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Mercury in Leo Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

Leos think on the bright side.

Leos think on the bright side.

Confidence Galore

As I've tried hard to teach my readers, every planet you have is in its own astrology sign. This is why it is often hard for me to answer your questions. I understand many of you still think a horoscope is that blurb in a newspaper, based on the Sun sign of that day. The daily horoscope is a custom that has its roots in WWII—it was included to cheer people when so many were dying and wounded by war. It has nothing to do with real astrology.

The position of Mercury describes how you think. Mercury in Leo people are ambitious, and determined to achieve their lofty goals. Most people with Leo in them have a sort of regal air about them and they carry themselves well. It never occurs to them that they deserve less than the best of everything in life. Perhaps this positive attitude is the reason why they normally get just that.

Mercury in Leo people are the epitome of dignity and charm. In fact, they can charm others into doing any jobs that would cause them to get their hands dirty. Why ruin a nice manicure? A Mercury in Leo person will never stoop low in their actions, but they are controlling and have great organizational skills, which keeps others doing the hard work. They are so charismatic that others just want to do things for them. This writer bets Tom Sawyer’s character had Mercury in Leo!

Focused Concentration

This does not mean they are not nice people, because they are kind, generous, and will share anything of theirs, being very expansive. A Leo mind is very focused and capable of great concentration, and they are usually lucky in life and in love. They adore children. Mercury in Leo people are fond of the arts, and love drama, theater, singing, painting, and sports. They are fun to be around. They shine at whatever they do, and it rubs off on those who hang around with them. They tend to be indulgent themselves, but also of all their family and friends. Mercury in Leo people are lucky, and will usually win the raffles when you go to parties or tricky trays, though they will donate all the goodies to charity and not tell anyone.

These minds are strong willed and fixed of purpose, and it is very hard to change the opinion of a Mercury in Leo person. You may have to agree to disagree, because they prefer to be known as an authority in their chosen field. They most likely are the authority in their chosen field, but that does not make them an authority on everything. Their opinions can only be changed with a lot of proof, and they are always reluctant to change their minds. But since the symbol of Leo is a lion, who wants to get on the wrong side of a cranky lion? Choose your battles.

Need Help Finding Your Mercury Sign?

Favorite Home Styles

So when a Mercury in Leo person goes shopping for real estate, what will they be looking for? Well, the realtor better not think “fixer upper” or even “starter condo.” These people think big, and most likely have already invested money wisely, so are ready to reap some of the benefits from that. Also, they have careers that pay well, and can afford the best. So they want a big, beautiful home, which will be a showcase, a home which others will drool over.

A Mercury in Leo person does not want to make others jealous, that is not an emotion they know well. But they do feel they worked hard and deserve the best life has to offer, and always buy the best. It comes with their regal King and Queen mannerisms. Some can be ostentatious, but normally they have excellent taste, and decorating is a career that a Mercury in Leo person would really shine in. Real Estate is another one. Even if they can afford a decorator, they will prefer to be hands on when it comes to making their new house a home. So it will be large and modern, with lots of room for entertaining.

Drama Queens

Mercury in Leo and Sun sign Leos have a flair for drama, and a forceful manner of speaking, which can be an indicator of excessive pride and arrogance when carried too far. But they usually have a good attitude about tackling and solving problems, and a gracious way of treating others. Mercury in Leo people understand the big picture, and think in large, general terms. They like to leave the details up to others, or will sort of ignore them. They are good overseers of a project, not part of the immediate little areas of focus. But both types of thinkers are important in order to get any large project done, so this is not a problematic issue.

Mercury in Leo people will normally be the executives of companies from younger ages than other astrology signs. It could be luck or family connections, but they do have executive ability, and continuity of planning and purpose. They love children and make good teachers, or child psychologists, because they care about the development of children, and have such warm personalities. Leos are intuitive about making investments, love artistic pursuits, and are great at combining business and pleasure. Sales jobs work well for them, and catering or event planning is a career with Leo written all over it. Their love of music and drama can lead to singing, or being actors. After all, isn’t life a play anyway?

Values Kids, Family, and Comfort

Leos and Mercury in Leos always plan down the road, and want to have a big family, so will want at least two rooms that can be made into nurseries for the day when they become parents. The home will have to be on a lot of property, because there will be a huge outdoor dining area, with a huge grill, wet bar, refrigerator (who has time to walk in and out of the house)? They want all the conveniences handy. Since infinity pools are in style now, they must have one. Leo is symbolized by the Lion, and lions need their rest. So the master bedroom must be beautiful and spacious. The bathroom suite off the master bedroom will have a large soaking tub with jets to relax with, and of course, a separate shower with a climate control shower head that changes to whatever they want at the time, a hard spray, mist, steam, or just a cool sprinkle. The controls for the music will be within reach too, because how can you relax without some music?

Leos Take Care of Their Own

Mercury in Leo people also care a lot about their parents, so somewhere in the house they will prepare for the day a parent may need a suite which is handicapped accessible, or if the property is big—if, who am I kidding—there will probably be a guest house right next door so Mom or Dad will have a lovely home, safe and easy to maintain mobility. I have a Leo cousin who married a very wealthy and nice man, and when they moved to FL, gradually they found homes nearby and bought them for their parents, a brother, and a sister. Leos really do have hearts of gold, especially when it comes to family.

Fun and Entertaining Friends

But they love their good friends too, and if you are down and need cheering up, your Mercury in Leo pal will be a staunch supporter. If you are having problems in life, the door is open, and they would never hesitate to let you stay for weeks on end, and not pay them a penny. But if all you need is a night out on the town, say no more! Of course they have tickets for the latest play, and since Mercury in Leo adores plays, they will be happy to take you out. They will normally pick up the tab when you are out together, so do not even try to argue. And admit it, how great is it to have such good friends who care so much about you?

Your children will grow up to be friends too, and you will all age gracefully and happily into your futures. They always look terrific too. They go to the best hairdressers, clothing stores, and know how to accessorize. A Mercury or Sun in Leo person never looks shabby, and will not allow a friend to either. My Leo friend who does my hair was horrified at a shade of light brown I chose one time. She recalls me from when my hair was its natural light blonde color, and said, “I will not allow you to look frumpy!” I was going through a bad time in my life, and she insisted I needed "a lift." She was right, of course. Relax, and pick up some of their habits. What is that old saying, “You are only as pretty as you feel?” Mercury in Leo people are beautiful on the inside too!

A home fit for a Leo.

A home fit for a Leo.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Jean Bakula


Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on October 01, 2014:

Hello emi sue,

Thank you for your kind words and comments. I'm happy you found the piece uplifting.

Emily Lantry from Tennessee on October 01, 2014:

My Sun sign is Leo, and I thought that this was a very uplifting article. There was a lot of depth, and I really related a lot to this. I have always been interested in horoscopes and sun and moon signs. I have a book I really love using as a reference when I do look into astrology. Very great hub, thank you for sharing!

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on August 21, 2013:

Hello Victoria,

Thank you for reading and commenting on my work. I'm having so much fun with this series, I am getting the urge to redecorate myself. I am thinking of a houseboat for the Mercury in Pisces person.

Take care.

Victoria from Monroe, NC on August 21, 2013:

I'm a Cancer with Leo rising and Mercury in Leo. This is pretty accurate. I love interior design, which is why I spent more than one weekend building and decorating my dream house on "The Sims 3" (I built a houseboat too, but I plan to scrap that and start over).

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 12, 2013:

Thanks. My husband's sister and hubby have a lot of Leo Planets, and love ostentatious things. I stole the outdoor grill setup and pool from them! I'm glad the real estate thing is working. It would be boring to just say, "People with Mercury in Whatever Sign" think like this. I'll be able to get into more critical people and ones who want a million dollar home for $50,000.00 too. I love Home and Garden TV, and live in NJ, so am sometimes shocked at how much a person can get in a state like TX, or MS. They can find 4 BR, 4 bath homes with garages, on several acres of land, for $300,000.00. In NJ, that would get you a 2 BR, and the master would be small, one bath, a living room, a kitchen, a small dining room, and a yard. If you were lucky, you might get a small all purpose room you could use as a small 3rd BR, or a home office. No garage. Parking on a busy street.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on July 11, 2013:

It does make it more interesting. I like getting examples like you gave as it makes it easier to understand and more enjoyable.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 11, 2013:

Hi There,

Thanks for reading and I'm happy you enjoyed it. I didn't want to just write about Mercury mental traits. I thought you really see how people think when they buy a house (I have a real estate license). I hope it makes the articles more interesting! Take care.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on July 11, 2013:

Very interesting article Jean. I know a Leo that really fits the bill. Very enjoyable and informative hub. Hit many buttons and voted up.

Dubesor on July 10, 2013:

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