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Vladimir Putin Horoscope and Astrological Profile

Sylvia Sky, astrologer, Tarot reader, and gemstone enthusiast, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters.

"I Am the Wealthiest Man in the World. I Collect Emotions."

Our natal Sun is who we are, but our rising sign is how we express it in the world. Vladimir Putin is a Sun Libra with Scorpio rising.

Our natal Sun is who we are, but our rising sign is how we express it in the world. Vladimir Putin is a Sun Libra with Scorpio rising.

The current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, was born on October 7, 1952 at 9:30 a.m. in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a Libra Sun with a Gemini Moon and Scorpio rising.

Astrology shows Putin to be a deeply secretive, committed political strategist. He worked 16 years for the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency, the KGB. That’s consistent with his rising sign Scorpio, which favors careers accomplished alone or in places hidden from view. Scorpio Rising people make good surgeons, writers, plumbers, detectives, monks, morticians, chemists, and secret agents.

In his birth chart, an unusual cluster of four planets—including his Libra Sun—is tightly packed into the most enigmatic and secretive of the 12 astrological houses. In astrology this means quiet focus so intense and distilled it yields genius -- Donald Trump was not wrong in calling him one. This four-planet cluster is in Libra, the sign of politics and law.

Putin left the KGB to enter politics, a better fit for his ambition.

Top Two Planets: Pluto in Leo, and a Teflon Moon

The planet Pluto, which creates, destroys and regenerates, governs Putin’s natal chart. His focused and commanding Plutonian nature is visible in his concentrated expression and the way he maintains his power. Under various titles and by various means Putin has led Russia since 1999. Keywords for individuals having a midheaven Pluto such his, in the lion-sign Leo and precisely on the Moon’s karmic South Node, include "intense," "dramatic," and “predatory.” Pluto can create whole new worlds from nothing -- or nothing from whole new worlds. Yet personalities are never completely determined by a single factor in a birth chart.

A very different personality also born with Pluto at the midheaven was the pop musician Prince. He was one of those rare stars who seemed able to shift the universe. Some have likened Prince to a god. Putin, a political superstar, shifted the universe from behind the scenes so well that to much of the world his sending Russian troops to Ukraine was a surprise.

Putin's Gemini Moon favors the political life. Gemini Sun and Moon people enjoy being in the media and speaking into a microphone. This Moon placement also grants the Gemini “Teflon” advantage: No accusation sticks. Yet Putin's Gemini Moon is isolated, lacking even one link to any other planet in the birth chart. He strictly guards his own emotional life and health while drawing on other people's loyalty or foolishness. Said to be a germaphobe, he meets visitors at a very long conference table with himself at one end and the guest at the other end.

Libra With Scorpio Rising and a Gemini Moon

Putin's birth chart. The cluster of planets at the nine o'clock position links with powerful Pluto at the "MC," or midheaven. Most presidents of nations have tightly focused charts like this. So do Trump and Biden.

Putin's birth chart. The cluster of planets at the nine o'clock position links with powerful Pluto at the "MC," or midheaven. Most presidents of nations have tightly focused charts like this. So do Trump and Biden.

Getting Past a Pain-Filled History

It is ancient wisdom to take into account in a personality reading when and where the person was born. Putin was born in the aftermath of a war in which his grandmother was murdered and his soldier uncles killed. His father was grievously wounded. Two older brothers died young. The Soviet Union under Josef Stalin corralled and brutalized its own people before and after the war, and Putin grew up witnessing suffering and searing political polarization with the West: the Cold War. Many Russians grew up with the same.

Putin had been anti-communist since boyhood. A self-described bratty kid, he decided in sixth grade to excel in his studies and in martial arts. In college he studied law. He is well qualified for his present job.

Putin was appointed prime minister of Russia in August 1999, under a solar eclipse that cast its shadow from Britain to Bangladesh. He became Russia’s president in 2000 and again in 2004. In 2008 one of his friends was elected president and Putin switched jobs with him, sidestepping a law that allowed the president only two four-year terms. He won elections in 2012 and 2018. Presidential terms are now six years long. His leadership coincides with bloody conflicts in states ruled before 1989 by the Soviet Union: Ukraine, Georgia, and Crimea, all rich in natural resources. Meanwhile, although it's irrational, Russian voters enjoy believing that their president is turning back the clock to restore the Russia that ruled so much of the world.

But Isn't Libra About Peace and Harmony?

Doesn't astrology always say Librans love peace and harmony? The fact is that astrology has ignored Libra’s judgmental side. Librans love or hate based on their knack for judging. Negative Librans put everyone on trial. Your local Libran co-worker will gossip about pilferers or slackers, but to “keep the peace” will not report them to the boss. A negative Libran parent, for household “crimes” such as leaving a glass on the kitchen counter, doles out “justice” or demands “atonement,” aggressively or with "the silent treatment."

Librans define what crimes and justice are, and negative Librans, no matter how accomplished or admired, take justice very personally and continually scan the horizon for things to criticize and wrongs done against them. Positive Librans train their critical minds to work for justice and the greater good. To fellow Russians, it appears that Putin is doing exactly that.

Putin Smiles

Photo taken in Germany. Putin speaks fluent German, having worked for years in East Germany for the Soviet KGB.

Photo taken in Germany. Putin speaks fluent German, having worked for years in East Germany for the Soviet KGB.

In the Long Term

Politics, beset by history and special interests, will draw out any Sun sign’s shadow side, each sign expressing it differently. Putin’s natal Libra Sun is coupled for life with slow, weighty Saturn. Putin’s self and soul are invested in a long-term plan that is not easy but practical, and he intends to realize it through the Libran domain of politics.

Putin’s Mercury, planet of the mind and intelligence, aligns with Neptune, planet of dreams and prophecy, so his dream isn't an idle one; it's a vision. Unlike some other world leaders, he is able to stir up public support and emotional fervor while speaking and acting rationally.

Yes, he was photographed shirtless like most any Gemini Moon, but I think the world has learned it must never underestimate this man. Pluto at a chart’s midheaven signals an unusually potent character. His term in office, to end in 2024, will be successful in ways we can hardly imagine.

Why Capitalists Love Putin

Mars, the planet of energy, is in Putin’s astrological house of money and possessions. Money is not his object but a means to an end. While the Soviet Union was crumbling and capitalists snatched up formerly nationalized industries such as oil and gas—sources of energy—Putin saw how it pays when politicians and big business are friends.

Putin handed out money and favors like baby pacifiers to folks who thought money was the most important thing. He knew better. While they pocketed their money and shook his hand, Putin was envisioning ever-expanding political power.

You’ll notice the president of Russia doesn’t travel much, considering his sporty Mars in Sagittarius, a zodiac sign almost always on the move, but he is said to be sensitive to travel stress, shown by the planet Uranus in Cancer in aspect to his Libran Sun. People come to him, anyway. He’s like a spider in the center of a web. He’s the master of the game.

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Arthur Renner on February 08, 2019:

I like Putin. My father served 5 years in a Stalinist concentration camp in Russia. Survival rate, only 25%. I agree that Putin hates Communism. Look how many family members of his died under Communism, and its war with Nazis. Under Communism, my own father and his father, lost the family farm, that was in their family, for more than 400 years, in Hungary. Look at the real statistics, of how much life has improved for most Russians, under Putin's leadership. This tells you, that he is a good leader. And, we can also look at how he creates good relations with nearly all countries. Like Trump of the USA, Pres. Xi of china, and Pres. Modi of India.... Putin is working hard, to defeat the horrible war mongering, and human killing cabal, which has infected this civilization for thousands of years. This horrible cabal, still controls the mainstream media of the West. This is why they hate Putin and Trump so much. My father did actually love the Russian people. It was a Bolshevik Kazarian Communist, who sent him to a concentration camp, not the Russians. Those Bolsheviks were financed by a New York City Banker, to create Communism in Russia, and kill tens of millions of people, in addition to 7 million people in Ukraine alone.

Paul-Martin on January 25, 2019:

Considering your clever “nasty side of Libras” touch, let me ask you this: how many dictators or tyrants throughout history can you find that were also Libras? I doubt you’ll be able to name even a few. Your profile seems contrived as yet another contribution to the anti-Putin, anti-Russian cold war efforts now in swing in the West…

In any case, I am able to discount the words of astrologers, simply be relying on my own powers of observation. As an American, I have watched Putin speak, listened to what he is saying (and in many different contexts, not just the Oliver Stone interviews with him), and am able to intuitively assess the person before me. I don’t need the media’s negatively-spun reportage and steerage — because after all, we should know by now who owns the media, no?

Tuning in, I am able to accept my own direct sense of who Putin is: a genuinely good man who is in a very diffcult situation, making decisions on a daily basis that will upset people more than please them, but the right decisions nonetheless for the time and context. If his sharp criticisms sting, it’s because they need to. I never have the sense that his investment is strictly for his own power and gain, but rather for the good of society. And since the Russians themselves know that they have to tough things out and go along with him, the high number of votes for his re-election confirm him as the best choice by far, in a field of wolves.

My point is simple, but profound: if you drop all preconceptions, and ignore all supposed facts or data being endlessly shoved at you, you can have a direct sense of the person’s soul. And that doesn’t lie. The Russians themselves know that. They have access to Western media, but they don’t buy our tall tales. They know that they have to tough things out at this time and go along with difficult circumstances, but their high number of votes for him in his re-election confirmed Putin as the best choice by far, in a field of wolves.

Goodness, even Goldschneider’s profile for Putin’s birthday produces a more honest one than yours…

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on July 27, 2018:

Great job, Sylvia. I know he knows I just read this :). Interesting about no aspects to the Moon. Isn't it creepy just contemplating all the things he knows? The cover of Time this week has a composite picture of Putin/Trump. It threw me for a minute, and I realized it was those cold, blue eyes that were so mesmerizing. Sometimes blue eyes can be so lovely, but not on him! Wonderful analysis.