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Updated on January 20, 2018
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Leo Is Ruled By the Sun
Leo Is Ruled By the Sun | Source

Leo is a fixed, fire sign, symbolized by the Lion. The birthdays for Leo people generally fall between July 21st and August 21st, but this must be checked in an ephemeris. This is a textbook which shows which astrological sign any planet was in at any day for about a fifty year period. As always, nobody’s birthday falls “on a cusp.” This is a common misconception, but each person has a specific sun sign, and all that “cusp” business has nothing to do with where the Sun was located at your time of birth.They are the house divisions in a horoscope, and not to be consulted until your horoscope is cast or someone reads it for you—or both.

Leo sun sign people are warm, dynamic people, who know how to make an entrance into a room. They may choose to do that in a fashionably late way so it garners them more attention. They crave attention more than most signs, except perhaps Aries, and are not above pouting if they do not get enough attention and praise.

But since they are so personable, sunny, and possess great social skills, they can be forgiven for such a little thing. Leo sun sign people love to throw great parties and have everyone come to their homes to be entertained in style. They are terrific hosts and you will never want for anything as a guest of theirs, you will always be treated with hospitality. Leo sun signs exhibit great magnetism and others are easily drawn to their optimistic and sunny presence.

Leo is Symbolized by the Lion
Leo is Symbolized by the Lion | Source

Affectionate and Philanthropic

Since Leo is a fixed sign, they are determined and persistent when it comes to accomplishing their goals. They are very good natured, cultured people, who love going to plays, concerts, theatre and opera. Leo sun sign people are often generous patrons of the arts, and will give both time and money to philanthropic causes. They are natural leaders, and have a dramatic flair which is great for acting, or persuading others to come to their point of view.

Leo sun sign people have tempers, like all fire signs, but usually get over whatever bothers them quickly. The love nature of a Leo is ardent and sincere, and they are normally very candid and affectionate. Good luck seems to follow them, and they often win prizes or lotteries more than most people do, thus getting more attention. Jupiter is their ruling planet, so good things just naturally go their way. The heart is the body part ruled by Leo, so they need to get proper exercise and indulge a little less on rich foods. Leo sun sign people are both conscientious and philosophical, normally well informed on the topics of the day.

Since they love attention, they can enjoy involvement in politics, serving on committees, or working in any field where they have the opportunity to spend lots of time with people. Leos are at their very best when they turn their attention to others. Most Leo sun signs adore children and are very devoted to their families as well. They are very charming and well mannered people. Although Leos are very active people, like the Lion, they enjoy their “down” time and like a good nap too! They prefer to surround themselves with beauty, and like to have a home spa, nicely maintained property with a pool or hot tub to both rest in and share with their friends. You will normally find them at the center of some kind of group, as they are one of the groups of “social butterflies” of the zodiac.

Career Choices

The key words for Leo are “I will.” Just as the Sun gives Earth heat and light, Leo sun sign people bring generosity and fun wherever they go. They will feel incomplete if they do not have a family and children, and will adopt and make a family of their own in that way if necessary. They will also donate time to organizations where they can make a difference in children’s lives. Leo moms and dads in particular love their children with the fierceness of lions, and God help anyone who makes any suggestion they dislike about their child!

Leo sun sign people live for love, and have such open hearts they must be careful who they bestow their affections on, as they can be hurt very easily. They are so kind and loving themselves, it never occurs to them that others may not be as sincere as they are. Leos love to play games, and who better to play them with than children? They are always the ones who put up the volleyball net and get people playing charades at parties. I am sure many Leos are cruise directors, as their natural enthusiasm just inspires people to do things they might not usually do. Other career choices may include, actor, artist, hotel management, jewelers, gold and silversmiths, fashion designers, interior decorators, commanders and stockbrokers.

Compatibility in Love

Since Leo is a fire Sign, Leos normally get along with other fire signs. air signs are attractive to Leos as well, because, don't forget, fire needs air to burn! So a Sun sign Gemini, Libra or Aquarius is a good love match. Most sun signs also get along well with the sun signs next to theirs, so that would be Cancer or Virgo. Since Mercury (how you think) and Venus (how you love, your social life) are so close to the Sun, Cancer or Virgo people are likely to have planets in Leo, so would have a lot in common. If you know a person's birthday, you could look up these planetary positions on Cafe Astrology.com.

Protective Gemstones

Gemstones and talismans which will protect Leo sun sign people include the tourmaline, which can help you calm yourself, align your chakras, and improve your mood. Black tourmaline can protect you from a psychic attack or from someone who wants to hurt you. It can also be found in other colors, with shades of pinks, reds, yellows, and white, even greens and blues. It is worn to procure inspiration, to attract favors (as if a Leo needs help with that) and to make friends.

Amber is another gemstone whose properties are supposed to help Leos. Ambers are a warm yellow and are abundant in the Baltic regions. If you wear a pendant, you can actually feel heat coming from it! It helps the body recover from colds and chills, as you feel it’s warmth around your neck or skin where you are wearing it, as necklace,pendant or earrings. Amber is also said to help deafness, digestive problems, and will not let infections get worse. Asian people use amber in the making of incense, perfumes and some medical compounds. The perfume oil has a lovely smell and is suitable for wear by either men or women. The Leo sun sign person's metal is gold, which will be very appreciated as a present, and is a stately enough gift for your regal Leo one!

Warmth and Enthusiasm

Since Leo is a fixed sign they have a definite stubborn streak. They may try to see it your way as long as you do not embarrass them in front of anyone else. Leo sun sign people really just want everyone to think well of them. Their symbol of the lion is for a good reason—as they have a kind of regal and noble aura about them, usually acting very dignified even in the worst of circumstances.

Leos like to gamble too, and in general always enjoy a good time. These upbeat people help others get enthused about anything, and Leos like to rule the projects they get involved in. They are courageous and will take chances if they must, but never fight unfairly and are very magnanimous if they lose. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both Leo sun sign people. No matter what your views on their politics, both can charm the birds out of the trees if they want to! Bill Clinton still remains one of the most beloved Presidents in our historical times and generation, and Barack Obama first “wowed” America when the US was first introduced to his great speaking skills at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

They next day everyone was saying, “Did you hear the speech that new guy made last night?” People in my state of NJ are not usually easily impressed. Leo sun sign people just ooze that warmth and make you feel like you are the only one in the room. It is very hard indeed to resist such charm coming from a person who gives you all their attention!

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      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 4 months ago from New Jersey

        I will take another look at it! Thanks for the input. The Sun signs were the first articles I wrote here, and I have had to rewrite them at times. Take care.

      • profile image

        ThePaganSun 4 months ago

        Eh, this was a bit too soft for the mighty LION of the Zodiac. You forgot to mention that Leos are powerful, dominant, passionate, determined, athletic, aggressive, hot-tempered (they're a fixed sign so they stay angry longest of all the fire signs), forceful, and courageous. Portray him as the lion he is.

      • ishwaryaa22 profile image

        Ishwaryaa Dhandapani 6 years ago from Chennai, India

        Thank u a lot for your informative answer!

        Happy New Year!

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

        Hello ishwaryaa22,

        Being a Leo with Libra rising, you are very outgoing and intelligent. The Libra Ascendant means you always look nice and are attractive. You like the atmosphere around you to feel "in balance", as Libra rules the scales. If it's too loud, or crowded, it can make you irritable. The Pisces moon makes you a dreamer, and also that you really crave quiet, privacy, and some alone time more than others realize. The Pisces moon means you are a good story teller, and very creative, probably more than you think! Best wishes!

      • ishwaryaa22 profile image

        Ishwaryaa Dhandapani 6 years ago from Chennai, India

        Interesting hub! My sun sign is Leo with moon sign in Pisces and Libra Rising. Would u kindly explain this trio? Eagerly await your reply anytime.

      • Jean Bakula profile image

        Jean Bakula 6 years ago from New Jersey

        Hi d,

        Well, the Moon and every planet is in a sign too. You have a rising sign depending on your time of birth., so need to know that within a 2 hour window. The distance between planets is called aspects, and that is a factor too. I have written other hubs so people can see how complicated Astrology is, as many do believe its only the sun sign that matters. I'm sorry I didn't answer sooner, they keep changing things on HP and I didn't see this. I notice you write very probing inquiries about your topics, and that points to Virgo. Mercury--the way you think-- could be in Virgo. Venus is the way you love, social life and the like. If you are shy and tender, feelings get hurt easily, your Venus could be in Cancer. It's only your Sun in Leo, one factor out of many, though the "trinity" of Sun, Moon and Ascendant or rising sign are really important. If you look on any of my Moonsign hubs there is a link so you can figure out your Moon sign. I also have a link on my hub about Astrological Ascendants, so if you visit both of those, you may be able to figure out the moon and ascendant. Let me know how it works out. You need to know the time zone in which you were born, and if daylight savings time was used or in effect. But if you read the list of traits, you may just feel, "This is me." I'll read more of your hubs to see what I can pick up on. I read a lot of them anyway, but I love a challenge! Jean

      • d.william profile image

        d.william 6 years ago from Somewhere in the south

        Again, very interesting. BUT as a Leo born this does not fit me in any way. ? I feel like such a misfit.

      • Ivorwen profile image

        Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

        A perfect explanation of my Leo son. Thank you!

      • profile image

        NikiiLeeReyes 7 years ago

        July 31 1991 10:25 am, it's like I was meant to be a Leo my mothers due date was originally

        Sept.19 but I couldn't wait, I had to see the world! Lol

        Yes my older sister does put out my flame,

        Haha I wanted to say that but I'm sure a talented and experienced astrologer like you already knew that! Haha yeah, I am always there to listen to her.

        And help her when she's lost, my sister can wear her emotions on her sleeve.

        Her husband is an Aries, ad they are a lethal combination I tell you. But 10 yrs they been together; I don't see them drifting apart! Lol

      • profile image

        Jean Bakula 7 years ago

        Hi Nikii--

        I see from your hub that you were born on July 31st. If you tell me the year and the time, I can most likely figure out your moon sign. I'm going to write a series of how the moon in each sign affects people. But the ascendant is more difficult. If you read my hub "How Can I Be My Own Astrologer?" you'll see it takes the birth time and a lot of calculations, which come from lots of books that I own, but are costly. There are online sites that can cast a Natal Chart, that will tell you so much. Just be careful. It's better to go to someone you heard about word of mouth, and it shouldn't cost more than about $100.00. Let me know about the Moon info though, I'll try to help with that. Sorry your sis puts out your flame, but I bet you pick her up when she's down!

      • profile image

        NikiiLeeReyes 7 years ago

        Nice my sisters a cancer; growing up she always knew how to put out y flame!

        If you don't mind

        How can I learn my rising moon?

        Thank you!!


        Your hub is quite accurate lol

        Everything in it practically described me!

      • profile image

        Jean Bakula 7 years ago

        Thanks. I'm a Cancer, with a Capricorn moon. I'm sensitive and tenderhearted, but can be strong and handle what comes my way if I have to, thanks to the Moon sign. Plus I have Scorpio rising, and people tell me I act like I don't want to be bothered when they first meet me, which isn't true at all! The way you wrote the beginning of your profile sounded so Leo, really strong and positive!

      • profile image

        NikiiLeeReyes 7 years ago

        Awesome hub!!!!


        what's your sign?