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Mars in Cancer Explained

Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

Read on to learn what it means to have your mars in cancer.

Read on to learn what it means to have your mars in cancer.

Mars is the planet that rules the way we feel and process our physical attractions to other people. This is not about romance, per se, as that is governed by the planet Venus. Mars covers the more primal response and how we deal with intimacy. If you've got Mars in Cancer, as I do, this energy will influence this aspect of your relationships. To learn more, please keep reading!

Security Comes First

Mars in Cancer is very loyal when it comes to physical intimacy and they are not the sort to hop around from bed to bed. The emotions they feel run very, very deep and this makes it easy to get hurt, should they choose a partner who is not equally loyal. Therefore, Cancer will want to be absolutely sure they are getting involved with someone they can trust before taking things to the next level. Depending on other aspects of the natal chart, this may be easier said than done. For example, as an Aries, my instincts are always to rush into love head-first and consider the consequences later. This is in direct conflict with my Mars in Cancer, which wants a full-on commitment before I allow myself to get involved on a physical level. This can be very frustrating, as these two forces are constantly struggling with one another and the outcome is usually somewhere in the middle of the two. I mention this to highlight the fact that every aspect of our chart is affected by other aspects to some degree, and these are not always complementary influences! But, for the most part, this trait will be heavily present in most people with this placement.

Demonstration Is Key

Mars in Cancer has a need—not just a desire or wish—for demonstrative affection and love. These things are absolutely necessary in order for them to feel the above-mentioned security, without which they cannot engage in any form of intimacy. They must see and feel a certain level of affection at all times, as words are not enough. Mars in Cancer expresses their attraction in the same way, so anything less is taken as a clear sign that the level of attraction is not shared, and if they come to doubt this strongly, they will not be able to continue or pursue a physical relationship.

Highly Sensual

Once Mars in Cancer is sure that they are in a secure relationship, they will allow themselves to fall totally in love, and once that happens, physical intimacy is the natural result as the two cannot exist independently for this sign. They are extremely giving and they will go above and beyond to make their partner happy in every way, but they will expect the same in return. Anything less would throw the balance off and this will affect Mars in Cancer very strongly. They do not make unreasonable demands of their partner, but they do expect the ratio of give and take to be equal. Unfortunately, this is something the partner will need to take their own initiative in because this sign is not likely to explain these things, as they believe their partner should be able to perceive these things on their own. After all, Cancer does the same thing for them.

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