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Everything There Is to Know About the Zodiac Sign Cancer

Updated on April 17, 2016

Cancer: June 20 - July 22

One of the greatest astrological enigmas is the zodiac sign Cancer, which is known to be ruled by the Moon which is in itself mysterious.

People who are born under the astrological sign of Cancer are known to be very
caring and passionate with their lovers, family and friends. They are also known to have a moody attitude especially whenever they are jealous.

The Cancer symbol is a crab which makes Cancer-born people look insensitive and tough outside, but they are really soft and very sensitive inside which is what makes them unique.

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, they are also known to undergo different phases when it comes to their life experiences. The reason behind this is because their emotions are usually the ones to control their every day.

People who are born under this sign are known to be good in romance and love, which makes them very alluring and mysterious at the same time. They are known to be good companions for just as long as you can stand their way of changing their emotions every so often.

They can also be dependent or independent depending on the mood that they are currently in for the day.

Independent Cancerians are very sufficient when it comes to handling their life,
they don't usually need to rely on other people to support them. However, They are known to be dependent when it comes to emotional aspects of their lives.

The Emotional Aspects of Cancer-Born People

Cancerians are known to have difficulty opening themselves up to the world, especially
when they are in a relationship with the opposite sex. They are known to hide all their emotions
to the world when they are attached to someone.

The reason behind this is because they usually have a hard time trusting other people, and it will take time for them before they can actually give you their complete trust.

This sometimes gives them a negative perspective of what life is all about, which can sometimes make them feel that their lives are miserable.

This can cause negativity because once a good opportunity comes, they will tend to overlook these which and miss all the positive experiences that they could have had.

Another trait that people should know about Cancers is that they are very sensitive and can be hurt easily by the people around them.

That is why they often hide away from people to avoid hurting themselves. Cancerians should start learning how to let go of themselves more, for them to experience what life is all about.

On the other hand, Cancerians are known to have a sign that is powerful. They often stand up
for what they believe in but they need to be careful to avoid their tumultuous emotions getting in the way because they need to be as stable as possible in order to fight for what they believe is true.

They are also known to be determined to finish everything that they have started and being lazy is not their thing.

The Cancer Career

Cancerians are insecure and shy on the outside, but once they get over these characteristics a powerful one will start to shine.

They will start doing things that are assigned to them, and they will surely not stop until they finish it. Their personal perseverance is what makes them powerful when it comes to handling their careers.

They are also known to be intelligent, sensitive and have the power of being intuitive. These are the reasons why they have a higher possibility of achieving every success that they aim for in every career that they pursue.

Good investors and business partners are the two great characteristics of Cancerians when it
comes to career. They are known to attract success as well as wealth which helps them know
where and when to invest in a certain business.

They have the tendency to look for security when it comes to finances, but they won't be having problems with achieving their goals financially for as long as they don't let their emotions run their lives.

So You are Attracted to a Cancer

Attracting a person who is under the astrological sign of Cancer should be straightforward. You should avoid doing things slowly because they want someone who can tell what they are feeling right away. You will surely lessen the chances of a Cancerian rejecting you in the future, which is of course the fear of everyone.

Now if you're just into short term relationships, you need to be straightforward and let them know about it. Avoid giving them the wrong impression that what you are looking for is a good long lasting relationship when it isn't because they will surely get hurt.

If you're really attracted to a Cancerian you can take her or him to a restaurant that is fancy after watching a play. You should be aware that pushing yourself too much to a Cancerian will only make things worse. Always remember to be patient when capturing their attention, as this will reward you with a positive outcome.

Dating a Cancer

Sensuality is what a woman under the astrological sign of Cancer is known for. Cancer-born women are known to have passions and emotions that are deep, but in order for you to experience these traits you need to be patient. Avoid expecting a woman under this astrological sign to talk about her life immediately, because it will surely take time.

Gaining her trust is also important, but once you ruin that trust you need to forget everything and get over it. If you're a man who is romantic and who loves to show your real affection to women, then a Cancerian woman is definitely the person for you.

Men who are born under the astrological sign of Cancer act very slowly because they are
cautious with their actions. If he is courting you, expect him to be very flirt and romantic because these are his way to capture your heart.

He will also give you a lot of attention and gifts that will surely make your heart melt. You should be aware though that he will not talk about his feelings for you because he prefers showing it to you by actions.

They are also scared of rejections, which is why they don't like to talk about their real feelings with you. If you're a woman who loves to be taken care of, then a man who is under the astrological sign of Cancer is the one for you.


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    • Prakash Dighe profile image

      Prakash Dighe 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas, USA

      Very well written. My wife is a Cancerian, and so much of what you've written is true! Now if only I'd read your article before I met her (a long time ago!), things could probably have been better!

    • profile image

      月 4 years ago

      SO TRUE :0

      Thank you for emphasizing being straight-forward in relationships.

      Cancer is an honest sign and hates guessing where things are at in their relationships. So, it's best if the significant other can be up-front with where the relationship is expected to be headed (as in long/short term).

      I am an independent cancer, but I put a lot of effort in relationships.

      And business is a suitable career. We like our money.

      True, I am apt to hide my emotions x)

      Cancer sun/sagittarius moon

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 4 years ago from Scandinavia

      Thanks a lot for your comment- I wish you a good day

    • vibesites profile image

      vibesites 4 years ago from United States

      Oh this is so true! Sometimes I would be the first one to make the first move (like holding his hand, especially the first time we laid eyes on each other) because he was too sheepish. I love my Cancer guy, despite his flaws. Oh well, nobody's perfect anyway. :)

    • profile image

      mujtaba soomro 2 years ago

      cancerian 28/6/1979 (premature)

    • profile image

      shhhh 22 months ago

      This is so true !?!?!

    • profile image

      Madi 21 months ago

      Is it possible for a cancer to act the oposie of emotional?

    • profile image

      Yvonne 21 months ago

      I have a Cáncer friend who Likes to take it so and i am now becoming to know him and starting to be patient withh him,so thanks for letting me get to know a little about my cancer friend.

    • profile image

      june 26 19 months ago

      Not true at all.

      I do appear insensitive, because I am insensitive.

    • profile image

      marie 17 months ago

      Got me on the dot

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 17 months ago from Scandinavia

      Glad to hear that.

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 16 months ago from Scandinavia

      Thanks for stopping by

    • profile image

      swordmaster21333 5 months ago

      that is definitely me

    • profile image

      mujtaba soomro 5 months ago

      cancerian 28/6/1979(premature) born 12:45 pm

    • profile image

      Shannon 3 months ago

      I am a Capricorn that is in love with a Cancerian, he is the most difficult person to read, and although I have worn my heart on my sleeve with him, he is not open with me, however will do small things that will make me think he cares, then when I point them out, he will tell me that I am over analyzing things, or accuse me of reading into things a little too much. I am at the end of my road with this man, my patience is running out, why can he just not admit he does care or doesn't, be more upfront and honest!!

    • profile image

      Dat cancer gal 3 months ago

      Cos we r not trusting n we r scared ur love is temporary n we just want you to prove its 100% I like a Scorpio guy he's told me I love you 7 times but I'm yet today the same not bcoz I don't like be him I'm insecure and that's how cancers are keep proving to us that you're gonna stick around don't give up on us yet PLEASE!!!!!

    • profile image

      Shannon 3 months ago

      Thanks, Dat Cancer gal, I really am trying, I've tried keeping our conversations to a minimum, in fact I went as far as ignoring him, but after 5 days or so he has this habit of sending some random message, then I fall back into this confusing situation with him. Its so difficult right now, I don't know which way to turn, and my patience is running out waiting for him to at least acknowledge that I do mean something to him, to be fair, why would one stick around if there is no feelings at all there?

      Frustrated Capricorn

    • profile image

      Shannon 2 months ago

      I have tried understanding my Cancerian love, but unfortunately I have come to the end of the road. Each and every time I thought there was a small sign of hope, he would reassure me that I was firmly in the Friend-Zone, even with, what I thought was small inklings of caring, such as the random messages out of the blue when we had agreed to stop all contact, the visits to my office and of course agreeing to meet for coffee while I was on leave, as a Capricorn, I generally have control of everything, I like to know what is coming and to be prepared, but with this Cancerian man, I never knew what to expect, he used to tell me that I was the moody one, when clearly, it was him. I have decided that I cannot be "just friends" with someone I have fallen madly in love with, so we have ended our friendship on good terms, purely because he would still need to come through to my office on the odd occasion, and I have promised him that I would still be friendly with him when he does come through to do some work, but I have also asked him to promise me that he would no longer send me random messages as he has in the past, as those just make all these feelings come rushing to the surface again. Don't get me wrong, I feel as though my heart has been ripped out of my chest, but I don't see this going anywhere, so there is no other alternative but to end our friendship, perhaps I am not cut out to understand the complexity of a Cancerian. Some advice would be appreciated. (Please help!)

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 2 months ago from Scandinavia

      i Think you need to let him go.I Think sometimes it comes back and sometimes it does not.All I know you Cannon change People.Remember to be good to yourself

    • profile image

      Shell Anderson 6 weeks ago

      so true

    • profile image

      Kait 3 weeks ago

      My Zodiac Is Cancer and this is all so true about me

    • profile image

      Dave Burney jr 11 days ago

      I need someone in my life and staying in my lifetime

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