Scorpio Rising Explained

Updated on June 25, 2020
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Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

Read on to learn a what a Scorpio rising sign is like.
Read on to learn a what a Scorpio rising sign is like. | Source

Scorpio is a very, very powerful astrological sign and even when it's "just" the rising sign, it will have a very significant impact on those born with this ascendant. And if there is also a Scorpio sun sign involved—watch out, world! If you don't already know, the ascendant is your astrological mask and depending on the strength of the position it was in when you were born, it may have more or less influence than it does on others with the same rising sign. To learn more about how Scorpio rising will affect your character, please see below!

Magnetic Personality

All Scorpios have a magnetic personality and the rising sign is no exception. They will inspire awe with their natural air of mysticism and people will often find themselves staring at Scorpio rising without really knowing why. There will simply be a fascination with these people and their energy. They needn't do anything special to attract this attention, either. They could just sit in the corner quietly and people will sense them. Of course, depending on their specific personality, they may be perceived as quietly confident and in control, or they might give off an aura that seems slightly dangerous and makes others nervous. Either way, they'll have a hand in what they project because they are masters when it comes to perception.

Looking Glass Eyes

You might think that only a "true" Scorpio has that unnerving talent for seeing right through anyone they feel like analyzing at any given moment, but you'd be very wrong if you do. The rising sign is just as talented when it comes to perception and they will size you up in a heartbeat. I happen to have a very good friend who has a Leo sun and Scorpio ascendant, and his particular rising sign placement is so powerful that even I—someone who has a 98.9% accuracy rate when it comes to pegging sun signs—was absolutely certain he had a Scorpio sun. The Leo energy is there, but it's not at all obvious until you've really gotten to know him and that is the nature of rising signs when they're particularly strong. This particular man has the most soul-piercing gaze without even trying! You will always spot someone with this sign because you will feel as though you've just been looked straight through!

Quietly Confident

These people are quietly confident and that is probably because they are absolutely positive of what they're going to achieve and how they're going to do it. They have a strong desire to succeed and they are able to focus their energies on getting what they want. This doesn't necessarily mean they are guaranteed to be wealthy people, because they're not terribly materialistic. What matters most to them is that they stay true to themselves and reach their dream on their own merits. Talent is not scarce with the Scorpio ascendant and they will often know what they're meant to do from a very young age. This inner knowing is part of what makes them such confident people, and they will often give the appearance of being humble and ego-less, whether they are or aren't.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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