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Virgo Moon Sign Emotions

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Virgo the virgin. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Virgo the virgin. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Virgo People Are Studious

Lately, you have been running into this guy on campus and he seems interesting. He has a wiry build and looks like he works out regularly. He is always neatly dressed in sensible, yet nice, clothes. He's really cute and his clear eyes shine with intelligence. He appears to spend his spare time studying or catching up with his school work, so he must be a brainiac. But he shyly smiled at you that time you accidentally bumped into him. Well, actually you pretended to bump into him with your umbrella, but let's not get so technical. It was a warm, inviting smile. You think he may be someone you would like to get to know better.

The next time you cross paths, you are in the campus library, and in another one of those "accidents," happen to be sitting at the same table writing reports on your laptops. You strike up a conversation, and he appears to be a rational and witty guy. He even has manners. Could it be true? It looks like you are beginning a relationship with a Virgo moon sign person.

A studious Virgo man.

A studious Virgo man.

Worriers About Health Issues

Virgo moon sign people are very concerned about health issues. They take good care of themselves, engage in frequent exercise, take vitamins, and watch their diets. Many of them are vegetarians and eat only organic or vegan foods. They are big worriers, and can really drive both you and themselves crazy worrying about things that will never happen. Even though they are sensible, once they get fearful about something, it’s hard to talk them out of it. If a Virgo moon person hears a commercial about the symptoms of any disease, they are positive they have it.

Many of them truly do suffer from stomach or intestinal disorders, so they really do need to be careful. IBS is common, because they are nervous and have delicate digestive systems. But keep the TV off as much as possible—no need to look for trouble. They can be hypochondriacs at times, so try to be patient. Your Virgo moon worries about you and the rest of the family as well.

Virgos like to keep in shape.

Virgos like to keep in shape.

Neat and Focused

Just like Geminis, Virgo moon sign people are ruled by Mercury. The difference is that although both are very mentally active, the Gemini moon is interested in many topics for a little while. A Virgo moon sign's mental attributes lead to a more thorough and focused interest. The thought processes are very methodical, and he will go to great lengths to find all the facts related to his research. Virgo is an Earth sign, so emotionally speaking, he is stable and practical. He won’t waste time learning about something that will not be useful to him in the long run. Virgo moon signs like order and have a few quirks about neatness. But who likes a slob anyway?

Talkers and Listeners

Virgo moon sign people are chatty souls, and will not be shy when they have something to say or add to the conversation. They just like to listen first, a nice quality in a person. They have good memories and are fast learners. Virgo moons are unpretentious, disliking drama or public scenes. But they are imaginative and open minded, always thinking, turning around thoughts in their minds.

Being around a “neat freak” like a Virgo moon can be a trying experience. They like order, everything in its place. Make sure you never surprise them by moving the furniture or making any big changes in their living space without asking. They are fussy, and are not comfortable until they are sure their surroundings are clean, organized, and comfortable. After all, Earth signs like their comfort. Even if your Virgo moon is picky at times, they always win you over again. They are very sincere and do not have a phony bone in their bodies.

Hardworking and Busy

The sixth house in Astrology rules the sign of Virgo, and one of the attributes of that house is work. Most Virgo moon sign people are very hard working, and may hold down two jobs at once. They are drawn to service fields, like accounting (usually they are good at math), customer service, nursing, home health care, or even running a vitamin shop or owning a store which carries mostly organic and natural products. They also have the patience to be good teachers. A Virgo moon sign person would be an asset on a helpline of some sort, as they are calm in emergencies and are gentle with people.

Virgo is a mutable sign, which means they are people who like change. They get bored easily and like to move around. They could change jobs frequently, and also like to get out a lot. They read to keep up on what’s happening in the world, and like to see shows and movies. Word games, video games and puzzles intrigue them as well.

Virgo Moon in Relationships

Mental Attraction Comes First

The Virgo moon sign love nature is one that starts with a mental connection, due to the Mercury ruler. They need lots of mental stimulation and like to spend time with intelligent people who share their interests. They are down to earth and reliable, always trying to live up to whatever it is they promised to do.

Virgo moon sign people are both fun and stable partners. They love to travel and will enjoy going on vacations whenever they have time off work. They enjoy family life, but also will not be chained to a routine that gets too stifling. Virgo moon sign people need some breathing space. So as long as you can work around that, you should be fine. That calm attitude goes a long way towards creating a harmonious relationship as well. Their occasional picky attitude can get on your nerves, but in general you can deal with it. Virgo moon sign people just like to get all their facts straight and want to get it right the first time

Cat Lovers

Most Virgos love cats, so be prepared to have at least one, and maybe more. They will be treated as part of the family, so hopefully you are not a dog lover. Or if so, you have a dog that can get along with cats. Virgo moon sign people are creative problem solvers, and do not like to get upset, so they will go to great lengths to work out whatever issues there are in the relationship. Nobody is perfect. You will get everything settled with your brainy and sensitive one. Then you will feel glad you put in the effort every time you look into those clear eyes that smile, all their attention on you!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: In my natal chart, I have this aspect I'm interested in: Sun (Aries, 1° 37') opposition Ascendant (Libra, 1° 29'). What would you say about this aspect?

Answer: Oppositions are not bad aspects, only really old astrology books teach the "doom and gloom" kind of thing. The Sun in Aries is the basic way you express yourself, outgoing, a leader, original, passionate, sometimes a little rash in decision making or blunt in speech.The Ascendant is the way you APPEAR to others, the mask or facade you wear when others don't know you well, or you don't know them well. Libra is a more gentle sign, ruled by Venus, but also ambitious. But Libra goes out of the way not to argue, while Aries will never shy away from arguing. Both signs are independent, but with the Libra Ascendant you seem kinder and more tolerant, a little calmer.

The opposition itself doesn't hurt you in any way. Depending on where the planets are in the sky at certain times, you may act out and behave more like the Aries you are. At other times, you will appear more pleasant and try to go farther to appease people than you normally would to keep the peace. It's a little challenging, but that's what makes life interesting. Since the opposition is right on orb (both being in one degree), when Cancer or Capricorn are in one degree of their signs (in June/July or Dec./Jan) you will feel the effects of the opposition more. You can look for an online ephemeris, a table of planets that tells you their positions at any given time, so you know when this will happen. is a site I trust.

Question: I am a Scorpio with a Virgo Moon sign, and my boyfriend is a Sagittarius with a Leo <oon sign. What’s the compatibility?

Answer: Your Sun signs are next to each other, so usually, signs like that can see eye to eye on most issues. It's the same with your Moon signs. You are Scorpio, so are intense, serious, independent, strong-willed, and sensual. The Virgo Moon rules your emotions, and you are ruled with your head, not your heart. Virgo is smart and a good communicator, although sometimes too critical. You care a lot about your health, eating well and exercising. The Sag Sun is easier going, enjoys learning, and often gets involved in causes or interested in a different culture. They like sports and games. The Leo Moon wants a lot of attention, he thinks he's a King. He has these two fire signs, and you have water and earth, so I don't know if he is serious enough or goal-oriented enough for you. But don't forget all of your planets are in a zodiac sign, one of 12 houses, and you both have many planetary aspects. So as long as things are going well, try it and see how it goes.

Question: I am a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant. My boyfriend is a Leo Sun, Cancer Moon and Capricorn Ascendant. Are we compatible?

Answer: What you gave me for each of you is called your Trinity. I can interpret it, but be aware that if I had done a whole Natal Birth Chart, some of what I say here could be changed.

Your Scorpio Sun and his Leo Sun are both in fixed signs, so you are both stubborn, or persistent. This is called a square in astrology, and is a challenging aspect, but can generate sexual chemistry. You are both strong-willed, but both are romantics. He is showier and you are more private about it, and sometimes need more time to yourself. The Virgo Moon and his Cancer Moon work well together, this is your emotional makeup. You are more level-headed and sensible, but willing to talk everything over. He is moody and changes often, so may be harder to reach. But he is sensitive, caring and nurturing. He wants to be half of a relationship.

Your Sag Ascendant and his Capricorn one are signs next to each other, and that usually is fine. You are seemingly more outgoing on the surface when you first meet others, and he seems more reserved. He is more reserved than you. But all in all, I would say you are compatible, it's worth seeing where this goes. I know that sounds contradictory, but the Sun sign is who you are, and the ascendant is how you seem.

Question: I am a Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon/Libra Rising and my boyfriend is Sagittarius Sun/Virgo Moon/Gemini Rising. What are your thoughts on this combination?

Answer: I think this combination (or Trinity is what you gave me) looks pretty good. Scorpio and Sag Suns are normally compatible, signs next to each other are. You are Scorpio, so are intense, sensual, independent, willful, and strong. You are emotional, but a little reserved at first. The Taurus Moon is opposite your Sun, but that's not a big deal. Taurus Moons are peaceful, gentle and kind. You are romantic and loyal in love (as are Scorpios). The Libra Rising is the facade you wear to protect yourself, but it's good-natured, and people find you friendly and personable. Libra rules the marriage house, so you want to be married someday.

One thing I see about your BF is that all three signs of his Trinity are mutable. This means he may be married more than once as he gets bored and changes very easily. So be careful there, as you take relationships more seriously than he does. Sag likes freedom, but is fun, outdoorsy, and is easy going, usually liked by everyone. This goes well with your Libra Ascendant. The Virgo Moon means he's sensible and a bit critical, but also witty, fun, and loves to keep busy. That's the most down to Earth part of him romantically. Gemini rising people are popular, love to try new things, smart, and good communicators.

Just make sure he's not communicating BS. I am a little worried that he's not as serious a person as you. This can be a good thing, as he can bring out your lighter side. But I don't know if you can count on him for the long haul. There are good points here, but just be careful, OK? There is potential for you to get hurt here, I'd rather see you with someone more steady. Let me know if anything develops, and don't forget ALL your planets are in a zodiac sign, in one of 12 houses which rule all the important areas of life, and many planets make aspects in your charts. And I can't see that here. So don't panic, just keep what I said in mind.

Question: How would you describe a girl with Pisces Rising, Sagittarius Sun and a Virgo Moon? What is her best compatibility matches?

Answer: These are three what we call mutable signs, so she gets bored easily and will most likely be married more than once. Sag sun people are very "live and let live" and can usually get along with anyone. They are smart and like travel, or she may be from a different culture. Law, philosophy and higher education are important issues for Sag people.

Pisces rising means she seems dreamy and sensitive, and probably has beautiful eyes. She is creative and a little bit passive. It can be hard to know what she is thinking. She can have psychic ability.

The Virgo Moon represents emotions, so she thinks with her head, not her heart. She can be critical, but with the other two signs, it may not appear so bad. Since this Trinity is all changeable signs, she needs someone more stable or well grounded. Maybe a Taurus or Capricorn? Cancer is a strong water sign, or Scorpio.

Question: I'm a Capricorn Sun / Scorpio Rising/ Virgo moon. What are your thoughts on this combination? I really don't feel I have the work ethic of a Capricorn or a Virgo.

Answer: Besides the Capricorn and Virgo, Scorpio Rising people are also hard workers. So the issue isn't with the signs of your trinity. There must be planets in other signs (all 10 in your chart are). Also, the planets are all in one of 12 houses, and the 6th and 10th houses rules jobs or careers. So maybe none of your planets are in those houses. The distance between the planets also matters. So that leaves us with a lot of ifs.

Are you a late bloomer and maybe you just haven't found work you like enough yet? These are all business oriented signs. Capricorns are leaders, so are Scorpios, and they are intense and creative. They don't like being told what to do. Now Virgos like to work behind the scenes; they don't want the responsibility of running a business or climbing the corporate ladder. So maybe you would be happy with a simple job, and work isn't the main thing in your life. As long as you can pay your bills, there's nothing wrong with that (although people may try to tell you there is). Maybe you were meant to raise a family or be an artist. The list is endless. Those are work, just of a different kind.

Question: How would you describe a guy with a Libra Rising, Cancer Sun and a Virgo Moon? What are his best compatibility matches?

Answer: Cancers are sensitive and strong, leaders who don't crave attention from the public, but tend to get it anyway. He's what I would consider a "sensitive" guy, not a real macho man type. He is artistic and creative. He is ambitious and works hard for what he has. He tends to be a nonconformist and does things in his own way or how he is most comfortable. He doesn't care much what other people think. He cares deeply and is close to family, or if he isn't, will create a family of his own or made up of friends.

Libra rising is the iron hand in the velvet glove. This is also an ambitious sign, but he hides his competitiveness behind his intellect. He is outgoing when he feels like it, but also needs time alone. With two cardinal signs, Cancer and Libra, he is ambitious and has definite goals in life, even if he is still figuring himself out (I don't know his age, but goals change as we grow anyway). Libra is ruled by Venus, and rules the relationship house, so he does want a partner, and Cancer loves family as I said. He likes life to feel balanced, even getting ill when situations get chaotic or out of control. He would rather keep his feelings in than speak and cause a fight.

The Virgo Moon rules his feelings, and he is more ruled by his head than his heart, even though he is romantic, if you want to get through, try communication in words. He cares about health and eats properly and exercises. He worries and can be too critical at times.

I would say compatibility signs may be Taurus or Capricorn, Scorpio or Pisces. But remember, I don't have a whole birth chart here, so there is info I am not privy to.

Question: My boyfriend is Scorpio sun with Gemini moon and I'm Pisces sun with Scorpio moon. How about this?

Answer: I like the Scorpio Sun with the Pisces Sun. You are both sensitive and emotional water signs. He is more settled and stubborn, and you are more creative and psychic. But you can find a lot in common and understand each other well, even communicating a lot without words. Your emotions are very intense with the Scorpio Moon, but it enables you to get his emotional nature more easily. His Gemini Moon makes him more detached than you, but this can be a good thing with all these water influences. He's fun to be with, smart, and he's not going to bore you. I think it's a good combination.

Question: Do a Virgo and a Cancer make a good couple? My boyfriend is a Cancer, and I’m a Virgo.

Answer: Virgo and Cancer are probably a good combination of Sun signs, earth and water normally are OK. Both of you are caring people who will be nurturing and kind to each other. I can't say much else because all of the ten planets are in an astrology sign, and in one of 12 houses with three or four meanings each. It also matters what distance all your planets are from each other. So it's a comfortable relationship, not many fireworks, unless I knew the rest of it. Just so you get an idea of what a real astrology chart and interpretation are, I will give you a link; it doesn't matter if you like the person, just see what astrology entails: If you ever decide to go for a true astrological interpretation of your Natal Birth chart, it begins with your time of birth, and the City and Country where you were born. Anything less is not a true interpretation, it's the little an astrologer can tell you based on knowing practically nothing they can interpret.

Question: I'm a cancer woman with a Libra Moon. He's a Sagittarius with a Virgo moon. What are your thoughts?

Answer: You are a woman who goes into a relationship hoping it will lead to something serious, as you plan for the future. Cancers are gentle and fun, they like to try new things, and are practical and kind. A Sag man is intelligent but not so likely to be looking for a long-term relationship; he's more of an in the moment kind of guy. He's restless, and so is his Virgo Moon. He keeps a tight leash on his emotions and can be overly critical, which will hurt your feelings.

Your Libra Moon means you crave a partnership; you even like them in business. The Cancer/Libra combination means you are ambitious and have definite goals. He's more of a person that goes with the flow, and with the Virgo Moon, he's kind and practical. But both Sag and Virgo are what are called mutable signs, and I don't see him in this for the long haul.

It's not by any means a terrible combination. You may have other planets that work well together and can have some great times ahead. But if you are getting too serious about him, I have concerns you may get hurt. You know what you want out of life, and he is going to change his mind many times. Maybe see how it goes for a while, but don't try to change him into what you want if it isn't going where you want, that never works. Best Regards.

Question: I'm a female of Sagittarius moon and sun in Capricorn & my boyfriend is Virgo in moon & sun in Capricorn. Can the pairing of a Sagittarius and Virgo be a compatible and long lasting relationship?

Answer: So both of you have Sun in Capricorn. I usually don't think two of the same Sun sign are compatible, because they are too much alike. I am a Cancer Sun and dated a Cancer guy for about one year, and it was like being with myself. And it's rare in my 40+ yrs. of practicing astrology that I see successful couples of the same Sun sign. There is sexual chemistry in the square aspect of your moon positions, Sag and Virgo. You crave freedom and are easy going, accepting others for who they are. He is more serious in his emotional makeup. He is witty, smart, and critical, which may annoy you. But he is loyal and will take care of you, which will appeal to your Capricorn Sun.

Also, all of your other planets are in zodiac signs, and in houses, and they form aspects to each other. I don't know a lot here, even your ascendants. So if it's going well, I would say to keep seeing him and see how it goes. You both are achievers and have goals. Capricorns are traditional and have a great touch with real estate. I know one couple of Capricorns who owned about five homes. So I don't have enough info to give a sure answer. If it's not broke, don't fix it. Also, the Sag and Virgo Moons are both communicators, so you are both talkative, and this helps in any relationship if you can discuss your issues.

Question: I am a Gemini woman with a Pisces Moon and Capricorn rising. He is a Leo man with a Virgo Moon and Leo rising. This feels too good to be true! Am I missing something?

Answer: Don't be superstitious; if it feels good, it must be good! But I'm happy to explore this a little bit with you.

You are a Gemini Sun, an intelligent and easily bored person. You are active and have a busy mind which is hard to turn off. You love to go out, and I think you see the latest movies, read the latest books, and generally can hold your own communicating about whatever is the topic of the day. Geminis are fun people. A Leo man works well with Gemini, Gemini is air, Leo is fire, and fire needs air to burn. Leos are also very sociable and fun people. They make great hosts He's one who likes to show you off to his friends. He's warm, and I bet he always wins when he plays games.

Your Pisces Moon represents your emotions, and you are very sensitive, psychic, loving, and nurturing. You can read him very well, also others. You are very creative. You express your feelings openly and leave no doubts about them. Because you are so sensitive, your feelings can be easily hurt, but Geminis can be a bit shallow in showing feelings, they keep the other person guessing (not a bad thing, it keeps the partner on their toes)! So I don't think you are overly moody. He has a Virgo Moon, opposite yours. Oppositions in astrology are not bad. You both want the same things, but go about it in different ways. He will show his love in practical ways. He will worry about your health, help around the house, order take out if he sees you are tired. He is a worrier and can be critical, but you can handle that. You show your love more in a physical way and are more of a romantic (although being a Leo, he's no slouch in that romance dept).

Capricorn rising is the facade or mask you show the world. It's a serious face you show, reserved, deciding if you want to let someone in. But once you do, you are reliable and trustworthy. Everyone views you that way. His Leo rising face is warm and friendly, like his Sun, so he's sort of what you see is what you get.

I like the opposite Moon signs; it's sexy, we all normally have at least a fling with our opposite Sun sign or Moon sign, it's practically fated. I also like the Gemini/Leo partnership, you are two fun people who will challenge each other, but do have sensible sides when it comes to emotions. I don't think you are missing anything. Have fun, and I wish you all the best! Just so you know, when we interpret the meaning of a person's Sun, Moon, and rising sign or Ascendant in Astrology, it's called the Trinity.

Question: My boyfriend is a Pisces with a Virgo moon, and I am a Cancer woman with a Leo moon. Is this a good match?

Answer: I would say Cancer and Pisces are a good match. I know many such couples. Both are water signs and understand each other. You are both caring, devoted people who want to be in a relationship.

The Cancer moon is changeable with a love of home and family. Leo likes to entertain and is the life of the party. Usually signs next to each other get along well, like Cancer and Leo, so I think you get along in a relationship way.

Question: I'm a Capricorn sun with Capricorn moon, and my love interest is a Cancer sun with Virgo moon. What are your thoughts?

Answer: I am generally a big fan or earth/water combinations, being a Cancer who had a 39-year long relationship with a Taurus. The Capricorn Sun means you are somewhat conservative and very ambitious. You plan for the future and think ahead, and are very time conscious, not wanting to waste it. Usually Capricorn Sun people loosen up as they get older, and have more fun, probably because you want security and have it as you meet your goals. The Moon rules your emotions, so you are a little reserved and don't like to show them a lot unless in private, but are sensual and get your point across. You are reliable and sensible, good traits to have.

Her Cancer Sun is opposite your Capricorn one, but in astrology, this is a karmic connection, so she's your soul mate. I have an article written about opposites and will give you the URL at the end; the article will answer more than I can here. She's sensitive, charming, romantic, a bit outspoken, but feminine and loving, a nurturing person. Her Virgo Moon makes her a bit critical, but she's health conscious and will take good care of you! She's brainy and also good at business. I think you will be together for a long time. Check out the article on opposites: You two are fated to be together. This doesn't mean it will always be easy, but it does mean a strong attraction that you will never find again.

Question: My man is Virgo Moon, Aries Sun and I am a Gemini Moon, also Aries Sun. There is a lot of love but all we fight much of the time. Is there anything we can do?

Answer: I don't see many successful relationships of people with the same Sun sign. It's sort of like being with yourself, although it does happen. You both want to come first in Aries and are emotionally a little immature, so that doesn't help. You also will compete with each other. The Virgo Moon and Gemini Moon means there is room to communicate and some sexual chemistry there. The Virgo Moon is more focused, the Gemini likes whatever is interesting at the moment, though both are very intelligent.

Just try to talk out your problems, that's the strongest strength I can see here. Also, do you break up when you fight? If the answer is yes, that's bad. If you manage to work it out, there is hope. Also, all the planets are in a zodiac sign and house, so there's more I can't see than can here, and it can all be better.

Question: I'm a Taurus sun with Capricorn moon, and my crush is a Virgo sun with Virgo moon how compatible are we, and what would our future entail?

Answer: That's a lot of Earth signs, but you have every planet in a zodiac sign, so there is a lot here I can't see. Taurus Sun is sexy, sensible, reliable and a little lazy. Virgo Sun is intelligent, health conscious, witty, sociable, and sometimes too critical. But the two Earth sign Suns work well together. The Capricorn Moon means you need to try to show your emotions more; you are reserved and hold them in. You are ambitious and have goals in life (astrology is contradictory, as there is so much to it). You want to decide if someone is worth your time. The Virgo Moon is picky, but down to Earth and cares about details. It's not a bad combo from what I see, although maybe a tad boring with all these Earth signs. But all the other planets are in zodiac signs and houses, and if I knew that I could see more. I hate to sound like a broken record. There's no easy way to give these little interpretations; they leave more questions than they answer. Based on this I would say go for it and see what happens, and I would suspect you both have other planets and aspects in your charts that would make this relationship more exciting.

Question: I am a Libra female with a Libra moon and my boyfriend is a Scorpio with a Virgo moon. What do you think of this match?

Answer: I think its a fairly good match. You have an air sign Sun and Moon, so are ruled more by your head. He has a Water sign Sun--emotional--and an earth Moon, so that helps ground him.

You want to be part of a couple as Libra rules marriage in the astrology wheel. This is a leadership sign and you are independent and capable. You like pretty things and are creative, you probably dress in a very fashionable way and are ambitious enough to have your own business. You are ruled by Venus, so prefer your relationships to be as peaceful, or on as good terms as possible.

The Libra Moon rules your emotions. You are a flirt and men find you attractive. You are smart as well with the two air signs, and good at communicating, very important in a relationship. Friends also want your advice about their relationships, and you will be kind enough to help them. You are a hopeless romantic with both of these positions in Libra, but that's fine, as long as you find the right one.

Your BF with the Scorpio Sun is more serious than you are. Scorpios are very sexy and passionate. He won't waste time on you if he isn't that interested, so I don't know how long you have been seeing him. He is stubborn and slow to change his mind. He likes your independent streak and is very independent himself. Scorpios are very strong emotionally and can survive even during the worst times in life, so if this is serious, he will be your rock. He can be jealous at times, but his Virgo Moon calms that down. His emotions are ruled by Mercury, so in Virgo, he cares deeply and will worry about your health, and he may try to baby you because he worries about you. He's very down to earth and may not show his affection too easily with the Moon here. But he's reliable and sensible, two traits I like in a man. There's a lot to be said for that! Virgo can be critical at times, so don't let him hurt your feelings. You may have to show him ways to express his emotions more outwardly, although being Scorpio it won't be in a physical way.

Normally earth and water signs do well together, or air and fire signs. So your combo is a bit different. But all your other planets are in an astrology sign too, and a house, so I don't know where the rest of them are. I still like this though, and think you can do well as a couple.

Question: I am a Cancer with a Sagittarius rising and my boyfriend is a Capricorn with a Virgo rising how will that work?

Answer: Cancer and Capricorn are what we call "fatal opposites" in astrology. It is likely he is your soulmate. But that doesn't mean you will be together forever, but this relationship will have profound meaning for both of you. We are strongly attracted to our opposite Sun sign, and almost everyone has at least a fling or at best a long time relationship with their opposite. It feels more important than any other relationship, because you will learn from each other. I dated my opposite (I'm Cancer and he was Capricorn) for four years, but I was only 15 when we met. I was crazy about him. We broke up and made up, and finally I couldn't take the drama. I think the timing was wrong, we were too young.

Since he has Virgo rising, he's mature, as both are Earth signs. He's sensual and calm, has a dry wit, and will treat you with respect. He can be critical at times, and you are both emotional, although you show it more. He's fascinated by you. Your Sag rising means you are more accepting of people than he is, and a bit more independent.

But the Virgo and Sag are called squares, so there's chemistry galore here! Whew! I think it will work very well. You have to teach him to show his emotions more, but he's a willing student when you are the teacher. Being Cancer, you are very changeable, and he can't quite figure you out. I really have high hopes for you two, I think this is a great match.

Question: I am an Aries sun, Cancer Rising, Aquarius moon in love with a Leo Sun, Aquarius rising, and Virgo Moon man. I cannot seem to get enough of him. However, I also can't seem to figure him out. What are your thoughts on this match and what's the best way for me to approach emotional issues with him, as he has issues with opening up?

Answer: Off the top, I can't see any good reason why your guy has issues with opening up emotionally. Both of you have some Aquarius in you, and that sign tends to be independent and runs a bit hot and cold when it comes to love. So let's compare you to each other and see if we can uncover anything. Just know that I can't see what houses any of these planets are in or what aspects the planets form without a chart.

You both have Fire sign Suns, so I like that Aries and Leo are in an easy aspect called a Trine, so energy and communication should flow easily between you. One thing which I see as I am writing is that you have both Aries AND Cancer. These are called cardinal signs of leadership. You want to call the shots and are very ambitious. I think you work hard and have definite goals. Is it possible that he is threatened by your goals and ambitions, and wants to live a life where he takes fewer chances? He has both Aquarius and Leo, fixed signs. He is more inclined to get a good job, and keep it forever, or until the company closes, something like that.

Aries people are outgoing and fun, and Leos are too. You both want attention, but both will be demanding about it, you in a more blunt way. Aries people are very "me first," so you need to back off at times. But I think you both are energetic and sociable people, and enjoy going out together and doing new things. Leo is the King, and don't forget it! But he likes to entertain and is a generous person and host.

You have Cancer Rising, and this is the mask we all wear. You come off as more reserved than you are, but seem kind and gentle. You do have a nurturing streak in you. Once you get to know people better, you are opinionated, though you will try not to hurt feelings. He has Aquarius Rising, so likes to come off as different than others, as a nonconformist. He's smart and may involve himself with humanitarian issues, or at least accepts others for who they are. Both are changeable signs, so you understand that about each other. Also, you have the Aquarius Moon, representing your emotions, so you do hold back, so it could be he isn't sure of you. But he can understand that, having the Aquarius rising, as you both tend to change, you in small ways, he in more dramatic ones.

The Aquarius Moon is an Air moon so that you may intellectualize your feelings. You seem so loving with the Cancer rising. As I go through this, I think he finds your emotional sincerity towards him puzzling and is unsure of it. You have a big heart, but may spend time with so many other people, he feels neglected. Leo needs to be catered to. His Moon in Virgo is a sensible one, he is reliable and does what he says he will do. He's intelligent, but he criticizes you more than is welcome. Virgo can't help it. So naturally, that would be hard to take.

I hope this sheds some light on your question. Taken all together as a couple, I don't think it's a problem relationship, it has potential. But since you asked about emotional issues, I tried to focus there. Also, all your planets are in a zodiac sign so that you may get help from that.

Question: I'm interested in how would this relationship work: I am an Aries Sun, Libra rising and Gemini Moon, while he is Libra Sun, Virgo Rising and also Gemini Moon. We both have Mars in Scorpio, while my Mercury is in Pisces and his in Scorpio. My Venus is in Taurus, and his is in Virgo?

Answer: I can interpret what the planets in the signs mean, but when asked to do these, you must understand I don't have a whole astrology chart. That means what I say may be wrong, and I can't tell what areas of life the interpretation of each planet refers to. I don't mind a Sun, Moon, and rising sign interpretation, but this is really a lot of info, and you really should have a whole Natal Birth Chart cast. So with that large disclaimer, I will try my best with what I have:

Your Aries Sun opposes his Libra Sun, and opposites always attract. It's one of my most popular articles, and I would like you to go here to read this to understand the Aries/Libra dynamic: Aries is very assertive and likes their own way, but both are cardinal leadership signs. Libra is the balance, or scales, and wants to be fair. They also want their own way, but he's more subtle about it. Also, he doesn't like to argue, and will go far out of his way to keep the peace, while you tend to be blunt.

You both have Gemini Moons, so that rules your emotions. It means you are both ruled by your head and not your heart, but that's OK, since opposites are intense combinations in love. You both get bored fast, are interested in many subjects, and like to go to parties and generally burn the candle at both ends. You communicate well and will discuss your problems. You will figure out ways to work things out, a definite plus in any relationship.

The Rising sign is how we appear. You have Libra rising, so appear approachable and fair-minded, always look good, and are well liked. He has Virgo rising so comes off as brainy, and also sensible and reliable. He cares a lot about health. He is a hard worker.

Mars in Scorpio is about your physical life, so you are both strong and healthy. You are very sexy, and this will be an important area in this relationship. You are both also hard workers and are frugal; you will repurpose things to use again. I can see you going to flea markets and flipping things. Mercury rules how you think, so yours in Pisces means you are a dreamer, and your thoughts are ruled by your emotions. You are very creative. His Mercury in Scorpio is more down to Earth; he thinks everything through very carefully. It's hard to change his mind. But he can see right through you.

Venus rules our love natures and social needs. Yours in Taurus means you want nice things and comfort. You are a romantic who wants to be wined and dined. You are sensual. You want to surround yourself with nice things and want the best life has to offer. His Venus in Virgo is more practical. He is loyal, and will talk about romance, but it's not the best Venus position. You can show him a thing or two about what you need as far as the romance goes. He has it in him to be romantic, even passionate, but has trouble expressing it in concrete terms. Or will buy you things like new tires for your car or think of practical things you need to show he cares, not necessarily a bad thing.

Question: My boyfriend is a Sagittarius with a Virgo moon and I’m a Leo with a Scorpio moon and Sagittarius rising. What are the odds we will last?

Answer: Sag and Virgo are mutable or changeable signs, so he will get bored fast. Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, so you are more loyal and dislike change. I don't think it's a really good combination, but you should be able to tell how compatible you are. If it's working, then that's good.

Question: I am a female Sagittarius with a Virgo moon and I am with a male Aquarius with Libra moon. What are your thoughts?

Answer: This is a positive combination, knowing just this little bit. Sag is a sign which has definite ideas about likes and dislikes, and a warm and easygoing personality. You don't judge others. You most likely enjoy sports or outdoor activities. You can be chatty or quiet; there are two kinds of Sag people. But with the Virgo Moon, you would be the talkative kind. The Virgo Moon makes you practical and health conscious, also a good worker who finishes what she starts and a friend who can be relied on.

The Aquarius guy seems complex but is intelligent, and air signs are drawn to fire signs. He may seem aloof. But like you, he accepts people in all their oddball ways. He's restless and also likes to keep busy. The Libra Moon mitigates his aloofness in love. Libra Moon people love partnerships, so he will want to spend time with you and does want to be half of a relationship. He likes nice things and going to nice places. Since your Moons are in signs next to each other, you can understand each other in an emotional way. I think it looks good.

Question: I am a Scorpio Sun, Libra Moon and Virgo Asc. My boyfriend is a Gemini Sun, Virgo moon, and Libra Asc. Are we compatible?

Answer: Being a Scorpio Sun, you take relationships very seriously, and wouldn't even bother if you didn't care a lot. Your Gemini BF has a more laid back way of feeling about life, he is harder to pin down. Geminis are flirts, and I don't know if this will bother you, as Scorpios expect a lot from love and are jealous. Your Libra Moon means you are a romantic and like being in a partnership. You show your feelings more. His Virgo Moon means he's gentle and kind. He can be critical and probably takes really good care of his health and body. So that may attract you. Then we have the Virgo/Libra combo again with the Ascendants. This is the way we appear to others. You seem Virgo. So you are caring and talkative, also interested in your health and looking good. He seems Libra, so probably does care and want to be in a partnership, but maybe a little afraid of commitment.

So you do have compatible elements here. As long as you can tolerate that he may not outwardly show his affection too much, and try not to rush into anything, I am cautiously optimistic about you two.

Question: My boyfriend is a Gemini with Virgo moon. I have an Aquarius sun with a moon in Scorpio. I always feel he’s not deep enough for me, but I love him. Do you have any thoughts?

Answer: Sometimes one person in the partnership is the deeper one, but that grounds the other person, and the more lively one brings the deeper one out of their shell. I don't really think this is a big obstacle to your future happiness, especially since you have decided you love him. His Gemini sun and your Aquarius sun are both air signs, so you are ruled by your intellect, and both intelligent people who are interesting and have many interests. These interests don't all have to be in common; I suspect being an Aquarius you want some freedom in this relationship anyway, at least to get out with your GFs and just have some "me" time.

Your Scorpio moon means you are very passionate and caring, having intense emotions. But your Aquarius sun balances that out. His Virgo moon may make him seem less caring than you, but Virgo moon people are devoted to those they love. He worries about you, will take care of you when you don't seem well, and is practical and reliable, something both of your moon signs share. He may be flirty because of his Gemini sun, but both of you can have other planets in signs, houses, and aspects which change things. Try not to be jealous, a Scorpio trait, but one that is mitigated by your Aquarius Sun. I think you will do fine.

Question: I'm a Cancer Sun & Sagittarius Moon. He's a Gemini Sun & Virgo moon. How do we blend together?

Answer: Gemini and Cancer are signs next to each other, so that normally has potential. Mercury hangs out close to the Sun, so does Venus, so you likely have a planet or two in Gemini, and he probably has a planet or two in Cancer. This will help you understand each other better. You are both talkative and intelligent. You may get hurt feelings more easily, and he can seem detached from romance at times, so that's one issue that you may have to discuss.

Your Sagittarius Moon is opposite his Gemini Sun, so that's an attraction. Cancers are pretty outgoing anyway, but a Sagittarius Moon makes you more spirited and less clingy than some Cancers can be, less moody too. You like the outdoors and are independent. Be careful, planets in Sag can make you clumsy! But you have big ideas and plans, and love to travel.

His Virgo Moon is a serious and critical moon. But he does what he says he will do, and gets bored fast as you do. He cares about health, his diet and exercise are important to him. The Virgo and Sagittarius moons are what we call a square in astrology, so its a sexual attraction. You won't agree on everything, but that would be boring anyway. I like the way you two blend together, and that you can talk about what bothers you. I think you will be fine!

Question: I'm a Taurus Sun with a Gemini Moon, and my crush is a Gemini Sun and a Virgo Moon. Are we compatible?

Answer: The Taurus Sun and Gemini Sun are signs next to each other, and normally that works out fine. Sometimes you make better friends than lovers, but it depends, I don't have the info to cast a horoscope here. The Gemini Moon and Virgo Moon are what is called a square, and that adds some romantic interest. Gemini Moon people seem a bit detached emotionally, and a Virgo Moon can be picky or critical. But the square gives romantic challenge. So based on this, I would move forward and see how it goes.

Question: I am a Virgo Sun/Scorpio Moon and my best friend is a Scorpio Sun/Virgo moon. Is this a great friendship?

Answer: Yes, it is. Because each of you has the Moonsign of the other's Sun sign, you really understand each other emotionally. That's a great quality to have in a friend, right? Because they know a lot about us and like us anyway! Being Virgo, you like order, are practical and intelligent. The Scorpio Moon means you are very emotional, but also a loyal person, a friend who will be there when the times get tough. Since your friend is a Scorpio, the same loyalty will exist. Emotionally a Virgo Moon is more careful about emotions but also likes life to be orderly and not chaotic. I think you will be friends until old age.

Question: Opinion on a Cancer sun Virgo Moon man with Scorpio Sun Capricorn moon female? Will it work?

Answer: I like it and think it will work well. The Cancer and Scorpio Suns are both water signs; the Scorpio is a little more intense. The Virgo Moon and Capricorn Moon are both Earth signs. Virgo Moons are intelligent and care a lot about health issues; you will take good care of her and worry. Don't be too critical. Her Capricorn Moon means she is ambitious and needs security more than she admits, and who makes a person feel more secure than a Cancer. You two will be fine. I'd be shocked if this didn't work. Be happy.

Question: We are an Aquarius Sun with a Taurus Moon and a Libra Sun with a Virgo Moon. How compatible are we?

Answer: I'd say quite compatible, although there are many other factors regarding astrology charts. Aquarius sun and Libra sun are both air signs. You both are ruled by intellect. You like to go out and have interests you share. The Aquarius person is a nonconformist but Taurus moon people don't like change and are very grounded, so that's a bit challenging. Taurus moon people are loyal, sexy and loving. They don't like to argue or make waves unless you upset them.

Libra is a social creature and one who likes to be surrounded by beauty. This is a charming person who has a lot of friends. Libras like nice things because they like to show them off, but a Taurus moon likes nice things because they work hard and believe they deserve comfort in life.

A Virgo Moon and Taurus moon are both earth signs, and the moon rules your emotional makeup. Both of you are caring and will be devoted to a relationship if it goes farther. You are both hard workers who are serious about security in life, but on the outside, you both come off as more sociable than you are. A Virgo moon is a perfectionist who may be a tad critical but also has high standards for themselves.

Question: I'm a Pisces sun with a Virgo moon. My boyfriend is a Leo sun and Cancer moon. Both of us have Capricorn rising. Is this a good match?

Answer: I think it's a pretty good match. Since you both have Capricorn rising, this puts the same sign on the cusps of all 12 astrology houses. This means you have similar ideas or attitudes about the important matters in life, always helpful in a relationship, especially if you are considering a long-term one.

Your Pisces Sun means you are sympathetic and creative, and his Cancer Moon means his emotional makeup is sensitive and nurturing, so I like this. You both have creative and artistic talents, and both need time to yourselves, so will understand that about each other. His Leo sun means he likes to shine, and is most likely very sociable and popular. You are a little less sociable being Pisces, so will want to go out less than he does.

Also, Leo men like women with a lot of bling, although Pisces women are sexy and have a mysterious aura that he likes. You are critical with the Virgo Moon, but also practical and serious, and he respects this with his Cancer Moon. Try not to nitpick about little things too much. Also, you both come off as more reserved than you are with the Capricorn rising, so that tones down his Leo sun a little bit. That's the only part that concerns me, because Leo wants all the attention and likes to be catered to. But his moon and rising sign tone that Leo down, so I think you will be fine. Best of luck to you!

Question: My boyfriend is Sagittarius with a Capricorn moon. I am a Leo with a Virgo moon. Are we compatible?

Answer: Yes, yes, yes! A Sag and Leo are both fire signs, so it's an exciting relationship, but also a grounded one since Capricorn and Virgo are Earth signs. Sag people are fair and open-minded, they love to try new things. The Capricorn Moon is a practical, earthy kind of sensual, pragmatic person.

Leos are the life of the party and love to be treated like royalty. But the Virgo Moon means you are down to Earth and trustworthy. You feel that good exercise and eating are important, so you will nurture everyone you care about. I like this one.

Question: I am an Aries Sun, Libra rising and Gemini moon. He is a Taurus Sun, Cancer rising and Virgo Moon. What could you say about our combination in terms of a loving relationship?

Answer: I see many challenges here. You are an Aries Sun, and he is a Taurus Sun. Normally Sun signs next to each other do OK. This is because every one of your planets is in a Zodiac Sign at your birth time. So the ones close to the Sun, like Mercury and Venus, are sometimes in the zodiac sign next to yours. For instance, His Mercury (how he thinks) can be in Aries, so can his Venus (love and social nature). Or he can have those planets in Pisces too. The same goes for you-- Mercury and Venus can be in Taurus or Pisces, which would make you both a bit more compatible. I find that Sun signs next to each other usually make better friends.

You have Libra rising, so seem outgoing, ambitious, attractively put together, and you like the good things in life. You are a peacemaker and are uncomfortable when others argue. So is he with his Taurus Sun. His Cancer Rising means he comes across as nurturing and kind, but Cancer is also an ambitious sign like Libra. So you are both achievers and have that in common.

Your Gemini Moon means you are hot and cold when it comes to romance. You want to be in a partnership (Libra), but Geminis get bored fast and like to talk about their problems, and a Taurus is more the strong, silent type. But Virgo is also a talkative Moon, so that's helpful. The ascendants and Moons are in aspects we call squares, which are challenges. But it can also add spice and variety to a love relationship. I don't see any reason not to give it a try!

The info you gave me was called the trinity for both of you. Be aware that all of your planets are in a zodiac sign. For an astrologer to be able to give a complete answer to your question, there would need to be Natal Birth charts done. I have also written complete articles about Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus signs with links to help you if you go to my profile page. But for now, I wish you both the best, based on the little info I have.

Question: I am a Pisces female with a Capricorn moon & he’s a Gemini with a Virgo moon. Are we compatible at all?

Answer: This is very little info for me to go on. I am an astrologer who casts and interprets complete Natal Birth Charts. So all I can do is interpret what you gave me, with your understanding that other factors in yours and his horoscope could significantly change it.

A Pisces person is sensitive, charming, psychic, artistic, and understands people no matter what kind of background they have. You are dreamy and creative. Normally Pisces are not go getters and can be taken advantage of if not careful. The Capricorn Moon helps here. It rules your emotional outlook. You have deep feelings, but don't like to show them and keep them hidden a lot. You don't like scenes. But the Pisces softens that. Capricorn in this placement means you are ambitious for a Pisces and like to plan ahead. You have goals and want to achieve them. You are conservative.

A Gemini is intelligent and a great communicator. So a Pisces and Gemini will talk often. He can't turn his mind off, and is knowledgeable about many things. He is witty and fun to be with. He may keep you guessing as far as his true feelings. The Virgo Moon helps with that. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so is Gemini. So he literally can't keep quiet. This may annoy you as Pisces people require time alone and quiet time too. Virgos are caring and do what they say they will. He cares about his health and probably works out. He can be too critical at times and wants to worry about every little detail. But Capricorn is detail oriented too.

As a romantic couple, I've seen better combos. The Pisces and Gemini are both mutable signs not likely to stay with one partner for more than a few years. You won't be the couple having a 25th anniversary together, this relationship has an expiration date. You both have Earth sign Moons, so emotionally are down to earth. I just don't know if I feel a spark here. Try it and see where it goes, but don't ignore warning signs if you aren't on the same page or similar ones in too many areas.

Question: I am a Taurus sun, Virgo moon, Sagittarius Asc. And my girlfriend is Aries sun, Leo moon, Leo Asc. I know this is a rough pairing. How can we make our relationship work despite contrasting astrological charts?

Answer: It's not a rough pairing. Aries and Taurus Sun are next to each other in the zodiac, so signs next to each other usually get along well. Taurus is serious, romantic, likes security, works because you like nice things. Being Aries, she is more outgoing but shows her affection easily, and you like that. She may be more spontaneous than you, but you have the Sag Asc. so Aries Sun with a Sag Ascendant is fine, all Fire. Again, your Moon signs are next to each other. The Virgo Moon is critical, intelligent, ruled by the head, and you take good care of your health. Leo Moon is romantic, but she expects to be treated like a Queen. Being a Taurus, you are probably willing to do that if you think she's worth it, I was married to a Taurus for 34 yrs. Totally romantic, always good to me. Her Leo Asc. works with your Sag. Asc. well too. The Sag makes you more able to do things without overthinking it since you have Taurus/Virgo. You may be too serious for her, she has a lot of fire. But this is only the trinity, and there are 7 more planets in signs for both of you. I think it has a good chance of working. Be positive. The Taurus/Leo are both stubborn, fixed signs, but that creates chemistry too. Go for it!

Question: What is Sept 21st, Virgo or Libra?

Answer: It depends on what year it is. It's not true that zodiac signs all change on the 21st of the month. Some change as early as the 18th or as late as the 23rd. If you write back with the year I can look it up for you.

Question: I'm an Aquarius sun, Sagittarius rising and Virgo moon. I'm very attracted to Scorpios. Is Aquarius and Scorpio a bad pairing? What should I be looking for in a partner's astrological chart?

Answer: No it's not, in fact, I hear from many Aquarius/Scorpio couples. I believe that Scorpios can read other people like a book. But Aquarius people are so complex, it's a big challenge for a Scorpio to do that, so it keeps them interested! Aquarius isn't used to being loved as passionately as by a Scorpio, so is surprised by this in a good way. So it is a good pairing.

Normally, with an air sign Sun and fire sign rising, I would steer you towards air and fire signs. Since you have Sag rising, it's possible you have planets in Scorpio, and that's why they interest you. I wish you gave me the Moon and rising sign for the Scorpio. But if you are attracted to them, and it works for you, go for it!

Question: Do you know anything about female Libra sun/Aries moon and male Virgo sun/Virgo moon couples? In the end, will we have a strong relationship if I stick it out with him? Any advice if we are a good astrological match?

Answer: Libra is an air sign, and Aries is a fire sign, but both are cardinal or leadership signs. This is an outgoing and take charge person, who can also be a team player because of the Libra. Libras like to be in partnerships and are in love with love. Aries Moon people are independent and expressive. They usually like to show off a partner, but may not be in the mood to stay in a long term relationship at the time. If they are, they are lovable and charming.

The Virgo Sun is intelligent and will be able to communicate well. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, so this person is serious and studious. They can also be critical and too focused on details. Since the Moon is in Virgo as well, this is a caring and loving person who worries a lot about health issues. This is someone who will take good care of a partner. Virgo has particular expectations of others. If you don't fit those expectations, you will be nagged to death to change.

My concern here is that the double Virgo will bore and/or aggravate the Libra/Aries person too much. Virgo is an earth sign. If other factors in the charts are good, it could work. But I think in general, as I only know the Sun and Moon positions, the Virgo isn't ambitious or able to let their hair down enough for you to enjoy each other in the long run. Try it and see what happens.

Question: I'm an Aries woman with rising sign in Scorpio and moon in Sag. My boyfriend is Sag with rising sign in Virgo and moon in Leo. What are your thoughts in terms of compatibility?

Answer: I think your trinities are quite compatible. Aries Sun and Sag Sun are both fire signs. Being Aries, you fall in love fast, but are very romantic, and show your feelings, being proud of a partner. You are very original and independent, having good ideas. He is also independent and can keep up with you. He is philosophical, and the Scorpio in you likes that. Scorpio rising makes you seem a bit intimidating, and you have a serious demeanor. But although Scorpio makes you a little harder to read, you are very passionate. His Virgo Ascendant means he comes off as intelligent and is a talker. He is sensible too, something you appreciate, and he will take care of you. He is critical, but you are strong and can take it. The Sag moon means you need some space emotionally, especially with the Scorpio Ascendant. His Moon in Leo means he wants attention. You will be willing to give him attention, being Aries. Just don't let him get too bossy, and this should work out well.

Question: Im a Cancer Sun/Virgo Moon/Scorpio Rising. How do you feel about this combination?

Answer: You are very emotional and possibly psychic and spiritual but have the Virgo Moon to ground you. Cancer Sun people are friendly, nurturing, love family, and good-natured for the most part. You do require some alone time, especially having a Scorpio ascendant. But Cancers are sociable and intelligent, usually up on what's happening with everyone. They make good leaders.

The Virgo Moon rules your emotions, so you are ruled by your head, not your heart, although the other two water signs in this trinity help you to show your emotions. Try not to be too critical of others. You also have a tendency to worry too much. You care about health and take good care of yourself.

Scorpio rising is the way others see you. So you come off as more reserved than you are. You can even seem a little like you don't want to be bothered. But once you size somebody up, you decide if you want to know them better, and you will let them in. Plus you seem very sexy!

Question: I'm a rising sign Aquarius, Scorpio sun, and Pisces moon. What are your thoughts?

Answer: This is called your Trinity and is only three planets in signs of the ten in your chart. So it's meaning is a small portion of who you are. Scorpio Sun people are strong-willed, independent, sexy, intense, and determined to do what they set out to do. You are emotional and can be loyal in love, and a great friend. The Pisces Moon rules your emotions, so since this is the last zodiac sign, you are emotionally mature and very creative, dreamy, loving, and nurturing. You should be artistic in some way or play an instrument, you need a creative outlet for all that emotional energy of both Scorpio and Pisces. Aquarius as the Rising Sign is the way people see you before they get to know you. You come off as an attention seeker, or a nonconformist, and a bit stubborn. Both Scorpio and Aquarius like to get their own way. You are also independent again here, but like people and are likely to volunteer or get involved in humanitarian projects. You may seem aloof at first, but it's just a facade, and once you decide to let someone in, are very trusting.

Question: I'm an Aquarius woman with a Gemini Moon and Leo Rising. He's a Cancer man with a Virgo Moon and Capricorn Rising. What are your thoughts of us as a couple?

Answer: I know quite a few Cancer/Aquarius couples. They are both people who often change, but in different ways. Cancer changes because the Moon travels through all twelve zodiac signs every twenty eight days. So the mood is different every two and half days or so. Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, and are apt to sudden changes. But somehow it works, both signs seem to be strong willed and able to ignore or get past the traits about the other because they are both broadminded.

The Gemini and Virgo Moons are both ruled by Mercury. You will have challenges, Gemini Moon is flirty and changes their mind often. Virgo Moon cares about health, is a tad critical, but will take care of you. These are both good communication signs, so even if you feel differently about emotions, you will be able to talk about your issues. That's half the battle!

Leo Rising is seen as outgoing, needs a lot of attention, but is generous and strong. Capricorn Rising is seen as a leader, trusted and a good planner. They have a wry sense of humor people don't expect.

Question: The male in our relationship is a Cancer with a Virgo moon and the female is a Pisces w Taurus moon. Is this a good match?

Answer: I like it. Male Cancers sometimes are a bit too nurturing, (not something I would complain about)! But some women find that hard to take and decide they want a more macho guy, so divorce rates are high among Cancer men. So keep this in mind.

But you are kind, loving, ambitious, and everyone you care about is considered family. Your Virgo Moon works well with Cancer, and means you have healthy eating and hygiene habits, and like to work with numbers. You are reliable and sensible, and she will appreciate this.

She is mysterious and creative, being a Pisces. She will let you lead, as she is more passive than you. She doesn't judge people and loves to meet new people, she is restless. I'm sure she practices an art of some kind. The Taurus Moon gives her an earthy side, she likes the outdoors. Take her on a romantic hike somewhere secluded and bring a nice bottle of wine to keep cool in the stream. Or spend some time by the ocean if that's possible. She's at her best then (so are you.). She is down to earth, as are you, with the Virgo Moon.

She may think you are too critical at times, and that your emotions are changeable, but that happens when your ruler is the Moon. You think she is sexy and sensual, and you both show your emotions. I think this will work out well.

© 2010 Jean Bakula


Gowrri on September 06, 2020:

I am taurus sun pisces moon and cancer rising and my crush is libra sun virgo moon and pisces rising...are we compatibile?

Kierra on August 19, 2020:

I amVirgo Sun with Leo moon He is Sag with Virgo moon do you see him being in love ?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 27, 2020:

Before this goes any farther, how far is long distance? Is it far enough that either of you would have to leave family and friends, or change jobs? That could be a deal breaker right there. I think the Aquarius rising makes him run hot and cold. Sag and Virgo are both talkers, so you can talk things out. Or at least when he feels like it. If he listens but doesn't respond, I think that's telling you he doesn't want to get more serious. Think about how much time you are putting into this and if it's worth it,.

Sophia on June 25, 2020:

Hello, I am a Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon & Sagittarius Rising.The guy I am seeing is long distance, he is a Leo Sun, Virgo Moon & Aquarius rising. We’re crazy about each other, we have dramatic fights sometimes, stop talking & magnetize back to each other every time. The love/attraction feeling never goes away. However, often times I find myself confused about how he truly feels, I can’t read him. He’s always goofing around & trying to be silly instead of talking serious sometimes then when things get serious he’s really quiet & just listens to me really well, he becomes the best listener but, he won’t open up after that. I could tell he’s very sensitive with me though. Anything I say or do affects him greatly where he will either be super happy or shut off when he’s upset & ignore me. How can I get through to him to make him be comfortable with me emotionally so when we have disagreements we’re just loving & open to each other to move on?

Catherine on December 14, 2019:

Hi, I am a Scorpio Sun Libra Moon and Scorpio Venus and he is with a Virgo Sun Virgo Moon and Leo Venus. Are they compatible? Both are sun sign is compatible however our moon and Venus aren’t.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 20, 2019:

Hello Linnie,

I like that the person has a Libra Sun and you have a Libra Moon, you will understand that person well. The Virgo Moon goes well with your Cancer Sun, you are more emotional, but the other person is grounding and calming for you. I like it!

Linnie on August 14, 2019:

I’m a cancer sun with libra moon and I’m seeing a libra sun with Virgo moon, are we compatible?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 05, 2019:

I'm sorry Amy, this is a writer's blog, and although I do interpret and cast astrology charts, I need a whole one to be able to answer a question like this. I don't know what houses any of these planets are in, and astrology isn't free. Best Regards, Jean

Amy on February 05, 2019:

Hello there! I want to apologize in advance for the very little bit of information I can give but I'm a bit unsure. I'm a Gemini with a Scorpio rising and Pisces moon, Venus and mercury in cancer and a mars in Taurus. My boyfriend is a Capricorn sun with a Virgo moon and an Aquarius rising, his Venus is in Scorpio and has mars and mercury in Sagittarius. We tend to fight every now and then, but somehow make things worked out in the end. Do you think we'd have a future together by working hard on our relationship or at some point we'd break up? Thank you in advance! :)

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 23, 2019:

These types of questions are very hard for me to answer without a Natal Birth Chart. All of your planets are in a zodiac sign, but also a house, and all the planets are a distance from each other, called an aspect. So this is very little for me to go on. You would be better off getting a tarot reading to see if the relationship is a good one or a non starter. I am adept at both astrology and tarot, and many don't consider a tarot reading when they meet someone and want to see where they are going, or if they are going anywhere, together.

Virgo Sun and Aries Sun don't have a lot in common. You are critical and practical, he's a fun loving party guy. He has no forethought, and you like everything just so. The Taurus and Gemini Moons are next to each other, and signs like that are normally peaceful. I don't see any big sparks here. If you go to my blog, you can see what is needed to cast a chart. I would love to help you, but you and 50 others a day all want free readings, and I don't have time to do it. Especially without the correct information. I'm sorry.

Me9782 on January 19, 2019:

Hi, I'm a virgo sun, taurus moon and he is an aries sun, gemini moon. What are your thoughts on this combination?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 18, 2019:

I don't see why not. Scorpio and Cancer are both water signs, so you are both caring, emotional and passionate. You are accepting of everyone with Sag Moon, and the Virgo Moon means she will take care of you, and your Scorpio self will love that. I like it. Best Wishes.

MAL714 on January 16, 2019:

I’m a Scorpio sun sag moon and she’s a cancer sun Virgo moon. Do you think it’ll work?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 30, 2018:

OK, The Virgo Sun and his Aquarius sun aren't the best for compatibility, but all of your planets are in a Zodiac sign. You are sensible and reliable, witty and smart. He's a nonconformist who will keep you guessing, but also is intelligent, and I think mental compatibility is really important in a relationship. Pisces Rising means you seem kind of dreamy. You are artistic and moody, also kind and accepting. He has Taurus rising and is attracted to the ethereal quality about you. It also gives him stability, and he can be counted on when times get tough. Your Capricorn Moon means you need security and are ambitious. His Virgo Moon means he's a hard worker and more sensible than the Aquarius Sun suggests. I like that both Venus signs are air signs, this is great for communication. With your Venus in Libra, you are a hopeless romantic. His in Aquarius is a bit harder. He needs some freedom in a relationship and can like a rather unconventional one. So it depends on whether you can agree and work through this. He's a more sensible Aquarian than most. Give it a try and keep the lines of communication going. Trust him and don't make him feel caged in, and I think that's all he needs. He's afraid you want to put him in a box. Once he sees you don't, I think you will be fine together. Best wishes to you.

Cindy on October 28, 2018:

Hi, can I get your take on my partner. Am a Virgo Sun Piscis rising, Capricorn moon. He is an Aquarius sun, Taurus rising and a Virgo Moon. My venus is in libra his is in aquarius.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 17, 2018:

Curious One,

There is a link at the top of this article, What's MY Moon Sign. There is also one on the Leo piece in the same series. Pay attention when you are reading. Why would I write about one Moon sign out of 12 and not provide a way for people with other Moon signs to find theirs?

Curious one on February 17, 2018:

Nice article

Can someone tell me what are major differences between Virgo and Leo moons? I know person who was born on a moon sign-transitional day and Im trying to figure out what moon that person is affected with. thanks

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 15, 2017:

Hi Lisa,

There are upbeat Sag people and then there are the quiet ones. Most of the traits you describe are Virgo though. It's very good that you picked up on her depression, it seems like she's burying herself in other's problems and ignoring her own. It's going to hurt her in the long run. It's hard, if you try to discuss depression with her, you don't want to hurt her feelings. But its best to get things out in the open. Still, she needs a professional, not you, if her problems run so deep. You don't want to dump a good friend. I am unsure what to say. Be friends but be aware she could turn on you some day for not paying attention enough to her. You are a good friend. This is a tough one, Lisa. Don't get in over your head. Jean

Lisa Strife on June 13, 2017:

I have a Sag sun Virgo moon female friend and she has been nothing but helpful to me. She gives advice when I'm having trouble and always focuses on me. She'd rather help my issues than talk about her underlying depression. She cares about being a good Christian and works out regularly. She likes eating healthy. She pays attention to details and can notice when something is out of place. I asked her once to help me out with a pushy friend and she told me that I could just stand my ground (say no) and offer help finding someone else. She's been a great friend.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 09, 2017:

It's generally accepted that Virgos like cats, but many astrology texts newbies use are old and some things change. An Aquarius Sun can make you messy, or it can be something else in your chart. Don't sweat it, the mess will still be there if you don't clean it!

Sreya Ray on February 08, 2017:

I have a Virgo Moon and Aquarius Sun. I agree with pretty much everything you have written here, except two things.... I can be messy at times, and I love dogs... I don't hate cats ( animal lover here) but dogs are my favourite animal. Period.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 27, 2016:

Thank you for reading my work and commenting on it. Virgo Moon sign people are great to talk to when you have problems.

Rajan on August 24, 2016:

One cannt have a better friend than a moon virgo who cares much for the friendship without expectations. You will forget

your worries for a while when you have conversation with Moon Rather a man who don.t worry about tomorrow.


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 02, 2015:

Thanks Mr. Hollywood! I am drawn to Virgos myself, they are witty and fun to be around. I like the combination of their being sensible, but not so much that they don't know how to have a good time. Take care.

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on August 01, 2015:

Loved this hub! Virgo signs have always been interesting if not mysterious to me as a Scorpio. I've noticed many popular male celebs happen to be this sign. Chris Pine is a Virgo for example. Paul Walker was one. Keanu Reeves - it's just crazy.

I loved how you walked all of us through the history of the sign and the traits. Voted up!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 26, 2014:

Hi Marilisa,

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Take care. I'm sure your daughter is delightful, I like Virgos.

Marilisa Sachteleben from Grand Haven, Michigan on August 26, 2014:

That's my Virgo daughter alright!

Pisces SunGirl on June 26, 2013:

I agree with everything except for cats, my babysitter when I was younger had 7 cats and 3 catfish, and I'm not ready to go through that again! Lol! Any tips on healthy foods for Virgo moon...I do feel better when I eat healthy but I can't organic right now, I eat brown bread instead of white, I stopped taking soda, and I also realized I feel better when I small portions of food instead of one plate full...any more advice in terms of food?

Thank you so much for writing this article! :) God Bless!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on May 10, 2013:

Hello Britt,

Thanks for reading and making some comments. Since I've studied for years, I know people of every Moonsign, so it helps me get a picture of the person emotionally, or the side they don't show. I think you are correct about the Sag Venus and Aries Mars, and they are a welcome, uplifting boost with that stellium in Capricorn. Without it you would take things too seriously, and probably work all the time, not allowing enough time for fun! Take care.

Britt on May 10, 2013:

This is the first Virgo Moon description I've read that sounded like me. Very insightful, thank you for this. A couple things I will mention: I am not much of a worrier, and I'm actually a bit of a disorganized slob most of the time. I assume the not worrying comes with my Sagittarius Venus/Aries Mars, Jupiter conjunct ASC (not to mention a Capricorn stellium); I'm just not a worrier, I go with the flow and I try to stay positive.

Also, I love alllll animals, including cats. They're kind of my weakness.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 22, 2013:

Hello xstatic,

I'm so happy you relate to some of the points! My best friend is Virgo, she's so witty and smart, I love being around her! The thing with Astrology, your Sun is in Virgo, but your Moon, Ascendant, and all the other planets are in a sign too. Often Mercury and Venus are in the next sign (in your case, Leo or Libra) and you would have some of those traits. Mercury is how you think, and Venus is how you conduct your social life and love life. Then there are 12 houses, and the distance the planets are apart at your birth matters too. There's lots of math involved. If you have time, I have a "Cast your own Astrology chart" or "What Astrology can't tell you" pieces on HP. Best wishes, nice to see you!

Jim Higgins from Eugene, Oregon on February 22, 2013:

Really nailed me on some points, like vitamins, exercise and worries about health and family members. I do dress neatly, take care to look presentable, yet my immedaiate surroundings, my desk especially, and book cases are an awful mess, lots of piles of paper here and there. Cats?

I lived with one for a number of years, but really don' like them. I would have no pet if I had not inherited my daughter's dog when she went to college and on to seek her (Virgo) fortune. Maybe September 4 is too early to acquire all the Virgo traits? This is really interesting anyway. Up!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 20, 2012:

Hi Carol!

I agree the sun influences the moon and vice versa. Many of the people here still think Astrology is only the place where your Sun was on your Birthday. So I'm writing to teach. The first hub I did was to show how to cast a horoscope (and you probably do it different, my husband does all the algorithms). I actually have written a few articles, on on each site, explaining how much more involved Astrology is. I'm sure you are much more detailed, with your Virgo Moon. But we will get along, I'm a Cancer Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Ascendant. People think I act very serious, and I am sometimes. But my Mercury and Venus are in Gemini, so I have a fun side! The crowd here on HP likes Astrology and such subjects, they accepted me right away. Other sites are not as open or interested in Metaphysical stuff, only Wiccan stuff.

carol stanley from Arizona on September 20, 2012:

I am also a Virgo moon sign person and follow many traits. However as a past Astrologer feel that that sun sign influences the moon sign and vice versa. Great hub and I am voting up.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 20, 2012:

It's easy to tell ourselves not to worry, but not so easy to do, I understand! Usually Taurus people have the ability to reason things through, and have a calmer attitude. Your Taurus side probably comes out more depending on the subject you aren't so worried about! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Lauren on June 19, 2012:

Thanks for the insight! :) I'm a Taurus with a Virgo moon and I think I worry way too much.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 25, 2012:

Hi ayu,

I can't say they are super sensitive. They usually are witty and laugh things off. Maybe a planet in Libra, the next sign, with a hard aspect?

ayu on April 23, 2012:

I recently know this guy who has a Virgo Moon, what you described here fits him to a tee. I might have scare him off though with my crazy Venus+Capricorn side. True though he is totally good mannered, good listener, worries about his health and meals A lot and has a fixed routine which he follows everyday. Super sensitve though is also one of their trait?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 13, 2012:

Hi ayu,

I have heard it said that the things that drive us crazy about other people are the traits we have in ourselves. I guess we can't see it. I have trouble with this as well!

ayu on February 12, 2012:

Hi Jean,

Your comment about Virgo Stellium made me come back here to check again! Just saw the last comment was by me cursing the Virgo Moons lol...And now I am actually guilty of the Virgo traits (since I have 3 Virgos in me) which is Ridiculous I think!

I like how conscientious and dilligent Virgos are and they do have TONNES of discipline which I lack obviously.

So...hmmmm maybe I am over-critical of myself, which I am guilty of or critical of others (which I am trying to work on lessening) or so I don't know!

It's just scary how what you hate/dislike might end up being you! Now I do understand why I have strange quirks about things in my life - It's the Virgo thing!

Meantime, takecare!

ayu on December 01, 2011:

I have a few friends with Virgo Moon and I must say hanging out with them casually is OK but getting too close to them seriously gets on my nerves. They love to give suggestions about anything, everything regardless of whether they are the subject matter experts or not. They just LOVE to give their opinions and pushing it forward.

Also, they are really particular about stuff that are like weird and seriously over-imaginative! Haha I can never get along with a Virgo Moon on a long term basis. Maybe because of my Capricorn Moon? But then I have Taurus Sun and Saggitarius Rising...hmmm...

Anyway I feel like Virgo Moon in females are really annoying. But Sun Virgo is okay, what do you think??

Jean Bakula on March 27, 2011:

Don't be so hard on yourself! I love Virgos. They are so witty and informed, they can really keep the conversation going at a party.

Donna Lichtenfels from California, USA on March 26, 2011:

Dear Jean,

How wonderful! Finally reading something positive about Virgos! Usually, we are described as too critical! I can be, but try to see all sides. The order and love of research--well, now I know where that comes from!

Really like your style of writing! I will have to read more!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 02, 2011:

Thanks for stopping by! I like the black cat, many Virgos really love cats. My son has a Virgo Ascendant, and has been a vegetarian since he became a teen, he's very careful what he eats--I have a link on my hub Astrological Ascendants or Rising Signs--where you can find out what your ascendant is and what it means. It's the facade or face you show to those you don't know you well, you may enjoy. Take care.

AngelaKaelin from New York on March 02, 2011:

Nice work! I'm a Virgo moon person... I write on alternative health and I practice what I preach. I'm also a cat lover. I have a beautiful black one - he's in my profile pic.