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Working for an Aries Boss: High Expectations and Great Results

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Aries are the natural-born leaders of the zodiac.

Aries are the natural-born leaders of the zodiac.

What Makes Aries Good Leaders?

Aries are born to lead. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries have a strong desire to get the ball moving. An Aries is not someone who likes to sit on the sidelines and wait. They have boundless energy to go into battle. They also have great instincts when it comes to hiring, assembling teams, and overcoming the competition.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are charged with leading a new world when systems of the past crumble. Aries are fueled by fire, flowing mental energies, and the changing of the seasons.

Aries rely on their intuition and brainpower to start things and build momentum. Aries often set things in motion—they are active leaders. With great instincts, Aries can be incredibly charismatic. Count yourself lucky if you have an experienced Aries boss because they may be one of the most successful bosses you'll ever work with.

What to Expect From an Aries Boss

  • They have no patience for naysayers. You need to be committed to them if you're on their team. An Aries boss doesn't respond well to doubt.
  • Aries are focused on success.
  • Aries bosses are brilliant at problem-solving and able to quickly defeat moving targets.
  • Fire signs are naturally competitive—Aries and Leos are especially driven toward success and power.
  • An Aries won't be an easy boss for those that desire a little more sensitivity or restraint. Aries say it like it is—they often don't have a filter.

An Aries leader will have high expectations of their team and won't hesitate to fire those who underperform. On the other hand, they are often willing to help develop new employees to reach great heights. Aries love to mentor and guide. They want to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

Leadership Qualities in Aries

  • Aries have a drive that's nearly unmatched. Aries are fueled by the desire to conquer their goals. Get ready to ignite!
  • Aries are aware of their weak points and will hire someone to take care of the responsibilities they haven't perfected. They are good delegators.
  • Aries are born into the world ready to go. They don't spend as much time in introspection as other signs might. They're constantly looking for opportunities to succeed. Aries enjoy life and don't like to be idle.
  • Aries want you to succeed. They are after more than empty, selfish gains. Aries want their team to be rewarded with success just as much as they do themselves.
  • Aries have less fear compared to other signs because the sign is new, young, and less experienced. Experience and sagacity are assets in some respects but can also slow you down—that's why the pure, unmitigated flame of an Aries can really move the needle. Aries can lead an army into battle without getting caught up in the minor details.

Potential Problems With an Aries Boss

  • Aries bosses will likely have a sharp tongue and often lack a filter. Aries can say the wrong thing and rub people the wrong way. Aries often won't be politically correct and can struggle to communicate their ideas gently.
  • An Aries boss may get burnt out if they do too much all at once. Aries are likely to get pretty restless by Friday and need the relief of the weekend. They may be inclined to leave work early.
  • Aries love to get things started, but they don't necessarily like to complete projects. A wise Aries will put someone else on the task of finishing it for them. Aries enjoy the initial rush of new ideas, but they hate getting caught up in details.
  • Aries bosses can say the wrong thing under pressure. They may blindly agree with someone without analyzing all the points of interest. An Aries can fall prey to manipulation if they're not careful.
  • Aries can be set in their ways and not necessarily connect the dots with other people, generations, or their own children. They need to constantly expand their horizons and challenge themselves so they don't fall victim to tunnel vision.
How well do Aries work with other signs?

How well do Aries work with other signs?

Team Dynamics Under Aries Leadership

Aries can get too excited about an idea and fail to realize that every group is not best suited to bring a particular idea to fruition. They may have really high expectations and ideals that are not entirely founded in reality. Nevertheless, they will try to bring about their vision, despite not having the right tools or people for the job at hand.

Aries also need to understand that some groups can't be managed to their standards—they may have to lower their expectations in order to complete the project. Aries can only handle this for a short time before needing to find new team members or starting a new group from scratch.

Aries also have several blind spots that they have to watch to make sure things don't sneak by them. They're so focused on goals, getting things started, inspiring others, and charging into battle, that they don't always take stock of all the angles.

Aries and the Warrior God Mars

Aries is a sign modeled after the warrior god Mars. Aries is about strength, courage, charisma, power, and passion. They are the movers and shakers of society. Aries aren't afraid of going into the field and taking on challenging tasks. They won't shy away from confrontation and arguments.

5 Tips for Working With an Aries Boss

  1. Come prepared—do all your homework. Be ready to take the test and ready to work. Aries want to get going and don't like to sit on the sidelines.
  2. Most Aries love to train the people around them and watch them grow. They find this fulfilling and a necessary component for the success of their vision. If you are new in town, try seeking out an Aries to mentor you.
  3. Don't lie, cheat, steal, or be sneaky around Aries. They will not respond in kind. You're likely to get fired. So push yourself to work harder and be diligent. Aries have no patience for laziness.
  4. Find common ground and common interests with your Aries boss. Listen to them and figure out how you can best contribute to their vision.
  5. Stay calm if in a confrontation. If you give off calm energy in your interactions, Aries will mirror that same energy. Aries carry a lot of karmic energy, so what you give them is what they'll give back.
Fire signs work well together because they share similar goals.

Fire signs work well together because they share similar goals.

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Aries and Other Fire Signs

Aries like working with other fire signs if they are in agreement with each other. They want fire signs on their team to be headed toward the same end goals. Generally, signs with the same element tend to work well together because they understand each other.

Aries and Other Aries

Aries could potentially butt heads with another Aries—picture two rams in the middle of a battle over a sheep. It's best if an Aries leads, so if you have multiple Aries on a team, you may want to give each of them a different leadership role that doesn't overlap too much.

It's a good idea to spread out the Aries energy, so there isn't too much fire and free will in one area. Aries energy can be balanced out by working with more laidback signs.

Aries and Leos

Leo is a similar sign to Aries. What's the difference? Aries are more of a commander, a war leader, and a strategist. An Aries is a general while a Leo is a king. Leos govern, write policy, and get their head into more administrative work. Both of these signs are dominant types. An Aries and a Leo on a team together can either work well to achieve success or turn on one another and quarrel.

Aries and Sagittariuses

An Aries often likes a Sagittarius as an employee, particularly a researcher. Aries will want Sagittariuses to use their wild energy to cast a net for success. Sagittariuses have a great deal of potential and energy. Aries appreciate Sagittariuses for their brainiac ways.

An Aries will want a Sagittarius to step up to the plate and take on more challenges. Aries will know how to guide Sagittariuses and give them the reigns, but an Aries should be careful not to be too domineering with a Sagittarius. Doing so could cost them a quick exit.

Do Aries work well with earth signs?

Do Aries work well with earth signs?

Aries and Earth Signs

Earth signs will appreciate that Aries want to get things moving, but they'll worry that an Aries is trying to do too much all at once. It is also possible that an Aries boss won't realize how much work they are giving earth signs.

Aries and Tauruses

Tauruses would make an excellent team member for Aries. A Taurus wants to organize and prove they can do things better. Tauruses can help organize the chaos Aries leave behind in their pursuit of achievement.

However, Tauruses tend to get even more blindsided than Aries. Since Taurus is the sign that follows Aries, these two act like siblings and need older signs to help them see more of the field. Aries and Tauruses are both signs that symbolize youth, boundless energy, and excitement.

Aries and Virgos

Aries will find Virgos mysterious and confusing, but they'll appreciate their work ethic, logic, and perfectionism. In fact, an Aries would pay good money to get a Virgo on their team. Virgos' diligence is appealing to Aries.

Aries and Capricorns

Capricorns are often the kind of sturdy, stable, and reliable people that Aries need on their team. Capricorns have a maturity that will be prized by an Aries boss. However, Capricorns will need to work hard and avoid their hibernation-like tendencies to best work with an Aries.

Water signs can help balance Aries' fire.

Water signs can help balance Aries' fire.

Aries and Water Signs

Water and fire make steam. Therefore, water signs may find it challenging to work for an Aries. However, when things go right, the two signs can balance one another.

Aries and Cancers

Cancers are emotional. If there is constant change under Aries leadership, they may feel too much pressure. A Cancer will worry that their concerns and opinions are not taken seriously. Cancers work better on a team that promotes collaboration over competition. If an Aries makes things too competitive, a Cancer may quit and look for a job they find more reasonable.

Aries and Scorpios

Scorpios are up for some competition—they can work exceedingly well with an Aries, as long as the Aries shows loyalty to their employees and isn't just using them for personal gain. Scorpios work hard and are driven by success, much like Aries.

Scorpio is also ruled by Mars, so they understand each other. Where Aries want to lead and get things started, Scorpios want to finish off the battle. In worst-case scenarios, Aries and Scorpios may become immortal enemies.

Aries and Pisces

Pisces offer something to Aries unlike any of the other signs. An Aries will prize a Pisces for their wisdom, understanding, empathy, and hope. Pisces will need to be stationed in a special spot in the office. They're not meant for competition and gains, but rather for counsel. Aries need someone who has eyes for what they lack. They need Pisces for priceless guidance. An Aries will have far better operations with a Pisces companion.

While Aries need people they trust with earth and water qualities, they can quickly become annoyed with their tendency to move slower. A Pisces can be one of the best water signs for an Aries to work with because they fall near each other in the zodiac cycle.

Do air signs work well with an Aries boss?

Do air signs work well with an Aries boss?

Aries and Air Signs

Air signs are naturally compatible with fire signs. Fire needs oxygen to grow. So fire and air working together can be a great combination, fueling one another toward wider success.

Aries and Geminis

Geminis may elude Aries, but a Gemini's brainpower will be prized. Aries love smart people. Aries rules the head, but they're better known for associations with desire and free will. Aries want intelligent people around them to get things moving. Aries may want to keep Geminis in a specialized position that wouldn't fit others as well.

Aries and Libras

Libras may confuse Aries. They'll want to put a Libra in a position that's good for them, perhaps social—a harmonizer, a sounding board, a connector of sorts. An Aries wouldn't (and shouldn't) put a Libra directly into battle or on the frontlines. Libras should be used to assist others, to be a friend, and to create a positive workplace environment.

Aries and Aquariuses

Finally, Aries search high and low for an Aquarius brain. An Aquarius can help manifest an Aries' vision beyond their wildest dreams. The stars will align for an Aries if they work with an enigmatic Aquarius.

This will be a highly protected and utilized person in a team assembled by an Aries. An Aquarius will be one of their highest and most prized soldiers, thinkers, friends, advocates, and disciples. Aquariuses also love Aries because they help their extraordinary fancies manifest in the material realm. Aries and Aquariuses make a dynamite pair.

An Aquarius can help an Aries rise to higher heights than previously thought. Aries will also appreciate Aquarian intelligence and imagination. Another reason that these two signs work well together is that they're both more of leaders than managers.

Aries Correspondences Explained

Each sign has a number of correspondences and associations—from numerology to elements of nature. Find out more about Aries in the table below.



Being the first of the zodiac, this is someone who wants to spring into action and get things started. They may be confrontational or argumentative but have boundless energy and potential.


March 20–April 19

Born in spring when everything shifts from the cold to blossoming flora, Aries brings color and excitement into the world.


Beginning of Spring

Aries is all about initiation—a fresh canvas, youth, finding the new, and taking charge.



The most noticeable thing about the ram is the horns on its head. The Aries is all about energy in the head, intelligence, and maintaining powerful mental energy.



Fire is about free will, passion, desire, wild energy, spontaneousness, life, warmth, courage, strength, and power.

House of Cards


The clubs are the house that signifies free will. Clubs are about accomplishing goals and tasks, taking on new paths, and self-development.

Ruling Planet


Mars is the god of war and the guardian of agriculture.

Represented in the Body

The Head

With Aries energy comes all kinds of strange mental energies. This is a sign to watch for migraines, head trauma, dreams, neurodegnerative diseases, and mental fortitude.



Cardinal signs represent the will for new beginnings and initiating energy. They involve themselves directly with the external world and take direct action based on their inner impulses. Cardinal qualities are prominent in individuals that are the initiators and the project starters.

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