Scorpio Moon Sign Emotions

The Enlightened Scorpio

Stronger Scorpios have it in them to soar like an eagle, another image associated with this sign.
Stronger Scorpios have it in them to soar like an eagle, another image associated with this sign. | Source

Scorpio Moon Sign People

Next weekend you have to help your Mother-in-law move forty years of accumulated belongings into a smaller home, necessitating hours of sorting, recycling, and memories of the past. You don’t even want to face it yourself. All of your friends suddenly have plans or are nowhere to be found. Who is going to help you? Why, your Scorpio Moon friend, of course. They are the surprisingly sentimental ones who will be there to help when the tasks from Hell need to be accomplished. And they will not complain one bit. Just don’t expect them to spring for pizza afterwards, they are very frugal. Since Scorpio rules the eighth house of death, these brave and generous spirited souls will even take you to the vet when it becomes time to have your beloved pet put to sleep because he can no longer move. Its days like those, when all your other friends have sudden commitments, you learn what a treasure you have in a Scorpio friend!

Scorpio Moon sign people are deeply emotional, so much that even they have trouble sorting through all their feelings themselves. They need to find outlets to express all that emotion, so luckily they are active people who have lots of interests. They can let out that tender side as musicians and singers, writers and poets. They have an intense focus when they attempt to learn anything new, and go to great lengths to find every last detail about whatever their current interest is at the time. They make great researchers and scholars, as they like to share whatever they have learned too. They do this with great feeling and their enthusiasm is catching.

A Scorpio Truism

Scorpios like strong people who are not afraid to show who they really are.
Scorpios like strong people who are not afraid to show who they really are. | Source

It's Either Black or White, No Grays

Scorpio Moon Sign People are very willful and determined. They have great confidence that they will succeed, even if others do not share their positive outlook. They have good instincts and will be fine if they just follow them. Most have an interest in occult subjects, and all Scorpios have psychic ability. So you cannot fool them. They will look at you with a glance that can go from gently loving to steely anger really quickly. Scorpios know whatever you are thinking anyway. They have faith in themselves and are independent people, capable of carrying out projects that would make others run screaming for the door. Any Scorpio, Sun or Moon, is a non-conformist. So unless you are family, close friend or partner, they do not really care what you think about them. They will politely smile and ignore your input. It’s not that they disrespect you (though they may, they have a strong moral code) they just know their own capabilities and limitations better than most. They can never be easily swayed.

Scorpios view life in terms of black and white, without any shades of gray. This makes it hard for them, because there are more shades of gray and life is not so easily categorized. These are enterprising people whom are very opinionated. It is very difficult to get them to change their minds, or hearts. Even if they are in a relationship that is not going well, it’s hard for them to give up if they really care that much. Scorpio Moon Sign People are close to their families and hate to make decisions that are not supported by them. They will though, in hopes that eventually everyone will see eye to eye. They are forceful and usually do not take no for an answer.

Scorpios change many times during the course of their lives, and can completely reinvent who they are. If they are not happy and feel people are bad influences, they will walk away from a negative situation and never look back. They are very strong, and can rise to any challenge, even if they start from a very hard and bleak looking scenario. They have spines of steel, and if you have one in your family, or as a friend, or are Scorpio yourself, you understand that pull to succeed and make your life better, and finally, the best it can be under the circumstances.

Scorpio's Lowest Level

At the lowest level, a Scorpio can be a snake.
At the lowest level, a Scorpio can be a snake. | Source

Privacy Loving and Sarcastic Wit

Scorpio Moon Sign People and Sun Sign People are ruled by the Phoenix and the Eagle, so are great at both reinventing themselves and at soaring to the greatest heights of achievement. They also hate to throw anything away, so are great at running shops filled with recycled things. They have a very creative side and can think of many ways to repurpose what you think is an ugly piece of trash. They are much more sensitive than most people realize, and surprisingly gentle and loyal to those they love. Scorpio Moon Sign People never forget those they love, and always take care of their own. They are also very patient, making good teachers and leaders. In fact, they almost always emerge as the leader in any endeavor that they undertake. They can do it in such a way that nobody in the group minds either, because they have such tact and grace. Others are happy to let the Scorpio Moon lead them, and just trust them instinctively, perhaps drawn to the confidence they exude.

Scorpios do have a quiet side, and love their privacy. They only let a few close people in and trust them with their innermost feelings and thoughts. These will be treated like family all their lives. They treat the rest with a detached interest and amusement. They possess a sarcastic kind of wit, and sometimes people don’t “get” their sense of humor. So Scorpio Moon Sign People may come off as serious at times when they are only kidding around. Of course, they will be upset if they hurt your feelings that way and will be quick to set things straight. It is important to them that all their relationships stay on a civil level. After all, a leader has to set a good example.

The Transformation of Scorpios into The Phoenix

This sign has the most power to transform and reinvent themselves, as expressed through the image of the phoenix.
This sign has the most power to transform and reinvent themselves, as expressed through the image of the phoenix. | Source

Their Own Harshest Critics

If life is getting too difficult and the responsibilities are piling up, the Scorpio Moon will tough it out, no matter how upset or sick they become. They are always reliable and do their best to live up to their high expectations of themselves. But later they need a long period of rest and solitude before they take on anything more, a healing of Mind, Body and Spirit. Though perhaps not religious in a conventional sense, Scorpio Moon Sign people are very interested in World Religions and Philosophies, often reading several books about these topics at once. They accept everyone for whom they are, and what they are, always interested in a new point of view. Your Scorpio Moon friend is the one you can call when you really need to sort out a problem at 3AM, since they are up anyway. They are night birds and when schedule permits, can easily get turned around, sleeping all day and being up all night. All these quirks just serve to make them more lovable. How many people can you really count on in life when the chips are down? Your Scorpio Moon friend is one of them.

Scorpios and Death

Since this sign rules the house of death, Scorpio people have a unique understanding of this transition. It is often said they are obsessed with death, but that is not really true. They just get that life is always changing and in transition, and for new things to happen, often old habits and even people have to die. They understand and deal with death more easily than most people. This does not mean it is any easier for them to accept the loss of a person they love, or that they do not care. These are very strong people, who will comfort everyone else first, and cry when they are alone and nobody can see. Unless you are one of the very few they trust to show their complete selves to, in that case what you see is what you get. But since people of this sign transform and change so much in the course of life, that is like dying a little bit too. So this is why they have a better handle on death than most people. This writer know several people with the Moon in the 8th house, all morticians.

Scorpio Rules the 8th House

Scorpio rules the 8th house of death and money of the partner, insurance policies and deeds.
Scorpio rules the 8th house of death and money of the partner, insurance policies and deeds. | Source

Scorpio Psychic Ability

Whether Scorpio is the Sun or Moon sign, they know what you are thinking, without saying a word. If they have a strong feeling that something is going wrong, or will go wrong soon, never ignore their warning, they are always right. They know if you are upset before you say a word, and know what the problem is. Never lie to them, or they will not trust you. In turn, they need to get off by themselves at times, because being open to all these energies can be exhausting.

© 2011 Jean Bakula

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Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 6 weeks ago from New Jersey Author

As I've said, I can't really do a whole chart with a little bit of info, I charge $100.00 for Astrology charts, and many people are starting to do this to get a little info for nothing. Your Scorpio Moon makes you highly emotional and strong, very passionate about what you do, so I think that's your strong point. Libra is a leadership sign, and you appear very charming and likable. I have never heard Scorpios are prone to break ups, although if you hurt one they will walk away and never look back. Your Aries Sun is also a leadership sign, so you have a lot of potential. Best Wishes.

andrewjoela 6 weeks ago

Greetings Author,

I'm an arian sun, scorpion moon,libra rising. The article you've wrote was very appealing to me and kudos for it.

Since when I read your article , I have some queries to ask you, please take your time and answer me with your passion:

Thanks in advance!

//My important details:

DOB:24 MARCH 2000





1) Could you please explain which sign is more vibrant in my chararcter?

2) I've been reading lately that Scorpions are vulnerable to break-ups...please elaborate it.

3) Please do add some rare facts about my signs.

Awaiting your precious reply...

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 7 weeks ago from New Jersey Author

Leos are very blunt and like their own way, and can be hard to get along with if you anger them. A Scorpio moon makes you passionate about your views. But you are very loyal and would do anything to help a friend or someone in need. You may be very psychic. The Capricorn Sun makes you seem very sensible and a little shy, so people may not realize how friendly you really are, or may think you aren't interested in them. I have Scorpio rising and a Capricorn moon, and people tell me I'm hard to get to know. Best Wishes to you.

Heloneida 7 weeks ago

Thank you, I can see myself on this discretion. I am a Capricorn, Moon in Scorpio and rising in Leo, but combination I think think I'm a difficult person when I open my mouth I scary people and it's hurt me.

Ananya Sarkar 3 months ago

Thank you.I have mostly read about the negative traits of Scorpio Moon/Sun sign people.That describes me well.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 months ago from New Jersey Author

Sorry, got cut off, something is different in the comments.

The Gemini Ascendant also has a bit of sarcasm in the humor, not as black, but still it has a bite. Virgo Sun people are smart and witty, and usually fun to be with. A Venus Virgo is the hardest placement. I am unsure why it tends to make people prudish. Are you worried you may get disease? Your Scorpio and also the Mars in Leo can help you overcome your hesitance when it comes to sex. You just have to find the right person who will be patient with you and you feel comfortable enough with. It will happen.

You are a loyal friend and will be a good lover, just give it time. Maybe a Cancer person, they are very gentle and it's just almost like a fear you need to overcome. I write a relationship column on another site, and I have to write about Virgos this month. I was worried about the sex part myself. Usually the Astrology sign next to you gets along with you best. I like a Venus in Cancer, or a Venus in Pisces may help you feel better. Give it a try and best of luck.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 months ago from New Jersey Author

Dear Alexander,

Yes, Scorpios can be really dark. Scorpio rules the 8th house, which rules sex and death.

Alexander 4 months ago

I have a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising. I'm lucky to have found this article because I thought my sarcastic sense of humor and connection to weird, dark things was too much for people, or that I was just plain psycho. I also have a Virgo Venus which is where things get complicated... I'm pretty sure it's my Moon sign that gives me the desire to fall in love with another person, but my Venus makes me a prude and it's hard to ever tell someone that I want them. Plus my Mars in Leo gives me a really strong sex drive, so the desire only becomes more intense. I'm also a Scorpio Lilith which just complicates things even more because that's supposedly known as the "dark moon." Does that amplify my Scorpio Moon? I feel as though it does. I can really scare myself sometimes. Nothing feels normal. I ended up giving myself high blood pressure, went into depression, and even started drinking at one point, so I wouldn't have to feel anything. For the most part my emotions are turned off, but then that's when I become "a dick" or "scary." I just tend to be surrounded by people who don't take my emotions seriously. Plus they just get in the way because of how intense they are, and my Sun sign doesn't appreciate it. Thank God for my Ascendant sign; I'm able to turn everything into humor and it makes life a little easier. On the positive side, I'm definitely a very loyal friend/lover and would do just about anything for someone if I happen to care enough about them. And I can easily cut a person off in a heartbeat if I'm not feeling them.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 months ago from New Jersey Author

Scorpios are very intense, either Sun or Moon sign ones. My son has Scorpio Sun and Moon, so I know them well. They are patient, they really have a gentle side with people they care about, but don't let many see that. If she has to stand up for anyone she loves, she will. She will do really well in criminal justice, and Libra represents the scales, so she will be fair minded too. Scorpios will walk away from a situation they are fed up with, or one that hurts them, and never look back. They don't cry much, but when they do, it's hard for them to stop. I wish her the best of luck.

Daisy Ortiz 5 months ago

My daughter is a libra sun with a scorpio moon and this article describes her so well. She has a sweet heart, very lovable but when she is angry all hell breaks loose. She is very intuitive, good at listening to other peoples problems. She is extremely private with her personal feelings. Secretive and she does not trust easily. I once read that scorpio moons have the ability to rise from the most difficult situations and it is so true. My daughter has been through tough situations where she has suffered emotionally but she is so strong at the same time, that I do admire her. She can cry for a week and when she says its over it really is. She doesnt look back, always focused in the future and leaving behind anything negative. Whats dead is dead. She is currently a criminal justice student. Loves forensic investigation which ironically goes with her scorpio moon. She is extremely loyal but if betrayal is at hand she will not forgive and the relationship will never be the same.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 6 months ago from New Jersey Author

Hello zyu,

I'm sorry that you cried, but tears are healing. I know a lot of Scorpio Moon people, and they are all very, very emotional. It's OK to let out your feelings, you are just used to being secretive. I hope you feel better soon.

zyu 6 months ago

I cried a little reading this because this is literally me :')

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 13 months ago from New Jersey Author

Hello phoenixscorpio1,

Yes, I have seen it many times. I am watching my son do it right now. He has Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio. A mentally ill woman made terrible accusations against him which would have ruined the life of a lessor person. He's been found innocent, changed directions where he had to, and kept the one thing in his life he cares about the most. Everything else is changed, and it was painful to see. But he did it and most Scorpios can.

Phoenixscropio1 13 months ago

Have u ever met or know a scropio that has risen from the ashes

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 20 months ago from New Jersey Author

Thanks Mr. Hollywood!

I'm surrounded by Sun in Scorpios and Moon in Scorpios (and a few with both) so I know them well. You have to choose your battles with them because they are so stubborn. Well, they call it "reasonable."

misterhollywood profile image

misterhollywood 20 months ago from Hollywood, CA

I couldn't help but vote this amazing hub up! N

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 20 months ago from New Jersey Author

Hello Lucid Psyche,

Thank you for reading my work, and actually understanding this piece is about Scorpio MOON people. No matter how much I write, people can't seem to grasp that their Moon, Ascendant, and every other planet is in an astrology sign. That's why you can be a Virgo, and if your Sun is the only thing there, not seem like a Virgo.

This may sound odd, but did you ever consider being a mortician? It's a normal profession for anyone with the Moon in the 8th house or a Scorpio moon, my sister in law and two others I know do that for a living.

Take care.

Lucid Psyche profile image

Lucid Psyche 21 months ago

I'm moon in Scorpio in the 8th house and a great deal of what you've written rings very true for me. To be honest I'm not completely given over to the idea of astrological influences but this article touches on aspects of my personality that I've never seen associated with the Scorpio moon.

I now intend to understand why what you've written is so much more insightful than other Scorpio moon profiles and not just be content that it is.

Well done.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 years ago from New Jersey Author

Dear Michele,

God, I can't believe all you have been through. I believe it's the Scorpio in you. I just lost my husband of 34 yrs. a month ago. It was completely unexpected, and I just can't get my head around it.

I have also had to face many sudden deaths of loved ones, one after the other. And I understand that when we are strong, and everyone has us pegged as so, we get really sick of it, right? If one more person tells me how strong I am, I want to scream, "Why can't somebody else be strong for a change?" But like you, I have only my son left, and once my husband's service was over, nobody seems to care. They make empty promises and don't help at all.

I also have visions of family members, usually when something bad is going to happen. That means you are a psychic sensitive. You are very resilient, and the Aries moon is probably helpful in cheering you up and helping you make all those transformations that Scorpio make possible.

Right now your life sounds so much like mine is, I don't feel like I can give you accurate advice or a reading. Why don't you come back in a month or so, when I calm down, and maybe I can do a tarot reading or something for you to help find you a positive direction. I'm not blowing you off, I have feelings right now that mirror yours too much.

Hang in there. You can find me on if you want to talk more privately. I really mean it, come back in a few weeks.

Michele 2 years ago

Born 11/15/64 @ 8:16pm (phila) my sun signis scorpio/rising & true node/ gemini, neptune/scorp, moon/aries, mercury/sag, venus & vertex/libra, mars..uranus..pluto/virgo, jupiter/taurus, saturn & p of fortune/aqua, lilith/cap, chiron & midheaven/pisces. I'm unlucky in love and money. (vir) & 2 mos later my husband (aqua) dies on our 11th anniversary day, friend(gem) dies, 3 mos later my mom(aries) dies - 10/17, 2 wks later my uncle (can)/father figure dies, 2013.. my nephew (aqua) dies & 3 mos later my final sibling, brother(sag) dies - 10/17 (same day as mom). All died from heart complications. Leaving just myself (historically speaking). Publicly, I'm this strong force to be reckoned with. Privately (alone or not), my emotions are all over the place. I have transformed myself on 3 occasions to deal with my pain. I'm now in transition of yet another chance inwardly, however I have started detaching myself from the outside world with nostalgia. From these departures, I have inherited debts...theirs!

Prior to the departure of my family: I buried my 1st son (pis) - 1981. I was in a wheelchair unable to do anything for myself, from there I moved to a walker, and then a cane until 1/1/13. Bio-dad (cancer) died in 2005. I have 3 children: 2nd son (cap) is serving life without parole- 2005-, my 2 daughters (both gemini) & 3 grandsons (2 sag/1 gem) live out of state since 2012. I am very close to my children & grands and glad that they are not around to see their mother lose it from time to time. Even when everyone was alive and/or here, I had to be and display this pillar of strength. I can walk, run, dance, whatever. I was fixed for what purpose?

Recently had a male companion (virgo), who could not handle my emotions, said that I cried too much over my lost. Which is understandable since virgos can't handle their own let alone someone else feelings. However, although life has served me many curve balls, and I'll go through my occasional WHOA's me moment, I'm amazed with my strengths and resilience. The average person would be a complete and total mess. I don't drink and I don't do drugs praise God for the strength. My problem/issue today is that I can't seem to focus on just one thing. My mind is all over the place trying to dip my hand in everything but not completing anything.

2015 is heavy on my mind wondering, if I'm next to go and/or why was I left? What is it that I'm supposed to be doing? I am lost. Just when I think I know/I don't. Family have been visiting me in my dreams but not saying anything. Certain items are being moved in my house (I live alone). An uncle that passed in 2005 came to me in my dream last night. We were not really close. He kept telling me that you can do it, you're strong, whatever is on your mind, you can do it. He never looked at me. Just kept repeating you can do it and then go down into my basement, came up, repeated the same words, back into basement, back up, same words while never looking at me. It was like he was looking for something. He did this 3 times. What does this mean? My mother saw my brother before she passed, and my other brother saw my mother before he passed but it wasn't in a dream. So now I find myself speaking out loudly..."When you come to me and not for me, bring me the powerball, megaball, any lottery ball number. Other than that, I'm staying put"!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi Scorpio Moon,

Well, first of all, Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio. The 5th house rules romance, children, gambling, artistic and fun, entertaining things. This shows me you will experience big changes in your life in those areas, though with the Moonsign you are very strong willed and will make your own choices, they won't be thrust upon you.

Our Sunsign, Moonsign, and Ascendant or Rising sign have a big impact on our personalities, and how we see the world. They are very important factors and are called The Trinity. You could be right, Scorpio's strong will could be showing in your life at whatever your age is now, because having Pluto in that house allows it to show more.

Just because you have a Virgo Sun, your Mercury (how you think) and Venus (how you love) may not be in Virgo. Every planet is in a different sign. I'll bet that neither is in Virgo, just the Sun. I know a person with Sun and Moon in Scorpio, with Virgo Rising. His Scorpio ness came out early in life, but as he was in college, got studious, began reading more, and in eating and other habits got more particular, showing the Virgo ascendant more.

The planets are always moving, that's called transits, so as they make different aspects to your Sun, you may find you act more Virgo. I began giving these mini readings but I sort of wish I didn't, because without casting a whole horoscope, a lot of things I don't know could be going on. I can tell some things by knowing what sign a planet is in, but there's so much more. I have a Sunsign piece and Venus ones on my blog, You can look up what signs your planets are in on, but everyone thinks I can do a whole horoscope based on that, and I can't. However, reading more can help you. Yes, you attract Virgos and Scorpios because you have similar tastes. I hope that helps a little. I've written on HP, that explains more about horoscopes. If you should decide you want one, my blog has a contact form. Take care.

Scorpio moon 3 years ago

Hi Jean,

Is it possible that a person with moon in scorpio in house 5 (no other planets in scorpio except pluto) can show scorpio-like nature? I am a Virgo Sun male, and I am nowhere close to being a typical virgo (???). Although I can relate to some of the scorpio traits. ( have lots of virgo and scorpio friends).

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi there,

I realized after I pushed "Post" you said 11th house and I read it as 7th for some reason. The 11th house is about friends, and hopes and wishes. I have a good article on the meanings of houses on Infobarrel, , though you seem to know a lot of Astrology on your own. Pluto is always a radical change, and also power struggles you may have with friends. Uranus is also about sudden changes, and Mars is about what you like to do physically, but depending on the rest of the chart, you may change friends, or your dreams and wishes very often. Sorry about that! I would be happy to do a horoscope for you. I do it the old fashioned way. I have the computer program, and give links to sites with planetary positions in lots of my hubs, or they wouldn't make sense and my readers could not know where their planets were. But many are incorrect. I sat one say with a stack of charts, and many of the planets on the sites were in the wrong sign, and many don't realize you must do a math calculation to get your Moonsign and degree. You can look it up in an Ephemeris, but if it's in the later degrees of one sign, there is a high probability that it's in the next sign. Anyway, I interpret the charts myself too, I don't use the computer readings. I have links to the site on all my writing, so it's easy to find. Thanks for visiting and I'm sorry about the mistake. Mercury Retrograde is finally over today! All my and everyone else's communications get messed up then. Hope to see you on the blog! Take care.

The Grand Reaper 3 years ago

Dear Jean,

Thanks for writing back to me. I just wanted to quickly clarify that my planets - Uranus, Pluto and Mars are all conjunct together (Uranus and Pluto being only 2 degrees apart from each other) in my 11th house, not my 7th house. I don't know if that makes a difference in your commentary response, but I thought I'd let you know anyway.

Yes, maybe I will visit your blog and consider getting an Astrology reading from you. Thanks for everything.

Blessings - Haim

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author


I made several typos. The planets in the 7th house have nothing to do with friends, it's about marriage or war. Pluto does indicate divorce in that house though. Also, I meant to say I live on a lane in the WOOds, so it seems my karma is to live a more spiritual, inner life where I depend on myself more and give up some night life (which I pretty much have done). I would be happy to discuss these matters more on the blog, as you have so many questions. It's something about this hub! Please visit me on

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Well Haim,

This is a lot of interesting information. The Gemini sun in the 8th house rules other people's money, or if you were married or in a business partnership, shared money, as opposed to 2nd house money, all yours, from the fruits of your labor. My sun is also in the 8th house, and my Mercury and Venus are in Gemini. The 8th house is the Scorpio house though, so you will inherit money from some of these people you meet who seem so much more prestigious to you than you think you are. This house rules sex and death, insurance policies and the like. Obviously, the sex and death is intriguing.

I know a lot about Scorpios, both my husband and I have Scorpio Ascendants, and it makes it hard for people to warm up to us, we put on a "don't bother me" façade until they realize we are loyal friends. Our son also has Scorpio conjunctions, with his Sun, Moon and Mercury there, so is a very good Scorpio, a kindergarten teacher and 3rd degree black belt. Scorpios go to extremes, and will be very good or very bad, no shades of gray. It's hard for them to understand that life has more shades of gray.

I'm sure your emotions are so intense you have trouble understanding them yourself.

The stelliums (large groups of planets close together) make you a non conformist, my son has long hair too, and manages to keep it even though it's to the middle of his back and he spends time in the business world, teaching children in elementary school, and teaching and taking his own martial arts course. So Scorpios can be very respectable.

You may want to read Martin Schulman, he does a lot of work on Karmic astrology and Nodes. My North one is also in the 8th, so the opposite is the 2nd. I interpret it as I have been a city girl and had inherited money several times, but it's my spiritual goal to be more self sufficient with money, and now I live on a one lane road in the ones, and am having money issues, so it's time to work on the Karma stuff. I don't know if you believe in past lives, but any advanced astrology student knows we plan our lives before we are born, with Guides in other Astral planes. I will be writing about that in the near future.

I don't do palm readings, and usually prefer people come to my blog, for consultations. You can order a horoscope there if you wish. It's hard for me to put this all together in my head as I read it, though you know enough about Astrology to clarify it enough for me to give you partial answers.

I believe in the Illuminati and New World Order, so you aren't nuts, it's true. The Moon and Neptune in the First house should give you beautiful eyes and attract people to you, and Neptune is the planet of illusion. Maybe that's why you attract others you think you don't deserve too, but you have those planets which cause others to gravitate to you. You charm them. Gemini Sun in the 8th means that if you are interested in any topic, you will learn anything and everything about it. You have a very probing mind. I like the Jupiter in the 8th, I believe that you don't have to worry about money, it will just come to you. Uranus. Pluto and Mars in the 7th. Pluto is regeneration or rapid change, so do you change friends often? It would be a sign of divorce, as the 7th house is the house of marriage, so usually Pluto in the 7th is a divorce. Without drawing it all out, I can't tell the aspects all your planets make to each other. The house is actually marriage and war. Have you ever been in the military? Scorpios are rebellious, but like order too.

Well I tried as much as I could without completing a horoscope, but you are complex for sure. If you visit my blog I have written a lot about Sunsigns, Moonsigns and Venus signs. There is a lot of Astrology I wrote that many help you. Thanks for writing, and if you want to explore your Astrological profile more, we can do it from the blog. Thanks for writing and take care.

The Grand Reaper 3 years ago

Hello Jean,

I'm an interesting case, and that if you could possibly manage it, would love to get answers to what I'm about to say.

I'm now in my mid-forties, I have not had a normal life and I could write several books about my life up till now. I can give you an example. I come from a middle-lower class jewish family and I was brought up in not such a nice part of Los Angeles. Because of tough circumstances I faced in High School - armed mexican gangs and white trash - I dropped out of public High School and ended up going to a prestigious Boarding School in Santa Barbara County. When I became a Senior, I was told that a new person was going to move in with me - it ended up being one of J. Paul Getty's grandsons; Gordon Getty's son. He will remain nameless. I was the first person he met. We took a walk on the country road near the school and when he wasn't looking, a car came right for him, and I grabbed him out of the way. Subsequently I saved his life. The school was full of students from many high level Illuminati families, which I didn't know at the time. This Getty fellow invited me over his house for a birthday party at his house in Pacific Heights, San Francisco - his Girlfriends family lived next to John and Bo Derek. This Getty fellow, my roommate, told me many things, I suppose secrets, that later did I learn were Illuminati/New World Order information.

Why I am saying this is because I'm a nobody, but I've always been surrounded by wealthy or extremely wealthy people and/or famous people , but I've had to work very hard and struggle to keep every dollar I've that I've ever earned.

Now I'm going to tell you something about myself that may blow your mind, ( sometimes it does to me too when I think about it) but perplexing to me which I hardly have the answers for. Anybody who knows me knows that I do not outright lie and I can back up everything I'm about to say with a simple call to my parents.

My ascendant is Scorpio, my moon and Neptune are in Scorpio in the first house and all three of them are conjunct ( meaning Ascendant, moon and Neptune are conjunct). My Gemini sun is in the eighth house along with Mercury, Jupiter and my North Node and all four of them are conjunct in the eighth house. On a side note, Uranus, Pluto and Mars are all in my eleventh house and all three are conjunct to each other. I was born on the 33rd parallel and the hospital I was born in was a block away from a central, major Masonic Lodge.

It doesn't stop here. I was born the same day as King David, I was born in the same manner as King David (My mother almost died when I was born and I was almost a stillbirth), I have the same Numerological value in my name as King David (In Hebrew, it's 14), and according to my family and because of my last name, I'm from the line of King David. My fathers Hebrew name is Yishai (no Kidding).

I can't have long hair or a beard, and when I did have both, I was constantly hounded, stared at and told, "Did anybody ever tell you that you look EXACTLY like Jesus?" Again, I can back up all these claims through my parents and pictures of myself.

And if this wasn't perplexing enough to myself, If you know anything

about Palm Reading, which I do somewhat, I have the Ring of Solomon/ Diksha Rekha form (Supposedly a very rare form) on both hands, the line of intuition, and the St. Croix (cross) between my heart and head line.

I realize that I probably have a special calling in life but I just don't know what it is. Could you possibly tell me what is going on and what this all means?



Haim 3 years ago

I'm interesting case... My ascendant sign is Scorpio, my moon is in Scorpio in the first house, which also happens to conjunct my Scorpio ascendant sign, my Gemini sun sign is in the eighth house along with Jupiter, Mercury and the North node and they all happen to conjunct in the eighth house. I also have Neptune in Scorpio in the first house which conjuncts my Scorpio moon which, I previously mentioned conjuncts my Scorpio Ascendant. If that's not enough, and Scorpio's don't outright lie for no for see able advantage, I'm born on the same day as King David, I was born in the same manner as King David( My mother almost died when I was born and I was almost a stillbirth), I have the same Numerological number value as King David's, and according to my family history - I'm from the line of King David - And no kidding, I can't have long hair or a beard on me because I'm constantly hounded, stared at and told that " Did anybody ever told you that you look like Jesus? I can give my parents phone number to back up everything I just said.

Also, if you know anything about palm reading, which I do, I have the ring of Solomon on both hands - forming the rare Diksha Rekha shape, I also have the line of intuition and the St. Croix between my heart and head line. I have not had a normal life, I'm forty eight now and I could write several books on my life up till now. Could anybody tell me what's going on and what this all means? Thanks.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi, thanks for reading and commenting. In the future, I'm trying to ask readers to ask this type of question at my blog, I write a lot about Astrology there too, and it's more private. You may like what you see there.

I understand how hard it is to have so many planets in Scorpio. My son is a Scorpio Sun, Moon, and Mercury. The Mercury makes it very hard for you to change your mind, you have very strong and fixed opinions. The Moon makes your emotions so intense you probably don't even understand them yourself sometimes. Venus makes you possessive and maybe a little jealous. I have Scorpio rising and so does my husband, and people tell us we act like we don't want to be bothered socially, that it takes long to get to know us. All of it is true. So what can you do?

The Sun is the strongest planet, and in Libra, that's a more lighthearted, air sign. Librans are charming, and intelligent, they get bored easily. They do want a busy social life. That is also why you feel "weak" at times, Libra's symbol is the scale, and you have trouble making up your mind, or waver, but since your Mercury is in Scorpio, they kind of cancel each other out. With the Scorpio rising, you need to be the one to say "Hello" first, to reach out before the other person does. I know it's not easy, but that's a start. The Venus in Scorpio also means you care deeply about friends, but probably have only a few, who you knew all your life. Try to keep your opinions to yourself if you think they are too intense for some.

I know it's hard to meet people. Scorpio gives you a mind that wants to dig deeper. I notice my son gets almost obsessed when he finds a new interest. He has taken martial arts since he was 10, and is still doing that at age 25. So if you join something, or take a class about something which interests you, you can meet others with the same interests. He also learned to play guitar and is in a band now. So I'm thinking if you take a class in something you like, that's a great way to meet people. It could be an exercise class or gym membership. A book club. Do you play an instrument? Scorpios like to be by water, is there a beach near your house? The point is to go somewhere around the same day and time each week, and see if you meet anyone. Sometimes we meet people at work, though a friendship from work can get hard and may be something you don't want to do.

Scorpio's have a much more tender heart than people realize. Would you like to volunteer somewhere? You could help with a local food drive, maybe read with young kids at the local elementary school who need help, or read to elderly people who are lonely, or go shopping for them. I notice when we feel optimistic enough to try something new, it's like we attract positive energy, and new things come into our lives we don't expect. I always loved Astrology and the Tar0t. Visiting a New Age or Metaphysical store as they are called now could be fun. They always have speakers and classes. I bet there is a class you may be interested in. I've met a lot of people that way.

I hope that helps a bit. If you ever want a horoscope done, I do it from my blog. Let me know how it goes and I wish you luck. Try doing something new, and see what sticks. Even going for a walk in a nearby park each night brings you in contact with people. Best Wishes.

Ms. K 3 years ago

This is right on point but I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. It's kinda, sorta, really tough having a scorpio moon. I am a Libra sun, moon, mercury, venus and rising in Scorpio. I either come on too strong and with set opinions or weak and can't speak up about simple things. I spend a lot of time alone, secluded almost. So, I was just wondering how can I balance having too much Scorpio placements with my Libra sun?

Thank you :)

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Well, you took the time to write to me, too! It's the Pisces in you that makes you lack focus, but you probably are very creative, water signs are, Scorpio and Pisces. You would be compatable with a Cancer woman, very much so. That's the 3rd water sign of your trinity. Cancers also have a sarcastic sense of humor, but are also reserved like you, so it sound to me like you are both interested in each other, but shy about making a move. Plus you are only 21, and those people you hang around with who are part of couples probably won't be in time. Usually if we settle down with a person too young, there wasn't enough time for either party to grow up into the person they are to be. Cancer is even good with Venus in Virgo. When you are ready, try to tell her you care, but don't want to embark on something unless you are sure it's serious. She will understand that, I know because I'm Cancer. The first time my boyfriend, now husband, sent me roses (Cancers are old fashioned) he wrote a note saying he wished he could plant a rosebush to grow with our relationship. I still have that note. Go slow, but Cancers are romantic, flowers, candy, even if you don't spend a lot of money, long walks on the beach or botanical gardens are cool. They get bored easily, but like to talk, and with Venus in Virgo and Pisces in you, so do you. Stay with subjects where you feel safe. She should be artistic in some way too. Maybe a hobby to share? Take a class together? I'm old school, and think it's better to wait than to rush into a relationship. That way, nobody gets hurt so bad. Hang in there.

Mal 3 years ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to write that. I really appreciate it and I do feel like I am able to slightly understand myself more. I am 21 and I am selective about who I would have a relationship with, which some of my friends cannot understand because they have always had girlfriends and I haven't. There is this Cancer female that I like and I think she likes me,but I'm often afraid of sharing my deep feelings with her because I know they are intense and as a result of me not sharing them, I often come across to her as joking around all the time and being sarcastic with her , so she dosen't always take me seriously.

Also, I have always wondered why it takes so much for me to get "locked in" and focused on something. I feel like I'm just floating along and in a "dreamy" state like you said. Seems like I'm in a bit of fog at times. Anyway, thank you for taking time to reply back to me.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Wow, you Scorpio Moon people seem very attracted to me! I understand you because my son is 25 and has a Scorpio Sun and Moon. The emotions are so intensely felt, I watched him struggle for many years in his adolescense and teens to be able to come to grips with them. He always tried to be different, and still hears the beat of a different drummer, and has very strong likes and dislikes. Scorpio is the sign of extremes, so make a person very good or very bad. He's been involved in martial arts since he was 10, so is very disciplined, and seems to like both the art and the Asian culture karate comes from. Scorpio Sun/Moon people are leaders, and he is now the Asst. Dir of the school, along with being an elementary teacher in a regular school. Interestingly, he has a Virgo Asc, and you a Virgo Venus. This is a cool Venus, you may find sex "yucky" or at least you have very refined taste and it takes a special person to get through to you. Virgo Venus people are also social creatures, and feel drawn to people intellectually, so this helps to even out your intense feelings. The Pisces Rising is what makes you seem polite and calm on the surface, and you also may have pretty eyes and a dreamy appearence. You will seem less focused and leader like than you really are. I think you have very high standards in what you expect from a romantic partner, and that's good, you have every right to. The Venus in Virgo may make you picky or critical. So you expect a lot from people because you are so intense, but because of your ascendant, seem more mellow and dreamy than you really are. But don't sell yourself short, Scorpios fall in love a lot, but often it's lust, or just not returned by the other person. You may be a bit older when you find that partner that you will just "know" is the one. And that's OK, because when you do, it will last. Just hang in there, and anyone with a Scorpio Sun and Moon is someone who struggles with a huge emotional surge. I watched my son grow up with it, and he hasn't settled down with anyone either. He also has those high standards. Scorpio rules sex and death (I know, weird) but it gives you a perspective that an older or more mature person has about life. Maybe try people with an age difference, maybe 10 yrs. older? They may be as mature as you! Best wishes.

Mal 3 years ago

Hey I'm a Scorpio Moon also along with having a Scorpio Sun and being a Rising Pisces. Could you try and explain what this mean I usually have these story emotions that are intense, but on the surface I seem polite and calm on the surface to other people.Also what do these alignments mean for me in terms of my love life along with my Venus being in Virgo. Why does my romantic life seem difficult?

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi Allie,

Well, since you are Cancer with a Scorpio Moon, both are a little reserved and, I don't want to say secretive, but don't volunteer much info about themselves unless they are with people either they know very well and trust very much. Cancer Suns can be chatty (like me) but I have Mercury and Venus in Gemini. So you are reserved, but the Libra rising makes you SEEM more outgoing and sociable than you really are. You like time to yourself. You aren't going to walk up to a group and introduce yourself unless somebody goes with you. There are cusps in Astrology, but they divide the 12 houses, so your partner has to be either Capricorn or Aquarius, he can't be both. Nobody has a mix of Sunsigns. People misinterpret that "born on the cusp" thing. Both my husband and I have Scorpio Ascendants, and people tell me that I seem like I don't want to be bothered at times. He has an Aries Sun, so really is more outgoing than I am, and seems more approachable, as a Taurus sun. An ascendant is a mask we wear though, so I'm just trying to decide if it's someone I want to know better, and like you, Cancer and Scorpio traits can be a bit of shyness at times. So you guess correctly about his Rising sign. Actually a Capricorn Venus is someone who cares deeply, but is afraid to show it unless they feel it's a very stable relationship. They secretly want to settle down, and he probably has a core group of friends he knows well who are the only ones that he "lets his hair down" with. Scorpio moons are tough, because you are both stubborn about what you feel. But I think you can agree to disagree if you both care enough, or if the issue is one that isn't a deal breaker between you both. I would say you are both a lot alike. You both want security, and perhaps need more time to feel safe enough with each other to open up more. If he leans towards Aquarius, his Mercury (the way he thinks) could be there, and he would have unique, clever or unusual ideas and outlooks on certain things. So to recap, I think you are an OK combo, you just aren't sure you feel safe with each other. It could work, give it more time. I have a whole Venus series on my blog, that may give you more insight, Take care and keep in touch!

Allie 3 years ago

I have a Cancer Sun and Scorpio Moon and I'm currently dating someone who is also a Scorpio Moon but with Capricorn/Aqua sun cusp (although he seems slightly leaned towards aqua). He also has a Scorpio Rising, while I have a Libra Rising. This is the first time I have felt it was hard to understand someone! I am one of those types described above as keeping to myself and seeming more aloof, yet deep down inside I'm so intense and passionate and I try to keep it hidden most of the time.

He seems like a very outward and outgoing person, and from what I've read about his type, especially having Cap venus, I've heard that they are very distant, aloof, detached creatures who rarely express their feelings, but I can't help to wonder why some of his descriptions don't really seem like what he portrays. Do you think this Scorpio moon/Rising combination may play into this? Trying to hide who/what he really is?

I've heard 2 Scorpio moons can either be extremely bad or very beneficial. What do you think, especially in this combination? Also recently I couldn't help but sort of feel that our relationship still hasn't penetrated more than the surface level, in a way. Even though it has been going well so far (8 months and no arguments or disputes so far..) I don't often talk about myself much but I felt I have revealed more about myself to him than he has to me! I wonder if there is an air of secrecy to him that comes into play with this.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi Alex,

The reason you cannot concentrate on one thing for long is because of both your Virgo Sun and Gemini Rising. They are both mutable, or changable signs. Virgos are very intelligent, and interested in many subjects, but get bored easily. Gemini is much the same, both signs are ruled by Mercury. So you learn fast, but don't want to get too deeply into one thing to the point you have to ignore others. The Scorpio Moon helps with that, Scorpio Moons are very focused, but to things you have an emotional attachment to. If you want to learn something, like play an instrument, or try a new sport, you will stay with it if you really love it. The Mars in Virgo is sort of the same. Mars rules how you are physically, and once again, in Virgo, your attention span isn't too long. I see you as a more cerebral person. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, so it's a nice placement, once again, you need an emotional attachment or need, and then you will have a strong focus. I have a lot of Astrology on my blog, Moonsigns and Venus placements if you are interested Best Wishes.

Alex 3 years ago

Hei!! I am a Virgo sun, Scorpio Moon and Gemini rising. Mars in Virgo and Pluto in scorpio as well.

All the above posts describe me perfectly. I can`t sleep early, but eventually when I do, I end up sleeping like a baby, for hours together. Yes, I am kind of a nerd (PhD). Musician/martial artist as well. Immensely attracted to dark things. The biggest problem though, is that I am just not able to concentrate on one thing in entirety. I have to have my hands on everything (sports, literature, arts, science), and that can seriously backfire sometimes as I end up working long hours to stick to deadlines. I am extremely quick in picking up new things though. Not good with relationships as trust is a huge issue. Male / 22 yrs.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

I know many Scorpio moon people, and they all have trouble sleeping, but when they finally do, they can sleep for almost a day, as you do. Scorpio makes people take everything to extremes.

Scorpios are very logical, they plan ahead, and for people with such deep emotions, can sometimes come across as rather cold. But they are sentimental and care for a very few people, though very deeply.

Astrology is not only based on where the Sun was at the time of birth. The Moon, Ascendant, and all the other planets were somewhere too. There are 12 houses, and they all have from 4-10 meanings. The distance the planets are from each other are called aspects. It's way more complicated than people think. I have spent a lot of money on seminars, tesxtbooks. Planetary tables, and books of time changes. It takes 5 or 6 hours to cast and interpret a chart. I don't use computerized ones because they are very inacurate. This is why those magazine and news "horoscopes" are vague. It was a ploy to take people's minds off of WWII that the idea of putting horoscopes in the paper came out, also what gave Astrology a bad name . I have several hubs about what a real chart entails, How To Cast Your Own Horscope, Or What Astrology Cannot Tell you. I also have info at

Scorpios reinvent themselves many times in life. We all have the anima and the animus, male and female, in us. lastly, Scorpios are born leaders, often ending up leading even if they didn't want to.

Rahul 3 years ago

Hi Everyone.

I have Scorpio as my moon sign and apparently true to that character this is the first write up about any thing even remotely related to astrology or, anything else for that matter, wherein I was captivated enough to share a few of my thoughts over the public domain. (I don't have facebook, twitter, or any other accounts for social sites either).

I was hoping to share one or two insights into myself, (as i cannot speak for anyone else), in regards to being..... well a Scorpio.

1. One of the aspects that my family and even other people around me comment on are the extremes of energy and lethargy I tend to periodically display. There are times too frequent when I work without sustenance (only on a few gallons of black coffee) for up to 72 hours without rest or food. On the other end, when work isn't as demanding, I have been known to sleep in for fourteen hours at a stretch. Some look upon it as a lack of discipline and wonder how I get anything done.

I call the process intuitive 'switching gears'. Knowing when to do it, what warrants it and how far one (I) can take it till the point of diminishing returns sets in.

Even during these 'phases' of extremes, it emerges that my performance outstrips that of entire teams of professionals. Surely that cannot be achieved without discipline, order, logic, form or flow?

So there usually is a method to such madness.

2. The Nobel Laureate André Paul Guillaume Gide once said that 'The colour of truth is gray'.

I do not believe that I have trouble with gray areas in my life. They get appropriately classified under either black or white. It is more often than not, a culmination of experience, ethics, morals, cold objectivity, instinct, intuition, logic, legal (paternalistic) aspects, and sometimes even brutal numbers. It is also the ability to envision all realistic sides of an 'object' when even a solitary side is perceived to be apparent. (Do you recall the anecdote of the mathematician, the economist and the logician taking a census of black/white coloured dogs in a city just by strolling into a canine park?)

Historically speaking, justice or arbitration, was dispensed by Kings and Monarchs. However, over time, wisdom of the likes of Solomon or Berengar, passed into legend and a structured framework to facilitate the journey to 'justice', had to be created in order to rely more on the morals, and ethics of the populace, which ideally ought to change with the times. This relies nominally on the wisdom of individuals, yet it is this same wisdom which is called upon on occasions where new laws must be written, and precedents created. (Political Suicide is beyond the purview of this premise)

That in essence lessens 'gray area', to that extent.

That is the way I approach so called' gray area's, with a caveat to others: 'Proceed with immense caution'.

3. 'Read not a book but a person and a situation on your path to success'.- Old Indian Proverb

People say that my instincts are far more accurate than most people's facts.

I have never read any books on body language or any of those pedantic 'How to', books, just is!

Another caveat to 'prospective observers of humanity': Classifying individuals based on zodiac signs can be fun, even insightful at times, but imagining that eight plus billion individuals conform to twelve or even a hundred categories is a bit, in my opinion ,'wishful thinking'.

I take on one individual at a time and proffer myself to him/her (always in a particular context mind you), and within about ten minutes, in the words of Hercule Poirot, " we have stirred the pot. We soon shall see what comes to the surface. "

4. OF Alexanders. Caesars. Napoleons and Scorpios.

Conquest of one's own shortcomings rather than of materialism is in my belief, what I aspire for.

In that context I barely recognize the individual I used to be till about five years ago, or five years before that. I remember the images with vividity and objectivity rather than with any positive or negative connotations.

Getting back to conquerors, violence (physical or verbal), is something I eschew.

Being a feminine side, i would rather 'Out Talk', than outfight opposition. This in the end brings the fence-squatters and a lot of the opposition to the point of view that is the necessity of the moment in question.

I would say adieu before fellow readers would complain of a certain recent verbose commentator.

Finally thank you for a most engrossing write up about the much maligned Scorpio. As to my views about how accurate that is,

I'm afraid Eam capiam ad inferos.

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RoryColgan 3 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Awesome! Will do.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

I'd be happy to take a look. You have me intrigued anyway, since I write about Metaphysical topics on a few sites, including my own. I've always been anti-gun, but our government is so impossible to deal with in the U.S. lately, I'm giving my views second thoughts, as people are saying, "What if we have to protect ourselves from the government?" Of course, we wouldn't have a chance, with all their weapons of destruction. I am surrounded by Scorpios, and it's my son who has the Scorpio Moon, so believe me, I know the sign well. Normally they see no shades of gray, though as Scorpios get older, they mellow a bit, as they realize some things are not just black or white (and I understand you don't like that)! If you like, email me a copy at, and I'd be happy to read it. It sounds interesting!

RoryColgan profile image

RoryColgan 3 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

I have a Scorpio moon, and I just wrote an article entitled A Metaphysical View on the Right to Bear Arms. I know we aren't "suppose to promote our own hubs here," but seriously I'd love to have you read it and let me know what you think about my use of this moon sign. I think I've done really well embracing the gray side of life that used to infuriate/depress me to no end.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

I'm sure you'll do fine in whatever you choose to do!

Marcel 3 years ago

Thanks Jean,

I really apreciate all your advice, I will do my best to find and follow the right path for me! Take care :)

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thanks Marcel.

Well it seems like your career ideas all overlap somewhat, that Scorpio in you wants to figure people out! You'll decide what you want, you seem to be doing a good job of it for your age. Most college aged people don't know for sure when they start, then a certain class and subject really clicks, and there it goes! You like to figure out the "why" in people, so that would be valuable for psychology or legal work. Best wishes whatever you do.

Marcel 3 years ago

Hello Jean,

I´m glad you understand me. I think it will be a great idea to study Buddhism and Zen, it could really answer many of my questions, even if just in a metaphorical way. I really hang to old relationships and live constantly true to my principles. I´m currently studying Law at University, it´s my first year. I feel that I´m in the right course, but I still waver many times, because I feel there are many other things for me to do in life. I enjoy helping people in all sorts of stuff, many times I feel like a psychologist or some other counselor. I´m thinking of following a career in criminal investigation, but I´m also considering prosecution. I feel really good when I can focus just on one thing and put all my energy on it, but most of the time it´s almost impossible. I really have issues on finding the mid term and because of that I´m always living on one extreme or the other. I would really like to feel balanced. Keeping myself busy really is a good idea. Yeah it´s hard to get out of it, lately I have just been a leach magnet for my parents in a passive way because it´s inevitable. Thanks for your insight, your blog is awesome.

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi Vivian,

I am glad you had good experiences with Astrology. All those oppositions between Taurus and the Scorpio Moon are what probably causes challenges for you. I just had a bad experience where I gave someone a little advice just on a thread like this on another site, and she twisted it and took it all the wrong way, saying I upset her for days. That's really dramatic, but I'm hesitant to give any advice without drawing up a whole chart or doing a tarot reading. It doesn't give me a whole picture to just see a few planets and know what signs they are in, I don't know your birth time or ascendant, or what houses the planets are in. There are just too many unknowns. The moon in the 7th does mean you like to have people around, so it's probably the distance between the planets, or aspects, causing you issues with them once they get there! Or sometimes we attract people who aren't good for us. If you want we can talk about that more on my blog, the address is Take care.

Vivian 3 years ago

This was very spot on, that i even teared a little. Astrology I can say really changed my life.

I have Rising in Taurus, Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio 7th ,Mercury in Taurus 12th ,Venus in Gemini 1st , and Mars in Aries 12th.

Do you think everything is balanced out? What do you think of my chart ?

With having Moon in Scorpio in 7th house. I find it really difficult to be alone. Sometimes i think with i ever be happy? and having my north node in Scorpio in 7th house doesn't make anything better :( any advice ?

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Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Dear Marcel,

I totally get where you are coming from, as I am a Sunsign Cancer and have Scorpio rising. My husband also has Scorpio rising, and our adult son is a Sun and Moon sign Scorpio, so I know the dynamics well! People see you as very nurturing with that Cancer rising, so they feel they can come to you with their problems. Your Pisces in the 9th house of higher education, travel to foreign countries, and religion and philosophy is what makes you question things. I also have 3 planets in that house, and constantly read, and Astrology is a life long study anyway. In the last few years I have been studying Buddhism and Zen, and as a Pisces you may enjoy that and it may answer more of your questions about the nature of reality. There are a number of people on HP who write about it, and know more than I do. Scorpio makes people seem aloof, but is also what adds the intensity to your relationships. I understand that, I'd rather be alone than with someone who isn't paying attention to me or is boring me. Cancers usually have one or two very close friends, they hang onto childhood or old relationships, and are very close to family. This can lead to the family dumping problems on you. The 5th house rules children and fun things, romance. But you probably know all this, although it's good to get other opinions. I can't read for myself. You have 3 water signs in your trinity, so be really careful about drinking or substances. Also, try to focus on new things, I'd like to see you take a course or go back to school eventually, with that 9th house Sun. That's where you shine. I know at 18 it's early, even when people go to college they still are young and don't know what to major in and such. Scorpio influences make one analytical, but it's best for you to keep busy. Try a new hobby, and don't become a leech magnet for people whose problems are epic. I've been there too, and it's hard to get out of it. If you feel it draining your energy, limit your contact with certain people. Take care of yourself, and if you get a chance take a visit to my blog. We can always do a tarot reading if you need more answers about life.

Marcel 3 years ago

Hello Jean,

I loved your posts about moon in scorpio, they describe me quite well. You did a great job! I have Sun in Pisces in the 9th house, moon in Scorpio in the 5th house and I´m a Cancer rising. I struggle alot emotionally and have alot of family problems since I was young, I´m currently 18 (born 03/03/1994). I also attract people to my life that have alot of problems themselves and people that love me but just can´t avoid hurting my feelings and being disloyal. People insist that I take everything too serious, but I don´t really see it that way... I just have a really strong need for real and intense relationships with people, I can´t handle superficiality, but none seems to understand or want the same. I always get what is going on in other people´s head, but I still convince myself that I´m seeing ghosts where they don´t exist, in the end I´m always right about people and get upset about it. I´m constantly questioning my reality, because of my intense feelings it´s like my way of seeing and experiencing things changes every second for good or for bad, it´s like my mind is in a constant struggle about everything. I could be writing all day, so I will stop here. I really appreciate your work, sorry for bothering you. I just felt like "writing it all down". Thanks and be happy!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thank you for visiting and commenting! I learn so much more from the people who write me, it's amazing. I am considering a Moonsign series for my blog, but have let myself get overinvolved in "series" writing last year, I had 3 going at once. It got to be a chore. So I need to have boundaries. I have a few other posts ready now that I've freed myself from the series work I did. But I think if it was me reading a blog, I would be upset if the person didn't follow through and finish what was started. It's my Capricorn moon, I guess. Keep in touch, and I hope the New Year is a good one for you!

BlueMoon 3 years ago

thank you for your reply! Yes, you´re right, sometimes different astrological-traits show up with time...I will surely check out your blog, I really like the way you write. I can feel you put your full heart in it! Take care and keep writing!:) BM

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello BlueMoon,

Always happy to help clarify things! People view you as your rising sign, so you "seem" Leo. I understand, because I'm a Cancer with lots of planets in Gemini, and am chatty and sociable. But only when I feel like being that way, as I have Scorpio rising! The Virgo traits may only come out in certain situations, look for that. My son has Virgo rising, and I never saw it in him. Then he became a vegetarian because it's healthy, my first clue. He needed glasses when he got to college, and now is a teacher, so definitely gives off that intelligent Virgo vibe! Virgos are chatty too, so someone or something must interest you enough to bring it out. Take care, and please check out my blog, the address is in my profile. I have "stories" about Sunsigns and lots of other stuff on Astrology and other topices. Thanks for writing in.

BlueMoon 3 years ago

Hi Jean, thank you very much for your post! I´m a virgo with leo rising sign and moon in scorpio... I´ve been spending a lot of time of my life tring to figure it out why I get so often "percieved" by others as Lio, while I percieve myself as Scorpio so clearly. It´s quite intresting that I don´t really show many virgo-traits in my "out" or "inner" life..keep reading about my moon sign helps me a lot to understand my limits and my potential! Thank´s!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Sorry about that. I spent quite a few hours monetizing the blog, putting ads on in the edit mode. But they aren't showing up on the blog itself. You probably were not able to get on while I was on editing! Normally there is a white contact area after each post, but I was adding ads. You seem to have an interesting life. Have fun for now!

angelordemon 4 years ago

Hahahah yes i am serious..But i have a leo sense of humour though ..I tried going on your website fortunetelling i wasn't able to leave any comments or wasn't quite sure where i should leave a message.. yes keeping in touch with tarot card reading seems very interesting..actually my boyfriend has a sun in taurus and moon in scorpio..I wonder sometimes what will happen between me and him i do have alot of fun i work a flight attendant and i have my own condo in miami at a young age my bday is aug10 1992 and hes may16 1992 hes weird ive hurt him a lot in the past

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi angelordemon,

I guess we all ask ourselves that about men, no? So your man is a Scorpio Sun/Taurus moon? The Opposition isn't so bad, but when the Sun is in Leo or Aquarius, then both his Sun and Moon are squared, so watch for that (end July-end Aug) (endJan--endFeb). Scorpios do tend to see things in terms of black or white, and they need periods of privacy, so that could be the time he disappears on you. It could be something else entirely in the chart. I have a Capricorn moon too, so understand your need for security and for life to be stable (or whatever passes for "normal at the time)! You haven't said much else about yourself, so you seem a serious Leo, not that they aren't, but you should be having more fun in your life. I'm going to stop adding content to HP soon, but please come to me with your questions on my blog: They won't let us have links on here anymore, and although I'll be checking my mail, I don't plan to be here beyond that. I write more about Astrology and the Tarot there anyway, and I'm thinking maybe we could do a tarot reading. Maybe you walk away for a bit and see how he reacts! Take care and keep in touch!

angelordemon 4 years ago

my man is taurus moon in scorpio..But i've been realizing a few thing's and i feel like his scorpio moon is his main identity thank god for the taurus side which makes him down to earth twice as sensitive and sensual..but i feel all the negative side of taurus and scorpio combine together when things go bad and creates 0ne big bull headed scary scorpio..He is very scorpio though more than anything and i've only realized with time..One of the things that characterizes him more of a scorpio is that he can disappear on me for no apparent reason he will still communicate but virtually no time in seeing me i noticed once i use this tactic with him he seem'd to learn his lesson and love me twice as hard but he still ended up doing the same thing again..I wonder why? His perverted side keeps me constantly going back to this whole relationship it really isn't easy for neither of us because im a leo with a capricorn moon..both my elements need water and that is why i need him to feel secure and psychoanalyzed but i always pretend like i hate it when he starts playing psychiatrist but i love it he is so intense and dark just like me its rare to find someone in the same state of mind makes u feel less guilty

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello Cassandra,

Thanks for writing in. Your Moon and Ascendant oppose your Scorpio moon, so that is in part causing your emotional struggle. Opposites are not the worst aspects though, usually they are things you can overcome. The Scorpio Moon is the most intense one. My son has it, and I have watched him struggle with his strong emotions for years, even when he was too young to be able to understand them. Especially then. You need a strong outlet for your feelings, it was martial arts for him, but it should be something physical. Taurus is a passive sign, so I understand your reluctance to hurt others. Usually Taurus people only speak if they have something important to say, but be careful not to hold stuff in so long it makes you sick. With the Taurus Ascendant, you come across as very sweet and gentle, and that may cause people to underrestimate you. The opposites are probably triggered off by other transits. You have all this info from where the planets are on your birthday, but they move all the time, and if we were to put today's transits on your birth chart, we might be able to see what triggers off more difficult periods for you. But the Sun and other planets just left Scorpio a few days ago when the Sun went into Sagittarius, so I think that was what made you feel the effects more. Both my husband and I have Scorpio ascendants, and our son is a Scorp Sun and Moon, so I know how those emotions run. You are not crazy, these are intense energies. You just need to channel them. That's hard as a new Mom, perhaps try meditation or an exercise video when the babe is asleep? Best wishes, and if you want to talk more, come to my blog. Just don't worry, all you told me fits with the Astrology you told me. Taurus people usually make good singers. Do you like to sign? That's a great outlet. Keep in touch and best wishes.

cassandra 4 years ago

hey im a taurus sun, taurus ascd, and scorpio moon, 21 year old. just wanted to say wow, and thank you so much for these insights. i strongly resonate with everything you described.

i am struggling with my emotions. its not a constant daily struggle, but once in a while when i come across something i have to deal with...i want to deal with it one way, but it always happens the other way. i avoid confrontation in the moment because i fear the intense emotional rush that happens to me - it can physically hurt, or my body will shake from the adrenaline.. so im best off taking a breather before i even try to go there with the whole vulnerability thing - which i hate by the way. i avoid expressing myself until i understand exactly the way i feel, which takes time. i have a bottled up dark childhood and secrets from the past, but have been productive in transcending the secretive aspect of my personality. i think im a little too concerned with not wanting to hurt people with the truth that i feel, so i keep my truth to myself which is a little unfulfilling sometimes, but i hate to see people hurt because i know what it feels like & dont wish pain upon anyone. this is connected to my lying secretive self.

also i resonate with what you said about reading people. i have the intuitive judgement where i can know a person from a single look. i dont pride myself on it or anything, in fact, i used to think i was quite judge mental to profile someone who i didnt even know. i'd feel bad for doing that & give them the benefit of the doubt, open up and give them a chance...and sure enough, sooner or later something would happen that would reveal their true colors which end up being my initial feeling about them. since those experiences my mind has learned to shut its mouth when my intuition is talking.

i always look at the time when its 1:11, 11:11, 11:44, 3:33 etc. numbers & events synchronize a lot in my life - ESPECIALLY when im eating extremely healthy. sometimes i recognize the connections and i know something is gonna happen. other times im oblivious to the patterns and i realize afterwards how this was connected to that.

i love all the aspects of having a scorpio moon sign except the whole intense emotional thing because it can really take over sometimes. i can hide it like a con artist, but my whole reality will seem black for for a couple days at times until i think myself out of that black hole or perhaps the planets shift and align my conscience to a more optimistic place haha.

seeing that i have sun & moon opposites, i heard it can really have an expanding/retracting effect. or they type of personality who doesnt take sides because they understand both sides equally and where both people are coming from. this is true for myself most of the time, unless something is downright wrong then i dont support that kind of stuff; even though i may understand where that behavior might have spawned from - still doesnt justify it though.

anyways, my apologies for typing so much, i just find this kind of stuff really interesting and i`m a stay at home mom with a napping baby and just wanted to let all my insights out. and thank you to the people who had the patience for reading all this. take care everyone! i would love some feedback

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello Josh,

Well, since you are a Sunsign Gemini, you are intelligent, and probably could work in any field you are interested in. You learn fast and usually are friendly and outgoing. The Scorpio moon makes you very intense emotionally, and that probably scares you a bit, being as young as you are. Do you go out of your way to be different? Or as a Scorpio moon, are you just being true to yourself.? The Gemini Sun can pull you out of the dark, but I don't know your other planet postions. I have a hub on here about Ascendants, you can look up yours on the chart. Then it's called "the trinity" Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and tells more. Since it's been 3 yrs. has the situation changed at home? Maybe you have matured and they have calmed down enough so you can talk it out? I have written about Gemini Suns here and on The Scorpio moon is helpful if you use it to find the intensity and direct it to positive things in life. It can drag you down if you drink or have drug issues. It's hard to be 21 n o matter what your sign is. Why don't you give the family another try? Otherwise, see if you can get a loan and go back to school, or get some kind of job training. Obama had good plans for community colleges. I wish you the best, let me know how you're doing. Take care.

Josh 4 years ago

I really struggle with my Scorpio moon quite a bit.....I think because my sun sign is in Gemini. I'm very drawn to the dark and mysterious, yet have learned to not always be so dark. I've had many psychic, supernatural and magick expereiences since I was young. However, my family disowned me about three years ago and now I'm 21. It's tough. Could anyone please tell me the tendencies of someone with a Sun in Gemini and a moon in Scorpio?

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Your Sun is still strong in Virgo, think of the Sun, Moon, Ascendent as around 3/4 and other planets, the rest of the chart. Some stronger things will affect youmore, like the Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio. I don't know what degrees they are in, but if they are close, it's a conjunction. You would be a reliable and hard worker anyway as a Virgo, but that Mars in Scorpio gives you a formidable will when you want to achieve a certain goal. You can also draw on great reserves of energy that you may not have thought you had, if you care enough to be doing whatever it is that draws you. The Jupiter in Scorpio means that you would have good fortune in your actions, the ones the Mars in Scorpio prompts you to get involved in. Jupiter takes 12 yrs. to transit through all the signs, so every 12 years you probably have a very active/lucky period where you change course or try something big and new in your life. Virgo and Scorpio are Earth and Water, compatable signs, so from what you've told me it's a nice horoscope :).

Stasa 4 years ago

And what happens when you have Mars is Scorpio also (and Jupiter in scorpio)? My sun is virgo, but I suppose I have more scorpio elements...

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello JustJoe123,

While it's always gratifying to hear my interpretations are good, it also comes with the harder part of knowing we all have problem areas in our lives. My son has a Scorpio Moon, so I know about the being critical and excelling in whatever you do. He takes martial arts, some kind of disciplined hobby may help you deal with some of the emotional things bothering you now. He is also an elementary school teacher, but in this economy is still a substitute teacher, though one who is good and gets called every day. You would do well in criminology or any field that requires listening and putting the puzzle pieces together. As far as sex, sometimes when we are in a long term relationship, we go without for periods. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong, it's just a break. Your girlfriend could be having hormone problems. Usually that part of life gets back on track eventually. Scorpios are either very active sexually, or virtually non active. Black or white. But a sport or hobby that requires discipline helped my son a lot (don't know and don't want to know about his sex life)! Mid 20's is an active time though, and sex wise you will probably slow down as you get older. Have you talked about it with her? In a way that's not complaining? I understand it's hard. As far as the job, you are too young to stay in it if it makes you unhappy. Get out and find something else. I'll be covering more Scorpio info on my blog next month. Try to be gentler on yourself and take care.

JustJoe123 4 years ago

This sums me up completely. I fit the 'good' Scorpio archetype and have ended up in a deep depression because my career clashes with my strong moral and ethical values so am now looking to become a primary school teacher (I am naturally caring, like imparting knowledge and am good with children) or possibly something using criminology as this fascinates me. I am intensely loyal and find it hard to forgive people completely who have deliberately betrayed me or those I'm close to. What you say about relationships is spot on too - I'm having a lot of problems with my girlfriend of four years right now because she's lost her sex drive and we've not had sex for over a year yet I don't want to abandon the relationship because of how much I care for her. I feel a great sense of inner turmoil and have struggled for a while now with my sexual needs, torn between what sometimes feels like an almost overwhelming sexual energy with and my dedication to my significant other. Although this could be because I'm in my mid-20s, I know Scorpios in general are quite active sexually. I've sought advice on how to balance my sexual side but have yet to find anything helpful.

Oh and as for being my own harshest critic...totally me. I know I need to let up on myself but find it hard to do so.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thank you for your comment, h. Actually, we all have free will. The "silly and superficial" astrologers don't tell you the truth. As a Scorpio, you have willpower. Strong willpower. You see things in terms of black or white, and may go to extremes. Those are tendencies of a Scorpio. But EVERYONE has FREE WILL. I'm not all the way up to Scorpio on my blog, but I'm writing 3 different series regarding Astrology, and your sign is next on the list. Take care.

4 years ago

Silly and superficial astrologers try to justify many crummy things claiming the Zodiac personality can't be changed. It's in their "nature, so, it's okay"...

As a Scorpio, I declare proudly that I've never attempted to dominate, mistreat or manipulate anyone, nor I will let anyone to treat me the same way, I'm not a vengeful, sex-obsessed monster. I'm perfectly aware of these dangers but I've transcended it for a long time.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

If you were born approximately between 10/21--11/21 you probably have a Scorpio Sun, but it needs to be looked up in a book called an Ephemeris. On the Scorpio Moon hub, this one, I have a link where you may put in your birth time, and the site will tell you what moonsign you have. It's at the top of the hub, and is called Moon Sign Tables. If you read the article, the answers are in it. Best wishes.

Sunny 4 years ago

What is the difference between Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Moon?

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Thanks Lilleyth and Mediastro for telling me of Steve Forrest, I will check out some of his stuff.

Lilleyth, sometimes the worse challenges provide the most positive growth and good circumstances in our lives, which you already know since you live with it! All the best.

Mediastro, my Son is a young adult with a Scorpio Sun and moon, and I have watched his struggle to work through his strong emotions all his life. Scorpios are usually very good or very bad. He's a good one, volunteers much, and is active in martial arts, a good way to get out some of the harder emotions. I am grateful he has 3 planets in Sag, and a chatty ascendant too, so at least he can talk things through if he really wants to. I'm off to look up the Inner Sky books, take care and thanks.

Mediastro 4 years ago

Steve Forrest wrote The Inner Sky books - the best evolutionary astrology guides to the whole of a person's soulful journey manifest in their natal chart.

Scorpio Moon people keep their emotions under lock and key, unbeknown to the rest of the world they may go through turbulent inner storms, and you will never know.

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Yes, it is an unfortunate T-square that has presented me with many challenges. Steven Forrest is an author of numerous astrology books.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Well, you sound very interesting. The Moon opposite Mars which squares Mars must create many changes in your relationships, both with men (Mars) and women (Moon). Forgive my ignorance, but I don't know who Steve Forrest is. Take care, Jean

Lilleyth profile image

Lilleyth 4 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

Taurus here with a Scorpio moon and pisces ascendant. Moon opposite mars square Pluto. I met Steve Forrest in the 80s and know how deadly I am.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello Ramesh,

Thank you for commenting. I am a Cancer surrounded by Scorpios, so I could write a book about them, even had I not been an astrologer. The Pisces in you will help you with making changes, Pisces is a restless influence, although a very creative one. Best wishes.

Ramesh 4 years ago

Hi, I am what you have described to the T. My sun sign is Pisces. And not having shades other than Black and White has affected me in many changing...!!!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi FieldReedGlow,

Thanks for commenting! Trust your intuition, it won't fail you.

FieldReedGlow profile image

FieldReedGlow 4 years ago from Conway, South Carolina

I'm a Scorpio, and this is me to the max!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hello nawtic,

I understand you. My adult son is a Scorpio sun and moon, though thankfully he has a heavy concentration of planets in Sagittarius, making him more optimistic and giving him an outlet for his passions. But when he was in his pre-teen and teen years, you could actually look at his face and see confusion. He wanted to be good, and usually was. But he knew what he wanted too, and thought he should fight for it. In certain situations, it may have been frowned upon. He struggled with his emotions, but has learned to discipline them as a karate student and an elementary school teacher. You need an outlet for all that feeling! Thank you so much for commenting!

nawtic 4 years ago

Eversince I found out and learned about my strong scorpio moon placement, it makes me understand myself a lot better. I do experience very intense emotions and it's hard for me to handle sometimes, but exactly as stated, I do not show them, and often times do not understand them fully. Some of these emotions actually cause almost physical pain when experienced, and are so intense I can't handle it. I don't like it but I do, and I also know now why I have been described as mysterious... Thanks.

SylviaSky profile image

SylviaSky 5 years ago from USA

I'm a Scorpio Moon. I'm everything you said except that I am not patient or frugal. People say I'm "intense" and "a challenge" but I am true-blue loyal. I give people too many chances, thinking they have the same capacity for loyalty. Anyone who betrays me (or worse, ridicules me) loses my respect instantly and forever.

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