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Mercury in Scorpio Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

The Scorpio Eagle.

The Scorpio Eagle.

Speak of What Matters

A person with Mercury in Scorpio does not speak out unless they have something meaningful to say. They have very psychic and intuitive minds and know what you are thinking before you tell them. They are capable of having very profound insights into the inner workings of the Universe, which can lead to critical examinations and long discussions of human motivations. They see things accurately, but not always very charitably. A person with Mercury in Scorpio will not sugarcoat their words to spare you embarrassment; they will either say exactly what is on their mind or remain silent.

Secretive Regarding Thoughts

Scorpio thinkers prefer to carry out their plans secretly until they are sure whatever it is they are working on is going in the direction they expected. Mercury in Scorpio communications take place only when the person has a definite purpose in terms of what they want to accomplish, and want to tell someone that. Their emotions are extremely intense, so you can be swayed by them at times.

But these people think in terms of black or white, no grays, so can come across as obstinate and unyielding. They need proof in order to believe anything, and when researching anything they begin with the zeal of a research scientist. It is easier for them to be objective when they are not emotionally involved in a situation. But these strong minded individuals are determined, resourceful, and can surmount obstacles that others would find impossible to handle.

Now you have all heard that anyone with planets in Scorpio is obsessed with sex, but this is not always true. If they have difficult aspects to their Mercury, they can let sex rule their lives and cause them to make bad decisions. They are either promiscuous or happy with the love of their life, because of that no shades of gray thing (no offense to Fifty Shades of Gray). When the aspects to Mercury or their Moon are good, they view sex as an almost holy experience, as they are capable of deep and true emotions. So relax, if you are getting to know one of these people, you will find out fast which way they are.

Mercury in Scorpio people like to figure out what makes people tick, so make great detectives, researchers, and investigators. They have strong scientific abilities which arise from their curiosity about the inner workings of the Universe. These people are bold, obstinate, sarcastic, forceful, and can be reckless. But if their aspects are good, they are mature, ingenious, shrewd, and have a great desire to gain knowledge, almost about any subject.

Mercury in Scorpio people love metaphysical subjects, because they do explain why people do what they do, and because most of them are psychic anyway. They are curious people, and always searching or seeking answers. They can seem distrustful and suspicious, but normally only if they have been emotionally hurt themselves or are one of the promiscuous ones. They will mesmerize you with their charm and healing abilities, and if you are ready to settle down and have a family, they are very fertile.

Dumpy, fixer upper.

Dumpy, fixer upper.

Frugal and Inventive

So what kind of house would a person with Mercury in Scorpio want to buy? Well, Scorpio is the sign of regeneration, of the phoenix climbing up out of the ashes to be reborn. So they are very serious about recycling old things and repurposing them. These are people who bring their own reusable shopping bags to the supermarket. No, it’s not for the penny that gets subtracted from the total (though that doesn’t hurt). They want the environment to be clean. Scorpio people love nature’s beauty. Plus they are rather frugal with their money.

So it’s very likely that this person will pick up a fixer upper at a foreclosure sale, or buy a terrible dump and plan to gut it and rebuild it the way they want it to be. Now this seems like a daunting task, but a person with Mercury in Scorpio is up for a challenge. Plus they are so stubborn and have such specific tastes, they may as well buy something cheap and make it into whatever it is they envision in their mind. They will not like anything a realtor shows them anyway. Later on down the road, they can sell the little fixer upper they slaved on, make a tidy profit, and use the money they get to buy a bigger and better awful house to fix up, and begin the cycle again.

These are patient people who are not afraid of hard work. They are also very creative and have a good eye, so will have lots of great ideas. This house will be tailor made to the needs our Scorpio in Mercury person has at this time in his life—let’s call him Mark. So Mark has begun to watch the newspapers and check online for fixer uppers. His real estate agent has shown him a few houses that make him want to run screaming into the hills, but finally she finds him a house that she thinks is hideous, but Mark is delighted to get his hands on it, for reasons the realtor will never understand. The price was so low, Mark could not pass on the deal, and he was already thinking about all the possibilities.

Mark is an environmental lawyer, but has been a martial arts student for fifteen years. The house needs a basement, to be turned into a dojo or training area for karate, and it needs hardwood floors. This is important to Mark, because he wants to run his own dojo someday, and be the Sensei, so he must train at home besides taking his regular classes. No problem, he can get a keg of beer and a bunch of friends together and they will be willing to help. People with Mercury in Scorpio have the same friends they had since 1st grade. They don’t have a lot of friends, but the ones they have are loyal and he trusts them.

Determine Your Mercury Sign

Always Finish What Is Started

His friends were a little shocked when they saw the house, but know how once Mark makes a decision, he stays with it and finishes what he starts. He isn’t dating anyone seriously right now, so he only needs a two bedroom, two bath home. He wants a moderately sized kitchen and dining room, he doesn’t cook all that much. He often has take out food delivered. Mark does like to garden and hang outside, so once he’s ready for the finishing touches, he will plant some flowers and herbs to make the yard look nice. There is room in the kitchen for a little island, but most of the rooms have to be gutted. Mark will try to use repurposed materials for the island, for his headboard on the bed, and maybe even for the dining room table. The thought of having his own dojo in the basement is the one that secretly makes him so happy.

Good at Investing

So it took about six months to make the dump into a pretty nice looking starter home, and Mark never once complained about all the hard work, because he knew he was getting what he wanted for a very low price. It excited him that he made all the decisions and made each room exactly the way he saw fit. Did his friends and family agree with him? Probably not. But Mark knows himself, as any person with Mercury in Scorpio does. He will not hurt anyone’s feelings if they suggest things he does not like, he will ignore them and do what he wants. He made an investment for his future, a logical choice. Of course, he is more sentimental than people realize, so once the finished project is ready to show off, he will be much prouder about it than he lets on.

Mark has a good eye for color and detail, and as the project progressed, he was very pleased, and thrilled when the house was finished and he moved in. He learned a lot about building, plumbing, and electrical work, and these are invaluable skills he can and will use again. And once he gets all settled in and throws a few parties, who knows, maybe he will meet somebody who interests him. But knowing Mercury in Scorpio people, he will be taking law cases home to work on and be karate training in the time he has left over. Just what he was thinking of the first time he saw the house, and made it to those specifications.

Individuals with Mercury in Scorpio would be able to turn a fixer upper into a beautiful home.

Individuals with Mercury in Scorpio would be able to turn a fixer upper into a beautiful home.

Questions & Answers

Question: My birthday is Dec 8, and thought I was a Saggitarius, but not in the Vedic Astrology? Am I a Scorpio in Vedic Astrology?

Answer: I use Tropical astrology and don't know about Vedic astrology. I don't think the Sun signs would be different though since your B-day isn't near the beginning or end of the time frame of the Sun sign. I'm sorry. There is a site called where someone who knows Vedic astrology could answer this question. The article you wrote this from is about Mercury, all of your planets are in a zodiac sign and it matters, not just the Sun. Also, if you ask there, include the birth year. The signs don't always change on the same days each year.

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on December 21, 2013:

Hi Aldric,

Thanks for writing to me. I am always happy to hear people learn more about Astrology from any of my hubs. Yes, a Mercury in Scorpio could make you go to extremes, eating too much or not at all, and even having one planet in Scorpio could do that. We'd have to do a whole chart to see what houses the Scorpio rules, and we would know your "danger" areas. If you have great ideas on the fly and like short term projects, I suspect you have a few planets in Sagittarius. Usually we have planets in the sign before or after our Sun Sign.

I am surrounded by Scorpios and have some in myself as well, so know them pretty well. Everything is seen in black or white, no shades of gray. But as we said, you can have influences that cancel out the heavy Scorpio traits. This is what makes computer horoscopes so contradictory and confusing. We all have contradictions in them, but the online horoscopes don't explain that each of the 12 houses influences a different area of life, and planets in any sign in those houses can change the meanings.

I hope you stayed with me this far :). Take care.

Aldric Tinker Toyad from Kuala Lumpur on December 20, 2013:

Hi Jean,

Until now, I never knew there were more to [Western] astrology other than the Sun signs. Naturally, I made the mistake of going first to "Mercury in Libra". As I read that other Hub of yours, I realised Sun signs and the Mercury positions are two different things. So, after a quick Google search, here I am.

I do see a bit of departure from the norm: I am good with short-term work. For example helping clients brainstorm and execute a marketing/advertising campaign. But anything longer or long-term, my attention would just go away. My friend says I'm the "project-oriented work personality type".

Alas, I fear that when I go all out - I would do it until people worry whether I ate or had sufficient rest. A typical Mercury in Scorpio?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on November 22, 2013:

Hi Joanne,

I had the most fun with this one! I know quite a few Mercury in Scorpio people. They think they are reasonable, but you can't change their minds no matter what you do.

Jo_Goldsmith11 on November 22, 2013:

This is so helpful as I have some friends with this sign.

An interesting and useful read. Shared and up +++

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 02, 2013:

Hi karthikkash,

Sorry I couldn't get your name right! I'm glad you visited though. My son has Mercury in Scorpio, and I am surrounded by Scorpios. Plus both I and my husband have Scorpio ascendants. I can't get away from them! Yikes! They are good people though, it just takes time to know them,

Hi carol7777, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Sometimes I write these series things and they take forever, and I'm sorry when I get about halfway through. I have a real estate license, so this one is holding my attention more. Take care.

carol stanley from Arizona on August 02, 2013:

Interesting and well done as always.. Lots of good pictures and carefully written.

Karthik Kashyap from India on August 02, 2013:

LOL!! There is only thing that doesn't apply to me here. My name is not Mark. Otherwise, there is nothing I can argue against. Good job and voted up :)