Chinese Horoscope Predictions for 2018: Year of the Earth Dog

Updated on November 28, 2017
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An interest in God, meta-physics, and religion dominated Tessa's life for half a century. A decade ago she walked away to become an atheist.

Chinese astrology differs from western astrology is that it is based on the type of life force (qi) and not on the position and movement of the stars.
Chinese astrology differs from western astrology is that it is based on the type of life force (qi) and not on the position and movement of the stars.

2018 Political Predictions: Foretelling the Future Using the Chinese Zodiac

The year of the earth dog, which begins on February 16th, 2018, could be a turning point in human history. This is because Donald Trump is born in the year of the dog, and while the dog is generally man’s best friend, it also has a dark side. The dark side of those who are born during this cycle is that they are quick to anger, critical of others, stubborn and won’t take advice, hypersensitive to criticism, and deeply emotional.

Of course, there is the other side. They are deeply loyal to their families, friends, and those who support them. ‘Dogs’ are straightforward (honest in that they say what they think), friendly, and feel deeply responsible for the welfare of others.

Think about canines for a moment. When they are badly treated by strangers, they will bite. Regardless of how friendly and loyal they are, man’s best friend do attack others, and these attacks can be the result of their master’s commands or simply a matter of self-preservation or anger.

Donald Trump is born in the year of the fire dog. That makes him a leader, but it also makes him an aggressive one. The fire element makes it difficult for him to control his emotions, and his desire to dominate others will be very intense, indeed.

The energy of the dog is going to be emphasized. This means that while the characteristics of friendliness, loyalty, and service will be increased, so will the traits of attacking (biting), quarrelling, fighting, and rebelling when the situation is no longer tolerable. As President Trump has already indicated, he does not sit quietly and go into the night. He will use every means at his disposal to retain his position and get what he wants. This, almost certainly, will result in conflict and chaos of some type.

The current political ambience, where a great many people are inclined to mock President Trump, could trigger an outpouring of anger so intense that it would result in nuclear warfare and other ill-fated events.

There is a reason that dog years are the start of many a revolution.

Scroll Down for Your Personal Zodiac

If you're not interested in finding out a little more about how future trends in the Chinese Zodiac are determined, then scroll down for your own personal horoscope.

2018 Year of the earth dog
2018 Year of the earth dog

Difference Between Chinese and Western Astrology

While Western astrology purports to tell the future based on the movement of the stars, Chinese astrology does no such thing. What it does is examine the characteristics of the life force (Qi or Chi) of a particular year and compare that with the characteristics of the Qi of people involved.

So, instance, how would a person born in the year of the fire dog respond to the influence produced by the life force in a year of the dragon? What would the effect of the year of the pig be on someone born in the year of the rabbit?

In other words, unlike Western astrology, Chinese astrology does not foretell the future. Instead it determines what the general weather will be like and how each of the animal signs will fare in that weather. Those who are aware of the stumbling blocks can avoid them.

About half the world's population use Chinese astrology to get an idea of how the life-force is going to affect events and personal lives.
About half the world's population use Chinese astrology to get an idea of how the life-force is going to affect events and personal lives. | Source

The Basics of Chinese Astrology

The Chinese believe that there is a life force (Qi) on earth that infiltrates all that are alive. This life force has a 60 year cycle, and each of the years has different characteristics. When a person is born, they take on the particular characteristics which were present in the Qi (or Chi) of that year.

So, for instance, in the year of the earth dog, every child that is born between the 16th February, 2018 and the 4th February, 2019 will have the characteristics of the dog. This is called the year sign, and you will determine your horoscope by reading what the energy is like for your year sign. If you do not know your year year sign, you can find it here. Your horoscope can be read towards the bottom of this article.

Everybody also has a rising sign (otherwise known as your secret animal) depending on the hour they were born. The rising sign will reveal who you are at your core (equivalent to the moon in Western astrology).

You also have an inner animal (as per the list below). This determines who you will grow into in later years. When you are old, you will have more of the characteristics of your inner animal than your year animal.

February 4th - March 5th: Tiger

March 6th - April 4th: Rabbit

April 5th - May 4th: Dragon

May 5th - June 5th: Snake

June 6th - July 6th: Horse

July 7th - August 6th: Goat

August 7th - September 7th: Monkey

September 8th - October 7th: Rooster

October 8th - November 6th: Dog

November 7th - December 6th: Pig

December 7th - January 5th: Rat

January 6th - February 3rd: Ox

So, for instance, I was born in the year of the rabbit with dragon rising and an inner monkey. I was also born in the metal year. When looking at my horoscope, I will look at my year animal which has the strongest influence. I will aIso, however, give a quick read-through of the horoscope for my rising sign and my inner animal. This will not be a huge influence, but it's good to know what all influences are for the coming year. For my own horoscope, thereore, I would look at the rabbit as I was born in the year of the rabbit. I would then glance at the dragon (rising sign) and the monkey (my inner animal). This way, I can get a feel for the year ahead.

This brings us to the elements of the Chinese zodiac. There are five elements – wood, metal, earth, fire, and water. The sixty year Qi cycle is composed of five series of twelve (there are twelve animals) years. Each time an animal year is repeated, it has a different element. Elements tell you more about your characteristics.

You can determine your element by the number of the year you were born in. If it ends in 0 or 1, for instance, you would be metal. Another example would be that 2018 ends in an 8, so it would be an earth year.

0 or 1, you are a metal element.

2 or 3, you are a water element.

4 or 5, you are a wood element.

6 or 7, you are a fire element.

8 or 9, you are an earth element.

All this information has a greater or lesser influence on the current life-force year. So if you are born in the year of the wood monkey, and 2018 is the year of the earth dog, you would figure out how someone with monkey year characteristics would survive in a year where the life energy (Chi) was that of an earth dog.

The Chinese zodiac does not foretell the future. It tells you what the energy of that year is going to be like, and whether your animal energy is compatible with it or not. When they are not compatible, it is best to lie low. When they are compatible, it’s time to stretch your wings.

If you would like to have more information about Chinese astrology, wikihow is an excellent source.

There are 12 animal signs, and each of these impacts on the energy of the current year.
There are 12 animal signs, and each of these impacts on the energy of the current year.

Interpretation of the Zodiac Is Only an Opinion

I spent some six or seven hours reading through the various Chinese masters to get some sort of idea of what could be expected in the coming year. Predictions and horoscopes vary, with some blatantly contradicting the other.

Overall, the general consensus was that technology would move forward rapidly while there would be political turmoil across the world, and that Trump would not be in a happy place. Innovation would impact on the social order, some of it positively and some of it negatively. Virtually all countries would be faced with a decision – either change for the higher good or descend into chaos. New ideologies would make themselves known. In general, for all in this year, those in business will not so well, while those in the sciences and the arts will flourish.

Does It Work?

The Chinese determine all major decisions on the birth sign and the energy of the year. They will delay having children, starting a business, moving homes, and more, simply to be in an auspicious year.


2018 Rat horoscope
2018 Rat horoscope


The rat will have a fast moving year with events ranging from highly positive to extremely negative. Those in business may well face financial loses, and this would be the same for those wishing to start a new business. It is not a good year to spend lavishly or to invest in property and other capital purchases. Those in creative fields may see either gentle growth in their careers or giant leaps forward. This includes writers, artists, actors, and any of the more artistic pursuits. Those working for others will be rewarded for their loyalty and persistence.

The rat will need to avoid discussions and disagreements which will, under the influence of the dog year, grow heated quite rapidly.

It is not a good year for love and romance, and the focus may need to be on friendship with the hope that it will grow into something else in another year. Even those in existing relationships may find that arguments increase and that it would be better to tone down the relationship to one that is more platonic.

2018 Ox horoscope
2018 Ox horoscope


This is not the best year for the ox. It is the year in which money should be invested safely with as little expenditure as possible. There will be hidden competitors and enemies will surface at the least auspicious moment. Neither will emotions be calm. Rather, they will be up and down, and this will not impact well on a year fraught with the potential to go nuclear.

In order to handle this in a positive manner, it is better to put friendship and loyalty to those around you ahead of profit. Stay where you are, and focus on what you already have. That way, your friends will have your back.

There are some paths which are safer than others. These include businesses which focus on creativity, be they fashion, art, or music. However, do not invest in a loan to diversify into these fields because the year will comprise much financial loss. Rather slowly and carefully, focus on friends and sincere connections.

Romance will be of the slow and steady variety, with traditional connections being more likely to develop into something good than love at first sight. With the nature of the dog being that of attack when things don’t go well, it is best for all parties to avoid any form of disagreement until 2019.


2018 Tiger horoscope
2018 Tiger horoscope


Tigers and dogs do well together, so the luck of the dog will cling to the fierce tiger. Even though this big cat will be affected by the moody nature of the earth dog year, there is the opportunity for an increase in wealth. Those in monthly paid positions will see increases in their income, while those who make investments will see small, but steady rises.

Just as a dog is prone to consequences when biting or attacking another, those Qi influences of the earth dog year will hamper you. There may be lawsuits, traffic offences, arguments that get out of hand, and more. It is best to focus on self-control and tread very carefully. It is also a year to observe and respect your relationships with the people around you. Be highly disciplined and self-controlled if you want to avoid losing what you can gain this year.

Love isn’t on the cards for 2018. This does not mean you can’t lay the groundwork, just that there isn’t going to be much opportunity or time for romantic interests. If it is important to you, and if your work and money situation is flowing smoothly, a concerted effort to invest in meeting more people or spending more time with a loved one, may bring hoped-for outcomes.

2018 Rabbit horoscope
2018 Rabbit horoscope


After a really tough 2017, 2018 is looking good for the cat (rabbit). The rabbit, like the tiger, is compatible with the dog. While there is a possibility of a small loss, the greater trend is increased money and even fame and fortune. Those working in jobs will see themselves promoted with financial increase, while those in businesses will flourish in anything that promotes creativity. It is a good year for rabbits to market their services.

Relationships will flourish with good opportunities to meet ‘the one.’ However, men could be taken in by a woman, so it is important to take it slowly. If the new relationship is not taken slowly, there is the chance of lost finance plus a quick split.


2018 Dragon horoscope
2018 Dragon horoscope


One of the few years in which the dragon doesn’t get lucky. The dog and the dragon do not like each other. It’s a rocky year for the this fierce serpent. There will be the loss of money, plus numerous events that affect you negatively. There is a need to avoid disputes and arguments as they will get out of hand.

Ironically, if the dragon is thinking of making some changes this year, he has nothing to lose. Innovation is one of the characteristics of the dog year, so any dragon might well do better to start a venture on the side if the investment is small

It is vital to cut down on expenditure and not to invest a lot of money in anything that is risky. Rather save what you have and only spend small amounts where a loss will not be to your detriment.

There will be obstacles, fierce arguments, disputes and just plain bad luck. It won’t be made any better by poor relationships, so this is a year in which some self-control and discipline when speaking to others is vital.

It goes without saying that the usually lucky dragon should tread carefully when it comes to love. Spouses will need special care in order to maintain a good marriage, and for those who are single, slow and steady wins the race.


2018 Snake horoscope
2018 Snake horoscope


Much of the snake’s ability will be rewarded during this period. You could win big in your job plus make friends who help you out in difficult situations (should they arise).

If you’re in business, you will flourish. New inventions, discoveries, innovation, and reinvention will pay big dividends. Your marketing campaigns will be well rewarded.

In order to get maximum affect from this life energy (Qi), it is best to watch your tongue because the opportunity for disputes to arise from even mild words is high. One way of avoiding potential conflict is to smile a lot and talk a little. Listening will get you far during this time.

You will be lucky in love and meet those where the attraction is mutual. Existing relationships will flourish, but take care that intense emotions don’t impact negatively on your loved one.


2018 Horse horoscope
2018 Horse horoscope


The horse is another lucky animal which is compatible with the dog, and so the dog year will work well for him. This high energy steed will see doors open in his day job but not so much in any new business venture.

As it is a year of unexpected expenses for most, it will be a good thing to save or invest (in conservative investments) the extra income that comes your way. It’s probably also a good idea to take a good, long, hard look at where your money is being spent and plug any holes!

As with the general ambience of the dog year, it is best not to get involved in anything that can lead to disputes, gossip, angry discussions, etc.

In terms of romance, it could be a rocky road – sexy, exciting, but rocky! Don’t look for something long term. Just enjoy.


2018 Sheep horoscope
2018 Sheep horoscope


The sheep (or goat) faces a mixed bag. In order to keep your life in order, you will need to face stumbling blocks with ingenuity and courage. Persistence will also win the day. The stress of this will be mitigated by new opportunities that come your way. This luck will come to you through highly placed people, so you should cultivate them. In addition, attitude will be everything.

You will do well in business, and the rewards will be substantial. If you are an employee, you will also do well, being rewarded for friendless, competence, and service. It’s important not to give any sort of ammunition to those who are not well disposed to you as this is the area that will impose some challenges.

Your relationship life will be middle of the road – stable for the most part but nothing exciting. As the ambience of this year indicates that loyalty and friendliness will pay big benefits, it’s best to overlook anything that might annoy you.


2018 Monkey horoscope
2018 Monkey horoscope


This is not a good year for the monkey. However, there is something to be gained.

If you are studying or wish to change direction and learn something new, then this is the year to do so. You’re not going to be making any extra money this year, so if you have a job, put your head down and stick with it. There is a possibility that there may be changes in your job, so it’s best to start cutting down on any expenses that you have. If you are offered a promotion or a different job to the one you currently have, it will work well if it offers you the opportunity to learn new skills.

This is going to be a difficult year for relationships with others. The dog year is a bit extreme in that it’s either all out loyalty or a bit of an attack. So you will need to employ the tightest self-control and treat all the people in your life with an extra dose of friendliness and respect.

Love will have its ups and downs this year, so in order to avoid that, plan up front how to do good things for them. That way your relationships will survive. Travel will be a good option.


2018 Rooster horoscope
2018 Rooster horoscope


The rooster is set for another dismal year but, fortunately, there are also some pretty good things. You will continue to earn a steady income if you are a businessman, and if you are an employee, then you may be in line for a promotion plus increased pay. For both businessmen and employees, because the energy of the year is prone to fights and disputes, it’s best to play it safe in all aspects.

Disputes could lead to the loss of money so play everything by the book. There really will be many arguments, and they will not benefit you. It’s going to be a slow year, and you will need to do everything in a methodical way with evidence that you did it.

Marriages could bring change whether a child being born or a divorce as a result of an affair. Those who are single may find themselves more serious about a long term partnership, and this could lead to marriage.


2018 Dog horoscope
2018 Dog horoscope


Despite this being your animal sign, you will be lucky one day and not so lucky the next day. However, with your friendly nature and your capacity to wish good for all, you will quickly be able to turn difficult situations your way. The exception to this is if you allow your emotions to get out of control and ‘bite’ the people involved in disputes. In this case, things could go very badly for you.

Financial fraud may come back to haunt you, so wherever you are and whatever you do, it’s best to stick to the rules this year. It’s also best not to expand your business or ask your boss for a raise or promotion. Don’t go for broke, and don’t trust the promises of those who would take what you have. Dogs are far too trusting! That said, you could make a lot of money in 2018 and lose it just as quickly.

As you have a capacity to be overly emotional, and as this year will emphasize anger and fights, you’re going to have to practice self-control. The least said, the soonest situations will be mended.

The best industries for you to focus on this year will be the arts and entertainment.

One of your big challenges this year is to look after your health. You may suffer a breakdown or an accident of some sort. This could be expensive. Take care to do everything diligently, slowly, and with care.

In terms of love and romance, it will be a rocky road. It’s best to put out the paw of friendship than to insist on your own way. Love will not remain if you insist on dominating your partner or want your own way. There could also be a marriage on the cards for those who are single.


2018 Pig horoscope
2018 Pig horoscope


The pig could get a little richer, plus be blessed with auspicious get-togethers. Because all outcomes are dependent on the events that preceded them, however, this will only come to a pass if the porker behaves himself and considers the Qi energy of the dog year.

Employees will benefit if they show good skills and good relationships with other members of staff. Businessmen, likewise. The clue is that personal relationship will play a decisive factor in wealth creation. You will need to work hard.

Piglets in love can look forward to marriage, and those who are currently single will easily find a mate. Disputes, arguments quarrels, etc. will make it difficult to progress, though, so once more, it is a year of self-control and slow pacing.

Do you understand the differences between Chinese astrology and Western astrology?

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The year of the dog will bring prosperity to those who are involved in innovation and creation. Those with artistic talents, writing talents, and inventive talents will flourish. It is a good year to market anything that brings beauty and pleasure to the world.

On the political front, there will be anger, despair, disagreement, and violence. Revolution is not out of the question, and this will be the general set of conditions in many countries.

New ideas will emerge with old ideologies beginning the ride to oblivion. The dog’s preference for friendliness, loyalty, and service will make these characteristics more welcome in 2018, and it is to be hoped that the Dark Side does not win the day.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2017 Tessa Schlesinger


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  • profile image


    2 years ago

    Says I’m horse asc & year of the horse - will I ever settle on someone to love?! Haha... no wonder I’m so damn restless in everything...

    Nice to know horses are just as lucky as dragons I was feeling v jealous lol

    nice to know I’m in for a cautious but good year, I need it

  • profile image


    2 years ago

    i liked your article very much.can you please tell me how will be may and june of 2018 will be for participating in different accadamic competition and date of birth is 25 feb 2001.can you tell me the lucky days of these months?

  • TessSchlesinger profile imageAUTHOR

    Tessa Schlesinger 

    2 years ago

    Camille, you basically like to feel finanically secure and live in beautifully decorated places. Anything in the arts (which will suit your capacity for making things beautiful) will do well for you. You love your home. So interior decorating might be a good choice.

  • profile image


    2 years ago

    I am a year of rabbit and will I meet my true love in 2018, what is the best matches for me and what is the best career jobs.

  • tritrain profile image

    And Drewson 

    2 years ago from United States

    My dog is very happy that it's her year. Thank you!

  • NessMovieReviews profile image

    Mother of Movies and Series Reviews 

    2 years ago from Moreton Bay, Queensland

    Well fingers crossed Tessa

  • TessSchlesinger profile imageAUTHOR

    Tessa Schlesinger 

    2 years ago

    Vanessa. Yup I also have an inner monkey with dragon rising. So I feel for you. However, anyone involved in media or the arts this year will flourish to some extent, regardless of what month they are. The rising sun (secret animal) and the inner animal and the fire have a slight influence but not overmuch.

  • NessMovieReviews profile image

    Mother of Movies and Series Reviews 

    2 years ago from Moreton Bay, Queensland

    Im a dragon with an inner monkey with fire. Does that mean I read both dragon and monkey?

    In either case Im in for a crappy year lol.

    Thats a pity because I already had one.

  • profile image


    2 years ago

    Wow... very interesting read. So informative and well written. Thank you so much. This guideline is going to truly help me make the correct decisions for 2018. Chinese Astrology has always been a great guideline for me in the past and this article has helped remind me of that.

    Thank you Tessa!

  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    2 years ago from Ohio

    Thanks for the head's up on 2018. I'm a tiger so I guess I'm hoping I see steady increases for my investment on HubPages. :)

  • profile image


    2 years ago

    Enjoyed this article Tess. Its a mixed year but good to here the Qi is crying out for more creativity and/or beauty. Everything on the media and around me has been missing these elements. It just seems to be forever!

    Forewarned is forarmed. Thank you Tess (smile)


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