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Mercury in Cancer Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

A Mercury in Cancer person wants to be a parent someday.

A Mercury in Cancer person wants to be a parent someday.

Thoughts Influenced by Emotions

People who have Mercury in Cancer have it tough because, even though they have good minds, their thinking is very much influenced by their emotions. Now, we all have those situations where we think one way about something and feel another way about it. But this is a constant in the life of a Mercury in Cancerperson—the mind is influenced by unconscious desires, and (at times) any bias or prejudice they have may interfere with objective thinking. This may cause a person to look at some facts, but ignore others that do not appeal to them.

On the up side, they have great memories, especially when they are made more intense because they are associated with happy events or occasions. Plus, Mercury in Cancer people subliminally absorb and learn by osmosis. They have psychic ability because of those mental processes that occur on unconscious levels.

Sensitive Towards Others

Mercury in Cancer people are very sensitive to the people around them. Even if they do not agree with others opinions or attitudes, they may prefer to remain silent about it unless it is a good friend. They are likely to be really close to their families, and hang onto their friends for years, knowing many of them since they were young children. An emotional appeal by a family member or friend will never be turned down, even if the Mercury in Cancer person has to be inconvenienced. Their feelings get hurt very often and easily, and something said that was not directed at them will be interpreted as if it was. So a lot of explaining and getting things straight will be happening with this person. It is always best to get things out in the open with a Mercury in Cancer person, because they will tend to worry and think the worst when somebody makes a remark that was not even intended for them.

Curious About Your Mercury Sign?

Tactful and Diplomatic

A Mercury in Cancer person is always diplomatic and tactful, and that is a great asset in life. If you need to discuss a problem with them, you can be sure they will be discreet, too faithful to ever spread gossip about what you said in confidence. They are good natured and reasonable, with a clear intellect when the subject is somebody else’s problem, though they are highly intelligent. These are people who adapt to their surroundings with an almost chameleon like ease, and have sociable dispositions as long as the Moon is in a compatible sign.

Mercury in Cancer people are very impressionable, especially when young, and may need to be coaxed to speak about what is really on their minds. They gravitate towards kind people, being so kind themselves. They change their minds a lot because of the way emotions affect them, and have restless minds, always going, always thinking. They have a lot of interests, sort of like Gemini Mercury people, but will be more selfless and take less time to indulge in them if their families need them. In fact, these are the "mother hens” of the zodiac, who most likely worry about you more than you worry about yourself! Of course, family and friends will point it out if they think their friend isn’t getting out enough or is getting too bogged down in other people’s problems.

Mercury in Cancer people are usually spiritually minded, and reflect a lot on whatever interests them at the time. If they do not go to church, they likely have a meditation group, or exercise group, someplace to go to blow off steam and get some well earned time to themselves. They love music and poetry, and that restless spirit usually leads to a love of travel, especially by the ocean. If they can work it out in the future, they will invest in a vacation home by the water, and possibly rent it out in the off season for some extra cash. These people also possess great business ability, because they want to have enough money to think they are secure. They make great real estate agents, bankers, accountants, economic advisors, and also do well in the food industry, owning or operating a restaurant or bakery, or other creative food store.

Mercury in Cancer people love being near the water.

Mercury in Cancer people love being near the water.

They Love Being Surrounded by Family

A Mercury in Cancer person has a deep love of family, and will want to spend a lot of time with their parents and relatives. This is somebody who always knew they wanted to get married and have children, and expect to be a homeowner when the time is right. Even if they are not currently dating someone, they are already saving a set amount of money each paycheck for that dream house that is all part of their life plan. So what kind of home does the Mercury in Cancer person want when they have married and it is time to talk to the realtor? Of course, he or she may be the realtor. They care very deeply about their sense of comfort, and want to have lots of room so the extended family and friends will have room to drop by often.

Firstly, we have established that this is a person who is influenced a lot by their family’s wishes. But while engaged in shopping for a home, Mom and Dad should not be overstepping themselves by judging what our Mercury in Cancer person wants in a home. And since she is just starting out, she hopefully is not in a position where either parent is elderly and needs to live with her yet.

Down the road a Mercury in Cancer person will always be the one who takes in the family strays, when they lose their driver’s license after having one drink too many at the party and can’t get to work, so need a place to live that is close (unfortunately hers). And when the time comes that a parent really cannot live alone, hopefully there will be space for them, or if she has to buy something larger, the parent has money from the sale of their former home, so they do have something to contribute to the mother/daughter home necessary at the time. Cancer people will go way too far trying to solve their family’s problems, to the point they may not even have enough money to fix their own, so that is definitely something to watch out for. But they always will be the one everyone comes to for refuge when they need it. This is why this home must have a lot of features to comfort the Mercury in Cancer owner.

Home Is Their Refuge

Since she recently married, this couple has decided that to avoid all that “Whose family will we spend Thanksgiving with, and whose family will we spend Christmas with?” stuff, they will host all the holidays and have everyone come to them. So they need a good sized kitchen, with a nice dining room that can accommodate a crowd. They do not want it to be too formal, they want to feel relaxed and not have to worry if somebody spills a drink or breaks a glass. Open concept is good. This couple is kid friendly and they hope to have children of their own, so probably will not wait too long to try to fulfill that dream. They want a nursery that has a chaise or a daybed so one of the parents can rest in the baby’s room when those inevitable ear infections start coming. They want it to be cheery, but able to grow with the growing child, and not to look too girly or boyish. These two will be the type who want to be surprised about the sex of their child.

A big yard with lots of room for playing and outside entertaining is a must, as again both the adults and kids need to be comfortable at this property. And since Mercury in Cancer people do change their minds a lot, they would not mind a smaller starter home before the wedding, and selling that to upgrade a few years down the road, as the family is starting to come along. But it is easier to just get what you want the first time, plus the younger they start paying down the mortgage, the more flexibility they will have.

A pool is also a must, but fenced in so the children or others have no accidents. Any person with Cancer in them needs a quiet refuge, so this can be a gazebo in the yard, or a nice sun room porch, ideal for those days when the weather doesn’t permit being outside, or just days when grandma and grandpa have the kids and the couple just wants to relax in their PJ’s and have coffee and read the paper in the pretty room with all the light and plants.

Strength Is Drawn From Family

Also, anyone with Cancer planets likes to cook, so they will have a nice area for the grill and a good seating arrangement that is appropriate for the weather in whatever climate they live in. These people love having guests, and never feel happier than when they see their friends having a good time relaxing at their home. They will take loads of pictures, and use them to make lovely and sentimental gifts for holiday occasions.

As the years go on they will not have separate get togethers for friends and family, they will be a mixed group that all celebrates the good times together, and meets at this house during the hard times too, for tea and sympathy. Mercury or any other planet in Cancer makes for a strong person who knows how to deal with the difficulties life throws our way. Better yet, this person will provide the refuge for everyone to come to when they need to be together to deal with those "astral tests" as one of this writer's friends calls some of the freaky things we need to deal with at times. Life will be hectic, but beautiful memories will be made, and knowing her home is the anchor for her loved ones gives the Mercury in Cancer person such a great amount of satisfaction, no matter what else she is doing in other areas of her life. Her family is her strength.

They will likely have a flexible home where extended family can visit.

They will likely have a flexible home where extended family can visit.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

Questions & Answers

Question: I’m a Gemini, but I have Mercury in Cancer. I have a very close Cancer friend, but people say Cancers and Geminis don’t really get along. However, since I have Mercury in Cancer, does this affect our compatibility?

Answer: I don't know where you heard Geminis and Cancers don't get along. I am Cancer Sun and love Geminis, but also have two planets in Gemini. All of your planets are in a zodiac sign. I have found in my years of study that normally signs next to each other get along fine.

But your observation about your good relationship having to do with your Mercury in Cancer was right on the money. Mercury rules the way you think. Being in Cancer, your thinking is ruled by your feelings, or by your heart, not your head. This helps you to understand your Cancer friend, even though being Gemini you do have some ability for logical thinking. I think your friendship will be fine.

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 22, 2019:

You think with your heart, not your head. But the Virgo Rising and Taurus Mars in earth signs can help to balance that out. Use the Mercury to be creative, artistic, and explore that side of yourself.

jilian on March 22, 2019:

hi im virgo rising with mercury in cancer venus in taurus mars in gemini jupiter in pisces moon in gemini and sun in cancer how can i use my mercury effectively ?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 21, 2019:

I am sorry but can't interpret all this without casting a whole chart. This is a writer's site, but if you go to my Profile page on, click the house icon and my blog and info about charts are on there.

Monica on March 19, 2019:

Hi, I am a cancer sun (7/21), Leo moon, Gemini in Venus, Mars & Rising in Virgo, Mercury in cancer, Jupiter in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, Pluto in Scorpio & Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn. Are you able to give me advice on how to balance everything in my charts and how to improve my communication skills? It is hard for me to communicate my desire and needs, specifically in my physical relationships which causes plenty of pent up energy. Sometimes I can be a either too emotional or too logical, I actually like being the center of attention and feel boldness within but cannot seem to exemplify that daily. How do I balance the contradicting energy within me? How do I stop taking things personally and balance the emotions?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 24, 2019:

Your Cancer Moon and Mercury emotions rule how you feel, and how you think. But the Gemini in you is more intellectual, the Taurus is practical, as are all the planets in Virgo. You are interpreting this wrong. You really need a chart to see it clearly. Hang in there.

Destiny on January 24, 2019:

Im a gemini sun and venus, taurus rising, cancer moon and mercury , virgo saturn ,Jupiter and mars. Im still learning but i hate my emotions rule everything.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on June 13, 2018:

It's not weak. A person with Mercury in Cancer lets their emotions rule their head. There can be other planets in signs that help ground someone with this Mercury position.

Yuri on June 12, 2018:

I hate cancer in mercury is such a weak sign.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 23, 2017:

HI LuLu,

Actually, signs next to each other do pretty well in relationships. Most Cancers have a planet or two in Gemini (I am Cancer and have Mercury and Venus in Gemini) and vice versa. The Mercury in Cancer can be a challenge, his thoughts are ruled by his emotions. But yours is in Taurus and that's an excellent combo, he's a dreamer who has creative and inspired ideas, and you are the more sensible one, who will figure out how to carry those ideas out. The Gemini moon means he's not going to show his feelings a real lot, but he has enough Cancer to balance that. I think it looks good. Go for it and good luck. Jean

LuLu on March 23, 2017:

Jean, your readings are always so descriptive and spot on the target! I would like to get a compatibility reading from you, or at least some advice. I am currently seeing a Cancer with Gemini moon and mercury in cancer, while I am a Gemini with a cancer moon and mercury in Taurus. I know by themselves cancers and gemini's are not the best match but with this combination what do you think? I also have my asc in cancer but do not know what my partner's asc sign is. We seem to compliment eachother better than anyone else I have met. Would love your insight.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 21, 2014:

Hello, thanks for reading and taking time to comment. Actually, I also had a real estate license, but found I wasn't pushy enough to make it successful. I worked with rentals for a year, and stopped!! Take care.

Dreamer at heart from Northern California on January 21, 2014:

I enjoyed reading your article and certainly am a Cancer. I tried to be a realtor at the worst possible time in our economy. Yes, home is so important! Thanks for these informative details!