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Weddings Planned by the Moon's Astrological Position

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

What Do You Want for Your Marriage? Plan for It!

I can just see you shaking your head and thinking, huh? How can the astrological position of the Moon on a wedding day possibly make a difference? When my husband and I were dating, we began attending astrology classes at an adult evening school. We became close friends with our classmates who continued to study astrology, and soon the classes became more informal and at each other’s houses. Since we were the only couple, naturally we had lots of attention lavished on us and speculation about where our relationship would lead. Our friends in the class cast horoscopes for both our engagement date and wedding dates, and we have been happily married for 33 years, and were a couple for 5 years before that! Yes, you can cast horoscopes for events as well as people. They are called horary charts.

The moon changes astrology signs every 2 1/2 days, so it's very important to plan your wedding during a sign that expresses what you want for your marriage. Since you have to plan so far ahead in these times, it's easy to look up a moon sign in an Ephemeris, or using the above link, and choose a date which starts your married life off in a way that lives up to your expectations of what marriage should be.

Here's a list of the 12 moon signs and what you might expect from a wedding during each one of them.

A Wedding During a Cancer Moon: My Experience

We chose to marry on a day when the moon was in the sign of Cancer. This is the sign of home and family, and we chose to have a garden wedding in my parent's back yard. Both of us strongly felt that home is your refuge, where you can relax and be yourself without any pressure, whether you have guests or want time alone. We loved going to engagement parties, weddings, baby showers and christenings, family get-togethers being our favorite times.

We knew many of our friends were experiencing issues regarding which side of the family with which to spend holidays. We quickly avoided this hassle by deciding we would host all the holidays at our home, so that everyone would come to us. Obviously, we were naive and insane. Even my brother, who is not particularly expressive, once told me he loved being with us because “great food is always cooking and something interesting is going on in every room. You manage to make preparing a large, holiday meal easy, while you are giving someone a tarot reading, somebody is in another room potting plants, the fireplace is roaring, music is playing, some guests are working on a big puzzle, yet it all feels cozy!”

A wedding day during a Cancer moon put us in the center of the whole family, right where we wanted to be. We also had many relatives and friends who stayed with us through the years when they came upon hard times, and tried our best to make them feel welcome.

A Wedding During an Aries Moon

So if a couple should marry on a day when the moon is in Aries, what kind of marriage could they expect to have? Since Aries is the first zodiac sign, the baby so to speak, both parties think the emphasis is on “Me.” They will have to learn that although each person has certain needs and freedoms, the emphasis on a successful marriage has to be “We.” You will tend to solve your issues in original ways that work well for both of you. Decisions will be made quickly, and problems will be resolved promptly.

People will look up to you as leaders. You are likely to be the first couple of your peer group to marry, to buy a home, to have a baby. Aries is a competitive sign, even if in a friendly way. You must remember to complement each other often and make sure neither of you feels neglected by the other, as you both crave attention. You have to learn to give and take, it goes both ways. Aries is a temperamental sign, so try to hold your tongue when you disagree and think before you blurt out something hurtful. You will experience many new things together in the course of the marriage.

A Wedding During a Taurus Moon

A marriage begun during a Taurus moon is normally a strong and stable one. It will be a peaceful and loving household, where both partners and guests feel content. You will not need a lot to be happy, just the rhythm of the days together with the one you love will make you both bloom. Probably both of you will enjoy cooking together or exploring new restaurants and you will enjoy decorating and entertaining in your home.

Just make sure you do not get too complacent, get out and exercise once in a while! Outdoor activities like hiking will fit into your lives quite nicely. You aren’t fussy and want comfortable furniture, stuff where people do not have to worry if something gets spilled, or feel upset about it. You want everyone to be relaxed and feel at home. There will be lots of plants in the house and a garden outside if you have room. The latest good music will always be playing in the background. Your friend’s kids and dogs are welcome.

A Wedding During a Gemini Moon

Marriage begun when the moon is in Gemini will be one where both of you are always on the go, both having many interests, some shared, some separate. You will be surrounded by family and friends who are always dropping by, and the phone is always ringing. Lots of lively conversations and topics will come up while just the two of you are home, or while your guests are visiting. Variety and motion is the key in this union, and you do not want to be bored, not that you will get a chance. In fact, you will need to specifically take time to relax, not answer every call or invitation, and get your energy level back up every now and then. But I bet you’ll both be on the computers or texting when you are supposed to be resting anyway. I can see you! Communication is the key to this marriage. This is a partnership which will also travel quite a bit and attend every social event.

A Wedding During a Leo Moon

Leo moon marriages are fun, since you love to host parties, to show off all your new things for the house, and you love children as well. You are loyal and caring friends, and people enjoy being around you both because you are so warm and loving. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing people are happy when they are at your house, and you really treat them all like royalty. You are willing to wait on your guests hand and foot, and it gives you pleasure to know people enjoy visiting you so much.

This is a fire sign marriage, so you are very passionate with each other, and will often surprise each other with gifts. You also love to dress up in your best clothes and get out on the town as often as possible. This is also a creative union, so you will enjoy decorating projects and be proud of your lovely home. You will probably hope to have several children and have lots of respect for your parents.

A Wedding During a Virgo Moon

A marriage begun with the Moon in Virgo will always put practical concerns first, and organization will be very important in this household. Much thought and study goes into any venture you enter into together. Virgo is an intellectual sign, so you may enjoy taking courses or belonging to some kind of discussion groups, and will be readers or people who communicate a lot both with each other and with friends and relatives. You will not allow yourselves to get bored.

You will be very kind and giving to each other, and be hard workers. You do not like to get over emotional and will find ways to bring order when you face problems. One thing you must watch out for is that you may tend to be too critical of each other and have to curb that tendency. You must learn to focus on the better aspects of each other’s personalities. You will bring out a witty sense of humor in each other, and take time to get out more.

A Wedding During a Libra Moon

Libran Moon marriages are the most romantic ones. The wedding day itself will be very extravagant with no expense spared. You are the sweet lovers who still hold hands after being together for many years. You both flirt and are generous in complementing each other. You love being in a partnership and cannot imagine why anyone would want to live alone.

You are so cute, you really try to think of ways to please your mate on a daily basis, something other couples will sometimes stop doing without realizing it. You are hard workers but also like to entertain and play, so need to find a balance of both so that you both feel comfortable with your life together. Your will fill your home with creative people, and it will be a beautifully decorated, relaxing home as well. The two of you really enjoy each other's company and will spend more time together than most couples do as the years go on.

A Wedding During a Scorpio Moon

A marriage begun in a Scorpio moon has some challenges to face, there can be jealousies and you must keep the lines of communication open. It is important that you try hard to accommodate each other, as stubbornness and inability to see something from the partner’s point of view can hurt you. You can be very passionate about each other, but must take time to build up trust and perhaps not both take yourselves so seriously.

Scorpios are very sexy, and sometimes we can communicate something through sex that cannot be conveyed with words. This is a doorway that you must keep open to help fix the little ways you may hurt each other’s feelings. This is a very sentimental union, which others may be surprised to find! You will enjoy having children, it’s a fertile moon. You will have a very psychic attachment to each other and just “know” what is going on with each other. You do not need a cell phone to communicate with each other, think of the other person and they will “hear” what you want to say!

A Wedding During a Sagittarius Moon

A Sagittarius moon marriage will be one where you both love to discuss philosophy; religion, education, and you will have books all over the place. This is a very intellectual union. You will travel to many places together and come home with many treasures from your travels. You may enjoy having work done on the house to have special shelving or ways to display your unusual finds.

This is a fire relationship, but a broad minded one where you can agree to disagree about some things. You will enjoy the outdoors and sports, and hope to have a home on a large piece of land. You both need freedom to come and go as you please, but will not be threatened by that, as Sagittarius is a trusting moon. This is like a marriage of best friends, where honesty and open attitudes make a happy couple.

A Wedding During a Capricorn Moon

A Capricorn Moon marriage is one where you will both try to manage things and make sure everything is very organized. You have to beware that you do not try to run it like a business. You have nurturing and loving qualities, but are very reserved and need to learn to express yourselves better to make each other feel loved and appreciated. You are very responsible and will be sure to share the chores.

You will often help your family members solve their problems and become known as the “sensible ones.” You are a hard working duo and know how to save and spend money carefully. The care of your elderly relatives will probably come to you, as you are the ones everyone trusts. A business run together out of the home would work well for both of you. Try to make more time for each other, years pass quickly and you are always generous in giving time to others. You do not want to neglect your marriage!

A Wedding During an Aquarius Moon

The Aquarius Moon marriage is another where you marry your best friend, and spend lots of time on community projects or wherever your current interests are at the time. Your house is the place where everybody likes to hang around, and you treat friends like family. In fact, they will be your family, you will add them on to your own.

This is a fixed sign so you have strong opinions and need to respect each other’s views. You trust easily so will not have any jealousy issues. Both of you are probably a little quirky or unconventional, but that’s what attracted you to each other in the first place. You will spend much time helping the less fortunate, or working for causes you believe in. You may have to narrow them down to the most important ones when you begin to have children so your energies are not so scattered.

A Wedding During a Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon marriage is very romantic and the most spiritual one. You understand each other with your psychic link and do not always need words to communicate. You have great faith in each other, and love each other very deeply. Your deep compassion will carry you through any real difficulties in the relationship, and you will always try to see an issue from the other person’s point of view.

You do not care much about material things. When one of you hurts, so does the other. You are a creative and imaginative team, and will do many artistic things together. Both of you will be happy by the water, it gives you back your energy, as you have lots of commitments and need to get away from it all at times. Pisces moon marriages make very sweet and devoted partners.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Jean Bakula


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 21, 2016:

I've been practicing astrology for 40 yrs. and never heard that marrying under a Scorpio Moon is unlucky. Both will be stubborn. But also you will be very loyal and devoted to each other, and the sex should be good and spiritual. Venus goes retro every know and then. Venus is the woman, but retrograde planets usually cause little disruptions. So you may have a misunderstanding then, probably because one of you has the wrong information. Retrograde planets mess up communications. You may have to persevere and baby each other a little more when times are hard. Don't worry so much, Try not to be jealous or too possessive, Scorpio issues.Best Wishes.

Dodo on September 18, 2016:

We married under moon in scorpio. İ read that this is the unluckiest time of wedding. Also it was the thr time when venus is retro in scorpio. What waits us? We have been married for six years by the way

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on December 11, 2013:

Since my husband and I got married during a Cancer moon, I explained about it in the first paragraph, entitled PERSONAL WEDDING EXPERIENCES DURING A CANCER MOON. And why would I purposely leave out one sign? This is a good moon for people who are really super family oriented, and they will have a lot of responsibility towards other family members during the course of the marriage. Feel free to write back if you want more info. I think it's a good moon for Marriage, one of the best. We've been married 34 yrs. and went out with each other for 5! Take care and thanks for reading :).

Maya on December 08, 2013:

Great article!!! Just wondering though, did you deliberately omit Wedding during a Cancer Moon?