Sagittarius Moon Sign Emotions

Sagittarius Moon Sign People

The person seated next to you at the party is quite interesting. He is a good conversationalist, and seems to know a lot about life in other countries and the customs there. As the evening progresses, you are both enjoying discussions about your favorite philosophers. You leave the party together to get a cup of coffee to continue talking more. He is friendly and good humored, and seems to feel passionately about many issues. He bluntly asks if you are seeing anyone else, really cutting to the chase. Since you aren't, you decide to get together the next weekend to go skiing, as you both love outdoor sports. You just met a person with a Moon in Sagittarius, my friend.

The Sagittarius Moon


Volunteers For A Cause

Sagittaruis Moon Sign people are usually jovial and generous. They get involved in Humanitarian causes, whether they spend a few weeks working with Habitat For Humanity, contribute to the town food drive, or volunteer for the First Aid Squad, while running the Summer Camp. These people truly care passionately for others, and will go to great lengths to organize a way to help or spearhead a group to assist the less fortunate in any way possible. These are the ones who run coat drives in winter, or drive people to the polls to vote on Election Day. They also are very Spiritual if they are not Religious, as the ninth house ruler of Sagittarius rules religion, philosophy and education. There are many teachers, ministers, philosophers, world travellers and photographers that have Sagittarius Moon Signs.

Honest As The Day Is Long

Sagittarius Moon Sign People are honest people who just blurt out whatever they need to say. They are strong advocates for free speech and you can find them at any rally where they feel ideas are being stifled. Sagittarius Moon Sign People can sometimes put their foot in their mouth without meaning to. But they are as honest as the day is long. They make spontaneous decisions, but can trust their instincts. They accept people for whom they are and generally get along with everyone. Their mind set is hopeful and optimistic. Since Sag is a fire sign, they do have a temper if you test them. But they get over it quickly and will want to talk out whatever the problem is. In fact, Sagittarius Moon Sign People are very chatty and never too far away from their cell phones. They have been known to drop them in the toilet, they can not even stop talking that long! You many have to hide it if you want their full attention!

The Archer


Freedom and Outdoor Lovers

Sagittarius Moon Sign people of either sex do not really like to settle down young. They are very active and don't want to give up their hobbies and interests to be part of a couple. So hopefully you like to do some of the same things. It's OK with the Sagittarius one if you go off on your own to pursue interests that they do not share. They don't like clinging vines. A Sagittarius Moon Sign Person will not have trouble giving you the freedom to be yourself. They will not begrudge you the time spent on the things you like to do. A Sagittarius Moon is a physically active person, remember the Sun Sign is an archer. Some really do like archery and are on a team. They love hiking, football, baseball, and probably horse back riding too. They have a great love of animals, so be prepared not only for a dog or cat, but perhaps a snake, parrot, or something more exotic.They are good sports and love to try new things. Sag Moon sings are colorful people, and take a deep interest in anything. And it's always a sincere interest.

Active and Body and Mind

Sagittarius Moon Sign People have a restless nature and get bored easily. By the time you meet your Sagittarius Moon, they have probably already traveled to other countries. But if not, you will be joining them on many trips. They are just fascinated by other cultures and people, and are insatiable about discovering more about them. It's a plus though, because they are at their happiest when they are learning something new.

Sagittarius Moons are serious about exercise as well, It's not a problem for them since they are so active anyway. They probably have a membership to a gym, but enjoy so many calorie burning activities they don't rely only on a workout at the gym. They move fast and walk fast, so get in shape or you will have trouble keeping up! A Sagittaruis Moon Sign will always stay young at heart.

Sagittarius Moon People

Sagittarius people are well versed in many subjects
Sagittarius people are well versed in many subjects | Source

Sag Moon People Love to Be Outdoors

Sagittarius Moon Sign People have a scientific bent and normally exercise good judgement about others. They love to be outside to enjoy nature and wide open spaces, as they need room to breathe. They make good parents because they really like kids, their natural enthusiasm just draws children to them. Plus they always have those pets around and are out playing sports somewhere, so this leads to being surrounded with young people. Then their serious side takes over and you find them with their nose in a philosophy or religion book. They are interested in all world religions and philosophies, and while may choose to practice one, are open minded about others.There are chatty Sagittarius Moon and Sun People, and quiet Sagittarus Moon and Sun People. You can get either one! Sagittarius Moon Sign People are easy to get along with, and you will never be bored while in their company. Just make sure you give them the space they need and you will be fine.

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Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 days ago from New Jersey Author

Pisces people are very creative and see life as if they can fit in anybody's shoes. They can be passive and just follow the crowd. But the fire influences of Leo and Sag help that a lot. The Leo Ascendant makes people see you as very assertive, and the Sag moon means you like your freedom. You like people and probably have a lot of friends and interests. Mercury in Aquarius gives you bright intellect and you are probably good at math and science, and are an original problem solver. I can't tell much about Midheaven without a whole chart. Best Wishes.

Anthony 4 days ago

I am a Leo ascendant, Pisces sun, and Sagittarius moon. What are your thoughts about that combination? Also, my Mercury is in Aquarius and Midheaven in Aries if that adds more to your insight.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 weeks ago from New Jersey Author

Hello Kavyaa,

Sun in Pisces makes you very compassionate and artistic, you are a very creative person. And with the Ascendant in Virgo, you have the discipline to finish any creative or other projects you start. The Moon is Taurus means you want emotional security, we all want it, but you won't waste time on things or people if you think they are not as serious as you are. It's a nice combination. The Taurus and Virgo are Earth signs, making you practical and sensible, but the Sun in Pisces makes you a dreamer too, so you aren't too sensible and won't have any fun! You could make something creative and possibly sell it for money, open a small business of your own with this combination. Best wishes to you. Jean

Kavyaa 3 weeks ago

Hello mam

I've moon in Taurus; sun in Pisces; rising Virgo sign

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 months ago from New Jersey Author

OK. Well, Virgo rising means you seem smart and studious, and people often come to you when they need to know something. You are neat and clean, always care if you look neat, and may be a little critical. The Rising sign is opposite your Pisces sun, but opposite signs mean you want the same things, but want to go about getting them in different ways. So this is you, and you would have creative solutions to your problems. ,Having all those other planets in Pisces means you have psychic abilities should you try to develop them, read go to classes. Be careful not to drink too much or experiment with drugs. I'm glad you have the Sag Moon, it will make you more optimistic and bring you out of yourself more. You are very creative, I hope you play an instrument,or paint or have some other artistic outlet. You would be a good writer. Best Wishes.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 2 months ago from New Jersey Author

That's a good combo. Sun in Scorpio makes you determined and ambitious. You are secretive and need time alone. You are a loyal friend. The Virgo rising is the way you look or the way people who don't know you think you are. You look studious, like a scholar, and like to talk a lot. The Moon is Sag means you probably don't want to get tied down if someone is going to stifle you, you need time for your own activities. Best wishes.

Jayraycee 2 months ago

Pisces sun , Sagittarius moon, Virgo rising here. I loved what you said about the Sag moon and I find a lot of what you wrote to be accurate. I'm curious about your professional opinion on my Big 3 lol. I know for a fact I'm a lot less emotional than other pisces suns, however I can still pick up on energies and vibes in my surroundings. My sun and moon sign complement each other well in my personality but I'd like to know more about how my Virgo rising would affect my personality as well. If it matters I have a lot of water in my chart as well, (Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in pisces) .

bbb 2 months ago

Hey, I have a virgo rising, moon in Sagittarius and sun in Scorpio.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author


Well, next time it would be great if you would write me at my blog. The rules keep changing on this site and we have more privacy on my own site. But no harm done.

Nothing can negate your Sun sign, it's strong. But since you have the Sag Moon and Rising, they are all part of the Sun/Moon/Ascendant trinity, and that's a lot of fire. Water puts out Fire when we think of the elements, so you are an adventurous Taurus. Sag influences make you love the outdoors (something shared with Taurus). But Sag wants to go rock climbing, gliding, roller blading, things that take a lot of effort. Taurus likes to sit back and smell the roses. They are very laid back. Deep down you still have Taurus influences. You are likely careful how you spend money and like to surround yourself in comfort. You don't really care what others think of you. Earth and Fire usually don't have much in common either, in all my years as an Astrologer I haven't seen many Fire and Earth couples, they don't click. You seem very perceptive about yourself, your guesses were all correct. I have a Venus series and a fictional Sunsign series on the blog where I made up characters to give a glimpse of what they would be like. My son tells me they are all overachievers, but my goal was to show how the sign can be best utilized. We could always do a whole horoscope or a tarot reading, from the blog. If not, you seem to be on track. Take care and feel free to get in touch if you have more questions. Best Wishes.


stevie4278 profile image

stevie4278 3 years ago from New York, NY

I am a Taurus Sun, Sag Moon, Sag Rising. The rest of my chart is dominated by Fire and Air. Does all this negate my Taurus Sun? I have never gotten along with Earth signs and I find Water signs mopey. People are usually shocked to find out I am an Earth sign. Any insight or is there a different forum I should be using?

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey Author

The Moonsign is not the Sunsign, it has nothing to do with months.

You have to look it up in a book of planetary positions called an Ephemeris, and know the time you were born. Most Astrology books use Greenwich Mean Time, so you need to do a time calculation. If you were thinking of Sagittarius Sunsign, that's around Nov. 21--Dec 21--but is actually a fallacy, the Sun could be in Sagittarius a day before or after that and go out of the sign a day before or after that too.

Again, you have to look your Sunsign up in the Ephemeris. There are many of them online, or sites where you can "plug in" your day, time and location of birth, and can find out what Moonsign you have. I gave you a link on the top left of this hub to use to find your Moonsign. or are reliable as far as telling you what signs all your planets are in, but I've had bad results with horoscopes with online sites. One day I sat with a stack of horoscopes I had done over the years, and put the info in the sites. Many were wrong. So when I cast horoscopes for people, I do it myself, the old fashioned way.

Many people think Astrology is just where your Sun was at the time of birth, but it's a picture of the sky, and every planet, plus the Moon, was in a sign, a house, and a distance from each other. All of those things matter. That's why I have broken Astrology down into so many hubs. Thanks for commenting, I hope that helps. Take care.

chimmy 3 years ago

pls list the months and their signs for clearer understanding

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

OK, see you.

ayu 4 years ago

Actually that's my BF's birthday. I am the Taurus Sun with Capricorn Moon and Gemini Venus. More of the earthy stable person.

I totally agree with what you say about depending on oneself for happiness. I will get back to you on the other comment box for Venus Gemini!

Thanks in the meantime!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi ayu,

Well, actually, your horoscope alters itself as life goes on. You told me your B-day is 8/28/1982. You either have a horoscope or an ephemeris, the book which tells you where the planets were any day of any year. I don't know how old you are. Let's pretend you are 25. Begin with the line of planets on 8/28/82, and count downward the amount of years older you are. The sun is so close that your Progressed sun at age 25 would be in zero degrees of Libra. So you would be an air sunsign instead of the Virgo. Your moon would be in Sag. I'm not sure where you get your info, but you can go to a New Age store and ask for a Progressed Chart, for the age you are now. Your info on Sun & Moon are right, but it looks to me like your Venus was in Leo when you were born, not Gemini. That's more romantic, ardent, fixed. I don't do whole horoscopes anymore. My interests are more with the tarot and other things now. But the computer ones are not expensive, and are good. So many people ask me, I just can't do charts, though I'll answer a few questions here. You know, you always have free will and the power to change yourself to be the way you want to be. Don't depend on a man for happiness. If you find it, great. But sometimes you find someone when you aren't looking, and sometimes we need new interests. Check out the Progressed Chart. Any New Age store can do it for you. Take care, and let me know how it works out. You may email me at home through here. Tell other people to read my stuff, I am finally getting a payout! Jean

ayu 4 years ago

Hi Jean,

I was re-reading your previous articles and now as I get older, I actually wish that I have more Fire signs in me. I used to not like Fire signs as I see them as rash, impulsive, wilful and so on. However, these days, it seems like Fire signs are the drive I need so much in life to charge forward. Sad to say I only have 2 Fire signs in my Natal chart and half of it is made up of Earth signs.

Do you think there is a way that people can actually alter their charts and make it not the way it is?

AnesaK profile image

AnesaK 4 years ago from USA

Definitely- I always think of creative ways to express myself and spend my time! But, despite all the fire energy, I also gravitate towards calm energy, stability and need down-time to think and relax :). Thanks, Jean, and Happy New Year!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi Anesak,

Thanks for the positive feedback! You must be a very creative person with all that fire energy! I have a hub on Ascendants in here somewhere. If you find it, there is a link to discover your Rising sign or Ascendant, if you don't know already. You need to know your birth time within 2 hrs., and your time zone. Best Wishes.

AnesaK profile image

AnesaK 4 years ago from USA

Hi Jean. This is a great hub! I am an Aries (on the cusp with Pisces) with a Saggitarius moon sign, and what you wrote describes me to a T :). Keep on writing!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author


I appreciate that fact that you read my hubs. Your BF can be experiencing the dreaded Saturn return, and if so, things he doesn't expect will start to happen. Sometimes when we are forced to rise to the occasion, it forces us to grow. Maybe that will be the case here. I hope it all works out the way you want. But I think taking some "time off" to reconsider things is a good idea. And not just for him. You have to consider what you want out of life too, ayu, because you want more than him. I'm not saying he's not the "one", but even if we love and make one person our world, we still need a life of our own with our own interests and friends. All the best. Jean

ayu 4 years ago

Hi Jean,

As always, many thanks for replying my comments :) really appreciate it.

I just feel like something is holding my BF up and making not able to be the real person he really is. Maybe it's just my imagination, haha. Well I just want the best for him ultimately.

And yep we are taking some time off now so that he can evaluate his life and what he really wants to achieve, saturn return I say! I hope that things will take a good turn after that.

Lastly, I am not getting anywhere with Astrology! It's all just random readings for me! I'm no where near anything to read for others! haha.

Thanks for your advice, always thankful for that!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Hi ayu,

I have given this some thought and really can't say astrologically why your BF if acting as he is, unless he doesn't want the relationship to go further. Virgos are outgoing once you get to know them. Sag is a "friend" moon. My son is a double Scorpio, but has 3 Sag planets. He's downright sunny, thankfully for the Sag planets, and Virgo rising! Otherwise he would have been Goth and hiding from others all his life. He likes women, but is usually the one everyone thinks of as a "friend." It doesn't seem to bother him, as he's seen many young people, and older couples split, and I think he's afraid to get too close to anyone. That will change, I see a marriage in his chart, but when he's older. Mars in Scorpio is usually active, or wanting to do and find out everything about a subject that interests your BF. I can't draw up horoscopes on HP friends, I get too many requests. It may be the aspects as I said, distances the planets are apart, I have a hub on that. It's very hard to change someone, and at my age I've learned you shouldn't try. I know you care alot about him, but people don't really change much, believe me. You seem to be moving forward in your own life. You are getting good at Astrology, maybe you could make some extra income casting horoscopes? Maybe someone else will come along who suits you better? I understand how hard it is when you have invested your love and time in a relationship. But life gets tougher, and if you have problems together now, it's not going to get easier. Think very carefully, and in the end you must do what is best for yourself. I hope that helps a little. Take care.

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 4 years ago from New Jersey Author

Sag moon will give you lots of freedom, but they aren't erratic or moody. Every planet is in a sign too, as you know, and in a house, and has aspects. It may be that he is just irresponsible or won't settle down. I know that's not what you want to hear now. I think a counselor would be a great job for you! Best Wishes.

Ayu 4 years ago

Hi Jean,

My bf has Sag-Moon and he is almost nothing like how you described! How is that even possible?

The only thing I can link him up with Sag-Moon is that he totally gives me all the freedom I need even when I am neglecting him doing dumb stuff that most guys would deem as time-wasting. Also, he is really erratic in his actions like maybe today he said he is gonna do something and then 2 hours later he totally just turned so laidback and decided that he needs to rest. Or if he promised to do something by end of today, it will only probably be done next month.

Is that common for Sag-moon? Or is he just irresponsible? I find that sometimes I find it so hard to relate to his Moon and why is he so disorganised and unfocused as compared to my own Capricorn Moon.

I hope you can enlighten me on this as he is totally not acting like any of his signs. I find it troubling and it might have something to do with some other parts in his birthchart that isnt't that good...

Born 28/8/1982 454am Queensbury NY

Sun -Virgo

Moon - Sag

Venus - Leo

Rising - Leo

Mars - Scorpio

He has good signs I think but just wondering why is he so not outgoing and so not spontaneous...Hope you can give some advice and not getting really sick of my questions :)

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

Click on the link above and insert your birthday. It will tell you what your Moon Sign is if you have never had a professional horoscope done!

Jean Bakula profile image

Jean Bakula 5 years ago from New Jersey Author

No, your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign make up what's called the trinity. Then all the other planets were in a sign at the time of your birth. They were all in one of 12 different houses of the zodiac too. It's much more complicated than people think. But if you are a Sun Sign Sag, you will share traits with the Moon Sign Sag, so you may see similarties. Check out my "You Can Be Your Own Astrologer" hub! It tells you which books can help you learn more. Most important is an Ephemeris. Thanks for reading!

sueroy333 profile image

sueroy333 5 years ago from Indiana

Is a "moon" sign the same as the astrological sign?

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