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Mars in Leo Explained

Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

Read on to learn what it means to have your Mars in Leo.

Read on to learn what it means to have your Mars in Leo.

The way we express ourselves in intimacy is ruled by the planet Mars, as opposed to Venus ruling the way we express ourselves in love. The two go hand in hand for most people, but they are not the same thing. Mars will greatly influence your physical expression of love and if you were born with Mars in Leo, this is the energy you will bring to the boudoir. To learn more about this aspect of your natal chart, please see below.

Leos Have Swagger, Swagger, Swagger!

Mars in Leo is a swashbuckler, with only the Aries male to compete with in terms of astrology. The difference is that Aries is always striving to be the leading man in the room, whereas Leo already assumes he is. Leo will take control of everything in the boudoir, and they will have a commanding style of expression. That is not to say they will be unkind or anything of that nature, it's just that they already feel they know exactly what's best for them and you and they will simply proceed to demonstrate their innate talents for making their partners sigh with wonder. It's pretty rare that Mars in Leo isn't as good as they think they are in this respect, but just be warned—they are fully aware of it, and are often prone to bragging / reminding you about it!

Leos Are Highly Demonstrative

Mars in Leo will be very clear about their attraction to you. You will never be left wondering whether or not they fancy you, as these are highly demonstrative people. These are one of the few groups of people who can blur the lines between the physical and the emotional and you will never feel as though you are just a temporary object of affection. Leo will hold your hand in public, kiss you in public, and they will be very clear about letting others know they have claimed you. Leo women are more subtle about this, but they will do it as well. And in the boudoir? This is the sign that will cover your bedroom floor with rose petals, light 50 candles, and give you a full body massage before they even think about themselves, which goes to show that even though this sign can be extremely selfish, they are also extremely giving.

Leos Are Prideful

If Mars in Leo doesn't get a clear sign that they have wowed you with their skills of intimacy, they will be wounded. Not in the heart, mind you, but the ego, which is often more painful. Leo strives to be the best they can be, and the best you could ever hope to find, so they are very hurt when they think they've failed in this respect. An effort should be made to let them know you are appreciative of their efforts, or they will show extreme bouts of moodiness, which puts them at risk of falling to outside temptations. Leo needs to feel respected and admired and if their partner doesn't show this clearly, they will probably look for someone who does. But do not threaten them with such things yourself, unless you are actually ready to break up with them, because Mars in Leo has a very strong jealous streak when provoked and they will not respond well to such threats.