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Libra Moon Sign Emotions

Updated on August 16, 2016
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Jean has taught Astrology and Tarot for 40 years. She enjoys music, reading, knitting, gardening and meditation in her cottage in the woods.

Venus rules Libra


Libra Moon Sign People

Your Libra Moon Sign friend owns a hair salon, because she loves making people feel pretty. When you see her at your next appointment, you need a change. She’s quick with suggestions of color that will bring out your features, or a great new style to make you look nice. It’s always just the boost to the spirit you need. Libra Moon Sign People have to beautify things wherever they are. Since they like change themselves, they understand the urge you have to try something different. Libra is ruled by planet Venus, so Libra Moon Sign People have a fondness for fine things, well made clothing and accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, body gels and lotions. They also enjoy good art, furniture, china, and nice cars. They do not need to spend a lot of money, they just have a knack for improving the look of anything with just the materials on hand. This is a very handy talent.

Intelligent Thinkers, Strong Sense of Fairness

Libra Moon Sign people have warm and friendly personalities, and are generally sought out by others. They have warm hearts and good manners, not liking rude speech or people. This is an Air Moon, so Libra Moon Sign people are intelligent and ruled by a sense of fairness. They like to work together in partnerships, and are very agreeable. Although Libra is a cardinal sign of leadership, Libra Moon Sign People have trouble making up their minds. They see each issue from so many points of view. So it is helpful if their partner or friends can help urge them along to make a decision. They really do not want to hurt another person's feelings, or make a choice and realize there was another option available that they failed to see. But then seeing an issue from so many points of view makes the decision more difficult for poor Libra Moon sign person, so it really is not easy for them to decide what to do!

Libra Moon Active Social Life

Most Libra Moon Sign People are in a relationship, as they prefer to be in a partnership. They are also very romantic and assertive when it comes to love. They will go after someone who interests them. It is important to them that they think in a similar way and are mentally compatible with a partner when they are ready to settle down. They need lots of attention in a relationship, but are willing to shower their partner with the same. The sense of fair play comes about where freedom is concerned too. The Libra Moon Sign Person wants to go out with friends, but will not mind when you want to as well. It all equals out, not that anyone is keeping score. Generally, Libra Moon Sign People like to be socializing and busy, sitting alone at home really is not their thing.

Libra Scales of Balance


Good Communicators, Need Help With Decisions

Since Libra Moon Sign People have such a hard time making decisions, they can be swept up by others and then realize this is not what they wanted. If this happens, it is hard for them to explain that they got involved because they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s one thing to get along, but not at the cost of your own moral code and attitudes.

Libra Moon Signs are all good speakers and communicators, so they are the ones who speak out at town meetings. If they take a class in a subject they like, they will be the one in there that asks the most questions. That mind is always going a mile a minute, and it’s hard to keep up. They can be thinking of several things at one time, so try to stay with them. They make great companions, because they are always interesting and like to be on the go!

Lovers, Not Fighters, Ruled by Venus

Libra Moon Sign people make great real estate agents or interior decorators. They are mentally decorating each home they show anyway. You may also find them as lawyers, legal secretaries, or social workers. Many writers are Libras as well, since they have are so well spoken and literate.They are also helpful to have along on a shopping trip if you need an opinion about what you need to wear or what gift to bring to a special occasion for a friend or family member. They also make good arbitrators, as they can be objective enough to listen to both sides of an argument and help both parties come along to a peaceful solution to a problem. It is very important to a Libra Moon that a situation stays peaceful, it really tips their scales if people are loud or angry. They like to speak their truth quietly.

Libra Balances


Great Hosts and Sunny Personalities

Libra Moon people are the ones that brighten up a room just by being there. Kind and interested in others, they make any social occasion much more enjoyable. You are in for a treat if you are invited to one of their parties, as they work hard to make it fun, and take the time to be sure all their guests are comfortable. They make great event planners, and you want them on the guest list of any party you have with your crowd. These are warm and sunny people, always nice to be around. They look at life as thought the cup is always half full, and can charm you right out of that bad mood you were in. These are your fun friends, who know what's popular and what is not at the time. They brighten up your day. What more could you want in a person?

© 2010 Jean Bakula


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    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 11 months ago from New Jersey

      Hi Tat,

      I can't do one hub for Cancer Sun/Libra Moon, or everyone would ask.

    • profile image

      Tat 11 months ago

      Can you do a post on cancer sun/libra moon?

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 3 years ago from New Jersey

      Hi Flo,

      Yes, you Libra types want to see everyone get along in peace. Libra is also a leadership sign, and if you are guiding a group, you can get them going in the right direction. Best Wishes.

    • profile image

      Flo 3 years ago

      I'm libra moon person n I feel tormented by unsettled disputes... I'm someone who put in my weight as part of Any solutions & hates when I watch ppl facing problems in life that face selfish or damaging people... I love pisces moon ppl simply cos of their peaceful ways & loving & nurturing which libra moons agree with yet they are more hardworking & less materialistic & more depth & meaningful than us libra moons who can get lazy indulgent & easily taken away by luxuries.

    • profile image

      ayu 5 years ago

      One of my best friend is Libra Moon and amazingly she does have a dimple! This is so accurate and your description of the Libra Moon fits her totally.

      I am truly amazed :) Keep up the writings!

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