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Quirks and Characteristics of the Leo Sign

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I am a Scandinavian woman who loves to write about and research zodiac signs.

This article explores all the characteristics of Leos

This article explores all the characteristics of Leos

Leo: July 22 Through August 22

One of the most romantic astrological signs is Leo (love is known to be the ruler of Leo). People who are born under the astrological sign of Leo are known to be very fortunate when it comes to a lot of things.

Leos Are Positive Thinkers

Some people say this is because of the way Leos think positively in every situation; therefore they attract positivity along the way. This is the reason why they often survive the problems that come their way.

Usually people who are born under this astrological signs are committed to the relationship that they have. They tend to become very faithful and devoted to their partners, which makes them the best lovers among the astrological signs. You need to cherish the trust that they will give you, because once it's broken, it will never going to be fixed again.

No matter how deep and long your relationship with them is, they can leave you without saying a word if their trust is broken. They make sure that you will feel heartbroken when they leave, but they always make sure that they have a reason for breaking up with you. Remember that for a Leo, when a relationship ends, there will be no turning back.

Leos are also known to be good leaders and trendsetters. They are also known to be very adventurous at times, especially when they go to places that amuse them. Of course just like any other astrological sign, Leo also has a weakness.

They are full of pride and sometimes their pride can get in the way. This can cause problems with their personal lives and even with their professional side. The good news is they can get over this immediately when they start to analyze and understand things.

People born between July 22 and August 22 are Leos, and this article will give you a breakdown of their common characteristics

People born between July 22 and August 22 are Leos, and this article will give you a breakdown of their common characteristics

The Emotional Aspects of Leos

Leos are known to be very sensitive but they have the tendency to hide that side of their personality, and when they hide it they make sure that no one will ever know about it. They crave flattery and praise because they have a love for adoration and respect. They demand those things badly and they typically get those things from people around them.

When it comes to pride, Leo is absolutely on top of it which can sometimes cause them to be conceited at times. Fortunately, because of the good heart that they have, they have the tendency to control it. If you have friends who are under the astrological sign of Leo, you need to make sure to show them that you appreciate everything that they do. If not, they will get hurt and you will never get to know this at all.

One of the known secrets of Leo is that they have the need to be in demand at times. They want to feel that the people around them need them for different reasons. It makes them feel superior and powerful, which they love.

The Leo Career

Leo is successful when it comes to dealings with businesses. They find everything easily and they usually are in control of everything that is going on with the said business. The problem is, because of the control that they want; some people in their workplace tend to not understand this trait of a Leo.

This happens when Leo is not in the right position to be in control, but their power to succeed in everything helps them. This is the reason why they tend to get everything that they want when it comes to business. They are known to be a great leader because they find every business to be their familiar kingdom.

People who are born under the sign of Leo are best when it comes to dealing with other people. In fact, they can work even better when they are working as a group. If this is your first time working with a Leo, make sure to not give this person certain orders because they hate it.

Typically, Leos are the ones who should give certain orders to the people around them. You don't have to worry about anything because they usually give orders in a cheerful manner and with enthusiasm.

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So You Are Attracted to a Leo

You need to admire them in order to attract people who are born under the sign of Leo. If you are eager to attract them, you need to make sure that you will give them a few compliments on everything that they do.

If you're just complimenting them just to grab their attention, that won't matter because all that matters to them, is the attention that they are getting from you. On the other hand, you also need to entertain them and make them laugh. They love to laugh because this is a sign of positivity and they are always full of positive energy.

Attract them by giving them dinner that is fancy and attending events that are upscale. They love luxurious things and giving them what they want is the best to attract them. Of course, they are also looking for someone who is nice but classy, so if you are attracted to them you very well know what to do.

Dating a Leo

Adoration and praise are important for women who are born under the astrological sign Leo. You need to make sure that you adore her and praise her often because no matter how good the relationship is for you it will never last without the two things that they require. She doesn't like to be compared to other people because she believes that no one is better than her.

On the other hand, you need to be prepared because a lot of men like them and competition may arise at times. But if you're someone who is eager to get her heart, then she will surely stay with you no matter how good-looking those men are.

Men who are born under the astrological sign of Leo are known to fall in love easily but don't really last. The reason behind this is because the thought of having a great affair with you often turns into reality which they don't like. If you're a woman who has always been grounded, then a man who is under Leo might need you.

They need someone who will help them to keep their feet grounded no matter what. He also needs a woman who can cheer him up after a bad day and someone who adores him truly. Avoid nagging because this will higher your chances of having a long-lasting relationship with him.

Now if you get to achieve a long-lasting relationship, you might want to teach a Leo gently that there are other things that are great in this world besides him.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


earthlin on September 18, 2019:

ur is the best

Mary on September 09, 2018:

I agree we do get depressed when,things don't go our way ,I don't know about other

Leo's but patience is not one of my virtues

Lol, I do like attention and like to be in the


Jo on June 25, 2018:

I am a Leo and I don’t like to be praised unless I have done sth good

comfort Toyin on June 04, 2018:

I'm proud to be a Leo woman

ThePaganSun on April 14, 2018:

Leo is not ruled by "love." It's ruled by the Sun. Taurus and Libra are ruled by love (Venus). Leo might rule the heart (symbolizes many things like courage, strength, passion, not just "love") but it also rules the back and sides.

Ronnie on March 09, 2018:

Haha I’m a Leo and that is Leo to a tee spot on

the truth on September 15, 2017:

The Leos want to be the centre of attention yes. But they can also easily become very insecure and depressed. They have difficulties when things do not go their way. Apart from that they can be great people to be friends with. Usually very loyal.

Nita on January 13, 2017:

This was very helpful when it comes to learning my Leo.

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on August 13, 2014:

Thanks for your input

ThePaganSun on August 13, 2014:

Hey Elle64. Actually, Libra is known to be one of the most romantic signs. Leo is actually one of the most physically and emotionally powerful signs not just Aries or Scorpio which you forgot to mention. It is more masculine even than Aries since Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the most masculine "planet." And remember, Leo is a mighty LION, a stronger and fiercer animal than a ram or scorpion. So please remember to include Leo's more dominant and forceful traits.

elle64 (author) from Scandinavia on August 12, 2014:

I did not know that.

Janae on August 12, 2014:

They also love to snuggle a lot

Sarah Carlsley from Minnesota on June 11, 2013:

Ah yes, I'm a leo and I can say that this is incredibly accurate. Nicely done!

Naomi Starlight from Illinois on June 05, 2013:

I would say, don't be afraid to make a bold move when courting a Leo. You want to stand out from all of his/her other admirers. ;) And we love passionate displays of all types.

Aloe Kim on August 05, 2012:

Leo's are just wonderful! I was so happy when my son was born a leo ^_^

Prakash Dighe from Dallas, Texas, USA on June 12, 2012:

Quite a bit may be true, but I wish the part in the first paragraph about "very fortunate about a lot of things" were true! I'm a Leo, and at the moment, things are not exactly right. Very interesting - voted up!

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