How to Read an Aura

Updated on April 25, 2016
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After Image

Aura or After Image/Vision?

Reading auras does take practice, but it is worth the effort. Once a person learns to see the aura, they can learn a great deal about another person without even asking questions. Be careful for the after vision though. A person can accidentally see the after image rather than the aura. The after image is what you see when you stare at something for a length of time; then look away. For example, stare at your screen, now look away at a wall, what do you see? You probably see the light from your monitor, appearing perhaps as a dark box shape in your line of vision. This is an after image or vision. Do this a few times so that you are familiar with how it looks, to prevent mistakes.

Relax, Clear Your Mind

Now, to read a person’s or our own aura, you need to relax. Clear your mind. If your mind is cluttered with other thoughts such as what you are having for lunch or what your best friend is up to, you may block your ability to see auras at that time. If you are upset about anything, try to remove those thoughts from your mind. Your negative energy can reflect off someone’s aura and mute their colors. This is not affecting their aura, but your ability to see clearly.


Begin Practice

To begin practicing, you will need a white piece of paper or wall, if looking at a friend. If you are trying to see your own aura, use the paper. It is not recommended to use a white bathroom wall, looking into a mirror, for example, because the mirror can cause false auras. Place your arm on the paper, checking for shadows. If you have large shadows, increase the light, no shadows may be too much light. Natural lighting is best because it is easiest to see the auras. Fluorescent lights tend to give the skin a bit of bluish tint which could be mistaken for a blue aura.

Do Not Use a Mirror


Let's Take a Look

Now that you are set up, relax, clear your mind and see what colors show up first. They may be sharp, or blurry, depending on your eyes and lighting. If you do not see anything, allow your eyes to blur just a bit. This can relax the eyes and allow them to see the energy of the aura.

If you are still not seeing an aura, check to see if you are relaxed or if trying to see your friend’s aura, if they are relaxed. When looking at your arm over a white sheet of paper, move your arm up or down very slowly, pausing to check for any visible color.

Too Much Shadow



See how the shadow is well defined in this picture? This is not good lighting for aura viewing.

Arm in Shade


No Shadows

See how there are no obvious shadows in this picture? Nor is it too dark? This is the perfect light for aura viewing. If you look closely, you can see a bit of a blue edge around the arm of this person. The camera does not pick up a full aura, but a tiny bit of this person's blue aura was captured. This picture was taken outside, mid-day, in the shade.

Practice is Needed

When a person is nervous they can cause the energy to seize up, or tighten around the body; much like pulling a sweater in closer when you feel a chill. Getting past this tension in another person takes practice, some are able to do it, and others are not. Sometimes it can take a year or longer to see auras when just passing a person on the street, for example. The lighting around a person, when you pass them on the street, is different than when standing in front of a white wall with good lighting. Seeing auras outside of that setting can be difficult because of the energy emitting from people close to the one you are trying to read their aura and other objects. For example, you are trying to read someone’s aura and a green car passes through your line of vision, you may see the color green around the other person and mistake it for their aura. When this happens, blink your eyes and start over. Practice, do not give up. It takes time.

All photos are from Morguefile, unless otherwise stated.

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        Unagme 11 months ago

        Great Hub. Thank you for the very clear explanation on Auras.

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        If it ok I will let u know the colour, I am not sure about the lighting needed but give it a try

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        Great hub

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