Venus Retrograde in Fall 2018: Higher, Purer Love

Updated on November 10, 2018
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Sylvia Sky, M.A., is a widely published author of books and articles about astrology and occult and spiritual matters.

Hi. My name is Venus. Got a minute?
Hi. My name is Venus. Got a minute?

Venus Retrograde Dates

October 5 to November 16, 2018. In Scorpio until January 8.

Venus Talks About Junk Relationships

I'm Venus, goddess of love, sex, beauty, and prosperity. This October I'm halting in my tracks (as I do about every 19 months) because I want you to prosper in love and your sex life to thrive.

Fact is: Too many of you are tolerating junk relationships. Love shouldn't feel like someone ripping a knife up and down in your abdomen. Maybe your higher powers have failed to make that clear.

Romance is fun, but has an expiration date about eight months into it (darn!). And sex is the life force, not a grab-and-go like a can of soda (darn!), or leverage for manipulating people (you wish!). I see lots of you feeding your hearts junk food.

Twenty-first-century humans are the smartest and most conscious ever born. So I won't sugarcoat what I have to say: You'll soon have to release a person or an illusion or a sex thing you are fond of.

It's a detox to prepare you for your next real love.

My planet will transit, in reverse, Scorpio and then Libra from October 5 to November 16. A similar retrograde happened in October and November of 2010. If you had a love life then, you got my memo. Maybe you waited a whole 19 months, until the 2012 retrograde, before summoning the nerve to act on it.

That's okay. My planet is not the only planet. It's just a very personal planet, governing very personal things.

Venus in Scorpio: Sign of the Mortal Body

In early October or a bit before, you'll see someone's true colors or realize that an attachment makes you more lonely or miserable than happy. This change of perspective is favorable, although it won't seem so at first.

People have spent the whole six weeks of Venus retrograde stewing in bitterness, or sick with grief or anger, or obsessed. I'm trying to minimize the number of weeks in your life you will spend sick at heart.

The sign Scorpio, where I'll be until January 8, 2019, rules the mysteries of your physical, blood-pumping, mortal, lustful, hungry, reproducing bodies which have urges very hard to ignore. One of these is the desire for love. It's healthy. It's built in. They say it's hormones. I say it's divine.

Reversed, in the sign Scorpio, I get serious about plowing up lust and ulterior motives and other debris your culture calls love. Like: I need a huge diamond ring; or he's not Mister Right but he's Mister Right Now; or "friends with benefits," or "If he loves you he will text right back," or "after age 22 it's all downhill."

That's distraction and disinformation.

This Way, People

How's That Working Out For You?

"Emotionally unavailable," "the L-word," "narcissist," "big boobs": I hear these in practically every conversation as you humans try to explain dating and relationship fails -- meanwhile grabbing at any relationship you can get.

The hunger for connection is natural. But if you can tell horror stories about it, or feel hurt or fearful or cynical, or are afraid to speak honestly to your partner, it is not love. That goes also for friends and family. Tolerating the intolerable is not "keeping the door open." Avoiding certain issues is not the same as peace. That's a junk relationship, and very shortly you'll be calling each other narcissists.

My planet backs into the sign Libra on November 1, and Libra is sign of right and wrong. This will clarify the moral dimensions of relationships. Faking, lying, vengefulness, degradation, dependence, oh-so-scared-to-text because it might frighten them away: How's that working out for you?

Venus is in retrograde for all of us at once. Whoever you're involved with has to make an adjustment, too. I encourage you to act in your own best interests. Halfway sorta-casual maybe-someday will never satisfy your natural hunger for love. Why would you ever settle for less?

A planetary aspect at that time, Venus opposite Uranus, suggests a conflict with a surprise ending, either then or on November 30, when the same aspect recurs.

Along the Purifying "Path of Fire"

This Venus retrograde happens to take place entirely along the zodiacal path called the Via Combusta, or “Path of Fire,” meaning the last half of the sign Libra and the first half of Scorpio. This is a purifying fire: the detoxification of your love and sex life. Astrologers advise not to start a relationship, rush to bed, or up and marry under Venus retrograde. It's only 40 days, so it can wait.

No zodiac sign will be drama-free. An ex might show up. If so, wait 40 days until taking irreversible action. This transit might affect beloved family members or friends rather than lovers or exes.

By the true end of the 2018 retrograde, in mid-December, it will seem ludicrous that you ever begged for and hoarded scraps that looked like love, and thought love had to be painful and scarce and that I might let you starve.

© 2018 SylviaSky


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