Why Scorpio and Aquarius are Attracted to Each Other

Scorpio and Aquarius - A Powerful Match

If you are a Scorpio or Aquarius, or even a rookie in astrology, you've probably heard some of the rumors about this water sign meets wind sign pairing. A lot of astrologers will go on autopilot and tell you the best compatibility is when you have the same elemental sign, plus you should check out your charts. This is somewhat basic when it comes to astrology. Every combination has its unique offerings for a relationship, some less feasible (more challenging) than others. Scorpio and Aquarius are a powerful match, albeit if the two are not mature enough in who they are, it won't work so beautifully.

Aquarius is exactly what Scorpio wants and has always wanted. Aquarius will always be mysterious to Scorpio, which puts it in a perpetual spiral of being on the hunt. Scorpio is a strongly masculine sign, and loves to go after something it doesn't fully understand, and Aquarius is complicated enough to draw a Scorpio. The water sign unfortunately gets bored easily. Sometimes a pleasant match is too surface level for Scorpio -- this sign desires a great deal of complexity, paradoxes, and affection. Scorpio is like the pipe organ of emotions and thought. Scorpios are extremely powerful signs, but often misunderstood... and so they'll trail to the side and go on their own independent journeys. People don't always know what exactly a Scorpio is, so it'll fade from view without ever being fully realized.

But an Aquarius -- though it doesn't fully come right out admitting it -- fully and easily understands the Scorpio better than any zodiac. A mature Aquarius will know a Scorpio immediately just by the way a Scorpio uses its eyes to cut through titanium. No other sign has this intense of a stare. Scorpio is drawn to people who have 1.) a banging body and 2.) a charming personality. These are gifts the Aquarius often has and employs, with a fair amount of either introversion or introspection (perhaps both). Scorpio can't unravel an Aquarius like it can most signs. It sees that the Aquarius has more pure motives, a different range for ethics, and a massive capacity for love. Scorpio enjoys Aquarius, but it brings up a lot of insecurities for Scorpio. Can the Scorpio possibly win the heart of the person who wants to take care of everybody's hearts? How can the Scorpio, which can be the lowest of creatures -- win such a big heart?

What makes Scorpio and Aquarius work?

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Both are the Phoenix and Made of Water

Scorpio feels awkward having to face its insecurities in the light of someone who is so lovely. Aquarius often shirks getting into relationships, sometimes delving into very independent phases and being void of sex. Aquarius gets called out for being both a virgin and having bisexuality, pansexuality, and straight edge sexuality. No one really knows how to label an Aquarius, especially when they are so private. They have a sexuality that is massively deep and insightful, and there are Aquarian types who really are protective and intuitive about their sexual life -- while some Aquarians are extraordinarily exploitative. Aquarius doesn't feel a lot of chemistry with many signs on a sexual level. It may feel chemistry, an amazing exchange of ideas or even compatibility, but having attraction... real, invasive thoughts that distract them -- is difficult to achieve.

The Scorpio is one of the few signs that can get inside an Aquarius' mind. They feel a certain chemistry with this sign that is absent in the other 11. Scorpio also finds something in Aquarius that others do not have. These two signs are like magnets and immediately connect well with each other, they want each other, and it's something about how they mix as fixed signs and their emotional palettes. I think the biggest hurdle for these two is that if they meet too soon, they won't have enough knowledge to understand each other. There is a certain amount of life fluency they need in order to bridge the gaps they'll have.

Scorpio is known for having a crazy amount of range to their emotions -- they're designated as having three different morphological cycles from the snake, the scorpion, to the phoenix. The other signs arguably have one totem. It's an automatically complicated sign, that other signs just don't have enough power in them to study. It's a sign that can easily go under the radar if you're not paying attention, which is silly because a Scorpio can change their mask, they are malleable, they can learn, and most importantly they can learn you.

They have busy minds, often easily getting distracted with too much noise, but they love deeply and loyally once they've found their match. They are deeply searching for the right person. They cut their loses because they believe so heavily in a soulmate. Regardless of whether they flat out say it or not, they are looking for a supernatural connection -- even if they can be grounded, at least in comparison to the Aquarius.

Aquarius can come off aloof to them, but Aquarius is like Jean Gray from the X-Men. She seems to be only present in thought, highly intuitive, quiet, and amazingly charming -- but she is the one who can unleash the Phoenix. She has a powerful amount of emotions locked up inside her heart, and she doesn't let it out easily, because it is like dynamite. Aquarians are powerfully emotional, that's why they are tied to the image of being water bearers. Yes, they can skate above the water all day long with beautiful thoughts, but they are also the water itself. They are spring wells of emotion, with astute emotional control. If there were an Olympics for emotional control, Aquarians would get all the gold medals. They have a relationship with emotion and thought that is difficult for many to read, and therefore Aquarians too are also seen as misfits, odd, and different Their high capacity for both thought and emotion makes them an odd duck that can make them difficult to understand, but they're usually so sweet that people accept them, unlike Scorpio who has a tendency to be brooding, grumpy, and dark. If you're a Harry Potter fan, think of the Slytherins. They get a bad reputation in the books, but in actuality they are great and must take responsibility for that greatness.

Scorpio and Aquarius get along because they are both odd, highly creative, and secretly emotional. They need to take things slow. Taking things slow is seriously the key to making this pair work. It's like a red velvet cake. Make sure to preheat the oven, follow all the steps, and make sure you have all the ingredients before you pop the pan into the oven. Otherwise, you'll end up with a gooey, inedible mess.

They can rush things by taking it physical, but they need to create a great deal of space, an entire grid if you will, to build trust and communication. This will take awhile, and for many they'll give up because this takes patience. But this pairing first needs to understand how to talk, which is going to take some time because they are so different and have to learn from each other. It's like a newborn learning how to talk -- think of it that way for this pair.

Aquarius can unravel itself slowly to Scorpio, which is what it needs. Aquarius needs private dates, away from the hustle and bustle because all the stimulus can distract it from its date... and Scorpio needs private dates because it needs a person all to itself. Scorpio needs that intimacy. Intimacy is what it really desires -- meaning your personal secrets, the story of you, and the story of where you are headed. You can't force the conversation with these two. They'll need to take their time. This may take two months of seeing each other or two years before really solidly deciding that you are in fact in a relationship.

Focus on Communication

Trust me when I say this, but Scorpio and Aquarius don't need to worry about who they are physically. Scorpio by its very nature is sexual. It's a sensual sign, with a vivid imagination. This sign likes moving to this direction because sex is a strong glue for discovering another person. Aquarius with its imagination easily makes strides in sex, which it knows and that is why for many they put off. They already in a sense understand it, and so it makes more sense for them to study other things. The two most single signs of the zodiac are Virgo and Aquarius. Scorpio on the other hand -- can be the loner, but it is greatly the mystique, the wellspring, and the initiator of relationships. Aquarius builds its social structure like a never ending ocean with friends across all genders, cultures, and species. Aquarius is a humanitarian and a social network godess; Scorpio is by instinct interpersonal. Scorpio is a sign that is built for making a family. It's one of the few signs to really charm and awaken an Aquarius. A Scorpio has strong staying power; it is loyal to the core, unless you show infidelity. An Aquarius needs someone who wants to stay, but struggles to find someone like that because they find more people just want to date several people, not just at once, but always. An Aquarius needs to feel special, it needs to feel wanted, it needs to ultimately feel like someone is consistent and will stay.

Now an immature Scorpio, will still have an exploratory phase before settling down. Scorpio is somewhat of an ass before giving away the quality it knows it must to have a relationship -- and that's its loyalty. The more a Scorpio shows how loyal it is, the more it will get to the Aquarius and its amazing emotional current. An Aquarius is powerfully objective, mysterious, and very Luna Lovegood -- which intrigues the Scorpio. A Scorpio likes both the calm Luna Lovegood side and the X-Men Phoenix side of an Aquarius. While the Aquarius loves the emotional-romantic side and dutiful side of the Scorpio.

It is never easy for these two to separate because they have ESP for each other. They know the connection when they come across it, and can latch onto each other with great intensity. To separate, especially for the Aquarius, means they'll have to go complete different ways in order to get over the other person. Also, the Aquarius will want all enough separation to prevent getting back with the Scorpio, because deep down they know they love them.

Combo is One of the Most Powerful

On some alchemical level, all relationship combinations are like a spell. You take one fire element and add it with the energy of an earth element and you have an end result. With a Scorpio and Aquarius equation you have a healing configuration. All water signs have some amount of healing and creativity to them. Aquarius is a brilliant thinker, with excessive creativity and intuition. When these two meet, they make for a cleansing, healing panacea -- or a tempest. All combinations have their healing and destructive powers -- this one either way is strong. There are 78 monogamous combinations. Polygamous combinations tend to be weaker because the power is not balanced.

A Scorpio can fixate on an Aquarius and help it to be more powerful. Scorpio is a magician, and often feels that the challenges around him or her are too dry. That many of the things around her are dull to a great extent, until an Aquarius steps into the world because an Aquarius is a visionary. The Scorpio helps makes the vision a reality, while Aquarius takes a dormant volcano (the Scorpio) and makes it a reality. These two can see their full potential in this relationship. They need to understand that they don't communicate like normal couples, nor should they. They're not like normal individuals either.

Scorpio needs an Aquarius which will gladly accept its affections. Aquarius needs a Scorpio to chase it... because Aquarius isn't a huge fan of chasing. It's an incredible and beautiful journey if done well, an amazing pairing. But for many, they jump into this stack of cards too early and too quick making for a great deal of frustration. Neither of these signs do well with zodiacs that are too simple for them nor are too controlling. They have to line up with each other naturally and with desire, else the structure will fall before it really had the chance to grow.

Why You Should Go For It

Embrace the calm of an Aquarius. The ease it has with life will match well with a Scorpio and its ever changing ways. The Scorpio is the most solid of the water signs, like ice. But it can drift into its liquid and gaseous state simply because it is the master of water, but a Pisces... will always be the light waters, and Cancer will always be the deep, troubled waters.

Scorpio can go anywhere there is emotion, and Aquarius can go anywhere where there is thought. The two together feel more complete, and feel more like they can share their personal stories. They're not exact mirrors, or even in the same states -- but they can explore each other and understand each other quite well. Don't force this kind of relationship -- if it isn't meant to be, then it is not meant to be. But when intellect and emotion try to replicate each other and understand each other, beautiful and crazy things can happen.

Notes for Scorpios

Aquarius doesn't always talk. This can be baffling since it is a wind sign. Sometimes the Aquarius just wants things to be quiet and will leave a lot of space and privacy for you to decipher. If an Aquarius spends consistent time with you, this is a major plus. You may find with an Aquarius that you are making all the moves, but remember them accepting your moves is also a move.

They'll slowly turn from gently holding your hand and letting you touch their hair to kissing you as they please, and for long bouts of time. This is a creature that sees far ahead into the future and loves to gather information effectively before making a decision. Don't let your insecurities drive them away, and make your insecurities clear and they'll do what they can to comfort you, because that's their instinct. They want things to work and they want things to be smooth, and they don't want to hurt you. But you are a Scorpio, and you have the power more so to hurt them, so be careful. Scorpios know how to sting, and stinging an Aquarius... will hurt them extensively. They really want to trust you. If you sting an Aquarius, they'll block you out of your life, which is exactly what you don't want. They won't block you as long as you don't sting them.

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Nilanjana Chatterjee 3 months ago

Hello there!

I must say, reading this post of yours makes me feel hopeful about my relationship with a Scorpion. I am an Aquarius, and from all the books and articles I've read till now about the compatibility between the two, all I could gather was that these two are never a good match. But this article, its like you penned down the connection I have with my Scorpion love. Thank you so much!

It would be great if we got to know each other! I love astrology as much as I love Harry Potter and X-Men. Would be great to hear from you again. Plus, since my boyfriend intrigues and surprises me all the time, I often don't understand how to react or anticipate anything at the least. I was also wondering if you could help me out with that!

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 3 months ago from Chicago Author

@Nilanjana Chatterjee

Hello, there! A lot of books and the Internet don't have time to really study the finer details of the Aquarius and Scorpio combination. It is an excellent one, but it can easily go wrong if either party isn't mature enough. They are both powerful zodiacs; it's like a complicated recipe or dance -- always worth it, but not for the faint of heart. I'm an Aquarius who can't resist a Scorpio -- and my grandparents, who had one of the sweetest relationships in history were an Aquarius and Scorpio. It can work! I can help you with Scorpios for sure. I wish you the best.

Victor 3 months ago

I have had some relationships with aquarius girls in the past first they seem interesting because they are really smart and we can talk about everything but i end up losing that interest because they appear to have nothing else beneath that surface. Now i am trying again with an aquarius girl but i fear everything seems to be going in the same direction as usual, im about to drop the towel with this sign, they make great friends but they lack something to keep my interest as lovers

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 3 months ago from Chicago Author


Aquarius are like Jean Grey. They are extremely intelligent, and they also -- though it takes a lot of trust -- are actually emotional beasts. Like Jean Grey they have a Phoenix state. But they like to drift around on the cool waters and keep peace and calm. They didn't develop those big beautiful brains without learning some emotional tricks. If you want to see more emotion out of them, you need to communicate this. They'll reveal more of who they are with this direction. Remember, they are the water bearers, they know how to make the waters (emotions) move. Aquarius is very similar to Pisces. You have to give a lot of foundation for an Aquarius to feel comfortable and start opening up emotionally. It takes longer than most zodiacs -- but when they open up, it can be massive. They ultimately are long term relationship seekers, but they have doubts since they're aware of all the crappy relationships. If you want more romance out of them, tell them. Aquarius can adjust this. Encourage it, set the mood right, don't give up on them too easily.

Nilanjana Chatterjee 3 months ago

@SerenityHalo I need your help ASAP.

Nilanjana Chatterjee 3 months ago

@SerenityHalo I need your help ASAP.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

@Nilanjana Chatterjee

Ah, where are you needing help?

Nilanjana Chatterjee 2 months ago

@Serenity Halo

Thank goodness you replied! I've been waiting for a long time. I need help with the oh-so-famous disappearing act of the Scorpio and how they get distant and dealing with it. I've been a hot mess.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

@Nilanjana Chatterjee

Ah, yes! Tell me everything you are comfortable with telling me. A lot of times Scorpios go away to clear out energy. This might not have to do with you. Remember Scorpios are very confused and attracted to Aquarius at the same time -- you have qualities the Scorpios lack. How much has he been disappearing? How long has he been gone? Does he tell you who he is with or where he is? Do you have any clues or gut instincts happening? Don't overwhelm him with too many words at this point. Be friendly. Be positive. They love the mysterious side of Aquarius, but it also confuses them. If you have some Pisces nature in your chart, try pulling that out. Read up on what a Pisces would do and reflect on that. Usually, Aquarius is so close to Pisces that it can borrow from it. Scorpio can be frustrated by how intuitive an Aquarius can be. They like their privacy. Sharpened, intelligent Aquarius can read Scorpios like a book. Sometimes they are clearing out energy to recharge. Sometimes they are looking to bring in new energy for themselves, just sitting can make them feel cranky. They need some movement and variety. The distance also helps them to focus. They like to be committed to one idea -- most Scorpios want to fully finish something and go through it. Multitasking can irritate them. It's okay to send a short text here and there to let them know you're thinking of them in a positive way. Pulling on the leash will end in resentment, usually.

Nilanjana Chatterjee 2 months ago

I don't know if this is a good place to divulge information. The thing is, I am confused about a lot of things to do with him. He has mentioned that he is confused about what he feels for me. There's no clarity in his feelings unlike mine which was pretty clear. For now he says he has work and an exam in mind. So he can't think of anything else coz of that. Also, I last met him on the 14th of August. It's been more than a month now. I have no hopes of seeing him before December 3rd I guess. I am scared to tell him anything at all coz: One, I respect his space and I don't want to seem prying or invading his private space. Two, since we have a lot in common, no matter how much it tempts me to drop a message and ask him how he is or what's going on in his life, I am overly conscious about it and feels like I'm disturbing him. Its been 2 months being with him (I have no clue what state or stage the relationship is at now) and this is the first time I'm encountering a situation like this. Sometimes, just sometimes, when I seem distant and faraway even in his busy work schedule he does drop in a message or two asking how I am. But this was done earlier last month, I don't think he would do that now. We haven't got any mutual friends either from whom I could get some clarity about our situation. The thing is, I don't mind waiting. I've done this before. Its just the ambiguity in his feelings for me which has been troubling me.

Also, he is a one-track minded, ambitious, overachieving Scorpio who I guess is in his Phoenix stage. He has been preparing for this exam which is on the 3rd of December since May 2016. He has nothing on his mind but this exam. He also has to juggle office work with this. Amidst all this, somehow and somewhere I walked into his life. From what I can decipher out of this whole case is, I kinda disturbed his mental inertia of his focus on work and academics. I even asked him this, that how did I happen if it was just work and academics that you had in mind all along.

I don't have any hopes of him coming around anytime soon. I doubt if he would come around after December at all or not. Until then, I need to stabilize mentally coz I have my work and my career to build. I have lost track as to how many days have I spent reading articles just to do with the equation between a Scorpio man and Aquarius woman. For this to happen, I need to somehow become a bit cold and aloof (something Aquarius is known for) so that this particular situation doesn't affect me so much.

To conclude this, under no circumstances am I ready to pull the trigger or let him do the same coz I do know that if we get passed this phase, I would have a strong bond with him which could bring in a lot of clarity into his feelings for me. But since we took it a bit too fast, I am scared too. I don't mind waiting for him. But at the same time it shouldn't seem like I'm waiting for a ship that would never return. Or fly a plane on empty tanks. The ending to both the ship and the plane would be painful.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

Trust your gut and intuition on this. You have wisdom so keep that in mind. Scorpios are full of doubts and can have very nebulous minds, full of dark clouds. He doesn't want to get too energetic, and he doesn't want to hurt you. Over a month is a long time, you may need to speak your emotions at this point. If you can remind him that connections ebb and flow. He might need to be reminded that you don't always feel an elusive spark in romance, nor should you be going after it. There are soft, slow moments in relationships, and speedy, electric ones too. In order to have a healthy connection, he needs to accept both. If there's a way you can politely say this, it'll give him really good direction. He needs hope and faith here. Remember, his emotions confuse himself too.

Let him know if there is anything he ever needs to talk about, you are there for him. That if he feels something is wrong with the connection, he can trust you, he can give you a chance to fix it or try something else. It's not fixed in stone, you can be malleable and help things get more electrifying. Scorpios can be a pain when they are down in this level, but they need to go into a cocoon every once in awhile to figure stuff out in the inside. It's really hard for any zodiac sign to follow because they go down so deep into the depths.

The best target areas for Scorpios are emotions and their ego. Scorpios tend to date Aquarius because they are cool by nature. We have natural self-control of our emotions. They find it interesting to explore that and see some real emotion out of it too. A lot of Scorpios complain that Aquarius isn't emotional enough, but I imagine you know the truth -- Aquarius is incredibly analytical and emotional. It's current flowing of both back and forth. You may need to send him something a little emotional, something that says -- I know you. Prove to him you know him. You want him to succeed. He makes you smile.

What are your talents? Do you sing? Write? Make pottery? One time I was dating a Scorpio and I sent him coffee mugs with images on the outside of inside jokes we shared. That got to him in particular way. Give him a little bit of emotion and a little bit of ego boosting -- make him feel energized if he comes across you. Then he won't feel so bad if he strays from his work a little. Are you good at writing poems? Dancing? Something fun. Keep up the positive, fun energy that Aquarius tends to have in stock.

You could say something like "Hey, I just had a dream about you. I'm trying to remember what happened..." You need a line that intrigues him, but it also needs to come from an honest place. You could try something like "Hey, I've been thinking about you today. I'm really glad ____ and I'm thankful ____." See if he reciprocates. Try to do something that compliments his interests. It has to come off genuine though. And don't get too head over heels for him just yet, take the plunge gracefully and balanced. I hope this helps! I hope this gives you some direction here. Best of luck!

Ninja120296 2 months ago

We need to take this convo to a more interpersonal level, Andrea. I feel absolutely lost and hopeless. I really need your help and support in planning out something. I hope you don't mind that. :/

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

I'll do what I can to help. I am here for you to the best of my abilities. I am going to be on vacation here soon, but I'll make a point to check my messages and give you some guidance. What do you have in mind at the moment? What thoughts do you have on a better interpersonal level?

Laura 2 months ago

All Scorpio and Aquarius ppl need to read this.

From a cusp of Capricorn&Aquarius female

I've always heard the negative news.These astrologers never really go deep into it.Ill tell you one thing though, this article was hands down accurate.Ive known this Scorpio guy for a few years and we've seen each other at our worst, but also at our best; it was nasty a long time, but after a while or a few months we matured up and he changed me completely, along with different situations and changes in life.We don't fight anymore and I'm not so secretive. I feel like I can be more genuine with him and I love that.i love that he can appreciate it too.

I keep my foot down more especially when he gets a little moody or gets anxiety about things or pushes my buttons but its all worth it though when I hold my ground.You just have to mature up and respect yourself is all.

I feel like he's been waiting around for me to kind of be entirely isolated so I could be all his and only his.This guy does not want to share me.When we're together it's easy for us to talk about life and people and anything really.

He loves to question me all the time so I guess he's into me but he's never made us official I feel like possibly he wants to know me more from afar since I've changed some.I mean to go from arguing and hating one another to never fighting and being affectionate and not fighting for months is a serious change so I think we both are checking things out.I can definitely respect him as a person and I understand we both do our own thing so I don't have to be with him 24/7 but he knows while we aren't together I'm not seeing 3 other guys or going out on dates.

Gaze thing is so true I always always feel his eyes when they're on me and it can make you uncomfortable but he doesn't make me uncomfortable.

Most guys ask things and it makes it worse like they'll ask if they can hold my hand or what not and they feel like things have to be vocalized but with him nothing has to be vocalized he doesn't have to tell me he loves me or cares because I know he already does by his actions.Im not a needy kind of girl I consider myself an appreciative girl that I have someone like this Scorpio guy in my life.We work through the differences and it can be irritating at times but what we have is worth it.

Advice for Aquarius girls id say is holf your ground and be patient

stop rushing him Idc if it's been years slow down and get to know yourself and him.

Also don't be a bitch or so in your head like actually be emotional and appreciative of him and the good amazing guy he really is.

Aquarius women need to really stop thinking and talking so damn much because it kills the vibe an the moment.

Scorpio men need to be in their head more and a little more flexible but that's about all I have to say.

Jas 2 months ago

Wow. LIke the others I havnt found an article that reaches the essence of attraction between these signs. I'm a scorpio f with an aquarius f. I don't know if both being forced changes the dynamics of a standard m/f relationship but my aquarius has been hard to communicate with. She takes questions as an attack but is learning that I am truly interested. My aquarius made the mistake of lying to me about her sexual past making it sound much more colourful than what it was. Ive found this extremely hard to digest...even asking her to be truthful but argument after argument her truth has only come out in bitterness. We have learnt to take our time in communication but both struggle with jealousy. As a classic scorpio I want all of my aquarius but apon first courting each other all my aquarius really had to say was how great her best friends are (one an ex), sisters are and that they'd approve of me. I felt extremely put off by this but my love and attraction is stronger so I put up with these traits that I find so hard to accept. Because we took off on the wrong foot I feel that twinge or trigger when aquarius wants to see these people etc. I find aquarius to be a bit superficial and boring at times which makes me feel terrible because she's not doing anything wrong. Any advice would be so appreciated.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

Aquarius absorbs a lot that is going around it and therein needs time to process it. It's really hard for an Aquarius when a Scorpio breaks up with them because they most likely will review everything -- and I mean everything, from every conversation, touch, and lie. This can make them realize there was more there than they thought, so keep in mind that Aquarius is sensitive and constantly absorbing the relationship. It might be a bit claustrophobic for them if they don't have the psychological release of hanging out with friends. Communication problems are a real thing with this combination. Both are absorbing zodiacs, so neither take charge in the talkative department as much as needed. Scorpio can really help Aquarius by saying what they really think, and doing so gracefully. Aquarius may be scared that their sexual history isn't as interesting as Scorpio would like, they also are probably insecure that they don't live up to Scorpios standards there. You really need to encourage Aquarius that it is doing things right and be sensitive here, because Aquarius is a closeted perfectionist, and it would be hard on them if they're not pleasing you enough, essentially. Jealously with an Aquarius isn't anything compared to what a Scorpio goes through. Don't project your mode of jealousy onto the Aquarius; it's comical to even think of them as jealous creatures even if it is there simply out of being human. Scorpio is the one known for jealousy, and perhaps an Aquarius like a chameleon will match it... but it's not really their forte. What both people need to do -- regardless of zodiac or personality -- is focus on bringing in positive energy. You must want to have a supportive and nourishing relationship to direct it to that vision. Don't nourish negative energies, and focus on each other -- not what if you were dating someone else. Both of these zodiacs are intuitive, Aquarius especially so, which can wear down its energy. As a Scorpio, be there for comfort, protection, and as a provider. Aquarius will appreciate these more practical qualities that it -- can sacrifice and lack.

Try to enjoy Aquarius' friends, at least some of them. Aquarius has a tendency to take on the social range of a mayor or humanitarian. This is part of their nature, understanding and accepting it and knowing they are loyal is important.

A really good date for a Scorpio and Aquarius is hanging out simply at home. Then Scorpio can have all of the Aquarius, and Aquarius can unwind from all the crazy amount of things they do and pick up on. A really grounded simple date helps both. Add in some zest to keep the Aquarius' mind entertained.

Remember, the Aquarius already knows you are highly sexual -- most likely sexual -- and hope to be compatible with that. They want a relationship too -- I suggest taking things slow physically, but others disagree with me on that.

Aquarius are philosophical wizards and full of ideas, they don't always have their emotions on the surface even though it is there. If you want more out of an Aquarius, you need to be up front. They cringe at the sound of being told they are boring. So inspire them to wake up and be the crazy soul that they are. Let them know it is safe to do so, otherwise they're afraid if they show you more of themselves, you'll split. Calling them superficial would be a blow to their self esteem as well. Just like if someone called a Scorpio unattractive or sexually limp -- terrible idea.

Be patient with Aquarius. Look for ways to get their goofy side out. They really need patience; there are a lot of hurdles Aquarius has to deal with. They become stronger overtime with your trust and support.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

Thank you for your comment! Any zodiac combination can work with the right skill and understanding, if it is meant to be.

Ninja120296 2 months ago

As much as reading all this helps, My Scorpio just pulled the trigger on me. On us. Coz he needs to find himself. I let him do it coz even I need to focus. But his paradoxes have been giving me sleepless nights. He first says he isn't gonna share me with anyone and then he says he's open to the idea of me dating someone else. Then he goes on to say that he would come around once things settle on his end and questioned me back about why should he move on when he has someone (that's me) who loves him like he's the only guy on the planet. Then he says if he finds someone, I would be the first one to know about it. I was fine with the "break" until he said this. This set me off really bad and told it to him on his face that I don't want him looking for another girl whatsoever coz I want to be his. And I want him to be mine. Coz I see the bigger picture. If he and I get passed this, we would be a strong match.

I feel horrible.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 months ago from Chicago Author

I'm sorry this happened to you. This sounds, unfortunately, pretty typical of Scorpio. They corner themselves when they feel like they are going to hurt someone, they go into hermit mode because they have uncertainty. When they are uncertain long enough, they cut the cord even if it doesn't fully make sense to the other person. It may suck, but he doesn't want to lead you on right now. He is trying really hard to be honest and find his place in the world. He isn't sure whether he will come back to you or not, and he doesn't know if someone else will pop up. Most importantly, he has some growing and maturing to do right now, particularly emotionally. He might not "really" like the idea of you dating someone else, but he wants to release you because to him that's the proper thing to do. Don't hate this guy, just know he's trying to do what he sees as best right now. I'm really sorry you have to go through this, and I know it's painful. This is a hard breakup emotionally and physically -- Scorpios put a lot of psychic pressure on Aquarius personalities. He can't rise to the occasion right now, and he knows it. If he is not in the right spot here, he could honestly create more problems for you if you are in a relationship with each other. He hasn't matured yet. This is a good time for you to take some rest, think carefully about what you want, and really focus on aspects you want in a relationship that he isn't providing -- affection, nourishment, respect, trust, support, communication. Turn to kindness, benevolence, and peace right now. Don't obsess over this situation too much. You are a beautiful person and deserve a loving relationship.

Ninja120296 2 months ago

I want him back. I am ready to wait it out. But this hurts too much. I am tearing up even as I'm typing this out. Is there anyway I can make sure that happens? Any way at all?

Jasmin 8 weeks ago

Thank you so much.

I understand now why it has taken my aquarius a long time to understand her feelings about her past and present experiences too. It is because she absorbs a lot.

I definitely havnt told her shes boring, but I did tell her I wanted more connecting otherwise I get bored...I made it clear she isn't boring, because she actually isn't at all.

My aquarius gets jealous of my friends especially if theyre male. She hates men looking at me too. Shes a cusp pisces - would this be more piscean because it doesn't seem a strong aquarius trait. I think the thing that birthed the jealousy though was that we met later in life me 30 her 40 and anyone who was already around and knew about or was close to the other partner felt painful and hard for both of us to embrace in the beginning.

We're overcoming get this these days (coming up for 3 years) I know my aquarian needs friends and since we moved and she walked away from some bad friends shes yet to make some new ones. Inside I'm dreading the day because I know she'll want to see them all the time and its gonna kill. I know it doesn't have to I'm open to growing and accepting. But yeah scorpio at heart. Thank you again

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 8 weeks ago from Chicago Author

This could be a more Pisces trait. Water signs have a degree of jealously. She may be feeling more insecure than jealous and needs to be encouraged. Help build trust here, so she can feel more comfortable.

I can understand it's difficult to let go of baggage. Try to work throughout it together, or even individually with counseling. Holding onto baggage too dearly can make it difficult to see the present. Everyone has baggage, and it can make starting relationships out difficult since you may be used to getting hurt, hangups, etc. If you both remember that both of you are dealing with it, that might take the pressure off. I hope for the best of luck here for you.

Aquarius does need friends; it'll help bring positivity in her life. Aquarius naturally makes friends, whether they are always conscious of it or not. Try to encourage her to go to places that she enjoys or follow her interests, whether you go with her or not. I think this will help. Hopefully she has confidence here. Sometimes Aquarius people worry they are too weird, and in new locations without friends they may question whether or not they really are good at making friends or if it was just a fantasy. Moving can be existential for an Aquarius, that is for sure.

Aquarius like to make friends just for friends. I find they like hearing and knowing someone wants their time, so don't be afraid to say you'd like to spend more time with them. Of course, be sensitive to smothering them. A good rule of thumb for relationships is from one of my favorite comedians, Demetri Martin. He says "Relationships are a lot like eyebrows. They need space."

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 8 weeks ago from Chicago Author

There is no guarantee, and I wouldn't want to make you think that. There is a possibility he could come back, but right now he is needing to focus on his life and the goals he believes he has. He doesn't have the right amount of time to be in a relationship with you, and there is no way of changing that thought. By continuing to talk to him, it'll just remind him he doesn't have the right tools and time to handle a relationship with you at this point, so it could make things worse.

I know it is painful, and I'm really sorry for you. I think right now is a good time for you to focus on yourself and work through the pain. If you try to contact him right now or bug him a lot, it may make him feel less attracted to you and give him negative thoughts. I wouldn't push it anymore right now, and I know that's tough. If he wants to come around and see how you're doing, he'll do so, but don't depend on that. You need to put yourself into a situation where you can heal, nourish yourself, and gain some direction here. Breakups are no fun, but you do have the choice about what attitude you want to take into it, and you are not alone. I hope your heart starts feeling better, and you can find some direction.

7 weeks ago

As an Aquarius who's been attracted to a Scorpio for almost 3 years now, I find this entertaining to read as it's more Scorp centered and it somehow validated some of my theories about the scorp woman I'm attracted to. The thing is, I think I've already reached my limit with this person. The biggest turn off will always be not being able to trust her completely. I tried to be a good friend to her and I think there was a time when we're really great friends but then I told her that I care for her because I like her romantically. Her response was idiotic in my opinion though I understand it could be a by-product of extreme awkwardness and concern about my well being (or hers, IDK. She's sketchy AF). I took it as rejection and since I'm not one to be always confessing my undying love and devotion, I closed her off thinking of her as a threat to my privacy and all. I almost let her in but I'm glad I chose to not go all the way just yet. What confuse me and still bring about guilt from time to time are those times she opened up to me. Those times she chose me to confide some things with. Half of me thinks that's some Scorpio finally being at ease with me and trusting me which is a positive note but the other half thinks of it as a tactic to manipulate me. And I can't stand being manipulated. Who knows if those were all for real or just blatant lies in order to make me comfortable with her? Too comfy to say... entrust her with my secrets even my most beloved people don't know? Who knew she might have done those just so she could get me protecting her? Which I'm very much willing to do, manipulations are very much unnecessary. I've written all these and now I'm feeling guilty for not giving some more benefit of the doubt. I still like her though but I'm already trying (my hardest) to get over her so I'm just mostly focusing on one thing that I dislike most about her -- dishonesty. Now I'm crushing on a new human being who happens to be a Pisces but it's a hopeless case. When will I ever stop liking these water signs?

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 7 weeks ago from Chicago Author

Thank you for your openness! From my experience, there is some major draw toward Scorpios. I as an Aquarius can pick up on it real quick, and it interests me every time. There's a lot of opposites and similarities at the same time that attract these two. Pisces is so much friendlier, and a really healthy match for an Aquarius if the Aquarius will accept it. They are the 11th and 12th sign, and arguably the most complex -- besides the Scorpio and his nutty 8th house.

Scorpio doesn't always know what it is doing, and this makes Aquarius crazy because Aquarius in truth is more conscious and does know what it is doing. Both have a high appreciation of privacy, both are honestly great thinkers and emotional beasts, and both really crave a relationship but feel short changed by sex or other qualities that make them feel like just a list of features. It is an important part of any romantic relationship to tell secrets, things you don't with others because this develops intimacy. Scorpios are relationship machines, but they can get stuck in one angle -- which is passion. You need commitment, passion, and intimacy to make love happen. They tend to fear commitment over the other two. Aquarius also fears commitment above all else. Maybe it's just human.

Was the Scorpio manipulating you? They may just be trying to figure you out, so I don't think 100% manipulation was in order. Trust is extremely important and needed. It can heal too though. Give it a rest if that's your instinct, let them back in if they make an offer and you feel it is right for you.

Ninja120296 7 weeks ago


Is there a way you could try writing an article about Scorpios when they get ambitious? As much as I am trying to come to terms with the truth that he is gone, but also considering that this is a phase and it will eventually pass, I wanna know everything...

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 6 weeks ago from Chicago Author

I'll keep that in mind and see what I can come up with.

Ana 5 weeks ago

SerenityHalo, youre advice is awesome. Do you have an email that I can write to you?

GreenEyes1607 profile image

GreenEyes1607 5 weeks ago from Illinois

As an Aquarius woman, I can totally relate to this. I find myself intensely attracted to a lot of Scorpio men. It's like they have this weird power over me and I find myself addicted to them. They're very mysterious creatures and that only makes me want them more. Scorpio men are definitely a challenge but I think it's worth it to get to know and really understand them. Your hub was really interesting and informative!

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 4 weeks ago from Chicago Author

Glad it was helpful! Those Scorpios are all kinds of trouble.

Scorpio83 3 weeks ago

First off thanks for this article! Every zodiac compatibility site or book basically says there's no hope for an Aquarius and Scorpio to be together. Long story short.. Ive met this Aquarius woman about 4 months ago (she lives about a couple hrs south of me) so we don't get to see eachother often. The first time I met her I was attracted I mean ATTRACTED to her it was different tho.. It was almost if she was seeing through me? It's hard to explain I just felt an extreme attachment mentally, even the way she looked at me seemed flirty and smiley. I felt as if she wanted me (not in a cocky way) anyway I barley get to see her and when I do it's the same only the last time we hung out she was a bit more touchy which was awesome but this is where I'm confused we exchanged numbers and snapchat accounts. When we're not together she's distant, I'll text her short kind texts asking how she's doing and I won't get a response till hrs later and there short kinda, the kinda text that makes you think I'm being annoying but I barley text her. I casually asked her if she wanted to go out and check out a museum or art studio (we're both into that) and she still seemed distant. It's weird she's all about me and touchy when she's around in person, I feel a strong connection with her mentally too. But over the phone she's totally different. I'm scared to tell her how I feel cuz her actions makes me think she's doesn't feel the same I do. It's driving me crazy!! Lol. I want to start off slow with her and become good friends so I'm not trying to rush but how can I build a better relationship if she's distant? Should I forget about her and move on? Is this typical? She has this Ora about her that's making me obsessed lol (not in a creepy way) I respect her space in other words I'm not stalking her. I wish it was easier. Thanks for reading please help :) @serenityhalo

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 3 weeks ago from Chicago Author


Don't overanalyze text messages. You're putting too much emphasis on the messages. Aquarius people don't usually gush on text messages; they're more quirky and upbeat. In person is what counts. Build the connection there. If she's being touchy, that's almost always a signal of interest. Aquarius people test the water; they expect people to drop them like flies. They want to see if you are consistent, dedicated, and interesting. They come out of their shells more as time goes by. If someone is responding to a text message, this is good. Remember, all of us are getting swamped with messages, notifications and the like from work, friends, family. If someone keeps up with you at all, especially in the beginning stages -- this is a good thing. Again, in person connection is more important than text messages.

Sweetums 2 weeks ago

Hi the sheer way you have put the words across about the 2 signs is just amazing. There were places, you made tears well up in my eyes, where you were describing the Scorpion traits (FYI I am a Scorpio). I have fallen in love with your understanding and deliverance of the same regarding the 2 signs.

Unfortunately, I am tremendously attracted to an Aquarian at my work place but I am already married and taking any steps in the other direction will prove to be a disaster for my personal and professional life. But the insight just made me feel that how helpless I actually am.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 2 weeks ago from Chicago Author


If there's one thing I've learned about astrology, the Aquarius and Scorpio connection is very real and very powerful. A lot of people have come across it with such intensity. I don't think you'll want to risk your personal and professional life for someone. I think working on a happier marriage will prove fruitful. Breaking up would leave you with a lot of residual pain, and you probably wouldn't be able to focus properly on someone new. An Aquarius who is very keen will get that sense, and will probably feel you can't fully focus on them because of the inevitable baggage from a divorce. An Aquarius needs devotion and to know someone will be true to them, so coming to them after a breakup could smell of a rebound or something not right to them -- and they are highly intuitive.

I ended up in a similar situation where a Scorpio was attracted to me at work, and they tried to breakup with their current girlfriend. It never really felt like they were broke up, and it made things confusing for me as to where they stood. I hope knowing that this connection is real makes you feel better, but it probably isn't the right one to pursue, especially right now. Connections of attraction will come into our life, and we will have to manage how we want to approach them for our overall good.

Scorpiochick 7 days ago

I found this a wonderful article, it has helped me to understand my Aquarius better, even though I still don't understand him at all lol.

If I can ask, what should a scorpio do when Aquarius starts acting strange? For example, he tells you he can't live without you and that he's never loved anyone as much as you, then barely says more than a hello for the next 3 days after.

My aquarius does this all the time, it makes me doubt him completely even though I try hard not to. I feel like he doesn't care enough to miss me and if it goes on for long, I decide to end it and then he is suddenly around again and reassuring me of his love, only to act the same way after a few days again. It drives me crazy... yet I know he is the love of my life and I have even agreed to move in with him although he has kind of procrastinated on that after he said he wanted us to do it within a week.

You say to chase them and I would, but because of this and because I have heard that they need space, I've stepped back and actually stop myself a lot from initiating conversations or dates because I don't want to seem clingy or needy and bore him.

Any help you can give me to understand this side of him would help incredibly.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 5 days ago from Chicago Author

Sounds like you need to communicate some things. Your Aquarius probably doesn't realize how much these things bother you. Do you ever tell him when you are feeling left out / given the cold shoulder?

Ask them:

What are their favorite kind of dates.

What are their favorite moments with you.

What would be (in a general sense) overwhelming to them in this big scary world?

What are their ideals in a relationship?

Why do they love you?

Aquarius are very open minded. Air signs love to talk, generally speaking. Get them talking and get them mentally excited. What are their interests? A happy Aquarius is full of ideas.

Scorpiochick 4 days ago

I do tell him, he says its not his intention, that he loves talking to me, but he gets busy or he becomes distracted and forgets to say goodbye then he comes home tired or is upset sometimes and doesnt want to message me because hes im a boring mood. I have tried explaining that im here for the good and bad, but he just fixes it for a week or so and then the same thing happens for days. Im not sure if im boring to him, he just doesn'y care as much as he says or if it''s his nature, but when i seem hurt by it, he does everything he can to reassure me.

I've known him for almost a year now and we hit it off from the start, however he used to shy away from questions and would immediately dissapear after one so, I've refrained from asking a lot of them, which is extremely hard for me. He has changed a lot since we met and those do seem like harmless questions and conversation starters. ☺

Thank you for the tip.

SerenityHalo profile image

SerenityHalo 4 days ago from Chicago Author

Aquarius are relentless perfectionists but they also want to keep peace. Sometimes it's hard for them to go into hard conversations, not necessarily because they are afraid of confrontation, but they are afraid they'll screw things up. I think this is pretty human. Aquarius personalities can take a moment to heat up; their biggest fear a lot of times is someone leaving them or it not working, so they can get really worried about this underneath it all. That might not be going on here... what are you guys' ages? What is happening in his career? Most men will focus a lot of energy into their career when they feel it is unstable, and then they'll not turn as much attention to their partner.

I think what Aquarius always needs is to know they are not going to be judged. If they know you'll nourish them over judging them, they'll feel accepted, and that's ultimately what they are wanting in a relationship. Then they'll be much more open and vibrant. I don't think Aquarius can ever really be bored -- they have too much in their heads to entertain them. Something is seriously wrong if they are bored. That's why it can be really hard on them when things don't workout because that kind of failure stings them really bad. Aquarius really wants to have strong, devoted relationships, and they want to be leaders in helping people have better relations. They can get in a complex about this. You showing that you are supportive is a big deal. But of course -- there could be other things at work here. An Aquarius ultimately needs to accept itself as well.

Scorpiochick 3 days ago

We are both 30, work wise he is doing pretty good. He does what he loves for a living and he has plenty of work. However, he has slowed work down because he is in the process of moving back down to my state ( this is his home state, but he left for a little while and is now coming back).

I have broken up with him a couple of times over this issue and have taken him back within 24 hours because although he hurts me by pushing me away, I just can't let him go. I don't do it constantly, but it has happened. I try to reassure him all the time, like yesterday I mentioned how much I value his thoughts and opinions and that I take what he thinks into account all the time which is the truth, but I'm not sure if he believes it, I hope he does.

I'm not sure if it matters, but his ascendent is saggitarius, his moon is libra and his Venus is saggitarius. My acendent is leo, my moon is pisces and my Venus is scorpio. From what I've heard, it's not a perfect match, but some of those actually combine nicely.

I want to thank you for all of your help, you are a wonderful person for answering all of us and helping us understand those we love. ☺

Nicole288 2 days ago

Hello, I am a 28 yr old Aquarius female that has been dating my 28 year old scorpio for 6 going on 7 years come July. I'm quiet concerned because I'm not sure where he stands emotionally with me. Ususally I have intuition that something is deeply wrong but I'm not. I just know I am quiet bothered by the lack of affectionate. He currently is struggling in his career as he works for his self so everything tends to fall on me and its been this was for 3 yrs. He says he hates the ways things are and he wants us to work harder to change our life so it doesn't continue the way it is where he is not financially able to take care of things with me. I can see the frustration but after a really bad falling out between us (regarding finances) he has remained distant emotionally. He talks highly about building together but lacks the affection that I crave from him. We aren't intimate and that really bothers me. His conversation is always about business because over the years he's inspired me to work for myself as well but... I'm so confused. When we do work together on thins to build the only time he seems to really lighten up and joke around with me heavy is when other people are around. This hurts because when we are alone he gets back in his grumpy mode and doesn't want to show that sweet funny side. What should I do? I've expressed the lack of attention and love and affection and he tells me he's not focusing on that right now. and how he understands that what I want but there;s a bigger picture. I need to be more patient.For me not having intimacy(not just sex) at all affects me negatively. As if I'm not attractive to him anymore. How he looks at me isn't even the same. What advice do you think you can provide with this because I don't know how to feel? Focus on what he's focus on and forget what i feel, OR be patient.

Nicole288 18 hours ago

Also, forgot to mention he's quite controlling that it aggitates me to my core. Although he has started showing slight effort to do things together if its not done to his liking, his tone to correct me is so rough! He wasn't always like this, he use to be so concerned about me&my feelings, ask me about my self and very flirty. That is long gone now. I feel like a business partner/just friend that decided to live together. The worst part is he doesnt compliment me at all, we dont do things together other than building on our businesses together. We use to just chill at home,cuddle up and watch movies at times to spend time. There is no affection, intimacy or anything at all. It makes me feel like im unattractive to him. I know i controll my thoughts but maybe you can explain what stage my scorpio is at??? Is this something to be patient about or is this a sign he is transforming on me and is over our relationship

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