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Pisces Moon Sign Emotions

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Pisces the Fishes. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Pisces the Fishes. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Pisces Moon Sign People

Pisces moon sign people are the "old souls" of the zodiac as they are the twelfth and last sign. They care deeply about anyone's problems or suffering—almost more than they care about their own. Their sensitive hearts bleed for anyone, and they will do anything to help. Pisces moon natives are very spiritual people and have a great deal of psychic ability.

I have had much experience with Pisces moon sign people as both my father and brother have them. My father always knew if something was bothering me without asking. That may not seem so strange since many parents do that. My brother lives three thousand miles away. Sometimes, as I am headed out for the day, I tell a family member to pass on a specific message and answer a question a certain way when my brother calls later that day, even though I have not talked with him in a few weeks. It no longer surprises anyone when he does indeed call while I am out. It has always been that way, and we accept it, though it seems funny to people new in our lives. We have that telepathic link.

Willing to Serve Others

Pisces moon sign people are often found working behind the scenes, in hospitals, places that care for the elderly, hospices or even jails. Something makes them gravitate to working in institutions. They make good doctors, nurses, aides, psychologists, life coaches, and even if they are Sheriff's Correction Officers, will work hard to try to rehabilitate any worthy person who crosses their path. Their life's circumstances often seem fated to be difficult, although we always have free will to change a path we are on. Whenever this writer hears Elvis Costello's "What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding" the line, "My spirit feels so downhearted sometimes" is so Piscean. They feel with all their souls.

Good Writers and Poets

Speaking more lightheartedly about souls, Pisces rules the feet-the other kind of soles. Your Pisces moon sign friend has more pairs of shoes than anyone else you know. They also like to walk a lot, perhaps to clear their minds. What would just be a walk about the neighborhood to anyone else becomes a several hour jaunt where they catch up with all the neighbors for hours. They read and know much about many subjects. Pisces moon sign people love music, and often sing and play instruments. They are good writers and poets. All that emotion has to be expressed in some way, or it can be negative for a Pisces moon sign person. Since they are a mutable, water sign, and easily influenced, many of them have drinking or drug problems. It is important to try to see that they keep company with people who do not party or indulge too much. The gentle Pisces is the one who does not always know when to stop, or when they have had enough.

Psychic and Caring Souls

Pisces moon sign people have restless spirits, and they do not like to stay in one place for long. This may manifest as a person who frequently moves their residence, or someone who goes on a lot of vacations to new places. Or it could just be someone who goes in and out quite a few times each day. Pisces moon sign people are free spirits, and do not like to be tied down. They love to roam around to meet new people, and easily charm them with their storytelling abilities. A Pisces moon sign person will often volunteer to help someone in difficult circumstances, even if they are not in the greatest of circumstances themselves. They must be careful not to take on too many problems that belong to other people. Their delicate psychic sense and caring about others can make them sick if they worry about them and forget to take care of themselves.

Pisces moon people often paint.

Pisces moon people often paint.

Philosophy of Caring and Sharing

The Piscean vibration is very creative, philosophic and intuitive. Symbolized by the two fish swimming in opposite directions, a Pisces moon sign person can have trouble making decisions, or even knowing what directions they should go in at certain junctures of their lives. It is no accident that Jesus, who radically changed the world with His philosophy of love, was born and lived in the Piscean Age. All Pisces moon sign people have big hearts, and make good, loyal friends, or soulmates if it is a romantic relationship. They have a need to express themselves and it will normally be artistic in some way. They always pity the less fortunate and often involve themselves in humanitarian causes. Pisces moon sign people really do not care about money or material things, they have a way of rising above all that. These are gentle ones who are generally kind and sympathetic, enjoy helping others, and crave harmony in their lives.

Love to Live Near the Sea

All Pisces moon sign people love to be in or around the water. A day at the beach, or an evening of fishing off a pier will suffice, but to own property close to the sea would be a dream come true for them. If they can afford it, they would be at their best and happiest living in a seaside community or in a houseboat. Many of the men and women choose to serve the country in the navy. Pisces moon sign people really are the happiest in the service of something bigger than themselves. They truly want to serve mankind to make the world a better place.

Dreamy and Romantic

Pisces is a mutable, water sign, so they are very changeable. They do not mind working, but will probably change jobs often, unless it is a position where they get to travel or have frequent changes of scenery. They really do enjoy making new starts and learning new talents, and can start over more easily than most people. Since they are dreamers, they will consider what others might consider unusual job or career paths, maybe shipbuilding or farming, things that may seem impractical at first glance.

But if you research more, you may just find it is the right thing for a person so talented and creative. They make romantic partners if you can get them to settle down, but are kind of dreamy, so the other person will have to be the sensible one who takes care of the everyday kinds of life details. If they do settle down into family life, they do care very much about their loved ones, and will go to great lengths to understand them. When a Pisces moon sign person asks how you are or what happened during the course of your day, they really want to know the answer and have a conversation about it. How many people can you list that do that? The world would definitely be a better and more interesting place with more Pisces moon sign people in it!

Musicians often have Pisces in them.

Musicians often have Pisces in them.

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Questions & Answers

Question: Do you see any potential between a Sagittarius sun female with moon in Pisces, and Venus in Sagittarius with a Scorpio sun male with moon and Venus also in Scorpio?

Answer: The Scorpio male is very independent, focused, intense, sensual, and strong-willed. Since his Moon is also in Scorpio, he has intense emotions and won't get too involved unless he really cares deeply. He is loyal and if he loves you will be faithful. Especially with Venus in Scorpio too, he is looking for a soulmate. He is psychic and can read you like a book. He has eyes that can see through your soul, but if you annoy him they turn into laser beams.

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Since you are Sag, signs next to each other usually can get along. You like space in a relationship, and he may smother you. I don't know if the Venus in Sag is passionate enough for him, as you need independence and he's intense and looking for it all. The Pisces Moon is good though, you can read him as well. You are gentle, sympathetic, kind, artistic, ethereal, and this will interest him. I believe there is potential here, but don't toy with his emotions if you don't mean it. Talk it out and make sure what it is you are both looking for before it goes too far. He knows how to play, but is really looking to play for keeps.

Question: How compatible do you think a female Virgo Moon and male Pisces Moon are, if both are Sagittarius Sun? The male is Scorpio Rising, and the female is Pisces Rising.

Answer: I don't usually like two of the same Sun signs together, but I see potential in your opposite Moons and Water sign Rising signs. So I think you are very compatible.

Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs. It's a huge sexual attraction, especially in Sun Signs. Everyone should at least have a fling with their opposite sign! They may turn out to be the love of your life. But opposing Moons add some good challenges as well. The Virgo Moon can be critical, and you can hurt his feelings because the Pisces Moon is so sensitive. But it's very romantic, artistic, a good storyteller, and accepts people for who they are. The Virgo Moon is more stable and reliable, but sensual. You will nurture him. You both are soothed by nature.

His Scorpio Rising is sexy, independent, strong willed, patient and determined. He's possessive, but takes great care of his own. The Pisces Rising is ethereal, gentle, sensitive, caring, psychic. I think you can be very happy together. On the Sun sign side, people see you both as outgoing people interested in travel, who like independence and are very intelligent. Sag rules law, higher education, philosophy, and religion. So you will have some great talks! But under the surface, you are both more gentle and private than you seem. I like this combination and feel that you will be great together!

Question: I have a Pisces Moon in the 12th house with an Aries ascendant and Sun in Libra in the 7th house. I think my love for astrology mostly comes from my moon in the 12th. I have the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars all in the 7th house, though Mars is in Scorpio. How would you interpret that?

Answer: Well, I think your love of astrology comes from both the Pisces Moon in the 12th (it's secrets) and also the Mars in Scorpio (you like to figure out mysteries of life). The Pisces Moon means you are secretive and need time to yourself; you probably have a very artistic side as well. The Aries Ascendant means you come off as very outgoing, fun, the one who suggests where everyone should go, and you love to try new things. You like to be a leader and are competitive.

Sun in Libra in the 7th is a sign that shows you crave being in a relationship, both in love and work. When a person has an Aries ascendant, all the house cusps are in the natural order. So the 7th house is really the Libra house, and your Sun is there, too. That should work well for you. You are fair, and it's hard for you to make decisions because you look at everything from all sides. You are pleasant and try to look good; probably have a dimple somewhere? This is also a leadership sign, so you are ambitious and want to achieve your goals. So Mercury and Jupiter are in the 7th in Libra, too. Mercury rules how you think, so you are intelligent and fair. You are a peacemaker. Mars in Libra means you want to be married, and also will do well in a career dealing with the public. Mars in the 7th in Scorpio is still concerned with the same topics, but physically. So you want good sex in a relationship and also may be more cautious about who you let into your life, although you are very sociable. When we have a large number of planets in one house like that, it's a sign of a complex person. Plus the planets being so close puts them in an aspect called a conjunction, so their effects are intensified. It's a well-rounded amount of zodiac signs considering you have so much Libra in you. I don't have space to interpret all the aspects, but if you try a site called Cafe, you can look up the meanings of these planets in each house to get a better idea. I hope that helps. I can always do a chart interpretation if you want, but I do charge for it.