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Natal Venus in the Signs and What It Means

Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.

Natal Venus shapes what we are drawn to.

Natal Venus shapes what we are drawn to.

How to Find Anyone's Venus Sign

Venus in a birth chart represents what a person loves and values. Input anyone's birth date into a free online birth-chart calculator or app to find the sign the planet Venus occupied when they were born. The birth place or time aren't necessary. The Venus sign tells much more about a person's love nature than a Sun sign alone.

You can confirm the Venus sign because a natal Venus will never be more than two zodiac signs away from the natal Sun sign.

The goddess Venus was the goddess of love, but she was also a troublemaker who could get stuck on herself. If your relationships repeatedly fall into certain patterns, consider your Venus issues before checking on the Venus of your crush. Being very honest about what type of association gives you the most pleasure, and what your goals are, will make a more compatible relationship no matter what the Venus signs are.

Here’s a guide to reading natal Venus in each of the signs.

Need Help Identifying Your Natal Venus Sign?

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Natal Venus in Aries, Taurus, or Gemini

Natal Venus in Aries

It’s hard for Venus in Aries to find a romantic match who can handle Venus in Aries’ energy and ability to focus. Several serious relationships end in messy breakups before finding the right fit. Venus in Aries is often too busy to perceive that it’s a mismatch from the first. Usually the lover is the first to complain about relationship issues, and Venus in Aries then feels bad and withdraws for a while. Maybe a long while! They do best with a partner who’s mellow and relaxed. Lady Gaga, Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Rihanna, and George Clooney all have Venus in Aries. How do you know they like you? They talk to you a lot about having "kids."

Natal Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus values comfort, status, and status symbols, and needs a like-minded partner. Venus in Taurus will cling to a relationship because of vows or money, but they also know how to save their own money and can go from poverty to wealth. Their hobby can become a second career. Best matches are another Venus in Taurus, or a Sun-sign Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, or an empathetic Sun Scorpio. Venus in Taurus people include Lana del Rey, Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Prince, Kanye West, and Princess Diana. How do you know they like you? After your first casual meeting, weeks or months later they will track you down and ask to meet one-on-one.

Natal Venus in Gemini

Adele, Elon Musk, Jennifer Lopez, Priyanka Chopra, and other Venus in Geminis need space and variety more than they need romantic relationships. But they will move heaven and earth and say anything to get what they want. Venus in Gemini scans every corner for “the one,” and when “the one” is found, Venus in Gemini steps right up. “The one” for Venus in Gemini often comes from another country or culture, and has a child, and the match might seem like an odd couple. They also won't tell you they've broken up with you. How do you know they like you? They say you are perfect except for one thing they think you should change.

Venus in Cancer, Leo, or Virgo

Natal Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer offers a wonderful home life with all details taken care of. Players aren’t right for them, and they are at their worst and very sad until they learn to stay away from them. To keep a Venus in Cancer, you must stay better-looking than Venus in Cancer is. They hold tenaciously to outdated social and political ideals. Disappointed by conflicts in friendships and relationships—as they always will be, because conflicts occur in all relationships—they can abandon the whole concept of friendship and devote themselves to pets, family, or public service. Those with Venus in Cancer include Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Ben Affleck, Angelina Jolie, and Natalie Portman. How do you know they like you? They take you to out to dine and hear music.

Natal Venus in Leo

These people want to make a sensation but deep down they’re very old-fashioned, needing lots of love and support on a daily basis. It annoys them to see partners immersed in phones and pads when they could be caring for Venus in Leo. Their friends are important and Venus in Leo entertains them lavishly and takes them to the airport. Betrayals truly shock and scar them, and they'll even the score with passive aggression. Venus in Leo’s best bets for compatibility include Venus in Cancer or Venus in Capricorn. Celebrities Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Michael Jackson, Tyler Perry, and Madonna all have Venus in Leo. How do you know they like you? They will say, “I like you.”

Natal Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo sees the red flags everywhere in a new love relationship, but ignores them if the relationship can offer sex, children, and a dual income. While charming you, they're thinking about the long-term, when they’ll be sitting pretty in a nice house stocked with food. You’re the immature one if you think Venus in Virgo cares too much about income. Clubbing and nightlife don't suit them unless they're the performers. They talk like snobs but in fact are often lonely, and a hug can stop their critical or self-critical remarks. Venus in Virgo people include Kylie Jenner, Meghan Markle, Rocco Ritchie, Kim Kardashian, and J.K. Rowling. How do you know they like you? They quietly give you their special, very meaningful, smile.

Venus in Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius

Natal Venus in Libra

A Venus in Libra seeks a well-heeled partner who will support Venus-in-Libra’s professional ambitions. While hunting for a good relationship fit, Venus in Libra will make themselves the most hypnotically attractive human on the planet, and when they find an acceptable match they will want a commitment. After the wedding, as far as Venus in Libra is concerned, that job is done, and they can concentrate on their true interests, which are money and expensive hobbies. Venus in Libra friends are great gossips and know good places to lunch. Prince Harry, Beyoncé, Lorde, Bill Clinton, and Stephen King have Venus in Libra. How do you know they like you? They keep coming around like they're obsessed.

Natal Venus in Scorpio

Bold and talented souls who buck society’s rules, Venus in Scorpio people follow their primal hungers and impulses, often secretly, and for them relationships are magic and mystery. Friends and mates must enjoy exploring the whole experience of life, both its pleasures and pains. If deeply scarred by breakups, Venus in Scorpio might be anti-marriage. When they do wrong, they'll say it was for the experience. Tiger Woods, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Charles Manson, and other Venus in Scorpios might match with Venus in Aquarius or Venus in Sagittarius. How do you know they like you? You are ensnared before you know it, and one day will realize how much the relationship worked to their benefit.

Natal Venus in Sagittarius

Human surprise packages, Venus in Sagittarians are unlike most people because as adults they will grow and change. Billie Eilish, Kendall Jenner, David Bowie, and Caitlyn Jenner, among others with Venus in Sagittarius, reach the pinnacle of celebrity in unique and unlikely ways. They tend to settle down when young and then, discovering they need a bigger platform, outgrow those first few relationships or marriages. After experimentation (because they like experiments) shedding that first marriage is like shedding a skin. For Venus in Sagittarius, love is better the second time around. If you’re looking, choose a mature, divorced Venus in Sagittarius because he or she is seeking someone to be faithful to. It’s the one experiment he or she has yet to try. How do you know they like you? They’ll pay attention to you on social media.

Venus in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces

Natal Venus in Capricorn

Romance is so scarce in Venus in Capricorn’s life that, when actually in a relationship, he or she stays quiet about anything troubling. Often in relationships with reclusive, controlling, or dysfunctional people, Venus in Capricorn tries to love them. It never works until Venus in Cap matures and understands that all he or she really wants from an adult relationship is a predictable once-a-week dinner and sex. Given a choice between working at their career or working on a relationship, this Venus placement will choose career because it's more rewarding. The Weeknd, Megan Thee Stallion, Steve Jobs, Melania Trump, and Dolly Parton have Venus in Capricorn. How do you know they like you? They will write you tiny notes and texts, make tiny jokes and tiny suggestions, and keep doing that for, like, a year.

Natal Venus in Aquarius

Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, R. Kelly, Quentin Tarantino, Chris Rock, Chloe Zhao, Ellen DeGeneres: Is this enough of a list to convince you that Venus in Aquarius value mass adoration over the adoration of just one? One person’s affection is nice, but the love they want comes from applause and acclaim. Dating will only intensify Venus in Aquarius’ basic loneliness and possibly harden their hearts. Better to have a million happy fans than one lover who’s unhappy because they can never be the whole world to Venus in Aquarius. They'll ignore people to watch cartoons. An Aries or Virgo Sun, or Venus in Aries, might be a workable match. How do you know they like you? They will say over and over, “We have so much in common!”

Natal Venus in Pisces

Venus is the goddess of love, but in a horoscope she also symbolizes the soul’s deepest desires and values. Venus in Pisces is soulful, tender-hearted, all about caring and sharing. He or she might find relationships quite rocky and painful until Venus in Pisces discovers spirituality and rearranges their life entirely. This is most likely to happen around the ages of 29, 36, or 58, as their transiting Saturns force changes in their lives. At their best, people born with Venus in Pisces leave their solitude to share their spirituality and star quality with the rest of humanity. Dr. Martin Luther King, Justin Bieber, Michelle Obama, Emma Watson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Doreen Virtue have Venus in Pisces. How do you know they like you? Their manners will be formal and respectful, and they will be well-scrubbed and wearing white because it makes them look like angels.

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