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Is Your Zodiac Sign Keeping You Poor?

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Read on to learn how to overcome the problems presented by your zodiac sign to maximize your earnings.

Read on to learn how to overcome the problems presented by your zodiac sign to maximize your earnings.

Is Your Financial Future Predetermined by the Stars?

You might turn to your horoscope to find out if you are compatible in love, or whether or not you will be lucky today if you bet on the horses. But have you ever wondered whether or not your birth sign influences how good you are with money?

Maybe it isn't your fault that you can't balance your budget each month. Maybe you were unlucky enough to get one of the birth signs that have a hard time being frugal.

Or maybe you don't believe in this nonsense about zodiacs. But wouldn't it still be nice to have a place to lay the blame? If you agree, read on to discover whether or not your zodiac sign is keeping you poor.

Aries May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You spend to compete with others (be careful around auctions).
  • You don't set a realistic budget based on your income.
  • You invest in items you think will be of value without researching them fully.

Aries: The Aggressive Earners and Spenders

Aries is an adventurous sign. There are some other "power" words used to describe those born under this sign, such as:

  • Aggressive
  • Competitive
  • Creative

This means that an Aries has the potential to think up a great way to make money, the courage to try it, the aggression to succeed, and the desire to do it better than everyone else. The Aries person will make a good entrepreneur because they don't want to be told how to do something by someone they feel is less skilled than themselves.

On the other side, though, this sign might not always hold onto that money well enough. They might make money like crazy, then spend it or even give it away (Aries can be very generous) because they assume it will be just as easy to make even more money tomorrow.

An Aries who can keep their spending in check might just retire as a very wealthy person!

Taurus May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You spend too often on comfort items you don't need.
  • You spend too much on gifts for others.
  • You lend money often to people who won't repay.
  • You stay in low-paying jobs because of company loyalty.

Taurus: The Determined Earners

Those born under Taurus are earthy people who like the comfort and security of worldly goods. These don't have to be luxury goods, just things that make life simple and pleasant.

Luckily, most Taureans have a solid work ethic to back up their spending habits. They are patient people, too, and have no problem working for long-term goals.

They are patient enough to work the most tedious of jobs in order to earn. They then happily spend their money since, unlike impatient signs, they don't dread the task of earning more.

Taureans do like the security of a plump bank account. If funds run low, they might begin to worry. The anxiety of having to "do without" balances out their tendency to overspend. they might, however, splurge on "just one little thing" to comfort themselves while they are worrying about their financial future.

Taureans are also very generous gift-givers. They don't see anything wrong with spending a whole paycheck on a friend or a relative. They have to be careful of people who will abuse this generosity.

Gemini May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You don't take better care with your bank accounts.
  • You give in to impulse shopping.
  • You leave jobs too often from boredom.

Geminis: The Save It or Spend It Sign

Geminis are not known as the most frugal sign. They like to have fun, and having fun means spending money.

To their credit, they are usually willing enough to work hard for their money. As long as the job is exciting and flexible. Geminis are thinkers and multi-taskers, so you are likely to meet them working one or two jobs while trying to think up even more ways to earn money.

Since they are the sign of the twins and have very distinct sides to their personalities, Geminis may be in conflict with themselves over financial issues. One side of the nature wants to spend their earnings and have fun now, while the other side wants to save up so they can have more fun later. A balanced Gemini will probably learn how to compromise on a middle ground.

Cancer May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You depend too heavily on stocks or other forms of investment that might lose money.
  • You allow yourself to buy too many material goods.
  • You aren't careful about credit lines and other debts.

Cancer: Walking Savings Accounts

Cancers have a reputation for being very frugal, even when they don't need to be. Cancers need to have money stashed back for a rainy day, and if that means being miserly, then so be it.

For a Cancer, squirreling money away is not about being rich so much as it is about having a secure life. Unlike some signs, they don't want any surprises, and money can become the center of their universe if they aren't careful.

Like Aries, Cancer can be aggressive when they need to be. They have a clear vision of their goals, and they won't let anything mundane like obstacles get in their way. If they want to, they can climb all the way to the top.

Cancers do have to be careful about material items, though. They won't go broke buying stuff all at once, but they can eventually accumulate so much that they are buried under their possessions.

Leo May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You take an apathetic approach to work because you feel under-appreciated.
  • You wait for "better opportunities" more than you use the opportunities you already have.
  • You don't budget for luxuries.
  • You buy for others too frequently.
  • You lend money or give money away when you can't afford to.

Leos: The Generous Birth Sign

Leos love spending money on nice things today, but they also want the comfort and security of having money saved back for their future. Since they don't like the idea of sacrificing in either direction, you may hear Leos often complain that they do not earn enough.

Leos may always be restless, seeking better jobs or positions that will let them make more than what they spend. If they aren't careful, their spending will inflate each time their income level goes up, and they will be caught in a vicious cycle.

Leos are also known for their magnanimity. They enjoy helping others financially and buying expensive gifts. They prefer to be repaid in praise and admiration rather than cash. Leos consider gifts as necessary purchases, not extras.

The good news is that Leos will always make sure their bills are paid on time. They can't stand the thought of late fees eating up their play money!

Leos will work diligently to earn their money. When times are good, they probably won't bother to keep their accounts in order. However, if they start running low on funds, they may scrupulously account for every penny. And if they see someone in need, they may very well give that last penny away and live like paupers until their next fabulous payday.

Is your zodiac sign keeping you poor?

Is your zodiac sign keeping you poor?

Virgo May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You lose focus of your priorities.
  • You opt to reward yourself before paying a bill.
  • You refuse a loan or a gift of money even when you need it.

Virgos: The Picky Spenders

Virgos like structure. They seek jobs that have defined rules and a predictable regimen. This allows them to focus their meticulous efforts on getting work done well.

That meticulousness can easily fall over into their personal finances. They probably have neatly filed receipts and bank registers dated back several years, they will bargain hunt, and they will invest in items with long-term value.

Virgos can be incredibly frugal in some areas, but they like to be self-rewarding. They might not update their wardrobe for several years, but they will indulge in good food. Virgos may be picky about what they buy for others too.

People under this sign, however, would rather starve than admit they are broke. They will do whatever they have to do to come up with emergency cash, and no one will ever know they are in financial distress because they can take a little money and make it look like a lot.

Unlike Cancers, who definitely have some cash somewhere, Virgos may not have it "right now", but they can probably manage to get it soon.

Libra May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You tip too far in either direction.
  • You allow yourself to be easily tempted by new purchases.
  • You are partnered with someone who can easily persuade you to overspend.
  • You fall for every sorrowful story people tell you.

Libra: Always Seeking Balance Between Spending and Saving

LIbras seek balance, but can't always find it easily. When it comes to making and spending money, Libras can easily tip one way or the other.

Libras like to purchase things that make them happy. They also want to make sure that the bills are paid and the savings account is growing. When they budget, they may be overly optimistic about how much they can spend...especially if faced with an impulse purchase.

Librans have a difficult time making decisions. They might hesitate and miss a great career opportunity, but their indecisiveness also keeps them from ruining their personal finances. It might take Librans months or years to decide to go ahead with a major investment or life-changing move. However, they may give in to smaller temptations daily.

If they are left alone, or if they are partnered with someone who is also clever with money, Librans will do very well for themselves. However, their biggest danger is their willingness to trust other people. They have to be wary of scammers, panhandlers and others who will play with their emotions and empty their wallets.

Scorpio May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You are too nonchalant about money.
  • You refuse to seek help for a financial crisis.
  • You confuse investing with spending.

Scorpios: Mysterious and Aloof About Money

Scorpios are the mystery sign. Few people, if any, will know how much a Scorpio earns, or even what they do with their earnings. They are also a ruthless sign, if needs be, which means that if they want something, they will find a way to get it.

The Scorpio can be good at saving money. They can keep their cash right out in the open and never touch it if they have made up their minds not to do so. On the other hand, they may feel like it is pointless to waste their time working and saving with no clear goal in mind. Instead, they may work for something on an "as needed" basis.

The Scorpion may have a "Not because I can't, but because I don't want to", attitude about earning, saving and spending money. They are likely to buy themselves fun and interesting treats, even if it means going without a necessity. But you won't hear them complaining about it. It was their choice to buy the new television, so they will eat peanut butter sandwiches for a month to make up for it.

Sagittarius Will Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You alienate friends by borrowing often without repaying.
  • You take on the attitude that life owes you.
  • You aren't careful about watching your balance.

Sagittarius: The Money Lovers

Sagittarians have the reputation of being money-lovers. Unlike signs that just want to pay bills and buy a few fun toys on the side, Sagittarians want to have lots of money and they may place a monetary value on everything--even personal relationships.

When they are making money, Sagittarians are bright, happy and optimistic. When they have to budget closely, they may become morose about money matters and envious of those who are doing better.

This is a lucky sign, however, and the people born under it will seem to find great opportunities with little effort. It is easy to tell when a Sagittarius is doing well, because they will be living it up and sharing their bounty with others. Be careful though. They might lend money without a fuss, but they are not very good about repaying loans.

Rarely will they be found balancing their checkbooks or filing their receipts, so a lot of money may slip through the cracks in the form of unpaid bills and bounced checks. This lucky sign will somehow get themselves out of trouble again, and as they grow older, they become better money handlers.

Capricorn Will Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You are too thrifty and don't invest in medical care or home repairs.
  • You don't trust others to help you.
  • You invest in objects of value before paying down credit or debts.

Capricorn: The Shrewd Money Makers

If a Virgo or a Cancer is frugal, a Capricorn can be downright stingy if they choose. They not only have a knack for making money, they have the ability to resist spending it for as long as possible.

Capricorns are the least likely to lend money to their fellow man. They are rarely broke themselves, and cannot understand how others could possibly get into that situation. On the other hand, Capricorns will not be the first people to borrow money either.

This sign believes in hard work and being thrifty. If they aren't careful though, Capricorns can place too much importance on money and end up sacrificing a lot of comforts and relationships.

A well-balanced Capricorn will budget wisely, accrue a nice savings account, and still take time to enjoy life. They are dedicated workers and are very loyal to their families and the careers that they have chosen.

Aquarius Might Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You allow yourself to gamble too frequently.
  • You constantly roll earnings into new business ventures.
  • You are partnered with someone who is a big spender.

Aquarians: The Practical Money Makers

Aquarians make the perfect entrepreneurs. They are self-disciplined enough to work for themselves, and they like the logical aspects of managing a business.

Even though they have a knack for making money, they aren't always the best at keeping it. When they are good at it, they can give Capricorns a run for their money in the frugality department.

Aquarians can be distracted and flighty, but they also retain a certain amount of level-headedness when it comes to money. The harder they work for it, the more likely they are to be attached and careful. They occasionally have a tendency to try gambling though.

When Aquarians save, they look at the long-term picture. Even if they have quite a fortune stashed in the bank, they are more likely to brag about goals they accomplished, promotions they earned, or businesses they started rather than how much money they have. For them, the pleasure was in the challenges they conquered along the way.

Pisces May Keep You Poor If . . .

  • You don't apply your skills toward earning money.
  • You give in to spending whims when times are good.
  • You let fear or uncertainty hold you back.
  • You let yourself become impatient before you see results.

Pisces: Dreaming of Bigger Things

Everyone dreams of winning a lottery or suddenly inheriting lots of money (or acquiring that dream job), but Pisceans take this to a new level. Sometimes they can get so caught up in dreaming about what it would be like that they forget to do anything.

People born under the sign of Pisces can also be very impatient. They love trying out new money-making schemes, but might quit before they ever see a profitable return. This is a shame, since their natural intuition usually had them on the right path to begin with.

Pisceans can flip-flop on all decisions. If they buy something, they may panic after the money is spent--especially if they gave the item away as a gift and can't return it. More often though, they will talk themselves out of purchasing it to begin with, unless they are in a capricious mood.

A person born under the Pisces sign may martyr themselves for what they believe in. They are willing to be overworked and underpaid for any cause they believe in strongly. Because of this, they make excellent employees, and are suited for jobs that require human interaction and empathy.

Although they can be very good at handling money if they wish, Pisceans don't feel money is important. It is simply a means to achieve certain aspects of life that they crave. Because of this, they may only take earning and saving money seriously when they have a definite goal in mind.

Zodiac Signs And Spending

This table is based mainly on my own observations of the many people of various birth signs that I know.

Frugal Birth SignsSpendthrift Birth SignsModerate Spender Signs













Beat Your Birth Sign

Although some birth signs might be naturals at earning andsaving money for a rainy day, everyone can beat their birth sign by tapping into the positive traits. It also helps to look into rising signs to see whether or not another Zodiac sign may be dominating your spending habits.

And of course, no matter what your sign, (or rising sign) you can always save money by following a sensible budget. However, earning that money will be a lot more fun if you have a career that suits your natural disposition.

Naturally, there are many factors besides the Zodiac that influence how people spend. Not everyone will come close to these average descriptions. I personally know a Virgo that cannot hold onto a single penny, a Gemini who is brutally frugal, and a Cancer that is chronically broke. How closely does your sign influence YOUR spending habits?

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


JKWriter (author) from Right in the middle. on November 07, 2014:

Alison Graham--I'm glad you enjoyed this! I'm fairly opposite to my birth sign too, but it was fun doing the research. I know a lot of people who are exactly like their profiles, so I do think there may be a lot to horoscopes.

Lori J Latimer from Central Oregon on November 06, 2014:

I enjoyed this article about money and my Zodiac Sign. This is well written, and kept my interest. I tweeted this, and voted up. Thanks for sharing the good information.

Alison Graham from UK on November 04, 2014:

Fascinating! I read my own star sign (not telling you which one!) and it was surprisingly accurate - the same with both my children - however, my husband's was not so, but three out of four is certainly food for thought! I recently read an interesting article about how our birth signs could affect our long term health and I didn't give it much credence - however, I may have to look at this again in light of the accuracy of this article! Thanks for a great read, voted up and shared.