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What to Be Aware of When Your Boss Is a Libra

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Libras don't make for the best bosses.

Libras don't make for the best bosses.

Libras Make for Mediocre to Poor Bosses

Libras are great as teammates, friends, counselors, and freelance artists, and they thrive in roles that are generally carefree. However, in my personal opinion, Libras don't make for great bosses.

Common Libra Traits

  • Indecision
  • Flakiness
  • Procrastination
  • Poor resource management
  • Passive-aggression
  • Gossip

A Libra might be one of the worst bosses you could have. This depends, of course, on what industry you work in and your own zodiac sign.

Because Libra struggles to make decisions, they can be passive-aggressive. One moment they could be acting like things are okay and that you're on track. Then the next moment they could be putting you on a performance improvement plan (PIP), firing you, or filing a lawsuit against you.

This sign isn't really meant to take care of a team. So when they get promoted, they often don't know what to do about people. They want to like everybody! They want everybody to like them, and they want to be friends with everyone. They care a lot about being nice, playing fair, and taking people's feelings and thoughts into consideration. A Libra who doesn't care about these things, though, could actually be an even worse boss than other Libras—because now all they care about is themselves. A selfish Libra is one who cannot direct whatsoever.

In sum, Libra is better as a star employee than as your boss.

Why Might Libras Struggle as Bosses?

Libra has one of the weirdest personalities for the role of a leader or boss. Fire and air signs—Libra is an air sign—are generally more likely to be self-starters, and they have more leadership flare to them. Earth and water signs are more manager signs as they're good at allocating and handling resources. Fire and air signs often start projects, while earth and air signs often finish projects.

The problem with Libra is that they are the biggest procrastinators. Even though leadership is in their cards, they just don't really get it. While other signs like Aries and Leo are known for their abilities to command and lead, Libra is meant to harmonize, judge, and bring balance. Leadership just doesn't come as naturally to them.

Behaviors That Signal a Malfunctioning Libra in the Workplace

Arriving to work unprepared

Oblivious of other employees


Overly talkative






Picks favorites

Poor manners

Temper tantrums


Lying to get their way

Poor communication

Easily threatened


Impulsive decision-making

Passive-Aggressive Bosses Don't Know What They're Doing

For an employee, there is nothing worse than a Libra boss who is new to their job. You will need to gain this person's favor and fast. If they think they can trust you, they'll lean on you. Libra mostly ends up picking favorites that can help them look good at their job, while ostracizing those they think won't make them look good at their job. If you have a Libra supervisor with a boss above them, expect that they'll complain to that boss about you if you do anything wrong.

The Libra boss often doesn't know how to work with people. Their personality type is designed to be a cheerleader, a friend, and to avoid any kind of conflict. The Libra is meant to find justice and peace and balance them out on scales. The Libra isn't a decisive type, which is what makes them a challenge to deal with as a worker.

Libras do not know interpersonal dynamics well enough to know how to foster growth in the workplace. They want to accept people as they are and might struggle to support an employee in identifying where they can further improve. A boss position stretches the Libra into a role that doesn't ordinarily fit them.

Libras can make for great teachers. They'll still struggle with managing their resources, but they know how to operate better with children than adults. Libras are like lost puppies when it comes to management. A Libra really shouldn't stay in one of these positions for too long because they can harm the lives of their employees and the company.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Libra Boss

I had one really bad Libra boss, and it's hard for me to forget that experience. I would be a little cautious now if I found out I had a manager who was a Libra. But not all Libras are bad bosses.

Libra Is Meant for Harmony—Not Decision Making

People can function in ways that align with their Zodiac sign or in ways that are the reverse of it. Libras in reverse are pretty chaotic. Since Libra is designed to be fair, balanced, and in harmony with others, the reverse of it isn't pretty.

Libra is meant to be the harmony not the melody, which is why they don't lead very well. Libras work to balance what is around them and not to make direct decisions. Libras can judge what is already a reality—they like to be in a position where they can judge and gossip about the way things are, rather than being responsible for updating or improving them. Like a judge—who basically is charged with reviewing what the executive and legislative branch put before them—Libras are well suited to interpret, to have a lack of bias, and to see things as they are.

Libras also don't do well with conflict and can get really worked up in conflictual situations, which can result in adverse reactions. They want the world to be at peace, so dealing with conflict and having to recognize that the world is imperfect is kind of hard for them.

Libras make for excellent players, not great coaches. If you are a Libra, I recommend looking for career tracks and positions where you don't get into management. You might find the promotion and extra money with it appealing, but you might be cornering yourself. You might not be aware how much you can actually hurt the employees around you when you focus on the ones you favor and blind yourself from realizing how harmful you are to the ones you ignore.

Libras Are Often Afraid of Conflict

Libras will push out people they find bring conflict. Instead of resolving the issues or seeing them as necessary growth points, they see the conflict as a red flag. They want to remove the red flags as soon as possible, which means they often make fear-based decisions to get rid of employees who may just be experiencing or needing growth. This isn't a good situation, and you'll see high turnover under a Libra boss. They don't know how to train and grow a new employee, so they'll keep getting new employees in hopes that they'll find someone they really like. Libras don't understand that people are more adaptable and capable than they realize. Libras want to harmonize, they accept things as they are, and they remove things that bring disharmony and conflict.

Libras will only go so far into a conflict before they abandon you. They surround themselves with high performers, so if you are a high performer with a great reputation, you might get along with the Libra. Unfortunately though, they don't know what to do with people who don't fit into their worldview.

Libra sincerely means well, and they often think are doing well. They don't realize their own blind spots and struggle to use their introspection to see things with a more balanced understanding.

Libra bosses want to be fair and balanced. They strive to be eglitarian.

Libra bosses want to be fair and balanced. They strive to be eglitarian.

What to Do If Your Boss Is a Libra

Do what you can to strengthen your work performance and reputation. They'll have a harder time firing someone who has a good reputation. That said, they might get jealous of you if your reputation is better than theirs—Libras can be petty and jealous. You should trust them within reason.

Libras also like to gossip, and I suggest being careful about what complaints you make to your Libra boss. You could get someone fired.

Libras—even though they can be really nice—can also be really mean. They don't do well in stressful situations, even though they sometimes think they do. Libras also make impulsive decisions. What they really need out of employees are people who are reliable, sturdy, safe, secure, hard-working, and kind of normal.

Compatibility With Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Even though air signs thrive on being weird, they don't really know how to boss around people who are weird and trendy. Libras do better with employees who have earth signs. For example, Libras understand Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorns and what they bring to the table. Alternatively, these signs can manage what Libra might accidentally overlook.

Compatibility With Other Air Signs (Gemini and Aquarius)

Depending on the industry, Libra will either treasure the intelligence of Gemini and Aquarius or find it doesn't make sense in the workplace. While these signs often have great friendships with Libra, working for one is not always as great. In the workplace, Gemini and Aquarius are known for being communicators who take up a lot of time. This can be overwhelming or distracting for the Libra as this may be too much communication for them to handle. Ultimately, Libra wants employees who steady the ship, not make their job more difficult. If your Libra boss appears to be getting frustrated by your communication or jealous of your intelligence, you could be in a bad situation and may want to keep your ears open for another position.

Compatibility With Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are going to have varied reactions to the Libra boss. Scorpios have a mixed response toward Libra bosses. Scorpio is a better natural boss than Libra and may think the Libra is doing an incompetent job. This could lead them to stab the boss in the back. On the other hand, Scorpio may like and support a Libra boss and give them the loyalty that Libra so craves.

Cancer and Libra do not mix as Cancer's moodiness combined with Libra's indecision could spell disaster.

Pisces would actually be a great employee for a Libra, even though Pisces would also make for a better boss. Pisces is wise, they understand the other signs, they know when to sacrifice, and they know what it means to grow. Libra isn't really known for sacrifice, but they'd love to have a worker who is seen as wise and ready to sacrifice.

Compatibility With Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will likely impress the Libra . . . to an extent. The Libra wants people who are competitive, agile, and bent on success. However, Libra may get unnecessarily competitive with Aries and Leo in a workplace.

Sagittarius is another sign that could be a distraction for the Libra as they too could easily get lost in conversations about other employees. Ultimately, Libra can do well with employees who have fire signs as long as they naturally pick up the slack.

In general, Libra kind of just wants you to intuitively understand your direction, your place, and your job. Libra wants capable employees who are perfect and who won't rely on their boss for personal growth in the workplace. Libra likes managing firm and surefooted people, rather than complex people who might have more questions and needs.

Libra Personality Profile



September 23 through October 22


Early Fall







Ruled by


Represented by


House of Cards



Pink and Blue

Motivated by

The Mind, Intelligence, Communication


Friendly, fair, social, creative, whimsical, harmonizer, daydreamer, caring, compassionate, diverse


Indecision, passive-aggression, gossipy, impulsive, procrastination, blissfully unaware, bitter tongue, messy, slob

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