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How to Raise an Aquarius Child

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Aquarius children are intelligent and empathetic.

Aquarius children are intelligent and empathetic.

Raising an Aquarius Child

An Aquarius child has a unique way of looking at the universe. Some parents may struggle to raise a child if they come from a different core element. For example, Aquarius children are born under an air sun sign, and this may create challenges for parents who have a lot of earth in their zodiac chart.

Aquarius children bring several qualities to the table:

  • They're naturally curious and want to know more about the world around them. They're likely to ask lots of questions, but sometimes they may be really quiet and keep to themselves. Communication is a big part of an air sign, and they need parents who can help foster their voice.
  • Aquarius is one of the more intelligent signs. This is someone who likes to explore puzzles, new ideas, musical instruments, and creativity. It's important to keep the Aquarius engaged and not too bored.
  • Aquarius children can be empathetic. They want the world to be a better place and have lots of ideals. They may struggle to know how to play with other children because their ideals of friendship are too high. They put more into their relationships than other kids. They are utopians at heart.
  • Aquarius children are eager to please, eager to impress, and eager to be a little weird

Parents of any zodiac sign can raise a successful and loved Aquarius child, though an air sign parent will naturally have more in common. Fire sign parents will help the Aquarius to thrive and take on their will. Water sign parents will help nurture and bring out the empathetic side of the Aquarius. And earth sign parents will work hard to make the Aquarius more practical.

Parenting Is No Cakewalk

Parents should strive to keep the Aquarius child engaged in ideas, find creative ways to get them into chores, and to setup a home where they can express themselves comfortably. They may need more of a nudge into more practical matters, so it may take some extra teaching into why things matter, how to have fun in the simple things, and that all play and no work will leave them without any materials or money. Help teach your Aquarius the joy in things. Help them to find their own independent way of doing things.

Aquarius children have a lot on their minds and their hearts. They are constant talk machines. They need parents who can engage with all their crazy ideas. They really want someone to listen to them, but they also can make for great listeners.

Aquarius children can take things really hard. They're concerned they're not good enough, and they worry about their school performance. Anxiety and worry are common struggles for air signs, so it's important for parents to find ways to make their homes more stable, secure, and comforting for their Aquarius child.

Aquarius children will get in better touch with their nature and self through: music, dance, puzzles, exercising, spending time outside, going for a walk, reading and writing, learning new skills, learning new languages, taking on artistic projects, and having lots of fashionable items.

Air is an important element, albeit all elements are important. You don't want to stifle your child by disregarding their element. You may struggle to understand them due to differences in the way you think one should live. Air rules music, colors, thoughts, space, and time. Air loves to deal with the abstract and creative, but it struggles to understand the practical and often can neglect its five senses. Air signs are not known for doing great jobs at their chores.

As a parent, you may be looking for ways to calm the storm when it comes to your toddler, child, pre-teen, teen, or even older kid. As a child of the air, your kiddo could be calm and like a gentle breeze, but in an instant they could turn into a powerful and cutting wind, a tornado, or a storm of fluttering angels.

An Aquarius child needs help learning how to balance their energy. Aquarius needs help learning that it can take control of his or her emotions. When working with an Aquarius child, it's important to tell them what they feel is real, and that their hurts are real, but make sure to help guide them to better manage their reactions.

Part of learning about your child from the Zodiac is to do preventative care. When you better understand your child, his or her purpose, and how exactly her air nature works, it can help you to connect with them better, predict when things are starting to get off track, and what you can do to help give them fuel for their passions.

Children born of the air belong to the House of Swords. The House of Swords in regular playing cards deals not only with offense, but how to use the blade for defense, when to use a blunt knife instead, and when to put the sword aside altogether. If a child of air isn't raised properly or their conditions are not really met they can become violent, unruly, mean, aggressive, argumentative, and even war-like. Air rules communication, so you need to work with them to strengthen those social skills and not get lost in the dark side of things. Everyone has a dark side. Part of raising a child is helping them to find their light side.

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You have to remember as a parent that they haven't matured into their full self yet. A child is raw energy, and for children their currency isn't really money... it's emotions. They try to get their way by using whatever powerful storm they can create, and for an Aquarius that is a tornado. Study out what the Tarot cards mean for the House of Swords and you might discover some truths about your child and what you can do to help strengthen them. Your child is on a track to their own personal development. Your voice and words will be a big part of their identity and how they make decisions into adulthood.

Aquarius children are wonderfully creative and curious. They like things that challenge them and come with a reward.

Aquarius children are wonderfully creative and curious. They like things that challenge them and come with a reward.

What Influence Does the Aquarius Sign Have on My Child?

Western Astrology was first built around practicality, not whimsy. Western Astrology and the zodiac were designed to help our ancestors survive. It was meant to predict the seasons and to perfect agriculture. The zodiac helps create a calendar, and with a calendar it helps organize the events of the world. Calendars are life savers. In ancient times, calendars were the breaking point between famine or having a surplus.

The zodiac is also fitted to understand several other things like the body and planets.

The Ankles

Aquarius rules the ankles. This means your child is cunning, smart, and curious. Maybe they have a knack for running, dancing, or stretching themselves into odd positions. There are three air signs in the zodiac, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Gemini and Aquarius both have body parts that have to do with expression and using the limbs. Gemini has to do with the shoulders and arms, like the wings of birds. Libra is about the kidneys, which has to do with regulation and moderation.

Aquarius symbolizes perhaps the silliest of the body parts according to the zodiac. It's odd, unusual, but necessary, those silly ankles. The way you can pivot yourself and be fluid to oncoming situations is an important life skill to have, and Aquarius has that capability.

Fixed Sign

There are three modalities to the zodiac. Cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Aquarius is fixed, which for your purposes means your child is: stubborn, set in their ways, decisive, passionate, focused, independent, strong-willed, determined, vibrant, demanding, and sharp. Aquarius often knows what they want, when they want it, and how they can get it. They don't like obstructions. They'll fight you for what they want, so again, teach them patience and not to worry about missed opportunities.


Your child is symbolized by the dead of winter. Your child can have feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. They can carry a certain wonder and curiosity about them as well. They're typically open minded. Aquarius is creative to fill up its time. They can be awkward and socially confused. If raised well, the Aquarius can be charismatic. They are a clean slate to our reality and have the potential to bring out more love and empathy.


Your child is ruled by the planet Uranus. All you really need to know is that yes, your child is a little odd. They'll always be a little odd because of the influence they're getting from Uranus.

The Water Bearer

The symbol for Aquarius is of a woman carrying a pitcher of water and moving the waves. Your child has the power and potential to change the course of events. Aquarius, even though it's an air sign, has a tight relationship with water signs, particularly Pisces because they are the last two signs of the cycle. Your Aquarius child may do well if paired up with a friend of Pisces nature. They can learn more about the world and imagine things together in the different ways they want. This relationship is good for the both of them.

Aquarius children are sensitive and care about the feelings of others.

Aquarius children are sensitive and care about the feelings of others.

Tips for Parents of an Aquarius Child

Air signs can be absolutely lovely people. They bring a sparkle and kind of creativity to your home that is unmatched.

They can also bring in a lot of pain and frustration as they try to figure out their selves. Never forget: you are the parent. You are there to be a teacher and a guide so that your child can age gracefully (or just gradually) into adulthood.

Hopefully, you create a strong enough bond with your child that they actually become one of your friends and one of your closer comrades in adulthood.

  1. Aquarius children need help with their thinking and in regulating their moods. They're highly curious. You may want to try incorporating activities that they find soothing, introduce them to prayer, meditation, yoga, or even dance.
  2. Air children need to get in touch with their nature. There are a few ways you can do that and help them kind of get a tune-up. Take them outside, especially to an area that is rich in flowers or other botany. Take them to see live concerts or symphonies. Play music in your home. Teach your child how to play an instrument. Get them to memorize lines for plays or just prose.
  3. Read to your child starting at a very young age. Aquarius will soak this up, and if you read to them more they'll do better in school. Try different books. Read chapter books. Make audiobooks accessible to them. Encourage ideas.
  4. Have plenty of educational materials at home. They may want to study math, watch Sesame Street, or repeat songs with meaningful lyrics. Aquarius types are great at learning.
  5. Add some color into your home. Aquarius children love color and fashion. They like to make crafts when young, especially with colorful items. They like to explore colors and sounds.
  6. Acknowledge their feelings but don't necessarily give into their rage. Your Aquarius child may wail at the top of their lungs for something but try to stay calm. Shouting at them could have terrible short term and long term consequences.
  7. Get them on a regular sleep schedule. Aquarius and air children are known to have nightmares. Sleep hygiene is really important for them. But also, let them know it's okay to talk to them about anything that's going on in their little heads, and you won't get afraid. They need to know they can trust you.
  8. Schedule chores. Let them have some slack. You want things to be clean, but don't expect things to be perfect. If you have them clean all day, you'll need them to stop to play—or they'll form a grudge against you.
  9. Don't ever call them stupid, make fun of their hopes and dreams, or mock their intelligence. Help foster their thoughts, don't take them down a notch.
  10. Eat meals at the table. This will encourage talking and listening. The Aquarius needs those social skills.
  11. Try getting them into sports early. Aquarius struggles to be aware of their body. Sports can help them re-find their bodies. Don't push them too hard but help foster a sense of joy and passion.
  12. Your child is intuitive and understands more of what's going on than you likely realize. Be sensitive and aware of their hidden tears.
  13. Aquarius birthdays are hard, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. They're usually cold and challenging to pull off. Think way ahead in advance at how you can make the special day all about your kid.
  14. Find ways to be proud, and find less ways to be disappointed.
  15. Don't expect them to have a similar childhood to yours. Be open minded with your child. Let them be their own person.

Aquarius in the House of Swords

The House of Swords may seem scary. The Tarot doesn't hold one suit higher than the other. It doesn't rank suits from worst to best nor from most problems to least problems.

The House of Swords deals with issues that air does. It looks at indecision, mental health, connections to others, anxieties, and so much more. Each card can have negative and positive connotations: it depends in part on how the card is pulled out of the deck—in upright position or in reverse.

Learning about the air sign through a pack of cards doesn't necessarily work for everyone. It's a fun way to learn about the characteristics of air and what are the strengths and weaknesses of it. As a parent, you need to study your child's weaknesses and strengths to help them find themselves in life.

When your child better understand's what tools they have in store, and how to use them, then they can arrive at better conclusions. Half of childhood is trying to figure out your emotional toolbox. Parents are trying to figure out their own emotions plus trying to figure out their kids.

House of Swords and Development Track for Air Children




Ace of Swords

The Reaver

Indicates high level discernment. The ability to make a decision with confidence and cut through nonsense.

Two of Swords

The Choice

Indecision. Struggling to know left from right. Needing help forming a bias or at peace with a lack of bias. Blinded by big choices.

Three of Swords

The Wound

Piercing heart break, exhaustion, emotional jihad, lack of understanding, completely misunderstood. From a child: a feeling that you don't love or care about them.

Four of Swords

The Effigy

Pacificism, setting things aside to meditate. Not rushing into situations. Trying to find one's self. Your child may neglect something because they're lacking the willpower to move forward.

Five of Swords

The Traitor

Winning, but by betrayal. This card may come up if you have a heated argument with your child. They may feel alienation. They may hold onto a grudge.

Six of Swords

The Boatman

A transition out of a troubled situation or into one. Taking on tough circumstances or a need for transition and relief.

Seven of Swords

The Thief

Trying to take on too much at once. It also has connotations with betrayal. Your child may be in a cunning mood, or they may be making big sacrifices.

Eight of Swords

The Prisoner

Strong feelings of entrapment. They may feel if they move at all or do anything they'll get hurt. Fear of expression.

Nine of Swords


Struggles with mental health. It may mean your child is overwhelmed by bad dreams and despair. Your child needs spiritual guidance.

Ten of Swords

The Corpse

Not a card parents want to see, but your child has big fears from death, divorce, to the apocalypse. They have deep thoughts and don't necessarily know what to do with it. However, with so much mental processing, they can find relief and calm, but this depends on their persona.

Page of Swords

The Spy

Your child is intuitive. They know how to guard themselves, they know when to eavesdrop. Your child is stealthy, and learning these traits in the right way can help them grow.

Knight of Swords


Bad control of impulses, hasty, jumps into action rather thinking. Frenetic energy. Dangerous potential. You need to guide the child to slow down -- help them reframe things so they don't feel they're missing opportunities.

Queen of Swords

The Widow

Intelligence, independence, and maturity. If there is too much of this without some whimsical fun your kiddo (or college adult) could be flirting with isolation and depression too much.

King of Swords

The Warlord

Great handle of self, maturity, passion well tempered, and decisions including thoughts of others. If reversed, it could represent a hot tempered child who is a tyrannt in their own home.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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