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Things to Consider When Raising a Taurus Child

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.

Let Taurus children explore outside.

Let Taurus children explore outside.

Taurus Children Thrive When You Arrive

A Taurus child thrives on structure. Your child is guided by earth and spring energy. Your child is likely excitable, smart, competitive, earnest, goal-oriented, and dependable. Taurus children thrive in a family setting where their parents devote time to teaching them skills. You should teach them how to cook, clean their rooms, manage their emotions, fix minor issues, and ultimately find ways to teach themselves.

Taurus children should have a regular chore routine. They do well to learn how to do things around the house and even spend time creating their own things. They like to work with their hands and are sensory-oriented. At the same time, it is good to be aware that they can also be overwhelmed by their senses. Try to notice whether they are sensitive to lights, noises, smells, and the like. You can make them happier by minimizing those triggers.

Helpful Tips for Raising Taurus Children

  • Have them clean their room, clean up their toys, and help in the kitchen. Taurus children thrive when they learn to take control of their area, and they do well to manage.
  • Get them involved early in sports. Taurus children have a lot of energy and sports are a good way to get them active. Taurus children are also competitive, so they need to learn how to be competitive without being toxic.
  • Be consistent about where you put stuff. They like consistency, they like structure, and they like spending time with you. Taurus children are oriented around people and community—they are not loners.
  • Do projects with them. Teach them how to mow the lawn, get into woodworking with them, teach them how to bake. They like to use their hands, and they like to be useful. Taurus wants to be productive not a sloth.
  • Learn how to bring more earth energy into your home to help them feel comfortable. Read up on Feng Shui.
  • Be punctual, have routines, set reminders, and stick to calendars. Taurus kids love time and organization. They don't do well with chaos or unpredictable parents.
  • Have a garden where they can plant vegetables or flowers. Have an outside area where they can languish.
  • Taurus children do well with pets, especially if they don't have other siblings.
  • Avoid clutter. Earth children often like less in their space rather than more items.
  • Teach them about money early. Taurus children will want to learn about finances. Earth symbolizes money in Western astrology.
  • Help them to put their pent up energy toward something constructive. Have crafts ready so they can use their hands and get busy.
  • Teach them about how to best have relationships with others. Teach your Taurus child good manners and etiquette.
  • Let them spend time with other family members (e.g., grandparents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles). They'll grow in the company of others. Don't limit their social network as it will keep them narrow-minded.

Attracted to Beauty and Organization

Having a lot of earth energy in your natal chart means you have preferences for: practicality, logic, structure, organization, long term strategies, money, gradual progress, your five senses, what is present, common sense, and the simple. Earth energy can be messy -- think mud and getting out into the earth. Taurus is known for getting into a one-track mind and turning into the raging bull. It's important as a parent to know where your child wants to run with their anger, and how to redirect it. You need to teach your Taurus child about other perspectives and to be careful about how they focus their energy. Help them to see there are more possibilities and perspectives than the ones they know.

Taurus children love nature and do very well to be raised in it.

Ways to Engage the Taurus Love of Nature

  • Take them outside and to parks.
  • Spend time outside in all the seasons.
  • Teach them about botany, geology, and science.
  • Let them climb trees, smell flowers, go into caves, and dig holes.
  • Take them on vacations where they can play outside.
  • Go camping.
  • Go on hikes.
  • Take them to botanical gardens, zoos, and nature reserves.
  • Take them to animal sanctuaries.

Taurus children have a couple of things going for them that shape them: they're the second sign of the Zodiac which makes them competitive, somewhat immature, and young-spirited. Taurus kids want to prove themselves and show their worth. They need parents who reassure them and give them direction. They want to outsmart their competition.

Taurus is also based in the middle of spring, and this sign loves beautiful things. It toils all day for the garden. It has a mentality of work hard, play hard; work hard on the soil, so you can enjoy pretty flowers.

Taurus is also the fixed earth sign. All elements—fire, earth, air, and water—appear at different stages in a season. The cardinal of an element appears at the beginning of a season, the fixed of an element appears in the middle of it, and the mutable appears at the end of it. Fixed signs are Taurus for earth, Leo for fire, Scorpio for water, and Aquarius for air.

The four fixed signs are dominated by their season. They tend to be more stubborn and fixed in their ways. They are ambitious, devoted, loyal, and somewhat demanding. They like things their way and they struggle a little more with compromise. Taurus children can be very argumentative or little troublemakers. They like to chatter and go on about details, they sometimes don't realize they're being rude for arguing.

Ways to Get Your Taurus Child on the Right Track

  • Get them to volunteer. When a Taurus learns empathy, it helps them to not argue so much.
  • Encourage them to listen closely and develop close relationships with their teachers, not just their classmates.
  • Get them to slowly but surely try things in new ways. They will really like the tried and true way, but sometimes they need to learn things from another perspective to help them become more open-minded. Challenge them to try new ways so they can master their passions.
  • Get them to think before they speak. Try to get them to slow down and think about their thoughts. Earth signs can be really good at this.
  • Get them to play with a variety of different kids so they can learn different social skills. Don't let them get stuck in a pattern—it's really important that parents of Taurus children can give them variety and not just structure. Structure for them is a necessity, but variety is what takes them to the next level.
  • Teach them about other cultures. Get them used to hearing other languages and teach them about anthropology.

Feng Shui for Earth-Based Energy

Feng Shui could help your child feel more at ease in their home. If you want to help your child flourish, try making your home a more calm space. Decorate in earth tones: browns, greens, whites, creams, sandy tones, and black. If you see it in the soil, landscapes, or as minerals, it likely is a good color for your home or child's bedroom or play area.

Your child will feel better in a calm and peaceful environment where they feel they can be nourished. It will help them to keep their creative fire burning. Try adding crystals, pottery, as well as images of landscapes on your walls. Words that children with earth energy are attracted to are: stability, trust, reliability, protection, functionality, care, and nourishment. Rely more on furniture and pieces that are functional rather than abstract.

Taurus children find joy when their surroundings feel grounded. Taurus children can get very rocked by difficult times. Divorce is very hard for them because they are so family oriented. They look to their parents as guides on relationships, they are guided by the planet Venus which is the planet of love, and they believe in good things and wellness.

Taurus children can have a hard time really accepting and confronting conflict correctly because they believe so much in beauty. Taurus children can live in denial or even come off as narcissists if their parents do not help them to navigate through conflicts with grace and understanding. It's important for parents to intervene with their Taurus children when they have meltdowns, when their emotions are out of whack, or they feel overwhelmed. Help them calmly get from one set of bad feels and thoughts and into something where they can feel okay. You are there to help them mature.

Children in general are very sensitive to their parents thoughts and feelings about them. You as parents help establish their inner voice, so try as you can to help them find constructive thoughts that will help them to navigate their eventual adulthood.

How Can I Make My Home More Pleasing to a Taurus Child?

  • Decorate in earth tones: beige, sandy, taupe, ecru.
  • Decorate in shapes: squares speak volumes.
  • Yellow rugs, sandy colors.
  • Areas that like earth energy: southwest, northwest, west, northeast.
  • Add flowers or plants with soil.
  • Himalayan salt lamps.
  • Items made from clay or terra cotta.
  • Zen garden.
  • Books about geology, getting into nature, gardening, and parks.
  • Bake foods with wheat and flour. Have a sourdough starter.
  • Have a spot to hide shoes.
  • Toys that are made of clay.

Taurus Children Are Sensory-Oriented

Taurus children can be competitive, especially if they have siblings. They can also be shy and need reassurance that their words or ways matter. I've met both talkative and shy Taurus children. The talkative ones need help learning how to stop arguing and be constructive. The shy ones need guidance on how to express themselves creatively. If you have a shy Taurus child, I recommend putting them into some art or music classes to help them express themselves.

Taurus is connected to the throat chakra, so it shouldn't be a surprise that children in this group are markedly talkative or quiet. They're all about expression and showing what's happening in the mind. They shouldn't scream as this can really hurt them, so guide them to use a gentle voice. They don't need to punch walls or the floor to make their anger known. Help them to express their anger better by letting them know they are seen and heard. They need to learn self-control.

Help them to stop and think about the energy in their throats and to describe it. Blue is a good color for Taurus children and can help them balance out their feelings if they focus on it. They need to be mindful of their senses—what they can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. They're sensitive to what they taste and smell since they're guided by the throat chakra. If they don't want to eat something, don't force it on them. Try something else that works. They might be more sensitive to food than you.

Try to calm down your Taurus child by teaching them how to do self-guided meditations. They need to learn to balance out wanting to play with learning to relax. Taurus children can work or play too hard and then not getting enough rest, so they're cranky or angry and hungry. They need to pace themselves and have someone guide them and understand their emotions.

Taurus children like practical expressions of love. They like when you do acts of service for them: teaching them how to do things, cleaning things for them, or helping them get something done. They like gifts, especially ones they can use for a long time. They also want hugs and warmth from their parents starting at a young age. They'll want to be carried and have their hands held. Taurus children need warmth and direction from their parents. When they grow up, they are likely to find a romantic partner as Taurus types are prone to coupling up. If they don't get good guidance from their parents on what a healthy marriage or relationship looks like, they could end up falling for people who don't make for good partners.

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