fake

    • Locke Reborn profile image

      Locke Reborn 7 years ago from Arlington, Texas

      Let me add to the long line of comments and tell you yet again, Great Hub!

    • Rose 7 years ago

      I'm not sure if I can sense aura, but I'm really interested in it! I'm insane (wat a surprise) and I see colors but it could just be that I'm werid, and insane...My aura is blue (I believe if this is true) and my friend is a sort of yellow-green? Is that possible?

    • fred 7 years ago

      i am yung and interested cuz i herd aura from a boy at school that he can see them so im goin to try but idk if seeing auras is a bad thing o a good thing but if im succesful im worried i mite get scared

    • nick 7 years ago

      can you look at a random persons aura while they are walking or do they have to stay still

    • Starlynn 6 years ago

      this is such cool info. if u are interested in things of this such i have a website you can visit that talks about ghost auras vampyres and more. visit if it is of ur interest!!!!

    • Keith444 6 years ago

      Hi, its great to find others exploring auras and aura vision. Its also cool that some people have questions about whether they're real or not. All questions eventually lead to answers which lead to more questions which...

      I've been lucky enough to have a couple of fantastic teachers over the years, to help me with developing aura vision (and a few other things). I've had some wonderful experiences with seeing auras and thought forms, and to often know what I'm seeing and what it means. This also lets me help sometimes (when applicable) based on what I've perceived.

      If you'd like to read some other people's descriptions of their experiences with auras and thought forms, check out this great page:

      While you're there, I highly recommend this site, its got a lot of magic stuff, free downloads, and super cool graphics and sounds:

      Anyway, good luck with whatever path you're on.

      Love Keith

    • Elleyra 6 years ago

      What about white? I had a friend look at my aura and say."I don't like this... your aura is white.." I've read that the aura turns white a few hours before death or with artificial stimulation. It was many hours ago and I am still alive and I dont do drugs. Can it mean something else?

    • Sora 6 years ago

      i've never really been able to even sense auras, no matter how hard i try. i always got confused when someone makes a statement about the tensions in the room or whatnot. i cant even sense good happy auras... i guess im just not sensitive at all, or maybe im not spiritually strong enough. soo im gonna try this method out. i kinda am curious as to what color auras my peers really have. at least before my vision completely deteriorates >_

    • Lulu 6 years ago

      i try using lots of methods to seeing auras. i used the one method in this article and it kinda worked alittle for me... but not too much. i'm reading a book called "Evermore" by alyson noel. and it's about and teenager who sees auras.... i wish i was like that!

    • Lucy Turner 6 years ago

      This is amazing!!! Kinda freaky though but this is how i found out if my guy friend realy dose like me (he does!) but i was realy amazed when i first started seeing auras!!!

    • Dom 6 years ago

      My little sister says she can see auras (you can till your about the age of 5) she is 7 and can only see then sometines. I am purple!!

    • That Guy 6 years ago

      I heard that young children see auras much more often, me, myself have honestly not seen one yet... this might all be in my head, but sometimes i feel the presence of someone near me when no one is there, like how you can feel one's bioelectricity, for example, if your sitting in a room and someone is approaching the room and you can feel them before they get in the room... from where im sitting right now i cant see if anyone is coming into the room or not, but i always feel someone coming in about 2 to 3 seconds before they actually walk in it

    • Laura 6 years ago

      I didn't think that this could even POSSIBLY be true. BUT, just for fun, I tried it in my bed, looking up at the ceiling. And weirdly enough, it really DOES work!! So I'm just going to keep practising that, along with telekenisis. I didn't truly believe in that either, until I practised "bending" objects. I tried my toothbrush, and opened my eyes to see it wavering!! It was truly amazing!

    • tgirl 6 years ago

      Just needed some help because sometimes while in class (still in gr7), I see white lights around everyone and even in places where there's nobody. What's wrong

    • Anon 6 years ago

      I'm religious, but I also learn about spiritual things, like angels, auras, etc. I believe that this can be really useful, and if it helps people to understand what others are feeling, then it could really help in life.

      I'm really interested in auras, and i hope it works! Good luck everyone!

    • Mysterious 6 years ago

      Sometimes in the corner of my eye i see like this figure that looks like a man and is different colors everytime. Then someties i see him walking across my yard and no one else can. That anything special?

    • Mysterious 6 years ago

      Tristan i think i know you. lol

    • Adam 6 years ago

      I used to see Auras as a kid (around 5th grade is my earliest memory of i, im in 10th noW) but since then i have lost the ability except to one indivudual whos Arua i can always see (its red) i remember seeing it in class one day and its always there... like it says here to use like your perifrial vision to see Aura but i can look directly at hers.. weird lol

    • vickyy 6 years ago

      I can see white light above people's heads and I don't understand what it means, I mean not everybody can have a white aura! can u please write what it means (if u know) thanks a lot!!

    • Mizuki 6 years ago

      What does white mean? I am a priestess in Japan and when I tried this I saw a pure white color around myself. Please help?

    • Bryant 6 years ago

      HOly shit it works. I can see them now. its like that thing from assasins creed. lol

    • camilla 6 years ago

      it works, thanks!

    • Jaru 6 years ago

      If you really are interested in stuff like this then I suggest you try and find a book called "Holographic Universe" by Micheal Talbot. It's a bit hard to read because of all the science talk but if you can I promise you, your life will be changed drastically.

      By the way, as for all of you out there who spend so much time finding websites like this only to insult the people who really are interested in stuff like this, you clearly have no social lives and can only find comfort in the fact that your lives stink by making fun of those who's lives are better than yours. Do us all a favor and shutup, find a psychiatrist, and try to get a social life.

      And as for "LOL GHEY", I'd like to say, it's not people like us that ruin our world, it's the people like you. It's one thing to not believe in this, but to actually try to make people feel bad for coming to their senses?!? It's just despicable. It's the people like you who get so sucked into their materialistic natures that you are entirely blind to the truth. It's just sad and pathetic. I feel sorry for you. Again, do us all a favor, and get off this website.

    • Natalie 6 years ago

      Know what? Im gonna have kids when im old enough (I don't want a son though T-T not to be mean but girls are nicer in my opinion.) and im going to teach them to see auras then get them to draw a picture or sketch/ sumthing, of people to see if they can.

    • Danica 6 years ago

      i seriously don't understand how to do it.

      Is it the same as when you view stereograms or different?

      im really confused :S

    • bianca 6 years ago

      white, mine is white, do you think it was a trik of the light, because i have no idea what white means, im realy intrested in this

    • mikel 6 years ago

      when I was a child at night I use to see people but just like shadows but I don't see it now

    • jeramiah 6 years ago

      white? i think that's innocence. not sure, though

    • Alexis 6 years ago

      Its kind of hard for me right now, my friend is physic and she can see auras. I really want to see auras too and since I'm in middle school it may come in handy. I don't like the vibes I get around my 'friends' and I want to know what they are really feeling instead of trying to trust them. They are super cool but I can't trust them a-lot.

    • Saphira 6 years ago

      I like to see auras and the first time I tried this -which was today- I saw my aura was white. Does anyone know what that is?

    • Saphira 6 years ago

      Runatyr, I read what you said about shadows and flyers, but I've seen them before I even started this stuff and I keep seeing the same one. Any information? I started seeing a black shadow when I was 3 years old. Everything about it is black: the hood, cape, pants, shirt, or whatever the shadows look like. All I know is that its black all around. HELP

    • Shadow 6 years ago

      Hey, watch it Anon! You are one of those people who have a low life and are just to stupid to do the right steps in trying to see auras. I wouldn't be surprised if your brain was the size of an ant! Auras are real so stop trying to be a smartass and getting people all depressed. Retards like you should have never been born in the first because you and all the other dumb bells in this world have to get everyone down just because your life isn't perfect! So do us all a favor and get the hell out of here you jackass!

    • sue2 6 years ago

      I have seen auras all my life (I'm 59), but I don't believe they are necessarily linked to chakras or that they even have the same meaning for everyone. I'm not even sure that someone else would see the same color I see in an aura, although I've never tested this. I can sometimes also see "left-over" auras that look like colored puddles in especially emotionally contaminated places like doctor's offices and churches. I don't know what the colors I see mean. I think that a person can control their own aura to a certain extent.

    • Shadow 6 years ago

      I just started seeing auras and its really cool! Sorry about that comment everyone, that was meant for some guy named Anon...

    • Shadow 6 years ago

      I found out what the white aura means! It means that you have angelic qualities, although i have no idea why I have it. I mean, I'm nice and all, but I lose my temper at middle school because these boys just keep messing with me and my friends-not that I have a-lot- so I get really mean and I punch them. I know that isn't good for a girl to punch boys but they try to punch us too. I really need some good luck right now. I don't know if me being a Libra if that's a bad thing or what. I don't need good luck for punching boys or anything, just life in general....

    • Alexis 6 years ago

      Wow, Shadow, your a girl and you punch boys? AWESOME! Sorry if I'm encouraging her but you gotta give the girl some credit!

    • Fragma 6 years ago

      Its really easy Danica. You just push you hands together with your fingers hardly touching. Then, you slowly pull them apart and you'll see a weird color of rope-like lines emerging from the tips of you fingers. Repeat the steps and concentrate on what your doing, then you'll be able to see the lines much more clearer. Its working out for me!

    • aaron 6 years ago

      im 12 and can see auras my friends have diff ones ,one can see too, but one of my friends has a black one! what does that mean

      PS. Green

    • aaron 6 years ago

      i just unfocus my eyes but in a weird way , only i can do it as far as i know so i don't believe in this page

    • aaron 6 years ago

      nevermind it works < but i still prefer my way

    • aaron 6 years ago

      also i can see auras everywhere like in clouds ??????????

    • goodmaker 6 years ago

      Foom 12 months ago

      Here is a thought... lets get a bunch of people who think they can see a person's aura. Put those people in a room, have each draw what they see, without telling each other. If the results match they you should be able to determine which of them are speaking truthfully and wish are nutjobs. My guess? 100% nutjobs.

      this is for "Foom" 12 months ago

      why do people like you come here to make fun of other people and what they belive in? i don't go in to a church an start bad mouthing god, so why do you go online and surch "how to see auras" and write insulting comments? i know why its because you have no life what so ever.


      my post now...

      froom your right there is no bashing of any sort in what he said i believe in aura's but i also believe that a lot of people lie about this probably all of you you cant see any colors you may feel vibes but no colors. if at anytime possible to see them you would not have to train yourself to see them

    • jeix 6 years ago

      got to try this soon

    • auralearner 6 years ago

      I have done a lot of research about this and i am learning myself. ther is a lot of people claiming to see auras of one colour around the skin, usually green or blue. this, im afriad is the auric pair. try seeing auras around something bright red, it is turquoise right? so keep on trying because the next step is real auras, but at the moment you are only seeing the auric pair of your skin. don't worry that's the stage i am at right now, i have seen a bit of purple layering aswell as orange, but not properly. the trick is the keep concentrating and you will get there. if you don't, auric pairs are very interesting too.

      good hub *********

    • kaseeygurl 6 years ago

      im sorry guys but auralearner is totally right... when you see auras you see layers of different colours, not just one. im going to help you out... read this page

      ther is different levels in which you see auras,

      first is the white colour emitting of your skin

      next is the auric pair of you skin colour (as auralearner said)

      next is auras.

      (i see auras)

      this page isn't the best way of seeing auras as it doesn't tell people about auric pair colours...

    • 6 years ago

      I just started seeing them too . . one day when my dad was having someone come over and take some pics of him around a near park ( for business cards) i was standing behind the camera and saw a blue outline of my dad and it was scarey . . .i closed my eyes and all i saw was the blue ouline!

    • Hope A Believer 6 years ago

      Wow after reading this article and tried it, I went into the bathroom with the lights off and looked at myself in the mirror and saw a whitish fuzzy thing outlining my form it was scary but then I realised I was also sensing it at the same time. I also somehow think that me sensing and sort of seeing auras has to do with me being scared of the dark since I had been scared of it for awhile because I always sense something like my dog so I was so scared and when I wake up I want to see everything clearly so now I always keep a light on.

    • My aura 6 years ago

      My aura is white... not a pale hard to see white, but very clearly, very obviously white...

      What does that mean?

    • Just somebody 6 years ago

      LOL GHEY and Anon you people can't let other atleast dream? Plus give us one reason how we ruin the world, we DREAM that we can do this stuff and it works for some people. So stop and shut up, your the people who destroy other's dreams and ruin this world, people who want to be scum and just dictate the world and crush the hearts and dreams of millions, crawl back under your pity rock and feel sorry for yourselfs that you have to blame others for your mistake's in life. Grow up.

    • Just somebody 6 years ago

      I agree with you goodmaker

    • Chickora 6 years ago

      To be an atheist, one would have to know more than everyone in the world.

      Just saying..

      Other than that, reality is simply all perceptions of our own brain.

      Seriously, think about it.. quantum mechanics has basically told us that everything even matter is really a wave! Everything is energy, therefore does emit a form of glow, but our actual retinas are SO damaged that we cannot see it by staring right at it, which is why your peripheral

      Seriously, babies can sense and see auras. When a baby sees someone with a different color aura from its mom or an aura that it doesn't like they cry.. NO MATTER how much the person is smiling or making goofy faces.

      And to call something pseudoscience is down right ignorant. There are laws that this world is bound on but there are so much irregularities in science itself that its nearly impossible for any of us to say what is fact and what is false.

      Most sciences are only theories.

      I'm just saying... consciousness is what matters because its our consciousness and brains that make us see what we are seeing and living.. but who is to say that our brain is lying to us.

      All in all, there are infinite possibilities in what our world is really like and there are just somethings that science itself can't solve/explain. Humans can ask questions as much as they want, but regardless, it all boils down to that people honestly don't know shit other than what they believe is right.

      Seriously, my thing about atheist is that they are so pissed off at something they don't even think exist....

    • Chickora 6 years ago

      *which is why our peripheral is what we use when we gaze at auras.

    • Shadow 6 years ago

      Thank you Just Somebody! Some one who finally agree's with me! THANK YOU! Anon, what a dumb name. Honestly! I mean, I know my nickname isn't something you would call someone but, Anon. That sounds like a jackass name to me, oh wait, he is a jackass!

    • Shadow 6 years ago

      I don't know if Anon is a HE, but it sounds like a GUY name...

    • light 6 years ago

      I just got curious about auras and read about it. I try some exercises on it too. i can see a white line on objects and so far i can see the blue one too. I tried it on a plant, animal, and person and see nothing. I think I’ll keep on trying. But my question is: is there any bad consequence on doing this exercise (such as being more sensitive on other energies, or vibrations not fm here)? Anyway….i hopes this makes sense.

      ""Hope a Believer""" ---me too. Light on! I do not know if it is just an irrational response to my imagination but @ least i feel better when i wake up and see it on. :-)

    • *light* 6 years ago

      I just saw my cat'! blue and red and some other color that looks kind of purple - must be the mix of blue and red. anyway....i'm the same one as above-light ....if anybody wants to answer my question fm above would be nice.

    • Emma 6 years ago

      Good hub, my aura ia green, light green to be exatct.

    • Emma 6 years ago

      Ok,now my aura just turned silver.

    • dolly 6 years ago

      when i try to concentrate it hurts! my eyes ache :(

      maybe its cuz ive got bad vision since i was a kid

    • Rekei 6 years ago

      i wear glasses at a power of -4 do u think i can still see auras then?

      plzzz answer


    • KLC 6 years ago

      TOTALLY TRUE! This helped me A TON! My grandmother told me about auras, and I've been researching ever since. I can see auras, but still a beginner... Fantastic hub!!!

    • Tyler 6 years ago

      I am too a beginner, I see out lines, and sometimes colour or colours come into those lines but i cant seem to let go of my ego, and keep turning my direct attention to it. Which in my head is telling me that Im not seeing what Im seeing, but I know that I am seeing it.. But that voice in my head is trying to fight it with logic, but as soon as i tell it aloud to shhh, i can focus again.. If we could all let go of this ego then we'd have no problem in becoming who we really are..

    • believer 6 years ago

      i tried this, it didn't work yet, but im not giving up!!! i believe it will work and im not gonna listen to these idiots who don't have a clue about wat there talkin about. if u don't have anything nice to say, keep your big mouth SHUT!!!!! and quit trying to ruin this for other ppl, all cause u don't believe doesn't mean other ppl wana be like u and not believe to!!! and good luck to everyone who tries this:) i hope it works for u

    • Chloe 6 years ago

      I have been able to see auras from a young age, though I didn't know hwat they were at first. I think everybody has the power to sensre and see auras but skeptics push this idea away form themselves so much that their psychic minds have stopped believing. This is some brilliant information.

    • dirf 6 years ago

      i still don't know how to see auras can someone please teach me

    • anonomus 6 years ago

      i would like to try sensing aruras. But i would like to tell peoples futures 2

    • Yarelis 6 years ago

      This looks very usefull!:D Im 13 and im VERY intested in seeing auras,ghosts,spirits,etc. When i was around 7 i use to see colors around people and i didn't know what it meant. I tried telling my mom but she thinks i was making it up. After trying to convice some people to no availe i gave up hope and i think the power to see auras died out if possible. This guid will help me build it up again! I can also sense auras(not see them like i use to) and energy and for some reason i always feel like im being watched by someone or something.

    • NaN899188 6 years ago

      hmm... sounds intresting ill try it! but i wonder what white means cuz everybodys sayng they're seeing white

    • Nick 6 years ago

      I was just practicing (apparently i'm not very good at seeing auras, but i definaely can) and a big black circle appeared between my two index fingers, it scared the f--- outta me? anyone know why? its really creppy, i hope im not evil or something ._.

    • Pheobe 6 years ago

      i was always interested in auras

      2night when i go to bed ill practice

      HOPE I C YELLOW!!!!!!


    • Nick Again 6 years ago

      btw my aura is usually indigo

    • runner 6 years ago

      The fingers that almost touch each other ... it sort of reminds me of my physics lessons, which state that light diffraction occurs between the narrow space between our fingers...

    • Bronwyn 6 years ago

      steff it might be an orb(orbs are to do with angels btw)

      and this is not bull to people who say it is

      I love crystals and that kinda stuff, i've been told i might be an indigo child. i wanna be able to see auras and spirits, quick question can spirits hurt you?

      im gonna try this at school with my mate and this AMAZING teach(am not joking shes into this kinda stuff)

      im 11 does that matter?

    • Bronwyn again 6 years ago

      steff do you think it could be a spirit?

      i get that when i meditate, for it not to happen i have to meditate in the corner of the room. and is like it wants to hurt you or kill you? sometimes i get spirits(i think) want to hurt me and sometimes one in my room at night in the complete dark wants to kill me. sorry if this freaks people out. x

    • Hannah-Brooke 6 years ago

      I've seen aura's sense I was 6, it's heretitary... I decided to go looking to see what other people thought! Why turn off the lights..? If you're looking for them, the option to turn the lights of isn't commonly available. You can't see your own. That defeats the purpose.. If you see your own.. It changes. Most people can see them.. just no color. That picture. What on earth is that? That's not what the colors respresent... :/ 'If' you see them on others. Especially Orange and green... Green is welfare.. Orange is danger. And I hate when auras get associated with Tarot cards and palm readings or whatever. Totally different things. That's sinful. :/ But Auras can be used to know when your friends need you. :) To know when anger is building up, how people really feel, but basing everything off them isn't wise.. At all, actually. It's more like your consience. Or the Holy Spirit tapping you on the shoulder, to tell you to take notice. :) My friends, I love them.~ ^^ That's what it's for. To be there for others when others can't. Not to make money, or whatever off of. I guess you could label Auras' "Paranormal", But it's really not. And I am no where near a physic. Actually, I'm young. Morely to you. ^^

      But don't associate something as simple as Auras' with tarot cards, palm reading, physics, all that. Deuteronomy 18:9-12. With the headaches, contradictions, annoying people asking about it (I prefer to keep this to myself), lack of vision half the time, and complete frusteration that's occasionally associated with it, It's not all that special. :) Just another little gift God's given. Almost like a gift of understanding.

      If you really care to read what I have to say. :D

      Suite yourself!


    • Midna 6 years ago

      Hello, um im 14 and started seeing auras about 2 months ago. i can see them perfectly around myself and others and yesterday i looked in my mirror and i had a black aura. i don't know what it is now because im to afraid to look. but, doesn't black mean death or something? im really scared and i don't know what to do, can someone help me please? also, one of my friends has like a grayish aura, what does that mean? please help me.

    • Cj  6 years ago

      I'm 12 and this is the first time I realized thisi would always tell people to stop glowing colors they would look at me like I'm retarded good to know i'm not :D

    • 6paws2 profile image

      6paws2 6 years ago from garden grove

      i can see auras,i was born like that, sometimes it gets annoying but sometimes it is useful! ?

    • Craig 6 years ago

      The energy given off by the human body is thermodynamic and falls outside the ROY G BIV visible spectrum of the human

      you're basically saying you can see in infrared if you buy into this stuff.

    • mezzie 6 years ago

      about the black aura, it does not mean death, this is just what people assume, white is actually the colour of death it is shown all over history, grey is just deppressed, down etc

    • weird-kitty 6 years ago

      is it possible to learn how to see auras? my girlfriend sees them naturally, and has seen them ever since 2nd grade, and i really want to be able to relate, and to see.. they interest the heck out of me, and i believe everything she says-- its like a whole new perspective of life! she can feel and see my aura even when we're apart, and i'd just love to be able to see them-- is it possible to train yourself? please contact me if you have an answer please

    • Lilly 6 years ago

      Its possible to learn to see. Its very simple actually, you just have to know the way to "look" at the object to see it. I learned it yesterday and was surprised of how easy it was.

    • ... 6 years ago

      You know on step 3, well does it mean focus your gaze on the ceiling, and not on the 'bedroon wall in front of you'? because if your lying down then surely the ceiling is what you would be looking at...????

    • abi 6 years ago

      omg iv kinda been able to see them for a while kinda dull haze nd just thought it was bad eyes but iv just tried this and it workes :) i have a blue aura. im really sensitive to feel but not see i get vibes from people places and sometimes objects this is cool im going to learn to see them all the time if i can

    • Melanie Sosa 6 years ago

      i have been seeeying aura's since i was 5! XD it's awesome

      and for all you who actualy went here to hate are wasting ur time because seeying how desperatly bored you are to actualy come to a site and hate makes you look stupid

    • Nat  6 years ago

      (To all the nonbelievers and trolls up there)

      You guys need to get a life. If you don't believe in it, then why the hell did you look it up? I mean, come on. Is it that hard to pick up a book instead of flaming this amazing article?

      Backtalk all you want, Foom and the other people, but I will not care because I can see auras and you don't have half a brain to apparently.

      Great article, I tried this and my aura was yellow with a spot of green in there. :3

    • bobby 6 years ago

      i really want to learn how to see auras, but everytime i look up what the different colors mean i get different answerers. i had a friend tell me mine was blue, i guess meaning (from what i read on different sites and this) that im calm, easy going and peaceful. which i do agree with. but everytime i look up other color meanings i get different answers

    • skye 6 years ago

      As many people have already said they believe this sight is leaving out many details as of the view of auras. i have not seen auras yet for i am going to do more research. if you have any other sights that you think might help me email me at:

    • YumWaffles 6 years ago

      I see white and indigo. I've always seen auras,but didn't think much of it until several months ago. I can usually feel other people's auras. Maybe feeling is different than seeing, but I can do both. I've also had psychic experiences, like my mom.

    • Caitlyn 6 years ago

      I see the comments on here, and I see only obsession. People are curious with auras, which is great to know, we begin to understand eachother and become more connected with the earth through auras. But it seems that people are only interested in having an "ability" that not many have. It's not true to only learn this ability to feel special and seek attention, it is to feel warmth through the soul. Just keep that in mind.

    • skye 6 years ago

      ok so im not sure if im doin it right (im not seeing any colors)but ido see some clear substance around some people

    • Nate 6 years ago

      @skye What I would say you are seeing is the beginning of being able to see auras. When you do the exercise make sure that you have just enough lighting to see your hands and the wall barely. Also, keep your mind clear when doing so, if you expect it or keep looking at your hands in expectance you will not be able to execute it well.

    • curiousguy 6 years ago

      also i would like to see someones aura,

      so will know what kind of person, thus this person has

      hope this help

    • tom 6 years ago

      I heard that you lose your aura right before u die.. is that true?

    • Bakista 6 years ago

      woooo.... i cant tell my aura if its green or white or something.. all i saw is that my 2 pointer finger had streaming effect or something.. i think i need a little more practice..

    • chibi 6 years ago

      I tried this at first i thought i saw something glow but when i looked at my hands it went away i don't know if its my just my eyes being stupid or im doing it right, and i think i might of saw this kinda static line thingy when i put my pionter fingers together HELP!!

    • Bakista 6 years ago

      when i woke up this morning i tried it again.. and i saw a blue light that seems to flow over my pointer fingers for about 5 seconds. i want to see a red one..

    • terry 6 years ago

      Clackamas Walmart employees in Portland Oregon are poisoning there spouse's for life insurance money and there molesting children in the back of there store!

      There caught bragging about it in there break room and there caught on a audio recorder confessing!

      Eric Carlson is doing the molesting of children while Walmart employees hide his employment by calling him by alias's and Joan Wagar was poisoning her husband Terry for life insurance money!

      Eric Carlson's "Bro" in law enforcement provides Eric Carlson with the kids he molests and also covers up the poisoning's at the hospital!

    • skye 6 years ago

      hey again...I still can see the outline of the auras sometimes, but never can see color... does anybody else think its possible that there is another force in play when it comes to auras and stuff. like something is trying to stop us from seeing,from hearing, and feeling spirits and auras. mabe that is why some people have to struggle to see the truths of the supernatural. tell me what you think

    • Tobi 6 years ago

      My goodness, all the negative comments. I'm an active science freak (mostly physics) and I believe in seeing auras. Sure, I've had a little trouble and suffered minor bouts of self doubt, but I believe. I will see clearly soon, and this article/hub thing will certainly help.

    • Toni 6 years ago

      I can see flickering glow coming from my head and fingers. It seems to switch between white and a light blue. I was surprised this worked the first time i tried.

    • Em 6 years ago

      To the people who claim auras are puesdo science, you are wrong. There is clear scientific evidence that supports it. It is called Kirlan photography. It captures the energy in colour. This is not just spiritual crap. It is real. Scientifically proven also.

    • Tori 6 years ago

      I'm twelve and I have always been interested in this I would love to know how to do it!

    • molly xx 6 years ago

      Hi, thank you to whomever wrote the article. I am 13 and am trying tgo see auras but it just gives me a headache...

      peple who waste time writing ridiculas predujiced comments need to find something else to do in their spare time.

      thank you for all of your advice and wsh me look xxxx

      thanx x

    • phil 6 years ago

      Yo... been studying this stuff for years (since my great grandma died) never got something this useful for actually seeing what Ive been reading bout, took bout a week after reading but after that i began to see it around about 90% of peoples bodies

    • Shawn 6 years ago

      I can sense but cannot see(yet). my girlfriend is wiccan and knows all about this.

      you cannot see your own aura, but this exercise will work your eyes into seeing them.

      I have a wooden sword with a purple aura, because it has a soul. the souls name is Ura.

      I can tell you but you don't have to believe.

      DON'T HATE

    • star peep 6 years ago

      im indigo terning cristal

      and im just lerning like to day i started googling

      and this sites info dose seem to corrispond with the other site apart from some definitions of the colors of auras

      thank you for your contribution *Bless*


    • Rich 6 years ago

      Since I had a stroke at 33 years old, I have been able to see a multitude of colours around the human body. I must say that those who are sceptical about this subject need to see what I see daily. It is confusing and often more of a problem than it is a benefit.

      It is affecting my mood, and I feel a huge sense of empathy that I didn't have before.

      If this is a gift, then I will embrace it, if it is generated only by my mind, then I don't really know what to do with it.

      I guess that when it rains on a sunny day, the spectrum becomes a we are made up of mostly water, and we generate heat, it comes as no great surprise to me that it becomes visible.

      I am open to the concept, and wish to learn more, but who could teach the principle of what my mind generates???

      I could do with a little help here!


    • charity 6 years ago

      I had the ability to see auras as a child but as I've grown lost it and hadn't thought much of it. I would like to recultivate the ability and will be trying this technique thank you.

    • kayla 6 years ago

      wow! half the people on here are yelling saying this isn't true, then why waste your time and life commenting on this to not even mae a tiny bit of an impact? thought so. i believe that auras can b seen, i havnt really noticed anything, but i believ maby i can see them, hopefully i can. this is amazing! thank you!!

    • Lisa 6 years ago

      I am totally freaked out by this. That is mostly because I believe it. I always see colors on people now. I AM ONLY A CHILD!!!

    • Jessica 6 years ago

      I agree with Kayla. You people out there who don't believe in auras I AM TALKING TO YOU!!!! If you don't believe in auros than why are you at this website? The only thing that comes to mind for that is that you either have no life or are afraid of admitting you belive in it. I belive in it. and go Cleveland Browns. Woof woof woof

    • confused 6 years ago

      I don't see auras around people, but when I have a headache and close my eyes I see various colors. Sometimes red and orange, white and yellow, yellow and orange, blue and green, brown and black, but usually just red swirling around the edges. When I don't have a headache and I close my eyes I just "see" black. Any thoughts? Is this just "showing" me what my mood is?

    • Wrath Warbone profile image

      Terry Chestnutt 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

      fascinating! Thanks.

    • jessica Megan Morado III 6 years ago

      Here are some jokes:

      What di

    • Cant tell youz 5 years ago

      My mom and best friend are very spiritual people and i would like to think i am to. I can't wait to learn this thank yous SO SO much :)

    • Cassiel 5 years ago

      Aura's are one thing, I have seen and conversed with angels. Cassiel, my namesake has said that Belial is active, and the war for our souls has begun.

    • ind i go 5 years ago

      Seriously if people want to believe in something you don't why do you care. As long as it's not hurting anyone I don't see a problem. I was shown this technique from a friend and still to this day I'm not sure if it is an aura that I'm seeing who knows who is to say but it is cool none the less.

    • Cassie 5 years ago

      This is amazing! I've never seen an aura before, but my 6 year old cousin told me that she could see colours around people's heads, so I thought I'd check it out! Now I can see them too. It's a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm making sure my cousin never forgets how to see them! Thanks so much!

    • Venom 5 years ago

      WOW! it was smth that u can't see every day.....this morning i was staring at my forhead in the mirror....after some time i started seeing some green-yellow lines around my body.....i closed my eyes but for 2 more seconds i could still see them (srey for the bad english)

    • nonyaf-inbuisness 5 years ago

      I hate when retarded losers come on here and talk shit it's so stupid. If u don't believe it then why go on the frikkin site and post shit? God, get a life! Anyone that does that is nothin but a stupid hater that has nothing better to do with their life! Like someone said, I don't go to church and say how god is bogus and stupid and the priests are liars so don't do it here! People that do that shit: UR NOTHIN BUT A FRIKKIN LOSER AND A HATER AND BTW, EVERYONE HATES HATERS AND UR PROBABLY A HATER BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SEE AURAS BUT THAT DON'T MEAN U NEEDA GO HATE ON PEOPLE THAT CAN. ENVY ISN'T A GOOD COLOR ON PEOPLE SO GET A LIFE AND F- OFF

    • coco 5 years ago

      when i was little i was able to see auras for like i'm not sure how long but right after i told my friend i thought she did not believe it it was like she was acting like she believed it then tight after that i could not see them any more. it feels like i was only able to see them for 2 days but that might not be true. right n ow i'm 13 and i was like in grade 3 or 4 when i saw them so it's hard to remember. the only time i remember seeing it was the day i told my friend about it. the aura was right around my friend that i told and all i remember is a really light rainbow around the outline of her body. and then the rainbow of colours turned into a light gold-ish colour.

    • justme 5 years ago

      There is no such thing as aura, what you see is simply caused by retinal fatigue. To test it, check this page and scroll down to Afterimage.

      Don't be upset or disappointed you can't see aura, it is simply normal.

    • Claudia 5 years ago

      This is really interesting. Thank you. I'm 15 and started trying to see auras about a year ago. Once you get the hang of it, it's really easy. For beginners, try taking a bright colored book ( red or blue is easiest) and lay the book on a white surface. Train your eyes to look towards the edge but don't completely focus. Let your eyes kinda look past the edge, but still able to see it. Make sure you are concentrating and nothing is disturbing you. For a red book you should get a green aura around it. The blue book should get a yellow aura. The longer you do this, the more you will see the aura. After you ge te hang of that, practice on plants, then your dog/cat if you have one. So then when you get to people it will be a little easier. Thanks :) Oh and for the people who are leaving bad comments and don't believe, then why did you look this up in the first place? It's your opinion but if you don't believe then keep it to yourself. :)

    • Lauren 5 years ago

      This explains a lot. I don't know how long it's been going on but I just woke up and could see different colors of outlines on people. It's hard you have to concentrate, and a black/dark colored background really helps to see them. I see colored outlines on certain objects though? So far just blue and yellow(maybe gold?). On sheets of paper mostly. Anyway real helpful!!

    • Lauren 5 years ago

      This explains a lot. I don't know how long it's been going on but I just woke up and could see different colors of outlines on people. It's hard you have to concentrate, and a black/dark colored background really helps to see them. I see colored outlines on certain objects though? So far just blue and yellow(maybe gold?). On sheets of paper mostly. Anyway real helpful!!

    • hey 5 years ago

      Omg cam eacross this, i think i have been seeing auraus for like ages can't wait to atart practising

    • ... 5 years ago

      when i was high one time my dog had purple pinkish aura all around it with a sort of pattern of lines it was really thick and strong fking amazing and it was stairing at me crying

    • Tibz 5 years ago

      Well done... this was a brilliant hub and thank you. you are a very wise person and you understand a lot thank you again for the information. :)

    • Gez 5 years ago

      open your mind you closed minded wankers who have nothing better to do than rag on other peoples beliefs!!

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 5 years ago from New Zealand

      I will try this. I look at myself in the mirror and see an outline that sometimes gets a colour - usually yellow, but I haven't tried this before. Sounds good. Thanks.

    • Aljhanes 5 years ago

      There is a video how to open the chakras??

    • Zack 5 years ago

      Well, since I was little, I had been staring at my tannish walls. After a couple minutes, it would seem they werebeing covered by a blackish grayish haze. could these be auras? If anyone could explain, please e-mail me at

      Thank you.

    • God 5 years ago

      Shame on all of you who abandon reason for this nonsense. Where's your dignity?

    • ....... 5 years ago

      Hey so yesterday my bestfriend told me she could see colors around people and she didn't know what it meant and until she found out not a lot of others could see the same thing she looked it up online and found out it was an aura. Then she also told me she sees ghost. As we were walking through the library she said "look at the little boy sitting on the book shelf" I looked over and there was no one there and then she told me he was a ghost and she sees him all the time around the school. Althouh she tells me she runs from this ability because she is scared. I am really interested in auras and ghosts as well but could somebody please teach me how to see them??

    • eratic 5 years ago

      Seeing ghosts that"s awesome Ive never heard of that! I've been looking up on all this psiconics stuff I found it pretty interesting, but have been lazy and not practiced it for a while so I'm not that good but My relative said I have a purple aura. Anyway I cant help you but I know someone who might. On Youtube his channel is ShirakOmegaX he is a pro at psi and he may have some answers.

    • Get Rid Of Headaches Fast 5 years ago

      I really didn't know much about this topic until reading this hub. I have definetely learned a lot about auras. I like how you have included the diagrams. Very informative!

    • Cavemantist 5 years ago

      I always see sort of colors or particles when I unfocus my eyes, its sort of like when you stare at a bright light and it gets burned into your retina for a bit except every object in view seems to emit this and its not as bright.

      I learned I could close my eyes and if I watched for it, I could see similar colors floating around untethered, and they seem to follow my thoughts. Sometimes I just watch as they form shapes and give me ideas for things to build. Sometimes I try to move the lights myself to form shapes and parts that sort of piece themselves together.

      Does this have something to do with auras? I haven't been able to find out exactly what this is.

    • me 5 years ago

      sheesh you people who think this is stupid why are you even on here and reading it go and look at something else who cares what. oh by the way i cant wait to try this.

    • anonamyous 5 years ago

      i have just started to see auras, i can only see auras of object and my hand but its really cool.

      Great hub

    • someone 5 years ago

      i think i can see auras but im not so sure, when i look at my aura i see a specific colour, but someone i know who introcuded me to auras sees a different color.

      Am i seeing the real aura?

    • someone (said something just before) 5 years ago


      i found out i've been seeing the auric pair and the person i know has been seeing the real one.

    • Ruby 5 years ago

      this is so cool i was seeing auras when i was like 8-9 and i didn't even know they where auras! When i was in the car with my mom going somewhere i was seeing colors around people, at first i thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me and now 4-5 years later here i am looking up auras thank you so much for this it help a lot :)

    • skye 5 years ago

      Hey again. thank all of you for your help, i kinda forgot to try to see auras for like 6 months. but now im starting up again. i still kinda see auras without color, like seeing through water or glass that is kinda fogged up but i only see it sometimes. You should thank your friends who know about this stuff or are interested. Here everyone is just interested about who's dating who or who has started drinking or doing drugs (this is scaring the hell out of me cause some of my friends have already started to do drugs and shit and were only 13). Dang the world is screwed up. anyways, for all you people who don't believe in auras, were not trying to change your what you think so GET THE HELL OFF THE SITE AND STOP CRITICIZING WHAT WE KNOW OR ARE INTERESTED IN. DON'T TRY TO TELL US OTHERWISE CAUSE ITS USELESS. WE ARE BELIEVERS AND WE CHOSE TO DO SO. Now anyways, one of my older friends is really into auras and knows all about them and chakras and ghosts and everything. if you are into this stuff like I am what you should try to find friends who are also interested in the same stuff, that way you have more in common with him/her/it/them. this goes for all topics. Remember to never give up on your hopes and dreams. i never was able to see auras before but Im not giving up on trying and neither should you if you cant yet either. Everything takes practice.

      Peace out,

      Skye Berman

    • Orgoniteangel 5 years ago

      For those who wants to see aura, there is an eye exercise that you can learn at .

    • Canis Lupus 5 years ago

      Been trying to see Auras for a long time now, on-and-off, and still haven't gotten further than the bright blue outlining on my hands, and that color has always been the same, never red, yellow, green etc, just a bright blue outlining. So is "Seeing" the aura really possible? Maybe, maybe not. But I'm not known to quit on these things.

    • Lyzard 5 years ago

      IDK much about auras but some times i'll get this odd feeling. Such as when my mom gets so stressed she starts crying i'll become really stressed for no apparent reson... though maybe that doesn't mean anything and i'm over reacting. It's just that sometimes i can feel what others feel...

    • zhoriel 5 years ago

      thanz for the info i will try it...

    • Jackie :) 5 years ago

      I recently just saw my first aura :) lol it was a banana but it was still a big accomplishment for me! I have tried to see humans and animals auras but I'm just not there yet and only see a glow around there head but only flashes of colors >.

    • celestineprophecy 5 years ago

      Since i read the celestine prophecy like 10 years ago I have always wanted to read auras....but no matter how hard I try it just wont work could somebody help me please I would love to experience what you guys r experiencing..I even know how to do the magic eye..I though it would help me see auras as you need to unfocus but as of now still not workin help me please

    • Davina 5 years ago

      I enjoy reading about other people's experiences,especially with seeing auras. To all of those who have negitive comments about such, I have many of my own for just about any belief of non belief you may have. Even so, it isn't my place or right to voice them. There is nothing saying what is right or wrong, except for what you believe in your heart to be true. Now, I'll give my opinions on the subject based on what all you judge-mental people are saying. I do agree with one thing, you can either see them or you can't. However, I will also say that for those who can see them, it may be vague or faint, but still there and your mind, third eye needs to be 'trained.' Many many generations back, people didn't need to be trained. Today, some do. Why? That's simple...what are we all doing right now? Comparing to before, they had nature and nothing but intuition to keep their minds free and open. Now, we have computers, televisions, jobs, bills to pay and everything else technology has brought forth. I'm not saying anything bad about it...obviously sense I'm on a computer...but I believe that is exactly why we aren't naturally as open as our ancestors once were. I also believe there are plenty of people out there who cannot see auras. If the witch trial days were still here, people wouldn't be voicing things as much as they do, especially if it weren't true. For all of you that are meant to see auras for whatever reason(s) that may be, don't take your gift for granted. For all of you that can't, maybe you just simply need to clear your mind. If you still can't see them, maybe you aren't meant to, even so, never let someone tell you that you that knowledge, curiosity and something that you feel drawn to is wrong. And for all of you posting all of the nasty, negative comments...really? we aren't the ones 'ruining the world' or 'dreaming' or 'think we have super powers.' Let me explain something to all of you. I don't believe that I have to defend myself, but I do believe that a lot of this hatred torward something that you 'suposively' don't believe in, your awful bored to even have found this site. But understand this, we did not stone our ancestors to death, or put one of our own on a cross and watch him die. Nor did we literally let animals demolish others for having different beliefs. You have no right to attack us, just as we have no right to attack you. I don't blame any of you for what your ancestors do or the beliefs you have that I may think rediculous. And for all of you defending us with insults back, don't stoop to their level. We are much better than to be like that, and hopefully those that are posting these horrid comments will realize they are also better than to be so judge-mental again something that they simply don't understand...Or maybe, a couple of them may and they are scared of it? There are plenty of posibilities, but you all have my love and so much others that we don't need to look to the hatred, we have no room in our hearts for that. Thank you to all you that are showing support, and I wish you all the best. Blessed Be.

    • Ice 5 years ago

      those who do not believe in aura, listen up. No, im not going to go on about how your just nonbelivers, im going to say that, well, you know that electromagnetic electricity running around your body? That is what your aura is. we can see those frequencies as color fields.

    • Rin 5 years ago

      I must say this or maybe not but for those of you who do not believe in auras----why are you reading this article? I mean I must say if you do not believe in auras then why are you even reading this article. If you don't believe in auras I bet you wouldn't even have bother in reading this article but if you read this article I think maybe you or somehow in your heart you are tempted to know about auras.

    • Theo 5 years ago

      Seeing the aura is a metaphor within the brain.

      Our DNA and cells do emit light, Biophotons, but this light is not very intense or bright and cannot be seen by the human eye. Out auras are more then just light. Light is electromagnetic energy, just like the energy that cooks within microwave ovens but at a different frequency. Our brains and nervous system contain the same energy used to light a light bulb, electricity and have an electromagnetic field like electricity too. That's why MRI scans of the brain work. Our auras are electromagnetic fields and are kinda like the field around a magnet. The stronger the magnet the stronger the field. The healthier the person the more intense or brighter the aura, depending on the frequency of the field it is perceived to be a certain colour. Our brains are wired to only see a certain range of electromagnetic waves or the rainbow of colour, more do exist. If our eyes and brains did not evolve to filter out we would see more colours. Dragonfly's for example have the ability to perceive our colour range but also ultraviolet and infra-red light. Those who can see auras do not have an extra sense, it is present in all living things, but have learned to bypass or turn off the filters in our brains and attune to certain types of electromagnetic radiation or energy & is manifested in the brain through the metaphor of colour. Those who do not believe in such things or cannot notice the synchronicities that make up life may have more filters activated in their brains. Sceptics should look into quantum mechanics. Spirituality is a metaphor. Some people need facts, the facts are starting to show up in quantum mechanics.

    • john 5 years ago

      the people who say its bull they can just go get one up the ass in prison i believe it im starting to see them and just need pactist my sister can see them clearly.

      so have fun and if you meet some one who said it was bull PUT THERE LIGHTS OUT

      BY (,:

    • Tori 5 years ago

      why do I only see green and purple auras ? And I can only see them when my object is not moving and is in front of white backround.

      I have tried many ways to open my 3rd eyes. Some experts say you must clean your mind don't think of evil or dirty things otherwise your experience of seeing aura will be interrupted or intruded by hallucinations or spirits. It is like practicing magick, clear your mind when your sensitivity to spiritual things is stimulated otherwise you will attract negative energy... that's difficult to do!

      My problem is I can't be relax when practicing. All I feel is pain and anger since I have been unlucky all the time this life makes me only have negative vision of my future. My life is full of bad lucks, fear, anger, disappointment, hopelessness, and pain. I've always faced bad results whenever I felt confident when achieving something so that's why I can't be relax.

    • quinton 5 years ago

      i heard about this today from one of my teachers. hopefully,i will be able to see them. thanks and wish me luck.

    • robin 5 years ago

      Since I was around the age of 4, ive been seeing colors in the shapes of balls just floating, sometimes I now see lights when im alone... im 20 now and I realize the things im seeing are only seen by me... its really creeping me out.

    • bb-jackal 5 years ago

      Alright, I can see a flickering light outlining everything (sort of like staring at a lightbulb then moving; just without the lightbulb but in an outline of everything).. What now??? Any sort of abilities that come with this; or is it just flashy lights?

    • August 5 years ago

      I'm curious as to why people who are dissing auras are looking them up at all. You are wasting everyone's time by having them read your comment. I personally like this method of seeing the aura. It works a lot faster and is a lot more effective than all the others that I've tried. Thanks to whoever wrote this page!

    • jihad 5 years ago

      all you people saying this is bull r just angry ive been able to see colours around people all my life and ive always been good with vibes but i always would stop paying attnetion in school and wat not to look at people auraus usaully i see a clear or yellowish but sometimes other colours i tried the finger thing and i got violet/blue/indigo not sure which one the reason i searched this was because i saw my aura for the first time and it was a black a dark black and i kind of freaked i was scared so i decided to google it because id never seen black ti doenst say what black means but i think it might be ghost ? just atheory my house is haunted well i think it is and so does everyone else but i saw it then waen i looked to my right again the sidei saw the black the shades on my window werel ike moving like somebody hit them or the wind was blowing idk freaky stuff but its nice to know that im nto crazy or i need my eyes to be checked its nice to know theres nothing wrong theres something right extraa right :P

    • :) 5 years ago

      im an orange anyone else

    • Julia Schulte-Strathaus 5 years ago

      Great article! I've been seeing auras since I can remember, when I was in kindergarten, I was known as "The witch" .. so sad. Anyway, thanks for the color chart, it's very well done. Although I must say that there the color descriptions lack detail, there aren't any major mistakes, just a few parts missing. I'm studying psychology because it just interests me so much :) It's a very useful advantage if you do it correctly, I can tell you that! I don't know how many times it helped me back in school when I could tell in what my teachers were in...:P My grandmother says I'm a median, just like here, and I noticed how much easier and faster it gets to read and sense an aura close by. Besides the fact that I have ESP (extra sensory perception) reading auras is truly a fantastic gift that one can have. Oh before I forget, for all the "non-believers": STOP. Stop being so ignorant and closed minded! Everybody is different, and we need to celebrate those differences, because it is them that make us who we are. I hope that made people realize how silly it is not to accept the fact that there are electromagnetic fields surrounding everything. There are just people out there that can do more than you can. It's really ok. haha. ok. I think that's about all I wanted to say :)

    • Catherine Vickers 5 years ago

      No need for me to turn off the lights i can see it clearly

    • CiliaBarvic 5 years ago

      White????i saw white with tiny bit of black. when my concentration broke, the black lines got bigger, and the white faded away, and eventually i saw my shadow move away from me????WTF happened

    • CiliaBarvic 5 years ago

      White????i saw white with tiny bit of black. when my concentration broke, the black lines got bigger, and the white faded away, and eventually i saw my shadow move away from me????WTF happened

    • CiliaBarvic 5 years ago

      White????i saw white with tiny bit of black. when my concentration broke, the black lines got bigger, and the white faded away, and eventually i saw my shadow move away from me????WTF happened.

    • Teg 5 years ago

      Thi is really cool, i cant wait to try it out!

      Anyone got any tips?

    • morgan 5 years ago

      I can naturally see peoples auras I just didn't no the colors.

    • Nati 5 years ago

      Coool! Imma try this out! I'v always been able to sence fellings, but they rub off on i always end up with a headack or in a rilly weired mood(p.s)im 15 and peoople are always saying nthat im a freak cuz i do stuff others cant! but its nice to knoiw theire are A-lot of other people out their! This is an awsome hub!Im siericly going to try! And to thoughs who are just trying keep it up and don't give up!

    • lexie 5 years ago

      For those that don't believe one can see auras, you should really try the exercises... I did one where I stared at my forehead in the mirror (about 1 metre away) and softened my focus (so your vision is a tiny bit blurry), and it took me only about 5 minutes before I could see the white light around my head and shoulders!! It happens in your peripheral vision, but it's very clear. Now I can see some colors, including green around my fingers. I can also see the 'energy streaming' between my fingers. It's not hard, just takes a little practice. There are many exercises listed on the web if you search for it, as well as some videos on youtube.

    • shahrukh 5 years ago

      man i was actually able to see it!

      very useful information you gave on colors :Heads up

    • Andreas 5 years ago

      Sometimes things happen for a reason. When was your last time you was really in a situation with no exit and out of nowhere a though so creative and amazing pop out of the blue.

      What is higher than you is constantly observing you and your path you follow .If you are out of your path then it interferes in mean of thoughts usually. That's what's happening to those that assume what they havnt been tough is a lie...and yet they found them selfs in a page like this one. Please people if you come to a page like this one and you don't like it leave quietly no need to disturb what's so nicely blooming. Those that let there emotions affect them have no discipline on there minds ,no discipline on there minds equals to someone whose controlled by what is stronger than him.

      For the rest of the people keep living in love and happiness share your experiences and always try see the light in a cloudy day :D

    • Teg 5 years ago

      OMG! It really works, its an amazing expirience, guys!

      you have to try it!!

    • Anonymous 5 years ago

      I've been seeing spots of color randomly. Not sure if it's aura, but it's all the colors described here. I actually googled why am I seeing patches of color and this showed up.

    • Gracie 5 years ago

      This seems really interesting and i'd like to try it . I wonder if this would work for slightly depending on what people are thinking, but mostly feeling. I'm young so i would like to try this out early to have learned and be a pro. soon. I hope I am able to accomplish a great gift like this one. Although I happen to have ADHD so I have a hard time focusing. Also for any aura readers out there, how do you know you're not just imagining it? I'm sure if you have enough mind control you can trick yourself into thinking you're seeing any color you want to. I know I do. I am not trying to say it doesn't work, nor am I saying it does. I just would like to create the understanding of the learning of aura reading . Thanks and also, does anyone have any tips for me? I am a beginner so any help is much appreciated .

    • Don Winslow 5 years ago

      If there is one thing I know, it's that science doesn't have a logical explanation for everything out there. Seeing or sensing auras has nothing to do with pseudo-sciences. Auras are absolutely real. I can see them clearly with my naked eye. Skeptics are just too closed-minded to see them. They certainly have a right to their opinions. However, I can testify that what the vast majority of the posters on this thread are saying is true.

      My own aura is usually a bright green. However, lately it's been shifting to a brilliant blue. Occasionally, I'll see purple, like what I see in my wife's aura. My son's aura has been appearing green. My daughter's is usually yellow, unless she's upset about something.

      A good way to learn to see the aura is stand in front of your bathroom mirror. It helps if the wall behind you is white, so it will stand out more. Standing as close to the mirror as you would when brushing your teeth or shaving, try to focus on one central spot on your forehead. Although it may be tempting, try not to shift your focus anywhere else, even if you start to notice a white haze around your head, shoulders, or both. If you can keep your focus on your forehead for a minute or two, you might start to see the white haze as a different color. It has nothing to do with what your favorite color is, or what color clothes you're wearing. I see the same colors, regardless of the background color, or what I'm wearing.

      The more spiritually aware you are, the brighter your aura will appear. Just keep practicing. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks, or even months. Some may not see them at all. However, all of us absolutely can see them. Clairvoyance is a gift that we all have. It's partially because of that amazing pineal gland we all have that we can see auras.

      Don't let skeptics get you down with their comments. They just don't know, since they don't see them. Society tends to discredit what they don't understand. However, times are changing. We're entering an era that is far more spiritual. We just need to learn how to integrate science and spirituality, as well as trust in our intuitive gifts. We all have them. We just don't all remember we have them.

      Some of you may have come across a webpage that explains how to see auras with a two circles, one red and one blue. That particular exercise just shows an after-image, which isn't the aura. Being able to see or sense auras allows you to protect yourself. I keep my aura strong. A healthy aura absolutely has an effect on others around you. An unhealthy aura doesn't have to stay that way. I see unhealthy auras all the time. They'll often appear dark red, a muddy brown, gray, or even black.

    • Don Winslow 5 years ago

      lexie 4 weeks ago

      For those that don't believe one can see auras, you should really try the exercises... I did one where I stared at my forehead in the mirror (about 1 metre away) and softened my focus (so your vision is a tiny bit blurry), and it took me only about 5 minutes before I could see the white light around my head and shoulders!! It happens in your peripheral vision, but it's very clear. Now I can see some colors, including green around my fingers. I can also see the 'energy streaming' between my fingers. It's not hard, just takes a little practice. There are many exercises listed on the web if you search for it, as well as some videos on youtube.

      Yes!!! What Lexie wrote here is exactly what I do, as well. The one thing I do a little different is shortly after I soften my focus a bit. I will step back just a little further away from the mirror, hunching down just a bit. It's at this point that I focus directly on my aura, rather than with my peripheral vision. Sometimes, I'll see massive amounts of bright green, or blue. Occasionally, I'll see white, purple, or gold.

      Another exercise you can do is to check out your own aura in the shower or the bathtub. It helps if the tub is white, so the aura stands out more. This way, you'll see that the aura literally does cover every square inch of the human body. It's just easier to see around the head and shoulders when we're dressed. I hope this helps some who are researching auras.

    • indigoman45 5 years ago

      Are you supposed to see your aura around your shadow's head? Because I sort of did like the past few days. And I've also been able to see auras since I was one

    • indigoman45 5 years ago

      And for all of you who are pretending to see auras just don't bother. And indigo children rock. And auras do exist

    • Melody 5 years ago

      I've started to see auras, very faint colors, but mostly clear haze if I focus really hard on a person's face. I'm really interested in this stuff, and apparently I can see the dead also. Just recently, I looked at the roof of an old, empty building and saw a person agilely jumping off the platforms like a feather. I started freaking out and my friend said it was a ghost, she could tell by his aura and I was like freaking out even more, lol. I think maybe I've seen auras when I was little, since I remember weird colors staring off into space, but other than that I don't remember. Just don't forget to practice this to awaken your psychic muscle!!! Society needs this back to realize that humans aren't the highest power and so we can be a humble, wise race again.

      Anyway, have fun everyone who believes!

    • buddingpsychic 5 years ago

      So THAT'S why people are "green with envy"! It's in the aura!By the way, would people who are normal still be able to teach themselves to see auras?

    • Suke 5 years ago

      If people proves it's real then it's real, only hard to do it. Not impossible.

    • Anthony 5 years ago

      I woke up today and saw glowing golden lights flickering and moving around my field of vision (my head area) and it was weird. I did nothing out of the ordinary and was just getting out of the shower - I cannot see auras or wasn't even really aware of them up until recently but - the information for "Yellow" really explains exactly what I am going through so I guess I can indeed see auras.

    • Caitie 5 years ago

      Today, I've tried seeing aura's. I tried it on my dad and two sisters and all I see is a pale white gaze around their heads. Is that just when you're starting to learn?

    • indigoman45 5 years ago

      A few years ago I woke up seeing indigo all over me and it freaked me out. Now I'm used to it. I also see my dead dog and grandpa and two uncles. It makes me sad when I see them sometimes.

    • dennis 5 years ago

      some people would not see a priest on a mountain of sugar

    • lunakat 5 years ago

      I can't stand the negatve comments of people. leave people to believe what they want to believe. you can do that without bringing down others. For those that say its bullshit, let me ask you something. do you believe in God? if the answer is yes. where is the proof? You don't have hard scientific evidence, but you still believe, right? there is no difference by your pissy comments saying that auras are not real just because science hasn't backed it up yet. they may one day. did they have proof since creation that the world was round?that a sperm and egg create a baby? answer is no! but it doesn't mean it wasn't true, it just took some time to prove it. stop being simple minded your life will be so much more fufilling and interesting.

    • Dolphin Girl 5 years ago

      I just started seeing auras and I've picked up turqoise lights from many people. There is just one thing that concerns me. I saw my mother's aura one day and it was a pitch black halo surrounding her. What does it mean? Is my mother ok? Could she be in danger of any sort?

    • HazelEyedGarrett 4 years ago

      Im just 11,but i can see auras pretty easily. I go to church and everything it's just ive had a hunch about what ive been seeing for a while.I first noticed it (that i can remember)this year sortof going in and out of states of vision with my teacher and the "outside aura" is kinda murky brown. Ive also heard that having hazel eyes has sometihng to do with it.This is really interesting......

    • hazeleyedgarrett 4 years ago

      Actually Dolphingirl black is usually used in reference to sure you'll figure it out :D

    • DSD 4 years ago

      I've seen my aura quite I few times. Today, it's now a beautiful light torquoise colour, but it used to be a sea green. :)

    • harvey(my dogs name) 4 years ago

      i can also see auras but you can test if you can or not by having a bright pink circle and a bright blue circle next to each other with a black dot in the gap and stare at the dot for 30 seconds and you will begin to see a blue line around the pink circle and a pink line around the blue circle

    • thorts 4 years ago

      people who think this is stupid, just have no idea what they are talking about and obviously have never experience this.

    • indigoman45 4 years ago

      Every single day my aura seems a little different than before. Can someone explain this? And hazeleyedgarret, I'm also 11 and I have hazel eyes. Cool

    • dan 4 years ago

      trust your feelings. the heart never lies.

    • ETSF 4 years ago

      I actually have hazel eyes also...... ive been able to see auras since i was little, im 13 years old now and im trying to heighten my auric sense of sight.... like, my friend today was talking to me and i felt a weird feeling and the aura around her was dark blue, which im guessing it means inner fear... and was experienceing that too...... if anybody has any ideas on how to heighten auric sense tell me! ETSF.

    • mark lewis 4 years ago

      ok basically a few days ago i got bored and stared at my hand near a white wall i began to see a blue colour outlining it, i researched on the web and found out i was seeing auras i must have been born with it as i have been noticing it since i was 5, i seem to be able to see them perfectly but i have trouble when i try to stop seeing them they don't go away help am i a freak ?

    • Joy 4 years ago

      Of course we have auras. Its our energy. In the past people could never have conceived of planes, television, radio, cameras, and they thought the earth was flat. I learned how to see my aura shooting from my fingertips. Some days its strong, some days weaker. We sense the auras of others and call it "chemistry". Its not supernatural, its just nature.

    • Valorie Maya 4 years ago

      I like your article so much I'm providing a link to it in a blog post on I hope that's all right. I wanted to provide people with a good explanation of what auras are, and thought a your article would be a great addition to the blog.

    • Candace 4 years ago

      I can see aura colors on people but did not know about the two fingers facing each other. I can see it easier that way! I have a video that shows the electricity in the dark around our bodies. Electricity when we are alone and how it changes according to who is near us. This is all so intelligent. Science. Synergy and chemistry.

    • samuel 4 years ago


    • samuel 4 years ago

      i just tried what u said is it normal that when i do that with my finger i see the tip (middle joint up) of my finger again, like that part of it in front of my actiual finger?

    • Charles m. 4 years ago

      How can you know what you are?

    • aura.. 4 years ago

      wow soo cool i have notice that i have a blue one

    • Empress 4 years ago

      Retinal imprint. My pale peach-colored hand has a complementary dark blue-purple "aura", and we all know indigo children can't be 33 (although back in the 80's, when I was a kid, I heard about indigo children - now they're still children... go figure!)

    • Skye 4 years ago

      OHHH it said dark room, I haven't read the directions in a while and basically reversed what they said. i thought i was supposed to be in a bright room and look really hard at my hands... i just tried doing it like it said and i almost got it... uhh ive been trying to do it wrong for months. now ive got it down and will practice more often. thank you so much

    • samuel 4 years ago


    • 4 years ago

      Hey everyone, I've been told that this is just in my head, but when I look beyond most moving objects, or are not paying attention directly to moving vehicles or people in my periphial vision I see a dark shadow trailing almost everytin at an angle above the moving person or vehicle...some are darker than others and are longer.... Kinda hard to explain...I'll admit that I am a very logical person and think most of this is a little more than silly, but cant deny what always catches my eye....

      Any thoughts out there about this???

    • fletcher 4 years ago

      I am going to try this

    • Britt 4 years ago

      Hey I I can see thos too and I'm 13. and omg I did it I did it I can sometimes see it yayaysyay

    • Not-So-Fallen Angel 4 years ago

      Hi! I'm really interested in this, ever since my friend told me a girl in her class can see auras. I can't wait to try out your tips and maybe see an aura too! (; thanks! ?

    • Justin 4 years ago

      Hi! Thank you for this wonderful writing. :) I looked at my hands in the dark and did as you said and it revealed my aura!! :D Thank you :)

    • Not-So-Fallen Angel 4 years ago

      Hi again! I tried your technique and it worked really well! My aura is sort of pale blue and white! Thanks so much! (;

    • WolfCrow 4 years ago

      kinda tired of seein some of you people on here commenting things saying this is bull, this is stupid, or there's no such things as auras. if you don't like or believe in this stuff, y u on tis site? cuz ur bored and have no life, and have nothing better to do?

      well guess what. nobody cares about what u think hee. if you're just here to just talk crap on things other ppl enjoy, then go away. nobody wants your input if its going to be negative. we all think ur just a bunch of a-holes.

      have a nice day. =)


    • Tommy 4 years ago

      I have heard of these before...but it wasn't until tonight that I was reminded of Auras. I had never known much about it, and I don't deny something like this because I believve it is interesting. A close friend of mine tonight recalls a night we were together that she saw my Aura as white, she told me the definition..I can say in a sense it it very accurate how I have lived my entire life. That is how I stumbled across this site at such an awefull hr. of the night. If it very interesting and I really want to see what my mind and beliefs can really show me. Even if it is a vivid of everyones imagination, it sounds like a beautiful thing and I wouldn't mind experiencing it for myself.

    • Potiki Te Rangiita 4 years ago

      Hey everyone I'd like to tell you all about my FB page called "I see aura's" and was wondering if anyone was interested in jining it and discussing how to see auras and teach people who would like to know =) also I have a question.

      I can see a few levels of auras and every now and then my hands start glowing blue. I was wondering what this could mean. My friend once healed a bird back to full health using his hands when they were blue. Do you think this might be a healing case????


    • Lucky-Irish-Lady 4 years ago

      Hi, I have a question. I can see only white around people when I try to see auras, how do I see full colours? Thanks! (;

    • failed aura visionary 4 years ago

      some people are lucky, naturally seeing auras. All kids five and under can see auras, but since we teach them nothing relating to that, they lose the skill. However, our "sixth sense", weakened as it is, allows us to sense somethings about our surroundings

    • jolie 4 years ago

      i am 13 and i have always believed in witchcraft, auras, supernatural and paranormal things and i have just recently discovered that i can see is really cool, for all those people that look up a site like this and don't believe, you are idiots,why go and mess up someones belief system or religion, it may or may not be real,(i personally believe) but don't go ruining it for other people

    • Mesakh 4 years ago

      Help me please !!!

      When i try to see my thumb (in practice). It looks like haze blue electrical light joining from my thumb. Is it happen to all of you ? Actually I started 3 days ago.

    • IndiRain 4 years ago

      I have seen auras for a long time. It used to be just on people. But now I see everythings aura and energy. It's amazing. Does anyone else?

    • Tia 4 years ago

      Today I saw this boys aura when I was talking to him. He also saids that he is a vampire. o.O

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