Pluto-Sun Opposition in The Natal Chart

Updated on July 18, 2016

The significance of Pluto in natal astrology

Astrologers know that Pluto is a giant in terms of his influence in the birth chart, despite having being demoted by astrologers from a planet to a "dwarf". I personally have come to know his power, having experienced him within my own natal chart, in opposition to my Sun, and also within the charts of others through the medium of astrodrama (a technique in which a group of people act out the roles of the planets in a person's birth chart).

Pluto is the Roman god of the Underworld. He is concerned with digging deep to find the hidden things. People under a strong Plutonian influence may become involved with the mining or oil industries, with research in any sphere, or with depth psychology.

Pluto often relates taboo subjects like sex and death. Digging down to the bottom of things, he becomes the planet of truth, forcing us to face up to those parts of ourselves that we wish to hide.

Like the fires that rage beneath the surface of the earth, he can urge us to self-destruction. However, that dark space underground is also a place of transformation. It is the place where the seed germinates to burst into life above ground. The ancient Egyptians pictures the sun during the night as the beetle Kephera, struggling upward through the darkness with his eggs rolled into a ball of dung, towards triumphant rebirth as the sun rising over the Eastern horizon.

Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Woodcut by Hendrick Goltzius (15581617)  Public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. Woodcut by Hendrick Goltzius (15581617) Public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The significance of the opposition in natal astrology

The aspect of the opposition, when two planets are placed opposite to each other in the birth chart is often misunderstood. While it can be a "hard" aspect, it differs radically from the totally hard aspect of the square.

Two opposites represent the principle of polarity. They can react with each other in three different ways.

They can cancel each other out, leaving nothing in their place, as when water puts out a fire but gets evaporated in the process.

They can enter into conflict and destroy each other, as in the explosion that occurs when very alkaline ammonia gas is mixed with very acidic concentrated nitric acid.

Finally, they can work in synergy, as in the case of a battery when the opposition of the positive and negative poles (anode and cathode) produces useful energy.

The third way of synergy is what we seek when we attempt to deal with opposing planets in our charts.

What does Sun opposite Pluto mean to me?

An opposition between Pluto and the Sun in a birth chart can manifest in different ways. For a start, it will be affected by the houses in which these planets are placed. The houses will determine the areas of life in which the opposition is most likely to be expressed.

Secondly, if these entities are in aspect with any of the other planets in the natal chart, this will also affect the quality and nature of their interaction.

Thirdly, the relationship between opposing Sun and Pluto will be affected at any given moment by the transits to the birth chart. Transits are the relationships between the planets in a natal chart and the planets in their positions in the sky at any specific time.

Fourthly, being in a close relationship with another person may impinge on this opposition if there are any aspects between these two planets and planets in the partner's chart.

An explanation of the complicating factors of other aspects in the birth chart as well as transits needs the services of a professional astrologer. Free, computerised readings may shed some light but are unlikely to reveal the whole story.

Pluto can make us feel helpless

Early 18th century engraving by an unknown author from Amsterdam (public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)
Early 18th century engraving by an unknown author from Amsterdam (public domain, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The picture above of Pluto abducting Persephone is a graphic description of how this astrological planet can affect us.

With Pluto holding the reins, we can feel helpless and out of control. Working through Pluto can enable the Sun (our core self) to grab the reins and bring the chariot of our being back on the right road.

Working with Pluto

Even without personal guidance from an astrologer, it is possible to tackle some of the problems caused by a Pluto-Sun opposition in the birth chart.

One way in which a Pluto-Sun opposition manifests is in the form of problems with and/or rebellion against figures of authority. These need to be faced up to and dealt with.

It is necessary to be very honest with oneself about every aspect of life. Pluto does not tolerate lies.

A further reflection of Pluto opposing the Sun is that the person becomes very self-critical and dissatisfied with their achievements. They put a lot of pressure on themselves to get things right.

The deepest manifestation of this opposition is when the person is repeatedly forced to confront his or her Shadow, i.e. all those aspects of themselves that they hate or find sinister or threatening. Matters concerning sex, violence and obsessions often come into this struggle.

The essential thing is to enter into an understanding with Pluto rather than fight against him.

One very useful method of dealing with this opposition is to enter a meditative state and visualise a meeting between yourself (the Sun) and Pluto. Take on board everything that he tells you, but also make it clear that you (Sun) are in charge. If you manage to enlist him as a willing helper, he can turn into a powerful ally.

People who have mastered this opposing aspect gain a huge amount of inner strength and willpower. People who do not are at risk of entering a path of self-destruction.

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      • profile image


        18 months ago

        I also have Sun-Pluto opposition just like Austin but with Sun in the 8th house Aries and Pluto in the 2nd house libra

      • profile image

        Sam L. 

        18 months ago

        I have pluto (3rd-libra) conjunct saturn (4th-scorpio) opposite my sun in 10th (taurus.) I also have a stellium in my 10th. It's been rough. I've come a long way and, I think, really come to take responsibility for my life, choices, and people and things I've attracted to myself. I'm on my way, I just don't know to where.

      • profile image

        De nova stella 

        5 years ago

        I also have pluto 1st house and sun 7th house

      • Esperanta profile imageAUTHOR


        5 years ago from Rhondda Fawr, Cymru

        Hi there,

        If you go to my profile and click on "fan mail" you will see a link to send an email. I can't promise long or rapid answers though, because I have very little free time at the moment.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        Would anymore connected with this hubpage be willing to help me. I have this aspect and am learning a little about how to work with it:) But I could do with a little help from someone who has been there and experienced more than I...

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        My taurus sun is in the 10th, bordering with the eleventh, house. Pluto is in the 5th, Scorpio, along with my Sagittarius moon. It is hard for me to feel sympathy for others, which affects my interpersonal relationships. This is recent, though. As a younger person I used to always be the centre of attention and always carried the leadership in group of friends, but things changed somehow. Now I barely go out with people unless its for work or for school projects. Personally, I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't that I got into politics now so...yeah...I'm not in shape. My Venus is in Gemini , 12th house, mars in cancer along with my ascendant, Jupiter is also in the first house but in Leo, and my mercury is in Aries in the 10th house. A bit of everywhere, I guess.

      • Esperanta profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Rhondda Fawr, Cymru

        Hi Austin

        I would imagine Pluto could make difficult demands with respect to how you relate with other people. With Sun in 7th, you have a drive to "find yourself" through your relationships. Taurus wants it all to be quite easy going and comfortable though! Pluto in Scorpio wants intensity, passion and will be jealous, so will make relationships heavy. Pluto in the 1st is also very concerned with personal privacy.

        The positive aspect, as I see it, is that your Pluto will stop you from sacrificing all of yourself to relationships. Pluto will remind you that there is a "me" deep inside that requires satisfaction outside of any relationship. The intense scrutiny Pluto will give to your relationships should also help you to avoid bad mistakes.

        So, if you can get Pluto and Sun in dialogue as friends, you should achieve a very good balance in the me versus others axis. It won't always be comfortable though.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I have a sun-pluto opposition where Pluto is in the first house in Scorpio and the sun is in the 7th house in Taurus. This seems like a challenging aspect, because not only are the Sun and Pluto considered opposite polarities, but so are Taurus and Scorpio. So, it would be a conflict between Taurus, the Sun and my native solar self on one side, and Scorpio, Pluto and my egoic personality self on the other.

      • Esperanta profile imageAUTHOR


        6 years ago from Rhondda Fawr, Cymru

        Thank you, Izabela. I too have this aspect in my chart, and it dominated my life for many years. I found astrodrama was a really good way to help me start finding how to deal with the issues raised.

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        I have pluto oppositon sun in my natal chart, and I do agree with what you wrote. It isint easy to join this two forces but it can be done. :) Adn yes if you will do this you will gain inner power. I use the depth of pluto and channel this wisdom through my sun and make this energy to come cack to pluto. also good thing is to let go of your pluto urge.


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