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Mercury in Taurus Thinkers

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

How Mercury in Taurus People Think

Since Mercury rules how we think, what happens when Mercury is in Taurus? Taurus is still ruled by Venus, so no matter what, these people will have a calm and pleasant aspect to their personalities. You will find a person with a pleasant disposition, who has refined tastes, is fond of the opposite sex, and enjoys music and art. So far, so good.

Mercury in Taurus decision-making and thinking processes are determined by what makes the most practical and common sense. These people care a lot about their material things and financial matters, but are shrewd in business, so not to worry. Mercury in Taurus people may not be the most original thinkers around, but they make up for that by their practicality.

Is your Mercury in Taurus? Why don't you find out?

Peace and Harmony Lovers

Mercury in Taurus people make good business managers, because they are patient, and will take the time to be sure that their coworkers are learning the right way. They are kind to others and can teach them without making them feel dumb or like they should be catching on faster. These are people who would never knowingly make another feel uncomfortable.

Mercury in Taurus people will go out of their way not to argue, they want peace and harmony in all their dealings. They will fight if it is to protect the security of people they care about or their financial investments. They take their sweet time making decisions, and are very slow to change their minds about anything once they decide what they think. You can try all you want to get a Mercury in Taurus person to see things your way, and good luck with that.

These are people capable of great levels of concentration, but they are only concerned with the practicalities of matters. They do not like to get involved in any kind of unpleasantness in any area of life, and will pretend that disturbances or problems do not exist, so they do not have to deal with them. This is difficult if your love interest has Mercury in Taurus, because you will be forced to deal with any sort of problems or difficulties in life that your love is ignoring because it’s just too unpleasant. They are just blind to what they do not want to see, and do not want to be bothered with it. This stubborn attitude is hard to deal with, because it forces others to “fix” whatever is wrong or deal with all the harsher aspects of life, and can cause resentment from the ones they love.

The Taurus temperament is characterized by peace and harmony.

The Taurus temperament is characterized by peace and harmony.

Persevere Through Anything

Mercury in Taurus individuals have great mental abilities in art, math and science, and an innate understanding of form and structure. Their dispositions are almost always pleasant, and they do have it in them to persevere through hard times. They are determined once they have set their sights on a goal, have good reasoning abilities, and normally have good judgment.

Those closest to a Mercury in Taurus person know how obstinate they can be, and what strong likes and dislikes they have. But they are also capable of being very discreet if you trust them with a confidence, and are very diplomatic people. Their material possessions are very important to them, and they care a lot about establishing themselves in a job or career where they can be sure they will have a definite income.

Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

Taurus is symbolized by the bull.

Taurus People Want to Be Homeowners

So how will it go when a Mercury in Taurus single person or couple decides to buy a home? First of all, he will be concerned about taking such a big financial step. He will want to crunch numbers, to get an estimate of expenses, depending on the sizes of various houses, the kinds of heating bills, and that sort of thing. He does not like change, and at first will try to persuade you to stay living where you are, if you have been happy there. But he will go along with buying a home if you really want to, because a person with Mercury in Taurus is mentally very devoted to you, and your happiness is important to him. Once he gets over the hurdle of imagining himself living in a new space, he will warm up to the idea.

As you get a dialogue going with your realtor, he will surprise you with how much he knows about styles of homes, and will have definite ideas of what he likes and dislikes. The idea of owning a place of his own is seductive once he gives it a chance. Mercury in Taurus people are big nature lovers, so a home in a wooded setting will appeal to him. He will not want to be too close to the neighbors.

He knows a lot about buildings too, so will be carefully checking the foundations, roofs, the basements for flooding issues, and will want a large piece of property to landscape, as gardening is usually a favorite hobby. In fact, he would love one of those subterranean homes built into a hillside. The temperature will remain steady in the underground part, so you can save on heating/cooling bills. But the part that is exposed to the sun would be a great area to utilize solar panels.

Anyone with planets in Taurus is a born environmentalist. As you begin to look at various homes, you will be surprised that he can make a decision quite fast for him, because he does have definite ideas of what he likes about houses and what he does not.

Once you find an affordable place, it should go pretty smoothly. He will want something that is move in ready if possible, if not, will pay to have some inexpensive, cosmetic things done. Mercury in Taurus people love good food and are great cooks, so the kitchen has to be top grade, and he will want an outdoor eating and grilling area on the property for summer. You will both enjoy landscaping together. He will also want spare bedrooms for family members or friends to stay over, and for possible children in the future.

Now he is happy with the thought that the money he pays each month is going towards a mortgage, and that the mortgage interest can be a tax deduction. Your home owning Mercury in Taurus is one happy guy, and since he enjoys the company of your girlfriends too, will not be in too much of a hurry to make a “man cave” as he loves to socialize with couples and singles too. You do not have to be jealous, you already have his heart. Soon he will decide to buy a lovely soaking tub for two, along with the separate shower, with various shower heads and all those bells and whistles. People with planets in Taurus are sensuous and will indulge in activities that make the body feel good! He will not pinch pennies when it comes to physical comfort.

Romantic and Charming

Since Mercury in Taurus rules what they think about, and Taurus is earthy, they spend a lot of time thinking about their love interest or partner. They really do think about you during the course of their day, and often think of romantic things to do later (especially in that state of the art bathroom)! Planets in Taurus make a person rather lusty. They are a bit touchy though, so try to censor yourself when you disagree, because your Mercury in Taurus person would never say something mean just to hurt you. And then you would end up feeling awful if you hurt their feelings with harsh words that you did not really mean.

Try not to react too fast if a situation just comes out in the heat of the moment. Your Mercury in Taurus lover will shower you with gifts, (they have great taste in jewelry), take you out to nice places, and be happy to introduce you to friends. They do appreciate the effort you put in to look nice, and will tell you so. But although Mercury in Taurus people spend money on the best and want the best value, when it comes to clothes they would be happy to run around naked! They are true nature lovers, and often know lots of romantic little hideaways in pocket parks or pretty little spots near lovely waterfalls and streams. They will tell you that you look your sexiest when you are wearing your old Bob Marley t-shirt with holes in it, or your oldest pair of sweatpants, with your hair piled on your head, to do messy yard work. But this is sincere, and never sarcastic. They love you for who you are on the inside. So try to go easy on them if they get a little possessive or stubborn at times, most of the time they are charming and agreeable. Amen to that!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 09, 2018:

Hello Anna,

It's always great to hear from a fellow astrologer. Love and light. Jean

Anna on September 09, 2018:

Thank you! Best article, by far, I have read about Mercury in Taurus and have been around and doing astrology for 40 years.

It is not just slow materialistic and stubborn.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on July 29, 2014:

You are so right...we don't like change lol.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 28, 2014:

Hello Jodah,

Thanks for stopping by. I looked it up, and your Mercury is in Taurus, and of course, your Sun too. The 21st of one month to the 21st of the next month is just a guideline, a person can be born on the 20th or 22nd and still not be the Sun Sign all the magazines and newspapers say they are.

Wow, you have a whole Taurus family! I bet you have a great garden. Couples with the same Sun sign usually get along well, since they feel the same way about the important things. Since Mercury and Venus are the closest to the Sun, they can often be in one of the signs next to your Sun Sign, like your wife could have Venus or Mercury in Gemini if she's chatty and intelligent, or Cancer, if she is intuitive and nurturing. I'm glad you felt what I wrote fit you. Take care. Oops, and none of you like change!

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on July 27, 2014:

Great hub Jean. I found this very interesting and I can relate to so much written here even though I don't know if I am a 'Mercury in Taurus' person, or sun or moon sign. My birthday is May 6th 1957. My wife and two sons are also Taurus people. May 10, 12 and 13.

This is quite freaky how closely my personality and traits fit this. Voted up. Voted up.