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Why Do Scorpio Men Withdraw and Seem Distant?

Kris is a Scorpio sun with a Capricorn moon and Cancer ascendant.

Learn why the Scorpio in your life is withdrawn and seems distant.

Learn why the Scorpio in your life is withdrawn and seems distant.

A Guide to Your Scorpio Love Interest

This article will provide a crash course on your crush. We'll cover:

  • Sun sign basics
  • Common personality traits and how they manifest in romance
  • Top reasons why he's off the grid and ignoring your texts
  • Explanations for his off-and-on behavior and sudden blow ups
  • A glimpse at sign-by-sign compatibility
  • Important tips for cultivating a healthy relationship
Scorpio is a fixed, feminine, water sign.

Scorpio is a fixed, feminine, water sign.

The Basics

Scorpio sun signs are born from October 23–November 21, right between Libra and Sagittarius. Their element is water, meaning they navigate the world through their emotions. Their fixed, feminine energy can come off as stubborn and reserved, but don't mistake their often quiet and secretive demeanor for passivity! Scorpios are driven to action by their ruling planets, Mars and Pluto. These planets govern war, aggression, sexuality, and deep transformational change. This gives Scorpio natives an innate push to seek personal growth on a soul level.

Common Personality Traits of a Scorpio Lover

Does this sound like your guy?

QualityHow It Shows

charismatic, magnetic, mysterious

flirts like James Bond

deeply curious but secretive

will ask you 100 personal questions but won't tell you much about themselves

the all or nothing type

can rev from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds but may let off the gas just as fast (they will likely be the one to determine the speed of a new relationship)


when they finally find "The One", they love them with every fiber of their being


will never let go, for better or worse

sensitive and intensely emotional

can hold a grudge for years but is also capable of deep healing work, tender forgiveness, and bringing dark wounds to the light


will take the time to understand their partner to their core and nurture them accordingly


wants it their way and has a hard time compromising


ignites the spark of a twin flame relationship you'll never forget

a fighter

although they might instigate many fights within the relationship, they will also fight for the relationship when it needs saving

Is your Scorpio man ignoring your texts?

Is your Scorpio man ignoring your texts?

5 Reasons Why a Scorpio Man Withdraws

I have determined that a Scorpio's withdrawal usually has one of five causes (though there may be more I have not yet discovered):

1. He's confused.

He is in a situation that he has mixed emotions about and is acting distant until he sorts it out in his heart.

2. He's angry.

He is royally pissed off, and instead of lashing out, he has decided to spare you his vindictive tongue. His withdrawal is to let you know he is upset and perhaps to punish you by ignoring your texts (manipulative, but it does happen).

3. He's hurt.

He feels burned or embarrassed and has withdrawn to nurse his wounds. In my opinion, we Scorpios take offhanded comments a bit too personally. When he gets offended, he will try to go about his usual routine in silence as a coping mechanism. I do this, and I can tell you it really ticks me off when I am creating space on purpose, and someone asks me what's wrong. If they keep asking, I either lash out because I want them to go away without explaining that I am upset or I pretend that I just don't feel well.

4. He's simply being himself.

He may just be enjoying his alone time, pondering the meaning of life, or pouring himself into his passion projects. I believe that when he withdraws like this and possibilities one, two, and three have been ruled out, it says a lot about his confidence in the relationship. It tells me that he thinks the relationship is strong enough that he doesn't have to worry about putting on a show and being talkative every day. Some people may take that as being taken for granted, but I guess all I can say is, if that bothers you, talk about it. I'm not guaranteeing it will change, though.

5. He's breaking up with you.

If he completely stops communicating, he may have decided to cut all strings and end it. In other words, he is creating space in preparation to leave. I hope this isn't the case for anyone, because it says volumes about his lack of compassion for you if he isn't willing to give you closure.

Why is he still acting distant?

Why is he still acting distant?

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Is He Showing Off-and-On Interest?

Does he seem intensely interested in you and your plans—almost coming off as a bit of a stalker—but only to go off the grid completely before once again coming onto you as strongly as before? From my experience (both as a Scorpio and as someone who has dated several Scorpio men), I'm going to explain their peculiar behavior as best as I can.

You have to understand that Scorpios are intense. When they are focused, it is with a single-minded obsession. So when he is thinking about you, it is all about you. And when he's not, he's not. Without going into why he withdraws in the first place (more about that later), this is the best explanation I can give you for the stalker-to-stranger extremes.

There will be times when he's somewhere in between extremes, but it happens less frequently than with other signs. These in-between times usually happen when he is trying to make an effort because he knows you probably don't understand his intensity or because he's genuinely curious about something you mentioned.

The best advice I can give here is to communicate. He may not be saying much, but I guarantee he is listening. Tell him how you feel. If he is a fit for you, your Scorpio will be upset that you are upset. At the very least, he will reassure you that you are not the problem.

If you aren't sure about him, don't put up with his games. In other words, if you can't tell which of the first four reasons is the reason he has withdrawn, then you really don't know each other well enough for him to play mind games and expect for you to sort it out. Tell him so. If he still doesn't answer, he isn't worth your time anyway.

Why Does He Suddenly Snap Out of Nowhere?

It might seem like everything's fine when your Scorpio suddenly turns on you, leaving you feeling attacked for no reason. He can't expect you to read his mind, but here's what he might be feeling—and likely has been feeling for quite some time.

Imagine you have a dog. Now imagine you're a small child that has just discovered the dog's tail and begins to playfully tug on it. The dog loves you, understands that you don't know any better, and tolerates your curious tugging. A few years later, you accidentally step on the dog's tail. All is forgiven; the dog can tell the difference between a purposefully placed foot and an accidental injury. But now you're older and so confident in his loyalty that you constantly yank on his tail to show your friends how much he loves you. But if the dog finally turned around and bit you then, would you think, simply because it hadn't done so before, that it came out of nowhere?

I can guarantee you one thing: a Scorpio waits. They wait until they feel they have sufficient justification and then lash out. Because they know their emotions are so much stronger than others', they tolerate more than most people. They have to so that they don't feel guilty about retaliating. But when they do finally lash out, they do so in brilliant form. At this point, it's not about you understanding what he is angry or hurt about. It's about you feeling small and crushed, cowering in a corner surrounded by your guilt. And if you don't remember the first few times you tugged on his tail, because his response wasn't memorable, well—that's not his problem.

My point is, you may think it came out of nowhere, but he has been keeping track, and something tipped the scales. Just because he doesn't tell you when you have hurt or upset him doesn't mean you haven't.

Are you and your Scorpio compatible?

Are you and your Scorpio compatible?

Sign by Sign Compatibility at a Glimpse

SignAreas of HarmonyAreas of Tension


passion and intensity

anger and confrontation


stability, security, commitment

grudges and surrendering dominance


intellectualism and curiosity

differences in commitment


romance and intimacy

attachment and co-dependence


energy, love for life, lust

loyalty and trust


devotion and thoughtfulness



demonstration of affection

keeping the bond when romance flickers


philosophy, wanderlust

freedom vs. possession


overall personality



ambition and personal space

honest communication


revolutionary ideals

emotional understanding


soul-searching and sentimentality

attachment and co-dependence

What Determines Compatibility?

In astrology, there are several complex methods of determining compatibility beyond sun signs. However, remember that astrology should be used as a tool to better understand your partner and your unique dynamic, not to define the relationship and its outcome. Any sign can date any sign; however, studying synastry can help pinpoint particular strengths and challenges in any partnership.

Tips for a Healthy Relationship With a Scorpio

The following are key pillars of any strong relationship, but these may need some extra attention when dating a Scorpio.

  • Trust: Most of Scorpio's negative behaviors stem from a fear of rejection, betrayal, or abandonment. When they feel safe with their partner, they will likely not only open up but pour their best qualities into the relationship.
  • Communication: If he's being unresponsive or giving vague answers, try to maintain an assertive communication style—not aggressive or passive-aggressive. Be clear and gentle with your questions, making it known that you are willing to listen to his thoughts and feelings without judgment.
  • Boundaries: Define what limits you and your partner need, whether that be in regards to commitment, privacy, or mutual independence.
  • Space: Scorpio men are notorious for needing massive amounts of their own space, but feel entitled to infringe on yours. Decide as a couple whether you need more or less alone time, and how to ensure genuine trust while you're apart.
  • Intimacy: Sexuality is often essential to Scorpio expression. Whether or not your relationship includes physical sex, emotional intimacy, and vulnerability should be honored with mutual consent and honest discussion.
  • Forgiveness: Did we mention that Scorpios are sensitive and hold grudges? If your partner is feeling burned, apologize by acknowledging their feelings—whether or not you feel at fault. Often, they just need to feel heard, and validating their pain can be an easy cure. However, be sure to assert your need for forgiveness and compassion. Resentment is a silent killer of any bond.

Remember, your partner's sun sign is never an excuse for abusive behavior. These tips are meant to mitigate possible challenges in a Scorpio partnership, but if you ever feel threatened, manipulated, or mistreated—they are not worth your wellbeing. On the same note, don't let Scorpio's bad reputation lead you to misjudge someone. There are plenty of respectful, loyal, and honest folks born in Scorpio season, just as with any other sign. Discern your partner based on their true character, and let astrology be secondary to your gut instinct!


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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2012 KrisNick09


Dvl20 on September 16, 2020:

A scorpio man is something else. They want you to pour out your heart and you literally have to pry things out of them. They constantly test you. Dont give in to him. Make him WORK for you, if he wont then keep it moving as he will if it were you. Have a life. If he is distant keep it moving and show him that you wont lose any sleep. Hes naturally secretive and very vindictive, dont stand for it and don't miss out waiting on him. Yes, they do play games , but its just to feel you out and see your loyalty. DONT CHASE HIM. Be honest cause hes very intuituve and can read you really well. Be strong and dont let him control you.

Shameca on August 28, 2020:

Hi. I just recently started dating a Scorpio man, and I am a Capricorn woman. I was almost ready to give up on him until I read this article. He can be so intense with his feelings; but he does have moments when he is withdrawn, and it makes me feel like he is not interested. I've tried to end it with him, but he doesn't want to let me go. Help!! How do I navigate this relationship, because I do care deeply for him. He is so kind and thoughtful; brutally honest and very open when he is not withdrawn.

Shog on May 27, 2019:

As a Scorpio

Yes we take our time doesn't mean we don't care we just need assurance that we won't expose ourselves for being hurt in return. Don't be pushy give him his space it's very important and if there is anything bothering just talk about it gently we listen probably because we understand ourselves better.some scorpios are terrified about relationships mainly because Scorpio always are in control of their emotions.

Kay on April 11, 2019:

I have been talking to a Scorpio man online for 4 years. We have had periods of intense sexual conversation and then we lose contact for weeks to months, then one of us will reappear. This year, we finally met in person. A month or so before meeting, he opened up a lot about his personal life to me, and it felt like I was finally getting to know him as a person. When we met in person, sparks flew. I went crazy over him, and he seemed to go crazy over me too, and even wanted to make plans for the next meetup before even leaving each other. He seemed to get a lot closer to me the following days and was texting me a lot, but then he went distant again. We sporadically texted over the next week or so, but I gave up because I noticed I was the only one initiating conversation, and after he ignored a snapchat I sent him, that was the last straw. I honestly thought he was ghosting me. A few times over the following three weeks, I came close to contacting him. I was going to ask him if I did something wrong, but I held back in order to not look desperate. Well, a couple days ago, he texts me out of the blue "hey wife." Part of me was over the moon with joy, but another part of me wanted to yell at him! How could he just not think of me at all for 3 weeks, and then randomly text me like nothing was wrong?! I waited a day to respond, and just said "hi." He wrote back and we exchanged a few messages after that, but I am just so confused as to what is going on in that head of his.

Rosa on February 16, 2019:

Hi , i am a sagittarian girl . i am with a scorpio boy , it's 13 months that we are with each other , yes i agree with all , he is so different with all , at first he flirted alot , after few month i fell in love with him & i told him & during the time this feel got more & more . How much i showed my love to him , he got more silence . He did not talk to me at all . Just checked my words . Sometimes i fought with him , coz i thought he does not love me !!!!! But after a while i realized he loves me , cares about me , listens to me , & my words had lots of effect on him ! & i saw him posts in other social app . He does not show me his emotions , just during our fights says i care about you , i think about you , do not leave me & etc . Now i know he is so powerful , he is so confidence . He just needs more time , to make a palace for future . Never put them under pressure , they are so sensetive . They need lots of love , attention & affection . They are a little different . I love his jealous & possessiveness alot . It shows his deep love . I know they behave negative but see them positive ! Be successful .

Trouble on February 12, 2019:

We met 3 Years ago at my Clients Home, i was working there. The Bug came to install a Walk in Shower. Anyway, we just been talking and starring at each other off and on. I had my Life he had his own, all good. The Bug told me he is playing Music at some Bar so he invited me to come visit. Ha,nice Guy. I was in a Bad Relationship which has been pretty done soon or later and i thought it would be good to get out of the House and so see the Bugs Band. It was great singing Backup with that Bug together. Our Connection felt pretty strong like two Magnets something strange was happening. We stayed in Contact for the next 3 Years. Saw him playing maybe 3 Times in that Years. He sometimes came by my Place to Visit before he went to his Gigs. He did ask me many Time to come see him at the Gigs but i never went until last June. I know the Bug had a Gig near my Place so i went to Hogans to surprise him. The Band was on Break in the Back, i was not looking for him, was sitting at the Bar talking with the Bartender etc, having a good Time. The Bug came by the Bar saw me sitting there smiling at him. He is a Scorpio, sweet, caring, thoughtful, listening well, good Manners, a real Love Bug,

demanding, all this good Things a Guy should have .

We just dating, taking it slow. He is working independently, so he is working lots, busy with his Music Needs and is living one Hour away from me, living with somebody together. Go figure.

Being in Love is wonderful. The Bug always tells me his Week Plans, work work work, shows up when promised at my Place always needs to go back home to his Dog. I understand it to a Point. How can u fall in Love with somebody else when u still be living with her. That's not easy to swallow. We love each other so much, there is such Trust between us. He has this Sunshine Smile, this happy Puppy Look.

Our Love is real we know it from the Start.

Scorpio Signs yes he has the most of them. He needs his Space, alone Time ,escape into his Music after having Stress Times.

Yes this one drives me Nuts, but i always know he is coming back around. He snoring very loud, don't tell him this omg, he sticks his Head up his Tube to not be and he refuses to stay over Night cause of this. Love him anyway. Should i stay or should i go.

I cry a lot, he knows but i won't show him my Tears. I am not giving up on Him, not giving up on us.

Cap on January 08, 2019:

I’ve been crazy about a Scorpio since the day we first met. We have flirted on and off throughout the last few years but never anything serious because we both have been in relationships. A few weeks ago we started talking again and admitted our feelings to each other. We had plans to hang out but on the day of he bailed on me and hurt my feelings in doing so. I’m a Capricorn so I’m very hurt on the inside but I’ll never show it outwardly. He messaged me a few days later and told me he had messed up and couldn’t stop thinking about it so could we hang out again. I told him I didn’t know because he hurt my feelings and I felt like he was playing games with me. He basically begged for a second chance. So the time comes to hang out a second time and he doesn’t respond to me for like 4 hours after we agreed to meet and then started asking me if he could trust me/if I trust him. Again, as a Capricorn I am secretive and I didn’t want it to be something all of our acquaintances knew about. Then he asked me to meet up with him at his friends house, who he knew I used to have a relationship with years ago. I told him no and he was surprised. I told him i just wanted to hang out with him like we agreed and I felt like he was being immature. He told me to not be like that. I decided not to talk to him anymore and he kept asking me to talk. I just told him I was over the whole thing and we haven’t spoken since. I just don’t have the heart for scorpios mind games and I’m tired of my emotions being played with.

Taurus in love with scorp on December 05, 2018:

He is giving me silent treatment for over than one year. I should have given up but I still hope because I felt his love for me in his eyes. Wish we will be together soon.

LadyBull67 on November 25, 2018:

If anyone is going through this; stop, drop and roll. People that get deep into head games need emotional control over someone. Lying, gaslighting, disappearing acts/avoiding for days on end, and emotionally irresponsible- denying fault or acting unaware of their actions- refusing to talk things out, is just not worth it.

The one I dealt with and still am uses coworkers to try to make me jealous but because I've seen him watching me and eavesdropping on me, I believe he's just looking for something on me. Yes, this is a scorpio, who claims to be in a homosexual relationship yet he's this possessive and jealous of me. We haven't been intimate and the bullshit has gone on for a year. So, they can go on for a good while after things have cooled off quite a bit. I just don't have time to waste. I refuse to take tesponsibikitu for HIS emotionaly irresponsibility. Again, anyone going through all of this nonsense, move on.

emilia toretto on November 15, 2018:

The guy I like is a Scorpio. We're both 15, and we've both admitted we "like each other". We don't know each other that well, so I don't know if he likes me just for my looks, or he actually takes interest in me. Anyway, we decided to meet up but it didn't end well; I arrived at our meeting place and he wasn't there so I texted him, but he said that I wasn't there so he went to hang out with a friend. That was a month ago. We haven't talked to each other much since. We're both show offs that work for each others attention, but sometimes he doesn't even acknowledge me. I don't know if he still likes me. Bottom line is, I am losing my mind and I need help.

audriannajones57 on November 10, 2018:

Love this

Leogirl on November 05, 2018:

To everyone out there ... firstly, although I personally love my sunsign and I do think people possess certain core characteristics based on their sunsigns , you have to acknowledge the fact that every individual is complex and not binary ( I.e. his actions do not depend on just the fact that he is a Scorpio). Secondly, even I am dating a scorpio who sometimes withdraws but who cares , I am going to take it until it reaches my threshold and then i will break it off with him, thirdly , as a leo i am prone to displays of pride and arrogance- the fact that I can acknowledge it and try to be a better person in relationships and not let my Leonine shortcomings define me, so if you are dating a Scorpio who can not control husband baser instincts then please ask him you fuck off , life is too short to run behind weirdos, Fourth of all , I am pretty sure that each of you frustrated girls out here are interesting, beautiful and amazing human beings, remember that when you feel like you are being used. Lastly, no one can love a person who doesn’t truly love themselves , and if you truly love yourself you will know how and on whom to spend your precious hours, reserve your emotions to your girlfriends , get to know a boy for who he really is before pouring your feelings out to him and feeling vulnerable.

P.S. All it comes down to is whether he’s a nice guy and whether both of you treat each other right, if not then end the relationship and move on (irrespective of whether or not he’s a Scorpio and whatever your sunsign is ) . Remember there aren’t only 12 kinds of people in this world !!

Kawaii18 on October 30, 2018:


I am a Cancer girl but a very strong personality as well. I've dated other Scorpios before and they were all super cool in the beginning and then they became mean afterwards so it wasn't hard for me to let go of them. I've been dating a new Scorpio for 3 months now that I fell in love with almost right away. He was the absolute gentleman, thoughtful and sweet, taking care of me for everything. For the second time now he is giving me the silent treatment. After reading all the thread and many many others more I realized he is just like whatever you guys had described. I really need help tho, here is the problem.

First time he gave me the silent treatment I was a bit agitated with him because he kept calling me difficult and I got pissed and told him something mean like 'you better go back online and find an easy-going girl who had an easy life'. he disappeared but after some time he texted me saying 'I'm sorting my thoughts out because this feels brutal and chaotic' which sounded so childish to me. He's not young, he should know I was a pissed female haha. But then I apologized and he responded that he needed to think about all this and take a time out for that, so he thought about it for 3-4 days, then he called me and I didn't respond and he left a voicemail saying that we shouldn't see each other anymore. But when I called him, I said that this wasn't fair that he was making the decision alone and that we need to talk so he needs to come talk to me and he responded IMMEDIATELY with 'OK!'. Then we didn't talk much about what happened except I had asked him if he's testing me subconsciously and he said that maybe but he's not sure. We were totally fine for a month, then he was at his friend's place and he was supposed to come to stay with me before going home but he got sick and he only texted me when he was already on the way home without even telling me he's thinking of not coming. So, I got so pissed because I was very hurt, thinking he didn't care about me and my feelings to let me know and make sure I'm ok. Of course I understand he was sick and needed to take care of himself but my problem was that he didn't tell me until he was already leaving. I forgot to mention that he's really not good at communicating anything. So, I got pissed and send him many messages that were saying how much he hurt me by doing that but I was definitely a bit hysterical lol because on top of being a Cancer, I was starting to pms. So one of the things I said was 'it's not normal to not be able to communicate like a normal person at his age' and 'i felt disrespected and if i feel that way that probably means he is not for me, so he needs to carefully think if he really wants to be with me'. So, he didn't respond for a while but when he responded he said that I guess i am right that we are not for each other and he tried his best, that he is sad and disappointed, and that he wanted to be the person that I give my love to but he wishes me to find someone who will. So basically breaking up with me. Then he blocked me! But I emailed him many times apologizing to him and saying that I loved him and asking him to forgive me but I did not get even one word back. I know he read some of my emails because one of the emails I was asking him to send me my stuff from his place and I got a message from FedEx that he sent my stuff. So now it's been a bit over 2 weeks and I haven't heard from him, but I have been emailing him all the time and I know everyone said that I should ignore him. But it was important for me to tell him that I regret what I said. i read here the Scorpio guy said "Also of pushing someone away as fear rejection so will self sabotage in order to control outcome, which sadly always ends in pain." because both times I had said something that was questioning if I'll leave him he would want to end it first. In the beginning, when we first start dating I had told him about a few things that bothered me and he told me 'this feels so breakable'. Do you think he's just insecure about me leaving him first?

Also do you think he will come back? I said in my emails that I know he loves me too and that he broke up with me out of anger and he should think about it and let me know, but I havent heard from him yet. I really love him and I want to try again where I dont hurt him anymore. I know I hurt him and I regret and I said that. I decided to stop emailing him and just wait for him to think all this through. I am hoping he will talk to me soon. I know he loves me and he had showed me and he had told me he's serious about me so I dont have doubt about it. He has never been mean or anything like that. We had plans for a few months ahead too. Please help me and tell me he will come back to me. He's older too so idk... is it possible that he breaks up with someone that he loves and 'never' talk to them again? I would wait for him although as a Cancer I am really not good at waiting on people. I rather move on and look for someone else right away, but he's totally worth it. Please help!

Virgo on October 26, 2018:

Me and Scorpio make broke up after being together for 2 years. He claims it was his fault, mainly due to withdrawing from depression, fear and self loathing. We were great in the beginning and then slowly, he started to withdraw from me. I cant figure out whats going on

A Gemini on October 25, 2018:

I believe if you are confident in yourself and understand when a Scorpio needs space to give it to them and be there for them when they return then things should be ok. I'm dealing with a Scorpio who says he loves me after 2 weeks of knowing him and has literally poured out his heart to me to only stop telling me these things weeks later. It was a little confusing but I don't take what people say to heart. I reciprocate but I don't take things to heart. They have to prove to me and show me that they are who they say they are. NEVER believe what people tell you, let them show you. You have to be the one who cares less in the relationship. Sorry to say that but then and only then do you get treated the best. Then you can slowly start to open up and show your more sensitive side. Love yourself, have your own projects and passions in life and trust in God. I have a way with words as being a Gemini and I am willing to sacrifice some of my freedom to be with this Scorpio. He lives a couple hours away from me and we talk enough but there are days when he doesn't. It's not easy but I can say that if you are not confident in yourself then it will eat you alive. I don't always know how to express my feelings and say things no matter how good at communicating I am. Any advice from other Scorpio men out there would be greatly appreciated.

WS on August 13, 2018:

I have been dating a Scorpio man for 2 years and a half. needless to say it is a long distance relationship on top of that we don't see each other as much as we would like to. his job is very demanding and unable to come to see me so I am the one that goes and visits him. we count on a lot of texts and phone calls to keep the relationship going. but sometimes he shuts me out of his life for at least 3 or 4 days. and I know for a fact his days are not that busy. when he shuts down on me and not text me after all I do for him it hurts my feelings and I do talk to him about it but he does not let me know what is going on the reason why he does this. it don't take just a few seconds to text someone and say good morning and how is your day. After all we have been together for 2 and I a half but he is not receptive to my feelings. I really think it's the arrogance and a Scorpio. I am crazy about this guy but if he keeps it up I'm going to have to let him go.

kj on July 13, 2018:

how dos one know if he is really interested in you.. he barely talks

Catherina on June 27, 2018:

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Taurus Woman on June 20, 2018:

I'm dating a Scorpio and I must say I've never seen men without feelings like Scorpio men. I must say sometimes we women tolerate too much nonsense. When I was about to dump him he playa mind games - twist the whole thing, I mean I want to dump you and you acting stupid. Is this how Scorpio men behave?

Sagittarius woman with Scorpio man on May 25, 2018:

We met and he was proposing after 2 weeks asking me if I would meet his family and friends - I have not had good experiences in love and was a little cautious but eventually his attention, compassion, patience and wonderful personality won me over. i have fallen deeply in love with this man who has now, after 3 and a half months (yes I know it is a short time) not introduced me to anyone, never invited me over to his house, starting being busy over weekends with family issues only pops over 1 night in the week for the last 3 weeks. Is this a characteristic or is he playing games with me :(

Scorpio Man on April 27, 2018:

Hi !

To answer some of your questions,

I seem to have trouble with expressing my feelings in an non emotional way, I do not like to hurt peoples feelings or burden them and, can let build up to an point and then either pull away or confront, normally in an an aggressive type manner, because don’t really like confrontation.

Also of pushing someone away as fear rejection so will self sabotage in order to control outcome, which sadly always ends in pain.

I can see good in people and, have little qualms of telling someone they are special

Doesn’t always mean that romantic feelings are happening but love in what ever form, be it friendship, compassion or


To be honest, I struggle with my inner feelings and thoughts regularly and, struggle to come to terms with them let alone trying to explain them.

I have always wanted True Love with a Woman.

I have Loved before 3 times.

Have a Beautiful Daughter to the last of the 3 Loves.

We are not together, 50/50 shared responsibility for break up.

She cheated on me.

Broke my Heart.

I don’t like some things I think or say, be they fact or not.

And wish I could roll more mid field and not the spikes up and down constantly is really tiring.

Also with some women I have a great attraction but is not always about sex, but companionship, frienship,

Sometimes a hug and affection is of more value than sexual relations.

Sort of know if it will work out or not early on and don’t want to play games anymore, but can still be attraction.

I really don’t know who the ideal sign for a Scorpio is,

I just pray there is One

Unbreakable on February 05, 2018:

Well Said.......a typical scorpio behavior

aqua girl on September 27, 2017:

hi, i'm aqua girl, student 23 yr old. i met this scorpio guy age 32 online. he's working, he is charming but he talk only about sex. i have told him early tht i'm looking more than just sex, but he said he prefers to go with the flow. so, i tried and most of our convrsation will go down to sex. nways, before our first meeting, i asked him to confirm our meeting but he didn't replied. turned out a week later, he texted me that he got family problem, and i said..oohh..okay..and we chat like usual. both of us want sex but somehow, i started to doubt him and realize i dont really just want sex. but still i'm trying to go with flow with him.

our conversation was okay and we decided to meet up after i finished my final examination. it was monday and he said cannot because he has work. and i just okay with it although a bit disappointing. then i try to contact him asking whether he only wants me for sexting ? but he did not even read my message for 2 weeks. few days later, he message me telling his phone broke, and his chat is jammed. so yeah..

is he playing. i know i;m not his priority. but what actually is he doing? does he has no respect for me as a human being?

while he's missing in action, i found another guy online and this guy is just a year older(gemini). we do talk about sex, but the difference is, he want to know me deeper. he ask my fav music, random question like kiss ot hug? and chat our daily activities..not all the time, but had great conversation with him. Compared to the scorpio where evrything goes down to sex, not many questions..just flirting and dirty talks...

Scorpio man Lol on July 09, 2017:

Hi there I am a Scorpio also a boy. I think we just do it meaning the love stuff because we love you so much but we get scared to tell you that because we don't know if you really love us too?? Sorry if sounds weird just guessing lol. But about the roller coaster deals we will always love u and sometimes we don't mean to hurt your feelings. But if we want to be alone don't feel bad we just need our space. We are holding back because we want to take in your love and see if ur the right person for us I think but really being a Scorpio is tough. I hope I helped!! ❤️

SunInAquaVenusinSag on April 15, 2017:

My dad, brother and ldr bf are all scorps and my bf is triple scorp and I can tell u this is absolutely true for these guys! My bf is soo hot and heavy everyday and then goes off the grid for no more than 48 hrs every so often, and it is usually cuz he is genuinely busy. They hone in on a project and become very obsessed. I will say to the women having troubles however, that if he's disapearing for a WK or more regularly, it really has nothing to do with his sign and waay more to do with you're just not a major priority yet. Girls, start dating around casually, see what else is out there besides him. If you do that, your scorp will notice with his freakish Empathic ways and it WILL make him want you way more! Also, not saying all of you did this, just throwing it out there, but do not, do NOT sleep with him right away. I like a 5-8 date minimum. Or a few months. Espesh if you're with a Scorp man for sure!! I really wish u all well ladies and hope I helped a tad.

scorpio woman on March 24, 2017:

I live in Wisconsin. Boyfriend lives in Arizona so communication is a big problem but we do get together on occasion and it is spectacular. Good luck all you gals out there.

scorpio woman on March 17, 2017:

There is no one to compare with the Scorpio man. He is pure magnificence. Strong, handsome, great personality, warm, kind, friendly, funny, etc. There is no getting over him and I know it. I can't have him and no one else will ever interest me again. The Scorpio man is perfect in every way. There is nothing I don't love about this man. I could never settle for less than the best so I guess I will be on my own with just great memories of him.

scorpio woman on March 17, 2017:

Well not all the things they say about scorpio men are accurate. They are not brave or fearless in some areas such as walking away from someone who adores them. They don't talk about feelings which leaves us to wonder what they think and where their at and if they are gone for good. They tell it all on a website or brood about it. They are wonderful though, no doubt about it.

Mark on March 15, 2017:

Very true. I just concluded that a woman has far too much control over my emotions. I am preparing to leave her and I have been distancing myself.

Mark on January 06, 2017:

For your number 5 reason he withdraws and decides to leave, I don't think its for lack of compassion. I would argue the opposite. If he has decided to distance himself in preparation to leave you then he is making it easier for you. I think the act of distancing himself is more painful than you realize and it probably takes extreme will to stay away.

Ramgirl on January 05, 2017:

Scorpio friend who ended up kissing me one night, has been gone for 2 weeks. Even ignoring a mutual friend. We had a great connection, long amazing talks, which he would usually initiate, so we both agreed to take things slowly. Two weeks after the kiss, we continued to talk. Now he's gone. Hasn't replies to a single email. I guess he never was that interested after all. Very strange behavior from a man in his 40's on December 28, 2016:

Hey! As a Scorpio woman, I believe there´s at least one more reason which is missing in that list: Scorpio Man wants to feel absolutely in control and indispensable. He wants all your thoughts to be about him, even if he won´t admit to it or consider you 'sticky'...he derives deep pleasure form the mere idea that he may be dominating all of your thoughts.

Nikki on December 17, 2016:

@Sho - their is no possible chance of getting him back. Scorp men take tend to take it to heart when you go to other people especially guy friends for advice. It makes them feel like they are not important enough to hear what you have to say about how you feel. When a Scorpio man takes you in completely as in loving you you ultimately become their possession until you betray them. You are theirs alone and nobody else's therefore, you can only share your personal feelings or opinions with him. Like I said its better to move on now because he has. I hope this advice helps.

Sho on November 27, 2016:

My Scorpio and I have been dating 3 1/2 months. Instant connection, we see each other daily, even talk about our future. We have both been under work stress. He had helped me with some work stuff two weeks ago, but then told me how it stressed him out. Well, the last thing I want is to be a stress to him. So I have made it a point to not bring that into "us" I also invited him to hangout with my friends for Thanksgiving and with family for Christmas. Both of which he said no to. At first my feelings got hurt and I was quiet. He explained he didnt want to do that until we were "OPEN" in front of his daughter about our seriousness. We both have kids. He a 7 year old Me a 2 year old. We do everything together, but I am just a "friend" no PDA etc.. which is 110% fine with me. I would wait forever if he asked. Anyway, before he explained why he didnt want to come to Christmas with me he just said (I like to stay in and do nothing) like I said my feelings got hurt and I was quiet maybe even a bit distant and cold. Then he explained everything and I was fine. We were walking one day and he asked about my stress etc..I made the mistake of telling him how I got my feelings hurt about christmas, but was fine after he explained himself , I also explained that because of the stress I had caused him before I didnt want to share all the work stress I had had so I have been talking to a couple of other friends (guy friends) he shut down. He said "I am going to cause you stress, you will cause me stress" if we cant do that then we cant do this. The next morning he broke up with me via text. "I care for you, but I cant give this relationship what it needs" You will be fine. Ummmm we are 50 and 42. I lost my mind. I felt like it was out of nowhere. One day we are talking future the next day he drops me cold. I called, text, even went over. He finally said "LEAVE ME ALONE, I DID THIS EASY AND CLEAN" Stop calling stop texting. I am a pisces. So I have. But I am telling you.. I feel he did this because he was hurt because I shared my problems with others instead of going to him, I know he cares for me? I have a ton of gifts I have bought weeks before the break up for he, his daughter etc.. I mean we have made so many plans. I dont know what to do? Have I lost him for good? I am NOT going to contact him. But do I have hope?

joycee on November 07, 2016:

My boyfriend is a scorpio and I'm libra. we met online and been seeing each other for a month already. he is soo sweet, and caring and loving and our sex is always great. we dont live in the same roof but always exerting effort to see me even if he is not feeling well. this morning when we went to my office he is very sweet. then when i texted him if he arrived to his work, he said yes. usually he will reply with yes, love. then his txts are so short without endearment. i asked him if ive done anything wrong he said that hE is just busy at work but im getting paranoid coZ he is not acting getting crazy now.. :(

frankie on September 25, 2016:

I have no idea what happened with my scorpio male....he just suddenly changed. Him and I were only in a friend's with benefits thing for over a year. Nothing serious well so he always said then one night about 3 weeks ago he messaged and asked if we could meet up I said yes...then I didn't hear from him so I assumed he had gotten busy so I just went to bed...didn't think much of it. I woke up the next day with him just going off his nut and blocking me on his facebok. The messages he sent me were slaughtering and he even threatened to put our rude conversations all over Facebook. He assumed that I was online at 4 am in the morning because my messenger said I was active. I tried to talk to him and I told him that I was asleep...I thought he would have realized that I've never ever ignored him...he knows I would never do that. On that note we weren't even a couple so I have no idea why he has taken it to heart or what's going on. It really does sux when you get stung for something so stupid and especially when you've done nothing wrong apart from be's extremely hurtful.

Tee on September 05, 2016:

I had the same issue with a scorpio we met 1 year ago this month.everything was fine then he stopped calling and responding to me..this went on for 8 months then he texts me out if the blue. He wanted to see me then changed his mind.wth

I need Dr. Phil....I feel hurt confused and told him off.then I felt bad ugh....

Michelle on August 02, 2016:

I am so glad to hear that everyone is having the same concerns. So I have dated a scorpio several years ago, we reconnected. Awesome! well he did the withdraw thing to me.. but he told me after I sent him a message.. that everything is fine. So that brought back memories.. Yes, a scorpio man is a one task at a time individual, so say that they have alot of things to accomplish in such a short period of time or they feel overwhelmed they tend to withdrawal a bit and it really takes a women whom is strong and can handle finding things to do on your own. At first, I was like omg what did I do wrong and then scorp man let it be known that everything is fine. Thats when it all came back to me he did the same thing when we dated the first time but not as adults we have not dated. But he still is withdrawing. But that is okay with me because it gives me time to be alone and a chance to actually miss him. I am the type that gets smothered when a guy is constantly blowing the messages up or calling.

ScorpioMates on July 19, 2016:

Hi all, i m Scorpio woman n my partner is Scorpio too. I really having trouble while dealing with him emotionally. Most of time we have different opinion. And our conversation end with quarrel. Sometime i feel not to have a same sign mate. Even sexual relationship is outstanding but emotionally not. Both of us want to have control in relationship and we end up with fight. I am always in doubt about our relationship longevity. He is very obsessive and jealous type of guy. Even i get scared of me. I always have a second thought about our relationship. He is very supportive and lovable and caring too. BUT i get irritated by his over caring and controlling nature. Most of time i have to think before making a friend with any other boy. Even i cant meet any boy (friend) without his permission. If i do , i fear he may not trust me anymore. Trust issue or what i dont know. I M REALLY CONFUSED how can we both manage.

Truebluesstoic on May 27, 2016:

Hi, I'm a Leo who was dating a Scorpio for 3 and half months. He broke up with me over text about a week and 3 days ago. Everything was good very attentive, nice and good listener he acted like everything was fine except for last Sunday something was off he was more irritated and sarcastic especially with his eyes and smirks. I never seen this side of him. I'm pretty sure something i said or the fact that he has to repeat himself various times and doesn't understand why I laugh at everything without explanation finally reached a ticking point. He waited till Wednesday and texted 'Hey' I didn't text back I knew something was wrong and I was upset aswell. He texted the next day a long paragraph why I demonstrate no communication by not texting back and that he wasn't mad at me that day etc... Then I gave him a long paragraph explanation reply. I felt really shitty after reading his long descriptive text. I told him many times I wasn't a good communicator but he said that's okay. Then I get a long reply to my text were he doesn't see us going anywhere in a relationship because I can't communicate and I make funny faces and seem to take him as a joke and not seriously. Then I explained I do like him but it seemed he made up his mind. He says back I like you too etc... Then I said he was confusing me what did he want and he replies with its not going to workout. Then I said I understand , you already made up your mind. He replied with the 'take care line' and that's it. We never added each other on Facebook but only snapchat cause he likes snapchat a lot. He's quite private though. So we've been checking our snapchat stories which he only posted two and so did I. I feel like my situation is probably number 5 but sometimes I get a feeling he will try to contact me one day idk.... What do you guys think???

Babygirl on April 08, 2016:

Hi all, i need an advice please about my scorpio man, we were fine for almost 2 months and then i had a strange feeling he was dating someone else. Basically we only knew each other online and have made plans to be in a couple months. Long story short - i asked him whether he was seeing someone and he replied yes, but he only went out for one date only. Everysince i felt hurt and texted him about how i felt and its been 4 days now he has not replied. I can see he has read my message as well. I have deleted him now, I just want to know why do they disappear instead of fixing the problem when apparently its his fault that he messed up by going on date with someone else. I want to add he is younger than me in 6 years, he is 29. Would appreciate your advice. Thank you.

Vice on February 23, 2016:

Please someone tell me what to do about my Scorpio guy best friend ! He's amazing, caring, funny.. Just wonderful but when he is upset, he goes off the grid. Well for about a year he has changed. He left his job for something else and he hasn't been the same since . We r used to flirting a lot, admit we like eachother but he has a girlfriend -- one that treats him awful and he knows it. She may even be seeing someone else on the side. I have stood by him knowing how hurt he is. He doesn't deserve it. Suddenly it seems like he can't talk to me... Like he's not allowed. He has dropped off the face of the earth but yet when I do see him for a few minutes , he is great! We pick up where we left off. Our texting is nonexistent now, no more laughing , chatting... He has no time to see me so I can't get answers. What do I do with this friendship???!:((

Al on September 17, 2015:

I am a venus in scorpio and I can vouch for this. There is very little I expect and very little that fazes me but the moment I get the whiff of disloyalty I will stake out my game and take him down he will never come up. And I can do this over a protracted period of time such as few years. Betrayal can consume me as much as love can. I am a sadge sun otherwise and not in the least clingy or demanding. Someone who is with me can never see it coming. All the time I have given them a real long rope and they have sadly tied it around their neck of their own accord.

Sorry to be so gruesome but if you cannot handle the heat stay out of the kitchen.

anna on May 18, 2015:

Hi im a scorpio female and i have this habit of disspearing for a few days when im going through all the above phases. Especially when i had fight wih my partner. I hate arguments and confrontations and i always try my hardest for my partner to undertsand him better and not hurt his feelings but he is confrontational type and arguments exhaust me. I fee like when we fight pieces of me die so when i feel to much its like i push a Button inside me that protects me from further hurt and i become cold and distant

Sarah burk on May 11, 2015:

I've been dating a scorpio man for 3 months. He came way strong and even texted to me that he could see being married to me. That was only a month of knowing him. I didn't take him serious. He has slowly grown colder and further away. We have had a serious connection and am amazing attraction together. I have since been on a roller coaster ride and now haven't gotten a text or call for 6 weeks. I'm very hurt and miss him so much! What should I do ?

Pisces on April 06, 2015:

So I recently met a scorpio and we instantly had a spiritual, physical and emotional connection. We could stare into eachothers eyes and read each other maybe too well. It felt so I just stumbled upon a soulmate. But now I haven't heard from him for a week and a half and have no idea why. My period is late and I might be pregnant. I don't want to tell him because he may think I'm just trying to get him back... it really hurts feeling this way all alone. My friends think I should get an abortion to save myself the heart ache but I could never do that! Well..I never thought i would anyway. The weird thing is that I'm on birth control... so wtf just happened?! Is he testing me or just not interested all of a sudden? I'm not going to blow his phone up and beg for him to talk to me if that's what he thinks. But I seriously think I am pregnant and am freaking out. I've never commented on any article ever like this but I need advice before I approach him about this. Thoughts?

MollyC on February 14, 2015:

I have a Scorpio issue for sure. I have known him fr 8 years... Best friends that tend to flirt a lot. He usually texts me every day but a few days ago he disappeared when he said he was frustrated . I have texted him like I always do... Nothing. I have even called him out on his silence. Nothing. Is this the end? What do I do??

PiscesLeea on February 11, 2015:

I am completely shocked by all of the responses. I am currently being extremely patient with a Scorpio who is going through some tough times. He will not tell me what is wrong. Do I give him space and let him sort it out? From what it looks like if you bother a Scorpio and show them you care they get upset. I will say he has the best heart and loves with all of it.

PiscesWY on February 10, 2015:

This is extremely accurate for my male best friend who is a Scorpio! We flirt constantly , talk about crazy things and have fun. But, he will suddenly disappear for a few days. Or he will suddenly have an "issue" where life seems overwhelming. He will not talk about it and shuts right down. As a Pisces I try to help and feel his pain... It is so tough to leave him alone when he is in a funk but I hve 2 give him space or he will disappear. :( scorpions will love u or they will hate u.

Lisa on October 29, 2014:

Libra- I can totally relate to if scorpio man doesn't respond to my texts, I think he's done. Right now he hasn't responded three days so kind of concerned.

Mariemccoy on September 24, 2014:

Hi guys, I don't want to be offensive to anyone, but I don't understand why all of you don't walk, wait, run from a guy pulling this crap on you?? Over and over, you explain how you're led on, treated like crap and then wonder if he'll take you back.... Why?? If he tells you he likes or lives you and then disappears, find someone else! Why would you wait around for this unstable twit to decide how he's going to yo yo again and how long you'll take it? Have some self respect and dump these crazy scorpio loser dudes who have self centered ness as their #1 !

T on July 28, 2014:

I'm going through the same crap. I got into a heated argument with my scorpio and now things aren't the same anymore. Every day & night he would text me or calling and today nothing. As gemini once I feel things are changing I start worry. I haven't called to see what's happening etc I'm just going to go do my own thing and let him be. I always give him space even when I don't need vis versa. Too much of us isn't good. But things are slowy getting boring for me. I have thought about cheating but haven't just yet but if this behaviour continues within 2 weeks I'm out of here...

cappylena on July 09, 2014:

I have a huge problem I was dating my best friend who is a Scorpio and he was such an amazing man. But I have a son who was looking up to him. Him being 33 with no kids of his own I thought it wouldn't be a problem but apparently it was. In fact he ended the wonderful relationship we had because he says he needs to think of whether or not he wants kids and family or not. I was hurt because before we started dating he said he was in love with me and wanted to settle down have a family etc. Now he says he loves me but it's not the same as it was. I am freaking crazy about this guy. I have never cared or missed or loved anyone the way I do him. What should I do? Should I give him his space to think? Is he still in love with me? I'm so lost please help

molita on June 29, 2014:

To all scorpio man out there, could you please explain why is it really hard for you to express your feelings with the one whom you feel somewhat special to you? What's holding you back guys? And if you told a certain girl that you like her very much or that she's special, does it mean your'e developing feelings for her already? Does liking means close to loving? Please have a spare time to help someone in confusion with scorp man.. be delighted to know some insights.. thank you very much..

nadine on June 26, 2014:


Just want to ask for an honest advise. I asked my scorpio guy if what he's feeling towards me and he said he doesn't know. But whenever were together, I feel he loves me somehow. Im totally confused coz he's giving me mixed signals.

Please enlighten me. Thank you.

sipss on June 18, 2014:

Being with my Scorpio is like riding a roller coaster.everything feels picture perfect up until. I don't know why he begs to be with me then leaves. Both times we have broken up it was under false pretenses. Both times i had to hear from him via email that its over. He tells me im the one but when he starts getting tired he gives me confidence and reassurence with words that don't feel like a lie. I don't think he respects me. Im naturally submissive but im tired of questioning his feelings. He would say things like " you know i can't make you happy. LeAve Nd then reappear in my life. I really wish he would just stop leading me on

gemini on June 16, 2014: helpful to hear all the amazing similarities...i don't know if 1-5?? how is the best way to respond to text or call after they have been distancing themselves and a little cold. I go through the same thing when i don't receive a text for 1 day cause it's just such an extreme change from the normal..also don't want to be needy, but sometime i feel like i need to have more self respect, it's not okay to be coldish...back and forth with extreme wow he really really loves and wants me to feelings of I really don't know how he feels at all??? help

Libra on May 22, 2014:

This does help about Scorpios!! I am the kind of Libra female who craves attention and if I don't hear from my Scorpio for ONE day - I begin to freak out and go back and forth - he loves me, he loves me not. I KNOW that he loves me - he told me he did two days ago in a phone call and then he didn't respond to my three texts today and I do that damn scales balancing act thing that I hate so much. I am at a vulnerable stage in my life right now. My Mom was diagnosed with Cancer December 4, 2013. I met my Scorpio man in an online dating site on three weeks later and we fell in love within a few weeks into 2014. He talked to my Mom and she adored him. With Mom's encouragement, we decided to meet in April 2014. During Mom's chemo and ups and downs, he was there for me any time of the day (he lives in Ireland and is 6 hours ahead) and I could call him at any time and he was there. Such an amazing man and my rock! My Mom passed March 31 and I wouldn't have been able to make it if it weren't for him. My Mom's last wish was for us to meet. We did, 10 days after she left and it was like we had known each other for years. My friends think I shouldn't expect a text every day, since he has things to do and so do I. I just guess I'm real needy right now. And so afraid that if I don't get a text every day, then he has stopped caring for me. As I write this, I see how silly, stupid and ridiculous and wacky I must seem to anyone who reads this. I can't say anything to him. I don't want him to think I'm a clingy nut, lol. This page really helped, Kris. I guess I have to stop being such a Libra (=

Aquarius on April 19, 2014:


Im 17 and the scorpio ive been talking to is 17 also. We met at a party, hooked up and then hung out like twice. He was super into me, to the point where he was almost stalking me (exactly what u mentioned above) although i really didn't mind. Then i felt it got really cold, and then every once in a while he starts texting me, and acting like he's really into me again. I just want to know, How do I treat him in this situation? do I just go along with however he's feeling? I'm an aquarius, and i really don't like to be vulnerable and put myself out there. I haven't acted clingy at all, and I don't plan on doing so at any point. What should I be doing when he is acting cold? What does he want from me...

Sera on April 14, 2014:

How would I knw he is lying to me(scorpio) he said he is not over his ex and need time to deal with his feelings. But when I speak to him its just short answers. Said we must become friends b4 lovers. Ask him if I'm going to see him again said he will be busy for nest 5 weeks. What is this man saying? I'm inlove with him and told him how I feel so he knows. HELP!!!!

Anonymous on February 04, 2014:

Mine always seems to have no time for me . Nasty comments like " my family comes first " " I can't be with you as I have people around me "

I am confused .

I seem to be making all the efforts in the relationship .

If I ask him to be with me he says let's end this as I m too demanding and impatient .

He has broken up with me last week . Not responding to my texts . Though last week I text him about a minor accident he was very concerned .

Should I carry on asking him to talk to me or move on .

Miranda on January 13, 2014:

Sarah, he might come back, depending if he loves you and realizes he made a mistake. Mine came back after 5 years.

Sarah on January 02, 2014:


I've recently broken up with a Scorpion man.

We were getting on great and we were talking about getting married and out of nowhere he went cold turkey on me. He ignored my calls and texts for days and finally when he did hey back to me he said he can't commit to anything..

This is so true! But my question is will he come back to me?

KrisNick09 (author) from Kentucky on February 22, 2013:

Hello Pisces,

The only advice I can offer is to remind you that a relationship is a two way street. It sounds like you are very concerned about pressuring him/scaring him away. But you need to remember that he needs to show the same concern for you.

Pisces on February 20, 2013:

My scorpio man sais he adores me etc I know he likes me very much a dis genuine but then he desapears for a few days then he comes back. Should I be calling him or a. I pressuring him I really don't want to scare him or make him feel like I am trying to possess him. Help he is turturing me with mind and body

KrisNick09 (author) from Kentucky on July 30, 2012:

amymarie 5 - Thanks! Complex for sure, but no more so than any other sign. Just in more obvious and aggravating ways! I too, fall for them...well, it's really more like tripping down the stairs ... :)

Amy DeMarco from Chicago on July 30, 2012:

I dated a Scorpio for about six months and your description here is pretty accurate. I couldn't understand this guy for the life of me but I was really falling for him because of it. He was really obsessive and then he'd cut me off for days. He also had an additive personality. I think Scorpios are very complex people. I also think it's easy to fall for them - at least in my case!!! I really liked this hub. Rated all ups!!

KrisNick09 (author) from Kentucky on July 25, 2012:

Thank you for your comments, angel115707! :)

Angel Ward from Galveston, TX on July 25, 2012:

I agree 1000% And the comment with a scorp's mom in the hospital, there is always some drama going on, that's a great excuse for withdrawal, to distract the sig. other from the real issue....ALWAYS. (sometimes, not always, but sometimes, it's a flat our lie, esp. male scorps)

Luv this hub. My brother is a scorp, a close friend is, I have it as my rising sign, so I catch ,myself holding many of these qualities as well.

Karthik Kashyap from India on July 17, 2012:

KrisNick09: I think I may be in situation 3. And yes, Scorpio women are quite similar to us Scorpio men in many things.

sarah on July 17, 2012:

This is so helpful! I just had the longest three days of my life. We were fine I thought then suddenly he just stopped calling and he usually calls me everyday. He finally texted me this morning, I was starting to wonder if he was doing the #5 thing! I guess it was probly #1 thow since his mom is in the hospital.

KrisNick09 (author) from Kentucky on July 17, 2012:

I have been hub browsing and it seems that a lot of people are having trouble with their scorpios. hopefully this is helpful :) I'm thinking about writing one on the ego of scorpio males ;) ( ...and females!)

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