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What a Full Moon in Aquarius Means for You

Full Moon at dusk.

Full Moon at dusk.

The Moon Matters

We look toward the sky for illumination. The Sun guides us and warms us during the day and provides us with light and life. At night, the Moon shows us the path and guides us through the darkness.

Humans have always looked to the heavens for guidance, light and direction. The Moon calls us to look inward, toward magic, mystery and emotional depth.

While many of the stories of lunar happenings are shrugged off as myth and legend, there is scientific truth pointing to the power of the Moon. For more information on how the moon can affect your moods, you can also read this article: "How the moon cycle can affect your mood without you realising"

In a scientific sense, the Moon directly impacts the changing tides on Earth. On a daily basis, the ocean rises and recedes based entirely on the pull of the Moon. It stands to reason that humans, who are comprised of at least 60% water, would also feel some sort of internal shift, due to the same forces that move the tides. So what is the actual impact of the Moon?

The Moon is the closest celestial body to planet Earth. It rules the night, darkness and water. The Moon is capable of shifting water on Earth, and in our own bodies. It rules plant life, the tides, emotions, fertility and menstruation. The Moon lights up the darkness, reflecting the light of the Sun.

In astrology, the Moon reflects our natural emotional response to stress and pressure. The Moon governs the emotional body, and rules our memories and habits.

In your astrological chart, the Moon is the instigator of change, moving the small wheels of daily emotion, memory and insight, to pull you along to bigger changes. In subtle ways, the Moon influences your life every single day. The placement of the Moon indicates how you respond to crisis, how you react in the emotional realm and how you might deal with stress.

A Full Moon offers us an opportunity to release and forgive. When the bright light of the Moon reveals what has been hidden in the dark, we can let it go.

The Moon’s sign in your chart modifies and blends with the Sun sign in your chart, creating a unique description of your personality. The Moon takes twenty-eight days to move through all twelve signs of the zodiac. It is the fastest moving body in our solar system, and has the most direct impact on your daily life.

The sign of Aquarius.

The sign of Aquarius.

What an Aquarius Moon Means

Every month, the Moon moves through each of the twelve zodiac signs, spending a little more than two days in each sign.

A full Moon occurs when the Moon is directly opposite the Sun. In astrology, when the sun is in the sign of Leo (July 23-August 22), the full Moon occurs in the opposite sign of Aquarius (January 21-February 18.) The Sun fully illuminates the Moon, thus giving us a full Moon.

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, bringing the energy of innovation, radical change, unexpected events and progress. An Aquarius full Moon wants to change the world. This full Moon is an invitation to think big. Take a look at your life from a larger perspective. Each one of us has an opportunity to change and grow. The Aquarius full Moon suggest revolution and disruption. Big, energetic changes are the flavor of the full Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarian energy is about how you contribute to the world and make your corner of the world a better place. This humanitarian energy challenges each of us to think outside the box and bring our lofty ideals down to earth in a practical way.

The Moon in Aquarius is also referred to as the Sturgeon Moon, based on information from the Farmers Almanac. This is was time, historically, when the giant sturgeon who inhabit the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were abundant and easy to catch. This Moon is also referred to as the Corn Moon, the Harvest Moon and the Ricing Moon.

Think about a fish, a sturgeon, swimming in a lake. Changing direction quickly, moving unpredictably, always surging forward. That is the energy this full Moon brings to each one of us. Sudden changes, fast movement forward. Unexpected surprises are in store during this full Moon.

Often, the energy of Aquarius can leave you feeling misunderstood or like an outsider. You might, for the few days while the Moon is in Aquarius, feel like isolating yourself. Maybe your good intentions and well-meaning suggestions are misunderstood or completely ignored.

No worries. During an Aquarius full Moon, spend time with people who appreciate and accept you, exactly the way you are. Be open and flexible as things change unexpectedly and plan to roll with the flow. If you feel left out or misunderstood, it's okay to speak your truth, then let it go. Take a step back and allow time for yourself to ponder your next great idea.

The Full Moon and Your Sign

The Full Moon represents an opportunity to release, forgive and let go. What areas you choose to focus on will depend on your Sun and Rising sign and where the Full Moon is.

The Full Moon brings conclusion. It offers a chance to let go of what no longer serves your life, to prepare for setting seeds during the New Moon cycle. Every month is a cycle and an opportunity to grow and release.

While the Sun is in Leo and the full Moon in Scorpio, we are challenged collectively to let our big, beautiful bright selves shine (that's the Leo Sun) while maintaining our ideals, our unique individual perspective, and our authenticity (Aquarius Moon.)

During this lunation, you have an opportunity to evaluate how you show up in the world and how your ideas can serve to make the world a better place. What thoughts or ideas no longer serve you? What part of your identity no longer reflects your truth? This full Moon offers a perfect opportunity to look deep inside and release what isn't serving your highest purpose.

While most people are familiar with their "Sun Sign" (the traditional sign we associate with our birthday), the Rising Sign or Ascendent Sign is much more personal and more accurately describes your unique personality. The Rising Sign takes into account the day, time and location of your birth. It is the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment and in the location of your birth. This sign offers a glimpse into your outlook on life and how you appear to others.

For more in-depth work with the Moon, read both your Sun and Rising Signs. It's okay if you don't know your rising sign. You can just look at your Sun sign.


The Moon and Your Sign

The full Moon in Aquarius impacts us all differently. You can look at both your Sun sign and your Rising sign to get an idea of how this Moon will impact you more directly.

Aries Sun/Rising

Aries, you are a powerful presence who burns bright year around. This full Moon offers you a chance to let go of yourself. Leave the ego behind and focus your impressive energy and presence in the community. Activities and groups that feel fun, childlike and new will spark your intense energy and give you a place to improve the world. Let go of your tendency to burn out quickly and devote your time to the community for a season.

Taurus Sun/Rising

With your deliberate personality, you're in for a bumpy ride, Taurus. Things are being shaken, not stirred and you might feel out of your comfort zone. Don't dig in and fight. Instead, release your need to have everything go exactly as you'd planned. It's okay to let things change. They will whether you want them to or not, so rather than fight, go easy on yourself. Pamper yourself with a nice hot bubble bath or a luxurious day at the spa. And while you relax, let go of that desire to make everything exactly right. Direct your energy toward seeing what others have missed or failed to resolve. This is a place where you can affect change.

Gemini Sun/Rising

Gemini, your youthful outlook on life, and your airy personality usually complement fellow air sign Aquarius. This is a time for you to release your anxieties and fears and let your inner child out to play. Instead of focusing on your busy mental machinations, focus that intellect outward. Let go of your tendency toward anxious thoughts and offer your gifts of communication to helping people who are disadvantaged or marginalized in your community. Take the focus off yourself and see how your gifts can make other lives shine.

Cancer Sun/Rising

People are drawn to your empathetic nature, Cancer, and with this full Moon, there might be big squabbles on the horizon. Your deeply intuitive senses will feel trouble brewing and you usually step in and smooth things over. Let go of your need to take care of everyone. Instead, focus that energy on taking care and protecting yourself. You can demonstrate a more peaceful solution, if you manage your own emotions first.

Leo Sun/Rising

Shine bright, Leo. It's time to let go of your insecurity and step into the big, boldness of who you really are. Release those deeply held fears and look outward. Your big, boisterous personality is exactly what those around you need right now.

Virgo Sun/Rising

Chaos is coming, Virgo and you can't hide. While you want to make everything just right for those you love (and for everyone else too!) during this full Moon, it's important for you to ride out the storm of change and let go of those perfectionist tendencies. Give yourself a break from the demands of social media and the electronic age. Slow down and take a look around at whose wishes you could really fulfill in a big way.

Libra Sun/Rising

Balance, beauty and justice are your keywords, Libra and this full Moon offers you an opportunity to take a look inward. Where have you become imbalanced? Have you gotten into some less than healthy habits or are your thoughts turning judgmental? It's time to let go of any extremes you've picked up over the summer and bring yourself back into balance. Get back to caring for yourself. And as you regain your own balance, take a look around you to see where your community could use a touch of your fairness and you eye for beauty. How can you make things better?

Scorpio Sun/Rising

You are a powerful force of nature, Scorpio. It's time to use your magic and strength to give those around you a boost. Take a look at those who can't speak up for themselves or who haven't the strength to do what they need to. Your formidable powers can be harnessed. Let go of your tendency to criticize and strike aggressively. Instead, use your powers for good. Give others the push they need to succeed and you'll find that you get a boost too!

Sagittarius Sun/Rising

Sagittarius, you love a good time, but its time for you to take a step back. This full Moon is challenging you to release those addictions and negative behavior patterns. Big changes are coming and you need your head on straight. Fortunately, you know how to roll with the punches, so use your clear head and your sparkling personality to help others who need a hand in overcoming their own challenges. You've been there done that, so now you can help others make better choices.

Capricorn Sun/Rising

Capricorn you are a leader who typically eschews the touchy-feely vibes of a full Moon. This moon in Aquarius is challenging you to let go of the need to always be right. Instead, lead the way for others. Help them climb the mountains that you so easily scale. You can help people by letting go of your judgement about their choices and teaching them the skills to succeed.

Aquarius Sun/Rising

Rebellion rises, Aquarius and you are the leader of the pack. During this full Aquarius Moon, let go of the desire to close yourself off. Instead, be the strong change agent that people need right now. Yes, you are unique and different. That's okay. Stop resenting everyone who doesn't understand you and work to bring the change that you know needs to happen. The shakeup is coming and you can lead the way.

Pisces Sun/Rising

Pisces, through your rose colored glasses, you see the world as you wish it was. Now is the time to take off the glasses and make it so. Let go of who you were, or who everyone thought you were, and embrace the journey you are on today. Soothe your tired self with positive affirmations and realize that as you change yourself, so you change the world.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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