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Working for a Sagittarius Boss: It's Going to Be a Bumpy Ride

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A Sagittarius Manager Can Be Wild, Chaotic, Spontaneous, and Slovenly

A Sagittarius boss tends to drive people crazy. This is someone who, on the surface, seems competent. However, as you get to know them, you realize they're struggling to survive in the management world—especially if it's a competitive environment.

A Sagittarius leader does well with a small group of employees in an industry that has something fun to it. Sagittarius is terrible at clerical work, boring administrative tasks, and jobs that are the same day in, day out.

This boss doesn't want you to know that they secretly think they are in the wrong job. Your Sagittarius boss might be smart enough and capable enough to prevent you from recognizing that their work performance leaves much to be desired.

Why Does Sagittarius Fail to Lead in Competitive Environments?

A few reasons, actually.

  1. They tend to be full of themselves and don't realize their blind spots.
  2. They can be really tacky and say things in the workplace that they really shouldn't.
  3. A Sagittarius person acts on spontaneity. They're wild, and long-term visions and commitments often elude them. It's difficult to keep a ship on track if you keep changing plans or don't know your ending destination very well.
  4. They like to start projects but don't really know how to finish them.
  5. They have their own made-up rules, which are often based on nothing.
  6. They think they're hot stuff and will try performing parts of your job to impress you. Of course, they don't do your job as well as you.
  7. They're too relaxed about the wrong things. They're meant to be playful, not serious and sterile.
  8. A Sagittarius may have fire and passion, but they are often too random for most business management roles. The Sagittarius leader lacks diligence.
  9. Sagittarius can get lost in conflictual situations too easily.
  10. They have a tendency to flare up out of the blue.
  11. They give their employees too much freedom and can get taken advantage of too easily.

Sagittarius Bosses Can Be Unpredictable

I've had my fair share of Sagittarius bosses. They're not the worst, but they're not a great situation either. You'll have to lead them to water, so to speak. You'll also have to lead them to the smoke. This is because they get distracted easily and can be all over the place at times. They also don't necessarily understand the employees that work for them.

Ways to Manage Your Manager

  • Keep notes on the Sagittarius boss.
  • Save all emails that they write and keep a library of them.
  • Note exactly what they want and remember it well.
  • Communicate and be straightforward. They sometimes forget what they have assigned you.

This is the kind of boss who doesn't entirely understand conflict. If someone is creating a problem or part of a problem, they don't really know how to disrupt it and get things back on track. Sagittarius will use their spontaneity to solve problems, but this can be messy and not necessarily get to the root of the problem. They can fix things, but they don't troubleshoot problems well.

I had one interview with a Sagittarius, and she took me to lunch. Her car was a total meltdown of a mess, covered with fast food wrappers, papers, and leaves—just total disorganization. Her office was also a mess and had papers scattered everywhere. Honestly though, there was a lot that I liked about her. As a boss, she was hard to read and it was difficult to get inside her head to figure out her thoughts. She was also unpredictable. For example, she would bring strange objects into her office for people to play with. She also got tired of having just one office, so she decided to get more offices in the building. When one of her top employees retired, she got them a gift—a bag of old candy. Who gives away a bag of old candy? A Sagittarius boss, that's who.

Sagittarius individuals can be kind of tacky, slightly all over the place, and kind of consumed with themselves. I often wondered what this boss was doing with her time. Unfortunately, she was easily manipulated by people she liked too much—including a person she obviously had a crush on. She would spend way too much time talking to this person because she enjoyed his company. Sadly, she did not put together that this individual enjoyed talking to her to distract from getting actual work done. This Sagittarius boss was all too easy to blind side.

Sagittarius isn't really meant for management. They make great professors, they can make interesting employees, and they do make for fascinating people. They often have something interesting to say, and most often they like to say it to themselves. Unfortunately, the Sagittarius has a tendency to pick certain least favorites. As a result, when they find themselves in a management role, they like to have a punching bag in the office.

One thing to look out for if you do have a Sagittarius boss is whether their usual humor and antics are muted—this could mean they are in crisis. For example, this behavior could mean they have to make some really tough decisions, such as layoffs. If a Sagittarius boss seems unhappy or unlike themselves, this could signal disaster.

Sagittarius and Office Dynamics

They Can Struggle With Leadership

Working for a Sagittarius means that at times you have to go the extra mile and be your own manager. Sometimes Sagittarius actually manages to come up with a good plan for you, while other times they can't be found. Sagittarius is intelligent but gets sidetracked easily. They're not really sure how to evaluate the team they have.

They Are Often Behind in Their Work

They can get behind on employment evaluations. For example, they might try to catch up with one year's evaluations in the next year when things are not necessarily valid anymore. They may pull an employee to the side to talk about something that the employee might not even really remember because it happened two months ago.

They Can Keep Their Co-Workers Guessing

Sagittarius keeps people on their toes. That can be a good thing, but sometimes it begs the question: why? Why do I need to be on my toes? Sagittarius can also, at times, be defensive. If you start critiquing their employees or work, they may stand up for them, but not necessarily because things were wrong or right. Rather, they might defend their employees because their job performance could be seen as a reflection of Sagittarius's skill as a boss.

They Are Sometimes Unprofessional

The hunter is too into himself and may not see the danger in it. He may send out a four-page document professing his love for someone in the office along with a history of photos. He might not realize professing his love in such a way is inappropriate, and his subordinates might read it and find it hilarious. They may also forward said email to outside employees. You see, the rambunctiousness and craziness of the Sagittarius knows no bounds. They can set themselves up for what others would easily see as embarrassment. Sagittarius is just a little too into their own world and not quite in reality. This makes sense as Sagittarius is the sign with the most holidays of the year. They're addicted to parties, fun, and excitement. They splurge, they make too much money, and they can't fully grasp consequences.

Their Intuition Can Lead to Success

All that to say a Sagittarius can be highly successful because they have the ability to follow their own wild intuition. They're willing to take risks that others are not. They're smart because they don't want to be like everyone else, so they see opportunities most do not. They can also handle those weird opportunities better than others because of their experiences in doing so.

Is My Boss Connected to Reality?

Sagittarius is immune from reality in some ways. They don't entirely see the consequences of their actions or of certain situations. What does this look like?

  • Sagittarius may really worry in the moment when they have to fire or lay off someone, but they can turn on a dime right after that. They really believe you'll land on your feet, and that there isn't long-term pain from losing a job. They don't understand in full how bad it is to lose a job and search for a new one.
  • They sometimes believe the end justifies the means. This is dangerous thinking. They may let a lot slide, or they may not fully understand the negatives of the journey that brought them to their victory. Trouble or pain for the sake of victory often isn't ethical.
  • Sagittarius may not recognize that celebrating an award that was won for something serious or grim defeats sincerity. They may post awards on social media that were awarded for tough circumstances (e.g. a news station covering a horrific natural disaster) and be oblivious to the fact that no one cares about their award as much as they care about the lives lost.
  • They may find some pain a little bit exciting. They may actually enjoy harassing an employee for their weaknesses.
  • They find it fun to get bad reactions out of you and will sometimes do impish things (e.g. pranks).
A Sagittarius boss can drive you crazy, but there are ways to be successful.

A Sagittarius boss can drive you crazy, but there are ways to be successful.

Surviving a Sagittarius Boss

If you're struggling with a Sagittarius boss, here are some tips to help you put your best foot forward.

  1. Ride with their insanity and not against it. A Sagittarius doesn't really like to be critiqued. They still want to be enjoyed. They like someone who can handle variety, spontaneity, and a little bit of humor. They want to create a fun atmosphere, so it is wise to go along with their little antics as long as no one is getting hurt and no harassment is taking place.
  2. Be direct. You can be up front with a Sagittarius and have a little bit of back and forth. They don't expect you to be a yes-man, so this is a good thing. Of course, don't take it too far. Make sure you prioritize their demands and carry those out. If you consistently show you can follow their demands, you have more room to argue about things you think are unrealistic.
  3. Be professional. Even if your boss occasionally runs in late, comes to work like a slob, or is disorganized, that's no reason for you to slack on responsibilities and yourself. Continue to make sure you get to work on time, dress up for the job, and get to work. Everyone is watching you, not just the boss. Workplace reputations get built fast.
  4. Refuse to participate in drama. Do not throw fuel on Sagittarius flames. Keep your conversations pleasant. Don't say bad stuff about people, and don't say bad stuff about your boss in the office. Also, don't try to distract your boss and get into unnecessary antics. Avoid initiating nonsense because the Sagittarius may take it as bait.
  5. Stay calm, cool, and collected. It's good if they can't get a rise out of you. They'll respect people who carry themselves well.
  6. Stay focused. Sagittarius is random, and it can be hard to know where their alliances lie. Act as though your job is never 100% safe. Keep your wits about you and look for every opportunity to do well.
  7. Take initiative. Offer to help organize when necessary. Try to fill gaps in your work location. Sagittarius expects people to do multiple jobs. It's because of their wild and spontaneous nature. No, you probably won't get a raise for taking on more work . . . just job security.
  8. Think ahead. Take time to really think and get ahead of the curve. Sagittarius prizes people for intelligence.
  9. Take ownership when you make a mistake. This isn't really someone who holds a grudge. They have a lot of opinions and are gossipy, but they're not the grudge type. They will forgive you if you show you deserve it and are earnest.
  10. Find common ground. Know their interests and find things you both like. Sagittarius can't help but get excited when people have similar interests.

How Different Zodiac Signs Perceive the Sagittarius Boss

Zodiac SignPerceiving the BossCompatibility (Out of 5 Stars)


Good God. I thought Leo was annoying, but at least Leo would make sense! Sagittarius doesn't have enough fire in their belly to get stuff started or done. This goofball is the weakest flame and shouldn't be a manager but a jester.



I can't imagine a worse boss for me. I am far better at managing resources and delegating roles. Sagittarius isn't sincere enough.



Sagittarius is kind of fun. I don't really mind because I'm smarter than them, and I can get on their level. Just as long as they give me space to think and reflect. The Sagittarius boss is fun to mimic.



I am moody, and a boss who is constantly changing her mind and disrupting the flow makes me want to scream.



Why would a Sagittarius be in charge when a Leo could be in charge? It amuses me to watch this trainwreck. I'm mostly just going to take over their job for them.



I don't care who is my boss. I'm going to get my job done. Just don't annoy me with all your randomness and pointless side conversations.



Thank god I'm not the boss. I can't make a decision. This boss is too out there for me, but I'll get by.



Sagittarius isn't serious enough and they're too into themselves. I'm tired of the jokes. I just want to get my job done. At least they're friendly. They're not hard or difficult as a boss.



Oh, this person seems like fun. Let's try to get them to play instead of work!



I was born to do the work that Sagittarius wouldn't do. I can understand them on some level, but I'd rather someone more reliable and consistent be the boss.



I can make this work . . . though that might be a delusion.



My wisdom wants to slay the Sagittarius boss. I am a far superior and kinder leader. This Sagittarius is one thing: tacky.


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