The Best Careers for Virgo

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

Read on to learn which jobs are best for a Virgo.
Read on to learn which jobs are best for a Virgo. | Source

Virgo is a very intellectual sign and these men and women are always analyzing everything and everyone around them. They work well in groups, but only if the groups are composed of people they can respect. Slackers and other types of people who willingly allow themselves to fall short of their own potential can greatly annoy Virgo, so they will not do well under the leadership of such people, or supervising them. These folks are also known for being direct and to the point, and should find a career in which such traits can be appreciated.


"The Critics" by Harold Harvey
"The Critics" by Harold Harvey | Source

Having been born under the most critical sign of the zodiac kind of makes this sort of job a no-brainer for any Virgo man or woman. And their taste is usually top class, so they will be highly respected for their opinions. Obviously, they should seek out a position in a field that interests them—sports critic, art critic, fashion critic, film critic, etc. There are countless possibilities!


Virgos are very good at reading other people and they can size you up in a heartbeat. They can point out flaws in a very concise and clear manner, which makes them brilliant at analyzing others. (And yes, they tend to be just as talented at analyzing themselves!) That said, they are not always gentle about their observations, often feeling as though it would be more practical to just state the problem and start working on it straight away. This approach will work with some people, but to be truly successful in this field, Virgo would need to also have the ability to soften their observations so that every individual is capable of hearing it.

Community Organizer/Social Worker

Virgo has a soft spot for the underprivileged and has a real desire to help people rise above their misfortunes. Virgos would make brilliant social workers or community organizers, but again, they would need to be able to temper some of their more direct statements with something that can be accepted by even the most sensitive people. Virgo's heart is definitely in the right place; they just need to temper the presentation a bit.

Visual Arts

Virgos often have a talent for art and spacial arrangements and they are often very successful at web design, interior decorating, personal style consulting, advertising, and so on. They may also have a talent for creating art with their hands, whether it be actual art in the classic sense, or jewelry and clothing.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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