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Working for a Scorpio Boss: Tread Lightly

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Smart idea: aligning with your Scorpio boss and showing loyalty. Bad idea: talking behind their back.

Smart idea: aligning with your Scorpio boss and showing loyalty. Bad idea: talking behind their back.

Working for the Psychic Vampire

So, you're working at a new job and you think your boss is great. She's sharp, keeps to herself, and seems to be handling things with grace, when BAM—you're called into her office and she's handing you your ass. She's focused on something you did, and she has magnified it to the full potential of how it could cause harm for the entire company. Then she starts calling anyone slightly connected to the situation and reprimands them, while also making sure they're all now spies to keep a steady eye on you.

Scorpio bosses are shrewd survivors. They're also in a position that could be a violent act against themselves—leading others. Scorpios have problems with becoming too possessive, having way too high of expectations, and also being the zodiac house most likely to commit psychic attacks. You want to be on the good side of your boss—they are the ones who send you the paychecks. But sometimes the operations of your workplace and its conditions are all a recipe for disaster. I can tell anyone reading this that you want to be on the good side of Scorpio, but certain perfect storms are inevitable.

Once Scorpio has decided you are the enemy and on their bad list of employees, it will be difficult to win their allegiance again. What's also worse? Others in your office may know deep down that you are a star employee, and they may try to attract you to their own devices—which includes a faction that's working against the Scorpio.

Scorpios are best as leaders when they can trust their employees and can lead with peace and tranquility. These are not skills inherently easy for a Scorpio to master. The Scorpio is better at giving employees wounds, threatening them with firing them, while also inversely protecting them from disaster. Scorpio will target the worst parts of their employee and slash open those parts, leaving employees hurt and very, very confused.

Why did this happen? Was it really a mistake worth that much punishment? Was it really a mistake that needed to have lasting damage and consequences from the leader?

Scorpios are driven by success. They will make decisions that they feel will create the most success. Do not oppose this.

Scorpios are driven by success. They will make decisions that they feel will create the most success. Do not oppose this.

Beware the Ego of Scorpio

In a Scorpio's mind, yes. But it's not really the perfect parts of Scorpio that we're talking about: we're talking about the ego. And with any boss, if you spend time with them, you'll likely come to face their ego.

What's difficult as an employee is directly talking to your boss about what isn't working. What would help in several business situations is for employers to have open candor from their employees, but in all honesty, most employers can't hear where they are wrong. Their egos are not healthy, and employees can't put out their employers' ego fires. So the best that most employees can do is learn how to dance with those fires, to not get burned up in the furnace.

You can also trade in your sorrows and quit your job for a new job or go freelance.

With Scorpio, know that you can't run, you can't hide, and you can't lie to get your way out of things. You're dealing with someone who is a master of the mind and how people work. They see all the terrible constantly and every human emotion. They can pinpoint with precision a person's motivation. However, Scorpio isn't aware of its blind spots, partly because it's ego is so bad due to frequently getting things right. This means when Scorpio is actually wrong, when it is actually human and imperfect, it can be fierce. Scorpio is not a God among us, but since it has this misconception, miscommunication with its peers, lovers, employees, and children will be rampant.

As an employee, you want the money to take care of your expenses. First and foremost, your health is most important. It goes without saying that if your health is bad, you can't work. Also, you'll die. So instead of falling deep into the abyss of a Scorpio psychic attack, put healing first. Use your weekends and free time wisely to eat right, sleep well, spend time with friends. Build positivity around you. No boss honestly owns you. A Scorpio wants to own that which it finds successful and prosperous—failure to a Scorpio will ruin it, and also ruin its company. So a Scorpio will throw you out on your ass once it thinks you could diminish its goals. It can be cold hearted for this reason—but what Scorpio desperately needs to know is that they're working with humans who are imperfect, who are going to fall short, and that it is inevitable that people will fall short. You can't manage out every possible imperfection, no matter how much flexibility you offer. In order to move forward in life, you have to accept that there are glitches in this reality.

So if you're working for a Scorpio, don't play games with their temper. Your boss is a trained warrior and knows how to attack you in a way that gives you lasting personal wounds. Don't think for a moment that Scorpio doesn't know what it's doing. This isn't an innocent person, they know why they're picking up certain tools to carve their management style.

Top 10 Guidelines for Working With a Scorpio Boss

  1. Don't poke and pry into the Scorpio's life. Tread lightly and respectfully. If your boss wants to open up to you, accept it. But Scorpio doesn't want to let just anyone in—nor is this necessarily professional.
  2. Apologize and concede fault. A Scorpio doesn't buy excuses, so apologize sincerely, and this will help a Scorpio to resolve it's insanity faster than trying to pigeon your way out of something. Scorpio itself needs to learn the value of forgiveness in itself, so they do in a weird way find apologies charming and can learn from them. They can also weirdly get addicted to hearing people apologize, this doesn't mean you should drag out apologies and try to appeal to their ego. Keep it simple. Say exactly why you're sorry. Then give them space.
  3. Scorpios don't forget. They hold grudges. You don't need to remind them constantly about a fault. Use time to help rebuild your integrity.
  4. Don't try to bribe or coax them. They can see what you're doing. But, if you have good baking skills, wait a few weeks (maybe even a month) and then bring some cookies to work. It needs to be enough time that your faulty deed isn't in the limelight anymore.
  5. Scorpios want loyalty. So if they see you fraternizing with the enemy, you are quickly going to find yourself on the bad list.
  6. Don't try to manipulate or coerce the Scorpio. They know what you are doing, and they won't be amused.
  7. Do not let your employer be a psychic vampire. They do not have your permission. Do not let your job be your pride and joy. This is how a psychic vampire can get to you. You need to see your job as one simple thing: your source of income. Your dreams are how your going to change the world for the better, maybe put a dent in cancer or something—the job is only a mean to this, so don't get too upset if the current place you are working has misgivings. Don't wear your pride on your shoulder. You need to practice equanimity. The way to prevent a Scorpio boss from getting to you is practicing and living and breathing every moment with equanimity.
  8. Do not add extra noise to your boss' world. They need to focus on their job, so don't be going into their office to talk about randomness.
  9. For the love of God, DO NOT FLIRT WITH A SCORPIO BOSS. This game of fun will end with you being hurt, destroyed, or humiliated.
  10. Scorpios like talented workers who consistently outperform other potential candidates. Scorpio wants you to be top of the line. If you're not, Scorpio will move you to another shift that no one wants, you'll be replaced, you'll be reduced. Scorpio only wants the best, and if it's not the best, you will be fired. They don't care about human error. Again, they have major issues with ego, so they don't see human error—this is why a Scorpio frequently runs into personal troubles throughout their life.

Scorpio is a powerful sign and can be a great boss. They can turn a business into gold if they so desire. A mature Scorpio will care about their employees and make sure they are protected. This can be overbearing at times, or a Scorpio can be secretive and unknown. You can rest assured Scorpio's ugly head will rear itself at some point. When a Scorpio overreacts and reprimands you too sharply, it is aware. And it will be unforgiving to itself, whether you see this or not. Scorpio going beyond its range is a horror, that it almost doesn't want to admit.

So how do you build equanimity? Two of Scorpios favorite people are Cancers and Pisces. All signs can bring out qualities of these two signs one way or another. These two water signs have a way of taking emotions much lighter than Scorpio. Cancer has its heart on its sleeve, some are graceful, almost ethereal. They have a certain shine to them that makes others at ease. Pisces is intelligent, wise, sharp, creative, and unlike any other. Where Cancer and Pisces build equanimity, other signs should follow suit. Lay down your ego, be empathetic, and be gentle. Oblivion and depression hit the water signs hard, these are the parts that need guidance.

Advice for All Signs

  • Aries: Lay down your ego. Try to be more like your predecessor Pisces. You most likely have Pisces in your chart. Aries, you are an amazing leader. The best leaders come from your sign, which means you can easily rub a Scorpio the wrong way. Aries, keep in mind that Scorpio is a jealous creature. Always give due thanks to the Scorpio to give them the impression that they're at least running in the same gamut as you (they probably aren't, let's be honest. But it's not your job to let them know that).
  • Taurus: Being the direct opposite of Scorpio could be a recipe for disaster. You need to have thick skin and focus on being a sign of healing. Stay out of Scorpio's business. You see where Scorpio is being blind sided, but Taurus is famous for having tunnel vision, so if you focus too much on your boss, you'll become distracted from your work. Offer insight to your Scorpio employer gently and patiently. You're better at pretending you're a Cancer than a Pisces.
  • Gemini: You're also going to have trouble with Scorpio because you're fairly opposite of the Scorpio. Gemini is the genius of the zodiac, and Scorpio is really going to be upset when you fail. But even Gemini who has amazing intellect can't outrun fault forever. Gemini, be yourself. Allow your great thoughts to come out. Scorpio will be impressed by your genius, and also jealous. Gemini, you can make people feel better by telling them when they are being smart. People feel better when a smart person tells them they are smart. You may see the stupidity of your Scorpio and find it rather amusing. Tread lightly when giving counsel and intelligence, so you don't rub the Scorpio the wrong way. Take lessons from Pisces.
  • Cancer: The Scorpio will automatically favor you. Don't let your emotions overpower you. The Scorpio likes to know you're human, but they'll think you can't do your job if you're constantly in an emotional crisis. Cancer, help your other employees to understand their boss and succeed. If you have more people around you succeeding, than there is less chance of emotional turmoil.
  • Leo: Hold down your pride and ego. You see where the Scorpio is ridiculous. But you can't just battle them out. The lion is mighty and powerful enough to eat off the head of the scorpion, but the poison could then run in your bloodstream. Leo is most likely to start a faction against the Scorpio and do an uprising. Don't do this. Where you are the king of willpower, set that fire in the right way. Look to Pisces on this one, wisdom will compliment willpower making you the right kind of tool in the office.
  • Virgo: You're hardworking to the point you will drain yourself. Scorpio has a natural affinity for Virgo because of Virgo's work zeal. But Virgo isn't going to put up with Scorpio's dark side, because Virgo is also religious about its virtues, ethics, and others. Virgo, don't let Scorpio constantly use you as a worker to defend against the ills of other employees. Virgo, don't let Scorpio coerce you or try to possess you. Virgo needs boundaries. So when with a Scorpio, make sure their requests are about the job, that these requests are timely, and that these requests make sense. Do your job, and don't add frills. Don't let them overwork you because you are a genuine asset.
  • Libra: As Scorpio's neighbor in the zodiac, you have an advantage. Scorpio will like that you're intelligent, and that it's not as bizarre and intense as Gemini or Aquarius. Libra, as the sign between Virgo and Scorpio you can bounce back between these two energies while also being your own unique person. I suggest allowing your more charming emotional side to come forth while balancing out your amazing mind when working. Scorpio will most likely like you, but where you can fall short is when you naturally are balancing out yourself and trying to understand things better, which can make you indecisive and slow. Scorpio is impulsive and quick, so be careful that when you want things more thought out and slow, the Scorpio may double down on making demands. Making you very, very uncomfortable.
  • Scorpio: Scorpios know how to be Scorpios with each other, but since they know each others' devices... they can really dislike each other. It's best to keep Scorpios separate when possible because they'll magnify the Scorpio feel which can either create more success or more ego, running people into the ground. Scorpio, you know what you don't like as a person. The best philosophy for you as a Scorpio working for a Scorpio is to follow the golden rule: do to others as you would have them do to you (without delving into the more scandalous things you really want to do.)
  • Sagittarius: You have the advantage of being Scorpio's neighbor. Scorpio knows how to mentor and treat a Sagittarius. Scorpio bosses are better at thinking long term while Sagittarius tends to chase where they see action. Sagittarius bosses can be really difficult because they're terrible at setting up long term goals because they like to take care of immediacy. Scorpio knows how to work with this and make you better. Scorpio would find it hysterical if you tried to manage them, so don't. Scorpio likes you best when you're at ease. Sagittarius would do well to mimic Cancer. Sagittarius and Cancer both have sideway views of looking at the world.
  • Capricorn: You're a hard worker, but sometimes Scorpio doesn't understand you because you hibernate. This hibernation process is what strengthens and makes you a powerful healing force. Capricorns are great with people because they have familial instincts. Scorpio is jealous of you because you have this quality, and Scorpio ultimately wants to be loved and have family. Scorpio will find you endearing. It's best for Capricorn to work and not get too much into pontifications. Scorpio isn't interested in your ideals, philosophies, and side adventures. They want you to work. They want you to be cool, so be cool. Scorpio wants the cool employees.
  • Aquarius: You are the exact person that is going to confuse the Scorpio. You see, the Scorpio is going to have a powerful psychic connection to you automatically because that's what Scorpio and Aquarius do. Scorpio wants you on their team because you are a genius, creative, powerful, beautiful, and about as balanced and amazing as someone can be. In a lot of ways, Aquarius is a better sign than Scorpio, and Scorpio knows that and wants it. Scorpio is likely to commit a psychic attack on you so that you'll present more of yourself to them and they can harvest that for their own personal use. It's highly important that Aquarius practices equanimity and doesn't give Scorpio permission to wound them. Aquarius will fall short because Aquarius is an outside-of-the-box thinker. Aquarius is a forerunner of the age of utopia. But to get to utopia, you have to take steps no one ever has, which means you are experimental and always on the brink of a huge revelation—or disaster. Scorpio doesn't fully understand you because Scorpio craves tradition and being normal. Aquarius calls normal, well, a festival of lies. So Aquarius is going to stand up to that because what Aquarius craves is the authentic. Scorpio wants your true self to come out, and if getting you to have an existential crisis makes you a better worker, you'll bet Scorpio is going to find your greatest vulnerability and pick at it. Scorpio will like the results—and do it again, and again, and again. Aquarius needs to take lessons from a Pisces. In fact, if you have a Pisces in the office, be friends with them. Practice equanimity, do exactly what the work entails for success. But Scorpio has a higher expectation for you: you must be the earth shatteringly creative person you're meant to be. That's why they hired you. And if you don't perform that creativity: Scorpio will be pissed. So Aquarius, either the Scorpio is on the edge of promoting you or killing you. Always remember that. You're everything Scorpio hates because they're madly jealous of you, and also love you dearly. Aquarius, if this job is helping you along personally stay for awhile, but you may want to seek a boss that is more like an Aries or do freelance. For heavens sake, don't put yourself continually at a psychic criss.
  • Pisces: You are wise, you are emotional, and you know how to tend to the Scorpio. This makes you an excellent friend and worker. Pisces should be exactly as they are. Be the mentor Scorpio is seeking to have, be empathetic, and be creative. Don't let your creativity go unchecked and produce monsters. Be an equanimity sage. Take the Aquarius people at your office and help them to be more like you so they can survive.

What Can a Scorpio Do to Be a Better Boss?

Scorpio, remember your ego is your enemy. Keep your emotions in check. You need to disengage from your office every once in awhile. You are committed to it, but go and learn new skills. Find a way to relax. Encourage your employees to better know themselves and learn how to also relax. Scorpio, do not go after employees senselessly. Give time before you react so you can better understand. Avoid being impulsive. Investigate things fully before coming to a conclusion. Do not hastily send emails to your staff, do your research first. Reread and proof your emails, you have spelling and grammar errors that others are going to judge. Go an interact with your employees, bring cheer to the office. Give compliments when people do things right. Compliments also work as directional cues. Psychic attacks are not the only method you have at your disposal. And remember: it takes more time and energy to train new people, so do what you can to retain the people you have, learn to love them, and think before you fire them. It can have lasting damage to lose employees.

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