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How Full Moon Magic Can Remove Bad Habits and Situations

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Read on to learn how the magic of the full moon can help you overcome problems in your life.

Read on to learn how the magic of the full moon can help you overcome problems in your life.

The full moon is the end of the moon's 28-day cycle. As with all endings, it is a time to release and move on. The energy of the moon is at its peak during a full moon and intuitive abilities are high two to three days before. This is an optimal time to meditate on what is no longer serving you and release it to make room for something new to enter your life.

You can use the full moon to quit bad habits or to help you release negative situations and people. The full moon is a very powerful time and, when we put ourselves in tune with it, it is possible to achieve some magical things.


The Full Moon and Astrology

Consider what astrological sign the full moon is in when you are getting ready for your ritual. Bringing the energy of the astrological sign into your moon ritual creates a stronger energy for a more positive outcome. Take the energy of the astrological sign the full moon is in and bring it into your ritual, or list of what you want to release and let go. Use the crystals that are associated with the sign. For example, amazonite is associated with Virgo and dioptase is associated with Scorpio. Burn incense with the scent that represents the sign. Aries is spicy scents like cinnamon, and Leo is jasmine or sandalwood. Use candles that are the colors of the astrological sign. Pisces is associated with shades of blue and Taurus is aligned with more feminine colors such as pink. Do a little research and find out what aspects resonate with the astrological sign.


Write Down What You Want to Release

Making a list or writing a detailed story about what it is that you want to release during a full moon is a traditional ritual. Write down what no longer serves you and send it out to the universe by reading it aloud, burning it, or burying it. The full moon is the most potent time to release bad habits, so if you are wanting to quit smoking, for example, this is a good time to ask the universe for help by writing it down and releasing it to the full moon.

If you choose to burn your list during the full moon, then make sure that you have a fire-safe vessel to burn it in. If you have trouble getting the list to burn completely, then you are not ready to let go of something on your list. Meditate or pray on the subject and the next month, if you still feel that you want to release it, try it again.

A Full Moon Body Cleansing

Even if you choose not to do a full moon ritual, a full moon body cleansing is always beneficial to clear any negative energy that you might be carrying around. Saltwater is the best way to do a full body cleansing so if you can take a dip in the ocean, that would be the best way but if not, it is easy to create a cleansing bath.

Use Epsom salt and some lavender oil in your bath water. Lavender is the herb that resonates with the moon and has a natural relaxing scent. Wash over your body three times and visualize the negative energy being washed away.


A Full Moon House Cleansing

Doing a house cleansing during a full moon is very powerful in releasing any negative energy in your home. Use a sage stick (laced with lavender if you have it) and go around the house releasing any negative energy that might be there from the past month. If you only have a white sage stick to burn, I recommend lighting some lavender incense in the rooms you are cleansing.

You can also do a salt cleansing throughout the house. Do this by sprinkling salt in your corners and placing a line of salt in your entry doorways and window sills. You can also set out bowls of salt or do a salt burning.

Cleanse Your Crystals and Tools

The full moon can be used to cleanse all of your crystals and tools. First, cleanse your tools with salt water then place them outside under the full moon. Be sure to remove them before the sun comes up or else your cleansing will not work.

If you want to cleanse your oracle or tarot cards, go over them with the smoke from a smudge stick or incense and set them out under the full moon. This is also a good time to activate and cleanse a brand new deck. I always wait to do a first reading with my new deck until I've charged them under a full moon.


Create a Full Moon Ritual

There are countless rituals that you can find and try. However, creating your own is the strongest way to capture the power of the full moon. Research and find a few that you resonate with and try them. Then if you like, you can take a little bit of each and create your own. Your full moon ritual should be looked forward to and not seen as a chore. So make it something that you enjoy doing. If you feel uncomfortable with chanting then don't do it for now. You will find that over time, your rituals will change along with your personal changes. Once you tap into the full moon's power, you can feel more comfortable or enjoy something that didn't resonate before.

Intention Is Everything

However you chose to celebrate the full moon, direct heartfelt intention is the biggest element. If your intentions to release and welcome something new in its place isn't completely heartfelt, then it is not going to work as fast or at all. If you have doubt about what you are asking for, then it will cripple the outcome. Take time and really think about what it is that you are wanting to achieve. If you know that you should be releasing something but still have a reluctance of letting it go, then that is not what you should be concentrating on for this full moon. Write it down and do it later.

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