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Leo Moon Sign Emotions

Jean teaches astrology, tarot & metaphysics. She is an author, ordained nondenominational minister, & member of the NJ Metaphysical Ctr.

The lion is the symbol for Leo.

The lion is the symbol for Leo.

Great Hosts and Proud Parents

Leo Moon signs are proud people and are usually found leading whatever is happening. Leo is a fixed sign, so emotionally they do not change that easily. They have extremely romantic and demonstrative love natures. The men are the ones who hide the engagement ring in your dessert at the restaurant or announce it at the airport. Leo Moons have a stubborn streak, so if they are in a relationship that isn’t living up to their lofty ideals, it will be very hard for them to break it off.

They do not like to ask for help, because they want to appear as if they have everything under control. Leo Moon sign people are very proud parents. They want to show off their lovely children and beautifully decorated homes. They will never miss a school conference and are positive their progeny turned in that last assignment, no matter what the teacher says. If anyone tries to bother a family member, the Leo Moon person will retaliate very quickly, because they are very protective of their loved ones. Do not forget that the Lion is Leo’s symbol. Leo Moon signs love family, and often take them on all sorts of outings. They also like to entertain and have frequent parties at home. Generous to a fault, they will insist that you try every snack or entrée they prepared, and insist you take some home.

Leo Presidents in Our Times

Most people who have Leo in them have a dramatic flair, and really love to be the center of attention. They crave the spotlight and like to be admired. Now don’t forget, a less outgoing Sun sign can have a Leo Moon, so that shy Piscean you know may be a lot friendlier than you realize. Think of President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama—both Leos. No matter what people think of them politically, they both know how to win over a crowd no matter what. Disclaimer: I am using their personalities as an example for astrological clarification. If you want to complain about them, go to the political section or go on a blog. Anyway, all you need to do to get a Leo Moon person to like you is to flatter them. This is not a hard thing to do. They have hearts of gold and are generally very kind to everyone. Leo Moon sign people need attention and need to feel adored, but add so much to the group it’s a small price to pay.

Leo moon sign people enjoy parties.

Leo moon sign people enjoy parties.

Leo Moon sign people love expensive things, and although they are not flashy, do like to live well. They thrive on excitement, since Leo is a fire sign, and are more than likely to live in or near a big city. Leo Moon signs like to go to concerts, museums, art galleries, the opera, and they want to see every new movie that comes out. And they want to do it sooner rather than later, while everyone is still talking about it. They have high energy levels, even at relatively older ages. Leo Moon sign people also love to dress up to go out on the town, so it is necessary to have the appropriate wardrobe and accessories. The women love jewelry and pocketbooks, but you won’t see any under dressed Leo Moon men either. They also keep abreast of current events, so they are prepared to discuss the events happening around the world. They are intelligent and need to keep mentally as well as physically stimulated.

Generous, but Can Be Prima Donnas

Leo Moon sign people like to play games and may enjoy the occasional trip to Las Vegas. They are lucky and often are the ones in the group to win the 50-50 or the tricky tray at the party. But being so generous, they will often share their winnings. They give to charities and will happily organize a group to obtain the goal of helping someone in need. The more wealthy ones will be on the Executive Boards of art museums and galleries, and happily play the role of Patron of the Arts.

There are times when Leo Moon people can come off like prima donnas and get a tad annoying. They really cannot help it, they just love to create a sense of drama. It keeps things interesting. Try not to hold it against them, because if you tell them how you feel, they will sincerely try to improve their behavior, as they do not want to make anyone feel uncomfortable or upset.

Leo moon people love sporting events.

Leo moon people love sporting events.

Good Health and Sports Fans

Leo Moon sign people normally have good health, probably due to that sunny disposition. Although Leo Moons like to keep busy, they also need some time to relax and recharge their energy. Think of the Lion in the jungle heat, who likes to lie down and take a nap in the afternoon. Most Leo Moon signs are sports fans and probably play one that they enjoy. They like to keep in good physical shape, as they care about the image they present. They will work out often at the gym, and they love to dance. Their lithe bodies reflect this care of self. You will rarely find them at home unless all their friends are gathered there to hang out. But this can often lead to the whole group going out somewhere together afterward. You will have lots of fun with your Leo Moon friend. Since they are in love with love, you will enjoy the fireworks if you are involved in a love affair with one. A Leo Moon sign person is someone who always knows how to lift up your spirits. Aren’t you the lucky one to have such a friend in your life?

Leo Moon Sign People

Did you feel that commanding presence that gracefully entered into the room? Although she isn’t dressed in formal clothes, she has a regal bearing and a very confident attitude. It takes a Leo Moon sign person to pull that off. She can be wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and old sneakers and look as if she just stepped off of a catalog picture shoot. The hair is pulled back into a ponytail and she is wearing no makeup. It could almost make a person jealous, but she is so outgoing and enthusiastic, you are already making plans to see a show together next week. It's okay—you never had a chance anyway. Most Leo Moon sign people have more charisma in their pinky finger that we have in our whole selves. Leo is ruled by the warm and glowing sun, and they spread warmth wherever they go.

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Leo the lion. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

Leo the lion. Picture made specifically for author, not for commercial use.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

Questions & Answers

Question: I am a Capricorn sun, Leo moon, and Scorpio rising. What would such an astrological combination entails for someone like me?

Answer: Capricorn people are sensible and goal oriented. You want to achieve your goals and will associate with people who help to further those goals. You are trusted and others rely on you. You are a hard worker and have a wry sense of humor. Capricorns are more emotional than people think, you just show it in private and don't wear your feelings on your sleeve.

The Leo Moon represents your emotions. So this is a warm and loving Moon. You can be a little high maintenance in a relationship. You are ardent and caring, but expect to be idolized and want a lot from a lover. But you are generous and like to go out to meet new people and experience new places. You like to have nice things, but being Capricorn, will work for them.

Scorpio rising is the way others see you. This is a hard Ascendant, because others can easily be intimidated by you. It's not that you give them a reason to, but you give off a "don't bother me" vibe unless you try hard really not to. You are intense and very passionate. You exhaust all avenues when you are learning something new. You are possessive of friends and lovers. But you are very loyal to those you care for and will do almost anything for them. It takes people a long time to get to know you. But you have to let them in! Then they will see that sensitive side you have.

So you are a somewhat serious person, but can let your hair down and have fun. Having a Scorpio Ascendant puts Taurus on your marriage house, and I think a Taurus would be good for you. It is compatible with Capricorn and Scorpio. It's opposite of Scorpio but that means you want the same things as a partner, just see a different way to get there. And with the Leo Moon, definite fireworks.

Question: I am a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon, and Aquarius rising. What does that tell you?

Answer: Cancer people are generally reserved at first, but get bored easily and more congenial as you get to know them better. You have leadership ability and are a kind and nurturing person. You are moody, as the Moon is your ruler, and it passes through all 12 zodiac signs each 28 days. But you can learn to work with that. Family and close friends are very important to you, and you are a good listener. The Leo Moon rules your emotions. You need a lot of attention and expect to be treated like royalty, also you tend to be bossy in relationships. But you are generous and like to socialize. So at times, you seem gentle, but will lose your temper and can be very stubborn. Aquarius rising is the way others see you. You are somewhat of a nonconformist, both Cancer and Aquarius have their own unique way of looking at life. Plus Aquarius is another fixed sign like Leo, so you can't always have it your way. You do have a humanitarian streak and volunteer work would be a good outlet for you. You have the ability to inspire others to help if the cause is important enough to you. Cancer Sun people need time for quiet or for themselves, and Aquarius needs freedom in relationships. So you expect a lot from others, make sure you give them the same!

Question: Can you explain my Moon in Leo, Sun in Taurus, and Ascendant in Cancer Trinity?

Answer: Your Leo Moon means you are a dramatic person who loves to be the center of attention. You crave constant compliments and assurances of love in a romantic relationship. But you like nice things and are generous about sharing them. You love to host parties and are well liked. It gives you pleasure to see everyone having a good time with you. You take a lot of time on your appearance and always want to look good.

The Sun in Taurus means you need security and possessions are important to you. You are a collector. You also like nature, likely have a green thumb, and if you don't like team sports, will compete against your own personal best. Taurus doesn't care about clothes as much as a Leo Moon does, so you either dress to the nines or wear stuff until it falls off your back. Taurus people are sensual and never hesitate to jump in the water naked. Both Leo and Taurus are fixed signs, so you are stubborn and opinionated. You want to find a partner and are going to be faithful.

The Ascendant in Cancer makes it, so you are approachable and friendly, but don't give away much about yourself until you know people better. You are kind and nurturing. Family is important to you and so are close friends, you hold onto them forever. They are family to you. You are creative and a little dreamy. You have a love of beauty and all pretty things. Cancers are ambitious too, but this sort of sneaks up on people and they don't realize it until you get what you want!

Question: I am a Virgo sun, Leo moon, and Leo rising, I can’t find much Info about this combination, can you tell me anything?

Answer: Virgo sun people are witty and intelligent, usually fun to be with. You are health conscious and probably take good care of yourself. You are hardworking and practical, and others can use your advice. You are a loyal friend. Leo Moon people are warm and friendly. You love attention and nice things and will share them with others. Leo rising is how others see you. You are approachable and kindhearted, with a kind of regal air about you. You probably love clothes and always look nice and presentable. I have an article on Virgo Sun and one on Leo Moon; I will give you the URLs: Here's the Leo Moon one:

Question: I am a Gemimi sun, Leo moon, and Scorpio rising. People say that I have a complex personality. Can you put some light on the personality traits of this combination?

Answer: You seem complex because of the Scorpio rising. This ascendant is the way others see you, not necessarily the way you are once people get to know you better. You seem very serious and only speak to new people if you really have something important or interesting to say. I have Scorpio rising too, and people tell me I seem too serious, and like I don't want to be bothered at times. I really am deciding if the person is worth getting to know better, trying to size them up. That's what you are doing too! But it's not a bad thing, you are strong-willed, independent, able to read people well, as well as kind and sympathetic to those you care about.

The Gemini Sun takes you to a more light-hearted and fun place. You can be chatty, and actually a good communicator. It's normal to see contradictions in astrology charts. Gemini is an intellectual sign, so you like to keep up with all topics, and know a little bit about everything. You are a flirt! But this helps balance out some of that Scorpio seriousness, allowing you to let your guard down.

The Leo Moon is about your emotions, so when you do flirt, you usually already know you are pretty much interested in the person. Leo Moons are a bit high maintenance in relationships, you need a lot of attention and expect to be on a pedestal. But you are warm and generous. Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, it's hard to get you to change your views. The Gemini Sun helps there, it forces you to be fair and look at issues from both sides.

I don't think it's really a complex trinity. Of course, that's all it is, this is not an interpretation of a complete astrology chart.

Question: I have a Pisces sun, Leo moon and Aries rising. What does my astrological combination tell you?

Answer: Pisces Sun people are very intuitive and charming. They get along with almost anybody and don't judge others. You are creative and likely write, sing, create art or poetry, something of that nature. You like metaphysical subjects. You are inclined to always reach out to anyone you think is unfortunate. You are spiritual or at least philosophical.

Leo Moon is the way you express your emotions. You are warm and loving, very demonstrative. You expect the same in return though and could be too demanding in a relationship. You want to be the King or Queen. But you are generous and like to entertain or have a good time going out to different affairs and venues. You want to be surrounded in luxury.

Aries rising is the way others see you. You are outgoing and impulsive. You want to be the leader. You are blunt and outspoken. You can behave a little immaturely at times, but since Aries is the first zodiac sign and Pisces the last, perhaps this trait will remain hidden. Since Aries is the Ascendant, Libra is on your marriage house. So you want to in a partnership and will be happiest when you are. You are the type that when you find someone, you want to do everything together (though with the Pisces Sun, you need some time to yourself). With 2 out of three signs of your Trinity in fire signs and Libra on the marriage house, I would recommend a Gemini or Aquarius person of interest. Also, being Pisces and having Aries rising, a Capricorn could be a good match for you.

Question: Can you explain my Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo, Mercury and Venus in Gemini?

Answer: Yes, I can. Cancer sun people are warm and nurturing. You love family and friends who you consider family. You are creative and friendly, gentle and caring. But Cancer is a leadership sign, so people may tend to underestimate you. That would be their mistake! You have a good head for business, or can also be a psychologist, because people love to confide in you. Although you love family, this doesn't mean you are chained to the house or stove as some interpret Cancers. I am also Cancer with Mercury and Venus in Gemini.

Mercury rules how you think, and in Gemini, it's with your head, not your heart, good, because Cancers can get so involved in other people's issues they neglect themselves. You are very intelligent, and probably a great communicator. This can mean you are a good writer, or good at tech things, anything which aids good communication. You are chatty and fun.

Venus in Gemini rules your social and love life. You get bored easily (also a Cancer trait) and can have two great loves in life, or easily date two people at the same time. In love, you are never crude, and are romantic; you like to talk about your relationships and love hearts and flowery stuff. I have this Venus placement and always wrote poetry to my husband on important occasions. You love to go to concerts, restaurants, or to check out anything new in your area. You like to travel and move around. You are nervous, and this can affect your stomach.

The Moon in Leo is in a fixed sign. You want lots of attention from those you care about and expect the regal treatment from them. You always look good and make a lot of effort to do so. You are a good host and love to entertain. Your emotions are more fixed than the planets in other signs, so I like this. Once you care deeply about someone, you are great about showing your affection. You want a family someday and love children. Leo Moon people are very generous and always willing to help others.

Question: I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm skeptical of astrology. Most descriptions seem like generally vague terms that could apply to almost anyone. Is there anything you can offer to support this discipline's legitimacy?

Answer: Many people who are sceptical of astrology don't have a clear understanding of what it is. They see the vague descriptions you mention, in a newspaper or magazine, and think that's all there is to it. Those "horoscopes" have origins from WWll, and were based on Sun signs only. They were published only as a diversion for those at home who had loved ones fighting the war. Sadly, they exist to this day. Also, astrology is not new; it was considered the science before astronomy was.

Astrology is much more than what a person's Sun Sign is. A whole birth chart is cast mathematically; it takes around 45 minutes and a plethora of specialized books. Now, this info can be found on websites, but it's often wrong.

A real horoscope can be done, but the astrologer needs the person's birthday, time of birth, and the city and country where the subject was born, to get the precise latitude and longitude. Once we get started with that info, we can begin to draw the circle, called a sidereal, of the picture of the sky when the person was born. This helps to get something called an ascendant, the starting point on the left, middle part of the sidereal, or what is called the Eastern Horizon.

Then once all the zodiac signs are filled in (from a book called Dalton's Table of Houses), we go to a book of planetary tables called an Ephemeris, and can place each planet in the zodiac sign and one or more of the 12 astrology houses where it will be. Every Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in a zodiac sign and in a house with any of 4 or 5 meanings. Also, the distance each planet is apart from the others is called an aspect, and most people have at least 15 strong ones in their charts.

Then it's time to interpret all this. I have to know what all the zodiac signs mean, what each house means, what each planet rules, and what aspects it makes to other planets. That all has to be put together and I can interpret it in about 10-12 hours. It's a lot of work, and takes years of study, books, workshops and such.

I began taking formal astrology classes with my then BF when I was about 22. An Aunt had all the books and gave them to me. It took a good year just to learn what all the symbols for zodiac signs and planets mean, what each planet stood for, and what the houses meant. I had a coworker at the time who wanted me to teach her. She was shocked when I came with a stack of textbooks and started to teach her the math formula, even though it was not hard. She said she thought it was something that could be picked up fast and decided against it. Later, she attended a few classes with us, but couldn't keep up.

So most of what you see isn't really astrology. The real birth or Natal Birth chart is very detailed. I write here on a group site, and many of the questions I get aren't very smart. People tell me where their Sun and Moon are, and think they are getting a whole horoscope. They aren't.

Since casting a whole horoscope is so time-consuming, most astrologers charge about $100.00--$150.00 to do them. I don't consider it fortune telling, I think of it as a personality profile. I can see the possible bad things which will happen in this person's life, the potential good things, like what job skills they have, what they want in love, what drives them emotionally, and so on, considering all the factors I discuss above. Plus we all have Free Will, so if a person sees things they don't like in their horoscope, they have aspects which tell them what strengths they have to help avoid them. If you read the questions here, you will see that most of my readers are not very sophisticated about astrology. Some ask me if they are compatible with a person they have been seeing. Shouldn't they know that if they have been seeing someone for a certain length of time? So although I am an astrologer, I don't leave my common sense at the door.

I have cast and interpreted charts on Hillary and Donald Trump for the last election. They are on a site called If you read them, you will get a good idea of how I blend all the info available to me into an interpretation. If politics isn't your thing, (it was hard to be objective), I've written over 100 articles about various aspects of astrology. I also have a whole series on placements of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus and what the planet means in all 12 zodiac signs. The Venus articles are on a site called Or feel free to look at any of the teaching articles I wrote on the above sites, that was my goal, to teach what astrology really is, when I began to write about it.

Question: I’m a sun Capricorn, moon Leo, and rising Aquarius. Do you have any advice for me?

Answer: Sun in Capricorn means you are ambitious, reliable, trustworthy and respected. You want to achieve your goals. Although you are serious, you do have a good sense of humor. Friends feel like they can come to you to discuss their problems.

I see you wrote this from the bottom of the Moon in Leo Emotions article, so that should have answered all your questions about what Leo moon people are like: warmhearted, generous, family loving. You like to have fun, like children, and enjoy playing games. You are romantic and loyal in love, but may be high maintenance.

Aquarius rising is the way others see you. You like to look different or have a "look" that's all your own, so are a bit of a nonconformist in that way. You enjoy other people and may find a career that's off the beaten path, or create a business of your own. It's a nice trinity and the part where I always start to interpret when I cast a complete Natal Birth Chart.

Question: I am a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon and Aquarius Rising. How would you describe my personality?

Answer: All three zodiac signs in your trinity are called fixed signs, so you are persistent or stubborn, different sides of the same coin. Taurus Sun people are gentle and kind. You don't like discord, preferring harmony and goodwill. You are loyal and level headed. You probably love nature and the outdoors. You have good business acumen, and financial security is important to you. You are sensual in love. Taurus people aren't complicated; what you see is what you get.

The Leo Moon rules your emotions. So you want attention and nice things. Also, the Taurus in you buys only the best. You can be a little high maintenance, but are generous and affectionate too. You are well liked by others. You have a creative side and would do well in a catering or party business. You have a good sense of fashion.

Aquarius rising is the way others see you. You come off as a nonconformist who has your ideas and ways of doing things. You care deeply about people and get involved in causes. You change suddenly, as Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus. You accept others for who they are, and Taurus echoes this.

Try to let others have their say and remember we all have valid viewpoints. Try not to be afraid of change, you don't like it, but it can be rewarding.

Question: I am a Virgo Sun and a Leo Moon, with a Virgo Ascendant. Can you explain my personality?

Answer: OK, just understand this is only what is called the Trinity in astrology, and is a small part of your personality. The Virgo Sun means you are intelligent and sensible. You are careful about your health and want to look and feel your best. You are a practical and kind person who is well-liked by friends because they know they can depend on you. You are witty and fun to be with because you are a chatty person. Your Leo Moon is about your emotional makeup, so you want attention because you are deserving of it! You have a regal sort of way about you and are generous towards others. You have a big heart and are a loving person. You are a little stubborn and not fast to give your emotions away, but I think that's a good thing. It's not always a good idea to rush into anything before you know what you are doing.

The Virgo Ascendant is the way you come across to others, the mask you wear with people you don't know well. Virgos seem gentle and smart. You don't come on strong, but are kind and can get to know new friends pretty fast. They sense they can trust you and will share confidences with you. People ask your advice because you come across as knowing a lot about whatever is going on (because you probably do). It's a nice trinity, and I hope that helps explain your personality a little bit better.

Question: Gemini sun Leo moon and Gemini rising here; how does this combination show up in characteristics?

Answer: Geminis are intelligent and know a little bit about everything. You are restless and have a lot of energy, especially mental energy. It can be hard for you to turn that off, so maybe meditation or quiet pursuits like reading would help. Gemini has a lot to do with communication, so you love information and learning, probably read and are a good writer. You are outgoing, have a pleasant and fun nature, and are well liked. The Gemini rising is the way others see you before they get to know you. So it's sort of what they see is what they get. You are hard to pin down in love. But the Leo Moon rules your emotions, and it's a fixed sign. It's a warm and caring sign, compatible with the Gemini in you, and makes you more nurturing than a regular Gemini. It's a good trinity, Air and Fire. You would do well with a partner of an Air or Fire Sun or Moon sign.

Question: My sun is in Aquarius, my moon is in Leo, and my ascendant is in Sagittarius. Can you please explain my personality?

Answer: The water bearer symbolizes sun in Aquarius. It's a person spilling water on the earth. Water is a spirit, so you have your own set beliefs and probably are a person who loves to help others in humanitarian causes, or in whatever little way you can. It's an air sign, so you are intelligent, and your ruler is planet Uranus. This causes you to make sudden moves or to change your mind at lightning speed, confusing those around you. Although you care about others, you can be a little detached from those close to you, and this seems mysterious to them. You also like to shock people and hear the beat of a different drummer.

The moon in Leo rules your emotions. This warms you up a little, and you love lots of attention. You are a good host and like to entertain and go out. You are generally quite pleasant and likable. Both Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, so you are a bit stubborn.

The Sagittarius ascendant is the way others see you, the facade you wear (we all have one). Sag people are warm, and there are two kinds of them, the really quiet ones and the ones who never stop talking. I think you may be one of the more outgoing ones. Sag is the archer, and you like to do things outdoors. You like sports but are a tad clumsy, so watch out! Sag people often fall in love with someone from a foreign place, or with art from a different culture, an example would be karate, and a love of all things Japanese. I don't know if you actually want to travel with the two fixed signs in the Trinity. You are also likely to be tall.

It's a nice fire and air combination, and you may be attracted to other air signs, like Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, although most couples of the same sun sign don't work out. The fire signs would be Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Question: I'm a Capricorn sun, Gemini ascendant, Leo moon and Pisces Venus. Can you describe me?

Answer: The Capricorn Sun means you are a leader, always sensible and reliable, and make plans ahead of time. You are a goal maker. The Gemini Ascendant means people see you as intelligent, fun, well-read and up on what's trending. You get bored fast and like to keep busy and moving. The Leo Moon rules your emotions, and so you are the king or queen and expect much attention from the people you love, and are quite dramatic. But you are also generous, kind, a gracious host and love to party.

The Pisces Venus is a romantic and dreamy one. Venus rules your love life and social life, and you are looking for a soul mate, The One. You are very sensitive, artistic, and can feel the pain of someone you love. I have an article on Venus in Pisces; I'll give you the link. If you look on, I also have articles on Leo Moon and Capricorn sun. Here's the link to Venus:

Question: What are the traits of a person with Leo moon and Scorpio rising signs?

Answer: I wrote an article that explains the emotional makeup of a Leo moon sign person here:

Scorpio rising is the way others see you. You have a poker face and don't seem to want to let people in at first. You can read them very well, but they can't read you. You are reserved, but usually respected and even a little bit intimidating. You are serious and come off as mysterious, as Scorpio loves to solve mysteries. You are sensual and need a lot of attention with the Leo moon. Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, so you are stubborn and don't change easily. You have a strong presence and make a good leader.

Question: Can you please explain the traits and the dos and don't for Sun in Leo and Moon in Capricorn?

Answer: You're welcome. Sun in Leo is warm and sunny. Leos act like Kings and Queens, and expect to be treated that way. They are good for others in return, though. It's an outgoing, hospitable sign, someone who goes out often and has many interests.

The Moon in Capricorn is hard with the Leo Sun. Capricorn can be all work and no play. They are serious and reliable, but also ambitious and goal driven. They are deeply emotional, although people think they are not. The feelings are kept in, and it's hard for them to express their emotions. So the Leo is the fixed sign, and the Sun is how the person expresses. The Moon represents the inner person, and although it's sensitive and sensual, they need help expressing that. Of course, all the planets are in a sign too, and that can help make this easier. I don't think it's a big problem.

Question: My sun sign is Aries, and my rising sign is Cancer. My Moon is Leo. What does this tell you?

Answer: Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs of leadership. So you have definite goals in life and are ambitious about achieving them. Aries can have a temper, but also is an original person with great ideas. You are lively and outgoing, and love to try new things. You can be hasty and rash, so take more time before making important decisions.

The Moon in Leo rules your emotions. You are warm and generous, and love to host get togethers for any occasion. You want to be in love, and want to be the center of somebody's world, demanding quite a bit of attention. Aries also likes to come first in another person's life. But as long as you are willing to give, it's fair to expect the other person to give.

The Cancer Rising sign is the way others see you. Cancer is kind and nurturing, but tougher than people think. It is symbolized by the crab with its hard shell. So although your feelings can be easily hurt, you hide in your shell. I would say you don't admit it, but with a Sun in Aries and Moon in Leo, whoever hurt you will definitely hear about it! But having Cancer in your trinity along with the two fire signs softens you a bit. Cancers make loyal friends, and you work hard because you want a certain degree of security in your life. Cancers get bored easily, as do Aries, so you love to travel and find new adventures. It's a nice combination. Best Regards.

Question: I am a Pieces sun sign and a Leo Moon sign I was wondering if you could give me some more information about this combination?

Answer: Your Pisces Sun means you are sensitive, artistic, caring, gentle and sympathetic. You need to be careful not to let others take advantage of your kind nature. You may be a little bit psychic, or at least can read other people very well. You need time to yourself to unwind. This is a very spiritual sign being the last zodiac sign. It rules the feet, and I bet you have many pairs of shoes. You make friends with people from all walks of life and don't judge them. You are philosophical.

Leo Moon is what rules your emotional makeup. It is a fixed sign, so you don't change your mind or opinions easily, but that's good with the Pisces moon, which doesn't like to say "no." You need a lot of attention in a love affair, and can be a bit high maintenance in that area. But you are also generous and well liked. You want the finer things in life, love to shop, and adore having parties. People invite you to events because you are fun. I can't tell much else with this tiny bit of info, but I hope that helps.

Question: Can you explain my Moon in Leo, Sun in Taurus and Ascendant in Scorpio?

Answer: A Sun in Taurus person is gentle and kind, avoids fights and tries to be the peacemaker. You are a person who likes comfort and will work hard to acquire what you need to be comfortable. You like nature and gardening. You are sensual and romantic.

The Ascendant in Scorpio means you have a strong presence, and sort of a serious demeanor. You decide who you want in your life and who you don't, and are blunt when communicating, though with the Taurus Sun you won't hurt feelings. When something interests you, you research it thoroughly and want to know everything about it. Again, you have an easy sort of sexuality.

The Moon in Leo represents your emotions, so you are warm and loving. You are popular, and people feel very comfortable with you. You love to entertain and to go out. You need attention in a love relationship or will get upset. But that shouldn't be an issue since you give so much attention to those you care for.

Question: I am a Leo Moon, Aquarius sun and Capricorn rising. How can I capitalize off my determined yet off-kilter and stubborn personality?

Answer: The Capricorn is your stabilizing feature, it makes you reliable, business oriented, and gives you a good head on your shoulders. You appear capable and independent, which you are. But the Capricorn keeps you disciplined and less opinionated than Leo and Aquarius. Also, every planet of your 10 is also in a zodiac sign. The Leo Moon means you are generous and loving, a good host, and faithful in love. That Aquarius Sun is the sign of a nonconformist, but the Capricorn in you wants to be sensible so that you won't act too out of the ordinary. You care deeply about other people. The Leo Moon means you may work in a field that helps others; the Sun also points that way. Capricorn rising means you are determined to succeed at whatever you do, but more calmly, not so pushy. Aquarius people are very intelligent and have flashes of brilliance, use them wisely. The Leo Moon charms people so you can have them eating out of your hand. The combination is not as serious as you think it is.

Question: My moon sign is Leo with ascendant in Taurus and Sun in Aquarius. Can you explain this combination?

Answer: All three are in fixed signs, so you are persistent and a bit stubborn, to say the least! The Sun in Aquarius means you make sudden, big changes, as the sign is ruled by Uranus. You see life your own way, and are a nonconformist. You want to make changes in the world, to make it a better place, in a way of your choosing. You are intelligent and interested in learning. You have all sorts of friends. This is sign of the water bearer, a person watering the Earth from a jug, but it's Spirit, not water. So you are a spiritual person (though you expect others to share your views).

Leo Moon represents your feelings, and they are romantic and you express them well. You expect attention from a lover and often. You have a regal way about you, and are generous towards others. It's hard to get you to change your feelings if they have been hurt or if someone has confused you. It will take a lot for them to get back into your good graces. But you are forgiving.

The Taurus Ascendant means you seem gentle and kind, so are approachable to people. They feel comfortable with you and asking you questions. You are sensible and reliable. This is a romantic sign too, not as showy as Leo, but very sincere. Plus it's planet is Venus, so you want to be surrounded by lovely things, but will work for them. I hope that helps put a little in perspective.

Question: Can you explain my Moon in Leo, Sun in Pisces and Ascendant in Virgo?

Answer: OK. A Sun in Pisces is a very spiritual person, as it's the last sign of the zodiac and your soul has been through every other sign. It rules the feet--I bet you have tons of shoes! You are able to read through people, and accept most for who they are. You have a good nature and are well liked. You have creative talent, not sure where, but with your Ascendant in Virgo it could be something detailed. Maybe you are an artist, since so much of art depends on math and perspective? You are a dreamer and a free spirit.

The Ascendant in Virgo is opposite your Pisces Sun, but don't worry, this is not bad, a slight challenge. You seem critical at times, are very careful, and have exacting standards. You are health oriented and eat healthily, get exercise. You seem brainy to people who first meet you, and probably are.

The Leo Moon represents your emotions. The Leo Moon means you like a lot of attention, but this is good, as Pisces and Virgo are both what are called mutable signs. Pisces makes you private, and Virgo keeps you behind the scenes, so I like the Leo. You are generous and kind. You are a great host. You like to look good and to shop. You are a loyal friend and willing to help others. You have a sort of regal air about you, maybe from your long hair (Leo is the Lion), or it could just be the way you carry yourself.

This short interpretation of Sun, Moon and Ascendant is what is called your Trinity.

Question: Can you explain my Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Leo, Venus and Ascendant in Libra?

Answer: Having a Scorpio sun means you are strong-willed, independent, emotional, have big goals you want to achieve, and are spiritual. Even when life gets hardest, Scorpios are the strongest sign and can endure.

The Moon in Leo means you are expressive and show others how much you care. You are well liked and love to go out a lot. You care how good you look and like to be surrounded by nice things. You are loyal and expect others to pay attention to you. Having Scorpio and Leo in you, you tend to be a bit stubborn.

The ascendant in Libra means you come off as brainy and interesting. You get along well with others and prefer peaceful relationships. A romantic partner is important to you, and you want to be in a strong marriage or partnership someday. Venus describes your love and social life. So you like to be around beauty, or work in a business where you can make things beautiful. You are a hopeless romantic, and definitely will search for the right one. You are friendly and sociable, except for those periods where you need a little solitude. It's a good trinity.

Question: My Sun is in Cancer and my Moon is in Leo with Leo rising. Can you analyze this combination?

Answer: Sure! Cancer Sun people are warm and nurturing; they treat all their friends like family. But they are ambitious too, more than others think! Although they like to have power behind the scenes, they somehow always end up in the public eye (and love it). Cancers are very charming and usually attractive. They are creative and psychic. They change a lot since they are ruled by the Moon, but being nonconformists anyway, those close to you are used to it.

The Leo Moon is also a warm, fun-loving emotional nature. You love hosting parties, going out, just hanging out with a crowd. Your friends probably depend on you to make plans for where to go, or always end up at your place. You love children and probably want to marry and have a family someday, if you don't already. It's a moon in a fixed sign, so it's not easy to change your emotional feelings.

Leo rising is the facade you show others who first meet you. You still come off as warm and welcoming, energetic and sunny. You have a regal air and way about you which attracts attention. You already know this and play it up. You expect others to do as you want, OK as long as you don't take it too far.

Question: I am a Cancer Sun, Leo Moon and Sagittarius Rising. I feel confused about having my Sun in the sign ruled by Moon (a.k.a., Cancer) and my Moon in the sign ruled by Sun (Leo). This position of planets creates sort of tension, don't you think so?

Answer: No, you have all planets in different signs and in any of 12 houses. You have planetary aspects all over the place. What you are discussing and worrying about are two tiny factors when there are about 100 in a complete astrology chart. This is a completely ordinary thing and nothing to worry about. Actually, being Cancer, you can be reserved and hard to get to know. That Leo Moon and Sag rising are both Fire signs, and help you to be more outgoing. There is no tension from the Sun and Moon signs. Many astrology sites tell you the meanings of every planet in every sign and in every house.

Question: I'm a Virgo Sun, with a Leo moon, and Cancer rising. How am I as a person, how do people see am I deeply? What traits are most captivating about me?

Answer: I believe the traits most captivating about you are your Leo Moon and Cancer Rising. Leo Moon is what rules your emotions. You need a lot of attention but are also generous and kind to others. You are outgoing and fun to be with. In romance, you want to be shown how much you are loved, and expect to be shown with big gestures and gifts.

Cancer Rising is the way others see you. Everyone trusts a Cancer, because they are so loyal and kind. You really care about others and come off as nurturing and attentive, you really listen to people when they talk. You are good at reading them too. Cancers can charm others into doing anything.

Virgo Sun people are practical and sensible. When you say you will do something, you do it. You are critical and ruled more by your head than your heart, though the Leo Moon softens that. You are organized and chaos drives you crazy. But although you keep your word, I bet with the Leo Moon you are always late and don't care if you keep others waiting. You want to make a grand entrance. Looking your best, of course.

I can't see deeply what your astrological aspects are unless I have a whole chart in front of me and I have to take time to interpret it. What you gave me here is called your Trinity, just so you know.

Question: I’m a Scorpio woman (sun sign) Cancer rising, and a Leo moon. Are you able to tell me more about this astrological combination?

Answer: Being a Scorpio Sun woman means you are very strong, willful, independent, and passionate. Your emotions are intense and you may seem intimidating to some people. But you are a loyal friend and have a good heart, too many people believe the worst about Scorpios. The Cancer rising can cut down the intimidation factor a little, as the ascendant is the mask or facade you show the public. Cancer seems calm, gentle, and friendly, also a little reserved; it takes time to get to know you. This adds to your emotions, and your feelings can be easily hurt.

The Leo moon represents your emotional makeup, and you like a lot of attention. You care a lot about your looks and like to surround yourself in luxury, though the Scorpio in you will want you to be frugal. You have a lot of presence when you walk into a room. You are romantic and a hearts and flowers kind of woman. Since both Leo and Scorpio are what we call fixed signs, you are stubborn, or on the bright side, persistent. This helps you to achieve your goals. Also, Cancer is a cardinal sign of leadership, so you are stronger than you appear, and all three signs tell me you want to get your own way.

The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are called the trinity in astrology. It's a starting point in interpreting a Natal Birth chart but is by no means a complete astrology reading.

Question: Pisces sun, Leo moon, Gemini rising. Can you offer some information on what this combination can mean for my personality?

Answer: Of course, for a gentle Pisces! You are nurturing and intuitive. You need time for yourself, to dream, meditate, create. You do like people and have a nice way with them. You are artistic and would do well in any job where you can make things that look good. You don't judge others. The Leo Moon rules your emotions, so you like a lot of attention, and won't go out of the house unless you know you look good! You are warm and like an active social life. Gemini rising is the way others see you, before they get to know you. Gemini makes you seem restless, and having both Gemini and Pisces in your trinity, you do get bored easily. You come off as intelligent and brainy. So you seem a bit more outgoing than you really are! Don't be too bossy with that Leo Moon.

Question: I am a Libra Sun, Leo Moon, and Libra rising, and can't find information on what this combo entails. Do you know?

Answer: Well, you wrote this at the bottom of an article that explained Leo Moon Sign Emotions, so if you read it, it will explain what the Leo Moon means. Libra Suns are generally congenial, but will do anything to avoid a fight, and then blow up now and then to clear the air. But it's ruled by Venus, so you prefer to be peaceful. Libras love beauty in all forms, and like to be in a partnership, both in love and business. It is a leadership sign, so you can run a business successfully. Libra rising is the way others see you, so really what they see is what they get. You seem friendly and congenial. You like to go out shopping and your social life is important to you. The Leo Moon is demanding and you want a lot of attention, but are a good host and like to entertain. I can see you in the hospitality industry.

Question: I am a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon with Aquarius Rising, what does my combination speak about me? And what would be a good career option?

Answer: Capricorn Sun people are sensible and reliable, with a wry sense of humor that is sort of unexpected. But you have a good head for business and are very organized. Your friends rely on you to plan the parties and group vacations because you are good with details. You would probably like to be married one day or already are. The Leo Moon rules emotions, and Leos like beautiful things, like clothes, art, furnishings. You could be a good decorator or have good art skills. You expect a lot of attention in a relationship. But you are a hard worker, and any field that helps beautify or organize things would be good. A travel agent, planning trips that take others to lovely places would suit you. Aquarius rising is the way others see you, so you are unique in the way you view life, and are a bit of a nonconformist. You could be good at running an organization and raising money for it.

Question: I'm an Aries Sun and Taurus Rising (conj Venus) with a Leo Moon. What does it mean?

Answer: Aries Sun people are original and outgoing. You are optimistic, although forethought is not a strong point with you. Aries people are competitive and like to be first. This is a cardinal leadership sign, so you can lead, but may have great ideas and not follow through. Taurus Rising is the way others see you. So that's calm and cool, practical and gentle. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so you are sensual, and people are drawn to you. The conjunction of Venus so close to your ascendant just magnifies the kind and gentle qualities of Taurus even more. You have a good head for business and are a good and loyal friend. You are at ease in your own body and give off a vibe which makes others feel relaxed and safe around you.

The Leo Moon is the way your emotional makeup is. Leos demand a lot of attention, and are little high maintenance in a relationship. You think you are royalty and expect to be treated that way. Both Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, so you are stubborn and like your way, but are also persistent on the upside. Leo Moon people are romantic, so are Taurus rising ones, you more so because of the Venus conjunction. The Taurus Ascendant means Scorpio should be on your 7th house of marriage, so you are attracted to independent, strong-willed and sensual people.

Question: I am a Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, and Pisces Ascendant. How would you describe my personality?

Answer: Taurus people are persistent and stubborn, but since they are ruled by Venus, they are very sweet about it. You don't like confrontations. You are stable and reliable and don't put on an act; what you see is what you get. This is comforting to others and you are well liked. Taurus people have the ability to calm others and stay sane in a crisis. They are strong in a quiet way. They are sensual and romantic. The Leo moon rules your emotions. Leos like attention, so you can be a little high maintenance in love, although the Taurus and Pisces in you would mitigate that. You are sociable and outgoing and like to throw parties. So do Taurus people, they love good food, good drinks, good people. But they understand they have to work hard to buy the best. But they want to enjoy it in comfort, though with the Leo in you, you want to dress up better. Most Taurus people will wear clothes until they fall off their backs, a Leo moon won't allow that! The Pisces ascendant is ethereal and spiritual. People tell you everything, even when you don't ask. But you care about others and don't judge them. You are a good storyteller too. This is a deeply loving and spiritual sign. It puts Virgo on the cusp of the marriage house, so you want an intelligent partner who doesn't bore you. Make sure you aren't too critical of them, although you will take good care of a partner.

Question: I am a Cancer sun, Leo moon, and Aries ascendant individual. What does my astrological combination mean?

Answer: What you asked is called an interpretation of your Trinity. Cancer Sun people are friendly, but take their time getting to know others. You get more comfortable as you know them better, and they are a good leader. Friends come to you for advice. Family is important to you, just like good friends are family. You will do anything for them. The Leo Moon means you are emotional and a little dramatic, you like a lot of attention, especially in a romantic relationship. You like to get your own way, and probably keep people waiting because you are late all the time. But you are generous and kind. Aries rising is the way others see you. So you come off as assertive, the boss, someone who has good ideas and always knows what to do. It's a good combination. The Leo Moon can make you bossy, and the Aries rising pushy, but the Cancer Sun tones both of them down.

Question: Can you please explain my personality? I'm a Leo rising, Virgo sun, Leo moon.

Answer: Virgo is an intelligent sign who is careful about health issues to a fault. You are likely to be a vegetarian or someone who eats a special diet. You also exercise and keep in shape. Virgos are smart and keep up on the issues of the day. You are friendly and talkative, restless and like to go out. You tend to be critical of yourself and others. The Leo Moon means you are a romantic, and want the best things out of life. You love beautiful things and also keep up your appearance, and may work in a beauty industry. You are artfully creative and have a way of making everything around you looking nice. You demand much attention in love and are a bit high maintenance. But you also have a regal sort of air about you that others notice because you also have Leo rising. You believe you deserve the best in life, and may be lucky. Virgo or Leo does not necessarily mean you are a hard worker, but you could marry one. Why should you do all the work? The Leo ascendant will charm others and you are warm and hospitable. You are a great host and others seek you out for company because it's fun to be around you. You are the one in your circle who finds activities for everyone. So you are the director!

Question: I am a sun in Aries, Moon in Aries and Ascendant in Virgo. Can you explain this trio?

Answer: Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so you are original and clever. It's a fire sign, so you do have a bit of a temper, and I see your Moon is there too. Aries sun people are fun to be around because they always think of things to do, and are generally the life of the party. You want to be the best and the first in competitions, and love to win. You may choose sports where you compete against yourself, like large hikes, high climbs or rock climbing, since you have Virgo in you. But you want attention and to be noticed.

The Moon represents your emotions. You are ardent and show your feelings to others. You will be hurt if a partner does not make you feel like you come first, or if you feel they don't notice every little thing you do. Moon in Aries people can be a little emotionally immature, so try to watch that. Others have feelings too, and everything isn't about you.

The Ascendant in Virgo means you are seemingly witty and fun. You are intelligent and a good and loyal friend. You always do what you say you will do. You care about health and diet, and are sure to get enough exercise. You come off as a brainy type. Virgo is an earth sign, so it grounds you because of the fire in you from the other Aries placements.

Question: I am a Cancer sun, Leo Moon and Leo rising. What does my astrological combination of Cancer and Leo mean for me?

Answer: Being a Cancer/Leo, you are basically an outgoing and nurturing person. Cancers like attention, although they are reserved until they get to know people better. People confide in you and trust you. You care a lot about your friends and family. The Leo Moon rules emotions, so you need a lot of attention to feel secure. You want to be treated like royalty, and your feelings may be hurt if you don't get enough attention. This can be an issue in a relationship, so be sure to discuss it with a partner. You won't like anyone who is detached.

Leo Rising is the way others see you. Leo is a fixed sign, meaning you like to get your own way. You can actually be quite bossy at times. And Cancer is a leadership sign, so you have specific goals and dreams you want to achieve. As long as those around you are agreeable to that, you will be fine. But if they won't be bossed around and pay a lot of attention to you, fireworks will start! Of course, all your other planets are in a zodiac sign too, so there are other variables besides this trinity.

Question: I’m a Libra sun, Scorpio moon and Pisces rising. Can you explain my characteristics?

Answer: Libra Sun sign people are fair, as the sign is symbolized by the scales of justice. Libra rules the marriage and partnership house, so you really want to be half of a couple. Libras are intelligent and like to be out much of the time. But it is a leadership sign, so you do have ambitions and will work hard if it's for what you want, in a job you like. Libras want to be surrounded by nice things, being ruled by Venus. You like nice clothes, too, and will spend on them. You are well-liked and fun to be with.

The moon rules emotions, and in Scorpio, you have strong likes and dislikes. But you are very sensual and need that partner who satisfies that. Scorpios are intense, smart, driven, strong-willed, and sentimental. They care intensely, in fact, they do everything intensely. You will argue your point to death. You are a loyal friend and partner though.

Pisces rising is the way you appear. Pisces is gentle and caring. You try not to judge others, and they can sense that. You may have psychic abilities or should be able to read people very well, with Scorpio and Pisces in your Trinity (that's the info you gave me). You have pretty eyes or magnetic ones, as rising signs are how we appear. You have a dreamy and creative side, let it out! Scorpio and Pisces are both water signs, so you are very emotional. Be careful about drinking or eating too much when you are upset. Channel those feelings into something artistic, Libra has the ideas, and the water signs have the artistry. I can see you running an art gallery or auctioning things off to help others in some kind of cause.

Question: Can you explain my Moon in Leo, Sun in Sagittarius and Ascendant/rising in Sagittarius?

Answer: Sun in Sag people are easygoing, optimistic, and fun people who see the glass as half full. They normally love animals and the outdoors, often enjoying sports. Sag rules higher education, philosophy, religion, and law, so you should be intelligent and well read. Most Sag people I know have a house filled with friends, family, kids, and pets. They go with the flow. I was going to say little things don't throw you, but big ones don't either!

Moon in Leo expresses your emotions. You have a certain presence, and attract attention when you enter a room. You are warm and protective of those you love. You like to live well and want to have lots of comforts, nice things, great clothes. The Sag influences can mitigate that to a degree. You are generous and can seem like a prima donna at times. But you are a good host and love to go out too. You want lots of attention in love and expect to be treated like royalty. But you give so much in return.

The Sag Ascendant is how others see you, so it's much like your Sun sign. Sag people are usually tall. You are approachable, and people feel comfortable with you right away. You don't judge others and accept people for who they are.

Question: Can you please explain my 12th House stellium? I have my Sun, Rising, Mercury, Venus, Neptune and NN retro in Sagittarius ruled by Scorpio. Am I even saying that correctly?

Answer: I'm a little confused by your question, but it could be me. I THINK you have a stellium in the 12 house. The planets in it are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune. Also the NN. Are these planets in Sagittarius? Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so the mention of Scorpio is throwing me off. And I am unsure if your Rising sign or Ascendant is Sag or Scorpio (I think Sag)? Also, the retrograde planets are unclear.

The North Node is about what direction you are supposed to be taking in this lifetime now. The South Node is the baggage of other lifetimes, also the good stuff you learned.

Question: I am a Pisces sun, Taurus rising and Leo moon. Why would people respond negatively to my astrological chart?

Answer: Offhand I can't see a reason why people don't respond well to you. Of course, this isn't a whole natal chart interpretation. This is what is called your Trinity. Both Taurus and Leo are fixed signs, so you are stubborn, and don't like change a lot. This can lead to being opinionated and possibly misunderstood. But basically, it's pretty good. Pisces Sun people are charming. You are intuitive and creative. You are sensitive and can put yourself in other people's places. You are probably a good storyteller. Pisces rules the feet, and I bet you have many pairs of shoes! Taurus rising is the way others see you. So Taurus is gentle, kind, and even-tempered until you finally get them mad enough! But you are patient and sensual, romantic. You may love nature. The Leo Moon rules your emotions. You care deeply about anyone in a relationship and are outgoing. You demand a lot of attention but are also attentive to a partner. Leo can make you bossy or wanting too much attention. But other than what I mention here, I don't see a reason your reception from others is not as good as you would like it. I hope I have helped a little bit.

Question: I am a Leo moon, Libra sun, and Aries ascendant. How would you describe a woman like me?

Answer: Libras are usually easy to get along with, as your ruler is gentle Venus. You are intelligent and like to do things in partnerships. This can be at work, or Libra also rules the marriage house in astrology. You like to be balanced and can get quite upset when someone argues with you. But then the Aries ascendant means you are blunt and say what is on your mind, and fight for it if necessary. It's normal to see traits that are seemingly opposite in charts, the area of life where you feel that way depends on what house it is. So the Aries Ascendant is how others see you, and you seem assertive. The Leo Moon rules your emotions, and you like to be catered to (we all do, but you more than most)! Leos can be a tad bossy though, so try to watch that. So really, the Libra Sun helps to keep you from being too overbearing. Air and Fire signs go well together.

Leos love to go out and party, or entertain at home. You are a people person. Libras have a great sense of style (Leos too) so you must be very creative in dress and how your home looks. If you are looking for a partner, I would try an Air or Fire sign.

Question: I'm an Aquarian Sun, Aquarian Rising, and Leo Moon. Can you explain me, please?

Answer: You are one persistent person with three fixed signs in your trinity. Aquarius Sun means you are a nonconformist who has your own ideas about Life, the Universe, and Everything. You are a humanitarian and do want to help others, but can also be detached. So you are more inclined to do this as part of a larger organization rather than one on one. You are very intelligent.

Aquarius rising is how others see you. They see someone a tad "different," but friendly and approachable just the same. You like people and like to engage them in conversation. You get bored fast and don't really want to be tied down or lose your freedom.

The Leo Moon represents your feelings. You are warm and caring. You are a good host. You like to look good. You want lots of attention and to be put on a pedestal. Leo and Aquarius are opposite each other, so you sometimes approach the same things in different ways, or act more like Leo or Aquarius at times. Leo is romantic, so you can find a relationship as long as you don't feel smothered by it. You love to go out and do and see what's trending.

Question: Can you explain my Capricorn sun, Leo Moon and Sagittarius rising?

Answer: The Capricorn Sun means you are competitive and want to achieve the best goals you can. But you understand it takes hard work to get there. You are a family oriented person, and reliable and sensible. You are a loyal friend. You seem reserved until others know you, but the Leo Moon and Sag rising make you seem warmer. The Moon rules emotions. So in Leo, you are warm and generous. You want to be the King or Queen, and need a lot of emotional attention (privately, as a Capricorn). You like nice things, so it's good you have goals and most likely good earning potential. You can be outgoing and fun. Sag rising means you come off as an intellectual, you are interested in many topics. You could be tall and thin, with an interest in philosophy or religion. You are popular and people like you.

Question: What comes to your mind when I tell you I have the Sun, Moon and Venus in Leo?

Answer: Nothing really unusual. Leo Sun people are outgoing, like a lot of attention, but are generous and enjoy night life. You wrote this from the bottom of the Leo Moon article, so that explains the Leo Moon. And I wrote an article about Venus in Leo: When you have three or more planets in the same zodiac sign, it is called a stellium. So you exhibit a lot of Leo traits. I can't tell where or how, because without a chart, I don't know what house they are in.

Question: I am Libra Sun, Sagittarius moon and Leo rising. What can you say about this astrological combination?

Answer: I like this air and fire combo. Libra Sun people are fair-minded and intelligent. You have trouble making up your mind because you look at situations and problems from every angle to be sure you don't miss anything. Libra rules the marriage house, so I think you like working and being in a partnership with another person. Libras are sociable and always try to look good. The Sag moon has to do with emotions. You are independent and have lofty ideals. It may be difficult for you to find a person who can live up to your expectations. You are attracted to someone who is smart, active, probably likes to travel. They can be a teacher, lawyer, or religious figure. This person could also be from a different country or culture than yours. The Leo rising is the way others see you. Leos are strong-willed lions who can be a tad bossy. You are ardent in love though, and very romantic. You like a lot of attention and are dramatic. You want to be with someone you are proud of. You are a free spirit and a glass half full kind of person. People are attracted to you for your fun nature and you add a lot of sparkle to the group you are with.

Question: I am a Pisces sun, Leo moon, Gemini ascendant. Mercury and Venus both Aquarius, Mars Taurus. Can you shed light on some meaning of this combination? People say I seem calm and have things figured out. But internally there’s usually conflict especially in relationships. I’m a guy.

Answer: Let's see here. The Pisces Sun means you tend to be calm and accept people for who they are. You can read others very well. The Leo Moon rules your emotions, so you have confidence and like a busy social life. The Gemini Ascendant is the way others see you, and Geminis usually are doing or talking about several things at once, so that's not a calming influence, but good at communications and intelligent. Mercury rules how you think, so in Aquarius, you are scientific and rational in thought. Venus in Aquarius means your heart is ruled by your head. The Mars is Taurus is about physical actions, so you are sensual but don't want to work too hard. You have a delicate sense of touch and work well with small pieces. You are a good lover, but don't have a long attention span when it comes to people.

All those air signs are intellectual (Gemini, Aquarius) so that's why you come off as so put together. As far as relationships, you get bored fast. With Venus in Aquarius, you need a certain amount of freedom in a relationship. You can do a relationship, being Pisces, having Mars in Taurus. But she has to interest you a lot and stand out in some way. I think the conflict is about communication, and how you get across how much you expect to be there for another person. You are attracted to nonconformist types. I'd like to see you with a fire sign, Aries, Leo, Sag. That would work well with all your air signs. I hope that helps a bit. I think you do have a lot figured out, just didn't meet the right one yet. It can't be somebody clingy.

Question: I am a Capricorn with Moon in Leo. Can you tell me anything about that?

Answer: Capricorns are serious and ambitious people, who have goals and ambitions in life. You are reserved and reliable, also very trustworthy. Friends know they can count on you. The Leo Moon represents your emotions and what you need in a relationship. Leo moon people are warm and gracious, also generous and loving. This is good with your Capricorn Sun, as Capricorns are reserved. Leos are ardent and show those emotions. You are the Queen or King though, and need constant attention, and some may find you to be high maintenance. You love to shop and shower yourself with luxurious things, although with the Capricorn Sun will work to get them.

I think as far as only knowing a Sun and Moon sign; this works pretty well. You are strong-willed emotionally, but distant in general, so here your Moon sign helps the Sun sign. Capricorns are emotional, but are afraid of rejection, so the two signs together sort of help you.

Question: I am a Capricorn Sun, leo moon, and Aries rising. Sometimes I am very lazy and find it difficult to achieve my goals what to do do please suggest ?

Answer: I am not really sure based on this information. Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs of leadership, which make a person ambitious and goal-oriented. A Leo Moon is about emotions, so you like a lot of affection and attention, but are loving in return. If you are lazy, it's because of something else in your chart besides this trinity. Sorry, I can't tell more based on what you gave me here.

Question: I am a Leo moon, cancer sun and Aquarius Ascendant. All of this in my chart makes it hard to balance. I tend to dismiss my Leo moon emotions, is there any advice you can give me to keep balanced while still being true to my emotions?

Answer: I don't see a lot here which is hard to balance, and it's not your chart. It's a small part of an astrology chart called the Trinity when an astrologer interprets the Sun, Moon and Ascendant positions. I start there when I interpret a chart, but then it goes about 20 pages longer, so I am worried too many people come to this area of the site and think they are getting a whole astrology Natal Chart Reading. That's very complex and not free.

The Cancer Sun means you are a leader and like to have your way. You are sensible, kind, strong, gentle, and generally friendly to others, although a little reserved. You are ruled by the Moon, so you change as it goes through all 12 zodiac signs each month! You think hard before you make changes though. But then you have an Aquarius Ascendant. That's how others view you, the mask you hide behind. Uranus rules Aquarius, so you can also make huge, sudden changes in your life, to the point where you seem erratic. But for some reason, Cancer and Aquarius work together, as long as you have people around you who accept change. You are a nonconformist, being Cancer and Aquarius. You care deeply about other people and get involved in causes.

The Leo Moon rules your feelings, and Leo is a generous and loving sign. It's also a fixed sign, so grounds you a little more. Leo is opposite Aquarius, so Moon opposite Ascendant can mean you seem one way to a partner, but are more serious, that you seem more flighty or like you care less than you do. That's the only thing I see that could cause some balance issues. I hope that helps. You need someone who can cope with your changing moods and needs.

Question: I’m a Taurus sun, Aquarius rising, leo moon, and a Taurus Venus. I noticed I’m attracted to fire signs a lot is this common?

Answer: Yes, it is. Are they by any chance Leos? The Leo Moon shows your emotional makeup, so it's a fire sign which attracts you to them, because you understand them. Also, I asked Leo, because it's opposite of Aquarius rising, and opposites do attract! Aries would be good for you too because an Aries Sun person would likely have planets in Taurus, and you are a Taurus Sun and Venus. I don't think the Sagittarians would feel as compatible with the Taurus planets. I hope that helps.

© 2010 Jean Bakula


nine on August 03, 2020:

hi there, i'm a virgo sun, gemini rising, and leo moon. what's my personality like according to astrology?

Zannatren wesson Perry on July 22, 2020:

I have a question im a cups of aquarius pisces feb 15 2003 sun i. Aquarius and moon in leo and im male can you tell me about myself plz

Carolynn on June 29, 2020:

I am scorpio sun with libra rising and leo moon please explain my personality as i ger very confused

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on March 11, 2020:

Do you know what time you were born? Take that, your complete birthday, the city and state or city and country where you were born. Go to either or, and they will draw up a chart for you. You still will need someone to interpret it, but info is available on the sites about what the planet in the zodiac sign and house mean. Good luck.

Savanahjolie on March 11, 2020:

Hey I'm a libra Sun Gemini Moon Leo Venus Gemini Rising is there anyway you can help me find out more about my chart now

Victoria on March 03, 2020:

Question im a pisces sun,leo moon, and scorpio rising, how would the leo moon apply to me?

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 17, 2019:

I'm really sorry, astrology is a complex subject. You can go to Cafe Astrology and put in your data and maybe that can get you started. Or astrothemes. Then come back and I'll tell you where to start.

Savanahjolie on April 14, 2019:

Hi I can you help me understand my natal chart 9/30/88 10: 32pm I'm relatively new to astrology

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on February 16, 2019:

I'm sorry, it takes ten or more hours to cast and interpret an astrology chart, and I don't do it for free. You can go to my site, to see what my fees are. Would you spend that much time, a whole work day, on someone you didn't know, for free? I doubt it. This is a writer's site, and to stay here is a condition of the hours I spend answering questions that are often rude.

Mehak Chauhan on February 15, 2019:

If u don't mind, could you please analyse my birth chart :))

Birth date: 01-09-1997

Birth time: 01:10 am

Birth place: Yamunanagar, haryana, INDIA

Detailed please. :')

* Astrology just intrigues me xD

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on January 17, 2019:

I'm glad it helped. Did you read LibraSun Sign People and the article on Ascendants on Put all three together, and that's your trinity.

Tina C on January 16, 2019:

This explains a lot I am Aries rising Libra sun and Leo moon

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 29, 2018:

Hello Ina,

Pisces Sun people are psychic and read other people very well. You get along well with others and accept them for who they are. Pisces is the most spiritual sign. You are kind and gentle.

The Leo Moon represents your emotional makeup, so you are willing to go out of your way to show others you care. Pisces can be sort of passive, but Leos go after what they want. You are romantic and want a partner who adores you and shows it a lot. You have a big heart and are generous to others.

The Aquarius rising is the way others see you, especially those who don't really know you yet. This is the sign of the nonconformist, the person who has fixed ideas and won't compromise them. You have a humanitarian streak and like to help others, so eventually you may join a charity and get involved in it. It's a nice Trinity. Best Jean

Ina on September 28, 2018:

Can you please explain about pisces sun leo moon aquarius rising.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on September 15, 2018:

I'm sorry, I can't do interpretations of this length from here or for free. What you are asking is at least 10 hours of work, and then with nodes you expect me to get into past lives and your life's mission now too? That's just rude.

Maximilian on September 15, 2018:

Hi, i would love some explanation of my natal chart. Im capricorn sun, leo moon, gemini ascendant, pisces venus, cancer mars. And north node in saggitarius and south node in gemini

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 14, 2018:

Cayce did believe in Free Will. When an Astrologer casts a horoscope, it shows the possible challenges a person will face in life, and has aspects to help the person deal with them. So it isn't "fortune telling", you have to take responsibility for your own actions.

You are misreading this. Cayce is saying the future is not "fixed" according to Astrology, and he is right. It wasn't his main field of study.

I have hundreds of horoscopes I've drawn up over 40 years and the aspects certainly do matter. But it's not Predestination.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 14, 2018:

I've read every book Cayce ever wrote. He was a devout Christian and didn't even want to believe he was clairvoyant at first, then decided that since it made him able to heal others, it was a gift from God. He didn't use astrology for his healings, he was famous for being a clairvoyant, two different things. But I know he became open to astrology, rationalizing that God made the planets. Thanks.

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on July 14, 2018:

Here is what Edgar Cayce taught about Astrology.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 07, 2017:

Hi Nicole,

All those water signs are great for creativity, but do make you very emotional. A Leo Moon or any Leo can make a person very bossy. But your Mom is Pisces and she does understand you then more than you think. Let Mom "get her Leo out" and don't take it so seriously. Or go write in a journal, draw, paint, play an instrument, you could do any or all of those things. With time you will get along with her better. Jean

Nicole on July 06, 2017:

I'm a Pisces moon cancer rising cancer. My mom is a Pisces and moon Leo. She can be so superficial and selfish. She's also bossy and overly sensitive. She not a good judge of character and we fight. We do connect when she's being sweet. But she's done alot of things that really hurt.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on November 23, 2016:

Yes, they do think we were all born to wait on them hand and foot. I have a hub on Negative Astrology traits on Exemplore you may enjoy more. I have issues with Leos too. I am Cancer, and usually we get along with the sign next to us. But they get that superior thing going with you, and it bugs me too. I have Scorpio in me, and if you do, or Taurus or Aquarius, Leos are definitely not your cup of tea! Take care.

Tina on November 23, 2016:

All is well said with the good traits but im looking for answers to the negatives too. Boy can they be self centered and take no responsobility for their actions! The worst part is that they really believe their almost privileged the the rest of us in everything they do or is proposed to them. Freaking idiots.

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on April 14, 2013:


I wrote all good things on Leo Moon people, I didn't stress any of their negative traits. I like Leo Moonsign people as much as anyone, and only ever wrote on hub on the negative characteristics of the sign, though it was partly in fun and covered all of the twelve signs.

Dude on April 14, 2013:

You need to wrote more good things about leo moon !

Jean Bakula (author) from New Jersey on July 01, 2012:

You are welcome, hope you enjoyed!

Leo on July 01, 2012:

Thanks :D