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Moon Sign: What It Means in Your Personal Astrology Chart

I have a strong interest in astrology, religion/spirituality, and psychology. I love sharing my knowledge with others.

A beautiful Moon Shot by NASA!  Breathtaking!

A beautiful Moon Shot by NASA! Breathtaking!

At the moment you were born, if you were to take a picture of the sky, you would have your astrological birth chart, also called your natal chart. In astrology, the sky is divided into 12 parts called houses. There are also 12 constellations that astrological planets travel through. The 12 constellations are called Zodiac Signs.

The placement of the Moon in your birth chart can determine a lot about the way you handle your emotions. How you respond to emergencies, deal with crisis and chaos, and express your feelings is all influenced by your Moon Sign.

Once you know and calculate your moon sign and have a birth chart done, you can learn more about how this affects your sun sign.

The Moon Signs

Listed below are the emotional priorities regarding the Zodiac sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth.

  • Libra represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of keeping life balanced. One with a Libra Moon Sign can be quite indulgent in the pleasure of the senses. This person needs complete darkness or quiet in order to balance out the situation in a fair and just way.
  • Scorpio represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of intimacy and physical pleasure of all types. A Scorpio Moon placement can show the bad side of an emotional situation. Rage, jealousy, and determination can replace the normally logical mind of a Scorpio. This Moon Sign may also choose to hibernate, meditate, sleep, and rejuvenate instead of confronting the source of the issue or becoming violent.
  • Sagittarius represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of running. Sag is very inquisitive, spiritual, and brave. When times get tough, it is difficult for one with the Moon in Sagittarius to stick around. That doesn't mean they aren't capable of fidelity and commitment. It all depends on other aspects and placements. They are never boring, that's for sure.
  • Capricorn represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of privately hiding one's feelings. When alone, this group may cry, like most of us, but they also may find a hobby, run or jog, box or spar, join competitions, etc. Talking about the issue is out of the question. They need to keep things as normal as possible and he or she thrives on being a leader.
  • Aquarius represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of humanitarianism. This Moon Sign is a friend forever. This Moon Sign usually has many animals, fights politically for civil rights, and/or create a community organization so that we can take care of each other. The make the best first responders as they are cool and logical under pressure.
  • Pisces represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of escapism. Sleep is the medication of a Pisces Moon who is unhappy. The Fish feel so deeply and live so optimistically that it takes a while for them to recover from an emotional upset. It will take some time, but they will sort things out in their minds, and emerge anew.
  • Aries represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of anger, impatience, excitement, and passion. A person with this Moon Sign can have quite a temper.
  • Taurus represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of treating the senses; healing themselves in spas, theater, music, and food.
  • Gemini represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of thinking things through. This group will be analyzing each moment of any given situation in order to make a wise decision on how to handle the issue.
  • Cancer represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of acting tough, but under that crusty crab shell is very soft, tender, delicate innards. This group is one of the most deeply sensitive of all the Moon Signs.
  • Leo represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of pampering themselves in solitude. Hot baths, hot tea, comfort food, funny movies, and a great mystery to read will help the Lion or Lioness with the licking of the wounds. When a Leo Moon Sign is happy, it is as if the Sun walked into the room each time you see one. You may find a few in this group who excel in the arts.
  • Virgo represents emotional actions, reactions, or lack of emotion by behaving in ways of criticizing themselves and others. Organization, planning ahead, and tidiness are of great important to one who has the Moon in Virgo. They are hardest on themselves when perfection isn’t achieved; and they are quick to let others know when their perfection isn’t achieved. They are freaks about their own birthdays. That is their time to cut loose and party hard!

The House Your Moon Occupies

Listed below are additional emotional influences regarding the House the Moon occupied in your birth chart.

  • 1st House represents you. Your inner thoughts and plans; and the way you try to get the world to view you. This house is the “Look out for number one” house. This is the house of first impressions and impressing the public. This is also an early childhood house.
  • 2nd House represents your possessions. Your priorities regarding materialism are affected by placement in this house. This is also the house of beauty and how you want to be surrounded by it, or obsess over it personally. This is also the house of talent.
  • 3rd House represents communication. Placements in the 3rd house can be recognized as helpful or harmful in one’s ability to communicate. Sometimes, a placement here can show a form of communication as a strength or weakness. This is also the house of speech and primary education.
  • 4th House represents home. This house also can explain a motherly relationship sometimes. This is your house of comfort. Your private space, surrounded by the ones you love. Placements in this house can prove to be sentimental and emotional traits. This is also the house of your ancestry.
  • 5th House represents friends and fun. Placement in this house would show a person’s sense of humor or lack thereof. This is an extremely creative house and the house of romance and love affairs.
  • 6th House represents health and service. Placements in your 6th house can determine if you are healthy and what areas could be affected. They can indicate the type of diet you may need to be comfortable. You may find yourself in the healthcare industry, or connected with any other service-related work. This house can determine your work ethic and cleanliness.
  • 7th House represents partnership. This is the marriage house. This can also be the business partner house, as well. Placements here can explain how you value your partnerships. This house also governs contracts, legal issues, and courts.
  • 8th House represents life, death, and rejuvenation. This is the house of sex, conflict, anger, passion, and aggression. This is the house of change. Placements here can expose one’s way of dealing with stress and anger. Placements here can also expose one’s motivation, or lack thereof, to move on quickly and be resilient.
  • 9th House represents adventure and higher education. Those who love to travel will most likely have a positive placement or positive aspect to an astrological planet in this house. Risk taking, spirituality, philosophy, and religion are possible interests for someone who has a strong placement in this house.
  • 10th House represents career and lifelong work. A placement here could determine why a person wants to be in a specific industry. Ambition and reputation will be determined by any astrological placements in this house. This is a very much a house of authority.
  • 11th House represents technology and the humanitarian side of people. A placement in this house can determine if one is able to move through the information age with ease or not. This house can also reveal one’s hopes and wishes; one’s priorities. This house can also cause a person to behave a bit cool or stand-off-ish depending on the placement or aspect.
  • 12th House represents delusion and escapism. An astrological placement in this house can determine if someone is a daydreamer, drug addict, or depressed artist. This house is calm, loving, nurturing, and psychic. It also represents your subconscious mind and your dreams. This is the house of sleep; and the house of the huggers. I bet the 12th house had something to do with the 1960’s and 1970’s love fest. This is also the house of hospitals, imprisonment, and institutions.

Were You Paying Attention?

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. If your boyfriend forgets your birthday, the relationship is over. You are a...
    • Gemini Moon Sign
    • Pisces Moon Sign
    • Virgo Moon Sign
  2. If one is extremely unhappy, and just wants to talk about it has a Moon Sign in what house?
    • 8th House
    • 3rd House
    • 12th House
  3. Someone with a placement of the Moon in Scorpio in the 12th House may respond to emotion how?
    • Cave dwelling
    • Expresses stress and emotion by crying
    • Seeks out friends and neighbors for comfort
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Answer Key

  1. Virgo Moon Sign
  2. 3rd House
  3. Cave dwelling

I hope you found this article helpful and entertaining. Your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated, so please feel free to leave a suggestion or remark in the appropriate section below. Thank you so much for viewing my work.

"Be kind to one another" ~ Ellen

God Bless You ~ Margaret Sullivan

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Mmargie1966 (author) from Gainesville, GA on September 29, 2012:

Thank you, Marcy! I'm glad you enjoyed the hub!

Marcy Goodfleisch from Planet Earth on September 29, 2012:

I like the way you listed the characteristics as well as the houses - it's a helpful way for people to see the combination of forces that Astrology believes are in place in their lives!

As always, you have a lot of details and information in this hub! Voted up!

Mmargie1966 (author) from Gainesville, GA on September 12, 2012:

Thanks, TFP!

The Frog Prince from Arlington, TX on September 12, 2012:

Informative as usual Margie. Before long you'll have me buying into this sort of thing :)


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